Atop the Fourth Wall: WARRIOR #4

The Spoony One | Oct 16 2011 | more notation(s) | 

The thrilling conclusion of the Warrior comic series culminates with Linkara, Spoony, and the other TGWTG hosts fighting the complete collapse of Hypertime under the weight of all the Destrucity!

  • Cole Kersting


  • andrew murphy


  • Richard Ciavardone

    not as good as the last 2 WARRIOR review but still good

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Insano’s informative speech is brought to you by NutriGrain!

  • Daniel

    This gimmick is still very fresh and funny after 2 years, please continue to do it every time you can.

    Though I guess what can you expect from linkara. The man knows about humor as much as Hitler knew about Hanukkah.

    • Anonymous

      1. Which “gimmick” are you talking about?
      2. The “Warrior” series is at an end, which you knew if you had actually watched the video.
      3. This was a co-production of Spoony and Linkara, it even had the TSE intro instead of the AT4W one.
      4. Google “Godwin”. You have automatically lost with your Hitler comparison.

  • Anonymous

    D’aaaw Oreo warms even Black Lantern Spoony’s heart.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so is Ma Ti dead or not?

    • Cole Kersting

      that was Bhargav, the actor, not ma-ti, the character

  • Michael Scally

    Okay, there were WAAAAAAAAAY too many cameos in this… and did we really need a completely unrelated Birdemic scene?

    • Alexandria White

      Yes we did Michael Scally because the Birdemic universe was crossing into our universe.

    • Blues

      To you not get how Hypertime works when it gets messed up?

  • Alexandria White

    Yay! Oreo!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, Black Lantern 90’s kid. THAT was awesome.

  • TheMMOFifty

    oh my god I laughed my ass off.

    the Spoony Sheik was hilarious, as was the grey lantern bits. hell, it was all funny

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Dr. Insano just doesn’t look right without longer hair.

  • Sunny

    So is comparing someone that you don’t like to Hitler a thing on the Internet now? Well, I hope that your enemies have indeed commited some form of genocide or human atrocity. Otherwise, your statement is completely, mind-blowingly stupid.

  • Alexandria White

    I love how much I don’t care about anything the Ultimate Warrior does.

  • Charles T. Arthur

    I want to be a Gray Lantern… I guess… if I’m not doing anything, I mean… whatever…

  • Anonymous

    The whole point of the Warrior videos are the cameos. 

  • Petra Michael

    Omg. Seeing you in a white turtle neck shirt with glasses and Linkara in a sleeveless shirt with sunglasses is something that I never thought I would see, but I just about died with laughter when I did! XD

    Very funny review guys! :D Great work!

  • Shada67

    That…..was complete crap.  My hat’s off to you guys for actually finishing this.  That must have been excruciatingly painful to read.  Well done video, this was fun to watch.

  • Simon J. Broome

    Yay! Hypertime has been fixed! Now I can like things!

  • JT Cano

    well that fucking sucked, and had fucking linkara’s terrible writing all over it. Why does he think hes funny? Hes got the humor of those people that make stupid jokes that no body laughs at and pretends they didn’t here him. The only parts that were funny were the spoony character cameos. Oh and the TGWTG cameos sucked as well! To fast and not memorable at all.    

    • Renaissance_nerd

      someone needs decaf.

    • The Spoony One

      Um, I wrote this.

      • JT Cano

        I’m sorry Spoony.. I love everything you’ve done but just this wasn’t good, and I don’t mean to sound like an asshole to linkara I’m sure hes a cool dude but I hate his writing and this sounded like he wrote it. I’m sorry… How about this in return for being an asshole Ill stay up all night watching all of you videos! even this one! please don’t think I’m a dick. sorry… 

      • Unholy Fire Dragon

        Personally, I really liked it.

        Just like with Kickassia, it might not have technically made any sense from a story standpoint, but it was incredibly fun to watch. I actually love that sort of comedy, which is basically a bunch of random, yet cleverly placed, humorous content.

        I think that, to enjoy this review, a person has to be like a grey lantern and not even care about the story or the way to review is done. This satirical review is basically about a comic that makes no freaking sense, so it was practically unavoidable to make itself shown in that way just to make that point.

    • Anonymous

      That awkward moment when you proceed to complain about Linkara’s writing, only to be told that Spoony wrote it. 

    • Jay Logan

      So, what we have here is yet another example of a Spoony-Elitist aka ‘one of those fans who can’t stand seeing Spoony co-staring in anything, and believes that Spoony is God and all those other reviewers are evil, soul suckers who want to destroy Spoony’.

      Mind, I agree that Spoony is God. I mean, he’s the god-damned Avatar, that’s as close as Godas a mere mortal will ever get. Just prey Spoony doesn’t cast the ultimate dooms-day spell in response to the threat that is his fan-boys!

      • Mike Wallace

        I think I’m happiest knowing Spoony is part of a pantheon. The God of… BETRAYAL!

        Like Loki. Only much more vocal.

    • Anonymous

      Open mouth, insert foot.

    • Darke Mayer Goulart

      You know, I was going to make a joke about how all that was missing was someone bitching about Linkara, Phelous, JewWario and the others somehow making Spoony less funny, but I can see it’s pointless.

      Now let me see… people already bitched about Spoony’s friends, Spoony’s family, Spoony’s ex-girlfriend, Spoony’s dog, Spoony’s house… maybe the problem is… Spoony?! Maybe he is the one who is ruining every one of Spoony’s video. Maybe his next videos should be without image or sound. That would fix everything.

      • Anonymous

        You kind of missed the point there, buddy. The whole point here is seeing Spoony suffer, everything else is just a distraction.

      • JT Cano

        I wasn’t saying that other people in Spoonys reviews made him less funny I was just saying the writing was bad. thats all..

    • Anonymous

      @JT Cano: Nice trolling, bro.

      P.S: Spoony just confirmed that he wrote this, not Linkara. … you can shut the fuck up, and get off the site, now. Bye.

      • JT Cano

        I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be a troll I was just giving my honest opinion, and it really did seem like linkara wrote it…. 

    • Anonymous

      ahahahaha oh wow

      Spoony only needed 4 words to deliver a digital bitchslap that reverberated in the far reaches of the internet.  I believe that’s a new record.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony Shiek!

    • Renaissance_nerd

      Spoony Shiek for president! on the “mek them hummmbel” ticket

    • Anonymous

      Right up there with Ultimate Spoony and Hulk Spogan.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s just hope that the real Iron Sheik doesn’t go out for a drive anytime soon.

      (…okay, that one was reeeally dark, even for my sense of humor, but I just had to.  Dammit, I’m sad now.)

  • Steve Riley

    I would become a Grey Lantern, but I really don’t even care.

  • Anonymous

    *hears Shiek use ‘brony’ as derogatory term*

    *looks at watch*

    Aaaaaaaand… mark.

    • Anonymous

      No, sorry, but you’re wrong.

      He said “Jabroni”. It’s a common wrestling term. A “Jabroni” is a nobody, a loser, a “ham & egger’ someone who could work hard in the business and still no one would ever care.

      Why do people keep fucking hearing this as “brony”? That’s not what he fucking said. Do some research.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the clarification, but people keep hearing ‘brony’ because a) it’s a wrestling term that isn’t used nearly as often as ‘heel/face’, ‘mark’, ‘Montreal Screwjob or even ‘kayfabe’, so far less people will be aware of it, and b) Spoony’s Shiek is barely intelligible anyway, so when something sounding like a term as widespread as ‘brony’ is used, people are going to assume that’s what was said. It’s an easy mistake to make, don’t get so wound up about it.

  • CK

    I fucking loved this, loved the cameos, loved the costumes, loved the birdemic thing, loved Oreo, and Really loved Spoony in the turtleneck.

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Wow, this was posted right after I watched the full hour of Ultimate Warriors public speaking debacle you have posted on the site… and I don’t know what’s worse, bizarre pointless rambling nonsense Warrior or astonishingly insulting, dismissive, embarrassingly shameless Warrior…  Between the stupid decisions, his poor treatment of other people, his lack of any kind of moral or intellectual foundation (despite his constant assertions to the contrary) this guy truly exemplifies what it means to be a stupid piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    Another great video, but don’t complain about confusing black and white artwork before you’ve read Gantz and Dorohedoro.

  • Leomann

    Wow. I’m…(ellipses)…actually in complete awe of the Ultimate Warrior. What joke could I make, what witticism could even begin to encompass the depth and breadth of the insanity present here? I…(ellipses)… words fail me.

  • George Rosenbaum

    The content has really been pouring out recently. Good Job!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the video! But what was with the inconsistent censoring? Spoony Shiek said fuck, like, 7 times, and about 3 of them were bleeped. Was it because it was 1/2 Spoony (who swears like a sailor), and 1/2 linkara (who almost never swears in his videos)?

  • Anonymous

    Loved the video! But what was with the inconsistent censoring? I mean, Spoony Sheik said “fuck”, like, 7 times, and it got bleeped, maybe, 3 times. Was it because it was 1/2 Spoony (who swears like a sailor), and1/2 Linkara (who seldom swears in his videos)?

    • Darke Mayer Goulart

      Let me get it straight: you are asking for consistence… in a Warrior comic review?

      Ah, who gives a crap, anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Spoony doesn’t mind swearing, but Linkara won’t swear at all. He holds it as a point of personal pride, since he figures that cussing is a cheap way to get laughs. So you’ll notice that the only one who gets bleeped is Linkara.

      • TheMMOFifty

        nit picky I know, Its not that Linkara wont swear, he will, just not using the 7 words you cant say on tv (made famous by George Carlin, RIP), at least not in character or on camera (with minor exceptions of course)

        then again, he has his right to not swear heavily as much as Spoony has the right to swear heavily, and, truth be told, i admire Linkara for not using the heavier swears, gives his videos and style a distinct feel to them, seeing as how nearly every other reviewer does swear heavily (want to stress here, I love AVGN and TGWTG, I just wanted to point it out)

  • Anonymous

    Black Lantern 90’s Kid…………was he dead?  I didn’t even know he was sick!!  *cue Krankor*

  • Brendan Tucker

    Good god you finished it…
    Did nobody even look at this before it was put on sale? the lettering and art is confusing at best and unreadable at worst. No, unreadable at best, pointlessly eye-straining at worst

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I did miss the epic multiverse-crossing battle like last time, but still a highly enjoyable review. But what will you do next year?

    • TheMMOFifty

      One More Day or Flashpoint, you want continuity cluster-craps,that’s the next in line as far as I am concerned

  • Jan Pospisil

    Ephedrin is an alkaloid used for treating asthma, or for making pervitin. Which is a heroin-like illegal drug, popular all around Europe. (especially eastern Europe)

  • Renaissance_nerd

    I think Spoony secretly likes these and reviewing them gives him the excuse to read them. Cmon Spoonster, fess up.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I like them too. They’re hilarious!

  • Dirk Spaans

    Oreo and Blacklanten Spoony @ the end were so cute ;3
    Blacklantern Spoony:”Hi doggy”.

    Hope he doesn’t turn Oreo into Blacklantern Oreo ;)

    • TheMMOFifty

      umm, since she has black spots on her, dosent she already fit the bill appearance wise? just give her a Black Lantern Collar

  • Ehren Hatten

    As usual, it looks as if there are a few butthurt people here. Seriously, what is it about some people that just H-A-T-E practically anyone but Spoony. I started with Spoony, saw TGWTG, saw Cinema Snob, saw Linkara, saw others from TGWTG and loved them. It was all because of Spoony.

    Also, the sheik using Brony as an insult. Hilarious. Even though I applaud Bronies.

    • Adam Schrader

      I think it was ‘Jabroni’

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly what it was. “Jabroni”

        Wrestling talk for a loser, a nobody, a bum, a guy that could bust his ass off in the buisness as much as possible and still nobody would give a shit about them…..

        Wait, that IS The Ultimate Warrior.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot comprehend just how bad the last comic turned out to be – it sounded like it was even worse than the others, artwork aside. As incoherent as those terrible ones were, it looked like no. 4 was a prank to see just how crazy Warrior could appear. The black on dark grey text makes me think those putting the thing together did all they could to subvert this atrocity without being caught. Terrible, yet sad.

    Funny review at least – some good alternate universes in there. But for the sake of Spoony, Linkara and all who worked on this, let there be no obscure spin offs or tie ins to this nonsense; they wouldn’t survive it.

  • Anonymous

    aaaaaand Fangasm-Markout!  What can I say, I’m a sucker for The Iron Sheik.  Nearly had a stroke in anticipation waiting for the “make you hchhhhamble!” moment. 

    God, I love Sheik.  Now why can’t we have a comic series about him?  At least HIS psychotic ramblings are entertaining as Hell! 

    Also, I gave in and did the sissy faux-German “Now iz ze time in Sprockets vhen ve dance!” routine as well.  What can I say, it’s practically a compulsion. 

  • Armads

    And that’s how TNA: Impact saved the multiverse. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be too sure about that, it looks like we may have a future echo here.  Perhaps something is wrong with the time continuum. 

  • Armads

    And that’s how TNA: Impact saved the multiverse. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be too sure about that, it looks like we may have a future echo
      here.  Perhaps something is wrong with the time continu-GOD DAMMIT! 

  • Paxton Lavis

    Wwwhhooooooooooaaaaaa, Black Lantern 90’s Kid is AWWSSOOOME. I’m a black Lantern myself.
    Great work Linkara and Spoony. Sad to see the Ultimate reviews end, so now I wonder what you two will do next year.

  • Joseph

    Warrior: CALLAHAN is a SHIT!!!

    Callahan: (Approaches Warrior with a 44 Auto-Mag) Go ahead! Make my day!

    Warrior: SKRONK!!! Your IGNORANCE of DESTRUCITY is what will have your ATOMS stripped of your SOUL!!!

    (Warrior tries to charge Callahan. Callahan unloads all of his rounds into Warrior’s chest and head, causing dramatic impact. Warrior falls.)

    Callahan: (Standing over Warrior’s slain body) A man’s got to know his limitations!

    (Callahan walks away) (Cues the “Dirty Harry” end theme.)

    I think this was what was hidden in that mountain of illegible text.

  • marabackman

    The jacket returns! :D

  • Magdalen O’Reilly

    Well we could watch TNA…

    Oh fuck NO. No no no no no- hehehe that made me giggle! ^ ^

  • Jessica Marie

    I love Suedesano along with Blacklantern Spoony and Oreo! Great video you guys! I’ve always said Spoony and Linkara are the funniest TGWTG contributors and this just proves it!

  • Anonymous

    This was awesome and well worth the wait, I love Black Lantern 90’s Kid!

  • Logondo

    USA #10!

  • Poipoi

    That was well worth the wait

  • Anonymous

    I think my brain just went into vapor lock after trying to read that comic.


  • Anonymous

    Awesome! …Though, the Birdemic scene was pretty random. It was funny, just didn’t fit well.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      It was the Birdemic universe, just like how the previous year had the Wiseau-verse.

      • Jayden Reynolds

        This leaves me wondering what hilariously awful ‘verse you’d be using next if there were, Emperor forbid, a 5th comic.

        Actually, even better – use the Warriorverse in a review for something else similarly insane.

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Spoony it would be really interesting if you could actually track down Callahan and get his perspective on the whole situation via a telephone interview.  What was it like working with the Ultimate Warrior?  What sort of direction where you given?  Do you have any clue as to what this whole thing was or what it was supposed to lead to?  It would be fascinating not just from a commercial artist perspective but as a real human drama.  I mean the guy dedicated 6 rambling pages with the headline “You’re a piece of shit”, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have his own opinion on the matter.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I don’t think Noah has that kind of pull.

      • Bob Walsh

        Whoever made these comics can’t possibly have this much “pull”.  The only real challenge would be finding this guy’s number.

        Hey, if Linkara can get a writer who DOESN’T suck to make a cameo in his videos, it’s certainly reasonable for Spoony to try and track down this shmuck.

    • Mike Wallace

      We need to know. Warrior is a living WTF moment, and he must be explained.

  • Anonymous

    That. Was. Awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    haha awesome vid spoony one, really digging your work lately!!

  • Princess Stabbity

    As much as I loved this, and I did, I think I was more focused on going, “Aww, OREO!!” at the end.
    But oh god, everything else was pure crack. Brilliant job by everyone. Totally worth the wait.

  • Anonymous

    HA, i knew apathy would save all existence one day. i was just worried that people wouldn’t care enough not to care.

    • Adam Schrader

      Meh, apathy is over-rated

  • Noah G

    there’s nothing I can say, there was nothing I could say during the 1st warrior comic, there was nothing I could say during the 2nd, 3rd, and the pin-up christmas special, there’s nothing to say about warrior… at all. The only thing there is would be: great job to all involved… except warrior and his crew.

    NOTE: I usually connect to Facebook to post but it keeps giving me “error” so I’m using my yahoo… please look in to this spoony.

  • Anonymous

    God. How in the hell does warrior decide the backgrounds he applies to the text? Is he trying to make reading more of a challenge than Mt.Everest?

  • Anonymous

    I tried to diagram one of Warrior’s promos once (his infamous “plane crash” rant during the buildup to his match with Hogan). It….it wasn’t pretty.

  • the writer

    Wow, that comic was… It was something. I’m not sure WHAT, but it was… something. Probably. Theoretically, anyway.

    So glad to see the conclusion at last! Spoony, you and Linkara work so well together despite how different your styles are. I’m always happy when you two do crossovers because you play off each other so well.

    The (probably inadvertent) Oreo cameo at the end made me giggle-snort. D’awww, even Black Lanterns love cute puppies!

  • Kevin Clause

    Great review, though it seemed very lite on cameos. You guys must have been crazy busy with Suburban Knights to have so few people there.

    That being said, I couldn’t help but notice Marzgurl off to the side dressed as Juno during the scene when Sage was talking. Curious why she wasn’t used.

  • thatcurvychick

    Holy shit… That comic must’ve been a nightmare to read. Awesome review!

  • Tom Williams

    Is there a place where I can read all the text without having to strain my eyes?  Yes I am up for reading incoherent crap.  I mean, 5 whole pages of rambling.  Do you know how many memes you could get just from one page alone?

  • Cody Meyer

    Black Lantern Spoony: This comic offends me… Hey doggy.

    I died laughing at that part. :D

    And yeah, I think I’m glad my friends and I started watching wrestling when we did. I can only imagine what loopy, insane babble could have been concocted for latter issues. I think it would have literally ripped a whole in the universe, creating a black, swirling, inescapable hole of doom.

    Also, the line work in spots seems so incoherent that it’s almost like staring into something by Geoff Darrow.

  • Phillip

    Mati is alive!

  • Jayden Reynolds

    Ephedrine isn’t only a decongestant, it’s also a stimulant. In fact, there’s a pretty awesome punk rock song from the mid 90s by a band named Sloppy Seconds called Ephedrine Machine (yeah, they force ephedrine to rhyme with machine… it’s still cool though!) detailing how they intend to “never ever sleep again” using it.

  • Anonymous

    You know…I’m currently going for a degree in psychology and it occurs to me; these comics would make an excellent study into the workings of an unstable mind.  I think I just found a topic for my dissertation.

    • Sajeh

      Might as well just use me, and I wont have to pay a complete overprice for going home with a bag of psychologist bullshit :D

  • John Barton Haslach


  • gravityBomb

    Oh god. Black Lantern Spoony and Oreo at the end just so made my night (and I still can’t wait to see Doctor Insano and Oreo together). XD And the Green Power Ranger costume! Yay!

    Thank you Noah and Lewis for getting this up for us! It’s sorta sad to see this series go…but if that means no more WARRIOR, then fuck all, thank God. I admire you guys for even getting through this series without having brain embolisms. (You didn’t, right?)

    P.S. And huh….Black Lantern 90s Kid, where you come from? …wait…uh oh…Spoony sucked up by Entity…90s Kid ‘supposedly’ taken too…/runs away


  • Michelle Brydon

    Loved it! I love all the reviews in this series, and this was totally worth the wait :) Although now you and Linkara will need something new to collaborate on.. 

    For some reason your outfits at 9:40-9:55 make me think you should resurrect the Devo cover band. 

  • Anonymous

    If Linkara was Tommy Wiseau, there would be “The Rum”

    durr hurr.  Love Linkara and Spoony.

    • Anonymous

      I never knoted how he said Room as Rum until I saw the Blockbuster Buster parody him and now I can’t stop knoticing it!

      • DarkBee

        Me too! Damn you E-Rod and your hilarious review!

  • Anonymous


    Who the fuck buys these shitty comics?  I’m glad you guys did to give it a proper lashing, but I’m sure there is an audience that thinks it’s brilliant writing.

  • David

    Spoony…did you SERIOUSLY just have TNA Wrestling SAVE THE FREAKING UNIVERSE?! Really? Wow words cannot express my level of dissapoint…

  • Mike Wallace

    Gay German Linkara and Spoony are my new heroes.

    I feel sorry for Hulk Hogan sitting across the table from Warrior… you just know he wants to break out laughing at the steroid-infused Mardi Gras hobo spewing whatever words he can string together.

    So, after careful study, I believe… I have solved the Warrior #4 equation. I believe, that after Callahan left to sail with the folks of the good ship U.S.S. Liefeld, the new artists were brought on, and after reading Warrior’s 10,000 word summary of Warrior #4, tentatively offered him a handful of sketch drawings and uncolored designs that they thought Warrior might like to see. But Warrior was so mad at Callahan that he had already changed his mind and dedicated Warrior #4 to pissing on his former artist, and it was only after a great deal of time and careful explination that they were able to convince Warrior that a comic book was not a LiveJournal blog. So with that in mind, Warrior quickly stapled together a handful of pictures from the pile of samples, scribbled something resembling his original plot into the text boxes, and immediately sent the comic to the printers. It was only after a three hour rant about space shps and lightning in front of a camera that Warrior realized he needed someone to color his comic, but by then it was too late, and the Anti-Comic Equation was released on an unsuspecting bargain bin in your local comic con.

    • Anonymous

      I think they just launched a whole new gene of fanfic with that one skit…

      • Mike Wallace

        I’ve still got Euro-Tech beats in my head.

  • Gregory Bogosian

    A world made manifest by belief and imagination that gains power from people thinking about it and attempting to understand it.  The Terrain of Testament is Deviant Art!  I must tell the people!

    • Mike Wallace

      No you fool! That’s just what they want! NOOOO!

  • Anonymous

    ABOUT DAMN TIME!! I kid, I kid!  Great job as aways guys!
    Well, the best I could understand of all that random unsincible crap was the Warrior was basically stealing the plot in way from The Maxx!  He’s in the “real” world but he sees everything as some wierd alternate reality full of monsters and villains he needs to kill or some BS like that.  The Maxx did it a hell-of-a-lot better!!!I don’t know if it was the steroids or if he was on some sort of super meth mixed with shrooms that made the Warrior believe a lot of the crap that spewed from his mouth!?
    Great mix of cameos here must’ve took ya’ll forever to get all that spliced together!
    I did like the art a lot better here but not by much.  It really could’ve used some shading at least if they were going the Black and White rout!  That was a real dick move even for the Ultimate Warrior to bad mouth the artist for wanting to leave this sinking ship.
    THis comic sucks… and, I do give a damn… I guess!?  Whatever…
    So was this the Ultimate Warrior’s last attempt at comics or is there someting else ya’ll are going to teamup on next time!?

  • Anonymous

    A fitting end to one of the worst comic series of all time! Congratulations on getting through that mess (I don’t envy your eyes). I hate to say it, but the comic ending with an unreadable, childish rant against the artist is probably the most fitting conclusion this series could have had.

    I also loved the Birdemic spoof.

  • Kipli

    birdemic spoof killed me XD

  • Jean Dickinson

    My god I remember how much ridiculous rambling the Warrior did on camera. Hope to see more group reviews.

  • Anonymous

    I lost it at Spoony as Italian Iron Sheik.

  • Wei JieSoh

    You know something is wrong with the multiverse when Iranians pose as Arabs. Wait that Iranian who thinks he is an Arab is actually an Italian?!

    • Anonymous

      Well there are Arabs in western Iran, so perhaps it’s a Iranian Arab who has migrated to Italy or something.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda like how John Leguizamo can play Luigi, Marlon Wayans can play RipCord and John Wayne can play Genghis Khan.

  • Lysander Darkholme Price

    WARRIOR!!!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT to see how this turned out :D been looking forward to this for forever *SQUEEE*

  • Anonymous

    I think Oreo would be a red lantern.

  • Nathan Ellis

    Dr. In-suede-o!!!

  • Lysander Darkholme Price

    how are we supposed to make this shit out damn it! the inside covers are AWFUL… camoflauge text…
    jew wario, it can be hard to recognize you w/out the hat sometimes, but linkara’s outfit TOTALLY works on you! you should get a hat like that (not for the show, just in general).
    glad to see the green ranger costume getting more use, looks good on you man! *SLAP* ‘thank you i needed that’ maybe now the comic will make more sense? (though i some how doubt it)…
    ok i know it was supposed to be silly, but the german model spoony & linkara bit, sexy :D ;)
    black lantern 90’s kid…DUN DUN DUN!!!
    really? we’re really doing birddemic? really? oy :P
    and they expect you to be able to READ THIS??? FOUR PAGES OF RAMBLING that is unreadable?? WTF?
    the warrior is a schizophrenic who suffers severely from the ‘word salad’ spectrum of the disorder, words randomly collide in his head and make NO SENSE (you see this sort of thing on the FSTDT forums all the time, just these rambling narratives that go on & on & on for paragraphs about NOTHING and make NO SENSE)…
    right on man, you got it, belief gives things power…we beat it, by ultimate apathy!
    hilarious review guys, very well done, worth the wait :) (now to go back and watch them all in a row, bwuahahahahahaa)
    great blooper clips at the end there, love the new wrestler character (i don’t know his name but i recognize him from on of your other videos, great impersonation, though i don’t think you said ‘FUCK’ quite enough lol) and my dog jumps into my shots too when i’m filming, hazards of having a puppy, they hear you talking, they assume you want their attention :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. after three issues crammed full of rambling and incoherent insanity the Warrior series closes with little more than a whimper. Somehow that feels like the only right way for it to all end

    Also doesn’t it seem like maybe Spoony and Linkara’s apathy at becoming Gray Lanterns mirrored the feelings of Warrior #4 being left black and white?

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    I think my brain just shut down because I was trying to make at least a little sens out of this…this.. coloring book.

  • Kim Smith


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What, Linkara’s never read a black and white comic before..? Pft…philistine…

  • MagnaRyuu

    Actually Percepts is a word, well actually percept is.

  • Meiju Mylläri

    I was waiting for the Carebares to come out…. Dissapointment….. Ouh, and I want that star trek jacket spoony was wearing! me waaaant! uuUUuuuu!!!! Doggy!!!!!! The black lantern doggy! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ease off the sugar :D

  • Meiju Mylläri

    Awwww…. I was waiting for the Carebears to give a cameo…. Dissapointment…. Ouh, and I so want that Star Trek jacket scpoony was wearing, even if it was very ill fitted XDDD BLACK LANTERN DOGGY!

  • Samuel Kitchen

    Was that The Iron Sheik? You should check out his interview with Howard’s so hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with black & white comics/graphic novels – Some of the ABC warrior ones were in black and white and they were awesome IMHO. There *is* something wrong with it when you can’t read the flipping text ’cause it’s tiny and obscured by the background *which is the same bloody colour as the text!*. Also… who in God’s name comes up with a storyline such as this? What a pile of drivel!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Hey It’s Dr Grizzano and Linkpawra at the beginning. Ya Ya I know apparently it’s ‘Grizzsano’ and ‘Bunkara’ according to him but I still say Linkpawra is a better animal pun name.

  • Deanna Jackson


  • Anonymous

    … am I bad for not getting what the fuck is up with the bird attack scene, like, at all?
    yeah, it’s awesome in its horribleness, but what’s the point? oO

    • Anonymous

      It was a Birdemic reference.

    • Patrick Wells

      I totally had no idea what that was all about.

  • AntoineCool

    One more issue of Ultimate Warrior!? I thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous after 3rd issue… but I was wrong, since apparently there was enough subject to make fun of, or to have an headache of. Oh zut alors, this issue summed it all up quite well; the idiocy of the Ultimate Warrior is something one should see to believe it exists! All the jumping from one place to other (well, it could make a sort of sense if it was Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse 5″), all the loose threads, pointless characters and illegible or meaningless words… Okay, I might have a awful headache right now, but at least this kind of incompetence is also bloody funny and a good source of laughter!

  • Anonymous

    I damn near fell over laughing not once, but three times… -XD

  • Wiktor Jankowiak

    I must ask is anyone else hearing the popping sound in this video? I need to make sure it’s not my headphones (it doesn’t happen in other videos but my headphones have a bad history of doing that kind of stuff)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m getting it too. Its weird.

    • Dragons_Dusk

      I was at well, had the same thought it might be my headphones but nothing else does it

      wonder if this was filmed when one of his mics were dying

  • Anonymous

    That was awesome. Not the comic, which was ridiculous; but the video.

    The above statement stands on its own merit.

    I suppose it would have been too obvious for Wiseau to appear and join in the apathy chant with the, “Everyone betray me, and I don’t care anymore…”

  • Mike Callahan

    With apathy so absolute,
    That I really couldn’t give a hoot,
    You wanna watch some wrestling,
    Yada yada yada, Grey Lantern (or something)

  • Anonymous

    Not as good as Warrior #1, but an awesome conclusion to the saga. This was literally the weirdest one out of them, I have to say. Though I barely understood 2 and 3 (because you guys rushed through them) these were utterly atrocious in every manner. I was laughing the whole way.

  • George Rosenbaum

    A bit off topic, but has anyone seen Film Brain’s latest ‘Projector’ review of ‘Perfect Sense’? It’s absolutely brilliant, way better than the ‘Bad Movie Beatdown’ reviews.

    I’ve said earlier that Film Brian is actually one of the most intelligent reviewers on TGWTG, and his ‘Projector’ reviews really let his mind shine through. Good thing too, because he is making way more ‘Projector’ reviews than BBB’s.

    Check out his review of ‘Perfect Sense’. You may change your mind about him.

  • jash_kenobi

    This was a good conclusion to the saga. Loved the Birdemic referenceXD

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad that more Warrior comics weren’t made.  We could keep having the anti comic equation come into play and ruin everything for these teamups.  That and we could keep having perfectly crommulant words like foke and jetjacked.

  • Sai


    These Warrior videos are always so much fun, a shame there’s no more to mock.

    It’s hilarious and kind of sad that the Birdemic parody had better filming and effects than the actual movie… 

  • Anonymous

    Waited an entire year for this

  • Omnikus Schlotter

    These Warrior reviews are comedy gold. It seems as though only through satire any merit can be added to the existence of a character as ludicrous as the Ultimate Warrior. My fav quote is still “I’ll jack a track ahead before they intercept me here!” XD

  • Otto Rosenlund

    What the FUCK is italian-iranian arab Warrior-Spoony and why does it exist now?

    • Raziel Raven

      The Fuck you say you don’t know the Iron Sheik? You want funny, look up ANY of his shoot interviews. I swear to god.

  • André Norell

    You still watch wrestling, Spoony? I thought you’d completely given up on that, since Wrestle! Wrestle! hasn’t seen an update since July.

  • Corey

    you know most of the manga I own is in original japanese and I can sort of get what is going on and whats being said, but all four warrior comics are in english and I dont know what the fuck is going on especially in this comic the first three issues had a sense of the story being connected even if they were a bunch of batshit insane philisophical rambilings of a steroid crazed jackass and crappy fight scenes it at you at least new the issues stayed on course with what was taking place, but the fourth issue just went through the what I would like to call the “highlander 2 effect” were it just does something along the lines of throwing you in the middle of new settings without much explination such as where in the hell is WARRIORS girlfriend what about that crap on the terrain of testament, and why is it in a post apotolyptic setting when the first 3 was set in present time or present time when the comic was written.

  • Anonymous

    Major undermining of the ethereal reality, man!  Next time we meet, get your 6-button autofire controller to take me on!  I’ve got laser guided vision that will destroy the 20th star of the Ursa Major! Your life is meaningless unless you gain the understanding of the warrior!  I have no idea what I just said!!  BUT IT SOUNDED COOL! 

     [Insert text here that is the color of the background so you can’t read it and it doesn’t make any sense anyway].

    • Mike Wallace


      • Jayden Reynolds

        You bastard, I was drinking orange soda while reading these comments.

        Now my nose hurts like a motherfucker. Thanks >:P

  • Moritz

    Eh guys, ephedrine is used to cook crystal meth. Pseudoephedrin is more commonly used for this, but I suspect it’s because it’s more available, being in cold medicine. Both work just as well.
    So I would guess they weren’t stealing it to get free noses. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I liked this review even more than the other Warrior reviews.

  • yamina-chan

    Caution! Spoilers for everyone who hasn’t seen this yet!!

    Black Lantern Spoony! Oh my god. I though we’d never see this guy again. But aparently in some Universe in the Multiverse he’s still alive.
    And…Black Lantern 90’s Kid?! oO That…is so awesome and strange at the same time that I had to pause the video for two minutes XD
    And even Oreo made her first cameo. Dear lord.
    And I honestly don’t care about this comic, but I’m glad that the multiverse is fixed now. Or at least I guess it is.

  • Alexandria White

    Poor Bennett. He didn’t get a hanger to protect himself from birds

    • Calvin Jarchow

      and it was still AS GOOD or better than the real Birdemic lol! I carry a coat hanger to defend myself at all times now

  • Josh Bray

    Linkara sounded like Patton Oswald at times, which made this video even better :D

  • Seamus Patrick Burke

    Oh hai doggy.

    • Calvin Jarchow

      I think that might need to be added to the t-shirt selection.

  • Anonymous

    The other three comics were bad but as least they felt like that had some, albeit insane, flow to them. But this was just completely incomprehensible, the art and words were seemingly put together at random with no explanation or connection to anything. Truly never has a comic said so much and yet said so little…

  • Jonathan Curran

    I found that funny as hell as per usuall, but Ihtought the whole not giving a shi on a mass scale very clever too. Plus Kudos for all the cameos. Do a feature length Spoony DVD, litterally do what Brad did with his last movie. Made it then sold it online, did not give it awa for free. You don’t even need a budget really. Do a special experiment feature lenghth on dvd and sell it. Jesus whould buy it and plug it for you. Want Tarentino to watch it no problem, Jesus will just beam it dirctley in to is had for you. Im sure all the cameo crew whould help out it with it. ANYWAY I HAVE TO GET BACK TO NOT GIVING A CRAP NOW – C YA.

  • Jonathan Curran

    Oh yeah the Mountain Dew guy Phailous nick named, he’s funny as hell too with piss take comedy reviews, he needs to do more of them. All he’d probably say is “REVIEWERS DON’T WORK THAT WAY!!!!!!”

    • DarkBee

      You mean Jon “Chaos D1″ Burkhart?

  • Anonymous

    umm was the ultimate warrior on crystal meth or something cuz i know when people write on that stuff it usually looks and sounds like most of the dialogue.  and it never makes sense…or perhaps he is schizophrenic? u would still get the same results…just a bunch of circular logic disassociated a million times over.

  • Anonymous

    This was probably the best Warrior review.  Black Lantern 90’s Kid, the Gray Lanterns, and Oreo and Black Lantern Spoony…so much awesome!

  • Anonymous

    After watching your whole Warrior review series again, I realize that if Warrior (yes that’s what he legally changed his name to) laid out his baffling, nigh impenetrable “philosophy” in a coherent way, he could possibly get about a half way to a viable set of beliefs.  If I have it correctly, the philosophy is, “Follow your dreams, enact violence upon or at least belittle those who look at you funny, and above all else, prove that you are superior to Hoak Hogan.”   This would then be relegated to the “New Age” section that they shamefully put at the back of the Barnes and Noble.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, there’s a minor error in your hyperlink, Noah. The annotation for the comic link says “Warrior #2 and #2″

    Knowing how insane Warrior is, I actually had to check to make sure that’s not how he himself titled it to begin with. 

  • Jonathan Andersson

    Spoony as the Iron Shiek must be the greatest thing of the whole damn year.

  • Alan Armstrong

    You said “Hi doggy” with the exact same tone and unchanging facial expression as Ace Ventura.

    • Doctor Madness

      Would you have preferred one of TW’s “hai doughgie”s?

  • Patrick Wells

    Where’d you get the Green Ranger costume???

    And once again solid proof that you are worlds above the rest of the TGWTG crew. But their short cameos were well incorporated, and you and Linkara have great energy off of each other. Well done as always.

    And great to see Dr. Insano again.

    • Jeremy K.

      The Green Ranger costume is owned by Linkara. Being the Power Rangers enthusiast that he is. :)

  • Dragons_Dusk

    I am the Drizzle!
    I want black on black.  I didn’t ask if anyone could read it.

  • Anonymous

    The anti-‘We Care’ was amazing. Perfect ending! Also, you should have kept the ‘Hi Doggie’ part in the main review XD That was perfect too.

  • Lar deSouza

    I kinda wanna hear an interview with the mysterious Callahan and his experience working for the Warrior. Thank you for reading this so I NEVER EVER HAVE TO! :)

  • André Norell

    Sudden realization: is Dr. Insano doing this to save humanity, or simply because he’s pissed at The Guardian (“Hello Joe!”*) for stealing his idea?

    * Yes, I know, not that one, but wouldn’t it be a hilarious subversion if it was? Instead of a villain Spoony might respect, it’s some mugging jackhat from the worst movie of a franchise filled with one good and half a dozen horrible ones?

    ** I want a Let’s Play of Alpha Centauri starring Dr. Insano now…

  • Anonymous

    Iron Sheik Spoony is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, with the work “Percepts” I think what he’s TRYING to do is shorten the word “perception” and make it singularly definitive so he can use it in the plural. It doesn’t work, but that’s what he’s trying to do… I think. 

    I’m just going to take a stab at a more direct translation for this, because it’s bothering me: “A warrior’s visual senses form the percepts which become his concepts by utilising the filing system of his mind. His recall catalogues similar identities until information is such that he can assign identification.” I THINK what he’s ACTUALLY trying to say is this: Visual input forms the basis of perception which in turn forms the basis of conceptualization. The ability to conceptualize and form a world view is based on prior experiences and information which is filed away in the back of the mind. Such a system which enables input and recall catalogs similar experiences to form the basis of identification. Hence what you have previously come across can be identified when you come across it again.

    What the fuck that has to do with ANYTHING other than stating the obvious is beyond me. Also, going by my translation, he repeated himself twice by saying the same thing in different ways. (… And he used the word “macrocosm” on the next page where I think he meant MICROCOSM!)

    The alliteration… look, I abuse alliteration terribly in my own writing but I use it as an expression of my own sardonic humour. It doesn’t excuse it, but at least I have a REASON for using it (not a good one, I admit)! 

    This entire comic is fucking incomprehensible. And this is coming from someone who did a 50 page analysis of bloody “A Scanner Darkly” back in highschool! I LIVE for finding meaning in incomprehensible things and yet this just makes me wanna scream, drop mescaline and go read “The Doors of Perception” again. I am so glad that this is the end of the madness.

    However, this has been a brilliant series of very funny reviews… so I suppose something positive came out of the Warrior’s idiocy.

    On a side note: ephedrine can actually act as a stimulant, and if you take enough if it, it acts like low grade speed. Why the fuck you’d want to distribute that to an entire population is beyond me. 

    • RobinAdams78

      So.. it means… he looks at things, and then thinks about them?

  • Anonymous

    This review was just packed with awesome; black lantern spoony, grey lanterns and so on.

    The Iron Sheik impression made me laugh until I cried, not only because it was so well done, but because the timing was perfect.
    Spoony really makes my day here, just like always.

  • Anonymous


  • Michael Wells

    Are you saying… TNA impact fixed the multiverse?

    • TheMMOFifty

      more like the fact that they would have had to watch it broke their apathy, the only thing which can provoke negative reaction out of apathy is impact.

  • George Rosenbaum

    I always laugh when I hear Black Lantern 90’s Kid.


  • lemartes_7000


  • SalomonAugust

    Linkara should workout a bit i believe

  • solidsamurai

    The guy who wrote the warrior was totally manic at the time.  o.0

    • André Norell

      Quite certain it was the Warrior who wrote the comics, so “totally manic” is kind of redundant ;)

  • KevinSutton

    That Iron Sheik impersonation still kills me.

    • Timothy Andrew Edgren

      I know god and so accurate…I miss Iron Shiek…..does he have any children or grandchildren that could enter wwe? XD

  • Donoven Simpson-Elie

    after the tearing of the truck, as thw warrior was driving away…. his car seemed to have regenerated it’s doors….. -.-

  • Paul Joseph

    spooney please do a video of you just impersonating wrestlers….that’s what i need to see 

  • NeroAngelo

    That’s it. If no one else will say it, I will. I want to see photo-model-Spoony as a recurring character

  • NeroAngelo

    huh, so green-ranger-linkara died because a coat hanger’s a better weapon than the dragon dagger

  • The elephant in the room.

    After hearing about what happen to Warrior I wonder if these will get alter or leave as is.

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