Nostalgia Chick: Disaster Movies of Roland Emmerich

The Spoony One | Mar 22 2011 | 76 notations | 

While Dark Nella exacts her revenge on major cities and well-known landmarks of the United States, Lindsay takes a look back at the disaster movies of auteur, Roland Emmerich.

Ashens and Guru Larry Play Donkey Kong: The Board Game

The Spoony One | Feb 23 2011 | 51 notations | 

Doctor Ashens and Guru Larry are back playing another 1980′s children’s board game. This time it’s Donkey Kong. Though it’s less “play” and more rambling about random bollocks. It’s 1-0 to Ashens so far in the board game contest, but who will win this time?

Games Yanks Can’t Wank – Don’t Buy This

The Spoony One | Jan 6 2011 | 103 notations | 

British humor can be pretty twisted sometimes. Take the game in Guru Larry’s latest review, “Don’t Buy This”. A game that’s so utterly terrible, the publisher released it anyway for a laugh, THEN told people NOT to buy it and pirate the Hell out of it instead!

Nostalgia Critic: You’re A Rotten Dirty Bastard (Christmas)

The Spoony One | Dec 21 2010 | 157 notations | 

What would become of the world if the Nostalgia Critic vanished?

Anime Abandon: Garzey’s Wing

The Spoony One | Dec 20 2010 | 294 notations | 

Can Sage and Spoony survive Garzey’s Wing, often regarded as the worst anime of all time?

Deadliest Character – Megazord vs. Mechagodzilla

The Spoony One | Dec 5 2010 | 578 notations | 

The Power Rangers do battle with one of the most destructive monsters in cinematic history! It’s time at last to find out…WHO IS DEADLIEST?

Paws Top 9: Video Game Music Composers (Part 2)

The Spoony One | Nov 6 2010 | 78 notations | 

The rescue of the Creators is going well, but for how long? The top 3 composers and Goggles are still trapped! Will everyone escape with their lives? Will Dark Paw finally be defeated? What IS with that book anyway? Find out in the final FINAL episode of Paw’s Top 9!

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