Bloodrayne (Behind-the-Scenes)

The Spoony One | Jul 26 2014 | 78 notations | 

Go behind the scenes with Michael Levesque at the Channel Awesome studio as we record the Nostalgia Critic review of Bloodrayne. Check out Malcolm’s Behind the Scenes here: See the entire epic Nostalgia Critic Theme from Epic Game Music: Check out these guys awesome work at:

In memory of Justin “JewWario” Carmical (1971 – 2014)

The Spoony One | Jan 26 2014 | null | 

I am personally shattered to report the passing of my friend Justin, who took his own life at the age of 42 on January 23, 2014. His wife Jenny reported the news on Facebook, but I heard about it days later hours before I was to introduce my sponsored movie at this year’s B-Fest.

Angry Joe – XCOM Review

The Spoony One | Oct 14 2012 | 84 notations | 

Angry Joe battles the greatest nemesis the galaxy has ever known!

Spoony & Diamanda Hagan – Sting: Moment of Truth

The Spoony One | Sep 15 2012 | 147 notations | 

Hagan forces The Spoony One to watch the most boring Christian wrestling biopic either of them have ever seen!

“The Cinema Snob Movie” Teaser Trailer

The Spoony One | Jun 28 2012 | 189 notations | 

“House on the Edge of the Park” style teaser trailer for “The Cinema Snob Movie.” Coming to DVD this summer!

DVR-Hell – Bibleman

The Spoony One | May 21 2012 | 479 notations | 

Dr. Insano’s uncle, Dr. Decepto does battle with Bibleman in DVR-Hell! Can SCIENCE conquer the Kingdom of Heaven?

Warrior #4 Commentary

The Spoony One | May 6 2012 | 77 notations | 

Linkara and Spoony discuss the making of the WARRIOR comic series conclusion!