Mynew32 Halloween Special 2009

The Spoony One | Oct 31 2009 | 

Doctor Insano recently appeared on television, attempting to take over the world during Green Bay’s Mynew32 Halloween Special airing of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Host and creator Josh Hadley has kindly pointed me to the footage of the host segments, played to lead in and out of the movie during commercial breaks. Look for special guest stars Bill Mosely, Mr. Lobo, Ivonna Cadaver, and Tony Todd!

As for me, I feel like I let Josh down a bit. The sound during my segments is even more tinny and “roomish” than I remembered, and it’s totally my fault. This was recorded around the same time I was still struggling with my old camera and getting my new HD camera in order, so I was still forced to record with the crummy onboard microphone.