To Boldly Flee, Part 2

The Spoony One | Aug 26 2012 | more notation(s) | 

  • William Blevins

    Dr. Insano great as ever

  • Arthur O’Connor

    I swear to god, This is plot is cribbed from a 2001 fandub called Nescaflowne

  • Princess Stabbity

    I can’t deal with how much I love the crack this is turning out to be.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I think of loved this part even more than the last one. That ending was perfect. I have to say that was some impressive acting from Mickey.

    • AtlasRedux

      His twitching wasn’t convincing, but his facial work was done quite well indeed.

    • MechaVelma

      I think, However, he meant to say Wood Chipper and not Weed Whacker. A Weed Whacker is a hand held device that slices through weeds and wouldn’t cause massive mutilation.

      • godmars

        But who’s got a wood chipper handy? More so in a neighborhood like that.

        Nevermind that it speaks of how pissed Mickey was that he chopped someone up with a weed whacker.

        • MechaVelma

          That’s just it. Weed whackers are designed to not be strong enough to break human flesh. He’d have an easier time using a butter knife. Besides, you can’t shove someone “in” a weed whacker, as Mickey states.

          • godmars

            That’s just it: with enough effort you can cut someone’s head off with a butter knife. You just have to want it enough.

      • Kaleb Moser

        Weed whacker can do some horrific damage if you got the ceramic or metal blades installed instead of the normal wire. Most of them come with several different types of wire or blades that you can change out.

        • Strelnikov

          I second this, which is why I use that plastic wire that shreds in ten-twenty minutes (we have a lot of rocks and an uneven yard.)

          However I still think they meant woodchipper, not weedwhacker.

          • Kaleb Moser

            On paper maybe weed whacker sounded funnier?

          • Strelnikov

            “Weed whacker” might sound hilarious if you’re stoned.

          • Kaleb Moser

            On rolling paper Weed Whacker sounded funnier then.

        • jade

          “You could probably beat a guy to death with a Sunday New York Times.”

          – George Carlin

  • AtlasRedux

    So much epicness in part 2 ^^

  • Joseph Guzman


  • Jewel McPhearson

    I’ve been waiting ALL day for this!! :D I’m glad this part kept the ball rolling from the last video! Props to Dr. Insano too!

  • Douglas Michael Collins II

    Oh my God, Mickey’s wearing the Derpy shirt I bought for him. Epic.

    • Salen Stormwing

      I was watching the shirt and was like… “Wait, is 8-Bit Mickey wearing a Derpy t-shirt?!” That’s awesome. Also… I love the writing on the back of Mickey’s fancy white shirt.

      Seriously, Mickey practically stole Part 2 because of that.

  • Tycho Shiel

    Loved it. It’s perhaps ironic, how huge a part Spoony is playing in this. It’s an awesome send-off from TGWTG, though. I’m sort of holding out that Spoony will get back with them, but I’m elated that he seems to be doing so well on his own.

    • Mark Horemans

      I feel the same way. And there’s always hope. Always :)

      • Kaitos Drakath

        what if i told you…that they make crossovers with whoever they feel like it members or not, if he is still in good terms with linkara and those guys i dont see why they can´t

  • Wesley Jebe

    That was amazing, and spoony stole the show so hard in this ep.
    Oh god, he’s foreign. ‘HELLO NEIL!’

    • J.G. te Molder

      Me too! Absolutely brilliant.

      “Who are you?”


      “Oh, dear, he’s foreign. Hello Neil, nice to meet you.”

      • Martin Markov

        “You pissing yourself with fear?”
        I was also laughing my ass off at Rob’s line delivery and pissed off face as the Executor. That scene alone and Zod’s into were funnier than the whole of Kickassia.

  • Tomasz Ocwieja

    Yes… splendid… yes…

  • Nash Knight

    lol, that was loads of fun! But I’m wondering one thing: is this kind of a show interesting at all to non-nerds?

    • J.G. te Molder



  • Victor Asserud

    “Oh dear he is foreign. Hello Neil, nice to meet you!” HAHA

  • Adell

    Seriously, spoony can act. Of the people in these specials he’s pretty much the only one who CAN act (not that the others are necessarily bad)

    • valou999

      Ya he sure can! He plays, what, 4 different roles and they all feel believable and unique. Only the Critic himself can pull off so many different personas just as well.

    • Joe Vargas

      I think Doug & Brad are excellent actors as well!

      • Kevin Franzen

        I actually became a fan of Brad because of Kickassia, having found his performance to be one of the more well acted parts in the whole cast.

        But don’t sell yourself short Joe, you may not have had a lot to do in this part, but your scene in part one where you just wake up saying “yeah, what they said” had me rolling, just to give an example…

        • La Mancha Noctámbula

          What I really like about Brad is hs voice. Snobby but when he does different characters, you can tell the difference without getting monocharacteristic… (i think i justinvented that word, sorry)

      • Jorge Guerreiro

        Hey Joe, no one will ever forget “The bullets are going through the holes!!!” xD

        Lindsay is also a very skilled actress. And Linkara, while not the actor material, sure knows how to play his role. The suit guy who couldn’t turn of the computer also made a great performance. He blew me off.

        Most of you guys aren’t versatile actors, so the lines and characters must be very well thought of, so that they fit in each ones strengths. For example, Phelous is not a very good actor, but his lines are funny because it’s what he does best: sly remarks with a lot of disregard.

        More important than being good actors, the roles need to be the right ones for each one of you. That’s the difference between this special and the previous IMO. Before, you guys kind of fit the available roles. Now, the roles were custom made for you. And the result is great so far.

        • c.conley90

          Lindsey a skilled actress, hahhahaaaaaahhaahhhh seriously she isn’t even that funny and can’t act shit haaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here only equal in bad acting would be Film Brain or Todd.

          • TOP2NE1

            Acting isn’t supposed to be their strong points anyway. (Heck I remember Elisa even making fun of Lindsay’s acting.) Lindsay and Todd never really had “characters” to begin with. For the most part they seem to play themselves. A lot of their entertainment comes from their wit and ability to provide insight into various topics, rather than looney tunes-esque exaggerations. They’re way more informative than other reviewers. Todd’s One Hit Wonders or Lindsay’s feminist observations, etc.

            Film Brain used to do little skits in his reviews but pretty much started to move away from them after a while. He’s pretty great at summarizing things concisely and eloquently. Seriously if you’re not sure about seeing a movie, check out one of his Projectors. They’re usually spoiler free and give good grounding. Basically, most of these guys have enough goodwill going for them to make up for a lack of acting ability.

            If you want examples of people who can’t act but still bring nothing to the table, then check out asalieri, irategamer, etc.

          • c.conley90

            I’m sorry but Lindsey often comes across as a bitch sometimes and Film Brain well he comes across as a whiny git sometimes. Its not their fault really its just how they sound to me.

          • Nick Godbout

            I’m not sure if you missed the oh-so-subtle writing, but Film Brain’s character is supposed to be a whiny git.

          • c.conley90

            Yeah, you go and keep on telling yourself that when he’s a whiny git on his own show. I wasn’t just talking about his and her acting in this, I was talking about their reviews too. Lindsey comes across as a shallow Bitch in her reviews and Film Brain comes across as a whiny git in his. Whether this is acting or not is debatable, since unlike Brad Jones neither state they are acting up a part.

      • Adell

        Allow me to amend that, Cause you, Doug and Brad can be absolutely hilarious and act pretty well when given the right characters :D

      • Kaleb Moser

        Hopefully we will see more of you in this later on joe. Cinema Snob is a treat so far. I hope he gets some more scenes with Mochrie.

      • Emil Murmelgnu Hannu

        I think that you are a great actor also! The opening scene from Suburban Knights always brings a big chuckle to me!

      • valou999

        You’re doing great as well Joe, you have a lot of energy and charisma. You, Doug and Brad were easily the most entertaining actors of Suburban Knights!

      • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

        Agree, Brad Jones is the best actor, Doug Walker and Noah Antwiller are insanelly talented as well. The others have their charm, but these three are in a own other level.

      • Hank Staugenberg

        You’re great as well, dude. I didn’t love Suburban Knights, but your opening scene with the car had me laughing my ass off.

        That said, yeah, Brad, Doug and Noah stick out. I also love the trio Brad, Sage and Luke Mochrie. They have amazing chemistry, I hope they have more scenes together.

        Also, while Paw isn’t the greatest actor, the timing and delivery of the Spock scene with him and Doug was PERFECT.

    • The Spoony One

      Thanks for the kind words, but I really have to disagree with the notion that none of the others can act. Honestly I’m impressed with how well they’ve all done, given the higher stakes and more dramatic roles everyone’s been asked to play. For “non-actors” they’ve certainly done themselves proud.

      • Adell

        I’ll admit they all have gotten much better as more of these anniversaries have come around, and i’m not really saying they’re bad per se, just not exactly the best at acting. I’m still thoroughly entertained by all involved.

        • Atmos_Duality

          It’s a marked improvement in pacing and tone compared to the previous Channel Awesome anniversaries.
          Kickassia was all over the place for screen presence, and Suburban Knights was a bit…I don’t know, blunt?

          Looking at it now, it’s actually no small wonder how long it took to edit this together.

          • Nick Godbout

            This one really does feel like an actual movie compared to the previous anniversaries.

    • Nick Godbout

      You’re aware that Spoony has done some classical acting before the TGWTG specials, yes? He’s got a predisposition to it. I, personally, think both the Walker brothers and Brad are awesome actors, as well, though.

  • CronoT

    Anyone else have a “Fuck yeah!” moment when the Ghostbusters haunted city theme started playing?

    • J.G. te Molder

      Hmm, that’s the one part I didn’t like, in fact. It was too much copying, too little original. It strayed too much across the line of tribute, and into plagiarism.

  • Guus van Voorst

    Paw is such a geek, its just painful to watch…
    So much for Prick, Mickey just had to cut him to size… XD

  • Nicholas J. Michalak

    This was a whole lot funnier and entertaining than part one. Noah, it’s amazing how good of a job you’ve done, and in THREE ROLES no less! Completely funny and perfect as Spoony, Insano, & Terl. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ve also been posting my praise of Brad & Lewis on their sites, too. I love their regular work, and they’re doing great in this, too! Mechakara’s awesome!

  • VJS25

    This is awesome! Great job all round!

  • clmedic25

    There’s not enough spoony in this movie. :p

    • MechaVelma

      I got a fever. And the only cure is more Spoony.

  • Christine Dean

    I am sorry, I love you and all Spoony, but to me seeing 8bit Mickey brutally murder Prick like a wild animal was my favorite part of the movie. XD

  • rudy023

    I like the multiple roles by Spoony. If only they could fit the Ultimate Warrior in there, it would be the icing on the cake!

    • zhellas

      I bet they do, plus including the Terrain of Testament.

  • IHeart28

    This was amazing. Seriously. Everyone was absolutely fantastic! Spoony was kickass as himself, Insano and Terl. General Zod’s enterance was priceless but LOVED 8-bit mickey! That dude kicked Prick’s ass and thank god, I really wanted that dude to shut his lip. Can’t wait for Part 3! <3

    PS: Loved the fact Mechakara just admitted himself in the open but no one was paying the slightest attention. XD

  • Mike Prentice

    so much spoony… Its perfect !!!!!

  • Renaissance_nerd

    wow Spoony had what 4,5 roles in this, thats hard work.


    poor dr.insano.


    i love the sage and N-critic’s reaction to shorty walking in covered in blood…. did anyone else notice what is written on the back of his shirt…!?!

  • Bobby Kenneth LePire

    This is awesome! Very funny and interesting, with some nice SFX work.

  • MechaVelma

    Spoony. You sir, are the best part of this movie. Absolutely brilliant.

  • laserwolf65

    Leaving Channel Awesome is a result of the plot hole. I just feel it.

  • sbkMulletMan

    I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the Jew-Luigi line that makes me smirk like a bastard. Ah, Spoony really pulled some overtime for this one with all those parts. Great stuff!

    The only thing that would have made this complete is Son of Insano. I miss that lil’ guy.

  • Jason Miller

    you just shooped the mother of all woops

  • Jerard Scythe

    Ahh yes, finally Dr. Insano in the flesh. About damn time you made another appearance.

  • Ruesiken

    I like it but seriously, Spoony is the only person holding it all together.
    IF “There can be one” then for me it’s the “SpoonyOne.”

  • Mr Posh

    During the reveal at the end, I thought it was Daniel Bryan at first…

  • smek2

    – Kneeeel!
    — Hello Kneel, nice to meet you!

  • theshamster

    I loved the altered version of the Ghostbusters song “magic” where we instead hear “I believe it’s science, science! I believe it’s science, science! I believe it’s science, science! science, science!”

  • Kieron Davies

    Omg that last line fucking got to me so much! :D

  • Tiina Aitala

    I completely cracked up at Joe’s magic mushroom part. And Todd getting harassed never gets old in my eyes.

    Brilliant job Noah, did a fantastically on all your roles!

  • Kaleb Moser

    Ha! Spoony’s last line delivery was great. “Oh dear he’s foreign”

  • Baló Timár

    Spoony is doing great here, playing 3 characters in a film is a difficult task even for a skilled actor, but he handles the challenge really well.

  • Dylan Luciano

    Spoony and the Snob are the best actors.

  • adamfox

    everyone is doing great in this. better acting by everyone, fantastic writing, the way its shot is a serious step up. brad and sage’s back and forth makes me laugh out loud.

  • Grace Finnie

    Loving this so much! Noah is just completely stealing the show for me XD

  • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

    Now I understand why Lupa and Phelous and that other girl worked to get Spoony out of TGWTG, he is clearly the star of this movie along with the also talented Doug Walker. Great work in this 2nd part

    • sbkMulletMan

      Speaking of which, Lindsey actually had the same reaction toward Lupa that I had!

    • Chee Moon Yeo

      1) Noah Antwiler has stated that his reasons for leaving Channel Awesome were completely unrelated to the Twitter incident, saying that it was bad timing that made many people assume that the incident was the reason he left.
      He also dosen’t harbor ill will towards Phelous, although I can’t say the same for Lupa.
      2) He also stated that, regarding the Twitter incident, of all the people involved in it including himself, JesuOtaku was the only person who was completely mature about it and did not do anything to cause the incident or make it worse.

      • Faust

        That’s not what he said in the latest vid. He said he was [fired] for making a joke.

        • PeaTearGryfin

          I think he meant that as a joke.

    • Merost

      Lupa is a stupid bitch anyways. She made Twitter Posts about how she is suffering because every boy she mets wants to have sex with her. You know because how gorgeous she is.

      Allright Lupa, you are “gorgeous”. I would use a slightly different word (40 year old crack whore), but if “gorgeous” is what you are going with…

      • Chee Moon Yeo

        Has it occurred to you that perhaps she was joking? Spoony has and still is joking around on Twitter, and while his Tweets can be fun to read, especially some of the dialogue between him and other reviewers like Linkara and Brad Jones, taking them seriously is not the thing to do. I think Lupa could be aloud to joke around on Twitter as well…although now that I say that, she probably should’ve taken that advice as well.
        I don’t even like Obscurus Lupa, but Antwiler himself has stated that he wants Lupa to be left alone and not harrassed by his fans.

    • Octo Seven

      Or maybe it was because Spoony was being a fucking idiot?

  • fatalrob0t

    Good God. If you look at the comments on the Snob’s site they’re absolutely atrocious, obnoxious little cunts that ever took pride and joy in acting like total cunts. Brad deserves better fans than that. He’s damn good and so is Spoony.

  • Merost

    ROFL. Spoony plays everyone else against the wall, and they know it. Why else would Part 2 be so Spoony-centered?

    Yeah have fun TGTWG now that he is gone.

  • Octo Seven

    Best anniversary video ever. There is an LOL moment every few minutes.

  • Andrew Collins

    Loved you in this Spoony, It’s a shame you won’t be a part of future ones. So far I’ve enjoyed this one Alot more than Suburban Knights. I loved Dr Insano in this part. There was a part where you got this serious look on your face that made me think for a minute that the whole insane thing was an act and now the true genious is emerging as the central player in this plot and he was not happy. Sadly that wasn’t to be….yet.

  • yamina-chan

    You good sir stand out once again. -And I don’t say that because so far you happen to have many of the importand roles. (Even tough that’s outstanding as well.)

    I love the explanation for the Kickassia Transformation! (Finally! XD) And I love the turn of events so far. Everyone is at their best and so far, it really looks like you all went above and beyond the expectations.
    I had to laugh when the 5% statement was proven to be right XD
    As for Prick…well., I didn’t expect him to leave so sudden.

  • Mathias Panzenböck

    Spoony and the Critic are the best actors in this.

  • Ruben Baar

    What does he mean “plotholes”? This is obviously hypertime acting up again.

    • draxo

      Wibbly wobbley timey wimey

  • George Rosenbaum

    I’m sorry, but I’ve always hated the way TGWTG anniversary videos were cast.

    Let me explain. Rob and Doug seem so worried about giving every member of TGWTG a role in the movie, that the movie ends up with too many characters. No one really has the time they need to be entertaining or to establish themselves.

    This results in character’s just showing up, acting as their internet persona for a while, and then disappearing for a long time so everyone else can get their turn. This script has plenty of clever, well delivered moments, but some of the impact of those moments are lost because they didn’t have time for the necessary buildup.

    Now, some of you might say “The movie isn’t supposed to be any sort of masterpiece. It’s just the Channel Awesome team having fun and celebrating another year of success.” Well, when the entire TGWTG cast has to take two months out of their schedule to make this, you would expect it to be good. Don’t let all this time and effort from your coworkers go to waste.

    I don’t think I’m asking for much, I just and Doug and Rob to be a little more conservative with the casting choices next year. Hopefully I’m not coming off as a whiner, because the movie is still relatively funny in spite of this flaw.

    TL;DR – Too many characters, shorten the cast a little, don’t hit me. ;D

    • Chee Moon Yeo

      I have to agree there. Kickassia was fun to watch, but most of the CA members were shuffled aside for Doug, Linkara and Spoony (especially in the NC vs Insano fight episode)
      Suburban Knights at least got better in giving everybody a bit of spotlight, more or less (except for a few like Handsome Tom, although with Tom it was at his request since he did not want to speak much in his role). To me, Brad Jones stole the show with his excellent line deliveries (“THAT’S NOT EVEN A PERSON!” has to be the best line in the film)
      To Boldly Flee has been confirmed to take a slower pace than the other two anniversary films. Rob Walker stated that it’s pacing is more similar to a TV mini-series than a feature-length movie, so perhaps it will be more evenly structured and everybody will get their chance. I was surprised by Luke doing well in his scenes with Brad and Bennett, and 8-Bit Mickey already had his own memorable moment. Let’s hope the others will have their own too.
      As much I like Spoony, him being my favorite Internet reviewer, I’m hoping that he isn’t given too much spotlight in TBF. The Anniversary videos aren’t all about one guy, after all. Still, it was a pleasant surprise to see him portraying multiple characters and doing well in all of them.
      If this truly is to be the last Anniversary video he is to be in, then TBF seems fitting to be the last glorious send-off for him.
      Although I’m really looking forward more to the Cinena Snob film. Spoony acting alongside Jake Norvell should be entertaining.

  • Michael Matzat

    Great stuff. I like spoonys and the snops acting best aswell. But why are there so many sceenes were everybody seems so green in the face? >_>

  • Glenn Johnston

    Spooney, the fact that you were such a huge part in this is hilarious to me. Gotta say I wouldn’t know about any of the others without starting to watch your Ultima videos, and your Turrll (or whatever) is priceless.

  • Matthew Alexander Phillips

    why did the teleporter pick up mecakara and not the real linkara i hope they explain that
    p.s sorry if i spelled somethings wrong i suck at spelling

    • IHeart28

      It mistook Mechakara as Linkara himself. After all, Mechakara is the physical same image as Linkara is. Hope it helps :)

    • Gordon Jones

      There’s a literal plot hole generating machine explaining how Spoony hulked out into Insano in Kickassia but is a completely different guy in this movie and you’re complaining about some stupid technology?

  • thegodemperor

    LOL Spoony, you’re so funny. God I hope you can keep doing stuff with at least Doug and Lewis and whatnot.

  • beheldmango

    Loved it best out of the three so far in my opinion and the sheer amount of spoony was great as well as my Favorite Character Dr Insano showing up anything he’s in is instantly twice as good great video funny, well written and a joy to watch hope the other parts can live up to this great part

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    Oh, Terls face upon having just witnessed the escape of the critics – I want it for my desktop-background!

  • Gordon Jones

    Definitely the best crossover movie so far I love how many people are being given crucial scenes to be badass and even though Spoony isn’t on screen for much of the first two episodes the special seems to be about him and Noah is magnificent playing Turrel

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