To Boldly Flee, Part 5

The Spoony One | Sep 4 2012 | more notation(s) | 

To fix what’s going on in Spoony’s mind, we have to go deeper. Much deeper. But be warned: when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

  • Jonathan McGown

    Christ on a cracker my eyes MY EYES!

  • IAmYorick

    Spoony I… It… Er… Hmmmm…. I…. er…. I need therapy now…. e_o|||||

    • Christine Dean

      Well, to be fair, we did ask for more Spoony scenes.
      But not like this…… 0__0

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Yeah, we asked to see more Spoony not more OF Spoony. o_0

        • Christine Dean

          You know, I think Spoony did this to tease us.

          He knew we would ask for more Spoony scenes or say there wasn’t enough Spoony in it as usual and he thought, “Okay, you guys asked for it, I will give you something you will never forget………BEHOLD! YOU WANTED MORE SPOONY YOU GOT IT! TAKE IT IN MY FANS TAKE. IT.IN!”

          And by the grace of God he did…..

          • sbkMulletMan

            It’s a mass long-distance Spooning with Spoony, and we all got Spoon’d.

            He got us good.

          • Christine Dean

            LMAO! Oh yeah….except with no red smoking jacket or sexy jazz music XD

  • PeaTearGryfin

    If…if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a long shower. Seriously, great part guys. I think Spoony has officially scarred me for life though.

  • IHeart28

    I don’t know what everybody’s so afraid about. Feyd!Spoony made my heart explode, I guess I’m just THAT strong of a fangirl. Anyways, Snob being tempted to the dark side, Critic being told through Spoonys subconcious to go to the plothole, Linkara getting out of the closet, Mechakara and Seven of Eleven making RoboTodd. My god To Boldly Flee! Stop making me want the other parts so much! This was just as great as the rest! Can’t wait for part 6!

    • Mitchell Bandes

      “Linkara getting out of the closet”


      • IHeart28

        Oh I see what you did there. I mean he finally escaped and will hopefully stop mechakara. XD

  • Lucas Allen

    And when you gaze into the abyss that gazes into you, things can get…awkward!

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    And so once again, for the third time in a row, Brad Jones is the best actor in the Channel Awesome anniversary films. When you watch the scenes he’s in closely, his skill in line delivery and expressions is really outstanding.
    I laughed at seeing Robocop In The Shadows, and Sad Panda surprisingly had some of the more funnier scenes in this part.
    But for Part 5 of To Boldly Flee, I say the best person in it was Brad. Terl was right when he said that getting the Cinema Snob makes up for losing Spoony as a prisoner.

    • Louis Gonzales

      Brad and Noah are my favorite this year as they were last year.

  • silbmaerto

    What…what was that? I…even just the expression on his face…it was…please, never again.

  • Amanda Lewandowski

    Spoony…..ummm…..not sure what to say……that was a shock. And my eyes hurt a little.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Holy shit, it finally happened!

    Spoony upstaged Benzaie!

  • anxietysquid

    Spoony, props to you for taking one for the team with the Dune reference and giving me the biggest laugh of the series so far. That said, NEVER wear that thing on video again!

  • Christine Dean

    I think that scene with Spoony nearly made me black out
    Why yes SadPanda I will have a painkiller thank you so very much…. :)

    • Louis Gonzales

      The Whiteness.. the horrifying blinding whiteness! -_-

  • Renaissance_nerd

    it’s not tidus, Spoony’s super ego is his D&D bard, Tandem the Spoony.

    • Christine Dean

      Someone in the comments on the site told me it was suppose to be a refrence to a scene from the movie Dune I think

      • sbkMulletMan

        It took me a moment to remember, but it was indeed a scene with Sting’s character in the movie where he pops out like that wearing nearly nothing and…well, to quote from the MST3K episode, Outlaw of Gor:

        “This movie’s for the ladies!”
        “But I like it *too*!”

        • Renaissance_nerd

          oh right, i totally forgot about that, man i need to watch Dune again

  • sbkMulletMan

    Oh god, a disturbing visual just popped into my mind!

    I have a sneaking feeling that Spoony wears that…*thing* around his house while Val Venis’ theme song plays in the background. I can’t get this mental image out of my head! Spoony, what have you done to me?!

  • Scott Chamberlain

    I found a link to the clip in dune they where parodying for Spoony’s super ego.

    • MechaVelma

      Ahh.. now it makes sense.

  • Lennie Leuridan

    damn spoony lift a couple of weights

  • Who really cares

    Am I really the only person who finds this pretty boring? I mean, I watch then, because I love a few of them, but I just can’t get into the story and I find some people there really annoying and the jokes are just not very funny.

    • Mark Horemans

      So stop watching dude. You’re not obliged to follow it if you don’t like it.

      That’s a job for critics ;)

  • Daex

    Holly molly Brad can really act! again, Doug and Sad Panda were funny. And that was just a side of Spoony that I really didnt want to see XD

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    I saw Spoony’s Super Ego and now I want more…

    • IHeart28

      Thank god! I thought I was the only one who sincerely enjoyed that scene. Not be fearful of it. Come on ladies! You can’t deny that super awesome Feyd!Spoony!

      • Das_Bass

        I think more than ladies might have liked that.

        • Cody Ward

          I know I did. …not in that way, but, y’know… ah who am I kidding, I have a man-crush on Spoony. (…But not really. The things I do for my bad jokes.)

  • TheTechno Wolf

    Sexy Zombie Spoony… hmmm…

  • Cthulhu07

    My God… The Paleness…. It’s unbearable….Must find a way to unsee…

  • Emil Petrunov

    Am I the only one, who thought that Spoony was dressed (for lack of a better term) as Yor?

    • groskino

      thumb up, but that was a reverence to a scene from dune by david lynch. one of the few reverences that actually made me laugh.

  • Anyone00

    That’s not the abyss, that’s not the abyss at all.

    Well congratulations Spoony you just beat Benzaie for most skin in a video: strike up the Toto.

    • Jordy Den Hartog

      I’m pretty sure Brad got most skin (or least clothes worn) twice ;)

  • Robin Lortie-Lafontaine

    Maybe it’s because I’m de-sensitized (spelling?) over time, but the scene with Spoony wasn’t that bad to watch for me. Then again, I did see his ET game review, where he was pretty much just as naked. Ok yeah, I’ll go with “I’m de-sensitized”.

    • Das_Bass

      I forgot about that, but seeing him cross-dress at the end of his FFX-2 review made me see there is nothing he won’t do for a good joke…I mean he did a ‘photo shoot’ dresses in too, so there yah go…
      Spoony is still the best part of this and I’m not sucking up. Him and Brad are stealing the show for me.

  • Péter Márton

    I haven’t smiled or laughed once. Huge waste of time.

    • LotusPrince

      That’s just because you weren’t programmed to have emotions. You can’t blame that on the movie.

  • marabackman

    Spoony’s superego looked to me quite a bit like Tidus :P

  • Logion

    I wonder how much editing that was put in that scene *shivers

  • Adell

    LOL’d so hard at Todd becoming Robocop.

  • groskino

    so thats spoonys ego…
    …ooooh feyd, lovely feyd…


  • Jessica Clarke

    I’m loving most of this whole thing, but one thing that bothers me (though I do feel bad saying it) is that I wish they would have given some of Film Brain’s parts that aren’t dependent on his particular character to some of the others, because IMO he really can’t act (and not just in a deliberately-over-acting way like some of the others), and it’s especially stark in comparison to Spoony, Brad and the Nostalgia Critic in this – they may have far larger parts, but they definitely do them well. And I’ve probably betrayed my country for saying so about one of the few Brits on the site >.>
    Oh well, it’s all still entertaining :)

    • Jared Fullyfisted

      I was thinking when FilmBrain got sent in that, given their respective popularity, it would have made more sense for Joe to go in. Also, since Joe and Spoony are friends in and out of universe. And also since Joe has had very nearly nothing to do so far.

  • Daoud Barbour

    Sting would be proud. lol

  • Das_Bass

    I should have seen Sting coming, but I was betting on The Goddamn Avatar.

  • BrendanConcannon

    The spice must flow, Spoony.

  • Cody Ward

    Not sure if seeing himself as Sting is good thing… or indicative of a need to get more sun…

  • whiteflags

    Nice use of Neptune the Mystic from the Planets.

  • Elise Simon

    Love the Dune references. Watch that movie all the time.

  • Gordon Jones

    This is a psychoanalyst’s dream

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