Wrestle! Wrestle! Hell in a Cell 2014

The Spoony One | Oct 27 2014 | 487 notations | 
WrestleWrestle - Hell in a Cell 2014 (Custom)

Time has become meaningless. Prepare for a ton of jaded, disillusioned, angry rambling from a man who’s… given up on WWE. Maybe wrestling. I don’t know.

Spoony: The Motion Picture?

The Spoony One | Oct 22 2014 | 609 notations | 

Holy cow! The Patreon crowd reached the goal putting me to work on a movie! What does this mean for the site, the review show, and the DVD?

Dig the Black Hole all the way to the Tonight Show

The Spoony One | Oct 15 2014 | 194 notations | 
Do Not Game - Jimmy Fallon Rally Video.Still002

A comedian must be tested. Jimmy Fallon must experience Bij.


The Spoony One | Oct 13 2014 | 271 notations | 

The Viewer’s Choice poll was hacked on Oct. 11, and while a clear front-runner was emerging in Rap Rat, I have decided to vacate the results until a new determination can be made. I will likely leave the decision up to those who are donating to the site on Patreon, as they have an exclusive…file continues…

Wrestle! Wrestle! Night of Champions 2014 – Part 2

The Spoony One | Sep 26 2014 | 96 notations | 
WrestleWrestle Night of Champions 2014 Part 2

Long after humanity has perished from this world and the Earth is bereft of life, John Cena and Randy Orton will still be locked in eternal combat, forever wrestling the same match.

Wrestle! Wrestle! Night of Champions 2014 – Part 1

The Spoony One | Sep 25 2014 | 120 notations | 
WrestleWrestle Night of Champions 2014

You paid $54.99 for this crap? Idiot.

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