Bad Call, Episode 4 – Come Get a Byte

The Spoony One | Dec 1 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Doesn’t compute.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. These are not the facts. They don’t claim or aim to be. If you want to learn something look it up, you lazy f*cks.

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Ashley Heron
Darcy Lord
Stuart Dixon

Beautiful sky image by John De Boer, used under RGB Stock’s Image License Agreement.
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  • Ased Zazx

    I remember when I first used an Apple.

    I was wondering why my Windows games weren’t running on it.

  • JohnnyTheJew

    Wait what? This isnt real? Isnt the whole point of this series to take a humorous look at “real” bad decisions of the past?

    • Aaron Kerr

      They just don’t want you writing a term paper with them in the Works Cited page… would be kind of silly.

      • Lachlan Huddy

        Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      • JohnnyTheJew

        Who the fuck would do that? Thats like putting warning labels on every Fork in the kitchen saying: Warning! Sticking these into your eyeballs might cause serious injury….

        • LotusPrince

          Trust me, people would do that. People still cite wikipedia, instead of the sources found in wikipedia’s foot notes. Hell, there’s a car commercial where the guy’s driving straight off a cliff, and it says “do not attempt.” You didn’t see Looney Toons telling these drooling idiots not try killing themselves, and guess what: people didn’t.

          If someone actually tries making a stink out of someone being a complete worthless waste of a human being by attempting something so utterly stupid, then that person should be laughed at, and the person who actually attempted the thing will not be missed.

  • Psychopath

    Where’s that third Counter Monkey episode you said you finished?

  • Michael Sporzynski

    Oh hey, I like it vastly better than the last Bad Call episode posted on Spoony Experiment. I actually think this one is pretty cool and I didn’t like the previous one at all.

    This one has more style, it’s much more focused, coherent, overall better scripted.

    I’m honestly surprised and might actually check out more of the videos some time in the future =)

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Michael, coming from you that’s like getting four stars from Roger Ebert. Boom. ^.^

      • Merost

        Can you please stop the embarrassing cocksucking?

        • Lachlan Huddy

          It wasn’t a “You’re awesome for liking it, Michael,”; it was more a “Holy fuck, this guy demolished the last episode so a positive note from him is a big deal.” Check Michael’s comment on the last episode; you’ll see what I mean.

  • ummon

    Definetly better than “Bad Call in the EU”, the characters are much more interesting. Maybe some visual aid of what they are presenting would be nice but just talking about it works.
    I also have to commend the high-quality of these productions.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Thanks, Ummon. BCTV’s fun to work on because of the variety. Personally, this isn’t one of my favourites but good to see it works for people. Cheers.

  • Greig Stock

    Little did HP know that one day Microsoft would release Vista, an O.S. so shitty that it resulted in the spontaneous rise in Mac purchases, in spite of being a vastly inferior piece of hardware.

    • Christopher Smith

      Umm… No.

      • David Roop

        have you ever compared the specs price-wise between mac and windows platforms? macs cost about twice the amount for the same stuff if you’re lucky. macs are literally only useful for design/drafting.

  • Reginald Baxter

    I don’t type into my internet browser to get someone else’s work.

    • septimar

      And here we go again.

      • JackRyan

        He is right – You could make an exception for really good stuff, but this unoriginal shit? No thanks.

        • septimar

          Reginald Baxter didn’t say anything about the quality of the work. He just complained because it is by someone else. This tires me immensely.

    • Merost

      Especially if its shitty work -_-

    • PeaTearGryfin

      It wouldn’t be so bad if the material being posted was funny like when he used to post Brad and Linkara’s stuff here when he started on TGWTG, but this is just stupid.

  • Marcus S W McLean

    With a pitch that obnoxious I’d turn them down in principal

    • septimar

      A principal is a school official. You mean principle.

      • LotusPrince

        Nice. :-D

  • Carewolf

    That was surprisingly stupid.

  • Guus van Voorst

    Oh you guys and your irony… Guess Spoony likes to promote you guys now. Good… ;-)

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Thanks, Guus. If only more commenters shared your opinion. :) Ah, well. That’s show-business.

  • garethmagis

    This isn’t very humorous, and after watching a couple more it just seems like your hitting people over the head with it. Their is no subtlety to this and it seems to lack intelligence, when i saw the pitch i was thinking of something like when the US liberated cuba only to have them turn on us later and almost cause a nuclear war. Then when i watched it, it was just a 1 minute clip of something that an awesome movie was already made about.

  • JackRyan

    This just isnt funny -_- Why the are these videos posted here, they are all just primitive stereotype humor, nothing original at all.

    • David Herbert

      I remember in the last video someone said something about Spoony being paid to put these up. If that’s the case, fine, I don’t begrudge Noah for needing the money, though I wish he could have gotten a better show for his deal.

      If not, could someone explain to me Noah’s connection with these people? He’s not in the episodes. I understood “It came from beyond midnight” because Dr Insano was in it occasionally, but I don’t get the connection here.

      • Merost

        Apart from the donation Spoony got – There is no connection. And while I want Spoony to make money, I still dont like them being featured here.

        I know, the normally totally stupid “If you dont like it dont watch it”-argument actually fits in this instance, because we know we propably wont like further videos, but what about future stuff?

        Until now videos featured here either had Spoony in them or were officially endorsed by him because he liked them (Remember, the Cinema Snob was first featured here! YEARS ago :D) But now when a new video appears theres a chance its just some unfunny bullshit thats only here because Spoony got paid for it -_-

        • Lachlan Huddy

          Hi, Merost. As I’ve said elsewhere, Spoony’s taking no direct payment. He’s just trying new things out, I think. There will always be people resistant to that and you’re obviously one of them which is fine, but speaking as a creator who wouldn’t like to be pigeonholed by his audience (if we ever have enough viewers to call it that) into never trying anything new, I’d ask you to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

  • Spectr

    Spoony, this is all becoming a second “Film Brain shitstorm”. Except you only did that one episode with Film Brain and this time we apparently get multiple shitty videos.

    • LotusPrince

      The problem is really the fans. “Oh no, a guy who’s not Spoony. Let’s be total shits until it goes away.”

      If you didn’t like the first video, then you know not to watch this one. If you did watch, then it’s your own fault.

  • antiquarius

    My opinion on this video and the “comedy group” in general:

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Ah, the first wittily pictorial beat-down. Thanks, Antiquarius.

  • MikeBester

    Allright I didnt comment on the first video because I tought it was a “One time only”-promo action.

    But now that we apparently get this multiple times: It sucks. “HAHAH the greeks are all lazy drunks ololol” or “OMG amazing did you know Apple / Microsoft were founded in a garage???”.

    Oh how creative.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      I’m surprised people keep assuming we were suggesting Greeks were lazy. We were more going for the party-boy image. I guess I can see how you’d get to lazy from party-boy, but I don’t think it’s a straight line. Also this ep’s about HP’s rejection of the Apple, not exactly about Apple’s garage beginnings. But details; they probably don’t make much difference to your opinion of the show, which is all good. I will say that these are just the eps Spoony liked, I think; there are many more and each tackle a different decision (though all business-related).

  • David Herbert

    In all honesty, this was better than the first episode, but as has been mentioned it’s still not that great.

    I think the main problem is the premise is being used incorrectly. Admittedly, I haven’t checked the site so I’m just going by the two episodes on this site. The first episode was about Greece’s inclusion in the EU and here was about Apple, two modern issues everyone knows about. You are retelling us things that are common knowledge.

    This could have been used to greater effect if you went back further in history and found more obscure, but still world altering moments. Even if it’s not that funny, history fans can still enjoy the trivia you bring up.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Hi David. We cast a fairly wide net with BCTV so there are more than a few episodes that go back a bit farther and get a bit more obscure. While I agree with you that the episodes Spoony posted so far touch on issues that are or remain in the public consciousness, I’m not sure I’d call them common knowledge. Certainly, most people are aware Greece is undergoing a financial crisis, but what brought it on, I think, isn’t so widely-known. I’m not pretending that episode provided a perfectly accurate or deep insight into a complex issue, but it did fill in some blanks which I thought a good amount of people might have had about it. As for Apple being rejected by HP (at least according to Steve Jobs’ telling, which probably isn’t reliable), I’m not so sure that’s a particularly widely-known thing outside of business circles. Would I expect the average Spoony fan to have some background on Apple’s history? Yes. But we made these for a wider audience, hence YouTube. Fact is, a lot of people don’t know. So a quick wrap-up at the end doesn’t hurt, I think. Obviously more than a few people disagree, which is fine, but these weren’t haphazard or cynical decisions. Thanks for your thoughts, anyhow.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Ok. So I checked out more of their videos just to see if I was getting an accurate idea of what this show is and with that I think there is only one thing I can say.

    Seriously, the premise of the show is ok, but it falls apart in its presentation. Do you think your audience is so stupid that you have to explain that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. I figured that the first episode just didn’t appeal to me because I’m American and I don’t follow European affairs, but now I can say that this show outright sucks.

    • Erebus_Locke

      The idea is cool, but when the punchline is supposed to be that “Greeks are drunk” or “Apple got turned down by HP and now they are the biggest firm ever”…Thats just uncreative.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Hey PeaTear (one of Family Guy’s best, that one), as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the explanatory notes were included on every video in the interests of consistency. This may or may not continue as we move forward, depending on appropriateness. Sure, Greece is fairly common knowledge, as is the Burj Khalifa one (which I assume annoyed you also if you got that far) but there are plenty of stories that aren’t and we wanted the episodes to feel complete, not like something you had to watch and then Google to figure out (and many people would have, particularly with things like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, especially with the cocker spaniel joke). Now, obviously this was something that was going to turn some people off – you being exhibit A – but regardless it felt like the right thing to do. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    With these guys paying Spoony handsomely, now he can put up even less
    content. The sad thing is he obviously thinks the fans that made him
    popular won’t give a shit. He can’t even manage 1 review a month now.

    What does he do all day? Oh yeah Tweeting and playing games that we have
    paid for by coming here and sitting through ads waiting for the next

    • Merost

      While I disagree on the content part (It really got better in the last two months! One “real” video and one Vlog is all I want!), I agree on the Twitter part.

      WHAT THE FUCK is it with Spoony and Twitter? No one I know Tweets so much, and when some Tweets are “working my ass off” or “pulling an all-nighter to get the review done” I have to say: If you are “working your ass off” you dont have time for Twitter. When Im in crunch time for university I certainly dont have time for 200 Tweets a day.

      • septimar

        There are activities I’d describe as time-consuming. Tweeting isn’t one of them.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Hi Shalka. Actually Spoony isn’t taking any direct payment from us; the ad revenue generated by the video is his only payment. So please take that into account before blasting him for ill-gotten gains. Also – and let me stress that I don’t speak for him, I’m just theorising here – I seriously doubt he thinks you won’t give a shit. He’s just experimenting with ways of growing his site. If this particular experiment fails, then fine. But I imagine he thought you might actually like our stuff. If it turns out most of you don’t, I doubt he’ll put too many more up. So try to cut him some slack, huh?

  • JackRyan

    He is (one) of the makers of the show. Check the last comment section.

    And apparently he doesnt realize that kissing ass in every comment doesnt make him look sympathetic (or the videos better for that matter)

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Hi, Jack. When people are kind to me I want to be kind back. It’s a peculiar quirk of my nature. Similarly, when people aren’t so kind I prefer to be diplomatic because isn’t there enough ungracious bullshit being passed around the web? Also, what the hell is the point of putting your work online if not to try to find people with whom it connects and then actually have a conversation with them? It’s quite a nice thing, and we are finding that. And I certainly don’t expect my comments or gratitude to curry me or my work any favour. I look at it as repaying a favour someone has paid me by complimenting the work I’ve done. That’s all. I’m sorry that my desire to do these things isn’t to your liking.

  • Lachlan Huddy

    I can assure you he’s not. Take JackRyan’s advice and check the last comments section.

  • xris wolff

    I have to agree, these aren’t funny at all. Lame stuff man.

  • Lachlan Huddy

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on the EU ep, Stika, and for the honest thoughts on this one. As I’ve said elsewhere, we tackled a fairly wide variety of business-related decisions with these first crop of episodes, so there’s a lot of different stuff. I don’t imagine every ep will appeal to everyone, but I do like that there’s variety and hope that, taken as a whole, the show has a few things here and there that anyone can get into. Cheers.

  • Blaze Pihl

    I checked out your site and I must say, this series is quite enjoyable. I got quite a laugh from the “divided artists” episode. I’m looking forward to more.

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Thanks, Blaze. It’s one of my favourites, too – I’m a movie buff, and there is no funnier filmic disaster than Heaven’s Gate. As a matter of curiosity, may I ask if you were familiar with the movie before you watched the ep?

  • Mo0rbid

    Uh ok

  • Nikloas Svenson

    This feels similar to “The Grass” time, where Spoony got some off time from work by letting unskilled fans do the work for him.

    • DarkSaber2k

      Not at all. THESE unskilled fans PAID to do the work for him.

  • Cy Roark

    Something forgotten about the mage thing is that the wizard’s worshiped a separate set of 3 good/neutral/evil gods that were based on putting magic above the alignment. However, it was just like clerics where if you didn’t adhere to the philosophy they would flat out lose their powers. Also, good in Krynn were somewhat fascist even when they weren’t winning. They thought the vast majority of non-standard “good” races like dwarves, elves, humans were inherently evil and beyond redemption. Some devoted themselves to black robes simply as they were part of one of those races, such as a minotaur, or believed in “equal rights” to a certain extent. Although a lot of black robes are converts from red/white due to the evil gods always tempting them. Raistlin was dying and Takhisis told him, go black and I’ll save your ass. He did it at the time to save his friend, and half of the reason he wanted to challenge Takhisis was for forcing the deal on him. Although I think it’s fair to say the same argument you made could be said of any neutral/evil cleric in any setting, most gods don’t take kindly to “faking it” unless they are gods of subversion.

    *EDIT* Also, don’t forget that in D&D they completely drop relative morality. You have detect alignment spells for fuck’s sake. It’s half the reason I run Fantasy Craft as I can build relative neutrality settings.

  • Llewyllyn

    From my gaming table, the robes represented schools of magic more than an alignment. White Robes would focus on Abjuration or Divination and Black Robes focused on Necromancy and Conjuration. Red were Enchantment and Illusion. Again it wasn’t really an alignment thing, the Orders(in practicality) were more defined more by method than the Gods they honoured.


    Needs a part 2 where Bill Gates bails them out of debt.

  • groskino

    i dont think the sketch is intended to provoke hysterical laughter in the first place. okay, on this website, we are used to something different. (wing commander review, spoony looking at the dvd cover, screaming a minute solid)
    but that´s the point, out there are another kinds of humor too, and spoony just want to let us know. that bit can make you think, good ideas may come from people you dont even wanna buy sliced bread from. on the other side of the desk, just because a company made it, no guarentee they will or can keep up the pace of innovation. more likely to cash in on old successes and lawsuit creators.
    that was a piece of exposition.

  • LotusPrince

    Quick question: why are so many of the commenters here being total shits?

    No, seriously, I want to know.

    • Guest

      Because it take total shits to know total shit when they see it.

      • LotusPrince

        1. Well, as long as they admit it, themselves.

        2. I found the videos entertaining, though the premise is repetitive.

        • Lachlan Huddy

          Thanks, LotusPrince. I think you’re right it gets too repetitive; looking back it was a mistake to define large groups of episodes by theme. The episodes we’re making now are moving away from business decisions and we’ll be endeavouring to mix it up every week to keep things fresh. Cheers for your thoughts.

  • Pearse Hillock

    From the creator of the cinema snob sucks blog comes the spoony one sucks blog, check out the link for more.

    • groskino

      sorry, thump down. i surely dont have a contract that says that mister antwiler owes me entertainment, i m sure you dont have one either.
      in one short sentence: this gets out of hand here.

      only reviewer i hold a serious grudge against is the nostalgia chick for her dreadfull Dune “review”. after two years and her taking it down.

      as long as spoony isn´t making a total fail like this, i really dont mind. what for?

    • Jordan Leary

      I clicked on it cause I was curious. Seriously? Defending FF13? Go to the beach and swim off into the horizon and don’t stop :P

      • Pearse Hillock

        What you do know that is is a good game and there is no harm in defending games that you like.

  • Daniel Faas

    This is Spoony giving a leg up to young production that he likes, nothing more. For myself, I rather like these guys, because while they may tell you stuff you knew YEARS ago, there are still quite a few people that didn’t know that the telephone was disregarded as a “toy” by the large companies at the time. They are simply making fun of all the decisions that, given the lens of hindsight, are hilariously Bad Calls. I believe that is what the production is hoping to bring forward. Also, they’ve got skippable ads, so woohoo for that!

    • Lachlan Huddy

      Thanks, Daniel. You hit the nail on the head with your summation of our intent; there are also a lot of fun little details surrounding these really infamous decisions that I think a lot of people don’t know about, and we tried to include as much of that as we could. Cheers for your thoughts, and the kind words.

  • Benkin Manfish

    hmm well the spoony comments section is living up to its reputation. Personally i like this groups work and am happy to see spoony supporting up and coming artists. Before being too harsh on these guys check out some of the rest of their work on youtube

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