Brad Tries Japanese Kit Kats

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Did a lot of work on the script for the snob movie last weekend, so I took a few days off from writing. In the meantime though, Jillian joins me in trying out some different varieties of Japanese Kit Kat flavors, which include Cheese, Wasabi, and more.

Plus as a bonus, we’ve included the alternate takes to Spoony and Linkara Try Cherry Coke.

  • Anonymous

    PINKIE PIE SHIRT :D :D :D Makes me happy 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    … I was gonna try and preempt any brony comments.

    Looks like I failed.

    • Mikko Laurinen

      You cannot defeat the Herd. Resistance is futile. Give in to our pony overlords. :P

  • Aengus Matthews

    ENGLAND doesn’t even have the English Tea ones.
    The American accents are funny. ‘Plad’ instead of ‘Plaid’.

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Oh god, the third take where you take a big swig and it explodes everywhere had me in tears.

  • Anonymous

    pinkie pie t-shirt. first thing i noticed and by the time i snapped out of it the video was over

  • Patrick Kiontke

    Wait, you don’t have Cherry Coke in the US? Here in Germany it’s around since 1985. o_O

    • Daniel Gilfillan

      (pssst yes we have cherry coke, it’s a joke pssst)

  • Daniel vigil

    Oh, dat Brad.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, women. Eating few pieces of chocolate won’t kill our diet. Unless if you pick the bad habbit and go back to it next day…
    Anyways, these taste videos are actually pretty interesting to follow. Cheese tasting kit kat… Makes me grin.

  • harry de bie

    brad helping out how sweet ^^

  • Matthew Raizoku

    While watching this I popped out my strawberry cake kitkats from japan out and had some =D

  • tkklassen

    That a Pinkie Pie shirt? cool

    • Anonymous

      I can totally see Pinkie Pie doing a show like this. Problem is, she’d probably like everything she tried.

  • Necro

    I really love watching you suffer Spoony.

    Why did that Cherry Coke tasted so bad?  I thought that was part of different takes on the same drink.

  • Anonymous

    The flavor at 5:15 is “Daigaku Imo” which is sweet potato. Here is more info:

  • Anonymous

    We have cherry coke in Finland. I don’t really like it.

  • Anonymous

    The kit kat at 8:41 is Yaki Imo, which is grilled sweet potato. Here’s more info:

  • Anonymous

    At 10:15 the flavor is caramel pudding. 

  • kaleb phillpott

    @spoony you mofo in england we get coke cherry vanilla black and orange its no shocker +_+

    • Patrick Wells

      It’s a joke. Cherry Coke is very common in the USA, haha.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s even available at most soda fountains.  Like, year-round, all the time.

  • Anonymous

    At 13:32, the flavor is “zunda”, which is mashed green soy beans. The top black lettering says, “Let’s support Touhoku”, which is the area that got hit with the earthquake and tsunami. More info here:

  • Mike Wallace

    I love Cherry Coke. The only bring it out for limited time offers where I love though, which sucks. I’d drink the stuff more than Dr. Pepper, and I drink a lot of Doc.

    Meantime, I continue my long standing “WTF” in the direction of Japan. Yes, our foods probably seem odd to them, yes we’re probably too chickenshit to do anything more than make gravy-flavored Doritos, but seriously, WTF?

  • shirustar

    We used to have Cherry Coke over here in Quebec, but if I want to buy some now, I have to order it from Ebay and it costs like 50$, shipping included. :/

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hilarious overacting on the cherry coke
    is it really that unbelievable? we got cherry and vanilla coke over here in Germany, too

    • Michael Robertson

      We used to have those here in NZ too, but they didn’t last. Personally, I liked the Vanilla.

  • Anonymous

    Great parody Spoony! “It tastes like… cherry! You wouldn’t expect that!” :D

  • Teemu Pennala

    We do have cherry cola also in Europe, because Europe is fucked up.

  • Kurt

    What’s with the plastic cups? …. And the difficulty opening some foil wrappers…?

  • Gillian Stoodley

    FYI, Japan really DOES love their kitkats, and there are indeed many weird flavors. However, they’re also very limited edition. So if you walk into a Japanese store you’re probably only going to see three or four flavors, including the regular one. They’re also very strict in adherence to the limited edition thing, not like in America where a “limited edition” is often actually a market test run. Even if you and everyone else adores a flavor it’s unlikely to ever last more than a month or so. Kind of tragic. Soy flour was amazing.

  • Fergus macpherson

    Cherry coke is one of the three kinds of coke you can get here in Scotland, it is pretty meh, oddly we only have one kind of Dr Pepper. 

  • Anonymous

    A Cat and a Pinkie Pie Shirt? Marry me!

  • Ben Brickley

    they have cherry coke in england and coffee kit kats

  • V Tesla

    lol bottoms up and it exploding on you 

  • Danny

    wait that a joke rite the best type of coke is cherry every time i buy coke its cherry coke and i live in philly

  • Tori Maier

    Apparently a lot of your viewers don’t get your tongue-in-cheek, facetious humor.

  • George Rosenbaum

    Maybe the ‘tirimasu’ Kik Kat is really cheesecake flavored? I don’t know.

    • Martijn de Bruijne

      Tiramisu is made with a sweet-ish cream cheese called mascarpone, cookies, liquor and some other things, so there might be a hint of cheesecake in there.

  • William Staples

    Oh man, the third Cherry Coke take had me gasping for air.

  • Tipperoo

    I can just barely hear the camera guy chuckling in the background near the end of the third take,when Spoony’s pitching forward in disgust. 

  • Tom Williams

    I take it Spoony and Linkara’s bit was a spoof of Brad Tries.  Those two, they are like the Bevis and Butthead of TGWTG.  Well, educated Bevis and Buttheads anyway.

  • Patrick Wells

    Jillian is HOT.

  • Patrick Wells

    OK, everyone. The Cherry Coke thing IS A JOKE! Cherry Coke is very common in the US, and Spoony and Linkara are being facetious.

    And you foreigners call us Americans ignorant…

  • Anonymous

    The Spoony/Linkara thing had me rolling. I think that proves I’ve been watching TGWTG and Spoony way too fucking long. Even in-joke parodies freaking have me laughing.

  • Nathan Ellis

    What about a “Spoony and Oreo try ‘IAMS Tartar dog treats’ ” ?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Need to work on your grip strength Brad, so you can open packages without using your teeth.

  • Ward

    A Japanese friend of mine told me that one reason the Japanese love Kit-Kat is that it kind of sounds like “kitto katsu” which means something along the lines of “to certainly win”. You can have some before things like exams for good luck. 

  • Anonymous

    I miss Vanilla Coke, I love Cherry coke.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, my wrestling-fan side showed while watching this.  “Man, Spoony’s really over-selling that Coke-choke!”

    He jobbed to soda as if he were on the first season of NXT…excuse me, I need to go drink the stuff under the sink now as punishment for bringing that up.  I’m sure it’ll still taste better than wasabi though (I’m with Jillian on that one; Wasabi is the devil’s snotballs.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m so confused if Spoony and Linkara are serious or joking around lol. Fairly sure all of that is all over the US. At least up in the North East.

    • Mitchell Bandes

      They’re joking.

  • flask_iridium_aura

     I was gonna click away, then I saw dat Pinkie Pie shirt. Wow, that is awesome ^~^!

  • Matthew Green

    That wasn’t wasabi. Its zunda mochi.

  • Anonymous

    Wait what, seriously? You gs over in the US don’t have cherry coke? o.o

    I drink it here over in Germany a lot. Could be worse. Theres Vanilla Coke. :I

    • Mitchell Bandes

      We do so have Cherry Coke.

      I think that was a parody video or something.

  • André Romsi

    Pink pony is best pony, wooo!

  • Anonymous

    Good looking female with ‘Pinkie with a cupcake oh her head’-t-shirt + kitty + Brad = Awesome

  • Anonymous

    “Hey!  You got chocolate in my wasabi!”  
    “You got wasabi in my chocolate!”
    Three hours later both people are being admitted to hospital floors after having their stomachs pumped. 

  • cass

    I have Green Tea Kit Kats, from Tokyo. My sister got them for me, cause she loves me~ Ill send some to you Noah, if you want. I guess, haha that sounded weird.

  • IHeart28

    LOL. The more you drank the coke cherry the more you disliked it… I honestly expected for you to do so. I was choking on laughter at the alternate takes. It kinda is ironic since I love cherry coke though :)

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