The Bruno Mattei Show, Ep 17: “Strike Commando”

The Spoony One | Mar 14 2012 | 118 notations | 

Filmed last June, special guest Noah Antwiler joins Brad Jones & the gang to talk about “Strike Commando” starring Reb Brown.

Anime Abandon: Diatron-5

The Spoony One | Jan 18 2012 | 214 notations | 

Let’s dive into the magic kingdom inside our own bodies! With marshmallow skies!

Diamanda Hagan – Apocalypse

The Spoony One | Jan 3 2012 | 703 notations | 

Diamanda Hagan’s latest review offers a shocking glimpse into yet another alternate Spoonyverse!

Nostalgia Critic MUSICAL Review: Moulin Rouge

The Spoony One | Nov 29 2011 | 274 notations | 

A film of this magnitude must be bitched about through song! (I’m in there! Really!)

Atop the Fourth Wall: WARRIOR #4

The Spoony One | Oct 16 2011 | 216 notations | 

The thrilling conclusion of the Warrior comic series culminates with Linkara, Spoony, and the other TGWTG hosts fighting the complete collapse of Hypertime under the weight of all the Destrucity!

The Human Spider II (Full Sequence)

The Spoony One | Oct 15 2011 | 52 notations | 

A man obsessed with “The Human Spider” hatches a plan to make his very own creation in the eagerly awaited sequel to the most vile fake trailer of all time!!

Anime Abandon: Mad Bull 34

The Spoony One | Aug 28 2011 | 87 notations | 

It’s one of the most jaw-droppingly outrageous anime to ever see the American shores. Prepare for sheer lunacy, people. (Spoony makes a cameo in Part 2)