To Boldly Flee, Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2012 | more notation(s) | 

  • IHeart28

    Awesome! This was probably the funniest part. I loved the cat-fight Terl and Zod were having over control. However Nostalgia Chick turning into a borg really doesn’t look good, especially if Mechakara created her. I also loved Luke’s conversation with Snob, it was really sweet! Also, yay! We got spoony back!

    Really worth the wait! Can’t wait to see the confrontation between the two house-ships!

  • Princess Stabbity

    Still absolutely loving this. Favorite part of this one is hands down, the Terl & Zod cat fight. And that plant in the corner really does make the whole thing come together.

    • Christine Dean

      OMG yes! XD
      Not to mention the faceless crew’s reaction upon seeing that. Priceless.
      You know one of them must have been thinking while watching Zod bitchfight “Oh god, no wonder this guy was defeated by Superman’s shirt logo.” lmao

      • Princess Stabbity

        You just know your mission is probably going to fail when your commanding officers fight like parents over the last “It” toy during Christmas season, lol.

  • Joann Hutchinson

    that was awesome each episode keeps gettinf better

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Another great part. I was laughing so hard at the Ferdinand von Terl/ Zod fight. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that bit between with Film Brain. By the way, Zod is right, that is a really good plant. It does pull the room together.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    love the plant in the corner

    • DarkBee

      Indeed, it really ties the room together.

      This was somewhat of a breather episode (a lot of funny stuff), but also got the plot moving along.

  • Felipe Espinoza

    Wow, im impressed, spoony can really act.

  • sbkMulletMan

    “Oh My” Indeed!

    Also, I demand a future Zod & Terl Odd Couple mini-series. Battle of the Beards.

  • Daex

    Brad, Spoony, Doug, Sage, JewWario and Sad Panda were very funny. Everyone else….not so much, and JesuOtaku was just plain annoying….

  • Daniel Kong

    “revenge for the Ma-ti impressions” Hah. Nice.

    Unfortunately the JO/Edward thing didnt really work out for me. It got annoying quickly. NC borgified/mechanized also seem strange though I guess its consistent that no one else notices.

    • Heather Solomon

      It’s the disturbance in “The Hole”. That was already explained. It’s Magic now.

      I do agree though that the JO to Edward thing was a little… swift, but Ed is an annoying babbling maniac who is a genius, and when trying to build mind altering tech it’s a quick n’ dirty way to do it. Also, I have the same Ein Plushie she had in the previews. THat makes so much more sense now.

      Spoony’s great in every scene he’s in and perhaps the most polished performance.

  • Jared Fullyfisted

    That speech about TGWTG being a family is I think is about the 20th moment that’s felt awkward in light of the falling out with Spoony…

    • Christine Dean

      Yeah, I know what you mean.
      But from my experience in real life, even family members can have falling outs too. But they’re still your family. :/

      • Andreas Törnqvist

        Well put Christine.

      • L1nk1

        The problem here is that the family is much too big.

        • Christine Dean

          Yeah, its just wierd, but I kinda relate to this. My mom married into a big family and sometimes there is strife and falling out that happens to go on in bigger familes, than in small ones. I have observed.
          But, over time, I have also noticed that whereas that might be true, how a family deals with estranged relatives and feuds through support and above all forgiveness after what is said and done, is the most important thing to consider.
          No family surrogate or real is perfect.
          But that is enough out of me, I don’t want to bring the fun of watching this awesome movie down with my “After School Special”ness lol

    • jnywest

      I know, is this life imitating art, or visa verse.. what the hell is going on?!

    • Cody Ward

      I just hope people like Linkara and Sage continue to work with Spoony in crossovers and/or cameos.

    • Kaleb Moser

      Oh yeah. So very very true. Then again personally I have no contact with my family at all…C’est la vie

    • Johan Eriksson

      A little, but god dammit if it wasn’t also seriously heartwarming.

  • Stacy Galler

    Not enough Spoony (or his characters) in this part. Tho Spoony as Han Solo, even blind, wet, disoriented Han Solo, was really hot. ;-)

    Seriously though, I thought this part was a bit uneven. Some of it was really funny (the cat fight, Phelous calling Paw Wesley, Film Brain trying not to use double entendres), but some of it was just…out there and a bit draggy. However, I realize this is the middle, the “journey to your destiny part” so to speak, so I’ll cut it some slack. Parts 1 and 2 were awesome, hopefully once the action starts up again, the awesomeness will resume.

    And that plant really does pull the room together. ;-D

  • Adell

    This just keeps getting better and better

  • Adell

    OH god I just realized it, Jesuotaku is supposed to be ED from cowbow Bebop!

    • Mateusz K.

      Oh my god! I did not see it untill you said it… weird, as CB is one of my favourite anime… ha! It all makes sense now… it’s quirky genius type…

    • Mark Horemans

      Ahh, thanks.
      I had no idea who she was supposed to be

  • David Martin

    Great Stuff as always. How did you manage playing two and three parts? Always makes me laugh. Thanks for your hard work.

  • CronoT

    So, did anyone else catch the “Explorers” reference between CR and JO at the beginning? Granted, it’s very old and somewhat obscure, but I had it on VHS and I watched it obsessively when I was a kid.

    • Matthew Scott Morrison

      So that is why that felt familiar. God, I was trying to place it, but till you said “Explorers”, it alluded me. Thanks.

  • Mike Lee

    Like the Ma-ti impressions as well. And the line drawing parallels between Lupa and space . . . well, often is much truth said in jest.

  • thegodemperor

    LOL YES!! A dune reference joke. I love it. LOVE IT. It’s great. Spoony, you are the best :P

  • Tölgyfaszegi István

    Need more Angry Joe… other than that an avarage episode. Best was Zod shoving Turl’s face into the sofa.

    • Kaleb Moser

      Yeah it seems odd that they haven’t given Joe much to do in this first 3 parts. Given his excellent facial expressions they could had at least used him more for reaction shots or something.

  • Benjamin Zalneraitis

    Ghostbusters in the last episode and now it sounds like Dune? This makes me happy.

  • beheldmango

    great video Spoony you and Doug play off each other well

  • Lucas Allen

    I finally saw the first three episodes and I must say it’s way better than I expected. It has a stronger set up than the previous anniversary films especially references to SOPA and the people behind it. I was hoping one day that Doug spoofs it and he found a way perfectly. I can imagine how would the SOPA honchos react when watching the first two parts.

    While most of the cast does a good job as usual, it’s here I believe that Spoony steals the entire show! The different characters and his line delivery feels perfect in every scene. I would say the Todd/Lupa/NChick love triangle feels forced, but from what I heard in the first part of Spoony’s Suburban Knights commentary that my reaction seems meaningless. Still, I didn’t care for that subplot.

    Besides that, each episode is getting better and better. I hope we’ll see James Rolfe’s usual cameo (maybe in the last part as one final surprise), and I hope the fate of the Nostalgia Critic is a satisfying one.

  • dragonfly82

    It makes me wonder how long ago was this shot, since they’re still talking about SOPA.
    And wasn’t Ma-Ti also fired from TGWTG?? or was that a rumor?

    • Chee Moon Yeo

      Bhargav wasn’t fired. He left at his own request as he wanted to pursue other endeavors. Still, he’s welcome to come back any time he wants.

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    This was a surprising part of the film, and honestly, I prefer it to the other two.
    It was nice to see more of the CA cast getting their own moments here.
    Jewwario, in every scene he was in, got me to laugh, just like he did in Kickassia and Suburban Knights. He’s a very effective secondary character in the Anniversary films.
    Film Brain and Ze Sad Panda both had their funny moments. To me, Panda is the Christopher Walken of Channel Awesome. He’s the strangest, most bizarre Internet reviewer of them all.
    If you haven’t seen Sad Panda’s Forget About It, those videos are worth watching.
    Phelous is one of my favorite Internet reviewers, but I’ll admit that in crossovers and in the Anniversary films, he’s the kind of person who needs good direction and writing in the scenes he’s in. But if they are done right, he can be very fun to watch.
    Luke continues to surprise me with his line deliveries. He and Brad Jones play off each other well.
    But even now, with his screentime lessened, Spoony still stole this “part” of To Boldly Flee with his scenes with Doug Walker.
    Unfortunately, JesuOtaku came off as annoying rather than funny, and the scenes with Todd, Lupa and Chick were more tedious than entertaining. Hope their characters are better in the next parts.
    Looking forward to the next part of this Anniversary film.

    • Istalf

      I would have to agree strongly in regards to Phelous. While I can’t say he’s a favorite of mine, like yourself. He can have his moments when handled correctly. Often he seems completely disconnected from the scene. I feel this carries over in to most of his personal work as well. Its completely hit or miss with him in my opinion. And this is not a misunderstanding of his character. He’s the guy that I really want to like.

      Almost everything he puts out I want to enjoy. But theres this big brick wall when it comes to Phelous.

  • Nick Godbout

    I get this weird feeling that I’m the only person here who enjoyed the JesuOtaku as Ed bit. I feel like she channeled the character really well given that she’s never really showed any real moxie or enthusiasm for acting in her own line of videos.

    • IHeart28

      No you’re not. JO as Ed was hilarious. She’s really entertaining!

    • Deanna Jackson

      Nope. I love her as Ed, too.

    • Johan Eriksson

      You are far from alone, I thought she was one of the best parts of the episode. And you are right, she is pretty darn good at acting when she wants to.

  • Lenne Shuyin

    spoonyone you ARE the best, marry me you dark handsome piece of man……your trust fund baby tambi

  • Mateusz K.

    Dammit it’s too short… thank god they are not releasing them once a week.

  • Steven Black

    I really enjoyed JesuOtaku as Ed, it was simply refreshing seeing her bubbly and dare I say alive in this one, rather than her sarcastic and serious normal self (and throwing a grenade at Sage completely appropriate considering all the crap he has thrown at her on her show). Seven of 11, borgified nostalgia chick was cool. Spoony going all Mati/Gollum was funny too. Agreed on the family comment, sad indeed. Parts 1 and 2 were better, but a lot of that was just plain out more Spoony with Dr. Insano and Terl, and Spoony himself simply outshining the rest. And to be honest Prick was a kind of awesome villain and I actually regret losing him so early in the story.

  • Istalf

    I find myself increasingly confused the deeper we go into this years film. Not in the comprehension of the story mind you, but rather the delivery. It started really strong this time around. But my interest continues to fade with each part. Its quickly devolving into the same old routine of a quick laugh due to the “crossover effect”. I’m sure many people find that adequate, and good on you. Unfortunately I do not.

    I think the reason for this might be my complete lack of interest in half of the cast. TGWTG has spread to encompass many aspects of “nerd” culture over the past few years. They are trying to appease all of those fans. I simply do not think you can do that. Every time I find myself smiling and beginning to laugh, Here comes Monkey Girl yapping about something.. Yes, I know it’s insulting on a completely superficial level. But you know exactly who I’m talking about so spare me. And not that she is the prime target, or fully to blame. She’s simply the easy example.

    I really wouldn’t find it as intrusive If they had something worthwhile to bring. Regardless of my interest opposed to theirs. But I feel that all it amounts to is a bunch of played out crossover non-sense. A cheap laugh that was old three years ago. Then again, what can you expect from something mass produced every year with the sole purpose of appeasing your many fans.

    Of course I expect too much.

  • Erik Kowalsky

    Can’t say I like these videos

  • MechaVelma

    ehhh.. this chapter didn’t do much for me. Probably the best part was the Zod Nipple Pinch. Phelous just sucks charisma out of the room every time he speaks.

  • Shilag

    The Edward cosplay had me cringing so bad. That was absolutely awful.

    • Erin Burke

      I agree. I like JO, but that act just really fell flat.

  • Erin Burke

    I’m not the biggest fan of Marzgurl, but I really liked her in this, for as little as she is in it. Her sarcasm came off as funnier than usual, and she just generally had a better screen presence.

    I really wish JO had stuck to her normal self, though. I’ve found her to be normally upbeat and energetic during her appearances on WTFIWWY on Radio Dead Air. Maybe doing the Ed (one of my favorite characters from Cowboy Bebop) impression would have been okay for a short part, but not for the whole special. It’s just too much of a not very good impression.

    I lol’d at the “It’s another house!” line at the end. I knew it was coming, but it was still hilarious.

  • Jovan Stipic

    spoony,critic and snob are the best i think

  • Jesse Garza

    how soon can we expect part 4??? Cant wait for it!

    • sbkMulletMan

      I think it’ll be here on the 1st. Seems to be 3 days in between episodes, so not much of a wait.

  • Handaerduvet

    “A what??”
    When told to transform the ship to a house. Made me laugh so hard.

  • Deanna Jackson

    Is it me or is Brad one of the best actors in all the anniversary stuff they’ve put together? I’ve seen both “Hooker with a Heart of Gold” and “Paranoia” and those were surprisingly good, too. JewWario and Spoony are both funny as hell, too.

    • Chee Moon Yeo

      It’s not just you. Brad Jones has been acknowledged even by his fellow reviewers that he has the most legitimate acting skill out of all of them and has the highest chance of having a successful career as a full-time actor.
      To me, he may not be the most entertaining reviewer to watch, but there’s no denying that his skill in portraying characters/personas and his delivery of lines and expressions are unmatched in Channel Awesome. He had all the best line deliveries in Kickassia, and stole the show in Suburban Knights (Linkara, Spoony and some of the other reviewers all stated that the “That’s not even a person!!!” line is their favorite line in Suburban Knights)
      Brad is probably the only reviewer to nowadays not receiving any backlash from the more, shall we say, “conservative” people in Spoony’s fanbase should he appear here on the Spoony Experiment’s videos. He’s that awesome.

      • Das_Bass

        Given they seem to be real life buddies; I can see why. Hell Brads stuff was here right before he had his own web page.

    • IHeart28

      I agree. Brad Jones is brilliant. He really is. He seems like a really fun dude to be around with as well. However, I gotta say though, that Lewis, Doug and Noah are pretty damn briliant themselves. But that’s my personal preferance since Brad, Noah, Doug and Lewis are my top four favorites in this anniversary and stuff in general

  • Jeremy Behrend

    This is without a doubt (so far) The Best CA crossover! 7 of 11 NChick? Spoony gone out to lunch from being boxed in like a lunchable? No one really figuring out that its Mecha-kara? Pure Win!

  • P Andrew Nava

    Sorry to show my ignorance here but I have to ask; What is JO suppose to be?

    • Das_Bass

      Ed from Cowbow Bebop. An awesome anime from the mid 90s that you should check out =]

  • Rodrigo Hernández

    Really lol’d with the “stand back, apparently, I’m a doctor” line and the Spoony-Han Solo bit. Also, is it normal that I got so excited when they used “Jupiter” by Holst, even if it was a bit cliché? Listened to it like five times after watching this.

  • Eric Hall

    Does anyone think that Terl and Zod have sort of a Shredder and Krang kind of relationship? xD Both of them fighting for control, navigating with high tech equipment, fighting each other in the most childish way and hurling insults and so forth. xD I’m betting this will be the best anniversary TGWTG has made.

  • Christopher Smith

    The Explorers (1985) reference (if it was one) at the beginning was heartwarming and Nostalgic. :)

  • Guest

    Ahhh, I totally didn’t get the Ed part at first even though I’m a huge Cowboy Bebop fan. :O

  • Lunam_Kardas

    ….I’m sorry but it really looks like Zod is doing more than just holding Turl down….

  • Das_Bass

    Did that gun have the Halo sniper sound effects?
    I also can’t help but feel a little off put by the Ed cosplay since Ed is an underage girl, and cut tank tops on real people over the age of 23 looks…..well….you know.
    Can Spoony use his fallout 1 pistol in next part :<

  • Gordon Jones

    This episode is sad to watch knowing that Spoony left TGWTG

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