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Watch Doug, Phelous, Benzaie and Spoony make complete fools of themselves playing one of the most fun dance games ive ever allowed myself to play! *Warning* Hilarious White Guy Movements!

(Courtesy: The Angry Joe Show)

  • jewbagel

    There's just no way to look dignified playing that game. Thanks for the laughs guys lol!

  • imagoth2004

    Where was this at? It looks like the arcade has a decent amount of japanese music games. Hopefully some Beatmania too.

  • Foxhack

    Spoony, you totally play like I do.

    … Except for the fapping part.

  • FaustSnake

    Do The Spank!

  • Chris Hominski

    I just wanted to say that I cannot thank you guys enough for all of these awesome crossovers!

  • Brenden Lyons

    Epic solo Spoony.

  • Anonymous

    Is that all in the hotel? That’s a hell of a casino/arcade/whatever it is they’ve got.

    And I’ve never heard of that game before, but now I want to find one, somewhere.

  • Chris Boudreau

    you all sound high as fuck, its hilarious!

    • Anonymous

      I personally can’t get over how serious everyone looks. Dance Maniax iz seruz bizniz!

  • Anonymous


    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Since he does all his reviews sitting down, it suddenly occurs to me that Phelous must be pretty tall. Why does this notion strike me while I watch some of my favorite internet types play a rhythm game? It are a mystery.

  • Anonymous

    Granted, he does all his reviews sitting down, but it suddenly occurs to me Phelous must be on the tall side.

  • Booloo

    As always Spoony steals the show with his hillarious behaviour.

  • godzillaexpert




  • yukovalis

    lol what do you guys clear out the place so you can have your fun? :) I would so be there challenging someone to air hockey.

  • Martin Kovařík

    Spank it!

    Ps: Is it wrong that I thought about Scarlett when Spoony started spanking?

  • dgcakes

    That actually looks like a dance game I could possibly play

  • Steelia

    That was some “spanking” music.

    Also, Cinema Snob cameo for great justice.

  • Krista McLaughlin

    wow, i’ve never seen a dance game like that before! then again, the local arcade, as much as i love it, is really dinky. you guys are so lucky!

    synchronized love! a version of that song is on my ddr game~

    i’ve been trying to go through all your videos lately, and my but you dance often. your terribly white moves always put a smile on my face. c:

  • MissAshley

    Spoony that was. . .was. . .wow. . .

    Looked a lot less like “spankin’ it” and more like you were having a shadow slap fight. XD

  • Christopher Lash

    And here I was gonna crack a joke, there was no Tekken to be found, so Spoony played none but, that wasn’t the case.

    And, oh that AngryJoe and his snark commentary… if only some of it were true…nah, I still enjoy some of the content provided by everybody shown.

  • Anonymous

    This sure beats the hell out of the Holiday Inn’s “arcade”

    • Anonymous

      Meh, we don’t even have arcades. I’ll take a crappy one over none any day.

      • fireball3477

        Same here. Even worse, in my country the places who should be arcades are hangouts for lowlife scum and only have like one-armed bandits, bellfruits, etc.

  • StealthKnight

    Look out it's the spoony monster! His slap attack will deal massive damage to you.

  • Dasyati

    I see a new segment in the making: “Spanking With Spoony”

  • The_Stig

    Dude, air hockey! You guys can have your baby toys with their flashing lights, bad techno music and five bucks for a single game, AIR HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sorry, got carried away. Imagine if the arcade machine WERE Doug.

    “Hellooo, I'm the arcade machine, I steal your money so YOU don't have to.”

  • The_Stig

    Dance Spoony Dance!
    Jump Spoony Jump!
    Put that Spoony Spell on me
    Spank that Spoony, make him free!

    You remind me of the Spoony (what spoony?)
    The Spoony with the power. (what power?)
    The power of SCIENCE! (who do?)
    You do. (do what?)
    Remind me of the Spoony.

  • Jeremie Caisse

    Looks a like DDR without having to exhaust the player to complete songs. Looks pretty neat, I wish I could find a place where I live to play that, although I prefer DDR and I'm pretty fond of drum… drummania I think? I am probably wrong.

    Oh, and the characters on the side of the screen (black, like shadows), if anyone knows, is Erika one of the shown girls?… or perhaps thats beatmania.

    Now my head hurts.

  • Echo_Hotel

    Weird Science?
    You really can't help yourself can you?

  • Michael Borean

    Dude. I love this so much. Then again I'm a total whore for DDR, turning it into this, plus its japanese… God I wish I had this. Win x1000.

  • eric_from_sweden

    what badass arcades you got over there :P i Sweden you can hardly get your hands or feet on a DDR.

  • rosenrot234

    think ill call spoonys dancing the Fan Wankery Spank, or fan wank spank. that game does look oddly fun. especially when benzaie was doing his dance moves to it


    “Put him a body bag”

  • Francisco_Super_Deluxe

    And so the world fell to ruin as the “Spankin' with Spoony” dance craze spread across the globe like wildfire. Economies crashed, oceans boiled, and the lamentations of the women could be heard for miles as this new dance craze corrupted the very souls of human life.

    …Or maybe it was just a hilarious spectacle…oh well.

  • aguyfromspain

    WTF what kind of game machine is THAT? Never seen it in my life! Goddamnit there's no more common sense in America (well, that's cool). I mean what the f are u supposed to do in that? meh, whathever…

  • Christopher Lash

    Funny thing, I tend to get hurt playing Air Hockey with my wife… can anybody say competitive?

  • qwrtyp

    Benzaie can make everything look good. Even silly arcade games.


    YEAH SMACK DAT ASS!….i mean uhh…..that looks fun :D

  • r8654

    Is that the Atlantis Casino at Reno? If so, i used to play DDR all the time on the machine right behind them.

  • The_Stig

    Try not shoulder checking each other into the Rock Band cabinet next time.

  • Mitchell McIntyre

    I love the almost constant look of culture shock on the face of @Benzaie_tgwtg

  • Nocholos Drow Homlor

    Holy crap that's my home arcade! That's pretty surreal to see.

  • [MN] knux

    I want Benzias Shirt

  • Vodnik

    You look like the proto-meme “dancing baby”

  • Emran Qadir Ismail

    I love the music from the machine. it reminds of initial D music. Does anyone know the name of it

    I love benzia's shirt and Spooney was hilarious.

  • yodawgihearyoulike


    The songs in order I heard: God of Romance, Hot Limit, Twinbee -Generation X-, Do Me (mondo disco), don't remember and Synchronized Love.

    You can actually find the Dance Maniax soundtracks on playasia or ebay pretty easily since it's been out for quite some time. The game looks silly, but is a ton of fun (much like all Japanese music games)

  • Akane_pl

    Nice :D I love all the crew (and also DMX – I would like to play with all of you guys!

  • Wolfman Robinson

    I always wondered why angry Joe ends his videos by yelling go and pointing his finger at his crotch

  • Roseann Orthober

    God of Romance?! Oh damn, nostalgia blast! I miss Bemani games, it's great to see them again. :)

    Spoony's “spankin'” had me in stiches.

  • Roseann Orthober

    God of Romance?! Oh damn, nostalgia blast! I miss Bemani games, it’s great to see them again. :)

    Spoony’s “spankin'” had me in stiches.

  • Anonymous

    grind it up lads

  • Anonymous

    grind it up lads

  • Vince Thomas

    0:58 Linkara?

  • Vince Thomas

    0:58 Linkara?

  • Vince Thomas

    0:58 Linkara?

  • Vince Thomas

    0:58 Linkara?

  • xuchilbara

    Ho shit, I think I could actually play this, unlike DDR.  Lovely!

  • Leet Shark

    Words that come to mind include “hypnotic” and “adorable”. X3

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Wow no comment on the captions. Exactly how much energy did you burn through while spanking this system “All night long”?

  • Emma

    This reminds me of DDRing. Or rather my version of it, which was basically by cheating and plugging in a PS controller instead. It was the only way I was ever good at it.

    The song at the beginning is catchy as all frigging hell though…

  • Sajeh

    This comes as close to dancing, as china men doing karaoke….. ah my upbringing were good: When I see an arcade hall like the one you are in, I see it as: “What kind of idiots use these machines?”

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