SWTOR: Darth Joe vs. SpoonyWan – Who will you Join?

The Spoony One | Nov 4 2011 | more notation(s) | 

Join The Spoony Expendables guild!

  • http://twitter.com/Okanehira Okanehira

    I’ll join Spoony when they remove the archaic subscription fees. £100 a year to play a game i already payed £40 for? Nah no thanks.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B2DJKCMRGJMIU3NS2UO2YZ7BRI matt

    Awsome vid, too bad i’ve already play through the beta and done everything, otherwise i would join spoony hands down.

  • Gregory Bogosian

    Force Persuasion must suck.

  • http://twitter.com/BoggyManOct31 Mike Buckley

    Spoony I love ya, but the Jedi are pusses. Only 2 Sith at a time, and we’re still too much for them. COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE! BLACK IS SLIMMING, AND WE GOT ALL THE CRAZY BITCHES!

    • http://twitter.com/Chaosdirge William Kripas

      The two sith at the same time thing is something I’ll never understand where it comes from… the only movie that says it is episode one… the rest never even bring it up, and the games just flat out deny it… the old republic had a freaking sith academy, the original Sith were slaves that people used to reproduce with to make force powers stronger.  Some Sith masters had 3 apprentices…  The only time there was ever 2 sith was Darth Vader and The Emperor, and the games are suppose to be canon so he had a secret apprentice… more than just one he had dozens of clones of him made.  Its certainly not anything that is practiced by their way of the force… they believe in power if their are more sith there is more power. I haven’t read the books but even the books I believ point out the 2 at a time thing is a lie. XD Like I said before though… Nuetral Jedi are where its at… the uncaring assholes that just say let them duke it out unless it threatens the balance of everything and could kill us. 

  • http://urbansniper.deviantart.com Urban Sniper

    That was much more enjoyable than all of the prequels.

  • commando1124

    Damnit I would buy this freaking game if only to be a Kyle katarnish agent…
    sigh decissions…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    Is this an advertisement? Is Noah getting paid for this? Considering the amount of effort being put into this, it looks so.

  • Anonymous

    Why does no one ever even TRY to kick the sith lord in the balls when they’re pinned like that?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E6YI572NVXD6A6MDLH2BVXXFLI davidr

    id join whoever got lisa to take her top off lol :P

  • Anonymous

    Why does no one ever even TRY to kick a Sith in the balls when they’re pinned?

  • Renaissance_nerd

    oh crap Spoony or Joe… dammit i can’t decide!

  • Nagneto Lives

    A tough choice…Oh wait, MMORPG, meaning a monthy fee in this shit economy. Yeah, have fun guys. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Anonymous

    Funny video I like it!  If I had to choose I’d go Sith as they get to do basically whatever they want!

    That opening bit makes me think when it comes to sword fighting or lightsaber fighting I always concider the one that can duel use the weapon to be better and should win because if they can get you in that hold that ya;ll were in the beginning there what’s stopping him from letting off with one of those sabers and taking the other and stabbing or cutting you in half with the other!? know what I mean!?

  • Anonymous

    If I would play SWToR and be on the US servers, I’d join spoony’s guild. However, with Guild Wars 2 coming out next year and the subscription fee on ToR, I will pass.
    I really hope ToR will be a good game and I am a Star Wars fan but paying ~12€ a month for a game with a lot of farm thus eating time like crazy isn’t something I can and will affort anymore. Unless it’s really, really good and GW2 manages to disappoint. And it doesn’t look that way right now.

  • http://UnholyFireDragon.com Unholy Fire Dragon

    “Quickly, Spoony, while his back is turned! Use the force!”

    Most awkward advice ever… :-P

  • http://twitter.com/GA3050 Private

    oooooh, that nut cracking sound is cringe.worthy.

  • Anonymous

    Oww, low shot there Spoony, that is definitely getting you some dark side points.
    Really looking forward to this game, but screw the whole force mumbo-jumbo. You just keep wearing skirts and waving around you glorified flashlights, I’ll stick to body armor, blasters and thermal detonators thank you very much. But yeah, Republic is the way to go for me ;-)
    And another thing, why is Mickey Spoony’s master? I mean yeah, he is roughly the same size as Yoda, but that doesn’t mean – *gets force-punched in the groin*

  • Anonymous

    Its rather sad that the Spoony Expendables has only 42 members to the Disciples of Hatred’s 177. What’s up with that?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KJN3TIRCM2KLFDVGO52ZIF7ZPA tim or timmy

    so wait, do i leave a comment here on who i wanna join? or what? if its here I’m with spoony all the way, fear the power of the Jedi, for even one can topple a sith army :p and every jedi he has is another that will aid in the gith against the dreaded Sith

    • Anonymous

      The gith…
      I know that’s just a little typo, but now I have this awesome mental image of Jedi knights with silver swords fighting Ilithids in space…
      Please excuse me *starts making notes for his next campaign*

  • http://twitter.com/JimMcGillicutty Tavish DeGroot

    Ultimately I’ll be supporting the Republic, but I’ll be starting out as an honorable Mando’ade bounty hunter.

    Tion’ad hukaat’kama, ner vode?

  • Anonymous

    I will follow you the ends of the galaxy, Spoony! I will serve as your meatshield at any time

  • mcnuty

    i gonna be a jedi with mad force persuade skills i will never pay for anything

  • Skylar Sexton

    No offense, man, but what kinda Jedi punches a man in the dick?

    • Anonymous

      Kyle Katarn, the baddest MoFo this side of Perlemian Trade Route, that’s who!

    • Anonymous

      Johnny Cage, Jedi Knight. 

  • http://twitter.com/yamina_chan yamina-chan

    Epic video you all made there. I’m not interested in this fandom so I’ll not buy the game and join neither side, but my mental Support goes to your guild Spoony.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZPJPXHUPPMY3N53P5RSLXYKUU mikec

    i have no interest in the game. i guess that isn’t true, if the didn’t have a monthly fee i would be hyped to no end.

    anyway, fuck the Jedi. they are the 1% of the Star Wars universe. holding up in the giant palaces, with great libraries filled with knowledge that only Jedi can access. same with their crystal tech for lightsabers they refuse to share. then they go around telling people what is good and what is bad, and being the judge and jury on all the little people, but will do all they can to keep the rich nobels and politicians save and in power. then they go around taking your children if they are “strong in the force.” only to turn them into soldiers for the rich and powerful. the Sith Empire just want to bring peace and equality to the galaxy. if it wasn’t for those Jedi terrorist, everybody’s life would be much better. so if you see a Jedi punch him in the ball, and come join the dark side, yep, thats the right side.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AW3VX7HGVPJFFLYOQGRTPWDVFQ Joseph

    Wait! Force Persuasion can’t be used on hot chicks; no matter what side of the Force you’re on?! Then what’s the hell’s the point of joining the Sith or the Jedi?! Screw that! I’d rather be a suave smuggler: at least they have a chance of owning a really cool ship and nailing a princess.

    • Anonymous

       Jedi or not, a male trying to out-persuade an attractive female is ridiculous in itself.

      Anyway, Scoundrel all the way. Sneaking, pistol whipping and nut
      cracking are all part of the job description (and skill set). If you
      need more reason why Smugglers rule: watch this at 7:30

      • http://twitter.com/athomicritic chantrenne thomas

        lets kill the siths with a kick in the balls

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you Spoony I won’t see my friends wither and die. Plus the idea of exploiting or killing the innocent for the Empire ain’t happening. If I get this game I’ll probably be a smuggler since I like the class idea of they make their own destiny, you’re not just a goody good and their a lot of money to be made. Now I say if because $60 and a monthly subscription. OUCH!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll probably be like the transporter where I can kick ass but am usually moving goods with no questions asked just won’t work for slavers as human trafficking just doesn’t sit well and the Empire I plain don’t trust.  

    • Anonymous

      60$ AND a monthly subscription?

      Screw these guys sideways with a spanner, what the hell is wrong with the world where 60 friggin’ bucks can’t even get you a game you can actually play?

      • Anonymous

        Yes. Every game that requires a monthly fee should cost considerably less.

        • Anonymous

          But the idea still stands of punishing other gamers for what a few dickheads do. I mean this is bordering on gouging

  • Anonymous

    Nice video Spoony,

    If I had to choose sides, I would be a Rogue Jedi like Kyle Katarn
    from the Jedi Knight Series…

    Loved the scene where you’re ranting with JewWario about the Zelda series…

  • Anonymous

    No one screws with the Spoony One and leaves with his nads intact.

    If anything could get me to break my boycott of all things EA, it would be Star Wars and Spoony.

    Decisions, decisions…..

  • Anonymous

    I am such a dork.  All it takes is that Cantina music, and I’m dancing like a damn ewok on caffeine.

    And Joe’s Unlimited Power and facial expressions win him the best overacting award!  Had me laughing like crazy!

    Which reminds me, I’ve been neglecting Joe’s videos for a while…god, I think the Mortal Kombat one was the last one I saw.  I’m way behind! 

    • Anonymous

      Joe’s always hilarious when he’s going over-the-top insane.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, did you yell out “You coward” or “Jew coward”?

  • Wwww9999

    Ok am I doing something wrong because I cant watch this video without enormous lags, I even tried to open it in all media players I got, same problems its just impossible to watch. It never happened before… well maybe the last angry joe video, but I was not the only one with problems there. Am I the only one in this case?

  • Lada Teleki

    Having fun? :)

  • Wwww9999

    ok I watched it on youtube there it works perfectly. Cool flick guys, when it comes to the side I always choose the Jedi xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbhaslach John Barton Haslach

    I stand where I always stand. With the Jedi. I join your Expendables Spoony.

  • That_Danish_Guy

    Fun video. I wish I had a better computer so I could play this game when it’s released! I would join the Jedi, ofc. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Wannabecritic Zach Gacula

    As a Jedi, I always stand with the Republic that fights for Democracy. I follow the Spoony Expendables.

  • Anonymous

    Im up for the republic, the spoony expendibles will have another smuggler on their side against the disciples of hatred.

  • doresh

    Darth Malgus? As much as I like KOTOR, I can’t help but think that Bioware has a little fetish for Sith Lords with Vader-like breathing mechanisms Oo

  • Renaissance_nerd

    You all are going to be so dissapointed. Im in SWTOR beta… don’t believe the hype.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

      I thought the hype was; “It’s just like WoW, only this time it looks like Starwars!”

      • Renaissance_nerd

        I wish it was… but I can’t say im still under NDA

      • Anonymous

        I remember that trick from Star Wars Galaxies.

        “It’s like EverQuest, only this time it looks like Star Wars”. 

        I was wise to not give in to hype.  Guess I’m immune to Jedi Marketing Mind Tricks.

    • Anonymous

      Subjectivity be damned.

  • Anonymous

    At 2:28, was Spoony screaming BETRAYAL?


  • http://twitter.com/mlsterben Ben Littlejohn

    After I watched this I spent a good half hour studying all the classes in SWTOR, and I finally decided that I’d be a Jedi Knight/Sentinel. :D (I would be a Consular, but the Jedi magic class is a healer/support, and I prefer killing things with magic/The Force.)

    • Renaissance_nerd

      Sentinel is a dual weilding DPS class, hardly any force powers. If you like a force “mage” then play a Sage.

  • Anonymous

    I will say this with the utmost respect, and you may take this as constructive criticism from a loyal fan.

    I strongly disapprove posting what, to me, seems like an obvious commercial as video content. You know what betrays the real meaning of this video in my opinion? The music. Because you use many parts of the original Star Wars score in several scenes, that quite clearly says to me that you had permission to do so, or even got paid by someone at Lucasarts or Bioware. The royalties with such music are high enough that even many filmmakers don’t want to use them. There is also a way too long segment of game features in the end.

    I hope this is not the direction you will go more often with your site. I get you want to endorse things, because you receive money for that, but could you at least put some kind of full disclosure statement at the beginning, as I for one am very disappointed after realizing I am watching a commercial, and I would skip those videos. I am a fan of Star Wars and a huge fan of Bioware and I hope the game will do well, but come on, this is just blatant.

    I love your site, Noah, and I really like your videos, but this is just not good enough. On a completely different note, I am not a fan of Angry Joe’s shtick. I know many love him, but I will never be one of them, so I hope there will be less of him in your site. You are enough, Spoony, you are the one we come to see.

    Oh and yeah… moar Counter Monkey (with 75 % more actual rpg memories please, Leaping Wizards & Squirt Gun Wars were awesome)!

    Hey, you could even throw a review of Final Fantasy XIII in there. There’s 86 hours I will never get back…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

      oh, do fuck off.  It’s a fan parody with a little blurb at the end inviting people to join one of two mmo guilds.

      [… betrays the real meaning of this video in my opinion? The music.]

      It’s a parody, it can sample copyrighted material without permission.

      [… that quite clearly says to me that you had permission to do so]

      No, what’s quite clear is that you love making poorly informed assumptions and acting on them without verifying their objective integrity.

      [ … even got paid by someone at Lucasarts or Bioware.]

      Poorly informed suspicion is not guilt, nor evidence of guilt.

      [ royalties with such music are high enough ]

      Non-profit parodies don’t pay royalties.

      [There is also a way too long segment of game features … ]

      Joe is a fucking videogame journalist.  What’d you expect?  Show tunes?

      [I hope this is not the direction you will go more often with your site. I get you want to endorse things, because you receive money for that]

      And now your going to give him a fucking lecture based on nothing more than unverified, subject intuition?  You’ve got some balls to just assume guilt and conspiracy, without a shred of evidence, and then prosecute as though all your bullshit guesses are beyond all doubt.

      In closing, before you just accuse somebody of getting bought off, knowingly duping you, and trying to cover it all up with a clever performance … how about you just ask first?  Your best guesses about life, the universe, or anything aren’t worth a damn.  That’s why we have .. you know, science and investigative methodology.  Because just guessing at shit hardly ever works out well.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you must be a Bioware employee :D

        Did I hit a nerve or something? Jesus, I just wrote how it felt to me, I never claimed to have any evidence of anything. I simply didn’t like this video too much. I am also intelligent enough to give my opinion respectfully and not act like a little child and throw a tantrum. You must be a lot of fun to hang around with at a party. Oh shit, sorry, I made an assumption without using SCIENCE.

        You might be naive or stupid if you think these kind of sites can’t ever have any association with some companies. I don’t even know which one would be more sad.

        Man, that was funny though.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously? You said “seems like an obvious commercial as video content”. That’s a slap in the face to Noah and Joe as you pretty much accuse them of selling out. Then you throw out the bit about music and that other filmmakers can’t afford to use it – so are Noah/Joe being paid hundreds of thousands to do this? 

          While Joel was a bit over-the-top in his response to you, his sentiment is correct. You should have some more evidence before you start accusing people of astro-turfing commercials. If you got nothing more than your conspiracy minded beliefs, then shut the hell up and go back to staying anonymous.

          And before you also accuse me, I’m not working for Bioware. Wish I was, a paycheck would be nice.

          • Anonymous

            What a bunch of drama queens here today. Like I killed your dogs or something. Tell me, where did I use the expression “sell out”? Nowhere, that’s where. Do not put words in my mouth, Agrippa911, or Joel will (probably) come to your house and litigate you.

            [It’s called intellectual integrity.  The people that have it don’t
            generally run around and engage in unfounded character attacks.]

            Erm… Like you just did in your very first reply? Way to set the example, bud.

            mean, come on man, are you actually telling me that you can’t see where
            you went too far?  Let me spell it out; “You don’t attack somebody’s
            character over feelings and subjective intuition.]

            I have no legal training, so I really don’t see anything wrong with my first post. Freedom of speech and all that. It really fascinates me why you take this so personally. I never said anything bad about Noah himself. He is one of the most genuine and awesome human beings I have had the pleasure to have seen, so no attack on character there. I didn’t like this particular video, and I told why. Why have the comment section at all if that is not allowed?

            [I reserve the right to be dramatic for comedic effect.]

            Wow, I bet many people are laughing their asses off after reading your hilarious replies. Might want to turn off the hostile a bit and add a bit more of the comedic.

            [Making unknowledgeable assumptions makes an ass out of you … and just you.]

            And rabidly attacking other posters makes you a precious member of humanity?

            [You sure as hell shouldn’t issue
            puerile lectures based on nothing more than that you “feel” the reality
            of the situation and therefore are entitled to issue accusation, guilt,
            and punishment.]

            Says the man who issues a lengthy lecture/rant about integrity and imaginary character assasination. Gotta love hypocrites.

            [I reiterate; do fuck off, and good day sir or madam.]

            Ladies first.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

            Oh Jesus Christ, you’re one of them.  Listen man, I know that you think if you just keep talking long enough that in your mind that means you won … something.  But, that’s just not the way real life works.

            You made a clearly unsupported accusation;

            [ … you use many parts of the original Star Wars score in several scenes, that quite clearly says to me that you had permission to do so, or even got paid by someone at Lucasarts or Bioware.]

            Accusing an independent journalist of taking a “license bribe” or flat out shill payment is;
            A) insulting AND NOT respectful
            B) defamation, as that journalist’s reputation is their currency of trust with their audience.

            You made the above statement in ignorance of fair use regarding copyrighted material and sans supporting evidence. (read; it was complete bullshit)

            Maybe you don’t have a reputation to worry about (and after reading these posts I find that a likely possibility) but Spoony relies on his reputation in order to function professionally and earn a living.

            If you want to criticize him HONESTLY, that’s fine.  But holding him accountable for the phantoms in your fantasies is plainly irresponsible and reprehensible.  You’re screwing with the man’s cred because; “you didn’t like the video.”  The ends don’t justify the means.  Baselessly accusing the man of professional dishonesty WILL NOT coerce him into making the videos that you do like.  It will however make you look like an ass of weak integrity and character.

            Why do I care so much?  Honestly, you just got on my tits because I detest your your utter lack intellectual integrity and apparent blase willingness to unduly damage a guy through the shear power of imagination.

            In short, I don’t like to see good people messed about by fuck-wits.

            And in closing;
            I SAID GOOD DAY!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

            Lay off, it was a poor choice of words.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

            [ Lay off, it was just a poor choice of words. ]

            It would be like me saying;

            “George I think you clearly raped and killed a girl in 1990.  I don’t have any evidence mind you, but It’s just how I feel.  Now, obviously, you like raping and murdering girls but it’s not what I want from you, George. 

            Hold on, let me give you a lecture on how raping and murdering makes me feel and understand that I want you to stop raping and murdering in the future.  Because I admire you George, and when you rape and murder it hurts me … it hurts me so much.  So please, just stop raping and murdering girls and win back my admiration.  I like your pottery.  Please, do more pottery and we’ll all just forget that you raped and killed a girl in 1990.”

            But hey, could be.  Tell you what.  You rewrite his statements while maintaining the intention and context, but somehow eliminate the accusation of professional dishonesty without simply omitting it out-right, and I’ll issue an apology right now under the banner of a simple misunderstanding.

            [ Also, being ‘dramatic for comedic effect’ is really just being rude. Which, unfortunately, is considered ‘funny’ on the Internet. ]

            C’est la vie

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, George. You seem to me like a great and intelligent person, who I would love to have genuine conversations with. Joel on the other hand… Well, I think this says it all:

            [It would be like me saying;

            George I think you clearly raped and killed a girl in 1990.]

            Yes, Joel, this is exactly the same thing as criticizing a video on the internet. Sometimes I worry for this world…

          • Anonymous

            [If you had calmly pointed out the errors in Ertzi’s wording instead of
            repeatedly insulting his mistake, he might have listened and fixed his
            comment instead of treating you like a psycho.]

            By the way, this is exactly it. Even now, if Spoony would come out and say that I was wrong and I hurt his feelings, I would feel pretty stupid and I would instantly apologize, because I RESPECT him enormously. Actually, anyone here could make me see their way by having good, respectful arguments, that is called discussion. Just don’t be all rage-y and fanatic about it.

            It’s all about how you want to come across in life.

        • Anonymous

          what a jackass

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

          [ Wow, you must be a Bioware employee :D ]

          Some more of your quality logic at work.

          “Geez, somebody objected to me just spouting a bunch of bullshit, nonsense accusations that were completely without merit.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with me, they must be a shill!”

          [Did I hit a nerve or something?]

          Yeah, it’s called intellectual integrity.  The people that have it don’t generally run around and engage in unfounded character attacks.

          [Jesus, I just wrote how it felt to me, I never claimed to have any evidence of anything.]

          That’s the problem!  Accusing somebody of getting bought off and duping you into watching a “commercial” without any evidence is not only just insulting, but legally libel.  You engaged in an act of defamation over a paranoid flight of fantasy.  AND THEN, gave the guy a lecture.

          I mean, come on man, are you actually telling me that you can’t see where you went too far?  Let me spell it out; “You don’t attack somebody’s character over feelings and subjective intuition.”

          [I am also intelligent enough to give my opinion respectfully … ]

          All evidence to the contrary.  Your opinion was littered with unfounded accusations, all of which were poorly informed and insulting.

          [ … and not act like a little child and throw a tantrum.]

          I reserve the right to be dramatic for comedic effect.

          [You must be a lot of fun to hang around with at a party.]

          Depends on if somebody is just spouting inane volumes of high-density bullshit … you know, because it’s how they “feel.”

          [Oh shit, sorry, I made an assumption without using SCIENCE.]

          Science literally means “knowledge” sport, and making unknowledgeable assumptions makes an ass out of you … and just you.

          [You might be naive or stupid if you think these kind of sites can’t ever have any association with some companies. I don’t even know which one would be more sad.]

          All you have to do is prove it and you’ve got your justification.  Though, at no point did I say it was impossible, however, what I did say is that you shouldn’t hurl paranoid, deluded accusations without evidence and that you sure as hell shouldn’t issue puerile lectures based on nothing more than that you “feel” the reality of the situation and therefore are entitled to issue accusation, guilt, and punishment.

          I reiterate; do fuck off, and good day sir or madam.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t worry guys.  Leave the SCIENCE to Dr. Insano and everything will be fine…

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Ellis/100002419726549 Nathan Ellis

          Typical passive aggressive behavior when an idiot gets internet owned. But it is rather amusing and even cute when you try to be witty.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      I kinda see what you mean. Spoony sort of ends the video by rubbing the box set in our face. It is very possible that this is advertisement.

      Oh, and I see the massive pissing contest below. HE ADMITS THAT IT’S JUST A GUESS! CALM DOWN!

  • http://www.youtube.com/thefaustianman Faust

    This was…well…wasn’t my thing. But hey, they can’t all be.

    However, it did pique my interest in Star Whores. (I am writing like a 12 year-old boy.)

    If only CCP did this, it would look half way decent. Part of the beta. Remember when DC did that DC Online thing? Yeah.

    See the rest of you on DUST514 or WoD: Vampire the Masquerade (hopefully.)

  • Gregory Bogosian

     I am not sure if I have the time to play an MMO. If I do pick this game up, I will join Spoony and fight for the Republic!

  • http://twitter.com/SPBreit SPBreit

    Meh – not about the video, which was great, but about the game. I’ve played my fair share of MMOs (EVE, LOTR, AoC) and I just don’t see how this is any different than them except that it uses the Star Wars theme in a time period that quite frankly doesn’t interest me. I’ll wait for the tests and reviews before I make a final decision, but right now I’m leaning towards “not going to play it” faction.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I will do as well. Not super interested, but insanely good reviews could change my mind yet. The trailers for this game were probably best of any game in years, though. It made me wish for a full-length movie made by the same guys. The atmosphere was about 100 times better than in episodes I – III.

      At this moment my plan is to play Skyrim until Guild Wars 2 comes out, which looks like it could change the entire MMORPG landscape if they can keep all the lofty promises. Can’t wait for that one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kim-Smith/100000682553835 Kim Smith

    is this only on the US servers or?

  • http://twitter.com/jamesg56 james g

    I’m with spoony like allways. I’m not pickin up the game till Xmiss mostlikey but when I do count me in. An one more thing sick video!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULUK3HNFCHM6ZAJOVACZ3YQDZA Hathor Liderc

    I’m a beer drinking, pie eating smuggler…

    …sorry Joe.

  • http://twitter.com/mizutanitony Tony Martel

    Spoony I just sent in an application under the name Mizutanitony…should there be anything you need…lemme know and I shall deliver. I’m sure my ship will be able to handle the goods.

  • Anonymous

    That crotchblow sound effect made me cringe… NICE HIT!

  • Anonymous

    I want to be Sith Juggernaut but seriously someone needs to slip Joe a Valium or at least put him back on Ritalin.

  • Anonymous

    If we join Spoony’s side, we have to decide whether we are all going to be Jedi or non-Jedi. 

  • Mark Conrard

    SpoonyWan, you have [1] New Message waiting on your CommLink from [AngelOfIron] in regards too [Joining the Spoony Expendables].

    In all seriousness tho': This is a great video and the best advertisement I’ve seen for the game. You and Joe both have such charisma that it’s honestly very difficult to choose which side I want to be on. In the end though I left an application along with a friend request for you on the TOR forums. My username there is AngelOfIron. I do hope to hear back from you soon!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope the first month is free with this game

    • Mark Conrard

      It should be. It’s got a great monthly rate though when you look at it. 13$ for every six months, meaning an annual fee of only 26$? Entirely worth it if you ask me!

      • http://twitter.com/JonSleeper Jon Sleeper

        You do get the first month free, but it’s $15/mo thereafter.  I don’t know where you get the idea that it’s $13 for six months.

        • Anonymous

          It is 13 per month but it’s a package 6 month deal so you have to pay all at once. If you go month by month then it’s 15

          • Mark Conrard

            Yeah, as Bryan Johnson so “nicely” pointed out, it’s not the deal that I thought it was. But still it seems like the better option in the end.

        • Mark Conrard

          The following is taken from the Old Republic site:

          Q. Will I need to purchase a monthly subscription in order to play Star Wars: The Old Republic?

          A. Yes, a monthly subscription is required to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players will be able to select one of three different subscription options:
          1 Month Subscription: $14.99 (£8.99/€12.99)
          3 Month Subscription: $13.99 per month (one-time charge of $41.97/£25.17/€35.97)
          6 Month Subscription: $12.99 per month (one-time charge of $77.94/£46.14/€65.94)

          • Bryan Johnson

            12.99 per month (one-time charge of $77.94/£46.14/€65.94)

            Hey smart guy, learn to read its $77.94 for 6 months as a rate of 12.99 a month over a six month period.

          • Mark Conrard

            No need to insult. Seriously. So I misread, so what? Everybody makes mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    Daaamn that she is hawt!

  • Anonymous

    Go die angry joe

  • http://twitter.com/sudburymagician James Thomas

    Is it just me or are all/most of Angry Joe’s videos as juddery and unsmooth(?) as f**k?
    Love his vids, they just give me a headache watching them

    • Anonymous

      It’s the way he makes and uploads his videos. They’re mostly in a raw format. Blip has a hard time coding them properly. It wouldn’t surprise me if the camera equipment Joe uses has an extremely proprietary formatting codec. I occasionally have to recompile his videos to get them to play properly.

      ScrewAttack had a similar problem with their videos a while back, too. Their videos were so incompetently coded/compiled that if I downloaded the video and played it straight from my hard drive, it would crash my Nero Showtime player immediately upon launch. The only player that worked properly for their videos was VLC.

  • http://twitter.com/Chaosdirge William Kripas

    I’m Kind of Upset they don’t have the neutrals in this game… I mean if the people that discovered the power of the force were neutral you would imagine you would see more as time went back into the past… then again though this does take place after KOTOR 2. Still I want to side with neither of you I want to be an asshole that just sits around and does nothing with their immense power and justs watches everyone fight in front of him.  Or I could just side with Spoony. 

    • Mark Conrard

      I had a similar thought. Like, to me, I would’ve made the Trooper available to both sides then stuck the Agent, Bounty Hunter and Smuggler into a third, Neutral category that would allow them to work for whomever they so chose. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    Joe is such an awesome villain. He’s just dripping with spicy anger!

  • Anonymous

    I get the impression that 90% of Joe and Noah’s interaction with Lisa is just like this.

  • Anonymous

    [1:12] Two cell phone shaped objects, a brochure and a bag on the table. An unknown screen bug leaning up against the railing under white pillar. Bag in the corner gone (with glass os water). [1:16] Jew Wario leaning against rail looking down. [1:44] guy with camera on tripod looking in viewfinder. [1:48] guy with camera looks up towards our camera. [1:49] Woman in blue with leather bag and white guy with white shirt’s position is the same from 1:49-1:51 even though they were on the move, so time has essentially stopped for two seconds in the Darth Joes laughing scene. [1:57] security thing looking guy walking and watching towards camera. [2:02] he is gone, either he turned around or ran the last part. [2:37] Jew Wario has (for sure as another scene it is unclear) left off. [3:38] no one in hallway. [3:41] two people teleported there. [3:43] that blue round bag thing from 1:16 is for sure gone. [3:45-4:02] it became almost afternoon for Spoony Wan. [4:08] Bald guy with a white shirt and a Mac appear at the white cloth table. [4:18] Security guy in the door frame is now looking through a stack of papers. [4:20] a guy in a black T-shirt walks up from the escalator, nothing there but at [4:25] he should be in the picture as it looked like he was heading for the door as the only path option on the place, it can’t be that guy to the left as he is the security guy who have stood there always. [4:30] Guy behind Joe who looks like the guy at the Mac, but now he is standing up. [4:33] he sat down again. [4:51] guy in red T-shirt sit on one of the white chairs.

    Awesome clip btw.

  • Anonymous

    Once long ago, I was looking forward to joining with the forces of the Spoony-wan.

    Then Origin came along.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deanna-Jackson/617808744 Deanna Jackson

    When I get this game, I’ll be joining Spoony.  :)

  • http://twitter.com/AJRimmer5 AJRimmer

    Is it just me, or is Angry Joe’s videos really choppy? Not in a badly editted way or anything, not insulting Joe or his video skills. But for some reason, every time I try to load this video or another one of Joe’s videos on blip, its like Real Player having a buffering fit. I’ve tried to watch this video five times at various part of the morning, and it just stays choppy. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is my comp just a Joe hater for some strange reason?

    • Anonymous

      I’m having this problem.

    • http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/cornbredx/ CornBRED-X

      I have had this problem for a long while. I have to watch any video Joe makes on you tube these days as the blip player just does not like my computer and has gone down hill more and more over the last year or so.

      • http://twitter.com/AJRimmer5 AJRimmer

        Thanks for the info, I’m glad it’s not just me.

      • http://twitter.com/ChristianPeanut Christian Peanutbutt

        Ok i know this is a dumb question out of the blue, but have you tried the AngryJoe website? Because it works better for me than Youtube does.

        • http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/cornbredx/ CornBRED-X

          Ya, its no different from his site. Its just the Blip Player. My computer is old and I think that’s why but his videos lag so bad they are unwatchable. He posts them on youtube though, so it’s no biggy.

          Strangely lately Spoony’s videos have been working fine for me again (they’ve never been all that bad actually) but ya Joe’s videos I can’t watch on the blip player. It may be the way he compresses his videos now a days, I can only guess as to why. =)

  • Matthew Flohre

    This video is fucking hysterical. Joe and Spoony both play their roles so well, and Lisa looks hot like always. I’m definitely getting this game when it comes out. I was planning on being a Jedi, not sure which type. But if Lisa’s a sith lord, I might have to join them. Just kidding. I’m gonna be a Jedi, and I’ll gladly join Spoony’s guild, as long as it isn’t really called the Expendables. That was just a joke name, right?

  • Matthew Cheng

    The Music is WAY too loud to hear what else is going on, but it’s an awesome video. Nicely done.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony, I love you, but I must choose darkness.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLD4HRJWQLEXZVCU6EFB24R6PI Joel

    *posting error*

  • Wilbert Gyllenhal

    I love the faces Joe Makes !

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should stop waving it around like a feather duster.

  • Randy Figueroa

    Lmao that was epic I must say! I shall join the cause of the Jedi oh great Spoony Master and pledge my allegiance to the Republic! 

  • Guus Bremer

    There is more corny in this than in a Cornish Pasty, and I love it!

  • http://twitter.com/yersifanel Yersi Fanel

    For some reason I can’t wathc this video, it looks all chopped to me, I just hear the sound :/

  • http://twitter.com/EpicNinjaShiro Patryk Halaczkiewicz

    this would be a tough choice

  • Anonymous

    There isn’t enough money, hot women and Prequel writers tied up and waiting for my torture to play SW:TOR. EVERYTHING about the game looks HORRIBLE. From the story, the the character classes, to the fucking ART, NOTHING about this game is appealing.

    I tried…I really tried to get excited about this game…but with every bit of information released about it, my heart sank. Unbalanced classes. Weapon restrictions at made no sense. Tunnel-shooter flying. TARDIS-like starship housing. Completely unbalanced server populations. Races that DON’T EVEN EXIST THIS FAR BACK! UGH!

    So yeah, have fun kids. Let me know when you rage-quit.

    • Anonymous

      I think your misinformed about a lot of things. I’ve been playing the beta for about 1 weeks now and I can say even with its bugs the games is looking pretty good.You say the story is bad? Which story? Every class has its own story line.Unbalanced classes? Its still in beta and they are always changes class skills and dmg every build.That’s the point of beta testing.The player ships are really nice an the space missions are really fun.Id also like to know how you think servers are have unbalanced populations,considering the game isn’t even live yet.As far as the races goes,I don’t know how they consider cyborgs a race.Other then that they are explained well.
       So to you I guess you can enjoy your panda’s but for me I want my freaking lightsaber!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not talking about ‘bugs’, friend…as I know nearly EVERY MMO has them on release. Hells, I’ve beta-ed enough to experience them first-hand. I expect bugs and that’s fine.

        What I mean by ‘unbalanced’ is more the overall design and concept of how the characters works. Smugglers are medics? The powers-based Jedi/Sith get the best HTH lightsaber?? The Sith get Bounty Hunters as their ‘troop’ class, while Jedi get actual TROOPS?!? No free flight?!?!? yet ANOTHER ‘Sith make army out of nowhere and nearly conquer galaxy’ RIGHT after they just did it and the Republic had rebuilt, ready to take it on???? REALLY?????

        As for me…I was never the biggest fan of lightsabers. I preferred the ships. Without free-flight, the ability to select and customize your ship and variety…I’m not as interested in SW:TOR. So far, the game feel incredibly limited for a MMO. 4 classes per side only, your ship given to you depending on class with no choice involved, a heavy involvement to multiplayer conflict (one of the WORST things you can put in a MMO IMHO), and you have a purely evil side.

        Don’t argue with me about whether the Sith are evil or not. They are. Period. By canon, story and creator, Star Wars is ALWAYS good vs. evil…and the Sith are evil. Play the side and YOU ARE EVIL AND THE BAD GUY. Therefor you’re going to eventually lose…because that’s ALSO how SW works.

        Maybe SWG in the old days and playing the West End Games RPG kinda ruined me on choice and selection, but SW:TOR with its ultra-sleek looks and limited choices smacks of Mass Effect Online more. So enjoy it if you must…but I have no interest.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBHELPBBVPHGO6SZIUODZZWKCU Aaron S

          this game is amazing, your just picky. the plots are unique, and for an mmo, pretty damn good. graphics are what they were going for. whats wrong with a purely evil side? if WoW had a necromancer class where-in i could kick babies, would i do it for S**** and grins? of course! thats the appeal of rpgs like this, you can play someone you couldnt in real life.

        • Anonymous

          Then don’t play the game. No one is asking you to. Considering how misinformed you sound about the game, you won’t be missed. 

        • necraphiliac666

          Out of nowhere? Had you done research on the timeline, you would know that it had been building for centries. Revan found the Sith empire, and supposidly joining them, set out to find the Star forge, his true goal being to conqure the Republic and organise them to fight against this Sith empire. Next time, do research on the topic before making a comment. There is plenty of information on it. KOTOR 2, is one, as is the novel the old Republic. Revan. Or even the novel’s about Scourge, if not, then they’re comming. If you don’t like the game or franchise, fine. It’s not for everyone, just make sure you get your facts right.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBHELPBBVPHGO6SZIUODZZWKCU Aaron S

    i live to serve you, my lord spoony

  • Anonymous

    Just got an email they want me to beta test the game. AWESOME!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Been beta testing and I gotta say I ain’t feeling this game. I’m sorry Spoony but after a while it just was getting tedious. I guess part of it is that I’m not a fanatic of Star Wars and don’t get me wrong I think Stars Wars is a great franchise. Also I’m not a fan of the auto attack like in wow where you hit a button and watch. I guess I’m more of an action RPG kind of guy. Not to say others may not like this they very may well and I would at least recommend a try at the game. As for me it’s just a no go sry Spoony

  • Anonymous

    I played the beta for this game, and it was fantastic. I can’t go back to any other MMO now. (not that we’re currently ‘spoiled for choice’ – the mmo market these days is pretty bleak) I hope you have a lot of fun Spoony, and everyone out there that picks up the game!

    • http://twitter.com/nomad1114 matt wenke

      im in beta too,and i agree 100%,all other games are dull to me now.its just that much more fun to be story driven

  • http://twitter.com/jonsquall1 Josh Post

    interesting how the audio is mixed, lol.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JUVWD4ICWSYKHJD42HRY53XXBY brandon

    All I could think of was Joe speaking in spooneys parody of the demon thing from Phantasmagoria 2’s voice saying “Give up Spoony, your green Lao Che Tee is useless against my orgasmic force lightning”

  • necraphiliac666

    Sith for me. I ain’t gonna have none of your Jedi lies. For me, it’s…”Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory.Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

    • Craig Pierrot

      *REALLY*?! REALLY? You’re _really_ quoting the Sith corollary to the Jedi Code from KOTOR (1)? Hadn’t Red Letter Media already drilled into your head by now just how STUPID the idea of that “Code” was?

      I mean, I don’t have to hold your hand and walk you thru just how it’s Sith corollary also makes no sense….do I? For example, why must peace and passion be mutually exclusive? I know MANY people who are passionate…ABOUT PEACE! *BOOM*! Right there, your Sith code falls apart. “Logic shall free you.” lol!

      • Hollie Pickell


        blah blah blah…I LOVE THAT CODE BECAUSE FUCK LOGIC THIS IS ABOUT POWWWWWAAAAAA. But if we must, first its a corruption of the Jedi Code (duh) PEACE IS A GOD DAMN LIE (war, war more war for fucks sake it’s called STAR WARS!). then, there is only passion, which is saying that passion is derived from conflict and hate NOT PEACE (example: riots riots riots ‘nough said) then the next bit is obvious because thats how the sith draw strength passion or fear, which is used for what? Oh yeah power! which means what, yes victory (sith are dominators) now maybe the next part doesnt make too much sense I’ll agree because with power comes the fear of losing it which doesnt really break your chains or set you free BUT its a mantra chanted to inspire and tempt those to the dark side and if you are a Jedi bein Sith is much more free. You could also argue that it does for most living under the Sith Empire seem to be more free than current living conditions. Also the logic of Sith rule is that only those with power should be free, so through the force you can be free if you are indeed powerful enough. Where as with Jedi those with power must be watched and possibly “chained” (get it) and their power in the force stifled. 

        No I dont care if there’s run on sentences, I can shoot lightning out my fingers.

  • http://twitter.com/ChristianPeanut Christian Peanutbutt

    Man i can’t wait until friday for the Stress weekend beta! Also im quite sure i’ll join up with The Spoony Expendables when the game releases, but eventually become persuaded to join the dark side :D
    I’m a man of many sides.

  • Michael Robertson

    From what I’ve seen, it looks good, but I’m not really an MMO player. If I do play it, it certainly won’t be strait from the release date. I don’t have the money anyway. And If I do eventually play this, I see myself as a Sith.

  • Craig Pierrot

    I can’t. I just can’t do it any more, guys. Between the prequel trilogy and the Red Letter Media de-constructions of the Star Wars films, the magic’s just…gone for me. I know what, how, and why each film was great and what it truly was…and I can appreciate them for that, but…I just can’t help but notice the sillyness of it all now. I mean, even if you “party like it’s 1997″ and in your head just go back in time ignoring ALL post-1999 Star Wars “lore” and just focus on influences from the original trilogy (as Spoony and Joe were doing here), it’s just…well, I can still see thru it, and the magic’s just gone for me.

    This is coming from someone who was literally OBSESSED with Star Wars as a kid back in the pre-prequel days. What’s worse, is I can’t be the only young (or not young) adult who feels this way. I guess this is part of what fans of Highlander 2 feel about that franchise…only this was a MUCH bigger and longer lasting franchise that had even stood the test of time…until ITS “Highlander 2″ came…I bet Highlander fans know all the inside-outs of that film, too. Why it worked, how it’s sequels DIDN’T and what the original (and its sequels) were and represent…*sigh* Kinda depressing that our kids could never know Star Wars as *we* knew it…

    Consequently, I’ve also never seen Highlander (1). I *REALLY* want to….but I’m just too scared to watch it! …scared OF LIKING IT, because then I’d have to either be TORTURED AND DEPRESSED by the rest of the series, or pretend like Highlander never had a sequel and just ignore the rest of the series. …as I’m sure a new-comer to Star Wars would have to be about the prequel films if being introduced to the series today.

    Now, that all said, there’s a *NEW* Star Wars MMO??? Will it be ANYTHING like what Galaxies was before they nerfed it w/NGE? I *LOVED* that game, “ESPECIALLY” the more twitch-based space aspect of it. GOD I loved having my own player starship! (as in corellian-style freighter…my house (with all my furniture and stuff inside) WAS my ship. lol! Sometimes I’d even just park it in some obscure corner of the sector, walk into my “living room” with its giant windows, and just stare at the other ships and the planets. It was so pretty! Please tell me I wasn’t the _ONLY_ one who ever did this? lol!

  • Arsenal Of Megadeath

    “you want to take your clothes off” “um…no.” XD

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RJO5KS3BLZ2BCPYG2WKQW3Q4HA juan

    i know this is way past, but is it too late to join the guild?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/FatGirl-AngleShot/100002602886891 FatGirl AngleShot

    Audio editing is hard huh?

  • http://twitter.com/Jesseraygarza Jesse Garza


  • Segatron

    Local citizens of the Repblic were tranfixed as the two masters of the force…..  Hey guys?  Over here…

    Kinda trying to save your planet and stuff.

    You do see lightning guy over there right?  Don’t you go telling me you see that every day now!

    I almost died so you could keep looking for a Cinnabon, or whatever it is you do when you’re not on screen!

  • IHeart28

    This was so entertaining. Much more worth watching then any of the star wars prequels to tell you the truth

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