To Boldly Flee, Part 6

The Spoony One | Sep 7 2012 | more notation(s) | 

The fate of the Exit Strategy hangs in the balance as the Cinema Snob is tempted to turn to the Dark Side with the promise of UNLIMITED POWER.

  • sbkMulletMan

    “We’ll edit it out and put it on the special edition”

    That just summed up why I hate Lucas’ guts right there.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Pretty good part. I won’t say that it was my favorite, but this one certainly had it’s moments. I laughed at that bit at the end with Rob and Darth Snob.

  • Mateusz K.

    Not enough Spoony in this one, first part without him. Less funny, much more plot exposition. Film Brain’s part was weird, but the Mechakara fight was great. He is a great and smart villain, I wish I saw him in more stuff to know all of his origin… will have to watch more Linkara :)
    Still, the plot is good and I wan’t to watch more

    • Lucas Allen

      Maybe in the last two parts, we’ll get more of him unless there might have been some last minute changes!

      • Lewis Lovhaug

        Nope, I can assure you. There’s a looooot of Spoony to love in the last two parts. =3

        • sbkMulletMan

          I think most of us are still recovering from the abundance of Spoony Love we got from the last installment. We got an overdose of love from that one, any more could be fatal…not a bad way to die, actually!

        • theshamster

          Will Linkara turn up? or will he bump into Mechakara and the two have an all out brawl?

        • DukeCrimson

          Dammit, Linkara, are you on every site where there are questions or wondering about things!? :P

          • Lewis Lovhaug

            It’s like a magic power. I appear when summoned.

          • DukeCrimson

            Really now? That may come in handy…for me…

          • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

            You too? I was starting to wonder if that was just me.

        • Das_Bass

          Does he turn into The Goddamn Avatar? More Dune cosplay maybe XD

  • William Staples

    Brad is consistently great in this.

    The big fight scene left me kinda cold, but I loved Lupa’s Ellen Ripley entrance.

    And holy shit, Mechakara’s makeup job was awesome.


    To much fucking Lupa, although Brad is great and the pratical makeup effects are soooooo much better then the horrible 3-d.

    • IAmYorick

      I liked the practical effects a lot too, but I actually quite enjoy the bad 3D. I view it like a nudge to other movies with shitty 3D (any remastered Star Wars has worse and more out-of-place 3D).

    • Das_Bass

      What’s it say about oneself when they would rather the bad guys win that fight over how much I dislike her for you know what and for never being funny…ever! Odd that I do enjoy Todds videos, but roll my eyes at the Lupa bits over knowing we all know what and well…shes not funny…sorry.

      • Christine Dean

        That we should weep for humantiy because they will assimilate us, and that we will become mindless cyborg slaves to The Collective one by one in a slow and agonizing death?

  • Adell

    Jesus christ Mechakara’s makeup was scaaaaary!

  • Renaissance_nerd

    not bad, more of a filler episode though. makeup effects were good though

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    While Jewwario had probably the funniest moment in this part with the Takei-inspired notion of attempting to defeat Mechakara with a rapier while shirt-less, Brad Jones steals this one as he did in Part 5.
    Even without being on-camera, Spoony had one hilarious moment as Terl.

  • TheTechno Wolf

    I like how they have been trying to give everybody a specific role.

  • Christine Dean

    Its no secret the real reason why The Executor threw coffee in Cinema Snob’ face was because he was jealous of his appentice’s devilishly handsome good

    • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

      And sexy voice.

      • Christine Dean

        You got that right *fans herself*
        Executor, why you have to be such a player-hater!

  • IHeart28

    This part was too short but it makes up for it with the creation of Darth Snob, Battling with Mechakara, Robotodd and Seven of Eleven, and the fact everybody now has to try to set things right and stop the excutor. I LOVED mechakara in this part, grantite I always love mechakara but this showed me he can be a very intimidating person even when revealed and shown out for his lies, the reactions Lewis acted out when Terl revealed himself was priceless. Can’t wait for part seven!

  • Jessica Clarke

    How come the version of Stata at my university didn’t have oxygen level detection powers? I am very disappoint. Yeah, that was the weirdest thing to unexpectedly recognise out of nowhere >.>
    I think Film Brain was better in this part than the last one, though I my have been too disturbed and amused by JewWario to have been paying so much attention X)
    Also, does this mean Nostalgia Chick is no longer going to be after Todd in her series too? That story line has been going on a little long…

  • Mark Horemans

    Mechkara sure was the highlight in this (indeed rather short) episode.

    And looking forward to the next one (and getting sad as i feel the end approaching, i always have that with series)

  • Jonny Hobby

    Did we really need JesuOtaku to open her mouth and stick out that lizard tongue? She looked like a damn horse. Christ… I was eating.

  • Nick Godbout

    Uuugh. The fact that Ma-Ti’s voice is DEFINITELY being done by Doug makes me REALLY wonder what happened when Bhargo left TGWTG.

  • BrendanConcannon

    Ok, just curious, who wrote this line:
    “All is set for destruction, with my hot coffee soaked hamburger face apprentice by my side, nothing can stop us now!”
    Freakin’ hilarious.

  • Das_Bass

    I got a fever. and the only cure is more Spoony in the video. I have to say I was enjoying it up till this point. I can only take so many “look guys we’re doing a star wars parody!” I don’t know. At least Brad is fun to watch. The thing I was thinking the most was what sick fuck would try and burn off that wonderful face of his. You just have to love his smile.

    • Christine Dean

      lol, yeah… that Executor is pure evil, I hope that he gets his just desserts soon enough!

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