Suburban Knights Part 6

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  • Lucek Chuck

    Wow some of the images look like a tracing out of the 3.5 PHB.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this art style you got before the videos. Maybe next year you could make an animation?

  • Anonymous

    As always, Tom has difficulty pretending that he belongs. Such a stoic giant.

    As a frequenter of old Screwattack, I’ve known him the longest among anyone in this series. But even so, he’s the one I know the least about. Weird.

    I watched that historic exposition and enjoyed it, but I felt it was missing something. Y’know that prologue name selection screen music from the first Final Fantasy Tactics? That.

  • Michael Wells

    Love the new pics, better then the trees. This part was great too, but light a bit on spoony and them since the most memorible scenes where with Critic and them. I loved Benzaie’s “I have the power!” bit.. thats He-Man benzaie not Conan.. 

  • Brandon Willis

    *looks at the ending* OH SHIT SON. SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS. 

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    I enjoyed this part, but can someone please explain to me what’s going on between the Nostalgia Chick and the knight? Is she tormenting him with a fake ear or nose or something?

  • Marcus Hartlow

    I didn’t know Rolfe participated in this.

    I felt the earlier parts were sort of a drag except for some funny puns. This one really feels adventurous and funny at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll admit I was unsure how I felt about this event until I saw everything come together here. I didn’t want to post anything negative and now I’m glad I held back. This episode eclipsed everything from Kickassia. The Phaleous (I have no clue how to spell that) payoff was great.

    Obviously there are things that can be improved. That only makes me excited for the NEXT year’s event!

  • Anonymous

    Jew Wario’s junk.  Greatness.

  • Neville Bamshoot

    so kewl. i can haz moar plz =^-^=

  • Anonymous

    great music on this one. Where are most of the tracks from? I’ll need to hunt them down.

  • Hayden Eddings

    I love Phelous fighting off swords with his bare hands behind Benzaie as hes having his thinking session.

  • James Francis Clarke

    Science defeated that guy in the past, does that mean a certain Dr will be saving the day?…

    • Mike Wallace

      With science!

  • Jonas Hober

    Wait a minute, what about Aeons science ring? It’s a magical ring, used to defeat, but not kill, Malakite. So you can say it’s weilded by someone with a good “Heart” ………..A ring with heart………(See where I’, getting at) =)

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm they shouldn’t fear Orlando should they?

    Judging from his hatred towards technology he’s obviously the sorcerer. Now, the critics are only people using the internet to review stuff and they have the gauntlet that

    Actually scratch that. They’re f***ed.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it’s boring, stupid, tedious AND long.  If it wasnt 6:43 a.m. and i wasnt drunk off my ass, i’d be kinda pissed.  I seriously hope you guys didnt spend more than $200 on this.  

    • Anonymous

      For someone claiming to be drunk of their ass you sure decided to be really specific with the time.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah, it’s real hard.  You have to like, turn your head, and look at a clock.  Almost impossible for the drunk person. 

    • Kevin

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought this. I really, REALLY hope they get back to making their actual reviews now, instead of trying to cram 5 or so popular reviewers and 20 TGWTG losers into one screen so they can all scream and overreact because it’s SO LAWL RANDUM!

    • Anonymous

      Being “drunk off your ass” at 6:43 a.m. is really something to be proud of.  You got a bright future ahead of you as a surly jerk.  I seriously hope you didnt spend more $20 on cheep booze to achieve your goal of delusional “cool” drunk guy.

  • Chammy

    Very fun to watch :) LordKat AND James Rolfe? I actually wasn’t sure if either would still pop up at this point.

    The fighting went on just a bit too long for my tastes, though it WAS funny. Spoony finally did what I’d been waiting for with that hand puppet. Poor thing was almost cute, but way too evil to keep around.

    I just realized something, and maybe someone can clarify for me… but I thought Linkara wore glasses?  Are his eyes really not that bad, or is he wearing contacts in this film?

  • Alex Matthews

    The funniest one yet, definitely. I lol’d about 3 times, which is way more than the rare chuckling I did during the first 5. Everything is coming together rather nicely here. The fight was a bit prolonged maybe, but when Jew Wario showed up with his package, all was forgiven. 

  • Janne Nieminen

    This was so much fun. Loved Lupa running around waving her arms, loved the cameos from James Rolfe and LordKat, loved the big epic speech and especially JewWario’s ultimate crotch powers. And gotta agree with Joe, Snow White with a machinegun _is_ strangely hot.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, you guys are so entertaining just to watch kicking the shit out of each other.

  • Anonymous

    James Rolphe as the Voice was unexpected an awesome. He has a way of narrating that really fit… like a glove… hah.

    By far the funniest episode. Perhaps the fight scene lacked a bit of choreography (or however it’s spelled), but it worked marvels. I *knew* Malachite’s Hand was eventually going to “evolve” as a Power Glove, hah! All in all, GREAT episode, and looking forward for tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      My God, I misspelled James’ last name. I deserve the stones.

  • webbard

    Should someone let Wizards of the Coast know that someone’s tracing their images?

    • Anonymous

      Most (I think even all) the pictures during the exposition were taken from somewhere else. The Sorcerer’s picture was taken from Icewind Dale for example.

      It shouldn’t be a problem for these videos because that material gets used all over the internet. It could very well pose a problem when Suburban Knights dvds get sold however.

      I hope TGWTG won’t get into trouble for this :s

  • Ralf van Goch

    man david bowie is so awesomely done XD

  • Anonymous

    Angry Joe VS the AVGN in an epic cursing battle. And Spoony overacting like hell. I laughed my ass off.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    the best one yet, james as the voice was so unexpected and awesome.

    Spoondalf comes to save the day!

  • Johan Cronquist

    Not enough Spoony, need more Spoony!!

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting how they incorporated Lisa into the story. So SHE’S the creep now? Never thought we’d find anyone crazier than TGWTG.

    James as the ancient voice was, predictable, but funny as fuck. But, that’s James all around really.

    The watercolor drawings were a really nice touch since I really take to that art style. Again though, it’s too serious. There needs to be something subtly or inherently funny about the plot at large for the comic lines to make sense. Instead, it seems a bit empty. Not saying the comedy’s bad, I love it, but it’s diminished.

    The extent of NC’s progression? The ability to not flash people! And Suede actually has a lot of screen presence for what little he has to do.

    OF COURSE IT’S THE POWER GLOVE -slaps self- How the fuck did I not figure that out?

    I was waiting the whole movie to here HWAAAAAAAAA! Thank god it was so epic.

    Benzaie sure knows how to act with effects. That He-man scene was epicosity in a blender with orchestral swings.

    Why Linkara’s gun shoot boolets? D: It didn’t in the previous anniversary specials.

    Benzaie’s aside was absolutely hysterical. There’s a lot you can parody with Conan.

    Spoony knows how to rally the troops whether he’s Insano or….. Insane. And I just love it how against the usual Jew Wario his performance is. Completely obscene sorts from a guy who’s usually so laid back over raunchy stuff.

    When Joe was looking at Lupa, it reminded me of that scene from the FFVIII review where Quistis guns down the Wild Wild West spider.

    I thought it was six parts. Oh well, that just means MOAR!

  • Mike Wallace

    So cheesy, so corny, so… salsa-y. Like a bowl of nachos forged by the 7-11 of the Gods!

  • George Rosenbaum


    The Snob didn’t get nearly enough screen time. Instead, we have this strange focus on Film Brain. I do like that Paw got a fair deal of screen time, and a plug for That Dude In The Swede.

    And of Curse, Spoony steals the show. Without Noah, TGWTG wouldn’t be the same.

  • Mark Lair

    The most epic thing ever. I facepalmed at JewWario’s blinding crotch. The backstory part was a bit dull though.

  • Andrew Ickes

    Great job as always guys.

    Okay, got one question. In the scene narrated by James was the image of Malachite ripped right from the sorcerer image out of the 3.5 players handbook but just altered slightly? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s the 3rd edition D&D iconic sorcerer alright.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s the 3rd edition D&D iconic sorcerer alright.

  • Anonymous

    Expecto-my-FIST! :D

  • Anonymous

    Aw yeah, fuckin’ epic! Lupa and Joe going ape-shit with the guns just made my freaking day. That was hot indeed <3

    Spoony's team saves the day! I hope Dr. Insano makes a cameo somewhere!

  • Anonymous

    Aw yeah, fuckin’ epic! Lupa and Joe going ape-shit with the guns just made my freaking day. That was hot indeed <3

    Spoony's team saves the day! I hope Dr. Insano makes a cameo somewhere!

  • Anonymous

    Is Willow wielding Sting?  Did he kill Bilbo to steal it?  I want answers to this sub-plot.  :D

  • Cado Folust

    I’ve got to say… Not as good as Kickassia. It’s not over yet but as we’re six parts out of seven I feel I can make the call. 

    The plot meanders too much; it feels like there’s a lot of padding whereas Kickassia moved along at a good clip, and while both films had a lot of pointless gimmicks the costumes here don’t really serve a purpose as only a few can be said to be playing characters. While I understand there’s only supposed to be the thinnest justification for it, it’s being used to excuse lazy writing instead of being integrated into the plot in a lighthearted way which would somehow fit the twisted logic of the movievurse… 

    Which has no sense of consistency whatsoever. Why did Angry Joe use a gun? Why did the shadows have a car? When were the rules established and when was I supposed to be shocked/amused when the conventions were broken? This feels like it encapsulates everything you guys mock except not in a “so bad it’s good” sort of way it’s just bad. 

    I know you guys can do better than this. I’ve seen you do better than this, whether it was in your own videos or some of the previous crossovers. Again, comparing it to Kickassia-that was no masterpiece but it was fun enough to justify the time investment. Here I am, having watched part 6 of Suburban Knights, and I want my time back. 

    I think this would have benefited greatly from the “Holy Grail” approach. It feels like that’s kind of what you went for but the story takes itself far too seriously to pull it off. There’s so much of an emphasis on the action and drama that the comedy suffers for it, which is very bad considering that isn’t the strong point of your work. Perhaps it’d be a bit predictable, but I’d have loved it if in the course of this story some people got sacked and a crazed knight was arrested. At least that would play well off of what -did- work.

    So yeah, my two cents. I think I’ll be skipping out on the last part. Looking forward to X-2, Spoony.

    • dennett316

      You’ve watched up to part 6 and will skip the last part?  That sure makes a lot of sense.
      Why did Angry Joe use a gun?  Because one of the Cloaks did.
      Why did they use a car?  Because they are the friends of Rob’s character, they’re human. They’re LARPing just as much as the TGWTG crew.
      When were the rules established?  Wha?  When you noticed the conventions were broken is when you were supposed to be amused, as in you got the reference they were making.  Why not ask why Joe isn’t being arrested for firing his gun in a public place?  Suspension of disbelief is a wonderful thing, I really think you’re over thinking it at this point.  Why didn’t Mr Baugh have them all removed from his property when a bunch of reviewers showed up at his door?  How does Linkara’s gun work?  These are meaningless questions due to the constant references and fourth wall breaking that goes on in these productions.  Consistency had no place in Kickassia or the First Year Brawl, so why should there be any here?

      The story isn’t taken that seriously at all, that parts that have been have been nicely balanced by the jokes IMO.  Action?  Yes, badly choreographed and cheesy action.  But drama?  When?  Malachite is portrayed as a formidable villain and the quest a battle between science and magic, but it’s all within this fantasy DnD framework where things like that ARE overblown and cheesy.

      • Cado Folust

        Yeah, I watched six parts because I wanted to give it a chance, and sometimes something happens later that shines a new light on things that happened earlier. I’m a very patient man, sometimes too patient.

        And really, I’m not doing anything these guys don’t. Nitpicking small, inconsequential stuff is what they do. Given that, I’d expect them to be able to do a lot more with the conventions of bad cinema than they’ve done here. Hell, they have done more with them. I’m not asking for everything to make perfect sense but to establish a sense of consistency so that when it veers from the norm it’s unexpected and thus funny. 

        That’s the biggest issue with the whole script-it commits the same sin as Family Guy, ie it tries to use references as jokes. References work when they make sense in context and catch you off guard, like the Kool-Aid Man busting into a courtroom when everybody’s shouting, “Oh no!’ They don’t when you’re badly acting lines from far better movies, shows, books, and cartoons, especially when that’s half your dialog.

        And no drama? Really, all that exposition wasn’t supposed to be dramatic? Malachite’s rants weren’t meant to build tension? Give me a break. That’s drama plain and simple, and the constant shifts in tone just don’t work.

  • Mark Austin

    So after I watched this I had the sudden urge to list to David Bowie’s “Within You”. Must have been the due to The Goblin King’s balls of light.

  • Mark Austin

    So after I watched this I had the sudden urge to list to David Bowie’s “Within You”. Must have been the due to The Goblin King’s balls of light.

  • Lenne Shuyin

    still not enough spoony, spoony is the show

  • Kat

    Inigo Montoya’s looking more like Inigo Montana.

  • Troy Bennett

    Suede’s battle pose….badass. That is all

  • Vinneh Metas

    I find it kinda freaky they chose such an unconventional word like Malachite. Its in my band’s name, I never thought I’d be hearing it out of that context. 

  • Vinneh Metas

    I find it kinda freaky they chose such an unconventional word like Malachite. Its in my band’s name, I never thought I’d be hearing it out of that context. 

  • Daniel Johnson

    The other obstacle took a temp job in Boise huh, Well that’d be Me.

  • Jesse Garza

    I feel like I know everybody now. Everyone really tends to grow on you… Wow, well made film. I wish you guys would of took it a little more seriously, played it straight, and only break character once or twice if necessary. Loved the angry joe cameo. Hey.. That kind of rhymed! :D

  • IHeart28

    Critic’s battle cry was the best! And his battle pose was awesome as well and the best part of the whole thing was that both of these two teams came together. But Malachite’s arrival just made me loudly go “Oh no!” because you can really tell things aren’t going to go well.

    Team TGWTG vrs. Malachite! Whoo!

  • Ghost Poetics

    This feels like it encapsulates everything you guys mock” … I’m pretty sure thats the point Cado Folust.

  • David Henshaw

    I got the impression spoonys group enjoyed themselves the most

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