To Boldly Flee, Part 4

The Spoony One | Aug 31 2012 | more notation(s) | 


  • Guest

    Oh my god

  • steve2911

    Strange that Spoony linked here instead of the actual thread on his actual forum…

    • MasWasTaken

      Spoony posting on the forum isn’t strange?

      • CronoT

        Maybe Channel Awesome got a splintered broomstick up the ass about Spoony hosting the videos on his site. Checked the Snob’s site. He still has the videos hosted.

        • William Staples

          I really doubt it.

          • CronoT


            It’s called hyperbole.

          • William Staples

            Oy. My bad. You know how it is on the Internet.

          • Andreas Törnqvist

            Considering that Spoony ISN’T hired by CA anymore it’s not very odd that the Snob could have his videos up but not Spoony. You even got an answer from him about this for crying out loud.

        • Troy Bennett

          spoony himself replied as to why. I can predict that during his time with CA, the ad money went to them first, then to TSE. Now that TSE is standalone, Spoony gets his own ad revenue, hense the new Springboard player and its crop of ads. However, that means TSE isn’t allowed to use the Blip player, hense not playing any of Blip’s ads. It’s a bit like real TV.

  • Lucas Allen

    Once again Spoony, you did not disappoint! Halfway into the series, and it has the best cliffhanger yet.

    Oh and one more thing, (clears throat) LAAWWWWW!!!

  • Patrick Bondurant

    I think the writing is the best of any of the “Year” specials. So many little things you miss if you’re not paying attention. And it’s great to see Spoony and NC constantly bickering with each other.

  • Jovan Stipic

    spoony,critic and snob are the best i think but considering how little screentime joe gets HE’S FUCKING AWESOME so funny :D cant wait for the next

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    I don’t get it… where is that grassy field supposed to be? And don’t say “IT’S THE PLOTHOLES INFLUENCE!” Cuz f’ you.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      On Europa.
      As was said at the end of the last episode, there is now life on the world.

      • Holly Smith

        Wouldn’t that itself be part of the plothole’s influence since it was also explained in the last episode that it’s usually a cold, barren wasteland?

        • Adell

          that’s the point of the movie, the plot hole thing is fucking with reality and needs to go away

        • MS

          Isn’t that a reference to 2001 and the rest of the series? Aliens created life on Europa there.

  • Joong Kim

    I also agree that Spoony is the main star in this crossover. Brad Jones was also very good with Luke as well!!!! I was liking this more than Suburban Knights.

  • IHeart28

    OH NO! SNOB! What’ll happen to him?! I can’t stop worrying over him already!

    This was just as amazing as the rest of the parts. The more I watch this anniversary, the more I want to see what else goes on. I keep thinking my favorites are still Linkara, Spoony/Terl, Critic/Zod and Snob. Oh and everything in this was funny and also heartpounding. I DEFINITELY need this on a DVD with all the extras! :D

    Oh and also “What else can go wrong?” *spoony passes out and topples over him* “I hate sci-fi” XD

  • CronoT

    Why video no on Spoony’s site?

    Doth Channel Awesome protest too much?

    1. Spoony was great, as always.
    2. The Benzaie cameo was set up perfectly.
    3. Angry Joe plus mindless random violence equals WIN.
    4. Phelous continues to suck the energy out of every scene he’s in.
    5. CR just needs to stop sucking period.

    • likalaruku

      Phelan absolutely does that on purpose.

      • William Staples

        Yeah, it’s pretty much his schtick.

      • Istalf

        And it absolutely continues to suck.

        • Andreas Törnqvist

          Look, Phelous humor is very ironic and meta. It’s just how he rolls. You can dislike it, but I hope that you’ve at least seen some of his videos before you start complaining as most are quite good. And I’m happy too Benzaie was in this!

          • Istalf

            I do apologize if the simplicity of my comment led you to believe that I for some reason do not understand Phelous’ humor. I’ve seen quite a few of his videos and honestly found them to be adequate for what they are.

            But in the context of these videos it simply sucks. Last years videos were almost unbearably painful to watch in regards to Phelous. Just because something is “ironic and meta” does not mean those that dislike it simply fail to understand it.

          • Chee Moon Yeo

            The anniversary films are probably where Phelous is at his very weakest. He’s at his best when he’s by himself and reviewing bad horror/slasher films. And the type of humor that he uses in his videos is definitely not for everyone’s taste. Some have enjoyed it, others detested it. Me personally, I like the guy, but I’ll admit that in the anniversary films, he is definitely not at his best. Phelous can be very entertaining, but he’s also very limited in terms of how entertaining he can be in different kinds of videos.
            Spoony has proven that he can be fun to watch/listen to no matter what kind of conditions he’s in, whether they be standard review videos, Let’s Plays, crossovers, the anniversary films and even in v-logs like the Counter Monkey series.
            Phelous, on the other hand, can be really funny when he’s reviewing movies by himself, but most of his crossovers are hit-and-miss, and, again, unless his character is handled carefully and given good direction and writing, his scenes in the anniversary films would end up being dull rather than entertaining.
            Watching him in Kickassia, Suburban Knights and now here in To Boldly Flee, I actually think that Doug and Rob Walker are doing a better job at handling Phelous’s role than in the previous films.

      • smek2

        Yes, and it gets old.

    • The Spoony One

      The primary reason the TBF videos are no longer embedded on this site is because of my contract with the new advertising partners. I can’t disclose details, but new videos will be exclusively on the Springboard platform for a while.

      • smek2

        Well shit, because the Springboard video player kinda sucks.


          Springboard video player? is that the new video player for the blip videos recently?

          • septimar

            No…Springboard is Springboard. Blip is Blip. Different companies, different players.

      • CronoT

        Thanks for replying to my question, Spoony!

        Sucks to be me, though; my smartphone can’t play springboard videos. They’re encoded with Flash, and my smartphone uses HTML 5 exclusive.

    • smek2

      I agree that Phelous’ shtick is getting old up to a point were it’s become downright depressing.

      • MechaVelma

        I dont know. the idea of phelous dying every few moments is pretty cool. I kept expecting one fo the other player to ask if the guard stabbing him had any actual knowledge of human anatomy.

        I never watched Ray Romano’s show because of how nasally his voice is. But MY GOD is phelous’ voice ten times worse. Its like iron nails on a chalkboard or squeaking styrofoam.

    • IHeart28

      Benzaie did the dance of epicness! Indeed, his cameo kicked ass. Also, Joe always been a badass so him shooting one of the minions was expected :P

  • Stacy Galler

    Benzaie! Whoo Hoo! Was worried we wouldn’t see him this year.

    Now…when do we get to see Spoony dancing in his underwear? XD (Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen the ET review…not the same.)

    Spoony proved himself the best part of this again. Even when he was just standing around watching Phelous get killed he was still more engaged and interesting than anyone else. And Terl was hilarious…the running gag of him screwing up Shakespeare might be the funniest thing so far. And that’s not easy to do…knowing something one way and then suddenly having to learn it another is very hard.

    The Phelous dying constantly was pretty funny, though Joe shooting that poor Weapons tech and then just grinning and beaming out was probably the funniest thing in this part. Best Line Read goes to Cinema Snob: “According to this red light that means no…no.” LOL!

    The battle scenes were well conceived, if a bit overdone, and the music was just overbearing. Still, Spoony’s back! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Princess Stabbity

    Poor Venus. Where will I vacation now?
    Fabulous job, as expected.

    • Peli Seta

      Well, I hear Uranus is nice this time of the year.

      It is nice to see that everything has improved from previous year. I just wish different style of cinematography and that not every one trying the “goofy acting” method.
      Good stuff from Spoony and Brad.

  • Christine Dean

    No! Snob! D':
    Oh the look on Luke’s face when they kidnapped his mentor, I can’t help but feel bad for him :(
    When is the next part going to be, I have to know what happens next!?!?

  • Daex

    As always Spoony and Brad are great! Im waiting for the Cinema Snob movie. Doug, Benzaie, Sad Panda and Joe are very funny in this one but, the rest just…well kind of suck.

    • Christine Dean

      I hope SadPanda is in the next year’s anniversary, If he is not, I will find that quite vexing *crosses her arms*

  • itbegins2005

    This is EASILY the best installment so far! Spoony nearly steals the show, but Doug actually (FINALLY) has some really funny moments here, too! I just wish there were video on THIS site, rather than just a link…

  • anilizer34

    I would say less Phelous and more Angry Joe, but as long as Phelous
    keeps dying I think he is in the most entertaining role (hell, who
    doesn’t like seeing Phelous die).

  • PeaTearGryfin

    So far the best installment of them all. I think Phelous deserves a medal for greatest death scenes ever. Loved that Benzaie bit. I actually had to stop the video during that teleporter gag because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe.

    • LordShroud

      God you are miserable. “Laughing so hard you couldnt breathe”? Sure thing…

      • IHeart28

        No need to get sarcastic and mad bro. It’s his opinion and his taste. That does not make him “Miserable” You only said that because YOU did not think it was funny(Which is your opinion). Personally I love this anniversary(As my previous comments state) but again, you’re entitled to your opinion and PeaTearGryfin is entitled to his

  • sbkMulletMan

    Finally, Joe gets to do something! *And* it’s friggin’ awesome! Seriously, I find the lack of Joe in the previous videos disturbing. Thankfully this one gave me something fun with him.

    And it’s funny; at first my only real complaint with this one was that Benzai’s cameo had too many clothes on, but thankfully they rectified that very quickly!

    Zod & Terl really do play off each other well and they’re easily the best part. I just love watching them go Lister & Rimmer on each other. I could watch them for hours.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    oh it gets better and better, btw nice cinematography by Ed Glaser,

  • Christine Dean

    I wasn’t quite sure what everyone was talking about when they were saying how Critc and Spoony were stealing the show until I saw that one scene where Zod and Turl were doing impressions of Oprah and Rachel Ray that I finally figured out what they were talking about. lol, that has to be my favorite part in this whole video, it cracked me up. XD

  • Michael Lindenmuth

    Is anyone else as annoyed with JO as I am? I can’t help but to think “Wow… THIS is the trade off CA has instead of Spoony now?” Poor, poor, bastards. I think it’s a good idea that this is the final attempt at an anniversary special. They are lacking using their talent like Joe, Linkara, and Sage and highlighting piss poor talent like JO and CR. For what?… hope something worth my time. CA is going through a horrific identity crisis and losing spoony didn’t help. I don’t think they have a damn clue who the fans like outside the big 3.

    And was anyone else expecting Critic to use other ammo from his Judge Dredd gun?

    • Istalf

      You are not alone my friend. What you’ll soon find amusing though is the amount of thumbs down your comment will get for saying anything negative about her, CA, or this series. Even on Spoony’s site. Fanboys and girls to the rescue!!!

      On a side note, were you equally disturbed with seeing her in a mid drift shirt? Who’s idea was that!? I feel dirty now somehow. Like I was just admiring a half naked little boy. Nostalgia Chicks cleavage easily stole the show in parts one and two. But this is the follow up? JO in a mid drift…

      I have that sour taste in the back of my throat.

      • sbkMulletMan

        Just do what I do: ignore the mid drift and go straight for sexy, sexy Benzaie!

        • Istalf

          Can’t thank you enough for that. I just knew I would be tormented for days with thoughts of her the mid drift. But the power of Benzaie has driven it from me!

          • Raziel

            Jesus… I thought I was the only one, thank god! Benzaie to the rescue!!

        • Michael Lindenmuth

          I myself, hope Marz gets a hell of a lot more play out of this thing in the future of CA. I can’t say that I don’t like Nostalgia Chick, she literally has a moment or two other then being Critic’s side kick, but if anyone deserves some time to shine as the queen of CA it’s Marz Girl. She’s stealing this series from Chick.

      • Joe Hammons

        Not sure if trolling or just incredibly stupid.

      • Guest

        It’s mid-riff shirt, as in a shirt that shows your mid-riff. Mid drift doesn’t even make sense. Is it a shirt that slides round corners belching tire smoke or something?

      • Drakedragon

        I don’t even watch JO that much, so I don’t think I’m a ‘fan’ of hers. I
        just have no problem with her performance. I disagree with you, hence I
        thumbs down your comment, as well as his. Nothing else to it really.

    • Jack

      you do realise JO is portraying Ed from Cowboy Bebop right? She’s MEANT to be like that, shirt and everything.

      • Octo Seven

        She is incredibly irritating. She is doing disservice to CB by being so fucking annoying. Edward was cool, JO as Ed is beyond irritating. Fucking otakus are irritating in general.

      • Michael Lindenmuth

        Imagine we live in a world where not everyone likes Cowboy bebop. Also she’s the only one imitating an anime character in a sci fi themed anniversary special. I think it shows a lack of ideas to do with her in general.

        Not looking forward to them dragging out the useless lupa/todd/chick love triangle, but for now this is the absolute dead space segment for me in these. That and the Critic slowly smirking for no reason every 40 seconds during that last part. It literally stalled the progress.

        • Adell

          Well to be fair Cowboy Bepop totally belongs in a sci-fi themed movie considering, but her impression of Ed is not very good.

      • Dark

        Yes but, its the worst portrayal of Ed that I have ever seen.

        • Erin Burke

          I agree. There’s a subtlety to Ed’s character that JO doesn’t get across. I appreciate that JO has the burning desire, but unfortunately she lacks the talent, which can also be blamed on the writing.

    • Kaleb Moser

      Well I think the issue is that you have The Critic and Spoony doing parodies of what were supposed to be serious characters. Their costumes are really excellent and the comedy flows pretty easily. (Personally I think Zod is hands down the best thing that Doug does.)

      Then JO is dressing up like a animated character which never translates into real life as well. And it’s not so much of a parody of a character but simply that character. It’s much harder to get comedy out of that.

      So probably whoever wrote that part for her kind of missed the point of why parody characters like Terl are funny. And thus her performance is sticking out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else.

      I am sure some people are aren’t as bothered by what is going on with JO’s performance but I can see why others might be rankled a bit.

    • William Staples

      Have you seen JO’s show? She’s usually nothing like this. Very dry and analytical. She’s one of the best critics (as in, straight-up intelligent criticism, not wacky hijinx) on CA in my opinion.

  • Mateusz K.

    Best special ever, and Spoony / Critic combo is the best thing in there. Other characters are still funny as shit and this time I had no problems with any of the subplots getting in the way of the gags. I wish this had 10 more parts… and all woulb be available now…

  • Fraser Stewart

    This was the best of the 4 parts so far. I especially liked what Joe did, I thought that was hilarious.

  • Edgars Sondors

    Oh Phelous, nothing has changed since the Suburban Knights has it…

  • TheTechno Wolf

    omg… JO is going to be annoying like that the entire movie, is she…?

  • Guest

    Hey Spoony I’m gonna bitch about the free entertainment like everyone else. I’m just gonna sit here and not create anything of my own while critiquing stuff other people do. Fucking internet fags…

    • Fraser Stewart

      I create free stuff too. It’s not entertainment, it’s scientific research, but it still requires a great deal of creativity and is free for anyone to download, read and critique as they please.

  • Erebus_Locke

    I dont think this is particulary funny (except for all the parts with Spoony in them). Anyways after this “Anniversary Special” is over and Spoony gone from Channel Awesome – Can we PLEASE PLEASE burry once and for all all those crossovers and general Channel Awesome shit? Please only original Spoony-content.

    (Good crossovers with Linkara, Angry Joe and of course the Cinema Snob are fine by the way :D )

    • ShipoftheLine

      ++++++++++ This page is like the delicious menue you ordered at a restraurant, and from time to time the waiter comes and just poops a Channel-Awesome turd on your plate. I wouldnt mind if I didnt get the impression it comes at a cost of regular Spoony-content.

      Well he is finally gone from CA, and the content-output last month was great. One regular video + 2 vlogs, thats perfect.

      • Troy Bennett

        If I was running TSE, I’d be gunning for a vid every 3 weeks. Full stride, TSE had a video twice a month, with hit-or-miss success. When going for full quality, it takes a month. I think 3 weeks is a good compromise.

        • antiquarius

          1 completly scripted video a month, PLUS 1-2 Vlogs.

          Thats the perfect mix.

    • septimar

      There is a crossover with Diamanda Hagan under way.

    • JackRyan

      Hm dont like her “character”, the mask and stuff got annoying after a while…But well see.

    • LordShroud

      Indeed. I long for the times of 2007 – 2010, when I went to Spoonys page for Spoony-stuff, not HILARIOUS!!!! TGWTG-crap.

    • Francisco Salazar

      So, in other words, PLEASE… PLEASE… stay the course.

      • antiquarius

        You kidding? He makes an exception for Linkara, Angry Joe and the Snob – Which are the only ones coming close to Spoony, and who also HAVENT BEEN FEATURED HERE FOR AGES.

        Instead we get Sweaty McSweatSweat from Britain, or that FilmBrain guy. But if you want to make crossovers – Why has the last one with the Cinema Snob been the Transformers-discussion which wasnt even featured here but only on his page?

        It was a thousand times better than the Filmbrain vid, yet hardly anyone knows about it.

        • Sam Pagano

          He is playing a pretty huge part in the Cimema Snob Movie which comes out this month so their next project is to be released soon.

  • MechaVelma

    And from the trailer I thought it was going to be Angry Joe in the Dredd suit.

  • kurt21g

    Wow this part was way funnier than all previous anniversery videos combined.

  • yamina-chan

    An amazing part, full of tension filled hillarity =D
    I really love what you guys and girls have put together here, there are just so many tiny and big things in it which make this awesome =D
    And once again Spoony, i feel the need to compliment you on your acting in this, you’re definately among the top three in terms of delivery.
    Well done ^^
    I am excited for the rest =D

  • James Miller

    Spoony is the Charlie Sheen of CA. They fire him for something only stupid bitches give a fuck about, and boy are they going to live to regret it.

    • Adell

      Spoony is much less trashy

      • Adell

        And much more funny

    • Sam Pagano

      Damn, why would you insult spoony by comparing him to that dickhead? Atleast Spoony can function as a human being beyond just letting everyone laugh at how insane he is.

      • James Miller

        I just meant he is the “bad boy” type

    • Christine Dean

      “stupid bitches give a fuck about” ? Seriously? So if you had people complaining about a guy going off the deep end, lashing out on a public social network, and making inappropiate comments to co-workers and costumers stupid bitches? Its not being stupid bitches its speaking up and saying you are bothered by something because you are not worth being treated like crap. There is nothing wrong with setting boundries, its what makes people civil human beings and seperated by lower life animals. And people need to know what is okay and what is not.

      What job do you work at outside of the internet, where its okay for Spoony to do what he did?

      Even he admitted it was a bad thing he had done and is working to set things right. Charlie Sheen hasn’t come close to rectifying his fucked up life. Not one bit. And, I am sorry but people who are condoning what you are condoning James Miller, come off as those who might as well condone criminal activity.

      • James Miller

        I live in the united states, we have free speech here. Being told you can’t tell dirty jokes is censorship. Censorship is not free speech.

        My job is to rape cunts. thanks for asking

        • Christine Dean

          I am sure that you proudly put it down when you file for unemployment checks.
          IF your ten year old daughter or niece (or whoever that girl is in the FB display picture with you) came up to you and told you she was threatened with rape and wanted to speak out and have that person disciplined I would bet you would call her a stupid bitch too and that “she would live to regret it”.
          And by the way, Spoony doesn’t need people like YOU to defend him, not only can he handle himself pretty well, but having your kind around would only hurt his image and damage his repuation when he still keeping in good standing with people. Unlike you, Noah admitted what he had done and took responsiblity for it like a real man. That is the only thing that gave me tons of respect for him beyond making talented videos. And yes, I live in the U.S. too so I have the same right to “freedom of speech” as you do to say all of this.

          • James Miller

            There is a difference between a threat and an obvious joke. Go get raped thanks bye.

        • William Staples

          Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism, nor does it mean you can say whatever you want without any repercussions.

          But more importantly, Spoony didn’t leave CA because of “the joke”. He left because of the public meltdown that followed it in which he insulted fans and coworkers in a drunken rage for a week. CA had every right to discipline him for that.

          He’s taken responsibility for his actions. It’s over. Deal with it.

          • James Miller

            If I made a joke about let’s say, the holocaust and a bunch of people flip out at me about how it’s not funny and how I shouldn’t joke about it and shut up blah blah blah, I would have flipped my shit too. He had every right to do it.

    • William Staples

      Dude, it’s over. The whole thing is settled. Get over it.


    i like these year anniversaries! the only problem is that there are too many characters to fill in to the scene/ and or movie. i like that spoony has more screen time but it seems only the main or popular reviewers where the others are just sort of there…

  • Pelle Buch Hansen

    I seriously dont understand why joe has such a small part in this movie. He is way more funny and a way less irritating than say.. JO :b Glad to see Panda in this though… and the cameo from benzaie :D don’t know why he only got a cameo though

  • Sam Pagano

    Best part of this movie hands down are the Terl and Zod scenes those guys are some of the best villains this could get.

    • IHeart28

      Agreed. They really ARE the perfect couple! They fight lie they’ve been married for years and by god we all love it. Noah and Doug have golden chemestry

  • Jonathan McGown

    Am i the only one that likes crazy JO better than regular JO ?

    • ert3

      nope your just the only one wililng to say it

    • IHeart28

      No. I find it hilarious!

  • voo arad

    am i the only one who thought that joe should have had that outfit? it has angry joe written all over it.

    • MechaVelma

      When i saw the trailer, I thought it was Joe in the suit.

  • dragonfly82

    it took me 2 episodes to figure out that JO was portraying Ed from CB….

    that being said her scenes come off as kinda awkard, even more that I never saw the dub of Cowboy Bebop and have no idea how they translated her behaviour and mannerisms in english…

  • Timmy Jingoro

    Spoony, Doug and Brad are excellent as always. Linkara hasn’t had much to do yet but he seems like he’ll be a major villain by the end.

    But what about Joe? That guy is funny as hell in every scene he’s in. He’s been so good that I actually started watching his videos purely because of his performance in these crossovers.

    JO’s performance is cool too. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.
    Benzai’s cameo was f’n brilliant

    And. I’m sorry because everyone else seems to like him. But I just can’t get into Sad Panda. Seriously, the man just straight up CAN. NOT. ACT.

  • Corey Cantrell

    the crappy thing about this is that, just like every other annual special…the more talented “actors” stick out, while the other are left in the dust. I put actors in quotes not because I dont consider what they’re doing acting, but because I feel like they’re just portraying their own role they already came up with. So, for instance, JesuOtaku. Her portrayal of the character Ed is, in all honesty, poorly done…because in her videos she does, she has no real stand out personality, which makes it very difficult, and awkward to watch her attempt to do this. While you have someone like Doug, who is seriously one of the most talented people on the internet…along with Spoony, and so forth.

    So my point being that, unlike Kickassia, and most of Suburban Knights, not everyone in this special even has a purpose….which is sad, because a lot of the people have hardcore fanbases…and honestly real talent.

  • theshamster

    I wonder if, in one of the later parts, someone foolishly tells either Turl or Spoony “You’re in my way sir”, or “You’re standing in my spot sir”
    If you think 8-bit mickey hates height-jokes, Spoony HATES that particular phrase.
    I also found this…

  • Mike Lee

    Until I can see this on Spoony’s site, specifically, I’m going to give the rest of the series a miss. Linkara and the Cinema Snob get to have the video traffic for it, but Spoony they require to link to TGWTG? Kiss my ass.

  • Kagato Jurai

    So many rude people in these comment sections. Probably just trying to get attention.

  • MiniMacker

    Wow. I really can’t stand the character that JO is portraying.

    • Christine Dean

      That is Ed from Cowboy Beebop and don’t worry, the character of Ed is always that annoying so that just means she is doing it right lol XD

  • Salen Stormwing

    I think I finally figured out how all of Spoony’s Terl scenes could have been made at least 20% more awesome. Tilt the camera like all the cameras from Battlefield Earth. I knew something was off, and it only took me 4 episodes to figure out the camera needed to be tilted.

  • Gordon Jones

    Best crossover episode ever.

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