To Boldly Flee, Part 8

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To Boldly Flee, Part 8

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

  • Allen Schmitz

    goodbye spoony will miss you

  • Alex Dunn

    This was a great anniversary, and a great story. You and everyone else did well. Still a fan of everyone involved in this, members of CA or not.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Santa-Christ brought us not one, but TWO Noahs? This is the best Christmahannukah ever!

    But no Spaceballs gag for Zod, Terl and Mechakara at the end? Oh shit. There goes the planet.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Great conclusion to a great series. I do have one question though. So the plot hole is now the universe and Nostalgia Critic merged with the plot hole. So does that mean that Nostalgia Critic IS the universe now?

    • Strelnikov

      His ego is big enough….

  • Renaissance_nerd

    hahah nice how Luke fit his dad into the episode.

    • Lucas Allen

      I didn’t even know if Colin was his father or grandfather, but now I know. Used to watch a lot of Whose Line Is It Anyway! Anybody else a fan of the show?

      • Christine Dean

        Are you kidding, when I was in middle school that was my Wedsday nights! I would always watch “Whose Line Is it Anyway!” I never thought in 17 years that the same guy that made me laugh would sire one of my fav reviewers on the site. :)

      • Emil Petrunov

        Hell to the yeah!

      • Jason Stevens

        I was a fan of the show, but literally had no clue they were of relation until that reference near the end.

      • Nick Godbout

        I don’t know anyone who DISLIKES Who’s Line. I never imagined Luke was actually Colin’s son, though. Guess how business runs in the family.

    • valar84

      Knowing who his father is now, I just have one advice for Luke… enjoy your time with your awesome full head of hair Luke, ’cause it’ll be going away, oh yes, it will be going.

      It absolutely sucks, but these things tend to stay in the family, and I say that as someone who’s not yet 30 and who has a big bald spot on his head and who’s well on his way to the “crown” of hair like his father had. And not everyone can do the bald look.

      Then again, neither of my two brothers seem to suffer from premature balding… How I loathe them.

  • Lucas Allen

    I wonder if typing that description made you feel a little queasy inside Spoony.

    Anyway, great finale with a excellent James Rolfe cameo, wonderful special effects, and a somehow kinda satisfying ending. Even though you’re no longer on TGWTG, hopefully you’ll reunite with the critics for a supporting role or small cameo in next year’s anniversary special.

    • Wout Oostendorp

      Doug did say, before it all started, this would be the last one.

      • Chris

        Did he give any suggestion why? And where did he say that, is it somewhere I could look up?

        • godmars

          You can’t tell just from looking at them that the one year specials where getting bigger and more complex?

          At the rate they were going the only way they could keep one-uping themselves would be a full on movie production.

          • Reza Stephen Lustig

            So, is the Nostalgia Critic show (the weekly reviews) OVER? Or will it continue?

          • godmars

            Guess we’ll find out next week. Honestly don’t follow Channel Awesome anything past the official site, though of course I couldn’t miss the mess w/Spoony.

            If Doug is leaving on top of that, can’t say that’s a good thing for the site in general.

          • Jay Logan

            He’s staying on the site, just working something different now. He laid the Nostalgia Critic to rest so it ended on a high note and will now start a new series to be the flagship show of TGWTG.

          • Nick Godbout

            Dough made a statement that the character may appear in the future, but his show is done.

          • Chris

            Yeah, but that doesn’t mean they would have to KEEP one-upping themselves. They’ve laid a groundwork, they could just explore different ideas from there. They don’t have to be bigger – they just have to be funnier!

          • godmars

            Same thing in some regards. Also have to consider getting everyone together, where I’m guessing, many have other things to do besides reviewing.

        • Nick Godbout

          Most likely because they were becoming far too cumbersome to write for, and Doug and Rob only have so many ideas for full blown movie-sized productions based around internet reviewers.

  • Das_Bass

    I saw that cameo from a mile away ( as Doug, em NC pointed out for us. I have to say Doug does have acting in him. It did make me smile to see the Fucking Nerd.

  • CronoT

    So, does this mean that Doctor Insano was WRONG about hypertime destroying the universe?

    Also, NC punching the plothole. Nice DC Comics reference.

    So, that’s it, huh? Doug’s retiring, or is he just getting this character killed off to create a new one?

    • Aaron Kerr

      He’ll probably contrive some way to come back. Plot contrivances are plot holes as well.

    • Chris

      That last question’s really bugging me too CronoT.

    • William Staples

      Maybe Doctor Insano was RIGHT about hypertime destroying the universe when he said it, but the plothole changed history so that he was retroactively wrong.

  • MechaVelma

    God damn it. I’m glad I didn’t have nywhere to be tonight. Acts of self-sacrifice always choke me up.

  • Nash Knight

    Epic conclusion to a great series. I actually applauded when AVGN showed up.

  • Tom Badguy

    Spoony, you did a kick ass job in this whole thing. You are really talented and I loved all your characters. Fucking awesome work, man.

  • Mark Horemans

    Aw, i always feel sad when something i like ends. It was good though. (and in this last episode my personal highlight was Sage doing a Tetsuo)

    BTW, i know it’s not gonna happen but, Spoony should do a crossover with Lupa and everyone should just get over past issues, because these people can work well together.

    You know, clean slate.

  • peteman

    This series was a lot of fun. Here’s hoping the future is bright!

  • Malcomb Bell

    =/ I liked this anniversary special until halfway through part 4. It REALLY started to drag and quite honestly I don’t see why half of the stuff was in it after part 4. Noah was awesome in every part and Doug was good as well, but when it started showing the battle going on and the whole “the critic will doom you all” thing I just had to take a second to make sure I was still watching the same video. That whole section really didn’t mesh for me, but otherwise this was a good movie.

  • Michael Jacquart

    Love Doug Walker or hate him…he helped almost everyone get where they were…one of the Founding Fathers in a way…to see him go is sad but he won’t be gone forever. This is the only time we ever see Doug as himself in one of these and it’s very interesting to see Doug watch his character disappear before his very eyes. Spoony, you, Brad, and Doug were fantastic in this along with everyone else. Great send off. Hope to see more out of you all in the future

    • Crippen

      “it’s very interesting to see Doug watch his character disappear before his very eyes.”

      Yeah, they’re gonna have to find a new way to entertain people in a few years, or get salaried jobs somewhere. The generation that grew up on this brand of nostalgia is just leaving college and is now getting jobs and families, and the next generation aren’t going to be looking to 30-year-olds on the internet who haven’t experienced their childhoods to turn around and laugh at it with them. Given that most of the humor from these peoples’ individual shows springs from the corny nature of the stuff we used to watch as kids and the commonality of our nostalgia, it’s a sinking ship by design.

      • Chris

        Except that a lot of my favourite stuff from these guys isn’t the nostalgic stuff that i remember, but rather their views on THEIR nostalgia. My favourite videos of Spoony’s are his Ultima series and his crossovers; and many of these guys has side-lined more into current reviews and could easily jump across to there.

        Anyway, the show was great. Loved so SO much of it. And I know I’m a fan of Spoony’s but I mean it when I say I was really impressed by his acting in this. I keep thinking back to his lines when he’s arguing with Zod about turning the ship into a house, and the inflections he used when emulating John Travolta’s take on that character. It was awesome!

        But did I miss something? All the references to “the end” and “the final chapter” and things like that… are they giving the Critic or the site a break, or is Doug moving on to other things or something?

        • Crippen

          Spoony is the exception. He’s talented enough to survive without the inherent corniness of the stuff we all grew up with.

          The others, though? They just don’t have the charisma or ability to survive as personalities or entertainers. It’s to the point where my brow furrows and my nose wrinkles when I see any of them trying to act on camera.

      • Jason Stevens

        There will always be new blood. That being said, I’m only 20, with the exception of NC, and some of JesuOtaku , most of the reviewers review things I had no clue about until I saw their videos. IMO all you really need is to connect with someone on one level to draw them in, and hopefully curiosity with take over from there. What really makes these guys isn’t what they’re reviewing, it’s the personality behind it, and they all have very unique, entertaining personalities that most people will find entertaining if they give it the chance. So I’d say they have a few more years if they choose to continue. There is ALWAYS something to review.

        • Crippen

          Spoony vindicated me in his commentary on part 1. I said they’d have to find a new way to entertain people, and Spoony said he left because Channel Awesome was going to have a major overhaul.

          These people just aren’t that funny, and their stuff just doesn’t look that professional. The kinds of jokes they tell in their movies and the way they pick locations, construct scenes, record their material, and deliver lines in their productions like To Boldly Flee reminds me of the kinds of stuff my friends and I used to shoot in our back yards. It wasn’t overly impressive when we did it, and it’s not overly impressive now. It’s the kind of stuff you enjoy if you’re related to the person doing it or their friend, but it lacks sufficient merit on its own to pass muster. It’s possible that they’ll find a way to make a decent living in the future, but with their current schtick, it’s not going to work. If it were still making enough money to be worth it, Doug would still be doing the Nostalgia Critic, but even he can tell that it’s getting old.

          That having been said, I feel like Spoony is really the only person associated with Channel Awesome who has demonstrated the capability to produce humor outside of just picking old, bad stuff to “review” and making a silly face or a whimsical noise when the perspective cuts back to them. Even their flagship personality, the Nostalgia Critic, just isn’t very funny (or, wasn’t). He flips out, screams a lot, and fires his gun prop, but substitutes for actual humor these are not.

      • Malidictus

        That’s not even remotely true. I loved the Nostalgia Critic not because of his “nostalgia,” but rather because he was talented enough to make things I’ve never heard about entertaining. Same with the Cinema Snob and Felous and so forth. These guys aren’t selling themselves on “nostalgia,” despite the name. They sell themselves on comedic talent, and that isn’t going anywhere.

        I’m a Spoony fan, myself, but that doesn’t require me to hate everyone else who does reviews on the Internet.

    • Adell

      Actually I believe the critic said NC’s are still being made so…yeah?

      • ElderVIII

        Just announced on TGWTG that this is the official end of the Nostalgia Critic. Doug said they are doing a new show satirizing movies, and the NC character is being retired. NC may still appear in other things at a later time, though.

        • Wayne Davis

          Oh god, I’ve seen DOug’s idea of “satire”. Not optimistic for the future! :S

  • Strelnikov

    They used a metric fuckton of Wagner, Holst, and some other classical composers – no tracklisting for them….probably because it was free.

  • BrendanConcannon

    I liked this movie, especially the part explaining a “house of cards” would collapse if a significant character were to leave the main story line.
    Funny how Channel Awesome let go one particular ace after the fact.
    Guess stories are more than just the sum of their parts? Lots of references to real life events that actually took place after production. Really good movie. Got me thinking.

  • Patrick Walters

    As usual Noah, you were the best. But I can’t say I’m looking forward to next years movie, now that not only will you not be in it, but….The Critic……oh god…

  • Fan_the_Flames

    That moment when they all group hugged Spoony….the feels, oh the feels.

    Amazing ending, I’m actually sorta sad to see the NC go if this really is the end of him. I learned about him rather late in his career, only been following him for the last year and a half, but I always looked forward to new reviews…even the LP a bit, though it wasn’t that great. He truly did do something he loved and made it into something just fantastic. Great job to everyone involved this year, truly this was a great job. I also have to LOL at all the other takes of the Executor :P

  • Adell

    Excellent conclusion to the anniversary. Overall, I would definitely say this was the best one. Though I was hoping we wouldn’t go for those ‘meta’ kind of twists at the end, he was handled well enough. Hoooraaay! Huzzah!

  • Ben Littlejohn

    Could someone sum up what this series means for the future of the Nostalgia Critic and any other similar shows? I haven’t had the time to watch any of these episodes after the first one…

  • godmars

    Pity That Sci-fi guy didn’t get more to do. It being sci-fi themed and all.


    Meanwhile, users are still getting banned for saying how much they hate Lupa and JO, Spoony mention or not..

    Oh well, Bennett, Brad, and Noah still where the only things that didn’t make me skip through episodes..

    • Michael Lindenmuth

      people have drawn lines and chose sides. If the critic is no longer posting up I will be surfing the other members home pages and will pretty much stop checking TGWTG. Besides… content comes out on homepages first then TGWTG after so I’m actually catching updates faster.

  • Kyle Pruitt

    Like many other commenters, I don’t keep up with Channel Awesome news outside of the released videos, but if this is the final time we’ll be seeing the Nostalgia Critic, it’s a sad day. I always looked forward to every Wednesday because I knew there would be a new Nostalgia Critic to check out. Doug, I’ve been a fan since the very beginning, and I’ll always be a fan of the Channel Awesome crew. Again, if this is the end of NC, I couldn’t of thought of any better way to go.

    Spoony, you were amazing from start to finish. I hope we haven’t seen the last of you! I’m glad to see you played such an important role (roles?) in this anniversary crossover. Everytime you were on screen you stole the show. That being said, everyone else was great, as well.

    I can tell that there was a lot of thought and love put into this crossover, and for that I’m leaving my first ever comment.

    To sum it all up: 5 Stars, would watch again.

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    For the final part of this anniversary special, I say that the ones who made it were Spoony and Doug.
    As for small but entertaining moments with secondary characters, Sad Panda had his here.
    Brad Jones once again puts in a great performance and his acting skills.
    If I have to pick on who was the most outstanding performer in TBF, I’ll have to go with Doug Walker, although Spoony provided the majority of the entertaining moments with his portrayals of Terl and Dr. Insano.
    Thanks to Channel Awesome for giving us Internet geeks this anniversary special.
    Although, to be honest, I was more eager to see the Cinema Snob movie than To Boldly Flee. I hope I can get it when it comes out.

  • Steven Black

    After having watched it all, I think To Boldly Flee was at its best when the villains took the stage. The reason Part 1-3 were the best were the villains getting to do things then the heroes having to react to them. This final part seems really weak, the villains got trounced early and had a really long resolution for the rest of the events. If this is the last of the Nostalgia Critic, well great, the shtick of whinny, high-pitched voice criticizing movies got old about two years ago. The Sci-Fi Guy isn’t all that popular being a new reviewer, but his small role was insulting considering this movie is about everything he watches. The other problem is it seems so meta, Channel Awesome is a house of cards, minus the Joker, the wild card, in Spoony, one of the most important pieces, and Doug is their Ace as well (The Bum and NC are old, but That Guy is still bad wrong fun to watch).

    I lot of people didn’t like the JO as Edward thing, but they needed someone to work with CR to create new tech, otherwise they couldn’t keep up with the villains. It gave her some interesting character development besides her usually sarcastic, snarky self. However, we already had them steal stuff from Dr. Insano, which is enough of an explanation for them having bizarre technologies that we probably didn’t need Edward except that she and CR were the only two people who seemed to know what to do with all of Insano’s tech. But rather than work that angle, she became the source for new tech instead.

    Now the Nostalgia Chick, Todd in the Shadows, and Lupa love triangle thing was a complete waste of all our collective time. Especially considering the Phelous angle, and how little relevance it was to the whole plot. Argh. It basically served as part of the discovery of mechalinkara’s treachery angle. And that’s it. When instead you could have had linkara come in and save the day earlier versus mechalinkara and add that angle to the story, but it would have brought in his ship too soon (But this would have also saved us time in the long run and allowed for a much more interesting space battle). Not to mention I would have added a complication of a stowaway, Dr. Insano on board, none too pleased about the loss of his tech and looking for revenge within the story itself. Dr. Insano is not one to wait around for them to come back to Earth to enact his vengeance, especially when we know he has been on linkara’s ship before, so he knows about it. And in the end it basically serves to shoehorn in these less popular characters into the story (Nchick is popular on the site, but this is really Doug’s (Ncritic, himself, Zod) and Spoony’s show (Spoony, Dr. Insano, and Tuerl)).

    But like Dr. Insano says, “Well Tough Shit, things aren’t perfect, deal
    with it.” Seems about the most apropos end tag on this.

    On the plus side, I have never been happier the last two weeks, getting CounterMonkies in between videos of To Boldly Flee. In a way, Spoony just seems a lot happier now without the constraints of Channel Awesome binding him anymore.

    • Alex Martel

      Your view is pretty much spot on. The thing is, they almost always go for quick laughs instead of actually having a well developped story. I expected this, after seeing their other specials, so I didn’t mind it too much, but for what it was, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s more of a labor of love than anything else. I don’t think any of them are professional writers. They don’t really know how to write a full length movie; just how to criticize one. Is this hypocritical of them? Maybe slightly, but they made the best movie they could, and despite its faults, I think the general consensus will be that everyone was entertained by it, and that it was their best special yet.

      • DukeCrimson

        It isn’t too bad. Roger Ebert is a great movie reviewer but I wouldn’t expect him to be releasing a magnum opus.

    • valar84

      Notice how That Scifi Guy never leaves his “room”. He probably couldn’t make it to the shoot, so he could only add a few scenes to splice in to the rest of the movie. His house getting blown up is also pretty non sequitur, never after that the bad guys demonstrate such precise firepower. It was probably just a way to explain in the movie why he was not amongst the rest of the gang.

      It’s a better explanation and more respectful than just giving him a throwaway line or ignoring his very existence.

      I’m more disappointed with Benzaie’s absence, except for that one cameo. But I guess Sad Panda fulfilled the Frenchman quota anyway.

      • Steven Black

        I figured as much myself, but I still think they could’ve done more with him. Like everyone just seems to know what they are supposed to do on the ship. But instead they could’ve pulled a Galaxy Quest. They steal Insano’s tech, make the ship, but have to call Sci-Fi Guy to actually learn how their roles at the particular stations are supposed to work. Also a chance for exposition like how Jew Wario’s Wii wheel actually is supposed to navigate the ship. And other little details like that and opportunities for jokes. Yeah I never thought I’d say this, but it needs more Benzaie. Heck we all knew it was James Rolfe the whole time, but I think it would have been a lot more funny if he took off the mask and it was Benzaie the whole time, Benzaie: ” What were you expecting the Angry Video Game Nerd? The Goddamn Avatar?”

    • Nick Godbout

      I think that the reason the villain segments were better were because there were far fewer characters to account for in those scenes to write for, which allowed the scripting to be much tighter. In Kickassia, it was fairly manageable, but by the time Suburban Knights rolled around, there were just WAAAAAY too many contributors to write for, so much so that they split the cast into two groups. This time, there was no such split, so the writing for the main crew was really scatterbrained and broken up.

      I feel like certain subplots (like the love triangle, which I agree was a wicked waste of time stemming from a subplot that was really just a bad sidejoke in stand-alone reviews) were put in there for the sake of allowing people to have equal screentime. Moreover, I feel like some sequences were put into the movie specifically to highlight people who weren’t getting much screentime on the “ship” (I.E: Luke’s “training” with Oancitizen, Film Brain going into Spoony’s head, Joe and Marzgurl storming the enemy ship, Paw’s seemingly super-important arc at the beginning of the movie that kind of got forgotten about halfway through.)

      I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they stop doing anniversary events altogether simply because the site has gotten FAR too big in terms of contributors to be able to fit everyone in meaningfully, even with the departure of Spoony and (to an extent) Doug from, more or less, the continuity of the crossovers.

  • Richard White

    I really dont know what to make of this last part
    Is this really the end of the nostalgia critic he certainly hinted at it with the scooby doo review
    To sum up Spoony you was fucking amazing in that special so funny so was Brad Doug and his brother Rob as the executor
    The rest of the guys did a great job i know some are not actors but they still put on a great show
    I still hold out hope you guys can mend your fences and carry on doing cross overs and being good friends

  • THE Sami Ryyppö

    This might really sound incredibly stupid but during the first 5 minutes of this episode, I realized that Luke is in Luke Skywalker outfit. And it made me laugh. And then it made me feel like an idiot.

    • doresh

      And I was wondering why they called it “Photon Red Shells” till I realized it shortly before the blue shell thing XD

  • ert3

    freaking sureal considering all thats happened i can see why spoony was proud of this, he makes a great villain. there is a reason why this guy is so inspiring to young critics both him and the nostalgia critic.


    • Testsubject909

      You reaaaaally want him to start casting the Armageddon spell huh?

  • Daniel Kong

    I wonder if spoony will do a commentary for this too.

    • William Staples

      He said on Twitter that he will.

  • doresh

    Apart from the fact that the Star Wars plot was less of a parody and more of a re-enactment that migth get you sued by George Lucas, this anniversary was AWESOME!

    And does the ending mean that the Critic is now… God Oo ?

  • IHeart28

    A amazing ending to a amazing 8-part series. I had so much fun with each part. Although things end there’s always a new beginning. I was extremely sad and awed when Nostalgia Critic sacrificed himself to keep the plot-hole at bay but I guess this means a different angle for NC? We’ll see. Anyways, I sincerely enjoyed everything and everyone in the special and can’t wait til the DVD comes out! The fact Insano returned was hilarious and the part where everyone hugged spoony made me tear up a bit, as well as the celebratory party(which made the characters really act like they’re all friends! :3) Pat yourselves on the back, Walker Brothers as well as the people who participated in this. You’ve all done such a brilliant job!

    • Testsubject909

      They’re living a plot hole universe where the lack of sense is the new order. Meaning that, probably, Nostalgia Critic being able to still be Nostalgia Critic despite having sacrificed himself making a bit of a plothole is probably going to be completely normal and thus means that it possibly doesn’t really mean anything in the long run because by that idea he can still keep on doing the NC gig as if nothing happened.

      Hey. We’ll know come next Wednesday.

      • DukeCrimson

        We already know :(

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Yeah, Doug has announced that he is retiring the Nostalgia Critic character so that he can start working on new projects.

  • yamina-chan

    Great ending for a great special.
    It does leave me with many mixed feelings, brought up by various things. Good and bad ones alike.
    What I want to say is that each and everyone in this did a great job. Thank you. I am glad that I saw this.

  • Dune Blythe

    *puts on tin foil hat* It all makes sense now. Lupa knew the critic was probably retiring. By egging Spoony on to the point of leaving tgwtg, her boyfriend Phelous becomes the most dominant personality on the site! Linkara and Brad should be wary of her, lest she turns on them as well.

    • doresh

      So Phelous really did take command of the crew :D ?!

  • Gareth Bushell

    And so ends the final ride of The Spoony One with TGWTG…

    And wasn’t it a good one guys? Two parts hilarity, two parts awesome sci-fi plot and one part internet reviewer zaniness. Spoony, Doug, Linkara, everyone did a brilliant job acting, combined with amazing props and set designs, and wonderfully sharp writing… I’m running out of superlatives to express how f’ing awesome I thought this was. The best Anniversary yet!

    • doresh

      Yeah, really can’t complain. All my favorite reviewers did a brilliant job ^^


    Spoony you and snob stole the show. Best movie yet. Points for Robocop. Little over kill on the direct copying of other material and lots of threads that seemed to be pointless, drug on or were dropped. But hey better then I could do. “Well tough shit, nothing’s perfect kid”

  • ThePsychoGamer

    So… what was a bothan?

    • PeaTearGryfin

      From what I gather, they are a cat-like race in the star wars series. From what images I can find, they look a little like the Kilrathi from the Wing Commander universe.

    • doresh

      They’re basically master spies, which is why they did all the important stuff in the background ^^

  • CronoT

    So, Spoony gets kicked off TGWTG shortly after finishing the To Boldly Flee special, and immediately after the airing of said special, Doug announces the retirement of the Critic character.

    Coincidence, bad timing, or politics as usual?

    To be honest, I don’t particularly care. Spoony won me over all by himself. It took the AVGN for me to find out that NC and TGWTG even existed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not going anywhere, Spoony. It truly was bittersweet seeing as how much ass you kicked in the special, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

    • Fan_the_Flames

      Honestly I just feel it’s bad timing, but it could be bad for CA depending on if this “Highlight Real” pans out and is successful. To use Boldly Flee as an example, you’re essentially taking two cards out of the house at the same time, two of the base cards at that. We’ll see how this works out, but anything new Doug sets up is going to be compared to the Critic, so it needs to build its own character or else it’ll end badly

    • Nick Godbout

      Pure coincidence. TBF was written and finished production before Spoony was kicked off.

      • CronoT

        Go and listen to Spoony’s commentary from part one of TBF. He lays it all down, and it was pretty much everything I guessed, minus the coincidence.

        There was bad timing in it, loosely defined. And there was politics involved; a WHOLE LOT of politics involved.

  • amishman

    ok fellow TSE people I’ve been a fan of spoony since demotion man but to put my cents in i only found spoony because of doug and TGWTG so that being said i and not crossing any lines or making a stand there is no reason you cant enjoy both spoony and tgwtg what happened between the two is there problem not ours spoony didn’t like the direction and quit fired what ever was the case it happened spoony is going his way doug is going his let it go and move on and maybe one day doug and spoony and rehash old habits and mend the fence but till then move on.

  • Malcomb Bell

    Ya know I just realized something after having a dream last nite… The special effects for the plot hole are spot on for a cosmic effect anus…. So the nostalgia critic has turned into a giant cosmic anus…. and the TGWTG cast is currently residing there…. So for the big bang retirement of the Critic is tricking the TGWTG into going into the giant anus the he became….

  • StuieR

    I’m glad this one had less Phelous in it. That guys voice makes me want to stab myself in the eye.
    As some others have said if it weren’t for TGWTG then I wouldn’t have found Spoony, so I’m always thankful for that. Props to Doug for retiring a character that he doesn’t want to do for the rest of his life and moving onto other things. (particularly if they really have bought a studio)
    Thanks for the upload Spoony, it was a fun watch during study breaks.

  • aaronbourque

    Are you ever going to commentate on this one???

  • Gordon Jones

    I find this part deeply ironic

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