To Boldly Flee, Part 1

The Spoony One | Aug 23 2012 | more notation(s) | 

The most epic saga IN THE HISTORY OF FICTION begins!

  • Sam Park

    His Final project in Channel Awesome, is awesome

  • Chris Lauderdale



    More later.

  • dado

    I wonder if in 20 years someone will satirically review this

    • Adell

      It would certainly come full circle

    • Vismutti

      I’m guessing Sad Panda will review this within a month. x)

    • MechaVelma

      I’m surprised Brad didn’t start ranting about the use of CGI

      • David Herbert

        I think they’re waiting for the houses we saw in the trailer before he pulls that one out.

  • Tiago Ferreira

    first x)

  • Josh Allan Edwards

    just to piss you guy off first

    • TOP2NE1

      May thousands of blue shells be released upon you.

  • Michele Castellani

    This should be send in space to make aliens aware of what really is the human race.

    • c.conley90

      The aliens quickly decide earth is weak and begin their invasion, Independence Day style.

  • Princess Stabbity

    Damn it, now I have that stupid song in *my* head.

  • Chris

    Outstanding man! Really enjoyed the Ultima reviews as well.. so much pain…

  • DarkBee

    Quite harsh in hindsight, but so fucking amazing!

  • PeaTearGryfin

    That was incredible. I’ve got to say that I wasn’t looking forward to this, but man did this change my mind. I laughed so hard at that bit with Spoony and the computer.

  • Mike Prentice

    OH MY GOD !!!!! This is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen in my life !!!!!!

  • Chris Lauderdale

    Nostalgia Critic, still using Nostalgia Chick as his human shield.


    Oh and Spoony being a transvestite. Who knew?

    Except, you know, the several videos he dressed as girls.

    Then again all of those questions MIGHT have been Ma-Ti.

    • Jacques Mcbrearty

      after all, Ma-ti already called himself a pussy when he got his balls cut off

    • Adell

      The thing is, if Ma-Ti was the one answering all those questions, that implies he likes Rebecca black, and is a transvestite

      • calamity_m

        Coffee with Bargo Part 2 ;)

      • Bradley Foxx

        Or he’s just trying to humiliate Spoony in front of his friends, and just might have it out for everyone else too…But I like your idea better so let’s go with that :)

      • Andrew Payette

        i liked the computer part, btw does anyone know what time part 2 is coming?

        • Martin Silberberg

          Sunday. They come out every three days.

      • DukeCrimson

        Didn’t Ma-Ti Have a pretty great part in the big Friday cover they all did together? Or am I just a racist..

  • Renaissance_nerd

    is it me or at the 17 minute mark Spoony breaks into the most awesome Brent Spiner impression ever?

  • dennett316

    Damn good start to this one, looking forward to the next parts. That last few minutes in particular were really well done.

  • Olivia Williams

    Tis thing get betters every years, can’t wait for next episode

  • Matthew Wenke

    after the transvestite question,I gotta know…is Spoony his long lost sister?lol

    • Guest

      All those answers were sent trough the hole, except the transvestite one, he really is, we saw Spoony in drag on numerous occasions :)

      • William Staples

        To be fair, on at least one of those occasions it was his alternate-universe, genderswapped, 1980s Canadian doppelganger.

  • Ryanko

    Very epic, I cant wait to see the rest of it!

  • Erin Burke

    That WAS epic! I usually wait until the full special is out before I sit through it. This time though, I’m really on the edge of my seat. i can’t believe how much Channel Awesome has improved on it’s special effects. That was probable one of the most entertaining opening credit sequences I’ve seen in a long time, and that includes some of the theatrical releases I’ve seen recently. Can’t wait for Part 2!

  • laserwolf65

    What if this whole leaving Channel Awesome thing was a ruse, and it somehow had to do with this movie? That’d be awesome!

    • facebook-13748455

      I thought the same thing when I saw him as a villian in the trailers

    • TheTechno Wolf

      So I wasn’t alone thinking that…

    • Das_Bass


      • Atmos_Duality

        Wishful thinking, en masse.

    • THE Sami Ryyppö

      Exactly what came to my mind when I saw him in the trailer talking about a revenge on Nostalgia Critic…

      Anyways, this seems pretty awesome so far and do I remember correctly if I say they promised SEVEN parts? We’re in for an awesome ride with this one for sure.

      Oh and on a side note, Luke looks exactly like his father. He just has more hair.

    • Martin Silberberg

      Didn’t Spoony say on Twitter that the ruse theory was completely false like a week ago when someone asked him this?

      • THE Sami Ryyppö

        Well if it was true, that would be called sticking to the story.

    • Védís Rúnarsdóttir

      The leaving-Channel-Awesome ruse was a… distraction!

  • TerminalSanity

    Hmmm… a disturbance in the plot… that disrupts its flow…… like a hole? A plot hole if you will….

    • Védís Rúnarsdóttir

      Whoa dude. Whoa. Plot… Hole. Mind blown.

  • edinfang

    I’ve gotta say spoony your work in the last few weeks (Ultima 9 and this) have been absolutely fantastic and I am not fanboy-gasming but I think its your best work! Will always watch spoony!

    • AJ Nogueira

      Spoony has definitely been on his A-game: I’m excited to see the rest of his upcoming projects come to fruition.

  • Dat Dude

    The spoonyone goes out on a high note with channel awesome. I weep for no more ( or at leat greatly reduced ) crossovers with those people. Heres to hoping we a get a new team spoony with doctor Holocaust and some other lesser known reviewers. PS come on they just left the flipping gauntlet there sheesh these people watch movies for a living they should know this :P

  • KOstantinos Piou ELeftheriadis

    FilmBrain –> its just that when you call someone its usually t fire them :-(
    Nostalgia Critic –> Nah i just wanted someone to talk to :-l
    5 months later, the irony is stunning :-|

    • Chuck Corbin

      Pretty sure he quit, dude. Is it possible that it was a mutual decision? Maybe… but I think the reason why Spoony isn’t with Channel Awesome anymore was because he saw the damage he was doing, and knew he needed to put a stop to it. Way I look at it, he might be able to go back one day. Besides, Doug mentioned in his last con-video Noah by name, so there’s no ill will by him!

      • Rhesus

        Well, it wasn’t a quiet contemplative thing, leaving tgwtg. Whether he got “fired” or left, it was because many of the other critics got pissed about him making a rape-comment about Lupa on his twitter. Things escalated and I suppose it wasn’t easy to just make good about it later.

        I’m gonna miss spoony in the next crossovers, but then again I always preferred his solo-work. Not many reasons for me to visit anymore :/

        • William Staples

          While “the joke” did set off the shitstorm, it wasn’t complaints from other critics that got him suspended, it was complaints from fans for lashing out at them. His behavior was bad for the company’s (admittedly shallow) image.

          But I think everyone’s moved on now, except for a few fans on both sides.

      • KOstantinos Piou ELeftheriadis

        the point of my comment he is not with them any more….
        but now that i read it again and with your comment ..yeah..i see why people burried me in thumbs down

  • IHeart28

    Critic under house arrest by Terl? Ma-Ti possessing Spoony? Mechakara returning and kiddnapping Linkara? Terl and the executor possibly trying to take spoony away?! Ma-Ti still having a possibility to still be alive?!
    …………….. GIVE ME PART 2! Part 1 was so worth the wait! This anniversary is starting epic and is about to end epic! Also, the jokes thrown in were funny too

  • Stacy Galler

    Well then…you only get…what? Fourth billing? And yet, you were the most entertaining! I must say, everybody was doing their same old shtick (enjoyable in their ways, of course) but The Spoony One shows some incredible range here! By far the best performance! Are there acting awards for internet movies? You deserve at least a nomination!

    (Oh, and you look damn hot in that leather suit.)

    • Brian Daege

      He’s (Spoony) is still integral to the plot despite fourth billing.

  • Andrew Petty

    Spoony, you are the best part of this so far man. You cracked my shit up.

  • Timothy Gulics

    Wow, Flight of the Navigator reference ahoy! “He’s searching through star charts. Our computers don’t have this information!”

    • Dragons_Dusk

      woo-hoo! Nice to see that movie remembered

    • Anthony James VanCaster

      now all we need is slow motion shots of oreo catching a frisbee

    • Christine Dean

      So that is what everyone is talking about, I kept seeing in the comments on the site “Flight of the Navigator” reference this and that. But I never knew exactly WHAT was the reference they were always referring too. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

  • Chuck Corbin

    It’s so weird that when Spoony finally gets such a starring role in an anniversary movie, he’s no longer with the site. Ah well, I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Christine Dean

    Wow, I just got back from The Cinema Snob’s site and holy shit was there a multitude of butthurt raging I have never seen on there before. At least you guys over here are a bit more relaxed. Anyway, I loved the idea of Spoony having a long – lost sister and Ma-Ti posessing him like Spock did Bones in the Star Trek movie. And I just freaked when I heard Mechakara’s voice!
    I can’t wait to see what happens next in the second part.

    It just sucks I may have to go to work in the morning but seeing part 2 tomorrow night will make trudging through stupid magazine sells all worth it.

    • DarkBee

      Strange, isn’t it; it’s like a mirror universe where the Spoony-fans are the good guys and the Snob-fans are the trolls and assholes.

      • William Staples

        Black is white, up is down… welcome to Bizarro World.

        • Christine Dean

          Its like Opposite Day!
          Except without the crazy hats. :(

          Oh well, knowing Brad he will just turn it around into a joke and piss off the haters they way we know and love. He is just so awesome like that. :)

        • Deacon Hagan

          dose this means Ultima 9, higlander 2, 4 the source and the couple seasons are good? And Reb Brown is reconized as the greatest actor ever to live.

      • Daniel Kong

        Hey…. wait a minute… that sounds like a clever switcheroo for this mov-

        • Chris

          What’s the complaining about? I loved Brad in this – he’s awesome as usual. Though I must admit, I absolutely loved Spoony in this video. It was so great to see.

          I will miss this type of stuff after To Boldly Flee ends. TGWTG is not the place it used to be in my eyes – my own two cents – and any future anniversary movies will be lacking something great. That being said, I like how they’ve dubbed it ‘the final journey’ and the ‘beginning of the end’. Maybe they’ll redesign the site afterward and let the old TGWTG be the era up until the end of TBF.

          • c.conley90

            I’m not too happy with these crossovers either, its not butthurt its that I often think these movies aren’t really that good, even though I enjoy them alone. I mean its just I’m not really excited by it or intrested in it as I am when they do their own stuff and usually these big crossovers just don’t work in my eyes.

          • Chris

            I never really got into kickassia, enjoyed the brawl up until the weird jesus animation ending – it felt to me like the movie itself had taken drugs and at that point they suddenly kicked in. But I enjoy a lot of the crossovers that they do individually…. you know what I mean. I liked Suburban Knights and am so far enjoying TBF; but for me it is the ending of an era.

            After all the bull, I stopped watching TGWTG and just started visiting the individual sites of my fav reviewers. Up until Spoony left, TGWTG was just the easiest way to watch them all. I got into the site through Doug’s videos on youtube, and discovered Spoony through the Alone in the Dark review. Since then, he’s been the reviewer I enjoy most and I often tend to rewatch his stuff when I’m just looking for something to do. I rewatch the Ultima stuff regularly too and despite everything, I loved his ending bit in the final review – and props to him for his work in tying all the reviews together almost as one big narrative!

            Regardless of who was at fault, since I’ve heard the argument go back and forth, some things are (or should be) clear in life to everyone – you don’t tell a family grieving the death of a child that god has a plan and so intimate that he intended to have said child die and put them through their current pain, whatever the outcome; and you don’t gut-punch someone going through a bad time/spell. You give them space, even if that’s the hardest thing to do at the time. You certainly don’t take what they say in anguish to heart and act on it.

            Maybe that’s just the way I see it, and yeah I’ve heard a fair amount of the stuff that got said. I just know I found these reviews with my brother and we watched them religiously before we began to drift apart. I know I watched them when I was going through my own shit, and so I’ll miss the way things used to be. I loved watching the videos of these guys getting together to make the anniversary movies and the craziness that happened. I just saw people having a really great time making something nutty together. So that’s why I’m enjoying the videos and also lamenting them.

            Still, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead for Spoony and a few of the others, and I’m hopeful for the future. He’s one hell of an entertainer when he puts his mind to it. …wow, long reply. Sorry, c.conley90, I guess that was a while in coming, lol.

      • likalaruku

        Nope, not really. I’ve been going there for years & almost half of his fans are complete Orcs. If he posts ANYTHING that involves Josh Hadley, Doug Walker, The Cinema Slob, etc, they become utterly petulant, like…like the Everquest 2 community, yet not quite as King of Tard as Youtube trolls.

    • Ryan Van Camp

      Hating these stupid crossovers isn’t being “butthurt”. It’s having one with good taste.

      • TOP2NE1

        Pfft, keep telling yourself that. It’s not having good taste. It’s having an all around terrible personality. Think about it.

        Imagine walking into Noah’s or Brad’s houses and insulting their friends right in front of their faces. That’s basically what people are doing.

        It’s one thing to say “You guys should’ve paced the introductions of characters better!” It’s another thing to say “What the fuck is this shitty toilet humor? Where’s your regular reviews!?” There’s a connotative difference in how one approaches the critique. Being a jackass only shows that you’ve got no respect or appreciation for Brad, Noah, or whoever.

        You can criticize with respect and eloquence. It’s not that hard. Unless you know, you’re a complete fucking doofus.

        • Ryan Van Camp

          Respect and elegance gets you nowhere on the internet. Especially with “Critics” whose idea of criticism is “FUCK THIS SHITTY SHIT SHIT CRAP FUCK”. I love how you brain-dead followers will defend assholes from being criticized whilst they themselves are as childish as we are.

          • Johan Eriksson

            Yeah, the difference is that when the critics go off like that on bad movies or games, they are playing a CHARACTER. And even when they tear something a new one, they at least have good motivation. You on the other hand, are an ACTUAL asshole who can’t be civil and also can’t come up with any actual criticism of these people beyond “this is stupid, if you like it then you have bad taste”.

            OT: Holy shit this video is awesome, but do they really have to update only once every 3 days? It is going to be weeks before they are done with the whole thing. Oh well, suppose I should be happy it will last longer.

          • TOP2NE1

            Complete fucking doofus it is. “Respect and elegance gets you nowhere on the internet.” Lol where the fuck are you trying to go? Are you trying establish status on the interwebs? You are not and never have been going anywhere. What a joker.

            All of these people play characters. Not to mention that people are able to distance themselves in reviews because of their lack or personal involvement. You’d never see these guys trashing their friends’ works. Even when dealing with directors or developers or other people in general they hate, many still remain well spoken if having to talk directly with another person. Check out any of their interviews, appearances at cons, livestreams, etc. They are tongue-in-cheek jackasses. You are a legitimate jackass.

            Reviewers are intended to be anything from informative to insightful, to straight up comedic. Exaggerations are a part of that. People like Noah or Joe provide entertainment in their rage. People like Lindsay or Kyle don’t even fall into your blanket of “FUCK THIS SHIT” reviewers. Try hard as you may, you cannot liken your shitty, god-awful posts to the content they produce. You are and always will be infinitely more childish and immaterial.

          • Malidictus

            It might help if you actually tried. Respect and elegance get you quite far on the Internet, and the Spoony One himself has said as much. On at least one occasion, he’s had content of his (a licensed movie he uploaded wholesale for the “riff trax”) and commented that the person asking for the content to be taken down was polite and respectful and that was enough for Noah to do the right thing and take it down. Many otherwise hot-headed critics have, historically, said the same, and a big deal is made when content owners come off like giant dicks, as happened with Rob Walker and The Room review.

            The reason it seems like respect and elegance get you nowhere is because people like think like you do, and then decide to dispense with respect and elegance on their part. To paraphrase the lolcats, self-fulfilling
            prophecy is self-fulfilling. If you act like an asshole, people will act like dickheads in return. It’s common sense. But it costs you nothing to NOT treat people you don’t know like dirt, and I can tell you for a fact that people appreciate this, even if they don’t always show it.

            Basically, you don’t get to complain that there are no manners on the Internet unless you show manners in doing so. Simple as that.

      • Christine Dean

        I may have to respectfully disagree with you. To me, it comes across as someone not willing to open up their mind and try new things, wanting to stay in that small box within thier “world”. Honestly, I don’t like to be around someone like that because I am an adventurous person by nature, i tmakes me feel like they are holding me back..
        I love to try new things and meet new people(on and off the internet) which is why crossovers always appealed to me. Now the same may not be true for you Ryan, but that is how it feels to me. And seeing Spoony interacting with his friends makes me want to see his videos even more. Because of the way he shares chemistry with some of them.

    • Octo Seven

      Spoony fans are NOT in any way more relaxed than Brad’s, trust me on that lol

      • Christine Dean

        lol, true, I have heard the horror stories that go on around here. But as of now, I feel alot more comfortable over here at the moment than over there .

        • Chris

          Just out of curiosity – and because I’m ‘a-feared’ of going over there, lol. What’s the deal? What’s happening over there? I feel like a guy with a mobile/cell phone, talking to someone on the other side of town during a city-wide power cut!

          • Christine Dean

            You wouldn’t want to go over there. Its imagine the most bigoted, racist, mysogonistic, sexist, violent, Spoony fanboy you know and multiply it times ten. Combined with the replies being Insane Troll Logic by someone who has never obviously even WATCHED the site before or know anything about it. And you have what is basically going on over there. :3

          • Chris

            That’s crazy! I at least thought it would be over something, ppl not being happy with Brad’s part or something like that, but it just sounds like the trolls were recently ousted from their regular hideout and have taken up root at Brad’s site. Thanks for the update, anyhow.

  • CronoT

    Spoony ALWAYS brings his A-Game. Even for pointless cameos, he brings it. Check out the Japan WTFIWWY episode with Nash and JO (before the hook-up). He goes into full on freak-out mode, and the post-credits roll indicates he may have actually hurt himself doing it.

    • TheMMOFifty

      Nash and JO did a commentary on that episode, and Spoony did actually hit his head against the wall he ran into.

  • Jeff Gnerre

    You are hilarious, Spoony One! I am a fan for life no matter what your penis is shaped like. Saxophone, eh? Baller.

    • MechaVelma

      was wondering what they said it was shaped like. For the life of me, I couldn’t hear what they said.

  • Wonderful_Person

    I turned it off when I saw NC wearing a Link costume.

    • Jacques Mcbrearty

      you clearly missed something

      • Wonderful_Person

        I can say for sure I did miss something, whether it was terrible, awful, or almost tolerable I’ll never be able to say.

        • Istalf

          I can relate, last years attempt was hideous.

    • v Chan

      Turn off a video due to them showing a clip from the previous special, why don’t you.

      • Wonderful_Person

        Didn’t seem all that special.

  • Joe England

    Man. Fantastic beginning to another fantastic line of videos. It’s been said before, but I’ll add to the chorus… you’re the cream of the crop, Spoony.

  • Holly Smith

    I literally jeopardized my job, working as fast I could tonight, just to get home earlier to watch this. And it did NOT disappoint! Spoony, you’re at the top of your game for this! Can’t wait for Part 2 tomorrow!

  • Amanda Lewandowski

    FUCKING EPIC!!!! loved it, can not wait to see what happens next!!!

  • Michael Galczynski

    I wasn’t really expecting anything from this but it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be. Noah brings his A game and it was also good to see Doug dial it back a bit so far on this one. Also not bringing in every person in the first 15 minutes helps the pacing a bit. It almost feels a bit more like an actual movie. Here’s hoping it continues to be amusing instead slipping into the whole go for the easy joke that suburban knights did.

    • Istalf

      Couldn’t agree more. Last year was just a sad ego trip.

      • Faust

        2 Magic! 2 Magic!
        I did find that funny.

  • Bobby Kenneth LePire

    The best opener to any of the anniversaries yet! Spoony, you are great here.

  • Taylor Rice

    That must’ve been a serious case of Dumpshock, man.

  • Maria Burgos


  • MechaVelma

    Ok… The hole in space is obviously a plot hole and eventually the Nostalgia Critic will have to remember “it” so others don’t have to.

    Shallow as a puddle, but still funny and awesome.

  • Brian Daege

    When was this made? Before or after the TGWTG split?

    • DukeCrimson

      Before, a fair while before. It had been edited and put together and stuff for a while since then. That’s why Spoony joked for a while that they may replace him with a CGI slug when ‘shit went down’.

    • William Staples

      Around March or April.

  • Jacques Mcbrearty

    Brillant performance from everyone. We’ll sure have something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

    By the way, I’d like to know if… you know… you’re feeling better Mr Antwiler. If you need vacations, come to Québec while it is still a bit warm :)

  • Collin Brown

    Stealin’ the show, Spoons.

  • Jewel McPhearson

    This, so far, has *much* better pacing than the previous movie, and it makes it SO much more enjoyable. Spoony, thanks for giving us an incredible performance!!! (colon, capital d)

  • Istalf

    Call it premature nostalgia if you want. But every time one of these
    yearly things comes out, I can’t help but watch the year one epic brawl
    again. Such an innocent time when “crossovers” were actually

    Last years videos left me completely disappointed
    honestly. I chuckled a few times, but the only real memorable moment I
    can recall was Brad’s Temple of Doom bridge scene.

    I was completely ready to dismiss this years attempt as complete
    schlock. Honestly I’ve been rolling my eyes at all the build up over
    the past few weeks. But I have to admit, this was a surprisingly
    strong start. I find myself actually looking forward to the next part.

    On a side note, and sorry if I’m beating a dead horse here. But in
    response to all of the drama surrounding Spoony’s departure from TGWTG.
    To all of the comments saying this and that and getting all caught up.
    Am I the only one that looks at this as a positive change? I have no
    doubt it hurts Spoony’s wallet a bit, and that is unfortunate. But am I
    alone in thinking that this is more of an opportunity? A chance to
    step away from the nine to five, and get back to the experiment.

    • Vargtass

      Don’t mention Spoony’s wallet, someone is bound to give a bullshit lecture on economics, its application in the internet market and how Spoony fails at it (see also: complete horsecock).

      But I agree fully that the departure might be a blessing in disguise and I actually can see it right in this movie. They don’t really utilize him very well, which pretty much can be said about everyone. The only two who I see resembling any sort of consistent character from the previous years are Brad and Matthew. Otherwise it’s the same random character generator as before.

      At least this feels like a genuine movie. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Alex Hedges

    watched about 15 minutes and then turned it off. The guys at TGWTG can’t act, I’m not sure why they think they can, stick to the reviews.

    • Martin Silberberg

      To be fair, they’re all aware of it. Several have stated that they can’t act or that the crossovers are meant to be no-talent productions. Really all this is meant to be is a bunch of coworkers making a fun video to celebrate another year of staying in business. Also, I would be willing to argue that, while not as proficient as real actors, several of them are able to do decent comedic performances, and that their performances here are far better than the ones from last year’s video. Specifically, I feel like Doug, Noah, Nella, and Elisa did fairly well, especially with their more comedic lines. That being said, I can understand why you would disagree.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      Why can’t we act?
      No, please, explain why we can’t act. What is it about our performances that is unconvincing? Are we unemotional? Is the emotional read of it not fit with what you consider to be the tone of the piece? Do we add strange emphasis or unnatural pauses in the middle of sentences? Are we unconvincing in our roles?
      I’m not saying you’re wrong – but please, explain why we “can’t act,” otherwise you’re just SAYING it, much like how I can say someone “can’t comment” without actually giving an explanation behind WHY that is. Fortunately, you can comment, so I won’t say such a thing about you.

      • Alex Hedges

        Just signed in to say this in person, Linkara, you can’t act because you are not talented enough at acting, it’s simple fact. You will no doubt go off on one about how i’m not a professional film critic so my opinion doesn’t matter, but if you are going to try that lark on me, just do one mate. This site isn’t the linkara experiment, I don’t find you funny and I could care less about your rants and attacks on people who don’t like your work. You have your fans, I am not one of them, end of story.

        • Chee Moon Yeo

          “You can’t act because you’re not good enough to act.”
          That’s a non-answer if I ever saw one.

          • c.conley90

            I would say that Linkara can act, so can Brad, Doug, and Noah. But honestly Lindsey, Todd and Mathew couldn’t act to save their lives, its not that I hate them or anything. But really watching their reviews they really don’t do comedy well,they just criticize the movie or subject or talk about it. Film Brain and Todd at least don’t try, Lindsey tries and really fails miserably.

        • Gareth Evans

          It wasn’t an attack he just wanted you to elaborate on your opinion and give a more thoughtful critique rather than the vague statement you originally gave. That is a perfectly reasonable request and he gave it in a reasonable manner.

        • Lewis Lovhaug

          Interesting, considering I haven’t responded to the other people who said they disliked it. I singled your comment out in particular because you were simply vague. Take for instance someone who recently commented by stating they just didn’t find the anniversary films funny, nor did they find particular reviewers funny.
          I can’t act because I’m not talented enough at acting? “It’s a simple fact?” No, really, I want an explanation. How do you qualify “good” or “bad” acting? You show me a movie, and I can tell you WHY I think the acting is good or bad. I just am tired of people who feel the need to comment without offering anything constructive other than “This sux i hate it lol.” To be fair, yours was not exactly along those lines since you’re capable of spelling, but I am not “ranting” and “attacking” anyone. I simply want an explanation for why you don’t like the acting. You may feel free to respond or not respond as you wish. In the grand scheme of things, I really don’t give much of a damn, but your initial post did make me raise my eyebrow.
          Also, you’re not saying it to me “in person.” In person would suggest you were in a room with me and not talking to me across the internet posting on a video comment section.

          • Alex Hedges

            “in person” “across a computer” whatever, let’s not split hairs over terminology. OK you would like me to give you a detailed breakdown of why I think your “acting skills” were dreadful. Bear in mind I am not singling you out as the worst culprit, not by a LONG stretch, I’m surmising the whole cast here with one or two exceptions. Well, here goes.

            1. Delivery of lines, seriously, it’s stilted, the timing is poor, the emphasis on words is off.

            2. Unbelievable investment in your characters, despite poor budget, it is possible to give a believable performance, I am not seeing this I see the reviewers, not the characters.

            3. Horrible over-acting, this is probably the biggest flaw, and it’s the shield of the poor craftsman, you can spot it a mile off, this project is riddled with it, ridiculous jerky head movements and facial expressions, shouting and screaming when it’s not required…

            There are three examples, I could go on but it’s midnight here and I have to be up for work at 6am.

            It is what it is Linkara, I know it’s not an attempt to win an academy award, it’s you guys having a bit of fun. Whatever but please don’t make a big deal about someone saying you can’t act, you aren’t “actors” so I don’t know why you would find that comment so annoying.

            If you want some advice for what it’s worth, the next time you do one of these Axe the dead weight. I know you want to be fair and put everyone on screen but the fact is there is an ENORMOUS talent gap between the top 3 or 4 at TGWTG and the rest, just make it about the heavy hitters you have there, it would be a stronger piece for it.

          • Alex Hedges

            And to the nauseating fanboys giving me the “dreaded” negative votes, keep em coming.

          • Lewis Lovhaug

            There, see? That’s all I wanted. While I disagree with you, now I understand your position better. ^_^

  • Andreas Törnqvist

    Finally Sad Panda is in the anniversary movie! How fun. :) Also, I’m surprised Rob didn’t help write this. It’s usually both Doug and Rob as writers…

    • IHeart28

      No, both Rob and Doug wrote this special. It says so in the opening credits. This was also based on rob’s concept/idea. Not to bash on you just letting you know

      • Andreas Törnqvist

        FINALLY found this friggin’ comment. I saw later on that they had both written it (my bad on commenting before watching more than a couple of minutes), but I couldn’t find the comment in order to correct myself. :) It’s okay!

  • Strelnikov

    I liked it, kinda, but I had this to say on the Cinema Snob’s comment thread:

    “List of movies this rips off (so far):

    Star Trek III

    Star Trek IV


    Flight of the Navigator or D.A.R.Y.L

    Star Wars, ep. 4

    Computer graphics from The Black Hole
    and Alien


    Real Genius

    Any movie with ads interfering with the movie or a TV show within the movie (Starship Troopers, the Icicle Thief*)

    Monochrome computer lettering in Wargames

    Star Trek: Nemesis

    Probably others that I am unaware of.

    Not a slam, just keeping the Walkers honest.”

    And it’s true; I don’t hate the TGWTG movies, I just think the plot references are obvious. Otherwise, Spoony is doing well as three people so far.


    * The Icicle Thief is a late 1980s Italian comedy about the screening of a late 1940s neo-Realist film (a parody of Bicycle Thieves) on an Italian TV station, and as the movie goes on, the obnoxious ads begin bleeding into the plot of the movie. It’s a slam of commercialism.

    • DukeCrimson

      The references to other movies are supposed to be obvious, they’ve all seen millions of movies between them, old, strange, bad, good, that’s the joy of it.
      Also, I haven’t seen a commercial on the Internet in years. I thought they were just jokes at first when NC’s reviews would just fade to black and then come back suddenly and he’d complain about it. Had no idea they were actually had breaks. There’s little thing that was created quite a while ago called AdBlock Plus. I’d tell you to start using it but there’s no reason everybody shouldn’t already be using it.

      • Strelnikov

        I was taking about the joke ads when Terl was on CNN.

        Forgot to mention they used snippets of Wagner well.

        • DukeCrimson

          Sorry, I’ve seen sooooo many people complaining about ads on NC’s videos it physically hurts me now. Just..get it people. Aah.
          I hope we won’t have to wait too long for the full thing to be uploaded..

          • Swiftbow

            AdBlock also “blocks” the revenue they get from those ads, which pays for these videos. Just saying…

          • Sean Henderson

            The complaining sucks. Its sucks even more that you are costing reviewers money, are proud of that fact, and are encouraging others to do the same.

    • Josh Dillinski

      What the? Well of course it’s obvious, the whole thing is an homage to sci-fi film making. I see that completely went over your head.

    • William Staples

      The bit about the Jovian moon Europa is a reference to “2010: The Year We Make Contact”, the sequel to “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Also a very good movie in its own right.

      • Jared Fullyfisted

        Although ‘Jovian’ is the proper adjective when referring to something that is ‘of Jupiter’ and Europa is one of the moons, so there’s an outside chance it’s coincidence.

        • William Staples

          Europa figured into the plot of “2010”, so I think it’s intentional.

  • Logion

    Really damn good.

  • John Crane

    Spoony should grow beard

  • Nash Knight

    Hah, not half bad. I’m still amazed how this internet videos with poor production values and no trained actors still manage to be more entertaining and fun than 80% of what’s playing on TV and cinemas. I’d like to see a TGWG video featuring AVGN and Pat the NES Punk.

    • c.conley90

      Ok yeah right.

  • Liam Fogarty

    I think it’s funny how The Cinema Snob’s comment page for this is filled full of the sort of criticism he parodies in his videos.
    I pretty much really enjoyed it so far, a lot of sci-fi films being lifted and placed into here in just the first part. The humour is pretty puerile at the moment, although there were some odd gems like Ma-Ti’s picture and the riff on SOPA. It was a tad too long considering it’s 40 minutes and not all that much happened, but I can definitely see it getting more fun as it goes on.
    You can’t really criticise the effort that’s gone in so far, for something really going for free, something the fans on The Cinema Snob’s page can’t really grasp their heads around.

    • c.conley90

      Wow, people criticize this I would have never would have guessed.

  • Christopher Smith

    So Joe was just sleeping standing up in his command centre? :D Anyhoo, excellent acting, Spoony, once again.

    • Christine Dean

      I imagine that would be very uncomfortable for him. It would be like sleeping at your computer. Of course, I always had trouble sleeping sitting up.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Holy crap, this is good shit.

  • Matthew Bass


  • Christopher Smith

    Oh God, the mind-reading machine bit had me in stitches! :D:D

  • Stephane Desrosiers

    I don’t know why, but I kept thinking of Exorcist II: The Heretic when I saw the mind reading machine. ;)

    The parts are apparently going to air every 3 days, so we’ll have to wait until Sunday for the next release.

  • Adam Stackenland


  • Dragons_Dusk

    I say this honestly and without “fan-girl” blinders. I was more entertained by this than almost anything I’ve watched on TV in the last six months. I get the plot holes but it seems they are there on purpose.

    This cannot be said for the LAZY writing of much of the TV I’ve watched
    *cough* Falling Skies *cough*

    Glad to see you be such a part of this. It does seem a rather fitting farewell to being part of the CA group.

    • Wonderful_Person

      What are you watching on T.V?

      • Dragons_Dusk

        not much lately unfortunately. I was mostly thinking of the recently finished season of Falling Skies. The writing is so sloppy, lazy and often cliched on that show like crazy. And yes I get that it is here, the cliches I mean, but it’s intended. Falling Skies is supposed to be this ‘sci-fi drama’ when have the time it more makes me think of a soap opera.

      • Dragons_Dusk

        I think I should also add that I was more entertained, not going to get into a huge what’s better, though I think a lot of TV is getting worse (and I’ll admit I’m behind on shows I do find worth watching because of well, just life). But the 40+ minutes of this was funner to watch than almost ever ep of Falling Skies this season.

  • Faust

    Brad brings such a sleezyness that oozes off him and covers the camera in a thick warm hot slime. ( A good thing).

  • Michael Jacquart

    I have to say that Spoony did a great Ma-Ti impression…I could tell right away what was going on and that can be difficult to do especially with a voice as known as Ma-Ti. Great job Spoony can’t wait for the next part.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Spoony and Blag’oles and Turrll, oh my!

  • yamina-chan

    Oh god!
    This was just the first part, but my was it exciting. I remember you mentioning beeing proud of your role in this, and from what I have seen so far (including trailers) I would say: rightfully so.
    If this is able to keep the level it is at now, we are in for something great!
    Thanks to you, and everyone who was part of this.

  • smek2

    I’m not going to lie, Spoony is easily the best part. Hail Terl!

    • theshamster

      I still remember the scene in “battlefield Earth” when he was commenting about how he was combing his nose-hairs into a beautiful mostashe when he heard Critic wasn’t happy about his acting.

  • Martin Silberberg

    My opinion so far: this looks like it could be the best anniversary video yet. I was honestly expecting it to suck (the first trailer in particular made it look like the cheesiest video ever made by any of tgwtg’s contributors), but I have to admit that the final product looks exceptional. It’s funny, clever, and at times epic, with good performances all around (especially by Noah, both as Spoony and as Terl). Some of the stuff does seem overly cheesy, in particular the SOPA parody and some of the scenes which are straight-up lifted from sci-fi movies (and before anyone says anything, I know that it’s supposed to parody them. The problem is that, as several TGWTG producers have themselves said, a reference by itself is not a joke. You have to make a statement about the source material or have the source material somehow relate to the events going on in order to make the reference work). That being said, it’s still very entertaining overall.

    By the way, I loved how the exposition regarding Mechakara was written into Linkara’s scene. Rob and Doug are definitely improving as writers.

  • pelleparafin

    Imagine this without Spoony… And they fired him for making a joke over twitter, absolutely ridiculous.

    • Gaddon

      Actually, I spoke with Spoony at Anime Revolution in Vancouver last week. He said that the joke was a very small part, but he attributed his departure to “economics” (which I won’t get into, apparently all the other reviewers besides the Critic don’t see a cent from the movies which take an extensive time out of their schedules from their own projects) and bad timing.

      Loved you at AR Spoony! Come back to Vancouver soon!

      • pelleparafin

        I’ve done extensive research on this, and just about 99% of all people I found blamed it on that one ”rape” joke.

        • Martin Silberberg

          And the majority is always right about things they didn’t personally experience.

          Seriously, I have seen many people comment on this, and almost none of them, not even people affiliated with the site (ex. Sad Panda) had firsthand experience with the events leading up to Spoony’s departure. The only two people who are exceptions to this are Holly Christine and Spoony himself. Guess what? Both of them have repeatedly stated that the departure was mutual, and Spoony outright said on Twitter that his departure had barely anything to do with the rape joke. All “research” other than an analysis of the statements of those involved is essentially hearsay. It seems fairly obvious that he just happened to start getting a lot of flak from fans and other internet personalities (ex. Phelous) over the rape joke at the same time that he was having unrelated problems with TGWTG’s management, and when news of Spoony’s suspension and later departure became public, people flocked to the only explanation they could see: the joke controversy. The problem is that the reason everyone started to believe that the joke was the cause was because they had seen the argument over it on Twitter, a public social media resource. They had no clue what was going on behind the scenes. In other words, the general public’s understanding of Spoony’s departure is roughly equivalent to the ancient Greeks’ understanding of astronomy: extremely incomplete due to very few reliable methods of figuring out exactly what happened.

        • Wonderful_Person

          You did extensive research on this? Haha, why?

  • Daniel Kong

    This. Is going to be AWESOME.

  • Alex Prokh

    Spoony! Spoony!This far it seems this Doug’s movie will be the best

  • Andrew Payette

    I wonder what the next movie will be, an Ocean Expedition would be pretty cool

    • theshamster

      I’d love to see one set in the orient.

  • Austin Covello

    Really loving this. Spoony was awesome!.

  • Jovan Stipic

    spoony steals the show in this one
    FUNNY as hell

  • Jared Fullyfisted

    I actually haven’t watched through Suburban Knights and Kickassia because all the setup was pretty arduous what with all 20 critics showing up in one room right near the start of both films. But this.. wow. The setup has really sucked me in now and I’m looking forward to part 2. And what’s impressing me is it isn’t for something to laugh at or to see more of Doug, Spoony and Lindsay… it’s because I actually want to know what happens in the plot!

    I think this is probably Doug’s best performance, Spoony is great and I also really enjoyed Elisa and Nella..

  • theshamster

    I loved the scene where Doug tried to sneak out of the house, only to get shocked by the restraint bracelet.

  • Guest

    Linkara, you can’t act because you are not talented enough at acting, it’s simple fact. You will no doubt go off on one about how i’m not a professional film critic so my opinion doesn’t matter, but if you are going to try that lark on me, just do one mate. This site isn’t the linkara experiment, I don’t find you funny and I could care less about your rants and attacks on people who don’t like your work.

  • Octo Seven

    This was awesome. Spoony and Brad really are naturally talented actors. My fave TGWTG Anniversary so far by a mile. Even Nostalgia Chick seemed to make an effort for once.

  • groskino

    good job! with low expactation entered, i left enjoying myself. everything is well drafted and builded up. of course, blatant nods to pop culture are still overhelming and it get obnoxious with time. sorry, but i think i gets out of hands sometimes.
    nevertheless, everyone did a good job to sell it, i really looking forward for part two.

    greetings from germany, groskino

  • Gareth Evans

    I can already tell that Spoony is going to be one of my favourite parts of this


    how many roles is spoony going to play in this movie? there is himself, Jamaican alien, poltergeist Ma-ti, and Dr.Insano(trailer).

  • calamity_m

    Attention table-top gamers! For any of you who haven’t heard:
    Get an awesome deal before time runs out, nine hours to go! ^-^

    • Brett Neufeld

      Dude, post your advertisements somewhere else.

  • Jimmy TheFish

    Its funny while the nostalgia chick looks good and has nice boobs there is something about her that makes me hate her.

    • c.conley90

      Its that she isn’t really that funny, and sometimes a real bitch no offense.

  • valou999

    Spoony! You’re stealing the show!

  • Guest

    Special effects are better than in Twilight :P

  • Mateusz Marcin Trejman

    Still better love story than Twilight :P

    • theshamster

      twilight had a love story?

  • Andrew Payette

    ……. part 2 didn’t come out yesterday…. wth

  • Daniel Kong

    So I actually have a question. Whats the release schedule going to be like for this? one a week?

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Right now the release schedule is one episode every 3 days. So part 2 should come out some time tomorrow.

  • exploda

    Of course this comes out here first rather than on TGWTG. I’m sick of crossovers and linkara in general.

  • c.conley90

    I going to say it out loud and put in my two cents, I never liked TGWTG movies, none of them really worked. It was just I know amateurish is a obvious statement, not really that funny is another thiing I could say. These reviewers usually work better alone, not together and hell some of them don’t even work alone (Nostalgia Chick, Todd in the Shadows, Film Brain- sorry, their not really good at comedy more at just flat out criticism). I mean crossovers sometimes work but most of the time aren’t my favorites. These movie are just really painful to watch and I prefer not to, because I can’t take the lameness of them. I mean all they do is borrow ideas from popular movies and fiction but doesn’t really get me wanting to watch it.

  • L1nk1

    And WHAT THE FUCK was those comments about Spoony not doing anything to put out videos? Clearly he has been busy with this, Ultima 9 and Cinema Snob movie for months just to get things go right… It is sad to see a guy who is been struggling with his health being let down by his coworkers from a misunderstood joke.

  • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

    Spoony, such an amazing actor, and Brad Jones, man, he hipnotizes me, what a joy to watch these two on scene. I wish Spoony was on the AVGN movie or other independent movies, hell, Kevin Smith should hire him. GREAT FUN in this first part of TBF.

  • BrendanConcannon

    48 hours is not going to be enough time.

  • illidan4ever

    Spoony, you need to apologize so you can be a part of another one of these.

  • Jesse Garza

    Wow! That was incredible! I was blown away by this! I cant wait to watch the other two parts!

  • Ruiner

    I’m really fucking disgusted with a lot of comments here. Telling Spoony to apologize so he can be involved with more of these these…. I don’t even know what to call these damn things cause they sure as hell are not comedies or movies! This was bad I mean really bad not funny bad.You have to be extremely jaded to eat this shit and still have a smile on your face.Maliciously telling Spoony to jump back on a ship that is ever more rapidly sinking is homicidal, and absolute BS.

    The bulk of current TGTWG “talent” have an equalizing effect that could make anyone look just as bad as them. Contributors like Angry Joe, Lupa, Film Brain who have no business trying to do comedy completely outnumber the actual talent on the site presently.

    Spoony seriously you don’t need that site, and I truly believe time will prove that you are better off without them. You were a part of TGWTG back when it meant something which is no longer the case.In my opinion yourself, and Brad Jones are the only ones capable of going beyond the level at which TGWTG peaked.

  • Segatron

    Very Nicely done, Mister Spoony one!

    Time citation followed by statement of approval and indication of laughing.

    Repetition of humorous statement from body of film, exclamation, and keyboard text indicative of a smiling face laughing strenuously.

    lament over negligible criticism that I will forget about in an hour.

    Reaffirmation that I found the film enjoyable.

    Insertion of popular internet meme in forced and vaguely defined context.

    Assurance that the previous will make me loved by your audience and popular (not typed out loud)

    Anticipation for following chapters of subject film described with overabundance of urgency and hyperbole.

    double post due to misunderstanding of “most popular” sorting algorithm.

    edit after ten minutes due to embarrassing grammar.

    Back to business. I hope you had fun as part of the team. For what it’s worth, I enjoy these anniversary specials. And Your parts are always well played. Regardless. I respect that you want to do things differently from now on. Thanks for playing along as much as you did.

  • Amyj17uk

    It was with your ‘TheThing review that introduced me to your website… and eventually the Nostalgia critic. I want to say it has always been an enjoyable ride! Its exciting… and also sad that this is the last installment for La Spoony working with the TGWTG team. Let me say I will continue watch your ever so joyful rants, and that you will continue to entertain everyone who has a geeky bone on their soul! (there are alot! I promise! specially in the UK!)

  • exploda

    I like the Flight of the Navigator moment.

  • Nico Havia

    From a bunch of people who claim to know a whole lot about what makes a great movie, this is some really boring shit.

    I mean, you’re always criticizing other films and nitpick the hell out of them and tell us why they’re terrible, but when you make these TGWTG circlejerks, it’s like you throw everything what you consider to make a movie good out the window.

    Seriously, everyone who’s watched Doug Walker’s videos should know that he’s got a pretty good taste in films and seems to be pretty knowledgeable about them as a medium.

    So why is it that when they’re actually making a film, it turns into complete shit?

    I tell you why, it’s because it’s filled with countless of untalented sub-par TGWTG characters who cannot act and who nobody care about.

    When you make your next film, keep it simple, have a small, but tight cast and do not over-complicate the plot with boring and meaningless bullshit that only confuses the viewer.

    • Gordon Jones

      You’re right in that the acting, the effects and to some extent the direction is sub par but making judgments about whether the audience cares for characters and understands or enjoys the plot is a very stupid idea. Objectively this is a film made by internet reviewers with a budget of bugger all, subjectively this is the third film in a trilogy which has seen Spoony and the Nostalgia Critic go from anti heroes pushed around by fate to true heroes.

      Kickassia was about the Nostalgia Critic looking to the nazis as a reason to build an empire while Spoony had to embrace the darkness and become Doctor Insano to topple him.

      Suburban Knights was about the Nostalgia Critic sending his team out to find an item which could help him wield unlimited power while Spoony was appointed leader of team B. During the course of the adventure however they both realize that events aren’t about them and that if they want to play a role they have to be heroes. Hence the LARPing as heroic characters. Link and Gandalf respectively. Nostalgia Critic is Link because he’s subject to the call to adventure and needs his magic to protect him. Spoony is Gandalf because he’s wiser than he looks and while willing to play second fiddle to the hero, is often really at the heart of things and could easily carry an adventure on his own.

      This first episode of To Boldly Flee shows us that the Nostalgia Critic has progressed from an antihero who creates the plot to a more conventional hero whom the story is about. Spoony meanwhile is still playing second fiddle to the hero but is a more vital part of the plot, his split personality this time giving him more control and being a force for good as opposed to a weaponised force for evil as in the first film.

      I actually find it quite thematically appropriate that Spoony isn’t any longer part of TGWTG because the second in command has grown beyond playing second fiddle in the crossover movies to being the Avatar and being able to share all the knowledge and wisdom he was unable to share while serving under Nostalgia Critic.

      I’d actually quite like to see a movie where Spoony is the director and gets to play the character with the more toned down performance he has said in commentaries he wished he could have given in the crossover movies. I’m not sure how it would work without the resources and man power of TGWTG but if you want a toned down story with a small cast then I think the film Spoony does next will fit the bill.

  • Curt DeCaro

    This is fantastic, I laughed so hard. You guys don’t ever stop!

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