To Boldly Flee, Part 1

The Spoony One | Aug 23 2012 | 203 notations | 

The most epic saga IN THE HISTORY OF FICTION begins!

“The Cinema Snob Movie” Teaser Trailer

The Spoony One | Jun 28 2012 | 189 notations | 

“House on the Edge of the Park” style teaser trailer for “The Cinema Snob Movie.” Coming to DVD this summer!

To Boldly Flee: The 4th Year Anniversary Teaser

The Spoony One | Jun 26 2012 | 549 notations | 

Please attempt to remain civil in these comments. Despite my recent departure from Channel Awesome, I’m still very proud to be a part of the TGWTG 4-year Anniversary movie. I really hope you enjoy it.

E3 2012: AJ & Spoony Exclusive – XCOM 2012 Interview

The Spoony One | Jun 9 2012 | 154 notations | 

Spoony & Angry Joe Interview XCOM: Enemy Unknown and talk with the Developers on how the game stay true to the original while offering something new for the next generation. Betrayal? Find Out!

Cinema Snob’s “DVR-Hell: Bibleman”

The Spoony One | May 21 2012 | 479 notations | 

Dr. Insano’s uncle, Dr. Decepto does battle with Bibleman in DVR-Hell! Can SCIENCE conquer the Kingdom of Heaven?

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