Counter Monkey – Exploding Head Syndrome

The Spoony One | Nov 7 2016 

The mother of all migraines. Remember, there is no three-finger touch.

Sami Doesn’t Know

The Spoony One | Aug 2 2016 
Sami Doesn't Know

Don’t tell Sami.

Noah Tries Ecto Cooler

The Spoony One | Jun 12 2016 
Noah Tries Ecto Cooler.Still003 (720x405)

There’s something strange in the can tonight.

Reb Brown Retrospective – Firing Line

The Spoony One | May 13 2016 
Reb Brown - Firing Line

This review will give you great pleasure.

Rebruary 2016 – Street Hunter

The Spoony One | Feb 6 2016 
Street Hunter (Shooter Andy)

It’s a dangerous world. He’s a dangerous man. And he’s the law.

Counter Monkey – Sorbo the Conquerer

The Spoony One | Dec 15 2015 
Counter Monkey - Sorbo the Conquerer (Custom)

It’s a wild & wonderful story of one man’s peculiar magical gift and his bizarre inheritance that helps shape his future as a conquering hero. All of it undone in one berserk round and a toss of the dice.