Rejected Spooning With Spoony Ideas

The Spoony One | Apr 22 2012 | more notation(s) | 

  • Alpha268

    Fans look! Im producing content!!!!

  • Alex Stritar

    Called it, lol XD

  • Amanda Low

    XD ohgawd this cannot end well…

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Well it may not be a new review, but I am sure glad to see some new content on the site!

    • Megan W.

      We sort of already HAD a “Spooning With Spoony 3″: it occurred at the very beginning of the Charity Drive in 2010.

  • Mercury72

    Oh wow I was expacting a review or maybe a Lets Play but this is totally sooooo much better!!!!!!

    – Seriously Spoony… -___-

  • Testy Testman

    Oh Spoony updated his site, maybe its something coo…………….Oh for fucks sake. 

  • OgdruJahad

    I’m gonna make myself sound kind of weird right now, by saying that Film Brain being tickled is one of the most weirdly adorable things I’ve seen lately.

  • Clark Gunnar

    Seriously? This is the best you can come up with after weeks and weeks of nothing? Dude, make a Vlog or something. Anything is better than nothing! And don’t say you’re too sick. If you can stream for several hours on end, you can sit down and make a 10 minute Vlog.

  • Bolt Vanderhuge

    Loved the Film Brain and Bennett ones. The ending is epic. “Cry it out, bitch.” Nice.

  • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

    seriously, this is what we get after weeks of silence?

  • Toure Muhammad

    This was all types of awesome.

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy


  • LordofTibera

     -So he doesn’t update with something everyone wants and we have the gall to complain about it?

    -I guess there’s no point in posting here anymore. If the fans want to feel entitled to something they didn’t pay for, then let them. This doesn’t make coming here fun.

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      then leave.

  • George Rosenbaum

    The timing couldn’t have been better.

    Seriously, as soon as we were all juuuuuust about to leave, he releases this. That’s just evil.

    Jacking off with JesuOtaku? lol

    It seems really weird hearing Noah’s voice. It almost isn’t familiar anymore.

  • Jamie Sheil

    where’s jostling with joe?

    or coitus with the critic?

    • Alex Stritar

      Or Snobbing with the Cinema Snob, that one just writes itself!

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Yeah what’s the big idea having an orgy on par with Caligula and not inviting Brad?

  • Testy Testman

     But hes sick! He has..uhm…Sickness! And he is soooo busy! With the TGWTG-movies!! You kow how AWESOME the last ones were?? Ok they were rather boring, and cringeworthy, but they were better than a stupid “Lets Play”, werent they?? Right???

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      lol, love your sarcasm

      • Megan W.

        Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  • MichaelT

    NOOOOO!!!! You Fools! Don’t you realize how many weird, perverted fan fictions you’ve just inspired!?

    • Testy Testman

      Well considering the word “Fan Fiction” contains the word “Fan”, and at the moment he has like “one” of those left who isnt pissed off…

      • Alex Stritar

        What about the other people? I think NChick has enough fans to write some crazy stuff about her and Spoony’s sex lives.

    • Stephen Robert Spiteri

      ಥ◡ಥ And it’s genius!

  • Stephen Robert Spiteri

    Something tells me this has something to do with this years anniversary video. Why else would they all be together in the bedroom, and why else wouldnt Spoony make a video for so long? Has no-one seriously thought about that? Give him some slack.

    • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

      oh look, another spoony fanboy.
      look, if you were a fan from 2007 you’d be pretty pissed too.
      because back then, he CARED for his fanbase because he wasn’t tied up with the TGWTG who doesn’t do anything but stupid cameos.

      • Alex Stritar

        Oh, so just because I didn’t discover Spoony until 2008, I’m not a true fan of his? Typical fanboy elitism.

        • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

          did i even talk to you Alex?
          but what i meant was that spoony used to listen to his fans back then and used to make videos on a normal basis. UNLIKE FUCKING NOW!

          • Alex Stritar

            Sorry, thught that was what you were implying. I’m just always annoyed by the whole ‘you’re not a true fan unless’ thing.

            The lack of comunication thing, legitimit criticism.

          • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

            it’s okay

          • Gertjan Van Damme

            it couldn’t be because of his health problems and his inate tendency for procrastrination would it, no lets just blame the people you don’t like, you know… his friends

          • Ulla Siltanen

             I agree – and I’ve noticed that at first it’s always easier to be enthusiastic about the stuff I do, whatever it is. Then, after a certain time, I just kinda want to do something else, no matter how much I kinda like doing the stuff I was doing first. For example I start a story I’m really happy about and I love the characters and feel like I’d want to write hundreds of pages and I’m full of ideas… And then time passes and I have written 5 pages and though I still love the idea and the characters, it starts to feel like work and it’s really hard to continue. I could imagine Spoony might feel the same ?

            And if my memory serves, Spoony has had problems with both his physical and mental health, he has had a bad break-up, he has participated in the Cinema Snob movie and 4th anniversary (and 3rd anniversary too, if we are counting that far backwards, as some angry fans are). So I have to agree with Gertjan, he has had legit reasons (+ probably procrastination, which is something  almost everyone suffers from and especially if the job needs writing and being creative, like making videos). TGWTG guys are his friends and he works with them because he wants to, so it’s really unfair to blame anything on them. Spoony’s videos are not worse than they were before, the are different. For some it means better, for some worse, and some just like Spoony’s personality and watch whatever he produces. I’m here because he is awesome, thank you very much. If that makes me a fangirl, then so be it. At least I’m happy. <3

          • Deborah


          • Bill DeBarr

            you aren’t talking to me but let me say your full of it do you pay the man do you? No? I did not think so he owes you nothing if you do not like what he provides for free go and yes I know you shall flame me with something witty and no i shall not know how i will go on with my life with such a seething whit as yours turned against me.

          • Stephen Robert Spiteri

            You were talking to me. Dont worry, I dont blame you for your asumption. Comments tend to be ambigious and I may have sounded like a die hard, but Im not. Dont get me wrong though, I like the direction he’s going with his D&D videos. What I really dont like is his forced attempts at comedy, but thats his choice.

      • Stephen Robert Spiteri

        I’m not a fanboy. And Yes I know he’s let himself go. The only difference is that I dont take it personally like everyone else. :P

  • Alex Stritar

    *listens to Nella’s speach about golden age Wonder Woman*

    …I think I’m in love.

  • HedonisteEgoiste

    Unlike some of the entitled, impatient pansy-asses over here, I liked it. Nuzzling with Nella, Fondling with Film Brain, Onanism with Oancitizen and Spooning with Spoony were my favourites. Damn Film Brain is ticklish XD

    • Mercury72

      xDxD I knooow right??? How, like, awkward they were???? Right?? xDxDxD

      Oh for fucks sake.

      • HedonisteEgoiste

        Loosen the fuck up. It’s just a fucking video, you sad basement-dweller.

        “Oh no, Spoony made a video that isn’t Final Fantasy, I’m going to wet myself and throw a tantrum.”

        If Spoony wants to make “awkward” videos, he is free to do so. You are not his goddamn boss.

        • Alpha268


        • Riku Himawari

          Might as well ignore these. They’re clearly the same person.

          I can see where he’s coming from, though. People with little to nothing to do with their lives will usually respond with this kind of animosity when things don’t go according to their personal plan.

          I’ve seen many of these little children. Let me tell you right now, it is absolutely useless to try to teach them anything at all. His opinion will NOT change, he will NOT back down until he is bored of it, and he will NOT give you any slight semblance of reasoning.

          In my personal experience, when they get this hilarious, they’re pretty much beyond any kind of help, especially in the form of an Internet comment, where their identity, physical safety and social ideologies are secure behind a screen. These are the type of “Because I want it!” children that only learn by taking good-old beatings — not that I condone that kind of behavior, but if there is one single thing the Internet has taught me is that people in need of a good punch across the jaw to grow the hell up still exist in this planet, somewhere, with a computer and an Internet connection.

  • Fred Lake

     Wow you guys are a bunch of assholes. “This is what we get after weeks of silence. And dont say you’re sick thats not an excuse”. What is this, a fucking school essay. Yes being ill is a excuse. And “this is what we get”. What exactly is it that Spoony owes you? Its not like you’ve been working your asses off for weeks and this was supossed to be your reward. You have to feel sorry for spoony, his fans complain that he doesn’t upload often enough, and whever he does, no matter what it is, be it review a review or counter-monkey, its never good enough. You guys make me disgusted to call myself a Spoony fan, go fuck yourselves. [and yes I know its not all of you.]

    • PeaTearGryfin

        I know that I am going to get flamed for this, but screw it. Thank you sir. Finally another voice who doesn’t believe Spoony is their personal slave who must make videos when they command it.

    • Matt McCoy

       I understand you’re anger, but there’s no need to make yourself look like an asshole in the internet. Just sayin.

      • GreenGear

        I think there is a need for that, actually. This time there is.

      • Stephen Robert Spiteri

        Better off than the people he’s describing imo.

    • Big_Woop

      I agree that this fanrage is a load of pointless bitching, but I don’t get the anger here on either side. For me, I check out this site maybe once a month and if there’s no new content then fuck it, it’s the internet there’s a million other things. And the internet’s full of screechy pricks with an unwarranted sense of entitlement- trying to call them out is like raking leaves on a windy day.

      Fuck’s sake people it’s only a comedy website. Get a hobby.

      • Christian

        And the internet’s full of screechy pricks with an unwarranted sense of entitlement- trying to call them out is like raking leaves on a windy day.

        No one is yet to be seen. :)

        Fuck’s sake people it’s only a comedy website. Get a hobby.

        And they are only fans of these nerdy guy who becomes furious in front of his cam.


        Do you know why he doesn’t listen to you anymore? Because you are the most entitled, needy little shits on the internet.

        I think it is the other way arround. Nobody is heared, nobody is seen, then he comes up with “nice” stuff but non of his funny entertaining, nerdy reviews. How about fan contact?

        Get over the entitled greedy bastard selfish communist thing. ;)

  • Jarosław Kolmaga


    And seriously… “I DEMAND more uploads”? Really? Was Spoony elected and took shitload of moneyz from The Public, and now is living a high life off of them to be so angry about it?

    He does a good job, and does what he can do. It ain’t no job of a lifetime, no ride in a park either. What I get from him, I like, and I’m happy about it. So I ain’t got no problem with it. He does a good, respectable job, and if you want him to do more… pay him, monthly. That’s about it. You can throw shit all you want, if he does a bad job, he is responsible for what he posts. And what he posts is good – so there’s nothing for you to blabber about.

  • Fred Lake

    Its hard to care for fans like you.

  • Alpha268

    “And what he posts is good?”

    To what in fucks name do you compare his work??? To the carcass of a rat your cat dragged in today???

    • Megan W.

      Who the hell are you even replying to? 

  • SadSurferX

    We’re not worthy!.. We’re not worthy!..  We’re scum.. We suck.. :D  Dude, your hair is frackin long.. Literally laughed my ass off, I’m sitting on my spine right now.  Ow.

  • Alpha268

     Working his ass off? WITH WHAT?

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I know recently he announced that he is gathering footage for Ultima 9. He also seems like he has a few other surprises in store for the fans.

  •é-Guerreiro/100001614497839 André Guerreiro

    I usually like most of the videos done with TGWTG people, but DAMN, was this one boring as hell. Spooning with Spoony = Godlish, but this one is just plain boring.

  • starscreamer

    A Couple of Ground Rules:
    Rule number 1 – If you do not like this video and have a negative opinion of then you will be deemed a “hater” from now on. Also, You are an unappreciative jerk who doesn’t realize free content means no complaining.

    Rule number 2 – If you defend this piece of crap video that has no real entertainment value then you are a blind sheep-like follower. You will be deem an “ass-kisser” or a “fanboy” who is incapable of having an opinion of your own.

    Since we know these things now, what is left to argue about?

    • Alex Stritar

      Rule number 3 – There is always something to complain about, especially if it’s the latest video posted on the site.

      • Riku Himawari

        Rule Nº 34 – If it exists, there is porn of it.

  • The Town Eccentric

    That is the greatest thing I have seen in the history of ever.

    • Mercury72

      Really? Your life must be beyond dull…

      Unrelated question: Are you a girl or a boy? Cant really tell from the picture.

      • Jarosław Kolmaga

        Me too, me too!

        Mercury, are you a human or an ape? Can’t really tell from what you wrote.

        Cut the ‘jokes’, others can joke on you too, you know… :/

      • Tony

        So, you’re posting trolling bullshit towards people who happen to have a contrary opinion to yours?  How sad must that make your pitiful life?  I don’t see your picture up anywhere … I can only imagine the lopsided mess that your face must be.

        • The Town Eccentric

          LOL. It’s okay. I’m not insecure about my appearance. He’s the only person on the planet whose ever accused me of looking like a dude. He’s is just being a moron.

          • Tony

            Something tells me he bats for the other team …

      • The Town Eccentric

        Get out your dictionary and look up the word “exaggeration.” And I love how you resort to attacking my appearance because I disagree with you. It doesn’t hurt me, it just makes me want to laugh in your face.

  • P4INKiller

    Comes nowhere near beating my rendition.

    • anxietysquid

      That was terrifying.

    • rewind83709

       That was pretty damn funny. Where is that clip from?

    • L1nk1

      HOLY CRAP!!

  • Jarosław Kolmaga

    Amen, brohter. 

    Seen the video earlier on TGWTG site, just “walked over” here to check out… I don’t even know what exactly… and seen that very special someone did not get his candy in time. It’s sad how some people believe that guys like Spoony are… I don’t know, their slaves, I believe? Having an obligation to give them first-class stuff for free and on time. I know I have my share of problems with how OTG does his job – but that’s because he would often start something and then don’t finish it. But still, I like what he do, and I respect him for that. So maybe Spoony did respected his fanbase more in 07 or in 2010 B.C., who knows… but if THIS is the respect his fanbase is giving him right now – I’m stunned that he even does anything anymore.

    • Alpha268

       Allright once again for you:

      2007-2010: Spoony made excellent reviews and Lets Plays. He communicated frequently with his fans.

      2010-Now: He produces hardly any content at all anymore, and if he does its rather dull. No more epic Lets Plays. And if he talks to us fans, he insults us (See his two Vlogs on, concerning Joss Whedon and Mass Effect 3)


      • Mercury72

        Hey Im sure hes releasing something soon!!! Like..”Grass Battles III”! Wouldnt that be awesome???

        So sad….

      • Jarosław Kolmaga

        And I’m ok with it. Just that.


        Should I go out on the streets? Because he posts less than before? Yeah, right. Criticize him all you want. Criticize this vid, it’s not all that good. But if you don’t like how often he posts new things… GIT!

        Of course, there is always an option, that you’re an Emperor of Humanity, and he responds to you as an commanding officer. If not – remember, fans are fans, and nothing else. We can propose, discuss, not demand. Otherwise, if you demand – you’re not a fan. What are you…? A dick, most likely, a competition or a director. No other way, mate. Sorry about that.

        My concern is not for what some people here are saying – it’s for how they are saying it. Demands have no place in here.

        • Testy Testman

          Ah come on, I know the most gentle, polite “Hey Spoony, whats up with the lack of cool Lets Plays, they were the reason I originally joined you site”-questions were flamed in the ground by the fanboys.

          “How DARE you ask for more videos, he does what he wants!!!!! Omg Spoony your last Vlog about the old ladys gross dirty feet was sooo funny olololol”.

      • Tony

        Do you have any idea what kind of a little bitch you sound like?  Cry about it some more.

      • GozarisaGod

         Don’t waste your time with Jarosław Kolmaga he another simple minded dingleberry spoony drone that can’t think for himself. If spoony filmed a video of his sh*t for 2 hours he would be praising him and saying he can’t wait to see more.

    • GozarisaGod

        “but if THIS is the respect his fanbase is giving him right now – I’m stunned that he even does anything anymore.”

      I don’t know, the lack of respect he is receiving might be due to his telling his viewers “Fuck you, you’re all idiots, retards” over and over again for the past few years. You can always tell people that came here from the original youtube days and people that came here from TGWTG bandwagon era.

       Youtube spoony was humble as hell and thankful as ever. He was grateful for people watching and was too timid to even talk about a camera he really needed money for just to keep his hobby “making videos” going.

      That humble Spoony is long f’n gone! Now there’s just some asshole saying F*ck you if you don’t agree with me. The new and NOT improved arrogant Spoony. Who actually banned and shunned away a lot of the people that helped get this website rolling over these past few years. His site is full of asskissers and sh*t wipers/bobble heads that will praise and cheer any thing he does no matter how terrible it is. They’ll even attack older followers for not kissing up to their God. F*ck them and f*ck anyone that thinks like them they ruined this website along with Scarlett she’s the one that gave them an environment to flourish in by shunning out people like myself and others that gave him real feedback and advice when we saw him slipping. Because of that he went unchecked and the result… well it’s this BS you’ve been watching for the past 2 years.Spoony getting away with putting out the bare minimum.

      Now a days I usually watch guys like Stanburdman on youtube that drop 3-4 videos a week although short they’re funny and entertaining and a couple others like Alphaomegasin. Both these guys do game vids and both of them care a lot about their viewers because they enjoy doing what they do. When you watch people that care about thier work vs. people that are just milking it like Spoony has been for the longest you realize how full of sh*t the stuff he does is. Spoony needs to give it up and he should have quit this crap along time ago. Again this isn’t even about making vids or updates its about the lack of respect he has for his viewers.

      Spoony is just as well known for being disrespectful to his fans, just as much as he is known for his FF8 videos. Just like this SPooing with Spoony stuff that was tired and old 2 years ago when it was new is just being worn out like old underwear on TGWTG how many renditions of this is there? How unoriginal are the lamo reviewers on TGWTG. Can anyone of them not make up a new idea of their own? F*ck them too they also contributed to the new and Unimproved completely sh*t spoony you see today.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Than why are you still here? Ever since you watched the Spoony vs. The Internet: Joss Whedon episode you have been nerd raging against Spoony and his fans. If you think that those other reviewers are better then Spoony, than go watch them instead.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           crap sorry for the double post everybody.

        • GozarisaGod

          I think I already addressed your nonsense go find that comment, reread it and convert it to memory. I’m done making replies to nonsense. 

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Ok get off of this site right now. Spoony has had no problem banning people like you who insist on harassing is fan base before and guess what I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem banning you too.

        • i_like_soup

          Well tbh he was kind of douchy in the Spoony vs the net thing. I was surprised at how ~dissapoint~ I was and it did turn me off his stuff a little. 
          Maybe because I was always impressed at how ultimately non-offensive he was through all the cursing and the shouting going on, I dont even know what happened there…

      • Jarosław Kolmaga

        Started reading your comment. Got thinking on the “he’s not humble now!” part. Really, it got me thinking. You lost me on “F*ck them and f*ck anyone that thinks like them” part. Yeah, if YOU’re so humble, then no wonder, he’s the same.

        No, really – you wrote that? “FUCK YOU ALL PEOPLE!! HOW DARE YOU SAY FUCK YOU?”? It’s beyond grotesque.

        You one of the old-days fans? If all of ye are like that – go jump into a grave and die. I’m glad I’m not one of you.

        • GozarisaGod

           Would you like some polish for spoonys ass while you kiss it?

      • Riku Himawari

        Do you even realize just how ridiculous you sound?

        I’m not attacking you. In fact, I am on this website for my own pleasure and entertainment. Long-time fans, short-time fans, haters, worshippers. Doesn’t matter. You all really sound exactly the same to me. Internet Dwellers with an opinion that diverges in content but pretty much sounds off in the exact same way, the only variation being the fallacies used against eachother.

        But you, sir, you just take the cake. Here, let me spell it out for you:


        You’re demanding for… whatever, on a website you can use for free, raging on in a comment section as though anyone — including Spoony — is ever going to care. As though your opinion matters. As though you serve a purpose. You said it yourself: “People have been complaining for years!”.

        Yeah. They have been complaining for years. How about you take the hint?

        “You can’t just say: “FUCK YOU!” to the people who watch your videos!”

        Honestly? Yes. Yes, he can. He can, and he did. You may disagree that he should, but that’s an entirely different concept. I’m personally not offended — mostly because I’ve gotten past my teens — but I can surely comprehend that you may be. But still, here, analyse this sentence:

        He said “Fuck You!” to his fans, in a video.

        This is a fact. An absolute fact of reality. I’m not going to tell you to stop doing it, mostly because I find it hilarious. But I will recommend that you, at the very least, care for your own Internet persona and try not to sound like such an uneducated monkey.
        Don’t feel alone on that, though. Generally, the people who have been opposing you in the comments are more of the same.

        I’m sort of with Jarslaw Kolmaga on the “he’s not humble now” part of your comment. As with him/her/it, that really did got me to think about it. But as your IQ seemed to fail along your message, I came to the realization that one sentence from you making me think was nothing but a happy coincidence.

        And last, but not least:

        Sentence 1: You can’t just say “Fuck You” to the people who watch your videos.

        Sentence 2: FUCK YOU ALL!

        Do I really have to point out how humilliatingly stupid this is? Or do I have to explain the concept of irony to you? Do you want some book recommendations? Should I PM you a few good libraries? A teacher? A shrink?

  • LordofTibera

    Last word: we are not entitled to anything. If he’s not putting out FREE entertainment on this site fast enough for you and of the quality you demand, I don’t know what to say. It’s really sad…

    • Testy Testman

      No one demanded more videos. We just want videos like they used to be back in ~2008.

      Back then he put out one Lets Play-Part every month, so that wasnt really that much. But it was cool! The videos were funny!

      And now? Every month a 10min Vlog about his Trip do Idontcare or the upcoming “Lets all suck our dicks”-TGWTG-video?

      • Jezpuhr Pixelboy

        don’t forget the Counter Apeshit

        • Jarosław Kolmaga

          I like Counter Monkey. But if you don’t like it, I guess I have no say :( I’m sad I’m less a person than you’re :(

      • Osku M

        If my fans, not that I have any, acted the way his do, I wouldn’t listen to them either. If the fans actually made their case in a civil manner instead of calling his work “Lets all suck our dicks” or “Counter Apeshit”, then maybe he would listen. Acting like a dick generally doesn’t make people listen to you.

  • Ethan Martin

    I think what few people are remembering is that everyone is doing the anniversary video at the moment, and usually during this time period, quality and frequency of Channel Awesome videos will take a small dip. So far, an anniversary has yet to not be worth the small dropoff during this time of the year. Spoony is no exception to this. While I miss things like Let’s Plays and would much rather that be what is being produced, I’ve grown fond of the Counter Monkey episodes with the occasional actual review of something splashed in. If I’m not mistaken, after the anniversary video is over with, the Ultima retrospect will wrap up and there may be another Final Fantasy review on the way, not sure. However, it would be really nice to get some sort of vlog or posting to update the fans on what projects are upcoming since the fans do feel a little left in the dark.

  • Alexander Hutcheson

    Yes insult people who actually liked the video. You guys are so positive.

    • Alpha268

      The video on itself? “Meh”.

      The video in relation to what he produced over the last two years? “Oh what the fuck is going on with you Spoony??”

      Thats why there is so much disappointment around here.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       That’s the nerd rage way.

      • Tony

        You mean the whiny little bitch way?

  • fatcat76

    Just like you all to know that while I am also disapointed with what Spoony has made in recent years, I come back just to read the comments. The level of patheticness makes me gut-laugh harder than ive done in a long time. There is live outside of the You see when I watch a spoony vid I dont like, i go do something else. I dont go “Oh my god how dare a human being make a mistake and create something that is not completely perfect and fitting to my tastes AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAGAHGAHGSAHDGASHDGASHDGAH” Yes there is an argument to say that Spoont isnt as good as he used to be and that he doesnt update as frequently, but im not surprised considering that his FANS, the people who are meant to like him, do nothing that tell him that he fucking sucks and that his videos are not good enough for them, and that he is not as good as he once was. Im not saying you cannot criticise him, but going “you’re not as good as you used to be” is not criticising, it whining like a small child. You are not writing anything to help Spoony improve, you are just telling him that he sucks and that hes failed you, a fan. Boy, if that doesn’t help somebody get over their depression then I dont know what will.

    • Alpha268

      Nearly EVERY comment critizising him contained, in one form or another, the sentence “Hey I originally became a fan because of your cool “Lets Plays” of awkard ’90s FMV-games – What happened to them? And what about reviews?”


      • fatcat76

         True, but you’re forgetting that Spoony can be a but of a spiteful douche sometimes, so ive come to the conclusion that he probably wont do another lets play because everybody keeps demanding that he do one.

        • Mercury72

           What kind of sense would that make? He told us he aspired to become a “comedian”, that he loved his job.

          And now he should give it up because he doesnt like it that people dont like that he doesnt do the stuff anymore that made him “famous”??

          • fatcat76

             Yes he loved doing whatever he wanted to do. The whole reason he did the FF8 reviews, at least to me, was to point how bad he thought the game was and how he thought others were stupid/wrong for liking it. I dont think ive ever seen him do a review or lets play on something his fans wanted him to do, but rather he did them on games or movies he played as a kid, or games and movies that just pissed him off. So if all his fans want him to do another lets play, I doubt spoony cares much as if there was a game he actually wanted to lets play he would have done it already.

  • BrendanConcannon

    Holy shit, running from the last video comment to this one is like making a mad dash through a minefield. 

    • Alex Stritar

      What are you talking about? There’s always time for an orgy!

      • BrendanConcannon

        Ok.  With JewWario?  Sure. 

        With Nostalgia Chick? Well….

  • Lars Hansson

    I think people are forgetting that spoony does what he wants to do as he always have. Not what his fans wants him to do, or what was generally considered good by us/his fans (2007-2009 period Lets Plays and these so called “epic” videos he used to produce whatever that entails). Even if we gather a million dollars and hand em over to him on the condition that he goes back and does his old-style videos he would probably refuse and continue doing what he think is fun. He obviously have good realations with the TGWTG team and loves doing videos with those poeple and spend time with them. So then he will do exactly that, regardless if these are 20000 comments on each of his videos that reject what he is doing. And perhaps he doesnt enjoy doing Lets Plays anymore, he grew tired of that or never truly enjoyed doing them in the first place perhaps?, so then he wont do any more of those because why would he do something he doesnt enjoy? For more views and happier fans? Does that sound like Spoony? I think not. For anyone watching his videos it should be very very apparent that he mostly does what he himself thinks constitutes as fun/exciting/interesting for himself, and just shares his opinions on that material, nothing else. 

    • Alpha268

      Hey the newest Song of Ice and Fire novel is only consisting of 10 pages containing the words “Poop poop poop”.

      What kind of response Mr. Martin could expect if he would do something like that?

      • Mercury72

        Exactly. Spoony hated against movies because they suck? No one told him “Hurr if you dont like them dont watch them”.

        Guess what, we can also hate against stuff we dont like.

        • Jarosław Kolmaga

          Good idea! I can’t wait till you do the show! It’ll be awesome!!

          When will you record it? When will you upload it?

          Tomorrow, do it tomorrow!!!

        • Tony

          And this gives you the right to demand only the kind of content that you want?  Eat a dick.

        • Lars Hansson

          Yes, anyone can hate on any content they dont like. I didnt specify or even mention in my post about haters being haters for nothing or for any reasons. I just stated facts and what is likely the case: That Spoony will, as he always have, disregarded what people expect and prefer more than less and all this talk about his “decline”. He will still only produce what he himself wants to produce IE what he is interested in. Simple as that.

      • Jack Connell

        That Song of Ice and Fire novel you just described would still be much better than A Feast For Crows. 

  • T E

    This were pretty funny. More crossovers with Sage plz.

  • Brad Parsons

    Let’s not forget he had to do filming for 2 movies these last few months, guys, not including crossovers. That probably takes up a hell of a lot of time. Granted a few vlogs just to keep up communication every now and then would be cool, but I don’t care that much. You’re not paying for this, so if you don’t like it, comment, then GTFO. Don’t stick around to bash on everyone who doesn’t agree.

  • James T. Cornish

    Please God Spoony do ANYTHING but this. YOU ARE TEARING US APART!!! Please just follow the conventions of what you are awesome at. We love to hear your movie opinions, your game opinions, your opinions on life. Give us something to keep coming back. You & James Rolfe are the best internet personalities out there! Don’t force me to keep watching Cinemassacre videos. Dedicate yourself to following a schedule & doing small tasks instead of these overlong “projects” that take months to do & then get discarded for other projects.  We all know that you are better than this.

    • Jarosław Kolmaga

      And this is how you tell you’re disappointed. The humble way.

      Sir, I would like to remind you that you’re on the internet. What you wrote is cultural and sincere. You may want to rethink what you did and be ashamed, Sir. ( ;) )

      • James T. Cornish

        Insulting Spoony does nothing. It achieves nothing. It just makes him hate his fans & lose his passion. Look I’m no expert on psychology but Spoony’s decline over the past 2 years has been painful to everyone that wants to see him achieve the best he can. He is 30 years old guys. Maybe he is going through a semi-midlife crisis? I mean can you imagine dedicating your life to a dream of film-making only to see all your creative ideas slowly fade away? I can imagine what it would be like for me. I’d be chronically depressed. His anger might be misdirected at his fans but can you blame the man? He has established something meaningful with the Spoony Experiment & we are pissing all over that when times get tough. Small steps, Noah, big projects are not helping you. All that scripting, editing, acting etc etc. It is wearing you out. Just focus on quick 5-10 minute reviews of things. Don’t worry about the presentation, just something that will inspire the old passion in you.

        • William Staples

           I think what makes Spoony hate his fans is the fact that a lot of them are whiny, entitled assholes who rake him over the coals no matter what he does.

          • Jarosław Kolmaga

            And call anyone who would actually like his video an asslicker…

            This is sad, really, I feel sorry for Spoony. Just imagine – he puts something up, people likes it, and then some folks just go over all of them calling them idiots.

            Yet, I agree with James, too. Spoony can do better and he seems to be lost on how to plan his work. Still, I am a fan, and a fan got to do what a fan got to do. Fanning.

        • George Rosenbaum

          I understand your point, but we can either sit here and discuss his mental state, or expect him to deal with his own problems on his own time like the rest of us.

          Maybe if Spoony finally sees his fans finally LEAVE (instead of just complain on his website) it will give him the wakeup call he needs.

          And if he’s not interested in being entertaining to others, than he has no business being an entertainer.

          • Lars Hansson

            Since when do you need to have the intent of entertaining people to put out videos on the internet? The thing with internet is that you dont need any diplomas or degrees and official tv channel approvements etc. You can create your own site and put out any content you like and it will stick.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Why would you even bring diplomas or high-level business connections into this argument in the first place? I’m not calling him illegitimate for being a Z grade reviewer. There are much better reasons not to like him, namely his lack of any real content outside of making a review every two months.

            And yes, you technically CAN put whatever you want on the Internet. It would just be nice of you made something people would want to watch. You can’t just knock together any old thing.

    • Nick Darius

      Yes, spoony! Stop these months long projects which were filmed during downtime during a week filming!

      Seriously, this was a quick joke video done while they were filming the 4th TGWTG anniversary. You’re acting like he cancelled all his other reviews in order to organize this.

  • Matt McCoy

    Really? Another Spooning with Spoony type video? A series that wasn’t that funny even when it started? *sigh*

    Ok, let’s be clear here. I don’t want to be looked at by anyone as a Spoony hater or a sympathizer by all means. I just think that Spoony needs to know when to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch his videos until he decides to quit trying to become an entertainer and just do Vlogs of current movies and games, which I hope he comes back to because those are only videos that I love to watch. I won’t mention the whole Twitch controversy because I’m still contemplating on whether that’s really him in person ranting or his Persona that’s in his reviews. But I want to address to the people, such as Fred Lake, who think that we are a bunch assholes because we constantly complain about not having a lot of content. Just so you know, there were hundreds of people complaining YEARS before. Why do I want Noah to upload more videos? Because I think Noah is an interesting person to see him so passionate about games and movies that he loves or hates. When I think of videos, I don’t mean ACTUAL reviews, just normal vlogs that don’t take as much time to make. To see him not even put up those kinds of videos is really lazy and it’s pretty much like pointing a middle finger to all of us. I know a lot of people will point out that Noah has his own personal life to deal with and we shouldn’t force him to make videos for our own amusement. That is true, I don’t ever try to force ANYONE to do anything. There’s just one problem with that statement, Noah has said in the past that he has been thinking about going into the entertainment business for quite a long time. The thing is, people who work in those departments HAVE to constantly put out new content on a regular basis. So if Noah plans to even try to go into show business, he has no chance in hell as far as I’m concerned. Who knows, maybe he’s given up on that dream.

    I know what you’re all thinking, “Why do you complain so much if you don’t call yourself a heter?” Well to answer that: Because I’m waiting for the fucking miracle to happen. I hope that no one thinks of me as someone who just constantly bitches about Noah not putting more videos because I do watch other people on TGWTG. The problem is, there’s only about 5 contributors that are funny or entertaining (Oancitizen, Brad Jones, Jesuotaku, The Sage, and Todd), everyone else are just not engaging or entertaining to watch. I’ll stop this long winded explanation by reminding everyone that I’ll still watch Noah no matter how pissed off he’ll make me by his sheer egotistical personality, so feel free to jump in and explain why I’m wrong because I usually don’t write comments this long and I have a feeling this wasn’t written that well to explain my position. I’m terrible at this sort of thing.

    • Jamie Sheil

      but the miracle never happen

    • Jarosław Kolmaga

      To see him not even put up those kinds of videos is really lazy and it’s pretty much like pointing a middle finger to all of us.”

      I mostly agree, but I want to point it out – it’s not like the finger, it’s like being in charge of this site, or – in this case – of your own life. It’s up to Spoony to decide what and how and how much to do. I would love more LP for example – but it doesn’t mean that Spoony is a bastard, does it? I would love to see Star Wars all more serious and stuff – but that in no way mean that G. Lucas is pointing a middle finger on me, right?

      What many of people in here talk about is called “directing”. None of us is a director in here, we are viewers. We can watch Spoony’s videos or we can not. We can discuss (like you did – it’s the right way to do it), we can’t order.

      Again – nicely toned voice in here, no screaming, just your opinion, and I like when folks can talk without screaming.

      • Matt McCoy

        “Again – nicely toned voice in here, no screaming, just your opinion, and I like when folks can talk without screaming.”

        Yeah I try not to seem like an asshole in the interwebs. :)

    • The cores insanity

      you forgot linkara spoonys crossovers with him are really funny

  • captainjack23421

    Seems like this comment section is going to end like the last one. Allright let me sum it up for you Spoonsta:

    – We came to your site for your excellent, funny reviews and “Lets Plays”. Especially the ones about awkard late 90’s (FMV) games.

    – We didnt came to your site because of “Spooning with Spoony”, “Grass Battles”, “My Vlog about the gross nails of an old lady” and so on.

    You once told us being an “Internet Critic / Comedian / Personality” was your dream, thats great, because for a time it seemed to work. But you have also to keep in mind why it did work, why your site got all the hits, which of your videos got all the attention. While bringing in something new is always nice, you have to keep your “base content” in mind, the stuff everyone loves you for. If you go see a new Indiane Jones movie, and suddenly Aliens and tree-swinging with monkeys would show up, you too would be upset right?

  • captainjack23421

    Seems like this comment section is going to end like the last one. Allright let me sum it up for you Spoonsta:

    – We came to your site for your excellent, funny reviews and “Lets Plays”. Especially the ones about awkard late 90’s (FMV) games.

    – We didnt came to your site because of “Spooning with Spoony”, “Grass Battles”, “My Vlog about the gross nails of an old lady” and so on.

    You once told us being an “Internet Critic / Comedian / Personality” was your dream, thats great, because for a time it seemed to work. But you have also to keep in mind why it did work, why your site got all the hits, which of your videos got all the attention. While bringing in something new is always nice, you have to keep your “base content” in mind, the stuff everyone loves you for. If you go see a new Indiane Jones movie, and suddenly Aliens and tree-swinging with monkeys would show up, you too would be upset right?

    • Jarosław Kolmaga

      I ain’t no we, that I’m not.

      • The Town Eccentric

        Yes, who IS this we, captainjack23421? You are entitled to your opinion, but don’t assume that the rest of us share your opinion. You have no idea why the rest of us come here. You are not the spokesman for the fanbase.

    • Riverun

      yeah, you’re not speaking for anybody but yourself, mate

  • Calum Syers

    I think it’s fair to say, just so some people don’t get too ahead of themselves, that on TGWTG this was uploaded on Oancitzen’s channel and on Blip it was uploaded on the Nostalgia Critic’s channel. It was also, clearly, filmed during off time on filming of the 4th Year movie. A time where EVERYONE is doing cameos for EVERYONE. Just because of the off time offered, and not all that time could be spent doing reviews and crossovers, and filming these probably take no time at all.

    I say this because I honestly doubt how much organisation and planning Spoony had with these. Oancitizen, or whoever, probably said, “Hey, Noah, you got half-an-hour to kill?” and he said yes.

    Also, the “Spooning With Spoony” title has become a brand name for these vids. Had Linkara, for example, been the first one to do these “Linking Up With Linkara”, this video would be called “Rejected Linking Up With Linkara”, even if Spoony was equally invovled.

    I hope that helps dilute the volitile situation

    • Tony

      You’re asking a lot of some of these idiots.

    • taranaich

       “I think it’s fair to say, just so some people don’t get too ahead of
      themselves, that on TGWTG this was uploaded on Oancitzen’s channel and
      on Blip it was uploaded on the Nostalgia Critic’s channel.”

      Thank you.  This really needed to be pointed out.  A lot of commenters seem to be criticizing it because they think it’s Spoony’s video (and to be fair, without credits at the end, it’s easy to miss), and are thus judging it against Spoony’s other work.

  • Riverun

    I dont get what you guys want. He isnt doing this videao INSTEAD of others. He’s just doing them while filming other stuff with the guys from TGWTG. It’s not like you’re missing anything. If you dont like this, dont watch it. You dont lose anything. Even if only 50% of the commiunty liked this, it would still be worth doing, since it doesnt DELAY other projects. 

    • captainjack23421

       So…then where are the Lets Plays and Reviews?

      • Riverun

        well he may be working on them, but if he isnt, it’s certainly not because of this video….
        srsly people look at that video, this takes what? 30 minutes?

        • Qalest

          If you follow Spoony on Twitter, he frequently makes progress updates.

  • James T. Cornish

    Spoony, what happened to Rebruary? NOW that was hilarious stuff! You’ve got to review Street Hunter (1990) my man. Now that is a classic.

  • Fracch

    Not bad, not bad. The sage one was pretty damn funny.

  • Mike Wallace

    *Laughs* That was hilarious. I don’t want to even imagine what sick shit Bennett tried to pull off that put the Spoony One off his chitlins. Grenade-in-the-pubes, fanged vaginas, Floor attacks…

  • meltdown2insanity

    What? No “Autoerotic Asphyxiation with Ask That Guy”?

  • Michal Koch

    Hi every fan … youtube fan, lets play fan, old fan, new fan …. FAN!!!!

    This is my 3rd comment for the past 3 years i follow Spoony. During this period Spoony uploaded many vids i liked and many i just skipped. Each person have different taste and so does Spoony.

    Many of you are saying that Spoony after 2010 is not humble and funny and etc.

    I agree that he changed … like every person can. He had a lot of personal and health troubles. Then there was Scarlet. Then there was his long job searches. But the page was still here although the content changed just like the Spoony itself.

    Honestly i think that many of the fans feel that they are not connected to Spoony anymore due to less videos they like.

    I would be more than happy if Spoony created a Vlog describing actually how he feel right now, what are his plans for the future (not time schedulu :) ) … but he should talk to the community!! Not via counter monkey or Spooning with Spoony but via honest Vlog.

  • Blaed

    Bending with Bennett made me lol

  • sbkMulletMan

    I haven’t heard that much sleazy saxophone since Val Venis’ theme on the WWF: The Music Volume 3! 


  • Rob van der Sloot

    Excellent stuff. Keep it up Spoony. Can’t wait for the next Counter Monkey.

  • Danny Linville

    I don’t see why people are so bent out of shape about this video. Personally I like the stuff he puts out like this and can be very patient waiting on his reviews.

  • Ed

    Nostalgia Chick’s bit at the very end was amazing.  Well, it was all awesome, but NC’s revenge for the original SwS was perfect.  ;)

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    Oh what is this below my comment ? A flame war ? Wow you guys do it again ? I don’t want to take part in this. Just another excuse for pointless whining how Spoony is “not the same”. Get a life people. 

  • reignfire77

    i still think you should try spooning with spoontok. please dont take this as a demand just a friendly request =)

  • whatislove

    It is true, Spoonyexperiment isn’t even close to how good it was years ago. Its like Spoony now, is an imitation of his earlier self, but dude is like 30 years old seems kinda reasonable to me. Heck, I don’t even post here anymore because there is usually nothing to comment on but its really unfair to flame and cry for more content. 

    If you really want him to try his best again then leave the site and stop posting. No fans = no revenue. But I still like Spoony, I watched his vids since his youtube days so I don’t blame him for slacking off nowadays.

    • George Rosenbaum

      Exactly! Not only is all this anger futile, it’s counterproductive.

      We should just leave…yep, leaving…must…leave…WHY?!

      • meltdown2insanity

        Cause Little Jimmy told me to. :P

  • Calvin Weese

    You people take this shit way too fucking seriously. Wow, your priorities are fucked.

    • George Rosenbaum

      You know, if you say that, everyone is just going to get even angrier, right?

      And they’ll complain about you on the the comments page. Which means they won’t leave.

      So if your trying to get people to leave, your doing it wrong.

    • meltdown2insanity

      What do you mean I take this shit too seriously!!!  Spoony’s supposed to have FOUR reviews ready at the end this MONTH: TWO Let’s Plays’ finished at the end of this WEEK!!! … WAIT!!! Is this the comments section or his hate mail???!!! Is he doing anymore FF8 reviews!!!  Is John Cena still wrestling Randy Orton???!!!  WRESTLE!!! WRESTLE!!! AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

      :P Why, yes! My priorities are messed up! Thank you for noticing! :)

  • Lee Johnston

    Haters will be haters. I enjoyed the video and think that you, Spoony, and everyone at Channel Awesome provide us with quality entertainment. I still go back and watch Phantasmagoria to have gut busting laugh fests, it’s enough for me.

  • Silens

    …I think most of the people here need to take a step back and relax. People, it’s an Internet video with an amusing comedy sketch attached. I thought it was reasonably funny, for whatever that’s worth, but it’s nothing that’s going to change my life. As for not putting more videos out, the man works on his own schedule and gets paid on said schedule. That’s his problem, not ours, and you’re not helping his stress when he reads these comments and gets an onslaught of people bitching. 

    And regarding the vlogs on Twitch, just because you might have a differing opinion to Spoony’s doesn’t make yours wrong. I agree with him on Mass Effect, disagree on Cabin In The Woods, albeit for different reasons than most critics. Brad and Moviebob and most critics disagreed on the latter, but Spoony doesn’t care about that, and if you’re secure in your opinions one way or the other, neither should you.

    Am I a little annoyed he didn’t provide more rational arguments for the latter? Yeah, a little, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, and I can sure as hell understand his anger when he’s sick and he has to deal with a fanbase that can charitably be described as whiny and uncharitably described as entitled, moronic, and insufferable. To said whiny fans – his opinion shouldn’t mean so much to you that you’ll waste your time bitching about it. He doesn’t owe me shit, and it’s not like I’m directly contributing anything besides a choice to spend my time here. Is it in bad taste to insult his own fans? Some might say that, but Yahtzee’s been doing it since 2007 and people still watch his material. 

    People, it’s the Internet, and not everybody cares or agrees with your opinion. If you’re so offended at Spoony’s apparent disdain for your vigorously researched and meticulously argued opinion, get over it. If you’re so incensed that your valuable time has been wasted, you don’t have to keep watching or complaining – it’s not an obligation. Turn off the browser and go outside, and good luck finding someone who cares.

    • Darke Mayer Goulart

      But… but… Spoony MUST! If he doesn’t, its BETRAYAAAAAAAL! And why haven’t he made a video about my fanfic ideas about Dr. Insano’s origin story?!

      Also, I wrote an essay about Film Brain’s cameo last year, and I just have finished it, and I think it’s still relevant, so I mailed it to Spoony, but he didn’t commented on it yet, so he must suck now! C’mon, Spoony, don’t let your REAL fans down!

    • jo bo

      You can begin with yourself

  • MechaVelma

    The Spooning with Spoony and the usual dance special is what makes the TGWTG anniversary special more than just a simple crossover event.

    Could you imagine if Marvel Comics did something similar in its crossovers? Like Spooning with Spider-Man

    • Alex Stritar

      The sad part is we’d all read that.

      • Robert Sproul

        Most definetly.

  • Derek Thomas

    I wanna spoon with spoony…

  • Nick Kipouros

    You’re a good dude Spoony, don’t take shit, kick ass, all that noise. Funny vid too, anything involving a humping Nostalgia Chick works for me.

  • jo bo

    People in a bed… Great comedy, LOL!!!

    Another pointless video (And dumb nerd call that funny… Oh Please watch real comedy… Oh right no critical thinking here) 

    And all this hope for nothing… ROLF!

    (Call me hater, troll, whatever, I’m not going to reply, I just don’t give a shit. I know this is your only defense against reality and a lot a fanboy rage too)

    I ASK FOR MORE FAIL SPOONY! Unfinished review, bad crossover

    • Christhor

       It’s hilarious how butthurt some of you people can be and yet you keep constantly coming back.

    • Christhor

       Also, I’d hardly call James the kind of guy who cares for his fans. Someone who forces their fans to pay 300k for their movie, and then only uses half of it for his actual movie, is not really a person who cares about his fans.

  • ShinAkumA21

    this site has really gone downhill after his girlfriend left him 

  • Kendotuxedo


    • Allaiyah Weyn

      But shave first.

  • Steven Youkhana

    I actually liked this. Just being honest.

  • sketchesofpayne

    Bending with Benett

  • Chris Hughes

    This video was awesome, I love Spooning with Spoony. Ignore the butthurt fanboys Spoony, take all the time you need. I for one, will always be a frequent visitor of this site, no matter what. 

  • Lennie Leuridan

    todding the salad

    • GreenGear

      Lol. That’s actually a good one.

  • Vladimir Sanchez

    Dafuq did I just watch :S

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Spooning with Bennett. Hahahaaha.

  • dividebyxer0

    hahahaha Bending with Bennett was the funniest of them all. Loved Spoony’s horrified reaction hahahah!

  • Edgars Sondors

    You never finished or continued Deadly Premonition and that one had the potential to be funny as BALLS. As BALLS i tell you sir!!! But anywho i kinda agree with the common type of comment – ”take all the time you need” i mean, yeah it’s free entertainment, you cant complain about someone who offers free entertainment not offering it anymore, but i just feel a little blue balled checking the page everyday and finding my free food bum plate empty. Theres three pairs of balls in this comment and i guess that makes me a pervy BUM!!!

    • Michael Ledoux

       He explicitly said he wasn’t gonna finish DP because of how overdone it was.

      • Edgars Sondors

         Sorry, missed that. Thank you for the reply :)

  • Edgars Sondors

     Yeah, i mean, i disagree, i like his vlogs, like the paper envelope one, or the plague edition special.


    Awesome video.  Keep making great stuff Spoony.

  • Anders Adrielsson

    I feel dirty :(((

  • Marcos Chong

    Am I the only person that doesn’t consider this a spoony video? I mean spoony was actually the only funny part…but still a 20 sec segment is not replacment for a 20 min vid…Hey, we’ve all watched his phantasmagoria: A PUZZLE OF FLESH and Ripper lets paly…because their improvisational(mostly) and it shows spoony’s true comic genius!

    I still love ya spoony, but your Swat lets play is what made me a fan and your movie/game reviews have kept me coming back(Clones of bruce lee!!!) because they are mostly recollections of old game series or movie series that you loved…and that passion radiated to us….Your Ultima/Highlander retrospectives are GREAT!

    But I think, If you wanna do this right…Theres only one way to redeem urself…A lets play of an obscure and shittily funny game. Not a cross over, not a vlog, not a spooning with spoony…a fucking lets play…Your the second best lets player there is(after slowbeef, but he created lets plays;p)and you should keep doing what you’re best at!

    • Marcos Chong

       PS. No need for that bullshit”your not paying for the entertainment your recieving” or you should go watch something else….

      NO, if I wanted to go watch some other subpar videos I would, but comedy as you know is subjective and only a few have the same sense of humour as me…that I can call funny…Angry Joe, spoony and slowbeef/diabetus/proteus…

      If YOU have any suggestions go for it.

      • GreenGear

        Well at least you have good taste in retsupuraers.

    • taranaich

      It isn’t a Spoony video: it was an Oancitizen/Nostalgia Chick video.

  • neil

    Another b*llshit video…thanks spoony !

    • Trickster Nevermore

      Another b*llshit comment…thanks neil !

  • GreenGear

    Oh my god I hate looking in the comments sometimes.

  • Jessica McIntyre

    What the hell? Why are you people freaking out about this? It’s just a silly little 4 minute video clip! This isn’t the new replacement for new reviews, which I’m sure are coming out soon.

  • Zejex

     I came, couldn’t control it..

  • Zejex

    The more Spoony can troll you with this, the better…

  • Bolt Vanderhuge

    Wow… I was just happy to see Spoony posting anything again. That meant he was feeling much better and was getting back to work, etc. 

    Good thing you asshats didn’t know about the game of Pathfinder he DMed on a stream last night. The chat there was nice, respectful and entertaining. Imagine the hellstorm of asshattery if half the commenters from this video showed up. 

    You people disgust me.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       How did it go last night? I knew about it, but I was too busy studying for a test to actually watch it.

      • Bolt Vanderhuge

        It went pretty good. Spoony had to remember how to do some of the stuff, though.

        First random encounter was a giant centipede that was a tough fight, then they surprised (and killed four of) five bandits who were raiding the trading post they were staying at and it ended after the second encounter of… and I can’t believe I am saying this… a group of five kobolds that had gotten sick on radishes. Hilarity did indeed ensue. And one pair of boots was ruined.

        • Jyri Santeri Virtaranta

          That sounds so good D: oh why did I miss this.

    • Abaris

      I knew but I’m not interested/entertained in/by all this DnD stuff in the first place.

  • Timo Niemelä

    This is the first time I’m ever posting here, but I MUST KNOW: what is that sexy music that’s on the background? I want to hear the full version of it!

    • Chris Hughes

       Gunther: Enormous Emotion (I Love You). You can find it on youtube

      • Timo Niemelä

         Much appreciated!

  • GozarisaGod

    Looking at the comments in this vid pretty much explains it all. You have people smart enough to figure out what’s going on and realizing this is just another BS Spoony update saying things like “Another b*llshit video…thanks spoony !” which is 100% completely true!

     and then you have the people praising this video like it’s a James Cameron film with things like “I was just happy to see Spoony posting anything again!” really? Is your life that f’n boring you have to waste every second of it on this website waiting for someone who doesn’t give a flying f about you or how you feel to post up a sh*tty 5 second clip of a joke that’s growing mold because it stopped being funny 2 years ago when it was new?

    I swear this guy could film his feces for 2 hours and you people would still be like “oh man this is your best video yet! please make more!” and “oh spoony I love your sh*t please shoot your load on my face!”. You people praising this boring ass crap must really lead some boring ass lives. What’s interesting about watching another Spooning with Spoony video when he first did it 2 years ago and then for the following months after he did it almsot every f*cking lame as reviewer on TGWTG did their own version of it and now they’re doing it again! Holy sh*t what’s next? Spooning with Spoony in Imax 3D?

    The rest of yall really need ot unplug yourselves from the matrix and then wipe Spoony’s doodoo off your noses. The rest of us are seeing this bullsh*t for what it is. Spoony being lazy as f*ck as usual not caring to make an actual video, not caring to post an update about when the next stuff will be out (like he ever did or even cares too really) not sticking to any sort of schedule even though he has no actual job and all the time in the world. Man this dude runs this website like he runs his life. The guy puts in no effort at all, and you people want to support him? Why? What the hell has he done since mid 2010 that’s so good you have to be all over his wang?

    You mean you look forward to his 3hour long Vlogs? just to hear him talking and ranting? Do you not have any friends in real life you can talk with and rant with and discuss stuff with? Is it that interesting to watch some sweaty ungroomed 30yo guy in a funky Tshirt talk about playing Candyland oh I mean dungeonsanddragons? Huh? Is it? This dude hasn’t been funny in YEARS! because he hasn’t made a worthwhile video in YEARS! He actually put up more videos and better quality videos back when he had a full time job!

    What’s annoying about this site is it’s NEW following and I say NEW because viewers of old long ago abandoned spoony during the fallout of 2010. Spoony looks like complete sh*t he needs to call this website for what it is (bullsh*t) and call it a day. Dude needs to get his life back on track. He needs to cut his hair, take a bath, buy a suit, blow the dust of his resume, and get back out to the real world. There’s no future for him in entertainment. You people are selfish as hell begging him to make videos and praising all the bullsh*t he does when it’s terrible and I mean these videos are terrible. Scarlett didn’t just leave him to leave him, she left him because she realized he had nothing going for him and really he doesn’t have anything going for him. That should have been his wake up call.

    All myself and any of the viewers have old is watch Spoony ride a complete downwards spiral over the years and now you selfish “Oh Spoony I love this video even though it’s terrible!” people are the cause of it. Stop supporting this guy, tell him the truth, that he needs to get his sh*t together so he can get his life back on track. Being a 30 something grown man with a beer gut playing video games and eating sandwiches while mooching off your brother living in his house ain’t gonna cut it. Spoony should have applied himself to something that will bare fruit for him in the long run… like a real J-O-B.

    You people are phony as hell. Stop lying to this man all the damn time and tell him what really needs to be said so he can get his life right.

    • Oiijio

      I love Spoony. Not gonna’ lie. He’s like an old friend I lost touch with.

      And even though the above comment by GozarisaGod is filled with grammatical/structural faults in its style-of-argument, there are truths here Spoony.

      I’ve never posted here, and probably, never again will (unless I feel a need to) but some of the above arguments hit so close to home it’s insane.

      I sometimes kick back and watch some of older game reviews on this site, then a few of the newer ones. I’ve gotta admit, a lot of the magic is gone in the latter.

      Time for some cold reality:

      People say that Spoony doesn’t “owe” us anything, but that’s just not true. SPOONY OWES US EVERYTHING. We are the fans, we put him where he is, and yeah, that means that he DOES owe us.

      Why is that, you may ask?

      Simple, I say. He gets paid through (among other things) add-revenue. Which is only generated when we, the fans, visit the site. We, the fans, do this when we want to re-watch old content or check for new. Spoony probably knows this, and thus releases small “sparks” every now and then, like this video. Nothing of actual interest, but enough to make the fans at least glance over. Thus putting a dime in his pocket through add-revenue.

      This is (in his words) “betrayal”. The fans are not getting what they want, we are feeding of the sparks because we remember the times of the raging fires. 

      In short, my last advice as a really old, really hardcore fan of The Spoony Experiment:

      1. No more vlogs, no more crossovers, no more “fillers”, if you will. It’s crap, and at the end of the day. It’s not why the majority of the fans come here.

      2. More improve. The popular opinion in these comments, and my own, is that Spoony just isn’t as funny when he follows a script. I revert to the “sparks” metaphor for the scripted stuff, and the “raging fire” as the unscripted work.

      3. You can’t act. Don’t try. A lot of your dog-videos and newer game-reviews are focused a lot on Spoony as a character. It might just be my opinion, but does anyone actually find this funny? Sure, I giggled when Spoony showed up as Yuna, but a chuckle is all you get. 

      4. Be Noah, not Spoony. Spoony has an “ok” comedic value, but a genuine Noah, not afraid to take the piss out of himself, is funnier every time.

      Now as closing word, I know Noah has been having some personal problems. I understand that, and I am sorry. Not gonna’ pretend I know what he’s going through.

      What I do know is that Spoony is funniest when he’s replaying experiences of his past as a nerdy white lonely guy, who isn’t afraid to take the piss out of himself.

      I hope you read this Spoony, I hope you do man. Because I can guarantee you, that the hardcore fanbase will not return to you forever.

      • Phoenix

        Stop talking for “most of the fanbase”. You don’t know how many of us are here, how most of us feel and what most of us want. Take your own advice and stop trying.

      • Jyri Santeri Virtaranta

         He doesn’t owe us shit. Example: there is a not well known TV channel starting a new show. You watch it and decide it’s good. So you tell friends of it and what do you know the TV channel gets bigger and better known for this good series. After the series ends you are still not going to get shit if you tell that TV channel they better keep showing the good stuff because they “owe you shit because with out the fans they are nothing”

        • thetad

          Well, the flaw in that argument is that the experiment did not end. It seems as if it is just taking an unwarrented extended hiatus. Would you not get pissed off if your favorite show that you have been watching for years decided not to air a single episode for months on end because the creaters of the show didn’t feel like it?

          I’m not taking sides by the way, that is a serious question.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       You know I could turn this whole thing back around on you and ask is your life really so sad that you must spend your time writing 1000 word essays explaining why you feel you have the official word on everything and nobody else is entitled to an opinion. Seriously you’re getting into some pathetic levels of harassing right now.

      I do love how people like you think that they way the internet work is:
      Venomous hatred=fandom
      Positive words=Spineless coward unable to think for themselves.

      • GozarisaGod

        and f*ck you… now who’s next?

        • PeaTearGryfin

           oh no no no no no F*ck you (really your argument has devolved down to nothing but saying fuck you to people. You are sad)

          • Atmos_Duality

            I wonder how much solo exp I can get from flagging all those comments?

    • Phoenix

      I think this was the dumbest wall of text I ever forced myself to read. Got a chuckle out of me. If he is soooooooooooooooooo horrible, why are you here? Why do you spit your hate and anger in this comments section. Because you watched the video. Thanks for supporting Spoony :D

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

    • Afen

      Let me point out the real flaws in that argument. First off, why do you even care? If you hate this site and how it’s changed that much, just leave. No one will notice or even care, problem solved. If don’t want to leave but you don’t like the fillers, don’t watch them. Really, who has less of a life? The guy who passes time watching Counter Monkey or the guy who sees a five minute video and proceeds to type a nearly eight hundred word rant about how one of the people isn’t funny.

      Second: Who the hell are you to say what he should/shouldn’t do with his life? It’s up to friends and family to intervene if someone’s life is off track. You aren’t friends and family, you’re just some fan who happened to stumble upon the site before late 2010. You don’t know him, you just think you do because you watch his videos. If how he’s living is how he wants to live, let him do it, if he doesn’t want to continue to live however he lives now, he make the the decision to change.

      You care way more than you want us to believe.

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

    • Jyri Santeri Virtaranta

       You keeps talking like some kind of unanimous voice of “viewers of old” but I’ve been here pretty much from the start and I think he’s still pretty funny. Sure he has bad and good times but so does every one. Oh and take the cactus out of your ass please.

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

    • thetad

      I’d hate to take anybody’s side in this pontless raging argument we have going on here, but I really have to ask you something: If you think that Spoony and this website have gone so downhill that they are basically unsalvagable, why are you here?

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

    • Tony

      You do not speak for anyone.  You are not the majority.  You are, however, the phoniest fuck of them all.  Go away, never come back.

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

        • Tony

          Is that all you’ve got?  Cry for me some more, bitch.

    • Tony

      You do not speak for anyone.  You are not the majority.  You are, however, the phoniest fuck of them all.  Go away, never come back.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      U mad, bro?

      • GozarisaGod

          f*ck you,

    • GreenGear

      Stop being a cock.

      • GozarisaGod

         f*ck you,

        • GreenGear

          Put forth some effort. Don’t just respond with the same sentence to everyone.

  • Trickster Nevermore

    Do you know why he doesn’t listen to you anymore? Because you are the most entitled, needy little shits on the internet. Do you realize the pressure you put on him every time you whine about getting a new video? Do you realize how selfish you sound when you say that only his absolute best quality work is good enough for you? He doesn’t owe you anything, and if you were a real fan, you’d stop your constant bitching and let him work on videos at his own pace. I tell you what, you go and make an incredibly funny video game review, at least 10 minutes long, every single week for a year, and then you get to complain to Spoony about his video posting schedule.

  • Michael Ledoux

    Silly Lindsey, Spoony is supposed to be the big spoon!

  • RememberTomorrow

    I guess somebody has already mention this but here it goes. It’s Oancitizen who made this video.

    And btw. I liked it.

  • BrendanConcannon

    Hey guys, I’ve been putting two and two together and formulated a question:

    Is this TGWTG anniversary having anything to do with the AVGN movie?  They are both filming at the same time, afterall.

    • Terri

      Maybe a little redundant considering the first anniversary.  But if done right, it would be awesome!

    • Rowan J Coleman

      HOLY SHIT YEAH!!!! James did say there was a villain in the piece (CRITIC!). That’s a cool idea, but maybe not.

    • Andy Leung

      No, James is doing a legit movie, not some amateur silly unfunny movie

      • Alex Stritar

        I’m confused. How could something be both silly and unfunny?

  • Terri

    “Spoony’s site has gone downhill since. . . ”  “Spoony owes us nothing/EVERYTHING!!!!!!”  Ooooookaaaaayyyyy. . . . well, at least we know who thinks the universe does or should revolve around them.  Personally, I do miss new videos.  But, people, you do realize he’s a busy man, right?  First the snob movie, followed immediately by the Fourth Year Anniversary,  and God knows the conventions (if he had time for any).  Busy man.  Say what you all will but as for me, I can wait.
    ^^ Bending with Bennett makes me want to watch Diatron 5 all over again!  Also, what Doug in that orgy?  Must’ve missed him.

    • GozarisaGod

       Have you ever viewed the Cinema snobs website? There’s no excuse for Noah’s lazyness. Brad Jones accomplishes in a week what Spoony has done in an entire year and a half. He has movie making footage,Vlogs,Con coverage, Brad tries, his personal cinema snob videos he always does. I mean holy sh*t does this man know what he’s doing…and you people use the excuse of “Spoony is busy” lol. In the face of other reviewers that are truly busy but still gets the job f’n done and then some it’s really funny. Stop making excuses for this the lazyness of Noah Antwiller.

      • Tony

        How about you have a nice cup of shut the fuck up to go along with the buckets of dicks you’ll be eating … that should keep you busy enough to not be inconvenienced by this little website any more.  You wont be missed.  You will, however, continued to be smacked down from here on out.

  • Victor Chacon Sabadia

    I wanna be humped by Nchick too.

  • Dan S

    Why not “Toddling with Todd”? :(

    • FormulaFox

       “Todd In The Sheets” wasn’t good enough? :P

  • Octo Seven

    That was hilarious! I’m not the biggest fan of NC but her improv at the very end was hilarious. “I DON’T CARE THAT WE’RE FULLY CLOTHED”

  • Erebus_Locke

    Hey Spoony, are you ever going to finish “Deadly Premonition”? Or another strange game, maybe a FMV one? But I think especially “Deadly Premonition” would fit your humor perfectly, and it would be really entertainig hearing your comments on certain situations.

    Thanks for all the stuff so far!

    • angry_horror_critic

      *sigh* Spoony is going to release WHAT HE WANTS WHEN HE WANTS!!!! Fuckin lay off him you think you are entitled to anything?? GUESS WHAT youre not!

      Great video Spoony, keep up the good work!

      • sams88

        People like to feel entitled on the internet.

        • Alexander Hutcheson

          But all in all Erebus was actually asking nicely and being civil as opposed to the usual “OMG WHY U NO MAKE DEADLY PREMONITION SPOONY?” comments we get. So I yeah I think angry horror critic was being unnecessarily jerkish.

          • sams88

            Jerks can be right from time to time ;)

          • Alexander Hutcheson

            I mean I get that stuff gets done when its done but if you wanna post a heated argumentative post, you should probably argue with someone who is at least being unreasonable. Know what I’m sayin?

          • Michael Baker

             Logic hath no place in these halls, get thee gone!

          • captainjack23421

             You deserve a punch in the face retard.

          • Tony

            No, you deserve that punch in the face, and a whole lot more.

      • Edgars Sondors

         Why so serious? I mean, did Erebus say something incredibly offensive or tits?

      • thetad

        You might be trolling, but if you’re not, you’re kind of a jerk.

        I mean, it’s one thing to be aggressive to someone being an ass, but all this guy did was ask nicely. Why do you have to be an ass in turn?

  • thetad

    Okay, I’m on the fence when it comes to this whole argument thing. Both sides have made some decent points, but it’s really all just nonsense.

    I think I’ll start by saying that I have watched his video on the ending of Mass Effect 3 and I have to say that I agree with most of his points. A lot of people (as in people in general, not just Spoony’s fans) aren’t intelligent enough to really look into what the actual ending was and all of the foreshadowing leading up to it. Because of this, I’m not really affected by the whole “I’m right, you’re wrong, fuck you” thing, because it really isn’t that hard to understand. It also goes to show how thin-skinned and annoying his fans can be sometimes, with all of these arguments and whatnot.

    That said, the thing about these arguments I dislike the most is the “You’re not entitled to anything” Side of it. While I’m not one to demand or nitpick on Spoony’s material, as a fan since the start, I think that all of Spoony’s fans as well as myself are entitled to at least a ten minute vlog on what the hell is going on. Now, a lot can be assumed because of the fact that he is working on the TGWTG reunion thing, but Spoony has been silent on the whole ordeal. A vlog explaining everything would be a lot more professional, in my opinion.

    Well, I gave my two cents, so I guess I’ll shut up until someone inevitably flames me.

    • PeaTearGryfin

       We’re not really arguing that the fans don’t deserve an explanation. What we are arguing is the idea that some feel that they can force Spoony to upload a review at the snap of their fingers.

      • thetad

        But the thing is that I see the people giving the same aggression towards fans asking nicely for an explanation and the like as well as the more jerkish fans. Not to mention that all of this happened because of Spoony’s lack of communication with his fans. I’m sure that the people demanding material would start to go away if he just explained everything. It really isn’t that hard.

    • Ravensburger

      I think that’s really harsh.

      So all those people out there, a huge chunk of the community, are just to unintelligent for the ending to ME3? Be that as it may, with all the ”foreshadowing” and what not(which I honestly disagree on), you are calling all these people, these fans, unintelligent?

      Most people that try to debate on the ending are just guys and gals, like you and me. I agree with these people, because they are the ones that try so hard to present their case.

      Of course you can like the ending. You are entitled to your opinion. But neither you, nor Spoony can call people dumb or unintelligent for disliking it, and giving their opinion on the matter.

      And those are MY two cents

    • Lodur Maga

      “I think that all of Spoony’s fans as well as myself are entitled to at least a ten minute vlog on what the hell is going on”

      Well then you obviously have a vastly overinflated sense of entitlement. He doesn’t owe you anything. Suck it up or cry moar. Your choice, big guy.

  • Melissa Caldeira

    I say keep the one with Sage. It’s well worth it. XD
    And I always love to see Kyle sexually harassed. He always acts so composed, it’s brilliant.

  • Christopher Bertram

    This doesn’t count as a new video

  • Richard Richardson

    Not putting up new reviews is excusable at times. Not putting up news updates is unprofessional. It is what it is; I take no pleasure in saying it.

  • septimar

    Do people here realize that this video is on Nostalgia Critic’s Blip account? Spoony put this up here because he’s featured in it, not because he produced it.

    I could be called a basement dweller (it’s the attic, but why being pedantic?), but I just wanna shout to those bitching about a sketch less than 5 minutes long:


    • Knifegash

       Being featured and having two or three scenes that each last seconds (cameos) are not the same.

      • septimar

        Get a life.

  • Kody Lumley

    Noah has a life, it’s something you have to accept. He’s an entertainer, he has other people to entertain. He’s could be at a con or he could be taking a break, tell me he doesn’t work his ass to the bone for us. He’ll give us a video when he gives us a video. I liked this by the way, I thought it was funny.

    • captainjack23421

      Oh wow you obviously have no idea. “Other people to entertain”? WHICH PEOPLE?

      THIS SITE is his “dream”, or more importantly ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME. He has no live, no other job besides this. Or would you count the TGWTG-crossover movie?

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Did it ever occur to you that Spoony might have friends or a social life? Spoony does not spend every waking hour of every minute doing something for this site. So yes Spoony probably has been busy doing: The Cinema Snob Movie, the TGWTG 4th Year Anniversary, writing, and balancing his social life. All I ask is that you guys lay off the man. Please.

        • MediaGold

          Social life?  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  You guys are hilarious, if not somewhat delusional.

        • MediaGold

          Social life?  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  You guys are hilarious, if not somewhat delusional.

  • Sam Lewis

    So much hatred in the comments, old arguments of whether we’re owed anything or not, what constitutes a good video, etc etc. The same point keeps coming up, leave if you don’t like it. I, personally, love the crossovers and vlogs, often times as much if not more than the reviews. I think countermonkey was great for many reasons. Angry comments won’t change things. As many have said, you vote with your wallet, or your ad views. Leave if you don’t want to watch, I’ll stay here and laugh.

    That said, numerous requests for “update vlogs” are a good idea, it would be nice if spoony could post a bi-weekly update. But I wont demand it.

    • Christopher Bertram

      This is a good video, but it was made some time ago

      And as much as i love his Counter Monkey series, those are really just Vlogs. the last real video he released was 22nd of march, over a month ago. If this was meant to be his full time job then he should be coming out with more videos. I understand how much time one of these reviews actually takes, and i understand how difficult it really is but still, it’s his job. Look at how much Brad Jones has released, and he’s currently filming a movie that Noah was in for the first week.

      • Sam Lewis

        I dont see what’s wrong with posting vlogs. They’re plenty funny and entertaining and they review material. What do you want, scripting and costumes? The reviews themselves do tend to be nicer quality, but I enjoy the vlogs. As for the point that “it’s his job”, fine. It’s his job, if he does poor he’s paid less. That’s his problem, not ours. We don’t need to yell at him on top of him making less money.

      • Michael Baker

        It might be his job, but he is, ultimately, not beholden to you, me or anyone else. He works to entertain us, but we are not his ‘boss’. I don’t think we’re even in a position to state that because this is his job that he is required to pump out content on our schedule or even what that content consists of. Unless, of course, you’ve somehow invested in his business in a meaningful way. Barring that, we’re all just fans.

        If you don’t agree with what Noah is doing, you have a few options open to you:

        1. You can take your ad hits and views to another entertainer who produces at a rate you find satisfying, Angry Joe or the Nostalgia Critic for example.

        2. You can donate money and suggest plausible and popular ideas to the show to perhaps change content or speed up production, money is the biggest help I’d think.

        3. You could voice unhelpful criticism and attempt to sway others to the belief that, as simple consumers, you are entitled to a level of quality; untouched by any concern for the artist’s personal life or issues; and the artist in question better get off his duff and start catering to you, the consumer’s, whims.

        Number two seems like it might offer the most favorable return, but what do I know.

  • Jesse M. Danielson


  • Robert Quinn

    Is it that time of year again?

    • Edward


  • Christopher Bertram

    Banging with Film Brain
    Beating off with Brad Jones
    Dumping on Doug Walkers face

  • Christopher Bertram

    Banging with Film Brain
    Beating off with Brad Jones
    Dumping on Doug Walkers face

  • Julian Moretti

    1) I must say… wtf is this. I get making a joke on the whole spooning thing but these just look like really bad edits. Id rather wait 2 months for a good video then 1 week for unused edits/takes.

    2) On a better note, is it ironic that the funniest bits are the ones with Noah in them?

  • captainjack23421

    Oh look Spoony updated his site, maybe its finally some cool Lets Pl………Oh for fucks sake.

    • Alex Stritar

      You mean you couldn’t imedeatly tell it wasn’t a let’s play? It took you a bit to register that the thumbnail of Luke and Nella wasn’t from Deadly Preminisions?

      • PeaTearGryfin

         The mind of some of Spoony’s fan base:
        ” Oh look a new video! I’m just going to assume that it is a new review/Let’ s Play. WTF This is not a review/Let’s Play. That is false advertising Spoony. Allow me to troll the comments section blasting people who liked this video by saying that they are encouraging to Spoony to deprive me of above mentioned review/Let’s Play.”

        • Edward

          Oh, I can always count on you to make a broad generalization :p

    • Alex Stritar

      You mean you couldn’t imedeatly tell it wasn’t a let’s play? It took you a bit to register that the thumbnail of Luke and Nella wasn’t from Deadly Preminisions?

    • Tony

      Oh look, some fucktard posting under multiple names with the same exact unoriginal bullshit.

      • Edward

        No, he’s just of viewer with an opinion my favorite douchebag.  And I can vouche that captainjack23421 everyone else here for that matter is not me ;)

        • Tony

          Except I never said anything about him being you.  The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Maria Burgos

    O.O i do not know which is more amusing the vid or the comments  

  • KyleS

    Entitled, entitled, entitled. Advocates really, really, REALLY like to pass that word around… As if some of you guys think that people worrying about someone’s slip in work ethic is the worst thing in the world, and that these people are all childish little brats who need to be taught lessons.

    It’s kind of terrible. People have their right to voice concerns when things take a slow turn. Low points are worrisome for fans on behalf of the person they’re fans of. These people obviously enjoy the product they are viewing, and not only wish to see more of it, but also don’t want to see it come to an end.

    At least that’s what I feel is the root of the concern, the fact that people deep down don’t want there to be an end.

    • Edgars Sondors

       I am with you man!

    • Oiijio

      I don’t see what “lessons” these people need to be taught.

      Spoony has been raised to glory because of his fans. His consumer-base.

      Thus, if he wishes to continue thriving of said consumer-base, he needs to fulfill the desires of such.

      In a less metaphysical example, let’s say Michael Jackson releases Thriller, then stops releasing anything at all for decades on end. When he finally did release something, it was nothing but one or two mediocre cut-outs from Thriller and expected to be paid in full.

      Now considering that I (a consumer) come to this site, and the add-revenue-company gives Spoony a few cents for my visit. I then expect to get something of the quality inwhich i have become accustomed.

      In conclusion, we are providing Spoony with the same amount of money for a lower quality entertainment. Thus not only accepting a bad work ethic, but generally PROMOTING a bad work ethic.

    • Edward

      Well said.

  • joshua lavery


  • Okanehira

    Not funny, sorry. I’m not hating to hate or anything like that, it just.. wasn’t funny.

    • Edward

      Yeah, I didn’t think it was very good.  Some of the skits were good but a lot of them fell flat.  And it was way too short.

  • Jason Christopher Faught

    How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Spoony after all he has been through!All you people care about is….. New reviews and lets plays out of him.

    HE’S A HUMAN! (ah! ooh!) What you don’t realize is that Spoony is making you all these videos and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.

    He hasn’t performed on camera in months. His video is is called “Rejected Spooning with Spoony Ideas” for a reason because all you people want is Spoony! Spoony-Spoony, Spoony: Spoony!

    LEAVE HIM ALONE! You are lucky he even performed for you BASTARDS!

    • Edward

      Oh, fuck you and fuck Spoony.

      Oh, boo hoo! He got his heart broken!  Whatever!  So have I!  So have a lot of people and they get the fuck over it!

      Spoony has it pretty damn good and I’m not going to fucking coddle him or hold my tongue when I think he fucking sucks.  He wouldn’t do that to Michael Bay or anyone else he doesn’t likes so I’m not going to do that to him.  

      Boo fucking hoo!  Has Spoony ever been to a concentration camp, or horrible tortured, or raped, or had someone he know murdered, or lost a child to a pedophile, or born with a physical deformity or handicapped, or anything else that warrant legitimate sympathy?  No.  He’s just out of shape, he got dumped by a girl, he makes money every time he releases a video and people click on it, and he’s disappointing part of his audience by releasing video they don’t like or not enough videos.  Cry me fucking river.

      No.  Fuck him and fuck you.  I am tired of the god damn Spoony pity train.

      • GozarisaGod


      • Bunnionion

         You know, for the most part I completely agree with what your saying.  Honestly, there are people out there with way worse problems than what Spoony’s gone through, and while sympathy is a nice thing to give, their has to be a line drawn somewhere.  His problems can’t effect his job forever, or it’s going to have some adverse effects, and that’s just fact. 

        And, of course if people don’t like the video, or others that he’s producing than they’re certainly allowed to say so, just as much as his fans are allowed to defend his honor or whatever.  Now, you, on the other hand, seem as though you’re trying to answer as many comments on here and being as big a dick as humanely possible, just for the sake of being a dick. 

        C’mon Edward.  Does Spoony go down to where you work and jump around on the bed?

        • Edward

          Well, yeah, your right.  I’m being a dick.

          For starters, Jason was actually making a joke and I was too stupid to realize that.  So I was rude to him and I shouldn’t have been.  

          Now in my tirade, I meant what I said, but I shouldn’t have been an asshole and directed it at him.

          And your right, I’m being a jerk.  What I do is I check The Spoony Experiment and a bunch of other sites I go to after I get off work.  And I’ve been a little frustrated with Spoony’s output of late so whenever I check the site and there’s nothing new I’m all like “god damnit Spoony!” and I’ll check the comments to see if people are as annoyed as I am.  And low and behold, there are.  And that’s awesome.  I really enjoy reading all what people have to say and I like talking about Spoony and the show, good and bad.  I like discussing it.  And I like debating it with people.  And of course its the internet so we’re gonna get over zealous fans and trolls who are going to tear down whatever we say.  And I like to argue so I’ll do it. And if even if people are not white knights or trolls, if I disagree with what they say I’ll debate them on that.

          I’m really enjoying myself here.  I like talking with you guys.  I like arguing with you guys.  And I’m bored.  So….

          Yeah, I’m probably being a dick.

          Thank you for calling me out on it.  

          But I’ve more or less said my piece.  For the record, I like Spoony, I’m still a fan, I like his work, and I like him.  I don’t want life to get him down.  That said, I’m not afraid to criticise him.  I meant everything I’ve said on this forum.  The only thing I’m ashamed of is being mean to Jason.

          But yeah, Bunnionion.  I’ll do my best to be less of a dick.  

          I’ll catch yall later ;)

      • Jason Christopher Faught

        Apparently you have never seen Chris Crockers “Leave Brittany Alone” video meme Edward. How many of you out there got what I was trying to do with my post? Anyone? Anyone at all?

        • Edward

          Oh, that’s what you were doing?  Oh.

          I’m sorry dude.  

          With the way people get on this site sometimes, I thought you were serious.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone started talking like that completely seriously.  

          I’m sorry man.  I shouldn’t have told you to fuck off.  And my whole response, well, I meant it, but I was on angry tirade and it should not have been directed at you.

          If nothing else, your joke was so clever, it went completely over my head.  You got.  Or I’m just really stupid ;)

          • Jason Christopher Faught

            Thanks for the appology, I really appreciate that.

            I have no idea what’s happening in Spoony’s real life, but I really like his counter monkey stuff.

            I used to read his movie reviews in KotDT magazine.

      • Tony

        You wont be missed, cockguzzler.

        • Edward

          Still here, shit head ;)

          • Tony

            I like how you pride yourself on that, and yet earlier in the comments you state that you don’t care whether or not you get banned.  Hypocrite much?

  • Malidictus

    You know… I’ve been a Spoony fan for quite a few years now. I don’t post much mostly because the Spoony One does so well with the humour that I don’t feel I have anything I could add. I watched his let’s plays, his reviews, his vlogs, I LOOOVED Wrestle Wrestle (still hoping for more of that) and I to this day Spoony is the only reviewer I feel is funny even unscripted.

    For people to badmouth the guy for doing v-logs or Spooning sketches just baffles me. Far as I’m concerned, the Spoony One does not need a script or editing tricks to be funny. Sure, these help, but I still feel that one of the best videos he’s done is that hour-and-a-half TNA review where Samoa Joe WAS KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS! NINJAS!!!

    I like the Spoony One, and at no point have I ever felt like he owes me anything. I’ve never been asked to pay to watch his videos, so I don’t feel like a customer who’s entitled to a service. Spoony is a funny guy on the Internet who makes funny videos that I enjoy. If he can make money off this, all the better, but this is not a vendor-customer relationship. To claim that the Spoony One was somehow “made” by his fans, therefore, is completely disingenuous to me. We didn’t make the Spoony One. We’re not the producers of content here. He is. The Spoony One made the Spoony One through his sharp wit and dedication. We were merely here to see it.

    If Spoony wants to take a break, he can take a break. If the Spoony doesn’t want to release videos for a while, then so be it. If he wants to release just vlogs for a time, that’s fine. His vlogs are amazing. The toilet pizza still cracks me up every time. As much as we like to think we’ve become part of Spoony’s life, we haven’t. This is still his show. About all we can do is communicate our concerns and let him sort himself out.

    • Okanehira

      All very true, but I also think as the audience (because spoony isn’t making videos for himself he is making them for people to watch) we have the right to say if we like a video or not (in a non fanboy but constructive) way, without being called entitled or ungrateful.

      I love 95% of spoonys videos, I did not like this. Am I an entitled spoilt little shit for saying that? No. I am a fan voicing my opinion.

      • Malidictus

        Like I said, the most we can do is let Spoony know how we feel – and by all means, do so – then let him sort it out. We have no control over his content, just our reaction to it. It’s how fandom works.

        And I was more referring to the seemingly prevailing notion that “we” are somehow globally disappointed with the Spoony One for not releasing the videos we think he should be releasing.

        • Edward

          I’m not trying to badmouth Spoony.  I’m kindof bad mouthing him in response to people accusing me of bad mouthing him when I’m just trying to criticise him.

          And your right.  “We” is probably the wrong word.  I for one should probably say “I and a bunch of other people who have a similar opinion.”  It doesn’t really work as a pronoun but whatever.  It’s more accurate.  We’re not all in agreement here and that’s fine.

  • Sean O’Connor

    I was legitimately laughing the whole way through, and then I took a look at the comments only to see more hate than I could imagine. This is a fun update to the old Spooning with Spoony series that was one of my first Spoony videos viewed.  I especially loved the last one with the literal interpretation and NC’s revenge.  Seriously, I check to see if he’s updated as much as any other fan, but if he doesn’t, it’s not like you got ripped off.  Spoony’s never really had a solid update schedule, so this sort of thing just seems normal for me.  If he updates with a new review, awesome!  If not, time to check another site for now.

    • Edward

      Yes we did get ripped off.

      Mother fucker does something new and cool everytime a snail crosses a street.

      • Tony

        I wasn’t aware this was a subscription site.  Funny that, because in spite of me forgetting to pay my membership dues, I was still able to view the fucking video!  Something tells me that the same thing happened with you … so for you to say that you were ripped off in any way, shape, or form is so short-sighted, so ignorant, and so unabashedly ignorant that I can’t help but to think you’re acting this stupid just for attention.  You know who else acts out for attention?  Spoiled little crybaby brat kids who haven’t had their sorry little asses whooped back into reality.  That’s exactly what I envision when I see you post, Edward.

        • Edward

          Well, that’s good for you, Anthony.  Every time I see you post I envision a butt hurt asshole with a serious attitude problem who probably wants to legitimately beat my ass for the horrible crime of having an opinion.  You know what dude, if you can find me, go ahead and try because I would absolutely love to kick your ass Mr. Tough Talk.  

          I have already gone on at length through several comments on why I feel ripped off by these videos.  I don’t really want to harp on it again.  But I know thinking really makes your brain hurt so I’ll say this one more time just for you.  

          1) Freedom of Speech.  First Amendment.  I have a right to bitch about what ever I want.  If you don’t like it, you can suck it.  You try to take it away from me by force, I shoot you.  Second Amendment.  Don’t tread on me.

          2) It doesn’t matter if I’m not paying for it.  If Spoony’s show sucks, its still sucks.  And I’m going to let him and everyone else know it sucks. That’s called feedback.  That’s something that fans do for creators.  You know let them know honestly what they think of their work.  A responsible non-biased fan of an internet critic who does nothing but criticise as part of his job is supposed to do that.  It’s not harmful.  It’s not mean.  It’s just feedback to the creator.

          But of course, you’d never considered that since your incapable of seeing any issue from multiple angles.  But hey, that’s not your fault. Your not exactly working with a functioning brain.  After all, you used ignorant twice in the same sentences to describe me so how smart can you really be?  

          And you definitely strike me as a person that can not remotely handle a opinion that differs from your own, especially not a slightly offensive one.  Cause I’m sensing a lot of hostility from you which says to me I must have said something that really pissed you off and that tickles me a little.  Why else would you want to start shit with me?

          And I could go on and on about how I think Spoony’s work has degraded over time and how he gets add revenue for this every time we click on a video and how I feel like I’ve been supporting a bum for the past couple of years and many other points that I have already made of posts that you have allegedly read.  But what’s the point in trying to talk about this intelligently with you?  Your not here for that.  Your here to be a jerk and start a fight with me.  You have an axe to grind.  I can sense that.  You want to think of me as a spoiled cry baby, knock yourself out.  I do not care.  I will think of you as jackass with a small penis.  We’re even.  

          But I suppose if I must attempt to speak of this intelligently with you, I should attempt to clear up my motivations.  I am not doing this for attention.  Why am I here?  Commenting I mean.

          I’ve been a fan of Spoony’s for awhile.  I like his work and I like the man.  But the past couple months I have noticed a steady decline in his work.  I started noticing more and more Counter Monkey episodes which I feel are hit or miss, movie reviews that were, I felt ok, not really all that great, and long periods of inactivity.  Counter Monkey in particular started to bother me because sometimes it was good, sometimes it was too short, and at the end of the day I realized that it was a easy to make video that he could put out quickly and all of us would click on it and give him add revenue for it essentially meaning he could do little to know work talking about a game he played ten years ago and make money off it.  This annoyed me.  This made me feel that I was being ripped off and that’s what I mean when I say we’re being ripped off.  And then after awhile he just stopped doing anything.

          So I was frustrated and disappointed in this comedian I had grown quite fond of so I came here to see if anyone else felt the same way I did and low and behold their were.  A lot of people who were pissed off as I was and they were very refreshing to read.  I came here to intelligently discuss Spoony, his show, the things I like, and the lot of things I don’t like.  And fortunately there are a lot of people here who are fun to debate with.  Some agree with me.  Some don’t.  But they are all fun to talk to and they all bring something good to the table.  And there are also a lot of people who just want to shoot me and others down no matter what for daring to criticise Spoony.  And I’m not afraid of a fight or to speak my mind so I argue with them and defend my points.

          And then there are assholes like you with a bad attitude who have nothing intelligent to say and just want to be dick.  I’ll argue with your stupid ass too.  But I feel kindof guilty.  I feel like I’m picking on a retarded kid.  But whatever…For now I will just call you Tony the Tool cus that’s what your are.  Your only good for unscrewing nuts and pulling them out of Spoony’s ass.

          Eat shit and die Tony the Tool.  Human Centipede style.

          • Tony

            You have no freedom of speech here.  You follow the rules set by the admin.  The rest of your post is meaningless, but thanks for wasting all of that time writing it out, bitchboy.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            1) Freedom of Speech.  First Amendment.  I have a right to bitch about
            what ever I want.  If you don’t like it, you can suck it.  You try to
            take it away from me by force, I shoot
            you.  Second Amendment.

            You do realize that the second amendment doesn’t give you the right to murder somebody right? Much less you make a huge fit about how I mentioned that you were violating the rules and you wrote me a book about why I shouldn’t threaten you, but you turn around and threaten this man. Who’s the hypocrite now huh?

            2) It doesn’t matter if I’m not paying for it.  If Spoony’s show sucks,
            its still sucks.  And I’m going to let him and everyone else know it
            sucks. That’s called feedback.  That’s something that fans do for
            creators.  You know let them know honestly what they think of their
            work.  A responsible non-biased fan of an internet critic who does
            nothing but criticise as part of his job is supposed to do that.  It’s
            not harmful.  It’s not mean.  It’s just feedback to the creator.

            No feedback would be calmly explaining that you don’t find this sort of material as funny as his older stuff. Honestly, even those who defend Spoony will agree that this isn’t as funny as the Phantasmagoria 2 or Ripper Let’s Plays, but that doesn’t give you the right to troll everybody who dares to think differently from you.

             Counter Monkey in particular started to bother me because sometimes it
            was good, sometimes it was too short, and at the end of the day I
            realized that it was a easy to make video that he could put out quickly
            and all of us would click on it and give him add revenue for it
            essentially meaning he could do little to know work talking about a game
            he played ten years ago and make money off it.

            Several reviewers make v-logs. I assure you that people like Spoony and Brad Jones( whom you might notice v-logs make up a fairly large chuck of the material on his site) do this to put out something to appease the fans while they get the next project done. It is not some grand scheme to rip off money from you. If you don’t like the idea of v-logs don’t click on the play button and then you don’t give Spoony the ad revenue. Its that easy.

            And I could go on and on about how I think Spoony’s work has degraded
            over time and how he gets add revenue for this every time we click on a
            video and how I feel like I’ve been supporting a bum for the past couple
            of years and many other points that I have already made of posts that
            you have allegedly read.  But what’s the point in trying to talk about
            this intelligently with you?  Your not here for that.  Your here to be a
            jerk and start a fight with me.  You have an axe to grind.  I can sense
            that.  You want to think of me as a spoiled cry baby, knock yourself
            out.  I do not care.  I will think of you as jackass with a small penis.
             We’re even.

            You don’t seem to understand this concept that attacking the argument not the arguer will bring better results to you do you?

             I feel like I’m picking on a retarded kid.  But whatever…For now I
            will just call you Tony the Tool cus that’s what your are.  Your only
            good for unscrewing nuts and pulling them out of Spoony’s ass.

            Eat shit and die Tony the Tool.  Human Centipede style :p

            And you’re the mature one? Right. I actually find it funny that you mention how you are here for an intelligent debate despite the fact that the majority of you arguments have been addressing why everybody who disagrees with you is retarded. Hell you just threatened a man “Human Centipede style”, yet you are still the mature one. Sir I will give you credit, you’re comments are never boring to read.

          • Alex Stritar

            Not to undermine your points or anything, but you might want to put quotation marks around what you are quoting. It makes it easier to tell what’s a quote and what’s your points.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Thanks I’m going in and doing that now.

  • GreenGear

    I love Nella so much. She’s exactly the kind of attitude the interweb needs more of.

    • captainjack23421

       Shes pretty. In comparison to Linkaras girlfriend.

      • GreenGear

        –Thank you for slamming someone I don’t know personally out of nowhere. 


        • captainjack23421

           Cry some more anime-avatar. And dont google her. If you jerk off tonight into you hentai-bedware it migt get awkard.

          • GreenGear

            Wow dude you just dissed Golden Boy.

            GOLDEN BOY.

            You sir, are going to miss everything cool and die angry.

          • Edward

            No one but you and Bennet the Sage care about Golden Boy.

          • GreenGear

            Whew. And that’s where you uttered the most incorrect sentence in your life.

          • Edward

            I can live with that ;)

          • GreenGear

            –Quite a suicidal quip you’ve got there.

        • Edward

          And fuck you too.  He can make any joke he wants.  I thought it was funny.  Fuck Iron Liz.

          • Tony

            Shame your parents never cared about you.

          • Edward

            …….your a troll.  Your just trying to get a rise out of me.  Your not even paying attention to the argument.

            Whatever man.  Fine.  Go fuck yourself.  There.  Ya happy?  Buzz off dude.  We’re having a serious debate here on whether Iron Liz is ugly or not.  It’s important shit.

            It’s too mature for you.  You wouldn’t understand.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Really? That slam on Iron Liz was 100% called for?

        • captainjack23421

           Thanks for calling her name. Now the hordes are going to google it even more so.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            A search online shows  that trolls exist on the internet? Call me shocked! That still doesn’t excuse the fact that that slam was totally not called for.

          • GreenGear

            Agreed. What an asshole.

          • Edward

            Oh, fuck you man.  What site are you on?  Let the man make a tasteless joke.  Either we make fun of everything and everyone or we make fun of nothing.  Man up and grow a pair.

            You take this bullshit way too serously Mr. “I’m going to scream at a guy across the internet for the horrible crime of mentioning my parents in a comment and then I’m going to loudly announce to the whole internet that I’m going to go to the gym to calm down.”

            You apparently have never heard of the concept of giving your enemies too much information nor have you heard of openly embarassing yourself with how angry your getting.  

            And now your going to get all in a huff to criticise a legitimately funny joke (especially if you know anything about Iron Liz or her behavior) so the you can come to the defense of the honor of woman who you have never met, does not need defending, and probably does not know or care that the comment was made.  

            And your going to do so on a website run by a guy who does not ever hold his tongue or hold back a joke when criticising anyone he does not personally like in the media.  All of which are people who have feelings that can be hurt themselves.  

            Why are you here?  You are acting like a giant hypocrite and overly emotional twat.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Really? You’re entire defense is that I don’t know Liz personally. That still doesn’t give a person to call out somebody who has no way of defending themselves. As for that comment to Jobo, if you even knew a fraction of my life you would know why I refuse to allow people to make fun of my parents.

            btw. There is a difference between somebody,like Spoony, making harmless fun of somebody and being an ass.

          • Edward

            No there isn’t dude.  There is no difference.  What makes Spoony so special?  What gives him the right to make fun of anybody?

            I’ve got an answer for you.  It’s called the Bill of Rights and it applies to captainjack. We have the right and can say anything about anyone anytime.  It means you can criticise the government, you can criticise artists, and you can criticise people.  In other words, you can talk shit about people.  That like anything else is protected free speech.  He can say that just like you can make ass out of yourself and chew him out over and I can chew you out for chewing him out.  Iron Liz does not need defending nor does she care or should she care.  And if she is offended, tough shit.

            People criticising each other is something we all have a right to and we all have to put up with and if we are worth a shit we deal with it in a healthy way instead of losing are cool and getting arrested.  For example…

            I don’t care about you, your life, what you’ve been through, or your parents.  Fuck you and fuck your parents.  I just talked shit about you and your parents.  What are you going to do about?  Nothing.  And if you do, you’ll go to jail and rightly so.  

            And at the end of the day, what do you care about me, some asshole on the internet who you have never met thinks about you or your parents?  What does my opinion matter to you?  It should not matter at all.  

            Here’s an idea why don’t you act like an adult, which you are Mr. “I’m 19″ and not let assholes on the internet bother you.  Especially if they talk shit about you or your parents.  If you can not deal with people talking shit about your parents, which is the go too insult someone uses when they want to piss someone off, then you are going to spend the rest of your life in a jail cell.  Jobo and I are probably not the first people to talk about your parents and we are not going to be the last.  So you better learn to deal with it now.  You should have known how to deal with it now.  You are 19.  You are an adult.

            I made fun of you and your parents.  Be an adult.  Deal with it.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Dude get off your soapbox already. You blast people like me for defending our opinion meanwhile you feel the need to make sure that nobody who disagrees with you gets the final word on in anything. And as for this little personal assault you are going on right now. I will warn you that if you want to be banned from commenting on this site further than you are on the fast track to instant banning.

          • Edward

            No I will not get off my soapbox.  

            What I am doing with you sir is arguing with you.  You have a right to your opinion as do I and I am defending my opinion and you are defending yours although you are doing it in away that I don’t agree with but whatever.  We don’t agree, so we argue.  That’s fine. It may get heated but it’s healthy.  People just don’t always agree so sometimes they need to debate things and sometimes they feel the need to challenge someone on something they did that they think is wrong.  That’s what I’m doing to you and that’s what your doing to me and jobo and others like us.

            The reason why I’m getting on your case, is because I personally think your acting like asshole.  Now I know you think that I’m an asshole, honestly your right.  I really am.  I’m comfortable with that.  The reason I think that about you is because of your argument with jobo back on the Counter Monkey comment page.  I thought you were acting really out of line and you were being a jerk and I’ve been on your case ever since.  That’s why I’ve been challenging you.  That’s what you do when your not cool with someone’s behavior.  That’s what your doing with me here and now.  You have right to your opinion and I’m not going to take that away from you.  But I have a right to my opinion too and I have a right to disagree with you and your behavior and I have right to call you out on it.  I have a right to bitch about Spoony if I want.  I have a right to laugh at tasteless jokes if I want to. And if you think Spoony is some kindof saint who won’t tolerate tasteless humor, remember he’s friends with Chris “Rollo T” Larios who makes fun of Chris Benwa all the time.  

            I’m not going to try and take your opinion away, but if I disagree with it, I am going to challenge you and add my own 2 cents.  And I know you’ll do the same.  

            And as for threatening me.  Which you just did…


            Oh, please…whatever.

            2)I’ll be back on the site before you know it so that won’t stop me.

            3)That said it’s a waste of your time and energy.

            4)That sword points 2 ways.

            5)You essentially would be just censoring a person who does not agree with you, making your statement hypocritical since you have literally banned a person who disagrees with you obstensibly to win the argument making you the person that doesn’t feel anyone else other than you has a right to their own opinion.

            Do you really want to do something like?  Silence everyone who doesn’t agree with you?  Shut up everyone else just because they said something unpleasant to hear?

            That’s wrong man.  That’s very wrong.  That’s trampling over freedom of speech, it’s censorship, it’s tyranny, it’s fascism.  We have fought wars against that attitude.  Good men and women have died to stop that.  Do you really want to cross that line and become a tyrant yourself?

            Furthermore, by censoring my opinion, you would be given comfort to others who censor the internet.  If you ban me and others you might as well support SOPA and PIPA since you would be basically quieting people on the net you didn’t like.

            6)If you did ban me, the second I get back on the site, and I would get back on, I would be on your case even worse then before, because if you went to the trouble to get me silenced, I would then forever more consider you an enemy to free speech given your actions and I would call you out constantly for solving your problems by banning those you don’t like and you would never hear the end of it.  

            And finally

            7)Don’t threaten me pal.

            And I don’t have a problem with a dissenting opinion.  If you disagree with everything I’ve ever said and nothing I can say will change that, that’s fine.  That’s your right and I’m not going to take that away from you.  Now see this from my perspective.  I am trying to voice my dissenting opinion and everyone and their mother is trying to shut me down and shut me up.  That’s where I’m coming from.  That’s why I am arguing so hard.  I’m fighting to be heard or at least the right to speak my mind.  That’s all I’m trying to do.

            And I don’t think you are stupid.  I do think, and don’t take this the wrong way, I really don’t mean it to be insulting.  I do think you are a little immature.  And that’s not your fault.  You are quite literally 10 years younger than me.  You have a lot to learn.  You have a lot of growing up to do and you have a lot of living to do.  And believe me, I was like you once.  I had a huge anger problem when I was your age.  I still struggle with it till this day.  And trust me when I say you need to get that under control now.  And if someone insults you or your family, fuck em.  Don’t let it get to you.  It’s not worth it.  Seriously dude, fuck me. 
            Fuck me for being an asshole to you earlier.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Dude that’s not a threat. Spoony has made it clear that he does not tolerate personal insults on this site. If you feel the need to troll people personally than head over to 4Chan I’m sure they could use another person who feels the need to insult people to make themselves feel better.

          • Sam Lewis

            Jokes are funny. Spoony is funny. A random troll bashing another reviewer out of nowhere? Not funny. If you find it funny, youre probably the type to laugh at trolling a chatroom or when a group of bullies beat up a kid, or when someone you dislike kills themselves. That is to say, you’d be the scum of the earth.

          • Edward

            No I’m not.  I’m the type of person that finds it hypocritical for us to make fun of movies and celebrities on sites like this yet we consider making fun of the people that make sites like this to be off limits. 

            It’s particularly hypocritical when many of the reviewers you oh so love put no limits on what they make fun of.  Doug Walker has gone on record as saying there is no topic you can not make fun of.

            And I agree with him.

            If I am the scum of the earth for laughing at a crack on Iron Liz’s appearance then you are the scum of the earth for coming to this website and laughing at Spoony making fun of Michael Bay and Stephanie Meyer’s artistic endeavors.  They have feelings to too buddy ;)

          • Alex Stritar

            You may have a point there, maybe it is hypocritical to pull our punches on the critics and treat them like they are sacret.

            However, I don’t remember Spoony ever calling Stephanie Meyer an ungly mofo as part of his critiecs. It is still a low blow because your insulting her for her looks, one of the most superficial things, as aposed to artistic endevers, where the is something requiring more depth of analysis. It’s not like Liz even appeared in the video or there was more to the joke than “Haha, Liz does not fit my standerd of beauty” No wit, no poetry, nothing.

          • Edward

            Fair enough.  It is a low blow and its mean.  But I’m also a free speech advocate and I think we should be aloud to make tasteless jokes if we wish.  However, we should also be criticised for it so…

          • Edward


            Stop making me laugh about this.  This is so wrong.

        • Edward

          Yes it was.

          And him and Iron Liz aren’t together anymore anyway.

          I’m a little disappointed in her though.  Shortly after breaking up with Linkara she completely disappeared of the face of the internet.  Its a shame too because I thought her roleplaying reviews were pretty good.

          • Alex Stritar

            If it means anything, apearintly she’ll be releasing a video tomarrow. (at least, that’s what her Twitter said.)

            And yes, I also enjoy her rp reviews. It’s actually helping me as I have started becoming intrested in ropeplaying games. In fact, it was her that got me intrested in the World of Darkness. (I actualy found Changeling The Lost really intresting)

          • Edward

            Ok, well that’s cool.  Yeah, it would be cool to see her again.  I’m glad she’s coming back to the internet.

      • Edward


        Oh, I’m going to hell.

  • Malcomb Bell

    Fuck that was hilarious for the orgy. Warning my fellow viewers! There is at least 1 line that will make you go “what the hell” and bust out laughing! XD

  • Sir_D

    That was hilarious!  Loved it!  NChick and her lines at the end of the video just cracked me up!  

  • The_Nameless_One

    ROFLMAO!!!!  Spoony is horrified while Bennett is giving that creepy look.

  • MediaGold

    You too.

  • MediaGold

    You too.

  • Alex Stritar

    The coments prove Harvey Dent right. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villian.

  • BrendanConcannon

    The biggest problem is that people’s original expectations are not being met.  Originally, there were videogame playthroughs and old movie reviews being supplemented with a few vlogs in between.  I believe people have a right to voice their expectations about this.  The site was originally about the fusebox counter, Yor being the Man and “You’re in my way, sir.”  In my opinion, I thought that was the Spoony Experiment. 

    I expected the site to show games from the past.  Games that were once rated top-of-the line for their time.  I expected the  Spoony Experiment to show how those games were actually failed experiments.  Boring gameplay in Microcosm. Broken story and mechanics in FF – VIII.  Ramdom AI behavior in SWAT.  The horrors of Phantasmagoria II.  How Highlander died.  In my opinion, the Spoony Experiment is an outlet that shows the fall of the titans.

    Recently, it’s been a splurge of vlogs, camera-talks, countermonkeys and crossovers.  The current trend is not meeting the original expectations and it is drastically different from the original anchor.  It’s almost as if the site has lost its identity. The “outside the experiment” material is not what the majority expects; good or bad. 

    I thought the Ultima series was a step in the right direction.  I would like to see a playthrough of the Under a Killing Moon – Pandora Directive series.  I was expecting more stuff for the Sega CD.  I’m not expecting over-the-top special effects or rigid scripts. 

    • Sebastian Svensen

       what the hell… i love ALL the videos spooney makes! (well, maybe not this video in particular) and dont you dare insult counter monkey! those videos are masterpieces! though i would love too see a bad movie review soon…

      • Edward

        Easy cowboy.  If you like all his stuff, that’s cool.  But let the man be heard if he’s not cool with Counter Monkey.  I don’t think he’s even that upset by it.  He’s just making a general review of what the site has been producing lately.

    • Erebus_Locke

      Thats my problem to.

      I found these strange games and movies both funny AND interesting. Going to the Spoony Experiment was always an experience because you could expect something weird, funny, but also interesting.

      Nowadays he only does rather standart “internet comedy”. I mean its still great! Simply because Spoony is a real good entertainer, so even as a Non-RPG person I liked his “Counter Monkey” episodes.

      But the original reason why I came to this site is gone. I really miss those Lets Plays and Reviews. I already made a post how I wish he would do a Lets Play of “Deadly Premonition”.

  • Steven Banta

    Good lord, quit getting your neckbeards in a bunch, people.  You don’t pay for this, it’s free entertainment, shut the fuck up and quit whining.

    I swear, I love Spoony himself, but his fans are some of the most annoying, entitled jerks on the damn Internet.

    • Erebus_Locke

       -_- Yeah sure. We are “whining” because we miss the old videos.

      And hes making a living of this site so Im allowed to give feedback.

    • Edward

      It doesn’t matter if we’re paying for it.  If his work sucks, his work sucks, and we have a right, no, a responsibility to tell him that.  

      Here’s an idea.  How about you stop telling us what to do asshole.

      • Erebus_Locke

         Hold on, his work doesnt suck. Thats unfair. What he makes is very funny and entertaining.
        But he used to do OTHER STUFF, and I miss these kinds of videos. (Lets Plays, Reviews of strange games etc.).

        And I wonder, why cant he make both? One month a Lets Play, the other a Counter Monkey? That would bring the old and new fans together.

        • Edward

          Whether it sucks or not is a matter of opinion.  If I think it sucks, then it sucks to me.

          However, no, I do not think his work sucks.  I’m engaging in hyperbole because I am really sick and tire of everyone yelling at me, you, and others of us who are providing feedback and then tell us to shut up and that we shouldn’t complain.

          And maybe I’m making a jackass of myself at the same time.  But I don’t care.  

          No, if you want my honest opinion, he does not suck.  Nor does he recent work.  However, I think his recent output is flawed and I am getting frustrated with it.

          But hey, at least he’s better than the Angry Video Game Nerd is right now.  He’s really pissing me off especially with the whole Moviegate controversy.

          • Tony

            Cry some more, bitch boy.

          • Edward

            Why don’t you suck my cock you piece of shit.  Go fuck yourself.  I wasn’t even talking to you.  Did I hit a nerve asshole?

    • KyleS

      There’s that word again, did you guys all get conditioned to say that when people complain about something?

      • Tony

        Is that your default response whenever someone calls you out on your stupid bullshit?  Is that your only response, you unoriginal turd?

  • Steve Mattsen

    Spoony, fuck making videos. You should concentrate on making it with it Lindsay Ellis.

    • Steve Mattsen

      You should Sweat with The Dudette

    • Steve Mattsen

      You should Score on Team NChick.

    • Steve Mattsen

      You should Score on Team NChick.

    • Steve Mattsen

      You should Nail The Nostalgia Chick.

      • Edward

        I’m pretty sure she’s doing Todd in the Shadows and he might have a problem with that.

  • yamina-chan

    And here I was thinking that the “Spooning with Spoony turned over to others” and the idea was by now fully explored. Instead, we get this XD
    I liked it ^^
    It’s not a Review, a Let’s Play or even a ‘regular’ sketch, but it was fun none the less =D

  • Erebus_Locke

    By the way, for all those who miss his Lets Plays:

    His Lets Play of “Kingdom Hearts” on is very good! He talks much, its funny and interesting to follow. It realy its a shame its only on Twitch, because I think this archived Livestream is on the same level as his “real” Lets Plays. 

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Yeah that was a fun playthrough. I wonder why Spoony stopped doing it. I know he didn’t like the Gummi ship sections(then again nobody does), but that is hardly a reason to quit cold turkey.

      • Erebus_Locke

        Petition! SPOONSTA! We DEMAND!!!!! (sorry :P) more Kingdom Hearts!

        • PeaTearGryfin

          Liked for Bruce Boxleitner

    • Edward


      Why the hell isn’t it on here?

      What the fuck?  That would shut, like, everyone up, including me?

      He doesn’t bother to put a let’s play on his own fucking website?  The one he puts let’s plays on?!!!

      God dammit!

    • Dan Durand

       Yes!  I was looking for this the moment I heard about it on one of the other reviews, thank you!

  • gerald chubbuck

    OK that was. . . well just let’s move on.

  • GozarisaGod

    It’s funny I visit this website say every 4-6 months and nothing ever changes. There’s always 1 actual video posted on the front page that’s been up for like 4-5 weeks, then some cross over filler posted, and then after that some vlog about nothing that’s about 2 hours long. Then you go to read the comments and you realize why the website is the way it is. 90% of the populations are ass kissers that migrated over from TGWTG. Then those asskissers go decide to bring their TGWTG ass kissing bullsh*t towards the remaining 10% TSE followers and it’s always the same outcome. TSE followers say “Woa, Spoony when are you doing an update? A real update?” Then some TGWTG ass kisser feels the need to chime in saying “You’re not paying for this it’s free, Spoony can do what he wants we love you spoony! Take as long as you want (when it’s been like 1.5 months already)”.

    Then a TSE follower will say “We just want him to make videos like he did 4 years ago this new stuff is sub par”…and then one of the TGWTG ass kissers say “This current stuff is funny! I love everything spoony does! I like watching some yap for 2 hours about nothing because I have no friends IRL to talk too, so it’s like the closest thing to having a real friend” Then a TSE follower will say “O_o” as he leaves the website wondering where the flood of socially awkward failurites came from. Well my friends I am here to tell you they came from TGWTG and we have lost this war. TGWTG ass kissers live in delusion, they love anything and everything that corny website puts out. Smarter people escape like a fart in the wind once they realize how much that website sucks ahem (AVGN) but those that choose to linger in the funk just end up lost in the stink fog (Spoony).

    Spoony of 2008-09 is gone. He will never return to us. We’ve been fighting this war to bring him back but he’s not coming back. He’s dead…dead…deadsky. We all have been winging on to hope but the truth finally needs to be spoken. He is simply gone. The sooner you realize it the easier it is to accept the low quality material he puts out.

    Even the voice of reason falls short. Don’t bother trying to point out the obvious about how Noah Antwiller needs to get his life on track You’ll only get flagged and bombared with comments from the TGWTG ass kissers. They would rather flatter the shell of a man once known as Noah “Spoony” Antwiller untill one day he ends up drifting away into the afterlife while sitting in his brothers home in front of the computer. Wearing his FF sucks tshirt stained with Cheetos’s that barely can cover his beer/mountain dew gut.

    • Alex Stritar

      “I visit this website say every 4-6 months”

      That is a lie! You were hear last week! There’s proof on the last video!

      • GozarisaGod

         Yes, I was here last week that is correct…For the first time in 4-6 months!

        Before that I was here during Diamanda Hagan video in January, and before that I was here for Spoony’s gameexpo footage where he went on his Nintendo sucks rant and skimped over their section to talk about Final Fantasy’s MMO and GW2 back in August or july or whenever that was in the summer, and before that I was here for one of Highlander reviews where he did the cross over guest couch with that other guy. So yes I come here every 4-6 months to catch up and really there are not that many videos to catch up with.

    • anonymous

      Oh hey, it’s you again. Haven’t you been writing here like every other waking hour you have? Judging from all the posts of yours in this comment section that are basically the fucking Great Wall of China when put together. You’re not really convincing anyone at this point if you’re trying to look like anything but a whiny try-hard.

      • GozarisaGod

         There’s about 3 post (as in non replies) I made in this video and 3 in the other video. What is your point? The rest are just replies to nonsense like the type you came to bring.  You see on this website nobody attacks you people that want to praise everything but you all feel compelled to attack others that feel the opposite. How many replies are there to people who Like and praise every video verses someone just saying “No sir,I didn’t like it?” I think we addressed this issue on here in the Diamanda Hagan video.

        A lot of you people are nut cases that can’t get over the idea that not everyone agrees with what you think or how you feel and that’s why a lot of you are social introverts/awkward. You can’t accept the fact that other people don’t care what you think so you clam up offline but feel the gall to come on these these little comment forums in the comfort of your funky bedroom to try and write as many replies to anyone’s comments that you don’t like.

        Personally I don’t write a lot or bother to make post on here and most of the ones I made were from 2-3 years ago when it was mostly discussion and everyone was on the same page. There’s no point when you introverts don’t know how to converse with people without stuffing your opinion down someones throat.

        “Judging from all the posts of yours in this comment section that are basically the fucking Great Wall of China when put together”

        I’m sorry you feel threatened by words and the 3 posts I made in this section buried way below everyone elses jibber jabber frightens you. What you’re assuming is that I’m on your peanut brain level where people type one word per hour. It took me less than 2 minutes to type all of this. It’s called knowing how to use a Keyboard.

        What I can say though is that I’m glad the few post I’ve made got under your skin and that’s okay with me because obviously you recognized a part of yourself in those post and realized “Hey, he’s talking about me” I’m offended.


        • anonymous

          I’m also glad that my comment warranted you to type furiously for 2 minutes. Well, actually, not really. You’re basically just flinging shit around to see what sticks, and then lash out at anyone who tries to challenge you for it, so in the end you’re not behaving differently from those you’re trying so hard to berate. 

          I’m not even disagreeing with you about some of the points you’re making, but your brash generalizations and overall bitchy tone don’t really deserve a polite or reasonable response. So it’s not about that you CAN’T say what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, but you shouldn’t wonder why some people give you shit for it or demand them to be courteous to you in return. Freedom of speech goes both ways.

          Also, I don’t have problem with reading at length, as long as it’s something with actual substance. There’s no way to compare the mess you’re making here with something of real literary value.

          • CaptainDingaling

             Get off his nuts.

    • Tony

      You’re here every fucking day, you lying little bitch.  Quit fronting, and go the fuck away.

  • Dragons_Dusk

    *snickers a lot* nice, especially liked the Jumping Jewario and uh… crap forgot what Nell’s was called

  • Robin Adams

    Wow, the Fan Dumb is strong on this site.

    Yes, you’re allowed to voice your opinion; but some people here really need to learn the line between polite constructive criticism and abuse.  Saying you’d prefer more reviews and fewer vlogs is fine.  Posting a 10-paragraph character assassination of Noah’s lifestyle is not.
    Yes, Spoony gets ad revenue when you watch his videos.  That doesn’t make you his boss.  Even if it did, if my boss said to me some of the things that have been posted on this site, I would slap him with a claim for bullying and harassment so fast it would make his head spin

    As for this video: it was a fun way to spend 5 minutes of my time, and it made me chuckle once or twice.  Doesn’t have to be anything more than that.  If Spoony didn’t just have fun with a video camera and his fellow reviewers now and then, that wouldn’t make the regular reviews any better or more frequent.  Quite the reverse.

    • Edward

      I don’t care if it’s abuse.  It’s feedback.  It’s many of us voicing our opinions and our disapproval.  We have right to do it and we’re not going to stop.  Your welcome to disaprove.

      • Robin Adams

        Actually, I’d put most of your comments under constructive criticism.  I do agree that quite a few people are quick to call “troll” to any criticism on these comments these days.  But I can understand why, since the abuse to polite criticism ratio has been pretty high here for a long time.

        • Edward

          Well, I appreciate that sir.  I probably have crossed the line too.

          I normally agree with Gozarisagod, but I didn’t read his recent comments which got flagged so I have no idea what he said.

        • CaptainDingaling

          Gozrisagod wasn’t going over any line he was speaking the truth about spoony and talking about a lot of things he has done to alienate his fans over the years which is why a lot of people stopped coming here all together but there are plenty of post all over the net from fans he basically pissed on talking about his attitude. When you’re an asshole to the people that basically made you what do you expect?

        • gallowsCalibrator413

          Not to mention DRAGDAR >:(

    • CaptainDingaling

       You’re complaining about someone writing a few paragraphs when you’re on a website that has 4hour long videos posted up? You could watch Avatar Twice! with the directors cut added features and bonus scenes in that time.

  • ChibiGingi

    Forgive me, but I’m now shipping Jewwario and Marzgurl in my head…

  • Robin Adams

    OK.  I’m enough of a geek that I actually went back and counted.

    In 2008 – the year of FMV Hell and Phantasmagoria, Spoony’s supposed golden age – there were:

    9 reviews, 5 Let’s Play videos, 14 vlogs, 1 Ask Spoony, 2 Most Awesome Things of the Week, 20 other

    In the 4 months since Spoony announced his return with Skullduggery, there have been:

    4 reviews, 8 Counter Monkeys, 3 cameos in crossovers, 5 other

    That’s 1 review a month.  His review output so far this year has been *higher* than the 2008 average.  Good ones, too – Skullduggery is up there with the best of his work.  His let’s play output has been higher too if you count the stuff on

    As for his content:filler ratio, that depends which category you put Counter Monkey in.  Myself, I loved them – the Age of Manure made me laugh harder than I can remember in a long time.

    I’d much prefer Spoony takes his time, and releases a few good
    reviews, rather than rush to meet a few fans’ expectations and churn out
    a load of crap ones.

    Call it kissing ass if you like, but I just think Spoony could do with some support right now, seeing as he’s been through a bout of depression not that long ago, and now everything he does just meets with a wave of criticism of varying politeness.  (Although, if he’s sensible, he stopped reading the comments here long ago.)

    • Edward

      If you are pleased with his output, that is fine, but I am not condling this guy anymore.  Bout of depression, whatever.

      To paraphrase Arthur Miller, “People are worse off than Noah Antiwiler.”

    • Erebus_Locke

      Id rather trade some of the cameos and counter monkeys against a Lets Play. His output is still the same, yes, but the focus is more on Vlogs and stuff.

  • Dragdar

    I wouldn’t hit the play button if my life depended on it -.-‘, …no,  if the balance of the universe depended on it !!!

    Im just here to read the comments,

    have a laugh or two.
     some poeple have a special talent for bitch-slapping the spineless, no-life fanboys back to their unholy, smelly basements …

    One guy said it best; “If Spoony released a slimy , barely conscious, mucus covered v-log about the time lordket killed a troll with a flaming bedroll” , you’d be hard pressed to find any of them not eating it up and trying to gang up on anyone criticizing the lack of proper content. Drawing strange satisfaction from white-knighting.

    OF COURSE Spoony figured this as well.

    … except. THIS IS ACTUALLY WAY WORSE than the hypothetical CM v-log.

    It’s something he dug up, in his underwear, from the bowels of his “rejected,unfunny, junk out-takes” drawer and said to himself while scratching his balls and eating cheetos; “this’ll do” and then proceeded to upload it.

    And still, the result is the same, the prophecy was correct.

    In a week or so, it’ll be outakes of “shitting with Spoony” where he literally plants a camera inside his bathroom and then proceeds to squeeze out a “chocolate dragon”, the highlight will be spoony commenting on the size if his turd.

    You fanboys are the funniest thing on this website right now, and that’s truly pathetic.

    • Edward

      High Five! :)

    • CaptainDingaling

       Someone finally sees the light!

  • Shaella

    For some reason I can never get enough of the interaction between sage and spoony. Made the whole video worth it.

  • Jason Morley

    Guess what, you have to click the video for him to get the revenue. If you don’t think you’ll like the video, don’t click it and oh my goodness his revenue goes down. Stop visiting the site if it’s no longer entertaining you. This is how a market criticises something: It doesn’t pay for it.

    Me I found the video hilarious. Good sir, you may have my click for this.

  • exploda

    I just shot so many nerd ropes all over the computer screen.

  • CaptainDingaling

    Bah! Not this TGWTG crossover bs again. That can only mean one thing… another corny TGWTG anniversary special is underway. I look forward to missing it.

  • Ugo Strange

    I found a new catch phrase “Cry it out bitch.”

  • Dan Durand

    Don’t feed the trolls people, that’s internet rule #1.  Don’t feed them, and eventually, they go away.  That or burn them with fire, fire solves everything.

    • jo bo

      You can begin with yourself ;) 

      • Dan Durand

         Do enlighten me good sir, explain to me how I happen to be a troll?

  • mc niggs

    I thought spoony said he was back?? Just to much filler and not enough real spoony reviews. And to criticize the people who critic the critic.. very hypocritical. Why not tell spoony when they don’t like something?? If they didn’t then he wouldn’t know what to change. I agree its one thing to critic and another to be a dick but still.. There is a reason the comment box is here. And yes the crossovers seem to be generally hated as they are used is annoying ways, although sage and spoony have enough in common to warrant it. But when they started changing formats and saying how good it is and ignore the fans telling them the old videos are better is not helping. Just look at the sites traffic history and you will see very clearly whats wrong. regardless when spoony is on his game he is by far the best reviewer on tgwtg site for sure. Which I guess is why people are hard on him when he makes videos like these as they have higher expectations i guess.

  • K B

    Panda’s “not that different, I was already dead inside” was the funniest bit.

    “fuking” was a lame joke new guy.

    Dorky as it is, one of these should’ve just been a set of spoons on the bed.

  • Steven Footinass


    Grow the fuck up, people.

  • Christopher Shanahan

     I dunno about everyone else, but I thought it was hilarious, and it made my day brighter when I saw that there was a new “spooning with spoony”

  • Treleus

    Aww, what? No “Necking with the Nostalgia Critic”?

  • SunOvaGun

    XD the one with Sage and Spoony made me giggle the most.

  • thegodemperor

    LOL Bennet one was the BEST!

  • Jesse Garza

    Funny, sexy, and cute. It wouldn’t be fair to everybody who starred or did cameos in this video for me to point out my favorites. But I’ll just say some of them where very funny! 

  • Charles Noland

    Bennet’s creeper face was pretty good.

  • Lydia Beam

    Bennett’s made me laugh so fucking hard, hahaha!

  • Dru Pearce

    luke looks like tom baker

  • Kendotuxedo

    Hmmm, I wonder where Lupa and Phelous are in this kinda sketch… OH WAIT…

  • Daniel Johnson

    HAHA, Spoony got raped by Bennett, Spoony got raped by Bennett. P.S. I would love to make out with Marzgurl.

  • Leet Shark

    *squeak* I love this one.

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