It Came From Beyond Midnight: Creature

The Spoony One | Sep 29 2010 | one notation(s) | 

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  • valou999

    Oh Josh Hadley… Always hating on everything and nitpicking at the dumbest things ever as always. It’s a Z-grade movie and you’re complaining about people reading paper books in the future? I think we can all give it a pass on that… Poor co-host, doesn’t even attempt to argue on anything ’cause he knows he’d be absolutely wasting his breath.

    I didn’t think the movie was all that bad. Yes, it’s EXTREMELY dumb, but that was to be expected. Sladen getting the idea to electrocute the creature from the movie The Thing from Another World was burst out laughing dumb for sure, but that’s what made it great. Overall, I’m not unhappy to have seen it.

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