Spooning With Spoony (Commentary)

The Spoony One | May 26 2009 | 376 notations | 

I think I owe it to the fans to explain what in the hell everyone was smoking when we created the notorious “Spooning With Spoony” sketch, along with how I managed to rope two otherwise well-adjusted young ladies into becoming my willing sex vixens!

Epic Fail #17: Crossover Win

The Spoony One | May 26 2009 | 172 notations | 

The Warrior faces an unexpected challenge when Yokozuna starts talking sass about wrestling! Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel! We’re going to China!

Atop the Fourth Wall: WARRIOR #1

The Spoony One | May 21 2009 | 678 notations | 

Linkara’s Audio Commentary It’s a Crisis of Infinite Insanos! Hypertime is collapsing, and only the allied Linkaras of the multiverse can battle the Anti-Comic that is WARRIOR! SKRONK!

Spooning With Spoony

The Spoony One | May 18 2009 | 961 notations | 

Guys…I just… I don’t even know how to start with this. This… Well, this is the most wrongity-wrong goddamn thing I think I’ve ever done. Look, I took the ladies out for a drink or two, we got to talking, and uh…things got weird. In the parlance of Ric Flair, they took a ride on…file continues…

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage Review

The Spoony One | May 15 2009 | 258 notations | 

When Linkara learns that Spoony is going to review a comic book, he decides he has to create his very own COMPLETELY ORIGINAL video game show! NOTE: Special thanks to Pike for the logo!

Epic Brawl

The Spoony One | May 10 2009 | 926 notations | 

Now the truth can be known of the physical altercation that sidelined me for two weeks. It was a mighty battle that lasted for many days, and when the smoke cleared only a few retained their dignity. Who emerged victorious? Find out! Watch the video!

Atop the Fourth Wall Reviews Neutro – Featuring Dr. Insano

The Spoony One | Feb 25 2009 | 59 notations | 

He doesn’t have a brain! He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong! Not Neutro, mind you, whoever thought this comic was a good idea. (Created by Lewis Lovhaug, featured on That Guy With the Glasses)