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Part 6: All the Really Bad Shit Happens

  • Anonymous

    *begins a cliche’d 80’s movie slow clap* I could never do what you guys do. First, I’m terminally shy and second I don’t have the equipment. Cameras and video editing software, I mean.

    • Christopher Lash

      I know the feeling… if you’re interested in vlogging. You’re gonna spend days in front of the camera babbling. I’m still working through it. And I’ve been hinting to a wing commander let’s play for that time too… dammit. Thankfully, my wife has a copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended and I came across this nifty cheap editor TrackAxPc. Just thought it might be of interest.

      • Anonymous

        Good luck, and here’s hoping your reviewing skills are better than your commenting skills!

        …I kid, I kid. Here’s hoping you don’t end up like Alexander4488 or The Angry Movie Dork (which is quite easy, just don’t plagiarize jokes and the like).

        OT: I like the anti-climax ending, but only because I’m weird that way. Then again, I really liked the Santa Christ death scene and non-revival at first as well in remembrance of NC’s hatred of “Pokemon tears” asspulls and some such.

  • Christopher Lash

    I’m suprised it was fairly good. Even may have made up for some of the crap that bugged me in the first few. And even Rolfe didn’t annoy me infinitely as he usually does… weird.

    Three cheers for Spoony! Hip Hip Hurah! Hip Hip Hurah! Hip Hip Hurah!

    • Christopher Lash

      Incidentally, I’d like to help in the promotion of all things Insano!? Is there a sign up sheet or means of which to obtain permission to produce occasional promotional media from Mr. Maspoonama?

  • André Romsi

    Fantastic series this one! Always had something to look forward to every day this week. Now I’m looking forward to the bloopers, commentary and collaborations.

    This is also worth reading:

  • Anonymous

    Cinema Snob: Hey, Ain’t you Doctor Insano?
    Spoony: I got better.

  • TheGreatCommenter

    Thanks for giving us this awesome movie, Channel Awesome! I loved it! :-)

  • Anonymous

    So hey, I was wondering, the ‘history carpet’ thing at the end, it looked -really- awesome and I wondered if there’s a way to buy it?

  • Madpotator

    Great conclusion! I loved the part where I was wondering why Spoony was back to himself and then Cinema Snob asked the question. :D

  • Steven Caulfield

    It was a fun series to watch. Overall I liked it, even if there were some aspects I thought could be improved…saying that, I have very little experience in this kinda thing so I’m just gonna nod my head and applaud XD

  • Ceherz

    i liked it a lot too. the only “problem” is, that there are simply too many characters and they're roles are all equally big. (more or less). on the other hand i think that's the way it should be and doug did a great job in writing a script that included everybody of tgwtg

  • Akuosa

    I think all the build up and drama over becoming Dr. Insano, and then just casually hand-waving it at the end makes it even more funny.

    I really enjoyed this series, impressive special indeed.

  • devilfish

    Aw, it's over. I'm a little sad. I still loved the third episode best, but I've enjoyed all of it so much. Thank you!

    And the artwork on the end credits is amazing. I want that as a poster!

  • Cynik

    It wasn't great but it wasn't bad. The bad acting of some cast members over-shadowed the great performances of some of the other cast. However I still to this day feel NC is a terrible actor but a better writer. I really, really hate that smile he does every time he says something.

    I thought the AVGN cameo was akward and too long after a while. If you were going to use him, I would have given him a larger speaking role though I guess the fear there was that he would have stolen the show.

    Dr.Insano, Angry Joe, Linkara and Cinema Snob were awesome. Faelace, or Fallace whatever his name is was quite good aswell. Though in general I felt the giving of opportunity for everyone to be in the movie watered down the quality of how awesome it could be.

    I thought the Molassion President was actually really good better than the other performances done by people who should by now be used to being on camera.

    There weren't many laughs for me in the earlier episodes though it did pick up to 2-3 laughs an episode after the 1st and 2nd.

    Also the oldschool slapstick humour I didn't find that funny, I found it quite embarrassing actually as it dragged on for ages. I think if you were going to go for slapstick humour you should have used something a bit more modern like the stuff from the young ones or bottom though I guess that potentially could be quite expensive. Though just a bit more violence in the slapstick (not just the three stooges sound effects – Angry Joe would have been perfect for that).

    Overall in my view it was alright, it could have been far better but for the point of including everyone it just turned out ok in my opinion.

  • escushion

    Well, I'm not one of the downers–my fiancee and I LOVED it. Spoony most of all; I've been watching Critic for longer, but I think Spoony is the funniest of everyone involved, and Dr. Insano really saved the only episode I wasn't too fond of (5). But overall, Kickassia was a lot of fun, and it was nice seeing the others get their bits while Spoony, Critic, Chick, Linkara, led on.

    If there's a DVD, I'll buy it.

  • Salenstormwing

    Okay, after seeing the outtake at the very end, I want to see MORE outtakes, because that was hilarious. And I'm sure there must be enough outtakes to fill up a whole video of wall to wall hilarity.

    Or if not that, maybe a commentary from Spoony on one of the videos. Or just a v-log even. I'd love to hear his thoughts on Kickassia and his rolls in it.

  • escushion

    Agreed. I want all those things.

  • BlueHighwind

    Somehow I thought that since Nostalgia Chick wasn’t really doing anything the entire movie that she would ultimately take-over. She deserves it for being forced to do a Sarah Palin impression.

    And why didn’t the bomb blow up? The only way this thing could have ended is in a fiery inferno of mass destruction and all of Channel Awesome dying in a horrible medieval ordeal.

  • Sai

    Short ending but overall the series was epic, and all the crossovers that came from it were great.


  • Ceherz

    i think NC is (by far) one of the better actors. yea his smile and over-the-top acting can get annoying but i think the intention of the whole movie is to be hammy and over the top.

    considering the time doug had for writing a script (he contacted the guy from molossia at the end of 2009), shooting it (3 days) and editing everything (1 month) i think this turned out really good. but i actually can see some of your complaints…

  • Josh Turtle Paddock

    just watched all 6 episodes… wow. hope there is some behind the scenes stuff posted.
    Dr. Insano is my evil hero.

  • FelCallerClayton

    Very impressive. I enjoyed it very much.

    Just needed more Insano, Film Brain, and 3D Lee ;)

  • Lucas Allen

    In total, #kickassia was 92 minutes of AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Nsane

    Overall, pretty good, I just wish there was more Insaneo.

  • Dimitrios Papadimitriou

    Meh, well I thought part 1 was pretty good. But I probably got more laughs out of the first 5 minutes of the highlander II review than I did out of the rest of kickassia. Kind of anticlimactic, especially with how they were building up to insano for 4 episodes only to have it be a fist fight. I think it would of been a little better if insano won, then maybe the critic saw the err of his ways and then they team up to take him down.

  • Dimitrios Papadimitriou

    I agree with just about all of that. NC is a funny guy, he makes me laugh almost as much as spoony. But I just wasn't feeling it with this.. project? movie? I don't really know what he was going for. If he was going for laughs, well they were there but you'd get more out of one of his 10 minute movie reviews. It didn't seem like a step forward over the brawl in terms of scope. It sure wasn't meant to be an interesting story, or contain any genuine twists or artistry. It just seemed like all it was just a bunch of cameos which I don't find particular entertaining myself. I mean if he really wanted to make a movie then maybe don't have so many non-actors. Maybe film someplace other than a dudes house and a hotel. The cost of getting everyone there and putting them all up must have been significant and it could have gone to making the production look a little more professional. I guess in the end it was an anniversary video, and I probably shouldn't read anymore into it. But it could have been a lot better.

  • Ceherz

    yep, it was an anniversary video bringing all the staff from tgwtg together. this probably explains the “non-actors”. the main idea probably was to bring all the people together, therefore investing the money in production values would have been not the point of the whole project… though i actually agree with most of your complaints. but still, i think all in all it was really fun watching it.

  • DangNabbit

    That was pretty awesome, did anyone else find that Cinema Snob was out of this world amazing?

  • Poipoi

    I loved the role Spoony played in this. Esp part 5, where you see him change into his Dr Insano personality. It was like a Nerd Hulk.

  • dragonfly82

    Loved the episodes,
    you guys did a great job this year.
    Now waiting for behind the scenes and commentary….

    Too bad Insano had to job to the Critic,
    but at least it was an awesome battle…..

  • Daniel Beyer


  • jewbagel

    On the forum he said a vlog and commentary were coming after the series was finished up, so hopefully it'll be posted in a couple days.

  • Ithilgore

    I really hope you have the same vlog stuff for this as you did for the Brawl last year, behind the scenes stuff for these crossovers are often just as enjoyable as the videos themselves.

    Great job with the event overall, the Brawl last year was fun, but this was a massive leap ahead of it it on every level.

  • The_Stig

    My favorite part of these crossover events is the tag team reviews.

  • Dylan Stalnaker

    The entire series was good for the most part but there were some weak spots. The Dr. Insano stuff defidently had to much build up for what we actually got. And i felt the end was kind of weak. It made the Critic out to be just a huge doucebag. I would have prefered the idea of the Critic having a change of heart and wanting to return to his old ways. It would have made the scene with Ma-Ti actually have some kind of a point. Yes, i know i'm treating this like it was an actual movie, bit that's how i treated it like a movie, or at least a mini series with an actual plot. But as i said for the most part it was really well done. I just felt it kind of faltered at the end.

  • ankichan

    This entire event was great ^.^ Even if it was a lot of characters to work with I think that at least the ones I know from before got a great deal of inside jokes off.
    I loved the build up to Insano, and it was really fun when it all took off.
    There was of course a few flaws, but since the Critic knows most of the things not to do, I take it as a parody of the bad from other movies and games.
    I'll look forward for the extra stuff, and also it will be fun to see what they do next year ^.^

  • Diego S. Quevedo

    Well,that was…Crap.
    Bah,I’ve spent to much time bitching about this event,but to sum up all my thoughts about this…Meh. It was boring,there were plenty of glaring flaws,and apparently no one knew anything about the Film Brain,so bah humbug,I wish you people would put more thought into these things than just drooling when you see all the whole team in one wide angle shot.

  • Louis-Philippe Langis

    Thank god that’s over.

  • KevinSutton

    Pretty great to see everybody get together and create something like this. It didn't really have a great uh… arc I guess, possibly because of the large cast, the limits of the production on things like action and such, (It is amateur video after all) and I'm not a huge fan of Santa Christ. But it had some really funny moments. I really liked the addition of the artwork in the credits. Looked kind of like the Bayeux tapestry.

  • Cynik

    So instead of bothering to counter-argue my points, it just simply got removed. I thought to myself when I wrote that post would Spoony come down on me hard for criticising some of his friends performance in that project or would he allow honest and constructive commentary on the matter.

    Apparently not, It's better just to remove the counter-argument.

    I was actually going to add later on (though I had exams) that if it was just a project to involve all the people on Team/Project Awesome then it worked out fine. Though if it was your attempt to make a movie of good comedic quality then I think you didn't hit the potential you had with the cast available.

    I'm not trying to be malicious and I'm quite stunned the post got removed though regardless the people who watch the SE on a regular basis like myself have probably already read it.

  • daremusik

    Yeah well ol Spoony removed one of my posts too.

    I did put the words jew and spoon together. But I didnt know you had exams. Exams are important parts of interesting reasons why we don't do things on the internet. Plus its really interesting. I didn't have exams. But you had exams, I could have had exams but didn't have exams so but you had exams so that's something worth examining..

  • Cynik

    Well sharing is caring :)

  • Sergeant_Shrapnel

    I don't understand why everyone is complaining. I thought it was a fantastic video. Sure, it had some issues, but it was great nonetheless. It's not like you paid money for it!

  • Sam Price

    I'm going to eat humble pie here. The first video did little to wow me, but as the project expanded over six episodes (I thought they said 7) I really started to get the jokes and giggles. I made a big mistake by assuming this was an ego trip for Doug but looking back now, its clearly a hard-work thank you to all us fans. I guess my big error was thinking the Nostalgia Critic is Doug, when in reality its just another of his characters.

    Well done to you all, and a big thank you. My favourite parts were the ladder on the fence, Cinema Snob's cool slick composure, Santa Christ, anything Benzaie says, Film Brain's emotional break down, JEW WARIO who was f–king hillarious, SPIDERSSSSSSS, and Nostalgia Chick as Sarah Palin and the poison gag. Best of all though was Pheleous for his last brilliant idea to the critic about getting his ass whooped.

    I went into this expecting to hate it, because I felt the cameo-thing is being done to death, but the whole Channel Awesome team proved me wrong. Thanks guys. Might try and throw a donation your way this month.

  • Matthew S

    Awesome! Its so much fun watching you guys get together. Everybody was great, It looked like you were all having fun.
    Thank you So much for all the Laughs over the past year. Thank you. : )

  • JfkAok

    Next time, come up with a collaboration effort that brings all your talents together. Your talents aren't acting or screenwriting. I'm sure you guys had fun doing this video, and that's a good thing, but as a viewer, I was disappointed. The amount of effort and money it probably took to make this 6 part epic could have been used better and wiser.

    Or, as a compromise, do something shorter but tighter. This thing was LOONG and didn't need to be. It's quite possible you guys stretched your talents thin. It's also possible that your crew has gotten too large and implementing all those cameos could be the source of the problem.

  • Jack Kelley

    Kickassia was definitely entertaining, but I think cutting the crew in half (at least) would have done wonders. When there are this many people you can't showcase each and every person and their inside jokes and their comedy styles. At the very least have each episode focus on two or three people rather than having dozens of cameos. I mean there's nothing wrong with wanting involve this many people but when it's this short and you try to give every person large parts in every video you don't do them justice.

  • Eener101

    It was fun. But you know, instead of coming up with an excuse like a “crummy” movie plot where everyone acts like a crazy guy, I would have found it just as awesome seeing them all together just as they are normally. Interacting in their normal selves in the way that we know and love em. The crossovers are in a way more entertaining then the Kickassia video. For the most part, they were themselves and they were hanging out together having fun, exchanging ideas and views and riling eachother up. I appreciate all the effort Doug put into it, but just saying..

  • Ceherz

    of course Kickassia wasn't perfect. but your idea of putting them all together in a vid just being “normal” doesn't sound that appealing to me. what exactly should they do then? sitting around and…? i think you really need a highly scritped plot if you want to put 10+ people into one clip and keep it kinda entertaining. and i think doug succeeded in this aspect pretty well… concerning the time of shooting they had, etc etc

  • Arthur Slightom

    “I feel like a puppy that got raped by a bulldozer.” Best line ever!

  • Arthur Slightom

    “I feel like a puppy that got raped by a bulldozer.” Best line ever!

  • Anonymous

    *researches* Wait. Molossia is REAL?! I thought that was some shit the Critic made up, and they just filmed some of it while borrowing some dude’s house

  • Anonymous

    *researches* Wait. Molossia is REAL?! I thought that was some shit the Critic made up, and they just filmed some of it while borrowing some dude’s house

  • Mike Wallace

    The Greatest Tale Ever Told… by a bunch of vaguely famous internet celebrities.

    But it’s still better than what they did to that poor Justin Bieber kid. Beeber? Beaver? It sounds like a parent name for the genitals.

    Anyways, Kickassia kicks ass! LONG LIVE INSANO! I was really hoping he’d win in the end. I really would have liked a nice ice cream parlor when we’re all working in the Science mines…

  • Jesse Garza

    I hope theres a third movie in the make. I’m assuming this was the first one. The 3rd one needs to have more spoony in it, and more angry joe! Oh and whats the deal with the Giant? I want to know more about him, and that french guy… Hes pretty cool to, he needs more story, he played a cool barbarian in the second flick. Also it better have more nostalgia chick in it! Can she be my girlfriend? Please? LoL! :3 …Lets recap shall we?

    1st movie, Kickassia: 

    >The Main plot: Everyone gets together to wage a war to take over a small piece of land, then everyone fights with each other, then everyone goes home.
    >The Sub plot: Spoony is pressured to become Dr. Insano, and eventually gives into the madness and has an epic battle with NC, and almost wins… HE SHOULD OF WON! (god I love spoony!) :D
    >The protagonist: That weird blonde haired guy with the the big smile, who also played as harry potter in the second movie. Not sure what his name is… 

    2nd movie, Suburban Knights:

    >The Main plot: A dark wizard loses his ancient gauntlet that was powered by a magical stone. Some one finds it and takes the magical stone off of the gauntlet and puts it on a Nintendo powerglove and sells it on craigslist… KIND OF! NC buys a map that leads to the powerglove so he calls all of his friends and employees to help him find the glove he payed good money for on craigs list…
    >The Sub plot: The dark wizard finds the guy who hid his glove and sold the map to where it is on craigs list, and traps that guy inside of a book. The dark wizard found out who bought the map and starts to follow NC and his large groups of friends who are also cosplaying/roleplaying as they look for the glove that NC bought off of craigslist. They find the glove, the dark wizard shows up, everyone fights, the end. Kind of…
    >The SUB PLOT OF THE SUB PLOT: Theres a third side to this story: One of NC’s friends find out about the glove NC bought and decides to get two of his friends to dress up in dark robes and find the mystical craigs list glove before NC does. They do NOT work for the dark wizard. It is revealed that the leader of the dark robes is one of NC’s friends/employees at the end of the movie.
    >The protagonist: James the angry motherfucking video game nerd shows up as a ball of light known only as the voice to point everyone in the right direction and get the movie going again!

    3rd movie, ????: I hope you guys do get together and make a third movie! I hope you give Spoony a much bigger role this time!!! And you can not make it with out Angry Joe who is possibly your best actor! Go for it guys… Its time…!

  • IHeart28

    I may have said this before but I absolutely love kickassia! Every part to me is so much to watch and the characters here are just super fun!

    Long live kickassia! *Kickassian salute*

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