The Human Spider: First Sequence

The Spoony One | Jun 22 2011 | 246 notations | 

A movie trailer for the most perverse, unspeakable horror film in movie history! (100% medically accurate)

Suburban Knights Full Trailer

The Spoony One | Jun 22 2011 | 121 notations | 

The Nostalgia Critic and Team head into their biggest adventure yet!

Coming Soon: Suburban Knights, TGWTG 3rd Anniversary

The Spoony One | Jun 11 2011 | 179 notations | 

The world’s finest critics become the greatest heroes of fantasy to embark on an epic quest for fortune and glory.

Guru Reviews: Wez and Larry Bitch About Brink

The Spoony One | Jun 1 2011 | 134 notations | 

Sometimes, the word “Angry” doesn’t convey the emotion. Wez and Larry take a look at Bethesda’s much hyped FPS, Brink. Then proceed to bitch about how bad it is.

Guru Larry – How to make Coca Cola BlaK

The Spoony One | Apr 29 2011 | 62 notations | 

Inspired by “Brad Tries”, Guru Larry has a stab at re-creating defunct or regional specific fast foods and drinks. For his first episode, Larry shows you the extremely simple recipe on how to make Coca Cola BlaK using basic ingredients everyone has in their kitchen cupboards!

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