Repo Men in 5 Seconds

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Do you think it’s all for the good of the country?

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing. Still gonna see it though, just for curiosity.

  • Juel92

    Too bad I haven't seen Repo Men, but I love monty python :P

  • TheFeydakin

    Did they eat the liver later then?

  • Caelan

    That's actually exactly what I thought when I saw the preview for the movie.

  • rattrap007

    god bless Monty Python..

  • lostsorcerer

    When life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, these guys pay you a visit.

  • desertpunk23

    I was hoping it'd be the fact Repo Men seems to have a very similar story to Logan's Run. Although Monty Python is always good lol.

  • desertpunk23

    I was hoping for something along the ways of Logan's Run since Repo men seems to have the same outline from what i see, but Monty Pythons always good. :p

  • Cassavius

    The plot to this movie makes no sense. It's like a horribly stupid crossover between Blade Runner and Freejack?

    I'll just stick to the original “Repo Man” if it's all the same to you.
    Oh yeah…

  • Allison Hanna

    Repo Men is actually a close rip-off of a low-budget movie musical called Repo! The Genetic Opera, which came out in 2008. This movie seemed to spring up after the Genetic Opera's creators took their ideas to Lions Gate because Universal Studios didn't want to make the movie a rock opera. Now Repo is reaching Rocky Horror Picture Show status as a cult classic where people shadow cast the movie.

    Needless to say, I won't be seeing this big-budget rip-off.

  • Park Boyer

    This doesn't look nearly as awesome.

  • John Rindefjäll

    Ah praise Monty Python!

  • BlueHighwind

    Amazing! This scene was EXACTLY what I thought of when I first saw the trailer for this movie.

  • They Call Me The Fizz

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought Monty Python when this movie came down the pike

    Well that and THIS guy:

  • SLOBaldric

    Monty Python rules

  • dodoman1

    The Genetic Opera is one of my favorite movies of all time, so this movie's mere existence pisses me off to no end. I won't be giving them a cent.

  • VenomSpawn

    lol YES! I can't believe I didn't think of that.

    I love how repo man had one commercial running for awhile that portrayed him as needing an organ and being indebted as a result, then like two days ago I find out it is about him giving this girl a second chance. Damn marketing. I remember the ads for galaxy quest also being misleading, lines being changed, scenes never in it. Still galaxy quest was awesome.

  • bloodhowl

    That's the most accurate summary I have seen of a show ever :D

  • Necro_Critic

    I look at that movie and I see it as a horrible fusion of Repo! The Genetic Opera and Logan's Run.

  • ETank

    Ahh, good 'ole Monty. Never gets old.

  • Bryan Edwards

    Yeah that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the trailer too.

  • Cube-heaD

    That's quite fitting to sum up the movie. You my man, are an genius.
    Now, beware of the men in red coats, as you can't never expect them.

  • Plaguelord40K

    I posted about this on my Facebook last month, Repo Men is a damn drama/action movie ripoff of REPO! The Genetic Opera!
    “Everybody, Everybody!” Yes, the movie Repo Men fits this exactly! Spoony, U R A GENIUS!

  • TheFrenchTickler

    Kind of makes you feel insignificant doesn't it?

    Whelp time to get up on the table.

  • Strelnikov

    Repo MEN? I'd rather watch “Repo Man”….

    Miller: …Suppose you're thinkin' about a plate o' shrimp. Suddenly someone'll say, like “plate,” or “shrimp,” or “plate o' shrimp” out of the blue, no explanation. No point in lookin' for one, either. It's all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.

    Otto: You eat a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippy days?


    Duke: The lights are growing dim Otto. I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry fate, and yet I blame society. Society made me what I am.

    Otto: That's bullshit. You're a white suburban punk just like me.

    Duke: Yeah, but it still hurts.


    This movie makes up for all the pre-teen girly screaming The Monkees generated because the film's producer was none other than Michael Nesmith, bass guitar and song composer of the “Pre-Fab Four.”

  • Maul

    You do the best 5 seconds since Doug quit them Spoony.

  • Lucas Allen

    Hello, can we have your liver? My what?


  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Sorry, but it wasn't worth putting up with the “Metro PCS” ad for. (Anyone else think “Chad” enjoys stroking that mongoose a little too much?)

    (And yes, I sadly know what kinds of jokes I'm opening myself up for there.)

  • David Mongeni

    I like this movie better when it was a rock opera as in Repo: The Genetic Opera. Only movie I seen where Giles sings and Paris Hilton's face comes off. Really? Does there need to be any other movie?

  • Allison Hanna

    Get down, get down now!
    S-s-s-stand up, don't be shy! People people people! :)

  • Allison Hanna

    I'm completely furious about the entire thing. Talk about thievery! I just get so utterly pissed off and angry whenever I see a trailer, or even a poster, for this piece of shit rip-off. It just shows the dignity of big movie companies like Universal, stealing from low-budget yet far superior movies.

  • dodoman1

    It makes me really sad, actually. And the ads for this movie are plastered all over the Internet!… Grrr.


  • Allison Hanna

    We Repo fans have to stick together! I would probably only watch Repo Men if the Rifftrax guys happen to release a track for it, in which case I could get a couple laughs from it.

  • Bosh_Depanzer

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that sketch when watching the trailer.

  • frickninja

    People, people, people, get up, get up, get up!
    Everybody, TESTIFY! :D

  • penisenvy

    This concept is best when in opera form.

  • shapercreator14

    Hilarious and a really weird coincidence since i just watched it an hour ago

  • Spokojasne

    NOBODY expets man in red coats!!!
    hey… wait a minute…

  • Matt Recker

    How come all of these 5 Second Movies are way over 5 seconds?

  • Jaebird88

    Ha! I knew I seen this movie's premise somewhere else. With Monty Python, it's f*cking hilarious; but with Repo Men, it makes no damn sense. I mean, why would anyone want to do business with a corporation that willingly gives away artificial organs only to take them back. “Oh no, Mr. Smith; you're behind on your payments. Time to murder you without repercussions.”

    That would be like if Netflix came over to my house, and started anal-raping me for not returning a DVD. It just makes no sense.

  • Hunter Oates

    The problem was that REPO! The Genetic Opera was boring to. 40+ mediocre songs and a telegraphed plot. It desperately wanted to be [The Next “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (TM)(C)(All Rights Reserved)]. All from the visionary mind behind Saw III.

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata

    Oh man, that Monty Python scene traumatized me as a kid.

  • Dax Strife

    Alright, so I wasn't the only one thinking this. Good job, Spoony. :-D

  • Sol_Badguy

    Spoony is saying “This Monty Python sketch is Repo Men in 5 seconds.” Not the entire review. If you exclude the title card and the credits, it's 5 seconds, give or take a few milliseconds.

    Like for example I was at a Olympic track and I tell you “I can run the 100 yard dash in under 5 seconds! Watch this! *under 5 seconds later* See? Finished in under 5 seconds!” The time I spend talking and telling you that I can do it, as well as my victory speech, does not get included in the overall time. The only focus of time would be in the time that I actually ran the dash.

    However, if I sent myself into ze black hoe…then time becomes irrelevant, because space/time gets compressed to a singular point and that somehow makes FF8 more confusing to people, which they believe is a sign of a great story and Square gets richer…*continues with SCIENCE!*

  • David Mongeni

    I disagree, however, can we agree that REPO! The Genetic Opera's core audience is the same audience that kiss Tim Burton's ass for every same ole hat trick film release of his?

  • Adell

    Just click the ad to open it in another tab and immediately X out of that tab. it causes the ad on the video to go away so you won't have to watch it.

  • gottaspiffy

    Awesomeness. I loved that scene. And bless them for the catharsis song afterward.

    “Sort of makes you feel rather insignificant, doesn't it?”

    “Yeah…So can we have your liver then?”

    “Oh alright, you've talked me into it.”


  • TheFeydakin

    Its funny how the 'Repo-Men' commercial talk about liver being one of the organs repo-ed.

  • SoldierHawk

    Hehehehe that was good. I love the Pythons.

    I do hold out some hope for this movie, though. I quite like the premise, in spite of not caring for 'Genetic Opera.' I hope this ends up being better.

  • Ryan Alarie

    Well, in that case, I'd guess you were using your DVDs wrong if that is where you are keeping them.

  • Jaebird88

    Wait, what?

  • Roxie Slinky Piscitello

    I have nothing but hate for this movie. I'm a hard-core fan of Repo! The Genetic Opera, and many other works of Terrance Zdunich, and this movie flat out stole from him (and not to mention Darren Smith!) right down to the damn title card. Absolutely shameless. As for Repo Haters: Fine, the movie isn't for everyone, but where else will you see Anthony Stuart Head cutting out someone's spine, Paris Hilton's face falling off, AND Bill Moseley and Ogre having a an arguement in song? Much love for Repo!Opera, much hate for Repo!Men.

  • Roxie Slinky Piscitello

    Disagree with both! Repo was never trying to be another Rocky Horror. It was the love project of Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith (And Darren Lynn Bousman after awhile). It's a cautionary tale, a coming of age story, a comedy, and a tragedy all wrapped up into one futuristic, gothy, punky, rock opera package. It's got some campy charm to it, but it never approached the goofiness of Rocky Horror (despite Mark it Up and Thankless Job).
    Take it from a non-Hot-Topic shopper fan that while Repo is not what most consider “quality cinema,” it's certainly a lot of fun and worth checking out.

  • AeonAnomaly

    Just a little fyi for all those who said Repo Men stole the idea from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

    Repo Men is actually based off a book that was written in 2009 called Repossession Mambo. This was also the working title for the movie, and the author of the book wrote a lot of the screen play. The novel was conceived back in 2003.

    Repo! (which I believe was a movie back in 2008) actually started out as a play in 1999. It ran a few VERY small runs, but actually had a full off broadway run as early as 2001, and ran for I believe a couple of years.

    So, you may think that even with all this information Repo! still came first.

    Except for that fact that NEITHER of them were first. Repossesion Mambo, the book that the movie is adapted from, is actually based off an India play titled Harvest that ran in 1998, and was written in 1996.

    The more you know.

  • stuntmanzach

    just saw it and they actually show that clip in the movie, not a very good movie though

  • stuntmanzach

    I just saw the movie and they actually show that clip in it, not a very good movie though.

  • Avenging_Mike

    Your initial analogy was faulty. They're only murdering people because that's where people keep their organs—inside them. Thus, if Netflix was raping you anally, that must be where you're keeping the DVDs.

  • Jaebird88

    What. Ever.

    The point remains that their business plan is retarded.

  • Avenging_Mike

    Not really. It's a fairly brilliant business plan. For minimal initial investiture, you can make one of those organs, put it in someone, then take it back after you've squeezed as much money out of them as possible, then reuse it to do it again.

    Alternatively, you could look at it as a satire of privatized health care, which does much the same thing. Let someone in dire need get themselves so far in to debt that they'll never be able to honestly repay. It's no less retarded.

  • Jaebird88


  • rasputinthebrightraven

    OK, i know that they claim that this movie is based off a book, but the studio that made it was approached by the team looking to make REPO! the genetic opera not long before they started work on Repomen.

    same themes, similar visual style, identical colour scene, identical themes. they are using the book as a cover for their blatant Plagiarism.

  • bardic

    “It's a cautionary tale, a coming of age story, a comedy, and a tragedy”

    Shot myself in the head when I read that. My next of kin has been instructed to write this reply.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s a cautionary tale, a coming of age story, a comedy, and a tragedy”

    Shot myself in the head when I read that. My next of kin has been instructed to write this reply.

  • Matthew Camble

    even star wars or matrix make some sense.. the idea was good.. but how can a company go against the human rights and kill people legally, o.O
    when he scanned the organs in the end, cant someone find out which organs scanned are still inside the bodies and reprogram the computer? cmon!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing. Just imagine the Ministry of Silly Walks paying you a visit.

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing. Just imagine the Ministry of Silly Walks paying you a visit.

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing. Just imagine the Ministry of Silly Walks paying you a visit.

  • Mike Wallace

    I miss Anthony Stewart Head.

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