To Boldly Flee: The 4th Year Anniversary Teaser

The Spoony One | Jun 26 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Please attempt to remain civil in these comments. Despite my recent departure from Channel Awesome, I’m still very proud to be a part of the TGWTG 4-year Anniversary movie. I really hope you enjoy it.

  • Verner Holappa

    We still love you Spoony, bro!

    • RaiderRich2001

      So you love the mistreament of women in the workplace, then?

      Another Republican hatemonger.

      • Nick Bagnall

        *Ahem* It’s good to know you’re the one in charge of editing LordKat’s wiki.

  • Gideon Masheck

    I can’t wait for it, looks badass.

  • EIsentinela

    It looks awesome! O_O
    im almost as anxious to see it as the ultima 9 part 2!!

  • cajaquarius

    Always impressed with the amount of heart and sweat (and sometimes, quite literally, blood) you guys seem to put into these things. It is always interesting to see creative minds with technical know how get together and create a singular project. Crossovers usually catch a lot of flak for “being easy” or doing some sort of sell out bit but I imagine it must be hard to get so many disparate styles working together, cohesively. Generally you can’t do that without a lot of good scripting – like making a buddy cop movie starring 80’s era Eddie Murphy and Ben Stein.

  • Alex Sjöberg

    Really exciting stuff, cant wait!

  • level_control

    The timing of all this seem a little suspect, doesn’t it?

    Epic Troll? Publicity Stunt? Spoony turns heel and leaves the company? Kurt Angle? Is any of this making sense to you?

    • Jegsimmons

      No….dont ruin a touching comment section, bro.

    • The Spoony One

      It’s not a stunt. Let’s not start seeing kayfabe where it doesn’t exist.

      • Adell

        Next week, Spoony gets kidnapped by ninjas. NINJAS!

        • The_Nameless_One

          CALL THE COPS!!!!

        • WilHiteWarrior

          Are you a bad enough dude to rescue thespoonyone?

          • Jegsimmons


  • Jegsimmons

    Even after all this drama, i will be a loyal follower to spoony and to the TGWTG community and will smile as i watch spoony and friends create another work of art.

    Live long and Prosper spoony…..i shall, and always will be…your loyal fan.

  • Raven Cain

    Of course I’m gonna remain civil for you, Spoonster! I’m really looking forward to seeing this awesome special. :D

  • Andres Cohen

    Just amazing

  • level_control

    Cool. It looks like you guys are using DSLRs now. Much better video quality. Can’t wait.

  • Ed Matuskey

    Can’t wait! Which means “Summer…ish” makes me sad. :P

  • Tristan Payne

    Can’t wait for this and before i go…Long Live The Spoony experiment

  • Suzy

    Aww, man. It looks great. Love you!

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    Spoony! Was a fan of yours before I even knew what TGWTG was and will be a fan long past as long as you keep up the awesome reviews/Let’s Plays.

  • Eric Hall

    It’ll be really good to see you there with them one last time there. I can take comfort that you were at least in this anniversary. I bet it’ll be amazing as always. I noticed this one seems even more dramatic. Ever notice that each anniversary is more serious than the last. It gets more and more dramatic after each one, but I bet it’s very funny too. :D

  • David


  • Zuzana K.

    Really excited. I’ll always support you! Keep up the good work. (I’m glad you seem to be doing a bit better.)

  • Nathan D. Crumpler

    This is probably the last time Spoony will be in one of this anniversary specials. It’s kind of a sad thing to think about.

  • Kirsty Chambers

    Time for you to steal the show one last time! Looking forward to the movie :D

  • John Bowden

    I think your work stands well on its own, Spoony, but I did love all of your crossover projects, too…. Assuming those doors are closed forever, this will be a bittersweet farewell…

  • Sara Jean

    This looks epic! I’m so excited! =D
    1:22 Holy s***!

  • Robert Saget

    Looks terrible. Aside from the fact that I can’t stand Doug because he is arrogant and thinks his directing skills are superb when they’re rather quite shit, this trailer just looks bad. All it consists of are close-up, pseudo-dramatic shots of everyone, and then, of course, lots of Doug trying to act. This tells us nothing. Spoony, please don’t make anymore videos with these guys. You’re much more talented and I’d much rather see you in other material.

    • Justin Chambers

      Why don’t you go back to cleaning your “Full House!”

    • Yang Zhiwen

      No. 1) Doug Walker is acknowledged by many people who KNOW HIM PERSONALLY as one of the nicest guys anybody could ever hope to meet. And that does not only include people who work for him.
      No. 2) Spoony himself will disagree with your opinion on Walker’s directing skills. Noah has stated that both Doug and his brother Rob are incredible directors. His Kickassia Commentary should tell you that.
      No. 3) Noah does not want to hear TSE fans telling him not to work with or associate with TGWTG. He was very angry with people who insulted the other reviewers who were featured in Kickassia and wanted him to have more time on it despite being one of the main characters in the film.
      And I don’t think he’s planning to cut all ties with TGWTG, personally or even professionally. He’s still on good terms with Angry Joe, Cinema Snob, Bennett the Sage, Benzaie and others, and TGWTG has stated that, if both parties are willing, he is welcome to do reviews or other videos with them.

  • Discordius Erisianus

    Departure from Channel Awesome?

  • Derek Hilton Arender

    I’m really looking forward to this. Also I’m rather happy you’re not part of Channel Awesome any more. I’m still going to frequent their website for other reviewers I enjoy, but I really look forward to see what you produce in the upcoming months. It would be awesome to see you do some stuff with non channel awesome producers as well. Keep up the good work :)

  • Greg Dean

    Uh, I don’t even want to say this much. But:

    Private business is private business. None of us get a say in your life. We all wish you the best.

    There. Done. Moving on.

    I do believe you were the very first to drop this trailer. It looks cool! I’m as pumped as anyone. I’ve always liked your work, wherever I’ve found it, and you’re on my Bookmark list the same as ever.

    • Malidictus

      I agree with this wholeheartedly. Just because someone is an Internet personality shouldn’t give random Internet people like us full access to their personal lives and professional dealings. Again – I don’t excuse Spoony for what he’s said or done, but neither do I excuse the TGWTG contributors who blasted this out in the open instead of handling the matter internally.

      If Internet reviewing is to be seen as a legitimate business, it needs to be handled with business ethics, and flame wars between colleagues like this are not ethical. It is like people say – no-one’s walking away clean from this, aside, ironically enough, from JO herself who did the professional thing and kept off the public scene. Well, and I suppose Linkara and Brad, but like so many others, they won by not even fighting.

  • Kate Sherene

    I support both you and TGWTG. I found you from the site, but became such a huge fan over the years. In fact, I check your site more often than TGWTG anymore. I will still watch both sites. I can’t wait until this is up. I am glad you are being civil about leaving the site. It was your right to blow off steam by saying stuff on twitter, and although I can see other ways around taking you off the site, at least your not going off on everyone and blaming them. You are still one of my favorite internet reviewers and I will never stop watching you. I hope most of the people you use to talk to are still your friends, including Doug and Linkara. That would be sad to hear but once again, I understand.

  • Nathan Norton

    Honestly I might skip this one, I loved the first year , kickassia was ok, but last year idk , to many in-jokes that i didn’t get, and i find a lot of dougs humor rather grating and annoying more so than funny. I only really watch spoony, brad ( Cinemasnob) and angryjoe.

  • Nick Martinelli

    As someone who’s made a TON of stupid mistakes, depression related and just from being a general asshole, I’m glad to see your going strong.

    FYI, dumping personal shit online may not be the first or best thing to cope with life problems, but for people with actual, clinical depression, being open about it (twitter or not) is infinitely healthier than not.

    I hope to keep hearing from you.

  • Erin Weems

    Should be fun! despite the drama, you reviewers are awesome and work hard at what you do. for free entertainment I can’t ask for better

  • Peter Sloan

    looks like its gonna be sweet…..sorry bout what happened tho :(

  • Kevin Grace

    Come what may spoony I still remain a loyal fan to your work. With or without Channel awesome you’ve still always presented quality work. It’ll be kind of sad to see some of the more interesting crossovers gone, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what you can do on your own without their influence as well. Keep it up spoony! we’re all here for you.

  • Diggerjohn111

    Heck yeah I’ll watch! You take care of yourself and keep making us laugh like you have over the years. No need to be uncivil to anyone, but I was your fan first and it’s going to stay that way.

  • Eric Hall

    I wish just for one moment whenever the TGWTG crew was in danger in these movies, Spoony would quote himself from his Santa With Muscles review and say. “It’s Al Qaeda or aliens! Call the national guard! Call everyone! The Mayans warned us this would happen!” xD

  • Garrhett Davis

    I just want to say Spoony you are one of my biggest heroes I always found you as the funniest member of TGWTG and it will be strange not seeing you on Channel Awesome’s website. You are the biggest reason why the Alone in the Dark review is my Favorite Nostalgia Critic episode and personally I have lost count how many times I have seen your Close of Bruce Lee and Highlander 2: The Quickening reviews, I just laugh my ass off every time I see them. I hope you go far in your adventurers and hope you hit all of your goals you are extremely talented and I don’t wish to see that go to waste. ^__^

    P.S. On a side not my World of Warcraft character is named Thespoonyone after you haha.

  • Thomas E. Delfi

    I’m likin’ the look of this boss

  • Onnuri Kwak

    Well, I regularly visit reviewer’s site (such as linkara or Brad’s site) for the fastest update, but it doesn’t mean I won’t miss ya and your crazy doc.

  • Dylan Ihde


    I doubt I’ll even watch this. Doug Walker’s persona and sense of humor just get on my nerves anyways. Not to mention that there are only about 3 people in these things that I care about or rather, don’t find unbearably annoying. Keep goin’ Spoon. May the force be with you.

  • Troy Bennett

    Other than maybe the first anniversary movie, I can’t remember when Spoony DIDN’T steal the show. He practically had a whole episode of Kickassia featuring him (as Dr. Insano), and he led a whole team as Gandalf in Suburban Knights. When Doug writes these movies, he always gave Noah a HUGE part in it.

    If for some reason CA comes calling back, or at least becomes civil with TSE, Noah at LEAST deserves a cameo in the next movie. Hell, even Lordkat got a cameo last year, and some question whether he deserved it (I withhold MY judgement).

  • Hash Evermore

    Looks awesome, Spoony, not the least because you’re in it… keep up the good work, your fans will watch no matter where you’re hosted or linked to, I know I will.

    jagh DajeymeH, nIteb yISuvrup!

  • Ray Lackey

    Despite all the jokes about them digitally removing you from this, I am glad to see that you remain in this. Personal crap aside, you are still one of the best internet reviewers out there and I look forward to lots more content from you.

  • Joel Frapart

    So, why is it that this is on your site before it’s on the TGWTG site? Great trailer, I have no idea what it’s about but I am hyped. Summer…ish line made me laugh, mostly because I’ve been counting the days till they finally release this damn thing. I can’t wait to see it!

  • Bryce gambrel

    Summer-ish? COME ON I NEED A DATE GUYS!

    • MechaVelma

      go to

  • Dr. Jaime E. García

    I might watch this, only because Spoony is in it.

    Spoony is the man and I throw my support behind him 100% against Doug’s people.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    woohoo can’t wait!

  • Tim Terrell

    I’m digging this teaser. I feel the same anticipation I felt watching the first ‘Prometheus’ trailers. I can’t wait to see this nor can I wait for the Cinema Snob movie, featuring Spoony.

    And what is this people are saying about Spoony never doing anymore great crossovers? Uh, he’s got lots of talented producers to do crossovers with: Brad, Lewis, Pat the NES punk, Mr. Mendo from the Agony Booth (hint hint) and a few others I can think of.

    Also, since people are citing their favorite Spoony episodes, mine is the ‘E.T. Video Game Review’. That is the best pop culture/video game review yet. Other reviewers have teased reviewing it, but ultimately they gave up because they couldn’t touch it. I saw one shit review of it somewhere, but no one else has dared to touch that, even the great AVGN. Noah’s The Apocalypse Now take on it was a stroke of genius. I remember my 10 year year old self being frustrated by and hating that video game in the winter of ’82/’83…The people who say they like ‘ET’ don’t count. It is always some retro game collector who, years later, as an adult, bought the game on the internet, and found fanboy written complete instructions on fansites. They weren’t a kid left to his/her own devices to figure out the quirks of the controls for the admittedly rushed pos. That review was spot on. I put it up there with Jame Rolfe’s Magic Castle/Bugs Bunny videos.

  • Chris Lauderdale

    I’m not going to say I support what you did Spoony, but I am certainly looking forward to this movie.

    Good luck with everything. I am looking forward to more videos with you in them, and hope that you get better. I also hold out hope for reconciliation one day, even if you never officially join them again. Your crossovers were always entertaining.

  • David Herbert

    Well this looks good. I’m guessing this is just an announcement trailer like the first Suburban Knights one that showed who would be starring and the characters they’d dress as, and when the actual film is done they’ll release a trailer showing off more final footage to give us an idea of the story.

  • ChibiGingi

    Phew, amen they didn’t edit him out! Was kind of having South Park and Chef vibes, but good to know that’s just my wild imagination playing tricks on me. Anyway, cannot wait to see the 4th year anniversary, and best of wishes to you, Noah, in getting everything sorted out. Whatever it may be, I just want you to be happy.

  • Lunam_Kardas

    I only have one question…. WILL THERE STILL BE CROSSOVERS?!!

    • inheritedhell

      Probably not. Spoony twitted that there would be no Pathfinder sessions, because “nobody decided to come back”. My guess is, no more crossovers, but I don’t know how much of a “crossover” could you consider those sessions.

    • Green Gear

      Maybe with Angry Joe.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Spoony is still good friends with Joe, Brad, and Linkara, so I can see some crossovers coming out of that.

  • Lorenzo Bonilla

    Just caught up with your recent departure. I wish you the best as your reviews and especially Counter Monkey, as they are my favorite videos to watch. And like the poster below me stated; private business is private business. I can read everyone’s thoughts and opinions regarding what led to your release, in the end, its just between you and Channel Awesome. Nothing more. I look forward to when you feel ready for make videos, until then, remember you are not alone in your trials.

  • MechaVelma

    Hail to the Spoony One

  • Zac Finley

    Shit happens. Keep your chin up. Keep working. Looking forward to this and your other works.

  • John Knudsvig

    Gonna have to go with a few other people on this one. The first anniversary video was pretty cool, the second was alright. The third got annoying (Though it was nice to see Suede returned) and I gotta be honest, I am not expecting much from this one.

    As for the drama? Meh. Not even sure why it matters. I come here for Spoony stuff, I visit TGWTG for some other stuff, I occasionally stop by LordKatt’s site to see his stuff. I don’t KNOW any of these people. I have no investment in any of these people. I am not friends with any of these people. They provide a service, and have worked out a way to get paid for that service by a third party, advertisers. At the end of the day, it’s about as pure an arrangement as you are ever going to see and at no point am I required to give a shit about the private lives of any of these people. Even if I did. If I was such a sad sack that I had nothing better to do than obsess over this kinda crap, what POSSIBLE GOOD could come of myself or anybody else sticking their nose into it? None. None at all.

    That said, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the new situation freed up some time for him. Counter monkey and V-logs are great and all, but they are merely a moon cast shadow of the true talents he can bring to this site.

    • inheritedhell

      Totally agree with you. And yes, Spoony has a LOT of talent.

    • astrakhan_industries

      I admit that the one reviewer I feel like I actually “know” is Brad Jones, because his wife (and cats) are ever-present in his stuff. When they separated, I actually got a little depressed. He puts a lot himself into his reviews, and thankfully it looks like they’re leaving on good terms and still working together (the same with Brian and Sarah).

  • Stuart Phip

    I am in a near filmbrain state of excitement over this.

  • James C Szypka

    Im sorry that your departure happened the way it did, but I will still watch your videos. I’ll just have to check your site more often than I used to, for new content. Hopefully when this situation (w/e happened) is a distant memory, you can ,hopefully, maybe back on the site. anything is possible, look at vince mcmahon and Brett hart, hell look at Jerrid and Brad. After the falling out they had a few months ago, Jerrid just had a 2 second cameo in an 80s dan video. So I wish you the best, and I hope everything will be ok for you. And one other thing, will there be any new TNA vlogs in the near future, j/w? But take care Spoony, I wish you nothing buy the best man.

  • Robbie Luman

    Spoony, I have always been a fan of your videos since the FF8 reviews, and though you have had some rocky times lately, I know things will get better, and you will return as Spoony the White. I can’t wait to see how the anniversary video turns out, as well as your Ultima 9 review.

    Whether or not you return to TGWTG sometime in the future, I will continue to be a fan and wish you nothing but the best!

  • Tristan Pendergrass

    Looking forward to it.

  • WilHiteWarrior

    Wow I didnt even know that Spoony had left CA. Wonder what happened

    • MechaVelma

      Let’s not go there again. Spoony said things. Lupa said things. Lupa’s fanbase said things. Spoony said things. TGWTG and Spoony mutually decided to part ways.

      • Green Gear

        Mutual? Says the damage control, I guess.

  • Mateusz K.

    Great trailer. Hope that Spoony is a big part of the special! Cannot wait to watch that.

  • Michael Wells

    Aww Spoony, Ok fine I will be civil. *Puts away his Highlander the Series Sword*

    But in all truth I do respect that you didn’t go on a rant about CA when you parted ways. I will watch this because their always epic and I will support you in your last (Currently) adventure with TGWTG. I also will support people like Joe, Linkara, and Brad as well,.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    It’s pretty amusing that you ask us “to remain civil” all things considered.

    • Green Gear


      “Twitter doesn’t count! We all agreed, okay?! TWITTER DOESN’T COUNT.”

  • Cheshire GrinningCat

    Long live to the Spoony One

  • Jesse Vaillancourt

    I probably won’t be watching it unless you post it here.

    I was in a discussion on TGWTG on one of Lupa’s videos about the Spoony Incident. I did not use insulting language (unlike now) I was calm and me and the guy who were talking about it even came to the conclusion that we were arguing over something we were both just as confused about. Moments later all my comments, the other guys comments and EVERYONE ELSE who mentioned Spoony, their comments were removed.

    They then Banned/Deleted my account on TGWTG. I had been on the site for over a year and have watched it much longer. I have got my friends to watch the site.

    Censoring me and the other guys talking lost them my views. Deleting my profile , dick move.
    I will still support the reviewers on the site I like, through Blip and other sources, but fuck no

    a lot of awesome reviewers (mostly) and great people i’m sure. a lot of hypocrites too.
    I’ve heard more inappropriate jokes on TGWTG about Abortions, domestic violence, and rape than I have here. Lupa sure can harass people on twitter all day? no consequences though.

    anyways, doing my best to be civil, really REALLY pissed off, but I’m trying.

    I’m a huge fan Spoony, I watch and rewatch your stuff daily while I’m doing my artwork. I actually started reviewing on youtube largely because of you. I hope you’re doing well, and I guess my point is , in my opinion, you don’t have a damn thing to be sorry about.

    Long live the Spoony one.

    • Green Gear

      Yeah man. People who ban on a hasty whim SUCK.

      • Jesse Vaillancourt

        Agreed. I find it Ironic that a site of people who claim to be the unheard voice of the viewer in comparison to a “professional Reviewer”. Uncensored, opposing SOPA, going to court to fight for their right to review and not be taken down (like with The Room)

        Yet I reviewed them and they silenced me.

        • Green Gear

          Well then. I’ve actually got bad news. This place ain’t no bed of roses either. It’s funny how you’d bring up the SOPA thing too. Cuz I did.

          –It’s almost like it’s a really, really appropriate comparison.

          • Jesse Vaillancourt

            lol everyone here has been pretty cool with me, disagree sometimes for sure, but mostly good experiences :P and no bans/deletes yet *knock on wood*

          • Yaroshka

            hate to break it to you, but the TSE community, at least the forums, are notorious for censoring those with different opinions. It got to the point were ‘troll’ was a synonym for ‘anyone who doesn’t unquestionably slob on Noah’s dick’ Ego-driven mayhem indeed. Though admittedly, I stopped reading that forum when the succubus Scarlett was still in charge primarily due to the sycophantic tendencies of posters.

          • Cart Man

            I don’t see you being censored now..

          • Tim Terrell

            You probably were being a dick. And Scarlett isn’t here anymore.

          • Obo Agboghidi

            Except it shows a complete misunderstanding of what SOPA tried to do.

            You don’t have free speech on a private website.

          • Green Gear

            You miss more of the point than you think.

        • Higaki Rinne

          Ego-driven mayhem indeed.

    • Erebus_Locke

      Rofl. Same thing with me. See my newest coment.

      • Jesse Vaillancourt

        well shit, you too? that sucks man. It seems like in an effort to save viewers they are willing to lose some.

    • Florent Petit

      Really ? I knew this would be madness to even try and discuss about this matter. Well, I’m sorry to hear that, did they at least give a reason for the ban ? (like, we all have an idea why they did it, but a reason at least to keep appearances up ?)

      • Green Gear

        Reasons for a ban? Prfft. I suppose next you’ll wanna vote.

      • Jesse Vaillancourt

        they didn’t inform me of anything, at first I noticed what I had just wrote and posted disappeared. then I could not post anything at all. Then it told me I was logged out and when I tried to log in, it said to contact the website Admin. I tried to log in again a bit later to get a message telling me my account did not exist.
        I emailed them yesterday and no response yet.

        • Florent Petit

          Fah ! that’s quite the dick move indeed…

          I’m not a big poster in, and after reading what you just wrote, not sure if I’ll change that. But out of respect for Spoony, I won’t go all berserk about CA and TGWTG team … not here, anyway.

    • banned_guy

      welcome brother to the banned ones, we grow stronger every day – we should make some sort of international political party or something ;)

      • Jesse Vaillancourt

        thanks man! that sounds awesome lol just shows how much of a nerd I am though, first thought in my head was a bunch of people dressed as heroes like the Justice League, sitting around a giant N64 controller shaped table discussing videogames. whats wrong with me!?!? LOL

    • Psy Crow

      “I’ve heard more inappropriate jokes on TGWTG about Abortions, domestic violence, and rape than I have here” That’s what got me about this whole situation. I’ve heard all kinds of really low jokes coming from Channel Awesome people in their videos. Also, if Doug Walker can get away with making jokes about autistic people, “regretting it” due to backlash and apologizing, why can’t Spoony? He apologized for what he did and got fired instead.

      • LotusPrince

        Because if the rape joke was really why he got fired, then he would have gotten fired a month ago, when he made it, and not just now.

        I suspect he got fired for relentlessly insulting coworkers and fans for days on end.

        • Michael Wells

          No he more or less got fired for insulting and screaming at people on Twitter who where trolling him (LordKaT and Lupa’s people I am guessing)

    • Erin Burke

      I saw this and immediately deleted my farewell post to Spoony on my profile, just to be on the safe side.

    • Erin Burke

      Also, thumbs up for doing artwork while listening to the reviewers! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. In fact, I find that when i draw while watching/listening to AT4W, my drawings come out better :) .

      • ChibiGingi

        Add another to that list. I have him and NC in the BG while I work and it keeps me entertained while I work. Huzzah!

      • Jesse Vaillancourt

        thanks! i definitely do that too, mainly with videos that don’t require too much watching, like Counter Monkey where I can just listen to a story while i work.
        AT4W is hard for me because I want to look at the comicbook panels lol, especially since i’m often making comics, I found his history of the power rangers is really good to work to though!

      • Daniel Broome

        Yup I do exactly the same thing when I do my 3D modeling work. Makes it kinda hard sometimes cause I get distracted wanting to watch it.

    • Sergio Estilarte

      Long live to the Spoonyone! I really don’t care about my ban since spoony is the only reviewer i watched

    • Kendotuxedo

      WOw…. that seriously was a dick move on TGWTG’s part. I’m amazed that they felt deleting accounts was the best course of action like Umbrella nuking a city of zombies. I agree that I won’t tread back to TGWTG itself but there’s no point since reviews are posted via facebook and Blip first.

    • Matt McCoy

      I’ve heard that the people who run the site, not the video producers, are notorious for being very shady in how they run things in the website.

    • Sam Morris

      I’ve been seriously considering launching an alternative to TGWTG for a while now, and this sort of thing gives me all the more reason to (Even if it just ends up being a page full of links to the Blip accounts of the content creators instead of a proper competitor..)

      • Tim Terrell

        I’ve make videos reviewing bad comics and bad songs. If you launch, I’d like to submit/apply for a spot. maybe I will get more views, LOL, which would spur me to do it weekly.

      • Frederick ‘Walker’ Cantrell

        Also, It’s kind of ironic that people are talking about making an alternative to TGWTG, yet TGWTG was intended to be an alternative to Screwattack.

      • Andrew Boyce

        Huh…didn’t know you were a fan Sam.

  • Asger Kirk Groven

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what awesome stuff you’ll think of, now that you’re free from TGWTG. It’s time to kick ass and take names again, man! You rule, Spoony!

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Aww, I’ll miss the Insano cameos. Well, it’s not like you’re going to loose fans over this. You haven’t posted at TGWTG in so long that we all started migrating here regularly for your content.

    BTW, your solo Counter Monkey stories are still the funniest things I’ve heard all year. Like, even funnier than Gremlins 2.

  • Erebus_Locke

    Im no longer watching ANY videos on TGWTG. Not because I support Spoony in this “war”, but because I have been banned after an actually very civil discussion were I gave only slight critizism.

    Before that I was a member for two years, but fuck you guys.

    • inheritedhell

      For the same reasons, I did even better. Everytime I’m on tgwtg, I *always* leave ADBlock Plus on, then remove it when I come to this site.

    • Green Gear

      Because banning people is like erasing them from the world. Except when it isn’t.

  • Florent Petit

    Movie looks cool…. can’t wait for Ultima IX end and Final Fantasy XIII (I’ve beaten the game last summer and from this day on I was all like “Spoony MUST bring this to justice”)

  • Benjamin Osborn

    Shit happens, we move on. Still gonna watch your stuff, Spoony. You’re not just a reviewer, you’re a brother Lets Player.

  • Joshua Heissler


    I am very sad to hear that you have left TGWTG, but despite the circumstances, please know that you will not be losing this fan. Your videos have brought a smile to my face ever since I started watching your stuff a year ago. I can’t pretend to know what your dealing with, but stay strong. People make mistakes, life moves on. If you need to take a break from reviewing and posting videos, us fans will understand. Until then long live the Spoony one, may he make more videos to fill are lives with happiness and humor for days to come.

  • Cart Man

    Spoony kicks serious bottom.The TGWTG crowd will rue dumping you.

  • Charles Nauta

    One word….Why?

  • Timothy W Dalbeck

    Wow, I’ve been out for a little while and all hell breaks loose; what exactly happened anyhow? I hate asking but I can’t seem to get a straight answer from any place.

    • Arne Maes

      Just read the comments on the previous vid if you really have to know mate ;-)

    • Matthew Wenke

      I think there may have been some proffessinal jealousy there on top of all the other “reasons”.Lets face Spoony and Dr.Insano are the most often referenced by other CA reviewers.Also I don’t know how widespread this is,but I noticed a little something on Noah’s IMDB page about a part in an upcoming mainstream production,check it out.

  • HighPriestDre

    On topic: This looks interesting and I am digging seeing people who this is their first anniversary.

    Less on topic: I won’t try to sound smart, or like I know you or any of the other Internet Talk About Stuff people, Spoony. I just want to watch videos and don’t really care what you all say to each other over the internet.

    I am a shameless, selfish, consumerist swine.

    If you make videos I like to watch, I couldn’t give half of a fart if another person’s whose videos I also like to watch doesn’t like you. None of my business, I keep my mouth shut (usually).

    On that note, looking foward to the continuation of the Ultima retrospective and hope everything gets better for everythone negatively impacted by this.

  • Noah J. Horan

    If this is the last thing Spoony does with TGWTG, I’ll be pleased. Personal stuff is none of our business but, I look forward to seeing how Spoony forges ahead in a post-CA environment. TGWTG has largely gone downhill and Spoony can, and will, I hope, do much better on his own.

    But that’s really not the issue: the point is, whatever the truth of the matter, it’s none of our business, and I’ll continue to enjoy everything he does, with or without TGWTG.

  • Shane Whitmore

    you still have my support and your videos make me smile and bring a scene of joy when i get down and almost out.. so despite what has happen in the past i just wanted to say thank you and i hope you keep making more videos

  • Robert Saget

    Wow. I listened to Lordkat’s rant. Talk about one person the world could do without…

    • Octo Seven

      Lordkat’s rant was out fo years of pent up frustration from what he perceives as Spoony ruining his career with his stupid and highly unprofessional xcom rant, not to mention spoony telling Twisted Puppet do go die. I think Lordkat definitely went on for a little longer than he should have, but I get why he was so upset.

      • goodguya

        The most hilarious thing I about the “XCOM rant” is that it didn’t at all affect Spoony’s career. Not to mention HE APOLOGIZED even when he shouldn’t have. I bet if LordKat actually talked to Notch directly, it wouldn’t have even been a problem.

        Oh yeah, and that interview on the front page? XCOM developers. Obviously the game’s industry has gotten over it.

        • Felipe Espinoza

          excuse me, where can i find that video?

  • Paolo Bossi

    TGWTG lost their best reviewer. Period. End of story. In the long run, they’re gonna regret this. you have the chance to really thrive now that you’re free.

  • Michael James Orton

    Frankly this whole situation was rediculous, and they overreacted wildly at it.

    Personally I’m glad I knew your work from your youtube days, and only watch your work here. You really helped me through some dark times back then and I thank you for it. You’ll always be my favorite reviewer on this internets.

  • Jesse Garza

    Whoa…. I cant wait to see this movie. I’ve seen kickassia and suburban knights and loved them. So I know I will enjoy every second of this new movie!

  • Arnoldo Acosta

    I dont follow twitter, i think is a complete lost of time and i barely use my facebook for anything other than contact some friends, and hell i dont even post in the comments on your videos even though i have love most of them and seen them multiple times, so I didnt discover any of this until just about an hour ago before this post was made, hell im not even sure if its true maybe all of it is just fabricated to make hype for the 4th year anniversary and at the end everyone from JO to Luppa was in the joke and its all a long time plan in troll from everyone, at least from what i have gather so far

    One of the things that i really love of your videos is that unlike every other reviewer out there, you are not really a character, when you talk about talk about things like FFXII or make any Vlog all, its the same voice the same human being, the only difference is that on a Vlog you are improvising and on a review you are acting as yourself, but its still you, im not gonna assume that i know you just because of that but i could understand that when you make the so called infamous tweet you werent being serious about it, you were being nasty, and knowing you the little i think i know, i think you immediately regret it after doing so

    so in the case this whole sh*tstorm is not some extremely elaborated plan from you and

    all i have to say is

    from all i gather so far, i still dont understand why exactly you are out of the site
    I know you got suspended but then why fired afterwards, i hear that you fought with some guys on twitter and then something happen with your ex but i have no idea what it had to do with this, and then you got fired

    Is just sad and I just dont see why this happen on the way it happen other than you fighting ppl and then ppl overreacting to you fighting ppl

    well is just sad,but i will still watch your videos

    as a final note I will leave this little pearl of knowledge that might help you in the future Noah,
    to paraphrase the famous Oscar Wilde:
    Spoony, don’t lose your time making excuses,
    you friends don’t need them and your enemies don’t believe in them

  • Filip A. Verniers

    This is beginning to look like the collapse of the British Empire, slowly but steadily all member fan bases cry out for independence because they see their freedoms threatened by an oppressive king who is slowly losing his mind and who refuses to listen to reason.

    • Jesse Vaillancourt

      I’m not sure whether you are talking about the plot of the movie or the TGWTG situation LOL

    • Cart Man

      I think you mean Queen.I wouldnt say Queen Victoria was that oppresive but Elizabeth R was.

  • screamqueen3110

    i’m looking forward to seeing it spoony. you looked really spooky with the glowing eyes lol

  • Ray Hill

    Used to think rape was funny, until you’ve been banned :)

    Seriously you were the best thing on there. Will the pathfinder sessions still be commencing? I tried to find out the next live session date on the forums but my retarded brain can’t find anything :(

    • ElderVIII

      He said that session has been scrapped on Twitter.

      • Ray Hill

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! will there be a new one? I so don’t want to get a twitter account.

  • Aaron Dobson

    im not going to say anything about whats happened cos its none of my business, i am going to ask though whats going to happen here. will reviews and pathfinder games still be posted or what. i understand if spoony needs a break from everytime. just asking cos this stuff is always great.

  • trlkly

    I’m sorry, I can’t be very civil right now. As someone with a mental illness, the bigotry they showed against the mentally ill bothers me. It really is that. They know Spoony, they know how he normally acts. They know that how he acted was not him but his illness. Would they fire someone diabetic for not getting their videos in because they went into a diabetic coma?

    Until the mentally ill are a protected class, all we can do is protest these people who think it’s right to punish someone for their illness. If I wind up banned because I will not let them get by with this, so be it.

    • Evan T. Stanley

      The mentally ill ARE a protected class. You would not believe the extra rights you get for having a mental disability.

      • Cart Man

        But you can get stigmatised by co-workers to the point where they avoid you and not speak to you my case i forgot who were friends and who were collegues and it hurt 100% more when virtually everyone deserted me when i went through a heavy depression period.Another reason why i can see Noah’s side and have contempt for the TGWTG members who kept pushing Spoonys buttons and made things worse.

  • Octo Seven

    This years anniversary looks like it’s going to be awesome. Oh and everyone whining about Channel Awesome should STFU. Spoony fucked up, if you wanna tell him he didn’t then you’re just fanboys and not actual fans. Nothing worse than an unquestioning yes-man. Anyway, I look forward to this anniversary special, and to Ultima 9 part 2.

    • Arne Maes

      So everyone with a different opinion than yours on how offensive a certain joke was is a fanboy? Wow, just wow.

      • Octo Seven

        He acted unprofessional and paid the price. Opinion is irrelevant.

    • Robstermd

      I don’t think anyone will argue that Spoony didn’t fuck up. The attacks on Twitter weren’t right but totally expected due to how he was being treated. Lupa went out of her way to tell everyone how she thought Spoony was a bad guy, whether she had a valid point or not, she decided to take something extremely private and post it in public. Is that professional? Is that fair? Is that what a good, sensible person would do? No. It’s almost like she wanted to start some kind of pointless hate campaign, something which she seems to have been able to do without any repercussions on her part.

      Personally I think it’s disgusting.

      I for one will stick with Spoony anyway, I love his content and that’s all that matter. I think in this case he may of been a victim of circumstance, sure he fucked up, but I can sympathise.

  • Tovi Almozlino

    It’s time for you to leave this mainstream bullshit behind you and join your brethren at the RPGCodex, Noah.

  • Ray Hill

    So some people say the break happened over a rant on twitter (loads of speculation out there)… but the Spoony one, flying off the handles, in a fit of rage, on the net? no fucking way, that doesn’t sound like him at all… apart from every fucking video he’s ever done.

    I would like to know his thoughts on all the people are bringing up the depression as a reason for his actions? he didn’t seem depressed in his recent videos (but then again how could you tell), so it looks like he’s out of it for the time being (fingers crossed). however shit like that can really bring a person down.

    Leaving CA doesn’t affect me as i watch his videos here but what does this mean for spoony? and what can i (as a fan) do to help in anyway? twitter death threats and assisted aggravated online suicide are optional :)

    • Kikka wota

      As someone who has had despression for over a year I can tell you that you always get those moments where, no matter how great you think everything is, you get down irrationally. Without seeing all the cuts, no one will ever know what Spoony’s state of mind was like in shooting. What I will say is that if this whole thing was caused due to some illness then I will have lost a lot of respect for TGWTG, but no one has said the overt reasons. Until the parties come out and say what happened, I am not gonna jump to conclusions or boycott anyone.

  • Steven Ashby

    eh me i use ad blocker on the site so they don’y make money at all teach them to ban my account

  • Tasha Luxton

    CA is falling apart. There’s really no denying it. And it saddens me, because Linkara and the good Walker brothers still have my full respect, admiration, and fangirlishness, and there are others whom I have watched and liked their stuff, and I’m just wary of something bad happening over there and affecting them in years to come. I’m avoiding TGWTG and sticking to TSE for now, at least.
    Spoony, I love you, and shall look to you for guidance in these matters. As seems to have become a new catchprase of mine:

  • Mike Springs Brookman

    Fuck tgwtg! Spoony is the man!

  • b4betty

    Spoony man, you are my favorite person on the net, while all the stuff that has happened is crappy and sad and shit, that fact remains the same, your videos always make me laugh the hardest, your passion is easy to get behind cause its always legitimate, and I will keep coming to to check for new content and rewatch the older stuff (I must have shown Yor to all my friends) , I greatly look forward to the 4-year anniversary and all the new content you have coming for us. Keep on truckin’ Spoony we got your back, Keelah Se’lai!

  • Andreas Rathky Jensen

    We’re a lot of people who still love you bro, you just need some time off, to get yourself together at your own pace, and go back to making the stuff you used to, the stuff that (seamed to) make you happy.

    Hang in there bro!

  • Jimi Alexander

    Hey, Spoonman, just wanted to let you know I’ve been watching your videos since 2009. You’ve always been my favorite of all on TGWTG, and if they’ve decided to cut you loose for whatever reason, it is their loss. Hope everything is well with you. Thanks for all the entertainment, hope 2013 continues to hold bigger and brighter prospects for you.

  • Josh Hahn

    As long as you can make me fall out of my chair laughing at shitty games and movies, I don’t care who you work for! Just let us know where you’ll be posting.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Spoony I gotta say I think this is a massive storm in a very small tea cup. The joke that started this was not offensive even slightly in my opinion, just a harmless jest between friends. Yes the twitter rant afterwards was not cool, but even then I don’t think you said anything THAT offensive.

    I’m sure you regret it now, but looking back this seems like a lot of hoo ha over nothing. You still have my support dude, and I really hope you get better. I suffer from depression too and I know how bad it can get.

    I had a gf leave me last year about this time and I got a HUGE bout of depression, I mean it was the worst I’ve ever had it, and I’ve had it numerous times. I think TGWTG was wrong to fire you, I think you were the best reviewer there honestly, and I mean that sincerely.

    I really hope you keep doing what you do because you always make me laugh. Get well soon dude, and keep up the great work.

  • Adam ‘Duffles’ Duffield

    I think the reason for your departure (if Im getting it right) is abosultley ridicules for a large number of reasons
    I dont think itll change much really, as whenever Id do watch your videos its on this site and never tgwtg, but its the hipocrasy that gets me

    • Fraser Stewart

      We can’t say that categorically as we don’t have the full story, but it does sound politically motivated definitely.

  • mindless

    I’m still mad at them for letting you go, so mad in fact that i created a greasemonky script:

    Which will remove all traces of Obscurus Lupa from the “That guy with the glasses” website.

  • Solstafir

    Looks interesting enough.

  • Nick Clayden

    Did the Spoony rant remind anyone else of the great Bill Hicks 1989 Chicago show?
    Awesome, cutting, unrelenting force laying waste to the masses. A catharsis for the troubled soul, a cleansing of the pallet?
    I was a tad late to the Spoony party – the closing months of 2010. It’s been a fantastic ride and balls stomping humor ever since.
    If the Bill Hicks comparison holds water then the best is yet to come from the Spoonyone.
    I can’t wait!

    • Turkey OnAStick

      A comparison to Bill Hicks is limper than some lukewarm lettuce.

      Especially since the scenario you’re talking about Bill was going ape-shit at a heckler,
      while on Twitter Spoony was mouthing-off to some fans who were concerned about his depression.

      Think I’ll quit watching these comments. It’s been a week on, and people’s versions of events are getting very distorted. I’ll just look forward to the Ultima review part 2.

  • Jonathan Ramsey

    “That’s ok! I don’t need any friends. I’ll just make robot versions of my friends, except they’ll be better cause they don’t run away…like people do…”

    Still supporting ya Spoon! Now get back to work on Ultima 9 Part 2! Who do you think you are, J. K. Rowling?

  • Aaron Morton

    Um..if this is suppose to sell you on wanting to watch the vid, I think they did a really poor job of it. Frankly I never gave a crap much about the “critic character” so basing the trailer mostly on him isn’t winning me over as a fan =/

  • Joshua Monje

    Yeah these events won’t be the same without you. Who can forget the fight between Bison Critic and Doctor Insano, or what about the battle of the Insano’s? You pretty much help shape TGWTG in some way Spoony. Can ya do it again elsewhere?

  • daydreamer-josh

    I really can’t believe that you just left Channel Awesome… I was very busy these past days that never got to browse some videos like I use to do. Then now I just found out that you just recently left Channel Awesome…

    I’ve read some stuffs on what lead into this… honestly, I don’t know what to say. I won’t judge any of the parties involve in this. I have no right to judge you or anyone at Channel Awesome… I just hope everything would be okay from here on.

    Anyways now that you’re back for being solo, not anymore affiliated to any group, hope we can still see more videos from you.

    Good luck, Spoony!

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Meh. I may end up watching this at some point. My biggest problem with the anniversaries is that they always turn out to be Nostalgia Critic: The Movie Part _. I hate how everybody else on the site gets downgraded to bit parts so that Doug can hog the screen.

    • valar84

      The site’s name is “That Guy With The Glasses”. Doug is That Guy. His face is on the logo at the top of the website, it can be argued he is the one who created the whole thing (with friends and family). I think we can forgive him being given top billing on the anniversary specials.

  • Rowan Anderson

    Looks like it’s going to be awesome! Can’t wait!

    Also, on another not, wow, I managed to miss this whole incident. So sorry to hear about all of the turmoil Spoony, I’ve just looked into it and it seems like it was mostly…a lot of crap. yeah, I have to admit your comment to Jesu Otaku was a bit inappropriate but you both resolved it. Lupa seems like she was really out of order and it was nothing to do with her; also there were no repercussions for her, which is also unfair. It’s really a shame that you aren’t part of TGWTG any more but, in all honesty, I watch all of your videos here on your site so I’m just really glad that you’re still around Spoony because I love your reviews, they really crack me up (especially FFX and X-2 and Ultima and Prometheus…everything else!).

    You are much loved Spoony and I hope you continue to entertain us with your rants for years to come!

  • Richard Scott

    Hey Spoony love your work and you keep strong we are here for you.

  • Rothide

    The only people that lost my support in all this was Lupa, Pheolus (if thats not how the name is spelled I don’t give to cents either way), and LordKat. Everyone else seemed to be at least a bit Civil in all this, and it actually heighten my respect for a couple reviewers. And since I never watched those 3, My life is pretty much normal. Sad that it happened, but good to see that it’s not affecting professionalism where it counts.

    So yeah, looking forward to your part in this! And a bit of a geek out but looks like CR is going to be in it too.

    • valar84

      Same for me, though I used to watch Phelous’ videos, mostly for the subject matter (I like horror flicks), even if he wasn’t personally the funniest producer… I know he exaggerates his bad acting to be funny, but at one point, it just becomes annoying.

      Lupa… if she really thought that what Spoony was saying was problematic, she could have said so in a mature, calm manner. Instead, she went all out trying to alienate Spoony from the community, writing an almost 1000-word essay on how what he said was unacceptable and unforgivable and calling him a creep. She basically pushed all the buttons of a fringe of the online activist feminist community so that they would start a full hate-on on Spoony. What she did was completely unacceptable, and it is a damn shame for CA to have punished Spoony for jokes in bad taste but without any bad intent and to have completely absolved Lupa of anything when she led a malice-fueled crusade against what was, at the time, a fellow producer.

      LordKat… dear God, what the hell, man? From what I got from him, his anger came because:
      1- He’s pissed off that Spoony is more popular without having “worked” enough for it to his taste.
      2- Spoony’s “BETRAYAL” and Angry Joe’s style of reporting hindered his attempts to sell himself out to the gaming industry and to become a well-paid mouthpiece for them, like most mainstream gaming “journalists”.
      He has the right to his opinions, but he went WAY too far.

      I’ve grown to like more Linkara, AngryJoe, Brad Jones, Welshy and Diamanda Hagan, all of whom have kept contact with Spoony as if nothing happened. JesuOtaku and Nash also earn my respect for acting in a very mature fashion through the whole ordeal.

      • saintash86

        ill have you know as a chick, a girl who considers herself a feminist, and any of this mess is true, i take spoony side on this one if she is going to take a stand against ‘rape ‘ jokes, i expect a lot more things on TGWG site taken down. and IF she was just pointing out ‘bad behavior’ then she shouldn’t have done it so publicly. because she couldn’t be bothered to send a email, direct message or phone call. by not being a responsible adult, she cost her employers company an assist, her boyfriend viewers, hurt her income by lossing vewiers, she may have even hurt coworks who are flocking to her side in this mess.

        not all feminist flock to the side of women, just because they are women in an issue. doing that no progress would ever get done we’d be fighting stupid battles to the end of time.

        Lupa’s behavior was bad as well, and as the great susan b anthony said “I do not ask the clemency of the court. I came into it to get justice,
        having failed in this, I demand the full rigors of the law.”

        Bad behavior was done by both parties, a real femist demands to be treated Equally, and if spoony was pretty much told to go for the way he acted, She acted no better and should be let go as well.

  • Chris Thiessen

    You have raw talent, Noah, whether it be with or without a script. Don’t ever let anyone get you down, especially not over something so trivial. You’re among the best, and you have every right to take pride in your work and I’ll be watching this video when it’s released solely BECAUSE you’re in it! Raise your chin up like a king, people love you!

    :: slightly nods head in respect, never losing contact ::

  • Ayla Hackley

    I am very excited about this even though I am a bit sad about the whole situation with TGWTG. We are only fans so we are only observers. I will always have a soft spot for Spoony. Hopefully everyone will move on, learn lessons and keep on going.

  • George Rosenbaum

    Actually, most of us HAVE been really civil. Sure, we get some guys who didn’t know anything about the situation freak out for the first time, but it hasn’t gone too badly. At least not as badly as I would have expected.

  • Dr. Jaime E. García

    We still stand behind you, spoony.

  • Bruno Madureira

    You can always appear in the impact zone

  • koldstare

    Oh Spoony, you card!

  • Julian Andreassen

    It doesnt matter Spoon. Just because you left, i still love your show.

  • Steven Black

    Eh Good riddance. TGWTG is dead to me. I had almost stopped watching most of the videos on there anyway. Most of the only good videos are on Blistered Thumbs these days anyway. Which although is a spinoff, doesn’t have nc or his annoyances there. To be honest, most of the best videos are over there and go to TGWTG next day. I’m finding Heart of Gaming to be the best show on there (not really much of a video, more of a vlog really, of course Leon is probably the only one not screwed if a SOPA or PIPA variant ever does pass since he uses video material well past copyright).

  • Elizabeth HororPulp

    well spoony we all support you, you’re an amazing reviewer in you own right, it is a shame that such bickering can come from this but i think you’ve been great in standing up for yourself,
    keep on chugging on! :D

  • Richard Richardson

    They’re not going to replace you with a Photoshop green slug =( ? jkkkk I’m looking forward to this new beginning no matter where it takes you, if you’ll go back to doing things independently like before, you join a new company, or if you decide to take a different career path. We the loyal fans will still support what you do and endure the trails you have to go through! But please put some sort of news feed up. Viva la Experiment!

  • Rodney Grimes

    I’m looking forward to this

  • Mikko Hakanen

    i called lupa a bitch and got banned lol but yeah, big up spoony! you’re the only reason i’ll bother watching this

  • Elliott Koepp

    LOL at this point I think TGWTG needs Spoony more than he needs them.

  • Evan T. Stanley

    You know, it is really frustrating that this entire TGWTG thing is being supressed whenever you ask about it. When did this become better to pretend it didn’t happen?

    • Steven Footinass

      It became better the moment they realized no matter what was said they’d STILL have fans or ‘fans’ jumping down each side’s throats either out of retaliation or in their delusional quest for truth (because what they’ve been told isn’t good enough). Or maybe it became better the moment they realized that it’s over and done with and those coming up late to the already-dead skirmish are only making things worse.

  • John Barton Haslach

    I hope you get some help Noah. And I am glad you are still proud to be part of the movie.

  • Davidson dos Santos

    its good u are in this spoony, it will not be the same without u man, i hope u get well & give us the old spoony that make us laught with FF & Ultima. Be well spoony ur fans are with on this

  • itbegins2005

    TGWTG is just not going to be the same without Spoony. This whole incident (which I have just heard about today) is going to color this entire anniversary special for me. But I’m still with you, Spoony!

  • Tariel Corbeau

    What I actually hope is that there will still be some crossovers. I mean I love it when you and Linkara crossover, I really hope that will still happen. I can understand leaving the site…. just… crossovers still? Please?

  • Gerard Mckay

    Even if people hate everyone on TGWTG (if you do you’re an idiot because some of them are really good people and Spoony’s mates) they can’t deny these once a year movies are always good. Post it here when it’s out please Noah.

    • Tim Terrell

      Why should he post it here and give them more views? He won’t gain anything from it (unless he posts it on his Blip account, which won’t happen). If you want to see it, watch it on TGWTG or one of the other producers sites.

      And why would you assume people who love shows on CA would hate every producer on TGWTG because of this incident? That’s dumb.

  • Kendotuxedo

    Well Spoony. You’re free… You’re completely free. You’re unplugged. a new man.

    I hope you keep a good schedule for your work now that you don’t have the same deadlines with TGWTG. True fans know better to never judge you from the ephemeral nonsense you type on Twitter, but to the genius that emanates in your reviews.

    If you wanna crank out a few quick Let’s Plays or Counter Monkeys, we will watch them and support you… because you do have a gift that most of TGWTG lack and they should recognize the amount of talent they just lost.

    • Nephilim1977

      lol speaking of Spoony Unplugged… He should do a spoof on MTV’s Unplugged with one of those guitar music games :D

      That would be funny

  • Senkaji Rosewood

    Well. I just heard about the whole Spoony/TGWTG thing and I have to admit I’m sad to see Spoony gone from CA, Doug and he was by far (imo) the best out there. But seriously I don’t really care why this is happens. If they decided to part away it’s probably better like this for both. One thing is sure tough, CA just lose one of their biggest talent. Spoony was funny, like, fucking funny, and he’ll still be. I think this drama went really far, really fast with no one to stop this. Hell, I don’t even know if this is because of the tweets and like I said, I don’t really care. The only fact I know is I’ve to check now three websites for my lovely americans reviewers and it’s Cinemassacre, Thatguywiththglasses and SpoonyExperiment, and who knows, maybe someday CA and Spoony will join their forces together again.

    Noah, keep being awesome and take care.

    Edit : Oh by the way, the trailer looks great ! Really curious to see that :D

  • Fiachra O’ Neill

    Looks awful. None of you are actors, you’re reviewers.

    • Michael Coots

      Actually, most, if not all of the reviewers on TGWTG, including the Spoony One, have been actors at one point in time, or have at least taken classes/starred into a mirror naked. Spoony himself has acted on stage several times. The more you know!

  • Jacen Chen

    I think they call it them trailer where all we see are faces turning

  • Adam Kroll

    I just want to say my piece. Fuck channel awesome. If Spoony is going to get kicked out for something that everyone else gets away with because some newcomer is offended, then they can… gah I am still too angry about this. Don’t let the bastards get you down Spoony, we are still with you!

    • Tim Terrell

      Wow, I guess you missed Spoony’s request to be civil in the comments.

  • Boom_Boom

    I normally don’t do this kind of thing but I followed you over to your site and registered just so I could wish you best of luck. I still support Spoony 100%. I can’t wait to see your reviews without the Yoke of Channel Awesome on you. Oh and off topic thanks for introducing me to “The Irresponsibles” I bought their album and I love it.

  • Cory Silver

    I just want to say I’ve been a fan of yours for the long haul, and I’ll be sticking with you for the duration.

    If you ever need anything a guy with no money sitting in florida can do for yah, just ask.

  • Amy Hardigree

    Okay I know am really out of the loop here but I want to know, plain and simple without skirting around the truth, why Spoony is no longer on

  • Shilag

    Wait, what did I miss? I don’t really follow any drama, I just watch videos, so could someone link me or fill me in on what’s happened?

    • TCBLB

      Lupa dug up a stupid joke about Spoony over a month old on twitter and tweeted about it. Spoony apologized, more shit was stirred, SPoony lashed out on Twitter and Channel Awesome suspended and later fired him. Short and sweet version. Look online for more, including LordKat supposedly telling Spoony to kill himself. Didn’t hear it myself but what I heard.

    • TCBLB

      Lupa dug up a stupid joke Spoony made to Jesu Otaku over a month old on twitter and tweeted about it making a scene. Spoony apologized, more shit was stirred, SPoony lashed out on Twitter to fans and enemies and Channel Awesome suspended and later fired him. Short and sweet version. Look online for more, including LordKat supposedly telling Spoony to kill himself. Didn’t hear it myself but what I heard.

    • Derrick Mahoney


      What started as a harmless inappropriate joke by Spoony turned into a shit storm because Lupa upon finding out about the joke sent her fans and herself over to Spoony’s page and pretty much harassed the hell out of him.

      This causes Spoony to begin bashing out in depressed anger since he got plenty of messages from Lupa’s fan base telling him to “Kill himself” and “He’s a monster”, while Lupa had the “maturity” to insult his dog.

      This chaos storm caused to end up “politely firing” Spoony. Which left a bunch of questions… My question is how does the person being harassed get fired, but Lupa who causes this entire problem walks free. Her actions are so immature and uncalled for… The person Spoony made the inappropriate joke about didn’t even care much about the joke…

      So in all Spoony get’s fired for being harassed, people call Lupa out on starting the shit storm and in response she hides behind Phelous and her vagina and thus that is why Spoony is now fired.

  • Péter Márton

    This looks like a complete waste of time…

  • Nikita Radaev

    lol guys so what exactly happened between spoony and critic? i feel like i am out of the loop on this one. In any case i wish you da best man. There wont be any BETRAYAL!!! from me

    • valar84

      Nothing happened between Noah and Doug that we know of. Doug is actually on his honeymoon, I don’t think he knows well what happened.

      What happened is that Spoony made a few tasteless jokes on Twitter, including one that may be construed as being a rape joke against JesuOtaku for which he apologized, and lashed out at a few people who, quite honestly, deserved it (don’t tell a depressed person that their problems are insignificant, that they should shut up about it and “snap out of it”). Obscurus Lupa decided to take exception to his tweets, ONE MONTH LATER, wrote a 1000-word essay blasting Spoony on her Tumblr, calling him a creeper for his jokes, and got a lot of people to harass Spoony, to which he didn’t react as well as he could have. Spoony was suspended for 4 weeks, told not to “antagonize” fans or fellow producers, but the harassment didn’t stop, Spoony lashed out, and it ended up with Spoony and CA going separate ways.

      While this was going on, LordKat got on his livestream, invited Lupa and blasted Spoony for about an hour… though CA’s administration seems to believe that this wasn’t in any way “antagonizing a fellow producer” from Lupa’s part (what the hell?). Then LordKat went even further and ranted on Spoony for another hour, including telling him to off himself.

      In a nutshell, that is what happened.

  • Verdian Vaungur

    Looking forward to it!

    …How’s that?

  • sbkMulletMan


    Ah, so it’s just like Torchlight 2!

    Damn suspense.

  • Elliot Doyle

    What I don’t understand about this whole situation with Spoony & TGWTG?

    Spooning with spoony – that whole video series was incredibly popular, and yet, that whole series is based around date rape :/

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Yeah, it might be, that the sketch was propular – but a) it was fictional, b) only, because people find it funny, it doesn’t have to be, c) I didn’t find it particularly appealing, d) when we have a look at mass media, we know, what people see as popular – but that does not make it morally right.

      Just my five cents.

  • Alex Steed

    I still like both TGWTG and Spoony. If anyone including spoony reads this… I know spoony is not a big fan of Lordkat but when Lordkat left TGWTG he started to gain popularity and started to do much better. Most of this was part of his own hard work. So spoony has some hard work a head of him but he can do it! Good Luck!

    Sorry for even mentioning Lordkat at a moment like this I know it might be a sore spot but its a good example that good can come from leaving TGWTG it’s only one website after all. And I have never checked on TGWTG for Spoonyone updates anyhow. I always come here to check.

  • Athan Zafirov

    I’m glad you’re through with those dorks at CA. I personally hated every
    time you worked with those guys. They were clearly beneath your level
    and only wrecked your style. Looking forward to the old spoony stuff,
    before the TGWTG nonesense.

  • Daniel vigil

    Um… what exactly happened? I must have missed something pretty serious.

  • Fiachra O’ Neill

    Looks awful. None of you are actors, you’re critics who can’t stand criticism.

  • Casio Argento

    I never cared for Lupa or Phelous anyway… their Reviews are only “Filler”! Spoony and the Cinema Snob are the real TALENTED ones, and i love that Brad “The Cinema Snob” said this in his Forum:”If it weren’t for Noah, I wouldn’t have my career now. I love the guy like a brother, he’s my friend, and I don’t turn my back on friends.”

    Brad, you are a great man and a real Friend to Spoony!
    Spoony, you are awesome!

    1 Spoony “Reb Brown”-Review > 10 Phelous/Lupa/whatever-Review ^^

  • Synic Direheart

    I have always visit your site first before going to TGWTG, and there is usually nothing of note on from their reviewers anyway. Keep entertaining me, Spoony! You are the best, and will forever maintain my attention!

  • Daniel vigil

    What exactly happened that caused all this strife?

  • Felipe Espinoza

    Its rather confusing all this matter, but we should respect spoony’s wishes. Support him by being civilazed on other sites.
    On my opinion, Lupa was never fond of spoony from the beggining. But oh well, we support you spoony, Keep on snarking
    (sorry for any spelling mistakes, english = not my native lenguaje)

    • Riku Himawari

      It is confusing watching from the outside. I didn’t much dig into all the little details, but from what I gather, Spoony used a joke in an inappropriate context toward a coworker, which implied rape, or S&M.

      I have studied in America for a year, and being European, I know that the sociological limitations of the American ideology are FAR less forgiving than us. In a way, they’re much colder, professional and uppity about pretty much everything. Where I’m from, if your friend says they’ll rape you, you usually joke about it by pretending you’d actually like it. In a way, we’re not as serious and stick-up-the-ass about things all the time, even amongst coworkers.

      Spoony just didn’t quite gauge the consequences of his comment, and it ended up being severely misunderstood and taken out of context – or better, forcibly shoved into a context it probably had nothing to do with.

      Spoony’s little rants, and the general way he treats people, doesn’t help either. Some fans, and very likely a lot of his coworkers, formed a very negative idea about him, and when the perfect trigger came along, it was more than enough to create a symbol of Spoony as a “bad person”, and thus all this crap ensued.

      By your username and your placement of the “J” in place of the “G” in language, I’d gather you’re hispanic?

      Don’t worry. And don’t apologise for your English. You speak better English than most Americans speak anything else beyond their native tongues.

  • Gregory Bogosian

    As long as everyone else is apparently talking about this, what exactly happened to get Spoony banished from Channel Awesome? Channel Awesome’s official statement was very vague, any thread about it on the forums of The Spoony Experiment gets locked, and Jesse Vaillancourt says that he got banned from TGWTG for discussing Spoony and his falling out with Channel Awesome. Just what happened that was so bad that the personnel who run both websites are silencing anyone who brings up Spoony’s departure from TGWTG?

  • Sam Morris

    Very much looking forward to ‘To Boldly Flee’, even in the light of recent events. Say what you will about the management of Channel Awesome (which is possibly the least professional outfit I’ve ever seen in my life, at least from an outsiders point of view), the anniversaries have always been great, and this one looks even better (possibly down to a higher quality of footage, who knows.).

    One question; Did you actually have a boom mic on set this time? :3

  • Enrico Cantoni

    I don’t really know what to say for this whole matter, but I sure do like your work, and as long as I can come here to get a laugh, it’s all okay.
    Just don’t make me cry :D

  • James McClarty

    Spoony, you had this coming a long time. Your ego and mental issues lead you to the point where you were forced to leave TGWTG. I don’t care who these rabid fans are blaming, it all ultimately ends with you. I do love you as a comedian, but as a person you are mentally ill. I do hope you get better and get back on your feet.

    *Banhammer approacheth*

    • Synic Direheart

      What qualifications do you have to deem anyone “mentally ill”. I doubt anyone in this post knows the man enough to to judge his mental competency. I also highly doubt that you are a sociologist, and the lack of the aforementioned qualifications earns you the right to shut the fuck up. You cannot judge a man without knowing him personally. Leave the personality critiques in your over-tightened anus.

      • Riku Himawari

        I agree that nobody knows him enough to judge his mental competency. Yet, he has already stated that the professional accompanying his mental state has diagnosed him with Bipolar II disorder.

        “You cannot judge a man without knowing him personally.”

        We can, and we have. It’s called “Politics”; “Religion” and “History”.

        • Synic Direheart

          I edit my statement with by saying that you should not judge a man without knowing him personally. Also, only fools judge a man simply based on what they know from the accounts of others (history), or on the merits of their spiritual standing (religion), or upon the merits willed of them by their opponents (Politics). We are not talking about a leader, believer, or martyr; we are talking about a man.

          • Riku Himawari

            Okay, I can agree.

            The way people are wording themselves in regards to Spoony are a bit overly offensive and judgemental.

            Maybe it’ll all work out for the better.

      • peteman

        Spoony himself put out a tweet that he suffers from a bipolar disorder. James is exactly as qualified as Spoony is to declare Spoony mentally ill at this point.

        • Synic Direheart

          OK granted. I will conceded to this point. I do, however, still think that to tell a man that he has negatively affected his own life cannot be stated without personally knowing the man. I believe that you should support a person you do not know. You can only positively criticize the actions of those that you know personally.

    • Synic Direheart

      I do enjoy this discussion. I rarely have the opportunity to discuss matters in such a clear-headed manner. I appreciate the civility and intelligence of everyone that replies to me, as well as the OP.

  • Treleus

    Skimming over some of the comments, I’m glad I don’t pay much attention
    to backstage drama. It’s real and it happens, sure, but if I try to make
    it my business, I’ll go mad and waste my time. I’m just here to enjoy
    Spoony lambasting bad movies and videogames. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Oh, and Counter Monkey stories. I fucking love those. Anyways, best of luck and fortune to you, Spoony One.

  • Synic Direheart

    Spoony leaves TGWTG!

    After recent events, Noah “The Spoony One” Antwiler and Channel
    Awesome have decided to part ways. Noah has made it clear that he
    wishes to pursue a course that is different from our own. We feel that
    with these different aims, it is better for Noah to be free to pursue
    his own goals unhindered by us.

    Noah has been an immense talent on the site and we thank him for his
    years of hard service, both in numerous episodes of The Spoony
    Experiment and in the Channel Awesome Anniversary films.

    We sincerely wish him the best in all future endeavors, and hope he continues to put out great quality work.

    Staff at Channel Awesome

    I knew you could do it! Now make a better site with blackjack and hookers!

  • Nephilim1977

    Looking mildly forward to this. The last anniversary movie was kinda Meh..
    Still it’s nice seeing all my fave reviewers (Spoony, Brad, Angry Joe, Lindsay, Kyle) have fun though.

    I am pretty excited about the upcoming Cinema Snob movie though :D

  • Maximilien D. Valter

    Gotta love the drama. But yeah, Spoony: U DA MAN! You’re the most talented reviewer out there and the only one who’s opinion I give a damn about.

  • Kevin Bartelen

    I feel a bit saddened by that fact that you’re not with them anymore (mostly because I expect that means you won’t be in the 5th year special) but i trust you made the best decision for yourself


    It’s gotten harder for me to go back to TGWTG in the last few days and hearing about dick moves they are pulling on people is lame while Spoony is shown the door, Lupa stirs shit and we hear nothing, in fact I think she just had a new video put up.

    Spoony I will support you by saying that if YOU show the video here, I will watch it but I can’t in good faith go back to TGWTG and haven’t watched anything there in days. You, Brad, Roses and Lewis I will have to watch on they’re own sites from now on. I hate to do that to Doug, me being someone who has been with him since his first couple of videos on YouTube, having to make the individual channels for the videos and finally the site itself, but either he let the site go to shit or someone has. I would be curious to see Doug’s face when he got back from his trip, learning that one of his top tier producers is now GONE-and for what? Twitter bullshit.

    Spoony, take care and I look forward to the finale of the Ultima videos.

  • mondomolesto

    Meh, TGWTG is kind of a gay site anyways. There’s maybe two reviewers worth watching there.

    I dont really get into the forums or twitter or anything else, so not sure i understand, or really even care about what happened with spoony. I just watch his videos, enjoy them, and then go about my daily life of crime.

  • Michael Wells

    Spoony is the man. He also got me started on Brad’s reviews. I was a linkara fan (of his HotRP) and his comic works. So a lot of spoony’s friends are some of my favorite reviewers. I am glad to see that many like Brad and Joe to name a few are sticking beside him as a friend.

    This will be awesome and I can’t wait. Keep rolling Spoony you rock!

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    Sorry about what happened Spoony. With any luck some good will come out of these events and things will be better. I enjoy your videos and look forward to viewing your future work. All the best.

    • RaiderRich2001

      Don’t feel sorry for Spoony. Feel sorry for JesuOtaku and Obsucurus Lupa who had to suffer at the hands of this monster.

      • Michael Wells

        Jesu didn’t care about the joke in the least from what I have seen of her twitter (I follow her and Spoony) she wanted this over and done with. Lupa got trolled because she trolled spoony insulting his dog and her twitter followers where telling spoony to go kill himself. (You know telling someone who has Bipolar 2 and depression to kill themselves is WRONG)

        • Vismutti

          … Oh god, she did? I already ranted about this in this comment section once but yeah, you do NOT tell a depressed person to kill themself. That’s like stealing the inhaler from a person with bad asthma or pushing a person who can’t swim into the ocean. Depression is not a joke and it’s not “being in a bad mood”, it’s a serious illness and it can and often will be a fatal one.

        • Cart Man

          Lord Kat said that not Lupa.If Lupa truly said she would have (well,by right anyway) been fired also.

          • Renaissance_nerd

            Lupa said on LordKat’s stream she would not feel sorry for him if he did kill himself.

          • Cart Man

            I was not aware of that…ok that’s pretty nasty.Thank you for pointing that out.

          • Renaissance_nerd

            Lupa said on LordKat’s stream she would not feel sorry for him if he did kill himself..

      • Cart Man

        A “Monster” would be an actual RAPIST.Not someone who made a of-colour JOKE.You sound like a person who has led a sheltterd life or has never been exposed to this type of humour before.And no i’m not insulting you buy saying that,just stating my opinion.

  • Laszlo Erdely

    You know what would be funny? Spoony going the Charlie Sheen route just for laughs, making up catchphrases n stuff, then having a roast of him with Angry Joe

  • Rasm Frasm

    I been coming to for about 3 years, introduced me to tgwtg which i never really cared for. I have never read any comments so when i saw that he left tgwtg i was curious and read some comments below.
    All I gotta say is WOAH.
    Some very passionate people here.
    When I first read “sexual harassment in the workplace” my first reaction was that spoony did some awful while filming that 4th anniversary thing or while doing some crossover.
    THEN I come to find out it was some words over twitter. Twitter is the “workplace”. LoL.
    twitter…..still cracks me up. I suppose when you’re an internet celeb, twitter can be the workplace, I’ll never have that luxury.
    Also one more thing I found funny about all this (aside from anyone that likes spoony clearly hates women and votes repub according to some posters on here) I was re-watching an old commentary on this site, Highlander 2 i believe could be wrong, anyways in it spoony was carrying on about how he has some condition where if he overexert himself he gets all sorts of f*d up. Don’t think the dude could rape someone.
    Also I just checked AND…some of you might not like this but Spoony is still in the workplace errrrrrr i mean Twitter. what gives? I thought he got fired.

    • John Barton Haslach

      I think they just meant the site and no he wasn’t fired, he left of his own volition. No he couldn’t rape anyone, it was just a joke in terrible taste. They are all still on good terms.

  • That_guy_from_Faxanadu

    This anniversary thing actually looks promising! I hope all the characters get a chance to shine!

    • Vismutti

      I hope so too! It’s a problem with huge crossovers with epic plots that it’s easy for some people to get overshadowed… For how it looks, I really have no idea yet. It’s literally a teaser. xD It doesn’t show much at all, just teases.

  • Florent Petit

    Did we start from a debate about Noah’s departure from TGWTG (which the very same Noah DIDN’T WANT anybody to talk about) and somehow ended up on a political debate on women harassment and republican libertarian or not …?!

    Does not compute……..

    I remind you people, that this video description says right in the beginning ” Please attempt to remain civil in these comments” I barely see anybody TRYING, here…

  • Jacob Wilson Brody

    Long live the SPOONY ONE! Long live THE EXPERIMENT!

  • Gaijin Goomba

    On a COMPLETELY RELATED NOTE!!!!, I do wonder where this is gonna take place.

  • Adam Kroll

    Grow up captaindingaling. We still love Noah and your pathetic attempts to justify a joke kicking the only talent off of channel awesome does little more than bore me with its ineptitude.

  • Steven Footinass

    I’m not really looking forward to this….I wasn’t too impressed with any of the anniversary specials in the past. Team Brawl got a few titters out of me but….both Kickassia and Suburban Knights left me feeling that the entire thing was forced rather than done light-heartedly. Idk, I suppose we’ll see how it goes when To Boldly Flee comes out.

    • Michal ‘Prken’ Hubka

      I actually liked Suburban Knights. Kickassia… i was mostly confused

  • Michal ‘Prken’ Hubka

    This is getting really stupid. Fanboys in wars…. Does it have impact? Nope… so comment on the video or go home. Spoony is a THE MAN, he can fight his own battles.

  • Daniel Barr

    Watching and reading the comments in this post i was unaware of this situation, so my perspective as someone that found to like videos made by spoony around a year ago.. i gotta say, the people upset with Noah are acting very silly, people make mistakes but don’t expect a person to grovel because of it, you people are on a crusade and no one likes negativity shove down there throat.

    I just listened to the lordkat rant, and there’s one continuing trend in whats said with you all – noah did the big bad (as spoony would say it :) – he’s going downhill / he was never that funny anyway – then pure abuse about health (i never knew though, im 32 and he seems fine to me) and his personal life.

    Maybe i don’t get it because im on the outside of this ring of “reviewers” or people of internet fame, i don’t wanna say nerds because in the end we’re all just getting on with our lives as we see fit, i only really watch Avgn, hardnews on screwattack and spoony videos as they get posted then move on. Maybe the crusaders should too.

    ps. downhill? it took me a few months to watch all the content noah makes, looks like uphill to me, better camera, better writing, directing, editing or whatever of the videos, counter monkey is great (ive never played d&d or roleplayed before) the movie reviews are great, his brother is great (sorry forgot name..), the dog is ok distracting whatever, so what he got a dog, insano is ok in small bursts, the betrayal thing came full circle with angry joe and the xcom guys. joe’s not my cup’o tea but he’s ok, and after listening to lordkat i’d watch joe over kats grandpa radio voice anyday, that hypocrite was so rude to the callers while bashing noah over that same point in the same sentence.

    pss. i could go on about the lordkat rant, but i just don’t care that much really. just sounds to me that while saying “build something, go somewhere” comments with the e3 betrayal story, lordkat sucks d… up to get were he wants to go, noah is the daring one and go’s as he pleases, just sayin.

  • Jacob Wilson Brody

    long live the spoony one, long live the experiment! (no caps on make this comment less emotional…but oh well)

  • William “BooRat” Blackshire

    I can’t tell crap about the plot from this but I can see the quality is a 100 times better. There seems to be no digital pix-elation! I can’t wait to see this as it’ll be the last time for some classic crossovers!

  • Amanda Belaire

    Noah. My husband and I have been watching your material for years now. We enjoy it and it still makes us laugh. We are a pair of adults who have had our fair share of hard times. We’ve made mistakes, suffered for them and moved on. Seeing you in the state you have been in recently does break our hearts, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone of any real integrity to consider you a “lost cause.” You’re human. You screwed up and, yes, you even have a breaking point. That does not lessen our opinion of you in the least, though we do hope you are getting the help you need.

    What you need most is support. And I’m not talking about “kissing ass” as some other people seem to mistake support for. There are some of us that know the crushing, suffocating weight of depression, bi-polar, etc. you are going through. Millions go through the same. Some respond better than others. What most seem to be overlooking is that some people respond far, far worse.

    So, Noah. You are a human first and an entertainer second. There will always be people ready to pounce and attack for every slip up. Maybe they have personal reason to be offended. Who’s to say? But this is a world of billions. We’re not all going to get along.

    Know you have support, Noah. You aren’t alone and while you may have made some bad decisions and said some things you my regret (or may not), you’re nowhere near a “lost cause.” My husband and I are pulling for you. It has been your comedy that has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life and I am sure I am not alone.

    His fans want to support him in return. We side with that. Good luck, Noah. We will be here while you find your feet again.

  • Will Ryan

    Okay. Will Ryan, director of Animerica here. I just spent about fifteen minutes perusing the hate, trying to gleam what little relevant information that I could. I really fail to see how this became a hackneyed political hate-fest, but let’s put that aside indefinitely. It seems that whether you’re defending or attacking Spoony, the vast majority of you are missing half the story. Do you remember the review of Breaking Dawn that Spoony did after Scarlet left him, where he was basically smashed on camera, when he never drinks? As a guy who was deep in depression for three years, I know that that kind of feeling takes a long time to let go once it has its hooks in you. Throw in his heart condition and Bipolar II (not sure if that’s accurate, but it was mentioned) and you have a 5-star recipe for completely inexplicable behavior. Therefore, for or against, I think it’s impossible to judge his actions at all. For the record, if he did what he did in ANY office environment, American or otherwise, unless he was a Union employee with tenure, he would be fired the same day. It has nothing to do with “girly girls”, it has to do with professionalism, and I agree with the comments that what he did was unprofessional. However, he was obviously repentant and regretted his actions. So all of this bandwagon hate is so unnecessary; all the criticism that you all level thoughtlessly just because you don’t have to see the guy face to face is more harmful than anything he said; devolving into mindless name-calling and disrespect that is far more offensive than Noah’s comment is not a good way to influence anyone. Honestly, you’re all probably going to watch his videos anyway, just like I will. And he’s gonna make money because of that. So what does the substance of this argument even break down to? It’s all completely pointless. And seriously, why come to this forum, of all places, to spew hate and vent vitriol? Isn’t 4chan better suited for that? I guess the point here is that none of these hyperbolic statements are accomplishing anything. If you’re criticizing Noah while saying “He needs to get his shit together” when that’s probably the last thing he needs to hear, you’re not doing any damn good. That’s not going to positively influence anyone or anything. If you’re just here to troll or hate…whatever loneliness Noah has gone through or is still going through pales in comparison to yours, and if you’re seriously here to defend the substance of what he said as a “joke” or what have you, I think you’re excusing his actions rather than dealing with the meat of the issue. You can disagree with and even dislike what he did without outright hating the man. Seriously. Finally, my thoughts for Noah: Honestly, I’ve done things WAY lighter and received even harsher, even unjustified repercussions in my life. It sucks. I hope you can get past this, regardless of how long it takes. I wish you the best.

    Will Ryan
    Snark Films

    • Meghan Heath

      Great points, all of them. I love Spoony, I haven’t been here long, I did sit through the FF series. And fell in love with Ultima series. I do agree with what you said about the workplace. Hell, the place I’m at now, I get yelled at for a rumor of me stealing microwave popcorn and penny candy. It happens everywhere to everyone at some point. I will always watch spoony, and I have never jumped on the bandwagon where people are saying that he needs to get over this shit. I fell into depression for a year in my senior year of college. Severe depression to the point where I failed all my classes. My boyfriend broke up with me for another girl and didn’t even really kindly do it that caused it.

      I’m not saying I know what he’s going through, I just am behind him and his vids and don’t push for more. I check often and if I had money, I’d gladly donate to him. I will always be a fan of his work and I don’t care what happened. Good luck with the future Spoony. =3

  • kikyoo

    Um ignoring the comments and getting on topic, This dosn’t just wow me. I mean… what is the hook here? We’ve seen a lot of images flash in front of us that don’t really tell us anything, and we’re given a vague description that “something” will happen. The first one well more of just a fight. The big hook was a bunch of names we were familiar with were getting together. Not a great hook but it was something. Then it was the invasion we kinda of had a hook there with crazy action. Again this wasn’t a great hook but it was something. The third one we had a major villain to introduce, and the trailers did a good job of that. Now … it’s supposed to be the climax of everything that has happened? This is sooo not dragging me in. I’ll admit i wasn’t really on board with the others. But this one in particular does not really sound good. At least from the teaser. I’m not sitting here saying “Wow I’ve got to see this.” More I’m sitting here saying “G’dman these commentors are funny!”

    I might however make a suggestion that anyone wishing to dicuss whatever events resulted in Noah being released from Channel awsome to go and take up the dicussion on the Escapist forums or basicly any other place than right here.

  • Atmos_Duality

    Having (now regretfully) waded through the comments, I’m convinced that the webmaster should change the “Load More Comments” button into the “Plunge Deeper into the Septic Tank” button.

    • Vismutti

      You read them all? Wow, man… I gave up after one click of the button.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Not all. Only three clicks worth.
        Yet I could still feel my humanity fading away with each consecutive click.

        I had to bail; there’s just far too much hateful stupidity and ignorance.

        • Patrick Coyle

          Eh, I’ve seen worse. Ever check the comments of any Yahoo! news article that mentions the word “Democrat,” “Republican,” or “church?” Or anything on YouTube?

          The stuff I’m seeing here is downright genteel. I’m imagining everyone here with wine glasses and monacles, talking with exaggerated British accents.

          • Atmos_Duality

            I know there’s always worse. I’ve seen worse.
            (I’ve seen websites dedicated to the most heinous shit; cannibalism, pedophilia, and rape being the worst without going into details)
            But I cannot excuse rampant idiocy sitting right in front of me.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I can’t like your comment enough.
      Didn’t we already decide that this was mostly Spoony’s fault?

      Apparently everyone changed their minds about Lupa, saying that this is all some sort of anti-Spoony conspiracy. And even if there IS a conspiracy, I can totally see what would motivate it.

  • Joseph Rojo

    I have no idea what this story is about, doesn’t seem very fun though, maybe cause when I see half the cast, it makes it very uncomfortable to watch, and it’s not just the recent drama (honestly that’s just lupa and phelous) but a lot of the people “starring” barely even add anything to the movie, but since it has snob, spoony, the actual nostalgia critic, linkara, angry joe, film brain, jew wario, Tom and 8 Bit Mickey i’ll have to tolerate the rest of them, not like there gonna have many speaking parts anyway…but really what the hell is the plot supposed to be?

  • Vismutti

    I’m getting the feeling that the request to remain civil was rejected…

  • Joe Sherman

    I’m a Spoony fan since you first started making the FFVIII videos, Spoony. And I feel like shit went down with Channel Awesome. Who knows why you left, but honestly, I smell bullshit. People say you treat your fans like shit, but now at least you can make your videos funny again. Hence them being absolutely not funny when you were affiliated with CA. Have fun, go all out and make a (literal) “Obscure Lupa joke” in one of your videos. Not even so she can sniff it out.

    • Felix Bernier

      Actually, according to Rob Walker, it was because Channel Awesome and Spoony couldn’t reach an agreement on Spoony’s interactions with fans and detracters (on twitter, at least) alike, so Spoony asked to be set free. He wasn’t let go, as some people think.
      And honestly, when your fan base has the reputation it has, I don’t blame Spoony for it. At all.

  • Jesse Melat

    Well….so much for civil.

  • Felix Bernier

    Ominous… Looking forward to it! It’s sad that this “could” be the last time an anniversary of this scale is made, but I’ll still see it regardless! No Lee from Still Gaming, though, but it’s understandable.

    “I really hope you enjoy it” I really hope so too, Spoony! Despite recent events, I’ll still support you, dude.

  • Jimmy TheFish

    You should find the lordkat stream where he goes nuclear on spoony and literally it like a slow moving torpedo (he can really hold a grudge this was over a year long) and really he was the one to sink spoonys battleship IMHO that and along with Lupa who dug up a month long issue. It was fairly epic (if your being somewhat objective).

    • Felix Bernier

      Oh, believe me. I have seen every second of it, and while I’ll still see his videos because I believe he does know what he’s talking about (on his videos, at least, can’t say about the stream in general, though), it really tainted my perception of him as a person (not that I know exactly who he really is as a person). I honestly don’t know if his community can still be salvaged after that.
      And that’s ALL I’ll be saying about the situation to remain civil.

  • Tyler Mckinnon

    I never chime in on anything rather it be on the spoony experiment or TGWTG. But this nonsense has gotten insane. Why is RaiderRich2001 even here? Look up at the top of the page, you see what that says, “THE SPOONY EXPERIMENT” You will not find anyone on this site that will agree with you or will be swayed to agree with you. You are wasting your time, play in traffic if you really must waste your time. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a women hating republican, i know i know its shocking and even a little scary, but i think with a little help and maybe medication you will learn this.

    And speaking from my own experience with depression. People have got to stop commenting on Spoony’s mental state and shouting “He needs to get his shit together” Depression is not something you simply get over in a week, its not the goddamn cold. Chances are Spoony knows whats up, but its depression you self destruct and you don’t give a shit. You lash out at those around you and who try and help you. Be it co-workers, friends, or even family.

    That being said i have no love or respect for Lupa or LordKat anymore. Which is sad because i kind of enjoyed Lupa’s tremors reviews. However spoony is the man and i’d prefer the Spoony Experiment over anything on TGWTG’s. Keep kicking ass Spoonyone and i hope to see more videos from you when you are feeling up to it!

  • Nathan Andrew Robinson

    Please come to RPG Codex. There is good comedy.

  • Nathan Andrew Robinson
  • Kais Slim Saidi

    Spoony , whatever happened I hope you’ll feel better later . So Good luck man and I hope you’ll recover from it . Good luck

  • dylanconnell

    ………..youre going to be just like that guy who fused with that machine thing in the first star trek movie arent you.

  • Crippen

    Hey, you’re off of channel awesome? Great! They’re generally a bunch of out-of-shape, pasty, annoying, unfunny nerds. You’re funny, or at least don’t make me want to take an ice pick to my temple.

  • Chris Hughes

    Will you guys shut up about it already? It’s old news, no one wants to talk about it anymore but the trolls. Give it a rest.

  • Grin

    Boycott TGWTG
    They are the ones to blame for acting like hypocritical kids and some have admitted it was their bad. They are fanatical far left which side support commedians that joke about rape ALL THE TIME. When a fellow member makes a jobe about bondage and not rape, they take it to extreme like hypocrites.

    More explains on this site which explains how bad Channel Awesome acted.

    If you do not boycott TGWTG over this then you support rape and hypocrisy as many will boycott.
    It should be no wonder so many have left TGWTG a while ago since they acted unprofessional.

    • Jegsimmons

      shut up….just…..shut up.

      • Grin

        why u want to hinder freedom of speech of another view like a far left hypocritical nut just like TGWTG? read my other comment which shows the hypocrisy.

        • Jegsimmons

          For start this isnt the section for it. and spoony himself asked us to not bring any of that crap up.
          Secondly tgwtg is a private buisness with its own standards, they choose to let spoony go as a consequence of his comments. Yes while thats a shitty thing to do they are in their right to do so.
          Thirdly i am not left wing, and political possition has nothing to do with it and you sound like an asshat.

          • Jesse Vaillancourt

            hey now… that’s an insult to asshats

          • Grin

            1 If you are right Spoony did not make a public announcement to everyone.
            2 private biz yes and private opinion yes so people have a right to not deal with tgwtg if they dont want to. Just like how a private biz can pay whatever it wants but hypocrites like tgwtg only want rules to apply when it favors them so another reason they are hypocrites out of the many.
            2b many say spoony quit after being threated to be fired but then again whatever the case how tgwtg acted is unprofessional which is why spoony got a bounce in followers unlike tgwtg.
            3 just cause a hypocrite does nto say they are not a hypocrite does not mean that they are not.
            4 being classy to attack the person than the argument makes you just as bad. Look at yourself friend since irrational people like you caused spoony to leave tgwtg. so much emotion without reason.

          • Grin

            1 If you are right Spoony did not make a public announcement to everyone.
            2 private biz yes and private opinion yes so people have a right to not deal with tgwtg if they dont want to. Just like how a private biz can pay whatever it wants but hypocrites like tgwtg only want rules to apply when it favors them so another reason they are hypocrites out of the many.
            2b many say spoony quit after being threated to be fired but then again whatever the case how tgwtg acted is unprofessional which is why spoony got a bounce in followers unlike tgwtg.
            3 just cause a hypocrite does nto say they are not a hypocrite does not mean that they are not.
            4 being classy to attack the person than the argument makes you just as bad. Look at yourself friend since irrational people like you caused spoony to leave tgwtg. So much emotion without reason.

          • Atmos_Duality

            “4 being classy to attack the person than the argument makes you just as
            bad. Look at yourself friend since irrational people like you caused
            spoony to leave tgwtg. So much emotion without reason.”

            Considering you’ve done nothing but ALLUDE to Channel Awesome’s alleged poor business ethics and character without providing any actual proof, I find this statement ironic to an extreme.

            For all the chest-thumping you did about Freedom of Speech, you certainly are eager to misuse it.

    • Jesse Vaillancourt

      Look man, I left TGWTG, they deleted my profile and removed all of my comments and I get they are being hypocrites. I’m right in there talking about how they have made similar jokes and worse and that LordKats rant was more damaging to TGWTG then the twitter post could ever hope to grow up and be lol
      BUT , these people have the right to watch whatever they want, whether for their views or simply for entertainment, it is their choice.
      Telling people if they do not boycott TGWTG means they support rape is not only inaccurate, but it makes me question how you function on a day to day basis.

      I’ve chosen myself not to watch TGWTG anymore, and to simply support the reviewers I like through blip or their own pages. I am in NO WAY saying not to watch what you enjoy.

      You were on the right track but then took it too far, Generalizing, labeling and simplifying are dangerous things, take your own advice and act more professional.

      • Grin

        Sure people can watch TGWTG to a degree, but there is more to it. They have become political and should keep politics out but even if they did not their views creep in to influence others in the same mental insanity.
        I think people should boycott the site they are all unstable and their egos are getting the better of them with childish behavior which encourages others to be lost in their delusions.
        I find many of them mentally unstable in how they act and what they say. Plenty of good good level headed people like angry joe which has his own site, jewario which is on blistered thumbs, paw, etc. The issue is the site as a whole. If you have water and put a drop of poison in it would u drink the water? You go on the site you help finance them which they use the money to help their cause which is hypocritical.
        For example you have nostalgia chick cheering for obama in a video that he won then the air hard attacks people that are not for gay marriage. Now you go on the site you give them view click ads and they use the money to further their cause or escape reality just like crazy professors that push for socialism or communism while taking it easy and not dealing with the real world.

        How else should i say it. if you see a comedian that makes rap jokes and you laugh it makes tou just as bad right? If you disagree with the rap jokes and keep watching the person that makes rape jokes then again you may say you disagree but your participation to give them your time to watch them to do to their site still encourages it. If a person you watch watches people that makes rape jokes then again you give them your time and they gets financially helps with ads to keep funding them to keep watching junk.
        It’s like pool. You hit one ball to get the other ball.

  • Evelyn Smith

    I personally will be extremely disappointed if nothing happens to the other people on this site who Posted nasty vids/ blogs/ tweets/ etc. All in all I think the whole situation was handled poorly and people need to answer for their actions. Nothing was done privately, some people were VERY public while they spewed out venom.

  • Grin

    Spoony saying sorry to hypocrites makes him look as bad as them.
    Ex nostalgia critic and chick both voted for Obama. Obama goes against attacks on far left nuts since he is once too. But when a far left guy like Bill Maher and publicly endorsed and gave money to Obama and his hosts make rape jokes against others then its does not need apology since rape jokes are funny they say when it goes against another political point of view.
    When someone makes a slight joke that is not near as bad then all hell breaks loose.

    Hypocritical, pure and simple.

    I see certain words are not allowed here since Spooney is trying to get into good standing with TGWTG. He will loose some since he did get a bounce in followers after he left TGWTG

    • Michael Wells

      I have no idea what you just said.

      Maybe he did but people want to watch him rant. it’s his thing.

    • Jesse Vaillancourt

      are you the Ultimate Warrior?

    • Turkey OnAStick

      Two-thirds of your post is about Obama.

      What’s he got to do with anything? Did he get involved in the Twitter rant and publicly un-follow Spoony?

      • Grin

        thanks for showing that people at tgwtg have no brains just like the untalented ones on the site.

        • Atmos_Duality

          That didn’t answer his question.
          Instead, you provide an Ad-hominem attack.

          Keep on failin’ bro.

  • Joseph Micheal Baldovin

    People, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all become much more involved in this case then is healthy. He made his choice as everyone else did. The only thing I have particular concern for is the future…becasue we can still change that.

    Everyone just take 2 steps back and breathe.

    Let’s just see where this heads.

  • Thiefofhearts

    I hope you get something more than “I have to go now, my planet needs me…” with a shoddy photoshop of you flying off camera with a quick note… ah you seen the Simpsons episode, you know what I’m talking about.

    • Jesse Vaillancourt

      I hope that is an alternate ending on the DVD though lol it would just be hilarious

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Rob Walker said Spoony left of his own volition, not was “fired”. Spoony himself has not confirmed or denied that (in fact most of his twitter posts seem to allude that his leaving was not voluntary) so… we have to admit here we just don’t know the facts and that all we are doing is spinning second hand information.

    I agree that it is pretty dumb for channel awesome to attempt any kind of censorship of a persons personal twitter account. And Lupa and the others were way way out of line With their comments. Especially Lordkat, he didn’t just step out of line he friggin leaped.

  • Vernon Swain-Nisbet

    Why is no one mentioning that Spoony is actually still friends with Linkara and that guy is also a Feminist, some people call him hardcore one, but he didn’t seem to care enough to dig up a tweet. Really that speaks lots of volume to me.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      Lewis is a stand up guy and a pretty hardcore feminist, but he would have told Spoony in private, not make a huge friggin public blog about it.

      • Brian Frang

        Exactly, which is exactly why I think Lupa was seriously outta line.

      • Vernon Swain-Nisbet

        Exactly my point, and why I think Lupa was way out of hand here. You know when you’re being a dick when ya friends comment on it, but Lewis never said anything. I’m sure we’ll never know real details, but it seems odd she chose to dig up a month old tweet, you actually have to go looking for something like that don’t you?

    • Billy McKenna

      Interesting question, and I do have an answer. Please bare with me.

      While Linkara is a feminist in the traditional sense of the word, in that he supports equality for the genders, in modern vernacular the word doesn’t fit. Most self-labelled “feminist” groups are no longer pushing for women’s rights, but for female supremacy (or perhaps more accurately male subservience). The word “feminist” in the 1950’s-1980’s was a positive word representing someone who supports women’s liberation, in most cases now it’s a fundamentalist movement no different than extreme nationalism or racial pride movements. There are massive similarities in mindset between modern feminism and white supremacists. Modern feminism seems to push far extremes, things like asking a woman if she wants to get a cup of coffee are now deemed sexist objectification. Oh, and that’s not a random example, that one happened. Anyone familiar with the YouTube Atheist scene may be familiar with Rebecca Watson and her ridiculous claims of being sexually persecuted by potential rapists because someone hit on her at a bar. I’m dead serious. It’s not just women either, men wanting to seem “progressive” also do the same. PZ Myres has made many revoltingly sexist blog post about the subject, but they’re sexist towards men. This movement demonises men, trying to impose shame on them for their sexuality, while at the same time it makes out that women are weak, perpetual victims. This is modern feminism and it’s disgusting.

      Now, you mention Linkara. He’s not a modern feminist. Why? Because while his personal sensibilities are extremely conservative he doesn’t force this on others. He finds promiscuity uncomfortable, and prefers sexual topics to be muted and private. That’s fine. He doesn’t however make out that men are evil for being turned on by breasts, which modern feminists do… they don’t even sugar-coat it any more. Linkara is old fashioned, perhaps even prudish, but he’s not a feminist by the modern meaning, and if he was he’d not be the decent guy he is. Modern feminists are not nice people, they’re bitter men-haters, that’s why the portmanteau “feminazi” made the rounds on the internet.

      Hopefully that clears up what people mean.

  • Vernon Swain-Nisbet

    Double post, sorry.

  • George Motica

    I wonder if Ed Glaser has any involvement in this, his work on Ninja The Mission Force was awesome. I’m wondering because as far as I can tell he does great camera work, and the scenes in this look so crisp and well color balanced.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      oh no doubt the G laser has brought some really professional cinematography to Channel Awesome. if it wasn’t for him I dare say most of the videos would still look like webcam vids.

  • Adam Kroll

    I still support Spoony completely. That is all.

  • Fiachra O’ Neill

    Wow, that makes their preformances even worse. Knowing is half the battle.

  • Juha Torvinen

    Cant wait for the movie :)

  • Juha Torvinen

    Cant wait for The boldly flee :)

  • deadite1288

    video looks awesome. For Christ sake, people are still hung up about this whole issue? It has been a week and a half. Let’s stop talking about it. I may be a viewer but I’m not a uber fan to really worry about stuff like this. Sorry if this offends you. I understand but this really needs to stop. p.s I can’t wait to see this

  • alex minor

    Am i the only one who has no idea about anything you people are talking about?
    I like Last angry Geek because he does serious reviews of comics, and that’s different, and i like Spoony, and have for years. I don’t like much of anything else on tgwtg, i had no idea spoony had left or been fired, i don’t know how some of you know so much about this situation, i didn’t even know this situation was…a situation until i clicked comments.

    • Dan Schuett

      You’re not the only one, I’m clueless too. I heard about Spoony leaving CA because they have a post in Site News on TGWTG about it, but I don’t know about the details. Apparently it’s on Twitter.
      Anyway looking forward to the Anniversary special, always love them. Kinda sucks that Spoony won’t be in anymore (love him in these things) but still best of luck to him and everyone at TGWTG.

  • Strelnikov

    Having looked at all of this over the course of two days, all I can think (in terms of outcomes) is that this incident might be the one that destroys That Guy With The Glasses. Look at the alliances: Brad Jones (their most prolific guy) is Spoony’s friend, as is Linkara and Angry Joe. The people against Spoony are LordKat (who is no longer with TGWTG), Obscurus Lupa, and Phaleus Portius. So it’s the powerhouse and established people against some second-stringers. If TGWTG makes it a policy that Spoony’s friends can’t work with Spoony on his or their videos, you might see Angry Joe drift over to Brad Jones’ website (he has ten jillion ongoing series; one more wouldn’t hurt.) Linkara might go his own way or join up with Spoony.

    The trick is, where does this leave all the other reviewers? Either they stick with TGWTG and try to get big, or they start doing more crossovers with the remaining big people (and everybody hates crossovers.) People might start bugging out because they are afraid they might get dragged into the Spoony-Lupa fiasco and prove their loyalty to either even though they’ve never worked with them. Of course, we haven’t heard what Doug is going to do when he gets back, but Mike Michaud is the Goddamn CEO of the company and he showed NO LEADERSHIP AT ALL. He could have kept this from boiling over if he wanted to, but he didn’t. I think that says a lot.

    In the end, what does it all mean? The ship is sinking, maybe. Or listing badly. What it doesn’t have is a captain, and this incident will reflect badly on the company if they ever ask some venture capitalist to sink any money into TGWTG/Channel Awesome. It definitely makes LordKat look like an idiot; I heard with my own ears (because the stream was saved and put on YouTube) that he is talking about the drama to bring in views to his Livestream and thus money into his pocket.

    • Grin

      TGWTG is like lord of the lies.
      A bunch of immature kids followed by immature followers that act like them too. Just look at some replies how they act just as bad when they go on insults for no reason to make themselves feel good.
      Other people that got fired from TGWTG found them to be bad too, and other that have left have the same mentality and they also make rape jokes which have many followers which like that stuff. But will not abandon them. They are all in the same boat. If people do not distance themselves from crap they will start smelling like crap.

      Spoony is not bad but he and many viewers have been influenced in a negative way. The ones that stick with TGWTG don’t know what rap is, and they find it ok to joke about others but to make a personal joke towards a coworker they take offense which makes them the biggest hypocrites.

      In short TGWTG has some vile people and plenty of followers are just ad bad if not worse. Just read some supporters in this post in how they talk.

  • Grin

    I did not watch fully last years cheese fest and this one seems even less interesting. Just my opinion.
    But then again i know i will not watch since most are far left which voted for people that push for more taxes on people and then wonder why most likely 1/2 its followers are unemployed.

    People should real with something real than get stuck in fantasy, since the more they ignore reality they more they will stay in fantasy land due to the bad economy.
    Ex: Reality Check: If Healthcare Law Is A Tax Is It Now Invalid?
    Obviously some will disagree but everyone got an opinion.

    • Cart Man

      WTF has politics got to do with a fucking 4th anniversery movie..christ on a fucking bike.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Grin is a politico-troll and a fucking obvious one at that.
        He flat-out refused to acknowledge proper logic, and has failed entirely to provide evidence of ANY KIND for the shit he’s slinging.

        Point and laugh at the spectacle, but for the love of God (or whatever you may cherish) do NOT take him seriously.

  • NeoAnalysis

    I don’t really give a shit what it is spoony did. He’s not my fucking friend, he’s my entertainment. How so many of you invest yourselves in this non-event is infintely beyond me.
    As I understand it, the two people that this incident involves both don’t give a shit about it. Why the fuck do any of you?
    Page after page of people arguing about inane tabloid bullshit and nobody’s the better for it. It’s over people. Business as usual. Let’s get some posts about what’s in the goddamned video already. That is, unless, most of you really are busy-body drama queens with nothing better to do … in that case “carry on” I guess.

    • Riku Himawari

      I find it absolutely delicious that amidst all this mud someone actually has the decency to not only spot the myth, but color it with glowing paint, tackle it to the ground and choke-holding it.

      Bravo, ser. It was a pleasure to know of your existence. Somehow, I feel less alone in the Internet now.

  • Jesse Cubberley

    Spoony, I feel for you. You remind me of myself in too many ways. I’m happy to see that you posted this and hope you still do some work with some channel awesome crew, i.e. some Dr. Insano stuff and what not. Whatever happens I wish you the best and if you still review things I will still watch them

  • Brian Frang

    I’m not going to defend Spoony’s actions, as the joke AND the way he dealt with Lupa’s comments were both way out of line. That being said, Lupa got involved a MONTH after the incident. AFTER Spoony apologized and admitted the joke (which was about BDSM, not rape, btw. Big fucking difference) crossed the line for AND JO forgave him. Sh should not have been involved, in any way, shape or form. Blasting it all over twitter was unprofessional, and could have gotten Spoony seriously injured. Not saying what he did was right, but let’s face it, all socially awkward people (a group which Noah is most certainly a part of) make bad, and sometimes seriously offensive jokes simply because we don’t think. Spoony has his own issues, and treating him like Hitler over a fucking bad joke is not helping anything. I mean, seriously, Spoony made a BDSM joke. Offensive and uncouth, yes, dangerous, no. Cosmopolitan has in the past recommended assault, theft, mutilation and even attempted murder as ways to get even with a SUSPECTED cheater, they even tell you proof isn’t important, and more importantly, they’re serious. Where’s all the outrage over that?

    The point is, What Noah did was BS, he’s paid for it, he’s not a part of CA anymore. Problem fucking solved, now get over it and move on. Spoony can’t better himself if, no matter how many times he apologizes, people continue to berate him over BS that happened in the fucking past.

    I have to be honest, after all this, the only person I really lost respect for was Lupa, because she took what should have been a private issue that had already been resolved and blew it way out of proportion, people are KILLED over rape accusations, and she could have put Noah’s life in serious danger.

    We were asked to remain civil, of course, but after looking over these comments, I feel it is necessary to warn that I WILL take legal action in form of a libel lawsuit towards anyone resorting to defamatory ad hominem attacks against me. I will not tolerate being called racist or mysoginistic simply because I think this is going too far.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      look out internet tough guy. Threatening a lawsuit on the internet makes you look really silly. Good luck with that champ. you racist, misogynistic person you.

      • Riku Himawari

        By the way, the last part of his comment was supposed to prove a point — per se, it was not actually to be taken in a literal sense.

        I think he just meant to illustrate how ridiculously out of context Lupa’s reaction was. It’s almost a given, considering the arbitrairy mention of paedophilia accusations and misogyny.

    • Erebus_Locke

      I just took your picture and posted it to 4 gay/BDSM pages. Have fun getting raunchy emails.

    • antiquarius

      your facebook-profile is now on 4chan, labeled as “known pedophile & racist”.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      now threatening to kill people? And your facebook profile with your real name and city of residence, keep going dumbass and a cop will be knocking on your doors, not ours.

  • Tori Maier

    This looks great Spoony! Whatever happened w/ Channel Awesome, they’ll miss you over there. You were their best reviewer.

  • Meghan Heath

    Alright… I swore to myself I wouldn’t post again… But I read something on Encyclopedia Dramatica about Spoony and well… It was like Lordkat by a million. It pissed me of and it ripped him a new one for breathing. It ripped him a new one for his condition. It ripped him a new one for the twitters, basically said: “Hey fucking jackass… You’re an asshole and I hope your site goes to hell with you.” Not my words, an interpretation. Don’t flame me for what I saw, I still support Spoony. If that’s an opinion of a few that are harassing Spoony to cause all this. I am going to be loyal to Spoony and his friends. Not TGWTG anymore and probably speak to a friend of mine about it since he goes there a lot too.

    I hope he works this out, no matter how he does it. I will always watch his vids, no matter what. As for this new video… It really doesn’t look that appealing, the anniversary. I just don’t like it, Kickassia was so convoluted I didn’t understand 90% of it. Suburban Knights was entertaining once and very quickly forgettable imo. And I never saw the first one. But if you like this stuff, watch it, if you don’t… Don’t.

    • George Rosenbaum

      ED is a troll website. It’s suppose to as negatively biased about it’s subject and mean-spirited as possible. Take what it says with about a bag’s worth of salt grains.

      And will everyone shut up about the CA conspiracy nonsense? If anything, there would be a conspiracy to PROTECT Spoony instead of getting rid of him. What possible motivation would TGWTG have for deleting one of their most talented content producers?

      This isn’t JUST about the rape joke. Lupa and Phelous have both said so multiple times on their Twitter pages. This happened because of Spoony’s constant pity parties and mistreatment of his fans and coworkers. CA decided that they didn’t want to put up with his bad behavior anymore, and reluctantly gave him the boot because he was too much of a liability.

      The rape joke was just one minor example of this behavior, something that Spoony even apologized for. Lupa was wrong to focus on it for as long as she did, but that doesn’t mean she deserves all the blame here.

      • Renaissance_nerd

        Only that contradicts a statement from Rob Walker saying spoony asked to leave.

        • George Rosenbaum

          Then why was Noah suspended for 4 weeks and banned?

          Even if Spoony left voluntarily, CA made it clear that his previous behavior wouldn’t be tolerated, and Spoony’s actions after suspension suggest he didn’t really learn his lesson.

          To make my motive clear, I type this in response to the cavalcade of morons who blame ONLY Lupa, or LordKat, or Holly of CA, while trying to argue that Noah actions were somehow justifiable given the situation.

          I don’t care how talented you are. I don’t care if you think your right, or that you think your clever. There is no way to justify being this much of a tool.

  • Tim Edgren

    it’s sad to see spoony leaving the crew, mostly because this makes it the last anniversary with spoony in it. Noah has his problems and it’s made it harder for him to get along perfectly with everyone, especially after his breakup with scarlet. He is still an awesome and hilarious guy and was one of the top 3 critics for channel awesome. However with a heavy heart it was his choice to leave in the end and I respect his decision. I have a question though..does that mean he’s no longer gonna do any mixes with linkara or doug? will linkara never face off with dr insano ever again? I hope he’ll still update faster but he updates at the speed he can. I stil have his “banhammer” quote as my signature on forums.

  • Sebastian Proaño

    Spoony’s Last Flight with the TGWTG crew… I’m sure he will be memorable… cause, lets face it, he steals the show…

    Honestly, I was kinda adamant to post anything related to the eDrama surrounding Spoony’s departure from Channel Awesome, but I think I will just say this and leave it as it is.

    I found the Spoony Experiment almost by accident 3 or 4 years ago, when I stumbled with a link on TVtropes to his Yor video review. And with that I became a big fan of his.

    I discovered the TGWTG site because of Spoony posting there, and while I found many great reviewers there (Nostalgia Critic, Joe and Linkara mostly, and much lately The Cinema Snob), to me Spoony was the King.

    In my opinion, the guy nailed it down how a review should done, mixing equal parts of insightful, comedy and vitrol. He is (in my opinion) the master in action.

    But he’s human, he makes mistakes, he is flawed, and right now, he is not well.

    I cannot say anything that isn’t been said already about the situation. Bottom line, it was messily handled by ALL the parts involved.

    I cannot say that Channel Awesome lost a viewer in my, because the ones that I want to keep watching are (coincidentally or not) the ones that decided to stick their guns for Spoony (Linkara, Snob, Joe and Oancitizen) or that decided to let this deal go (Jesuotaku) or just weren’t there (Critic). But the truth is, that site will not be the same without him.

    I just hope he rebounds from this, because people that came out from this kind of stuff, tend end up stronger and wiser.

    Why do we fall? So we might learn to pick ourselves up

  • Chucky Kane

    TGWTG is meaningless to me without Spoony on the site anymore. i was only there for Spoony and Snob in the first place. i used to love Lindsay till she started putting Todd in every single episode drooling all over his ugly ass. so now i just singly go to Spoony Experiment and Snobs website. problem solved. TGWTG is on a downward spiral, if they are going to let Hook Noses Red-Headed Bitches who only joined a year or so ago dictate who should and shouldnt be on the site they got alot more to worry about then off-color jokes (that was funny by the way) nothing Lupa said to spoony was funny. she is an ugly hateful bitch and i would wish death on her if i wasnt such a nice person. on another Note Rock on Spoony you the man.

    • Christine Dean

      ^ This people, this comment Chucky made is the reason why people treat Spoony’s fanbase with hostility and scorn. Because these people here don’t understand the meaning of the word: “civil”. I don’t like what Lupa did, and I wish she didn’t have to bring it up, but I am not going to act like a socially mal-adjusted psycho and literally cause harm to someone particulary over some mere internet “celebrity” who fucked up.
      This is why people loathe this fanbase.

  • Gabriel Rosca

    Honestly, fuck all these judgmental twats that are clawing at an ethical high horse like it gives them money for it. I want to sincerely thank tgwtg for introducing me to Spoony, and I feel bad for them having to boot one of their most talented reviewers because of some personal jimmyrustle bullshit. As someone who truly enjoys all of his work, I’m not going to be brazen enough to start judging him based on how I think he should live his life and what my opinions on his lifestyle are. He’s a big boy. I hate those people more than I hate Kat or Lupa, and I find them endlessly more offensive. Fuck the haters, keep making great content, because you’re fucking awesome. That’s just my two cents.

  • Gabriel Rosca

    Honestly, fuck all these judgmental twats that are clawing at an ethical high horse like it gives them money for it.
    I want to sincerely thank tgwtg for introducing me to Spoony, and I
    feel bad for them having to boot one of their most talented reviewers
    because of some personal jimmyrustle bullshit. As someone who truly
    enjoys all of your work, I’m not going to be brazen enough to start
    judging him based on how I think he should lead his life and what my
    opinions on his lifestyle are. He’s a big boy. I hate those people more
    than I hate Kat or Lupa, and I find them endlessly more offensive. Fuck
    the haters, keep making great content, because you’re fucking awesome.
    That’s just my two cents.

  • IHeart28

    This teaser’s got me hyped! As for the CA/TGWTG contreversy(Sorry if I spelled wrong) For me personally whatever happens I’ll still be a fan of Spoony and TGWTG. I don’t really care if people call me a kissass for what I say but this is what I believe. I think of Spoony as a fanastic entertainer and I wish him the best since he’s no longer of channel awesome. I’ll still come to this site to see what he’s giving out

  • Daniyal Siddiqui

    There needs to be a re-edit at the end where Spoony walks off into the sunset and flips them the bird.


  • ScienceGun

    I don’t have much to say about this schism, but I will say this: I’m going to miss the crossovers.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Everyone is wrong, heres how it really happened

  • BeardSeekingMissile

    I hope fans will watch this movie without prejudice, and enjoy it for what it is.

  • Chriswysoskey

    ive been without power for the past week, and i get it back and find all this kerfuffle has happened. all i say is:
    TSE was the best thing to happen to Channel Awesome, It’s their loss, not his. I’m still here till the day I die..

    or rather.. until minority report gets finished…

  • Stan Pinkowski

    Look, What’s done is done. But, He did apologize and it was accepted. Was it too harsh, Yes. But they are a business and they have to cover their asses. But I will support The Spoony One, And hope that he just keeps getting better now that the shackles are off. Do I wish harm on TGWTG? No. Do I think they made an error? Yes. Now, Spoony One, Get healthy and keep making kick ass videos.

  • Petey0707

    May I just say, LONG LIVE THE SPOONY ONE!

  • George Rosenbaum

    To everyone trying to only look at Spoony’s professional side, and ignoring his personal life:

    I respect what your trying to do. A lot of us (myself included) have been beating this dead horse for a while. But if an actor’s personal life didn’t affect their career, then Charlie Sheen wouldn’t be doing “Anger Management” right now.

    That’s why everyone is talking about this; this debacle affected Spoony’s career. He was let off form TGWTG, and many of his connections were severed.

    • Erebus_Locke

      If he would come out of it the better no one would complain. If he would do something awesome like another hit-lets play that would turn out on the same level like Phantasmagoria or SWAT, everyone would agree “Allright Spoony is back…Screw TGWTG”.

      So lets keep quiet and see what happens.

      • George Rosenbaum

        So we can stop talking about it once Spoony get’s back on his feet. Therefore, people will complain until that happens. So we need to ignore the people who won’t be done until he get’s better. Like I should probably do right now.

  • Firestonex

    I can’t imagine a tgwtg anniversary without Spoony… I hope something changes before next year.. It would be a shame to not have him in it.

  • J_C

    So, I started to read through the comments about this Spoony, JesuOtaku stuff. And after a few posts I stopped. Why? Because the haters are oversenzitive, retarded idiots, who can’t handle a joke properly, and stupid enough the mix in some political debate on a site about videogames, anime and similar stuff. You can talk to me about being an adult, or about JO’s feelings. I’m an adult, and I handled it as a joke, because it WAS a joke. If you are butthurt about it, you can do as Spoony said. Fuck off!

  • Eric Hall

    I figure the main villain will be Lord Vyce or Mechakara. If anyone saw the DVD release of Suburban Knights, it shows at the very end Mechakara grabbing Malachite’s hand so he’s probably going to be the main villain. And of course this movie focuses on Sci Fi and Mechakara and Lord Vyce are sci fi villains. I imagine he has SOMETHING to do with this anniversary. Maybe even Malachite will return again. It makes it look as if the Nostalgia Critic is going to do something big, or maybe he ended up bringing this mess all by himself and he’ll have to sacrifice himself. It looked like Spoony was being possessed there, so I guess he’s under the control of Mechakara or maybe Spoony will become Dr. Insano again.

  • Michael O’Connor

    >Spoony asks people to be civil and not drag shit up.
    >thread gets flooded with bitching.

    Go figure.

    • IHeart28

      Yeah. Though I do see a lot of people calming down and supporting spoony and/or TGWTG. I may sound extremely naive but hopefully this nonsense will die down and everybody will enjoy this anniversary and enjoy that with their favorite reviewers are on it(Like Spoony or Critic for instance)

      • Amarante

        Eh, once they get it all out of their systems and the trolls go back under their bridges, the past will become the past. The internet has a one month memory span when it comes to drama. Everything will be back to normal soon.

        • IHeart28

          Yeah, I think you’re right. Trolls will be trolls. Once things die down they’ll really die down

          • Philip Harris

            With respect i don’t think it has died down as such, its more to do with the fact everyone has said what they wanted to say.

          • IHeart28

            Ah, I can see where you’re coming from. I think I missinterpreted the dying down and think you may have a better understanding

  • Like Wise

    Spoony, Red Letter Media and Cinema Snob have always been in my favorites since I first discovered them – before “The hub”. The “big hub” was great for a while…but always struck me as a bit crowded, repetitive and “young”. Great for revenue at its peak, but weak in content overall. I remember the days of the “Internet Flash Artist” celebrity, how short lived that was. The internet is in its infancy still. There’s so much potential that hasn’t been tapped, and it seems that MST3K inspired satire is still solid, but is starting to show signs of needing to evolve into a new medium altogether.

    Sorry, rant. BTW, just like RLM, you’re stuff is great and getting better.

  • Riku Himawari

    Spoony has been expressing interest in getting back with TGWTG through Twitter — at least that is what it seems to me, but I may be interpreting it incorrectly. I’m sure someone will correct me on that, I suppose.

    I think he requested that we did not comment or act upon any of the latest drama so as to appear semi-civil. I highly doubt TGWTG would hire Spoony back if his fanbase continues to spew venom all around the comments sections, generally acting like drama-hungry housewives.

    I admit I find the whole situation entertaining. It’s like that song by TOOL, Vicarious:

    “I need to watch things die (from a good, safe distance)
    Vicariously I live as the whole world dies
    you all need it too, don’t lie.”

    That said, we’ve probably just ruined it, or otherwise made it really difficult.

  • Dakoda Richardson

    At 1:22, Did Spoony just go into the Avatar State?

    • IHeart28

      Perhaps this anniversary will make spoony give into the madness in a whole new way! I don’t know but if that happens that would be freaking awesome!

  • Necro

    Have anyone noticed the trailer doesn’t tell you anything about the movie except it is going to be some kind of sci-fi? Also this one looks even more serious than Suburban Knights, which begs to be questioned why they are taking this course. People have to remember why we like watching their stuffs.

    • Eric Hall

      Well we noticed. That IS why it’s called a “teaser trailer” It’s not meant to go into detail like normal trailers do. All I know is that Mechakara is going to appear in it and Malachites hand will be there too. I noticed that with the anniversaries is that each one is darker than the last. This one will be darker but then again, it is TGWTG after all. I’ll bet it’ll have hilarious jokes too.


    this drama might have been a plan all along for the 4Th anniversary movie. maybe this fighting was just faked…. its all one big troll! well i hope any way.

    • IHeart28

      God, that would be pretty awesome

  • Kyle Jacob

    First off i am just glad to see spoony is improving his videos quality, hopefully after leaving That guy with the glasses we will get less cross-overs. Not to mention now im probs gunna stop watching lupa cuz of how stupid she is

  • Jose Lopez

    Noah your a great guy and we will all be here for you buddy.

  • Amarante

    This is a pretty awesome trailer and I bet the final product will be
    epic. I consider this an epic finale to the Channel Awesome era of

    On another note, I saw CR, yay (I love his videos).

  • Dartannian Panthereo

    Holy shit, this’s the best worst teen gossip novel ever…it’s so wrong, I LOVE it! Things are so politically corrupt these days, that even a job at a shoe store is rife with scandal!

    *sigh* Getting serious now, though, maybe it’d be a smart idea for Spoony just to make a public apology to those fans who were actually offended by all this? Just to clear the air, once and for all. All involved should make public statements, so we can lay this to rest…

    Me, I just watch their videos; I don’t go delving into the dark underbellies that are Facebook and Twitter, so this’s all news to me.

    • banedon

      I don’t agree. He has already made an apology to the person that mattered. Everyone else objecting is getting on the vitriolic bandwagon of hate for the sake of it – mostly because they’re doing what humans just love to do: hate and objectify. I hate witch hunts (and no I’m not accusing you of that – just others).

    • IHeart28

      I don’t know. I’m not saying your idea is bad, I’m just going to respectfully disagree. I really don’t think spoony needs to apoligize just because tons of people got into a huge flamewar for the sake of it and the rape joke to jesuotaku(although unneeded) was already apoligized for a MONTH ago and lupa got onto it when she never needed to. So although maybe it would “clear air” as you said but I still don’t think it’s going to stop the trolls from attacking him

    • Solemn_Witness

      I didn’t know any of this had happened until today. I don’t normally check twitter and I usually just check the videos of the reviews I like. I never watch Spoony’s stuff on the TGWTG website. I just come straight to the source.

      However, this morning I noticed there was a post saying Spoony had left TGWTG. I was like, REALLY? I couldn’t believe it. I love seeing Spoony show up in those other reviewers’ videos. Now, it is over. I’m still going to watch both sites’ videos.

      Keep those vids coming, Spoonyone!

  • Patrick Dunn

    Hey Noah/Spoony. Wanted to kinda give my…support (for a lack of better words). I have been a fan for a while and let’s just say I could see the signs of the issues you have been having (been there…for different reasons but been there). I just wanted to say, hang in there. I don’t know the full story of what’s happened so I won’t comment on it directly (as I found out from unnamed online source). I don’t know what else to say but hang in there, you have the support of at least one person.

  • Chris Rupp


  • James Walker
    Just putting this out there.

  • Wonderful_Person

    Spoony left TGWTG? Jolly good news.

  • Philip Harris

    Getting back on topic here: I’ve always hated these crossovers they just aren’t funny in my opinion. True Kickassia had its moments mainly due to the fact that it was original but it certainly didn’t warrant three or so hours worth. I’m not trying to force my opinion on anyone; if you like amateur film-making fine. But honestly its no great loss to me that they’ve hinted this may be the last truly large scale production they make and its even less of a loss that Spoony will no longer be involved with any further productions.

    • IHeart28

      I see where you’re coming from and am going to respectfully disagree. You are entitled to not liking the crossovers and such projects of TGWTG but I always thought spoony with some of the people on there added some whole new flavor to it. Personally, I loved kickassia and suburban knights(Which is why I’m excited for this anniversary) which is why I feel sad he’s left the site but if you don’t like it and don’t feel spoony leaving is not really a loss that’s fine

  • Jordyn Cheslock

    Guys, the fact of the matter is that Spoony shouldn’t of even typed that line on his twitter in the first place, regardless whether or not he meant it as a joke.

    I’m a woman myself, and I can see how most women would get upset over what he typed. Again, he should’ve seen that coming because not only was it very tasteless, but it was demeaning towards women, specifically to JO. I don’t hate Spoony for it, but what I don’t like is that his apology came off as complete BS. I’m aware of his health issues, his depression issues, and his alleged bipolar II issue, but what he did made no sense whatsoever. He could’ve typed something along the same lines without the undertone of rape, but chose not to. That’s what I don’t like about this.

    Admittedly, Lupa shouldn’t have brought it to attention so publicly, especially considering that the remark was made a month after the fact, but I can see why she had an issue to it. She should’ve let JesuOtaku deal with it herself but instead, Lupa chose to fight for her. If anything, Lupa was trying to look out for JO, and I can respect that.

    Spoony did something stupid, and he’s paying for it. That’s all that this is about. I’m not going to play defender for something that is purely Spoony’s fault. That’s the end of the matter.

    I believe another issue is Spoony’s fan base in general, white knighting him every time he does something stupid, hating on crossovers that he does/did with other members of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and complaining about how he’s not producing enough content even when Spoony is having health problems. If anything, the fan base can feel like a bunch of little spoiled brats running all over the place and at worst, hurtful towards people who have a “beef” with Spoony.

    Spoony is a human being that’s going to make mistakes. I know this. But the fan base themselves, especially in the forums, are CRAZY and the crazy ones seem to outnumber the sensible ones like myself. Instead of keeping people that want to help and show him support i.e. by criticizing him when necessary on his videos, he blocks/bans them. He also tells them to “Fuck off” if I remember correctly. The problem with that is that Spoony will never improve on his videos if he doesn’t keep the sensible ones like me. That also includes people who “troll” on him and ignoring those comments if Spoony so chooses. All he keeps are the supporters and that’s it.

    I’ve been a fan since 2007-2008, and I haven’t seen a remarkable improvement on his videos. They’ve stayed the same content-wise. If anything, I feel like the videos somewhat regressed. Especially in Spoony himself. To me, I feel that he lacks his energy, but that could be blamed from his health issues, which he cannot control. I just don’t know what happened and I fear Spoony is only going to get worse. He’s on downward spiral not only in health, but in sanity and logic as well. Maybe in empathy for others too.

    I’m sorry if I make some fans angry for posting something like this, but I’m trying to look at the situation as objectively as I can, and my conclusion is that it is Spoony’s own fault for being fired and/or leaving ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. He should’ve just tied his fingers together when he thought to type such a remark on Twitter.

    • Wonderful_Person

      Not to ignore pretty much all of your post but besides his tortuously long vlogs on games and movies, the more he has distanced himself from TGWTG, the less reliance on their staples like the awful running jokes or cameos to garner views and pack in a longer running times with zero effort. (Cameos and using each others jokes to get a few quick
      views is as cheap as using a rapper in an action movie or pany shots in
      an anime).

      Whether this actual event (that I know very little about) will be positive or negative to his videos ya can’t say, but regardless of what people may think, in terms of production quality the bar is set really low on TGWTG(Atleast back in the day when I was still paying attention to the site) so unless Spoony does something stupidly drastic for views, I’m seeing the departure as a positive for now.

      • Jordyn Cheslock

        It sounds to me that you didn’t read my post…at all actually.You pretty much ignored my post altogether since I started off saying that the line that Spoony wrote on his twitter was dumb, and it was. It got him in trouble and that’s that. There’s no real excuse for it. It’s about Spoony leaving ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. Not about how it’ll be better for him since ThatGuyWithTheGlasses sucks because of “awful running jokes or cameos to garner views”. By the way, I know what cameo’s are. You don’t’ have to explain them to me.

        I’m not for or against ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.Though what I can say is that their content has improved from “back in the day”, but not by much, which is just my opinion to begin with. I can only say as to why they fired/kicked him out (or why he left if you prefer) , and rightly so. It was because of his recent conduct, or least we can speculate as thus. Why else would they fire him? Especially considering how many views Spoony garners for the site anyway?

        Look, if you didn’t bother reading the post, at all by the way, why post a response in the first place when you’re the one that’s going to look like a misinformed person? You’ve even said it yourself that you haven’t watched any content on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses for a long time or from “back in the day”, which makes you sound even more misinformed to begin with. In fact, you don’t even know what happened! How about “ask around” and “do your research”. Or be one of the few people that saw what happened on twitter (me).

        The one thing I can agree partially is if this negative (yes, I’m calling it negative) event will effect his video views or not. The only views he’ll probably lose is the ones that watch most of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses content. He’ll still have his fanbase on his website, which includes you on slightly insane level and me on a sane level. But the ones from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and the fans that know about what happened, their the ones that aren’t going to watch his videos anymore. I’ll still come on from time to time, but that’s it.

        If you’re going to white-knight him, be my guest. I’m calling Spoony and his crazy fans out. Which I assume you’re one of them, already defending him without reading my post. Like I said, I DO NOT hate Spoony for it, but I’m not going to defend him either. I just don’t know if Spoony truly understands what he did was, on some level, wrong. I think he needs to make a real apology to JO, but it’s whatever JO decides. Not me.

        • Wonderful_Person

          I don’t really care about what he said, its not really anyone’s business but theirs.

          Well I did say I ignored your post pretty much, you talked about how
          this was bad for him, I can see how it is, I just wanted to add that
          TGWTG’s low standards were affecting Spoony’s standards, not so much
          recently but they did, so yeah.

          Spoony is just a guy on the internet who makes videos for everyone to
          watch, which in turn makes him money, I like his videos, some I don’t,
          its whatever.

          I don’t want to argue anything nor wish to carry on and jump to a dozen conclusions like you did on me. So have a nice day, sorry you didn’t get the response you wanted.

          All I care about is his videos, not trying to say my piece about this
          nor wanting to get in an argument over something this silly, so I’m not
          gonna be jumping to

        • Wonderful_Person

          Whoops, that last bit was Disqus being goofy, ignore that =]

    • banedon

      Reading between the lines I’m not entirely sure that Lupa was that offended on anyone’s behalf. I think it far more likely that both spoony and she did not get along and because that animosity had built up (probably both feeding it) she brought the whole thing up. I can’t say I like her for doing that because it seemed more than a little premeditated.
      I might be wrong but it wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve hit close to the mark.

      As for spoony paying for it: yes you are right. But in a hugely elevated and public way and really not in proportion to the offence, given that the offended person accepted his apology.

      Lastly I agree with you about some of his fan base. Some need to take a step back and grow up a little. Same can be said of the anti-spoony folk out there too – both camps are as bad as each other.

  • Squit Taron

    Great looking trailer. When I heard the news of your departure, I was saddened, but I hoped you would continue this site (Or at least leave it up), seeing as how you’re my one reason for visiting TGWTG.

    So thrilled that you’ll make an appearance in this.
    Now excuse me, I need to watch some more Countermonkey. <3

  • hobo-girl

    honestly this trailer didn’t get me hyped from sheer epicness not enough tension or awesome stuff going down. maybe the NC dies or something I just feel disjointed instead of hyped.

  • Griffin Spettel

    im really tired of this whole who’s right and who’s wrong thing, both make funny videos, both make funny videos, and spoony still is an internet reviewer just on a one less site, so shut up about it

  • David Dante Matějovič

    Keep up the good work spoony. I always enjoy anything youre in.
    Also i dont know why everyone got pissed of about a JOKE. Me and my friends joke about stuff like that ALL the time.

  • Deanna Jackson

    It’s okay. I’ve been on your site since before That Guy With The Glasses and Channel Awesome were started and whenever you have something new, I’ve only come to your site. :)

  • Thomas Lacy


  • Sam Rowett

    Hey, I have a question. How do the two major American political parties have ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIDEO?

    The debates down below are seriously ridiculous…

    In any case, I for one am looking forward to the movie.

  • Matthew Szlapka

    This is not right. The ladies overreacted about something that most people know Spoony would never do. Not to mention-how many times has a lewd joke been placed on TGWTG’s main videos and no one gives a shit, guy or girl reviewer? He didn’t do anything wrong employment-wise if everyone else does it. Its a common mode of humor shared by co-workers.

  • Daniel D

    Man, some of you people need to get the sand out of your vagina. It was just a bad joke. He apologized. Why are you obsessing over a PR issue? Its like half of TMZ just jumped on his sack about it. Most of the time we get awesome and totally unrestrained entertainment, sometimes we get dry jokes that could or do hurt feelings. Stop needing to obsess about it. He apologized. End of the line. I know h8rs gonna h8, but grow up and stop acting like babies, you ninnies.

  • Scaly Tentacle

    Oh Spoony. Why didn’t you suggest going to the basement to “Do the human spider with me” instead of chaining her to a pipe? You could even have offered to show her your new move called The Snobber. That’s the off-color hilarity everyone knows and loves!
    Never stop doing your thing man.

  • Nataly Mitrovic

    I think Lupa over-reacted. Ok, the joke was a little tasteless, but to be honest, as a girl, who is friends with almost only guys, I have heard a lot of jokes like this before, even in front of my boyfriend. It was never a big deal because we were friends and I knew it was only mislead humor. As co-workers, JO and Spoony might not be friends, but they’re co-workers at least. I would totally understand if she felt offended if they didin’t know each other because for one, that would be a very creepy thing to say to a stranger and two she couldn’t be sure of his intentions. Many seem to take his joke as a threat of some sort and if it was, I would understand the anger. But did anybody ever even consider that he meant it seriously? That’s like me saying that I’ll kill my friend if he has better grades at school! It might be morbid but the friend knows I’m only joking. People trying to blame sexism on Spoony or even that he THREATENED JO in any way are just trying to find things to hate on. I’m pretty angry at Lupa for jumping into that arguement and making it one in the first place. It really was none of her business and she reacted a tad touchy. Rape is a touchy subject of course but was Lupa really afraid that Spoony might do it? If so we might know less about Spoony than we assumed…

    • Florent Petit

      Plus… nobody was ever shocked of the Spooning with Spoony shows (and TGWTG wanted more, that’s how were born the 2nd and (I assume) “3rd” episodes…)

  • Christine Dean

    Well I am looking forward to the fourth year even though everyone else in the comments clearly isn’t, I can’t wait to see how Oancitizen, JO, and SadPanda will take part in the upcoming adventure! :D

    Bring on the full trailer and movie!

  • Sean Porter

    Man all this drama and conflict you guys are talking about. Am I the only one who feels this is just some minor scrabbles that have just been blown completely out of proportion? This isn’t a prime time drama we are talking about, these are real, flawed, normal human beings that are having personal matters judged by people unaffected by them.

    I admit to not understanding this situation entirely but I have found that it’s usually not right to subscribe malice and ill-intent to these things. None of the involved are bad people, the isn’t some complicated power-game among the internet elites. It’s mundane office politics at most.

    Do I think Spoony should have been dropped? No. This isn’t a formal setting where people have to be on their best behaviour. This is the internet, the part of the internet where people go to be entertained without regard to censorship if they so choose.

    So you’re feelings are hurt? Well, your feelings are hurt. That’s all. Part of being an adult is dealing with hurt feelings and knowing that you aren’t going to get coddled for it. If I get offended or pissed off, I vent, I relax, I do whatever, I may even bitch about it.

    The problem with involving fan bases is then crowd mentality kicks in and suddenly a private matter escalates into hunt for blood. I support Spoony, I enjoy his works, I think he’s a nice guy, I even think I’d like to hang out with him if I got the chance, but I don’t know him personally. I’ve never spoken to him, nor do I have any idea what he’s been through. The best thing people could learn to do is that your emotions are not justification for your behaviour. It isn’t easy I know, and I know it can be difficult to agree with but just because your upset doesn’t mean your a victim.

  • Paul Moore

    This entire argument is just confusing now. It seems to me like Spoony misstepped, apologized, made up, and faced some consequences. That sort of thing happens. It’s not like he went all Chris Brown on JO. If I understand correctly about bipolar disorder, which I only know about through friends who have it, it leads to serious emotional instability even when under treatment. It’s unfortunate that someone as clearly goodhearted as Spoony is afflicted, but it’s incredibly saddening that his critics completely ignore his affliction as well as how maturely he seems to handle it. I find it sad also that you are victimizing JO, to whom Spoony allegedly apologized to and who responded well to the apology. You’re treating JesuOtaku like a fragile, emotional flower when Spoony’s emotions are the ones under fire here. This argument shouldn’t be that complicated, because it’s not about some grand ideological issue. Spoony said something inappropriate. He apologized sincerely. He was disciplined by the people responsible for doing so, and he was forgiven by the party who had the most reason to be offended. This seems like one of the absolute dumbest altercations to use as salvo in some kind of “Spoony is a Maniac” argument that I have ever heard, and you all should be ashamed for taking a maturely handled situation and turning it into a conspiracy theory.

  • Raymond Johns

    I don’t know what was said nor do I care, I know spoony isn’t a bad guy. Sure he has problems but giving him this heat and everyone getting on his back is just ridiculas, people make mistakes and move on. I’m sure it was over exaggerated anyway. If any man makes a rape JOKE its taken seriously because people are too sensative and can’t take a damn joke.

  • Megan Provost

    -sigh- Spoony says be civil, and everyone gets into a huge sissy fight. I don’t care what anyone says, Spoony. You are a talented and wonderful human being that’s had a lot of shit thrown at him in the past couple of years. I know how you feel and I empathize greatly with you. You are a valuable person to me and to thousands of fans across the globe who enjoy watching your videos. Of all the internet reviewers I watch, you are the one that I feel like I know and connect with the most. I love your style, I love your fearlessness, and I love your humanity. I will always be on your side, and I know I’m not alone in saying that. I wish there was more I could do, but alas, I am just a lowly fan, typing a message to someone I’ve never met, and hoping it will make him feel better than he did a few minutes ago. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, we are all here for you, and will support you in anything you do. We’ve got your back, Spoony One. Peace to you.

  • Cas Wegkamp

    Can someone give me a link or whatever to the joke, because this is terribly confusing of you don’t know what is going on…

  • Joe Harr

    Now to talk about the trailer itself, shock of shocks, let me ask, are we going to see Insano making his triumphal return, astride Nutro (sp)? I understand leaving him out of the 3rd year, but this seems tailor made for him.

  • Steven

    Shame you left CA, but yeah it will be nice to see you in the 4th anniversary. I also hope one of these days the truth about why you left will be shared as I know there is a story behind it other then the simple you want to do other things. I mean that reeks so much as a lame cover story for events that it is not even funny.

  • Eamon Mcgillicuddy

    this whole situation is bullshit. It should have never gotten this far out of hand, it was only a joke and if it was to offending then spoony and JO should have worked it out by themselves. I dont think that there is something you cant joke about but sometimes people say things that come off creepy and thats what happened with spoonys comment. I dont think he ment any harm and it probably just came to his head at the time and he thought it would be funny. He has been a man and said sorry. I am just sad that this is the last time we will see spoony in a tgwtg production but what makes me happy is that spoony will still be friends with linkara, brad jones, and angry Joe and we willmost likely see them work with each other again.

  • Wayne Drake

    Bugger me, TGWTG is a pretentious piece of work. I love how the ‘teaser’ is just a collection of close-ups of people we don’t care about.

    Spoony’s better off out of the lame am-dram and circle-jerkin’ crossovers. It’s no coincidence that his quality started to dip during the ‘height’ of his Channel Awesome career.

  • Master Chief Snake

    Does Spoony resigned TGWTG and Blistered Thumbs (both were owned by Channel Awesome) and do independent? This is like Robert Bowling where he left Infinity Ward (owned by Activision) after COD:MW3 and established his own studio called, “Robotoki”. But Spoony is the best.

  • Michelle Wetherbee

    When is it coming out! I am so impatient for this right now!

  • Estin Harriman

    love it how despite spoony saying keep it civil you morons cannot keep it civil… its over and done with get over it…

    • Estin Harriman

      also for those of you still riding the rape joke aspect it could be implied BDSM

  • Chase

    >Noah posts 4th TGWTG movie trailer and asks folks to be civil in the comments area

    >people bicker over Noah’s (social) character, fight over politics, and throw around what might have happened between Noah and Channel Awesome coworkers

    After what all’s happened and how the comment area is always becoming argument threads, I’m surprised Spoony hasn’t disabled commenting on all his videos at this point.

  • Guss Aznable

    oh spoony one, channel awesome is not that awesome without you ;)

  • Jacob Blais

    Spoony: “Please remain civil in these comments”
    Audience: LOL NOPE!

  • C.j. Stoops

    Heya Spoony.
    Longtime “lurker”, mostly love your game reviews.
    I understand that you have gone through some pain and loss in your life semi-recently, and as a man of faith I sincerely pray to GOD that you recover soon and get your head back on straight, so to speak. I hate to see someone I admire, whose humor and talent has lifted MY spirits on occasion be down in the dumps. Best wishes.CJS

  • C.j. Stoops

    You can delete my comments until the proverbial equines come home, that’s not going to stop me or my Christian friends from praying for your well being. Live long and prosper. CJS

  • 13secondspastmidnight

    I love how Noah says “please attempt.” He knows his fandom have some of
    the metaphorical aspects of internet wolves who have smelled blood and
    are moving in for the kill, and yet he’s still “please guys, can you at
    least TRY not to rip each other to pieces in the comments section?”

    I have no idea what happened between Noah and CA, and I doubt we ever
    will unless he or JO actually makes a vlog about it or something. Noah
    is a wonderful comedian, and we’ve seen from all his vlogs and works
    that he’s an intelligent, considerate person who has dealt with a lot of
    problems in his life in the last couple of years, and from all accounts
    of people who have met and interacted with him in RL, he’s a nice
    person who is quite sensitive. However, we have also seen from things
    like his”Mass Effect 3″ skype that he’s also a vulnerable person who
    will act very defensively if attacked on the spot (as also shown in his
    twitter) and act as an anger-fuelled jerkass in that kind of situation –
    however much you think this behaviour was determined by his bipolar
    mania (although it does seem like a classic example). The point is that
    this is a complex person that we know only a few sides of, and judging
    him or anyone else from rumours while we don’t even know the facts – and
    we don’t (no matter how much we’ve heard or seen) – only reveals our
    own stupidity and judgemental idiocy.

    These people who everyone
    was fighting over as of 8-10 months ago have already made their peace
    and moved on, so I can only hope that by this time in 2013, the fandom/s
    have as well. CA has quite a few talented entertainers, and Noah’s
    ability is quite evident, so I’m hoping we can just leave them alone now
    to entertain us and have fun with their chosen profession (despite how
    little money it might be making them…I mean, damn, depending on a
    group of trolling fuckwits who are so lazy that just the idea of
    watching ads is an outrage to them has gotta be pretty fucking harsh…

  • RaiderRich2001

    Well If that’s true, then you of all people should understand what Lupa and JO are going through and stop standing by a misogynistic reviewer who
    supports Republican Jeff Flake

  • valar84

    Oops, mistake when choosing who to reply to.

  • RaiderRich2001

    The only ones that need mental help here are Spoony and anyone who defends his actions.

  • RaiderRich2001

    I don’t consider you a troll. I do however, consider you a blind fantard.

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    It doesn’t make you any less a hypocrite. How about you direct your time and energy into actually helping abused women at a shelter, instead of saying hateful insults in the forums. You obviously got time on your hands. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Nick Bagnall

    The thing you failed to mention though is he has apologized for his off-color JOKE. Health-wise he’s been on a downward spiral but FYI I happen to like some of his new stuff, like Counter Monkey. Saying our praise has made him who he is also misplaces the blame; he and his moderators ban anyone who even talks about his issue in the forums after all. We’re just viewers.

    Also, you either don’t understand Bipolar II or you just don’t give a fuck, I assume the latter because it’s why he acts the way he does – his mind gets to a point where it’s hypomanic and that’s why people mostly ignore his gestures to fuck off, because they want him to, I don’t know, NOT be depressed beyond recovery. These bouts end, that is why he’s visibly feeling guilty.

    I also doubt the person you replied to was denying that his health and performance was declining, probably the opposite.

    I agree so much that if anyone says he “acted unprofessionally”, that’s a giant fucking understatement. It’s the actions on behalf of Channel Awesome that are the most confusing though. They basically told him to get out. Well, surely they attempted reconciling with him, seeing as he has the biggest fucking audience? It stinks political.

  • J.G. te Molder

    >First off lets look at this like adults. Jesuotaku is a young woman in
    her early 20’s.
    >She has a boyfriend and is in a relationship. She is
    also a co worker of his. He
    >don’t send a message to a woman that’s in a
    relationship with someone that you
    >also know saying how if things don’t
    workout with her boyfriend that you’ll chain
    >her up in your brothers
    basement and love her your way, and then go on to
    >further state that your way ends in lots of tears. That’s not a joke, that creepy and
    crossing the line. If you don’t believe so try telling a woman you
    barely know
    >(just like in spoony’s case) that’ you’ll tie her up in your
    basement and rap her.
    >Better yet say it infront of her boyfriend. Lets
    see how fast you’ll get A. punched
    >in the face,B.Arrested for sexual
    threats or C. all of the above.

    Spoony never said anything about rape, let alone tears. It was a joke about bondage and S&M, not rape.

    And the fact that you can be punched in the face, or even arrested for essentially doing nothing but saying a few words as a man is not a sign of problems with you, but the misandry-based problems in society.

    >it’s just not funny man, there’s no joke in that at all. You don’t say anything like
    >that to a woman ever.

    And there we show this attitude beautifully. “You don’t say/hit a woman ever,” because they’re such perfect, sweet little fragile goddesses who can’t handle anything and would never do anything wrong! It doesn’t matter if she’s stabbing you to death with a knife, you don’t do it EVER! Fuck that bullshit, this is supposed to be the bloody 21st century, not the middle ages.

    >If this was a real job I.E. corporate America he would be in even worse trouble.

    Yep, more problems with misandry, thanks for pointing that out.

    >Now JO may not have said much about it because women handle things
    >differently. Just because she didn’t lash out “online” doesn’t mean it
    didn’t make
    >her skin crawl or that she talk about how it bothered her.

    Yep, there we go again. Poor wittle giry girls, don’t have what it takes to stand up forthemselves. They just shrink down and keep it all bottled up and on’t say anything! Quick! Let’s not hold them to the same standards as everyone else, no vilify all men and demand all men become dispensers of violence on behalf of the poor wittle victims.

    Go back to the dark ages where you belong.

  • RaiderRich2001

    I am. I’m exposing a sexual harasser and enemy of women everywhere. You’re clearly doing nothing because you’re supporting him.

  • Adam Barnes

    I worship this man for the level and asskickery he just served, with a side of awesome.

  • Paul Moore

    wait, what about athiests? Athiests can be nice people too.

  • RaiderRich2001

    @facebook-725585889:disqus You just proved my point for me.

  • Adam Barnes

    I see. “EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS A REPUBLICAN!” Well as a British guy who couldn’t give less of a crap about a political party in a far off country, lemme say this.

    I don’t kiss Spoonys ass. I like some videos, i dislike others, i won’t call myself a fan, i just like some stuff. YOU, on the other hand, seem to hate the guy. I’m not defending what he did, or trying to say JO should smoke some weed and get over it. Sexual harassment is bad and it can be truly horrifying for women to go through.

    But why are you even here? If you hate the guy, why come to his site and spend time trying to make his fans hate him like you do, which won’t work?

    And if that reasonable argument doesn’t work, then go back to your bridge, troll boy

  • Patricium Thomam Kiessling

    im not getting into the argument really, but your assertion that people have died for religious tenets more than any other reason is wrong, i am an historian by the way, although knowing the internet and its machinations you may not believe me. but on an extremely general level (as saying that religous rtenents were the REASON as to why people have been killed is a massive generalization that applies to exactly no particular war, yes, even the crusades more than likely had other reasons besides strictlly religion, although religion was important). more than likely the primary cause of people killing others over the centuries were wars over territory and for power i had to respond btw, i HATE it when people use history to back up what they say, its usually total bullshit and they really dont know anything….anyway, i mean no offense, and i do not agree or disagree with what you are saying in your argument. I honestly think he was joking and that probably about all he meant, but yes, this behavior can be a slippery slope if gone unchecked

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    Considering your the one harassing everyone, your not exactly the right person to be giving advice on issues involving any sort of harassment.

  • Adam Barnes

    My god, you stupid asshole. Leave the people alone, no-one is going to convert to hating-spoony-ism, no-one is going to validate your self righteous, pseudo-masturbatory nacissism.
    Smoke a joint, chill the fuck out and stay the hell off of the website if you don’t like Spoony. Or, if you must keep trolling, trying using better arguments than insulting everyone, or you just end up looking like a child while everyone else pities you.

  • Hammerchuckery

    You’re being put down because everything you’ve said is with vitriolic hate.

  • valar84

    RaiderRich2001, first some disclosure about me. I’m in Canada, I’m a member of the New Democratic Party, a democratic SOCIALIST party. I hate most Republicans, I’m as far away from a conservative as one can be… and you’re saying complete shit.Just because Lupa is a woman does NOT mean that anyone who disagrees with her or who criticizes her “hates all women”.

    Just because Spoony made a joke that could be interpreted as a rape joke doesn’t make him a “rapist”… if it did, then Lindsay Ellis who made a lot of rape jokes, being the brain behind the initial “Spooning with Spoony” sketch, would be a much bigger rapist.

    Furthermore, joke-flirting with women is not a crime against humanity. Stop being such a prude, sexuality is part of human nature. There’s nothing wrong with flirting, or with remarking on your attraction to someone else. When people talk of sexual harassment, you hear only the first word “sexual” and construe every sexual comment to be sexual harassment and wrong. You forget the second word “HARASSMENT”, as in repeated and unwanted interactions. If you come up to a woman and say “I like you, I’m attracted to you, want to go out?” That is NOT harassment, it may still be inappropriate based on context (a bar is okay, an office is iffy, a funeral is RIGHT OUT), but it’s not harassment. Harassment is not taking no for an answer and keeping the pressure on, with such comments on a regular basis.

    Spoony made one comment about JO, she objected, he apologized, they moved on. You may say that it was an inappropriate sexual joke, but it’s not in any way, shape or form, harassment.

    Finally, stop thinking that women are all weak powerless creatures who need to be defended all the time, or that they are angels who are sullied whenever their pure ears pick up sexual comments. Women are also sexual creatures, like men, and most of them like sex too (not any sex, any time, of course). I would say that your point of view of the world is much more misogynistic than Noah’s.hem like sex too (not any sex, any time, of course). I would say that your point of view of the world is much more misogynistic than Noah’s.

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    You should come up to Canada we treat women well up here. No Republicans or Romney’s as far as the eye can see. It’s a Socialist paradise up here. Come one come all. lalalalala!!!!

  • Ulla Siltanen

    I can aknowledge someones ability without admiring it. I, too, speak when I see something wrong in the world – but I try to see things as parts of a whole, and I know the way Spoony jokes (that’s the only thing I know for sure about Spoony. I don’t know about his “real personality”, but these videos tell about his sense of humor). So when I see a joke, I know it’s a joke. If he really had touched a girl rudely and then claimed it was a joke, different story. Like this, it wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t dangerous or sign of him actually even wanting to do it. So yes, Lupa overreacted when she wrote an essay on rape jokes. At least in my eyes. But I have tendency to go writing essays on little things that have annoyed me or made me sad or had me wondering etc. But I tend to focus on last few days, because after that it’s kind of a moot point, ’cause things change. It’s no use dragging up past mistakes. And the apology from Spoony was valid enough: he hadn’t done anything, just said something. I don’t think JO got too upset and hurt about it.

    And I don’t think you’ll believe me, but I’m not Repulican or even conservative: I’m Finnish. I believe in gay rights, euthanasia and abortion, I want free health care and I think arts and culture need more money instead of military, I think women should think for themselves and men have to be able to do the housework. I’m not religious and I just want everyone to get along.

    I’m sorry, by the way, for speaking for all women. Some of us feel (and are) objectified, I’m sure, and some are treated very rudely just for our gender. And I’m sure not all of us are strong or able to speak up for themselves. Same goes for men, though. Not all of us are strong – I’m speaking for all humanity here. Very rude of me, I know. But for myself, I can say that I both have a voice and common sense to not blow things out of proportions.

    I’m not, by the way, saying that Spoony doesn’t need help. I have thought so for who knows how long. I’m just not sure if getting fired is the best thing to do for someone with mental health problems, even if I know he was out of line. I just wish he would go to therapy, get the correct medication, work out the problems, find a bit of happiness and do what he wishes to do, even if it means quitting reviewing altogether. I just wish for his happiness, wherever it may lie.

  • Ulla Siltanen

    I can aknowledge someones ability without admiring it. I, too, speak when I see something wrong in the world – but I try to see things as parts of a whole, and I know the way Spoony jokes (that’s the only thing I know for sure about Spoony. I don’t know about his “real personality”, but these videos tell about his sense of humor). So when I see a joke, I know it’s a joke. If he really had touched a girl rudely and then claimed it was a joke, different story. Like this, it wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t dangerous or sign of him actually even wanting to do it. So yes, Lupa overreacted when she wrote an essay on rape jokes. At least in my eyes. But I have tendency to go writing essays on little things that have annoyed me or made me sad or had me wondering etc. But I tend to focus on last few days, because after that it’s kind of a moot point, ’cause things change. It’s no use dragging up past mistakes. And the apology from Spoony was valid enough: he hadn’t done anything, just said something. I don’t think JO got too upset and hurt about it.

    And I don’t think you’ll believe me, but I’m not Repulican or even conservative: I’m Finnish. I believe in gay rights, euthanasia and abortion, I want free health care and I think arts and culture need more money instead of military, I think women should think for themselves and men have to be able to do the housework. I’m not religious and I just want everyone to get along.

    I’m sorry, by the way, for speaking for all women. Some of us feel (and are) objectified, I’m sure, and some are treated very rudely just for our gender. And I’m sure not all of us are strong or able to speak up for themselves. Same goes for men, though. Not all of us are strong – I’m speaking for all humanity here. Very rude of me, I know. But for myself, I can say that I both have a voice and common sense to not blow things out of proportions.

    I’m not, by the way, saying that Spoony doesn’t need help. I have thought so for who knows how long. I’m just not sure if getting fired is the best thing to do for someone with mental health problems, even if I know he was out of line. I just wish he would go to therapy, get the correct medication, work out the problems, find a bit of happiness and do what he wishes to do, even if it means quitting reviewing altogether. I just wish for his happiness, wherever it may lie.

  • J.G. te Molder

    War on Women, huh?

    Funny, I didn’t see any bodies of women floating down the river or getting buried, oh, right, there’s no actual war going on.

    Listen up, you piece of crap, you do not get to denigrate the victims the elite’s wars, where men are used up as cannon fodder, by calling making some women pay (shock!) for their own birth control pills only some of the time a war, especially considering all men get to pay for their birth control all of the time a “war”.

    You wouldn’t know war if it hit you in the ass, so take your misandry and take a hike.

  • Jailer_of_Justice

    And your a harasser born in the fires of Mount Doom, in the land of Mordor. The enemy of all men. ^0^

  • Billy McKenna

    Hmm, let me think here… “Now, on the internet Spoony’s joke is par for the course, but in the
    workplace, it’s possibly sexual harassment, so if JesuOtaku did complain
    (which she didn’t) fair enough”… quote; me! Yeah, see, I’m well aware that such a comment could be construed as sexual harassment. That’s me right there saying it. People all too frequently make stupid jokes not realising how they’ll be taken, especially online. Was JO offended? Possibly. Did Spoony apologise? Yes. Did JO accept that apology? Yes. Was the matter considered resolved between the two of them? Yes. What it any of Lupa’s fucking business? No.

    You see this is the problem. Your posts here have made it abundantly clear that you’re not for equality or even slightly prepared to forgive Spoony for telling an inappropriate joke for fuck sake. You just want an excuse to hate men, you find any old crime, doesn’t matter how small, string the guy up and clam he’s “part of the problem”. You’re one step off blaming “the patriarchy” for everything… go on, do it, prove that you’re a one dimensional troll. Your obsession with the Republican party is frankly comical as you call everyone who disagrees with you a Republican as though you proclaiming it makes it true. So what are you then? A Democrat? From my perspective both parties are pretty much the same. You get run by the brainless or the spineless, either way you’re fucked. Sure Republicans are slightly more stupid, but it’s Pepsi and Diet Pepsi as far as I’m concerned.

    You call Spoony a “known sexual harasser”, are you really so pathetic, so lacking in real problems or adversity? He made a fucking joke, nothing more, stop making it out to be more when it’s not. I’ve seen more crude material as part of the videos on TGWTG itself… AND SO HAVE YOU! You’re looking for an excuse to be pissed off.

    Here’s a little something for you to consider when it comes to gender equality, something most people who use the term “feminist”, most certainly don’t fight for. Male domestic violence figures; based on a 2011 study by the Home Office and University of London, men as victims of domestic violence now OUTNUMBER women, however in the UK less than 1% of reported domestic violence cases are made by men. Men are frequently made to feel weak, less that worthless, etc. if they report. Women being abused get support, men being abused get mocked. Then there’s rape. In USA male rape victims outnumber female rape victims, with institutionalised rape in prisons being largely ignored. I’d like to remind you this is USA, the country with the largest incarceration statistic in the world, that sends men to prison for years to be brutally raped over and over, for carrying marijuana. Not only is this ignored, prison rape is frequently used as a joke on TV, in stand up acts, online. In our society it’s treated as though he deserves it for breaking the law. We’re not even considering the rape cases outside of the prison system, which go largely unreported, and if the attacker is female, completely ignored in many cases. People scoff, stating things like, “you can’t rape a man, if he doesn’t want it he won’t get hard”, as though you can stop your penis from reacting to stimulation when you’re being forced. In the movie, “40 days and 40 nights” there is an outright RAPE SCENE! A woman goes into a room where a guy who’s vowed to be celibate for 40 days is handcuffed to the bed by hands and feet, and forces him to have sex with her. This is a horrible scene, yet it’s played for laughs and some film critics even questioned if it was really rape because he must of wanted it because he was hard. Do you see how sick that is, imagine the reverse and me using “she must of wanted it, her vagina was wet” as an excuse, it’s sick. Then there’s child molestation, another case where male victims outnumber female victims but where the support structure doesn’t exist for them, but this is already getting too long…

    You claim there’s a problem. Yeah, there fucking is. We have all these feminist groups going around claiming women are the victims and men are all monsters. Prominent bloggers like Rebecca Watson calling men sexist for saying “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I find you very interesting, would you like to come back to my place for coffee”. Huh? What’s wrong with her, is she unfamiliar with the word “No”. She was at a convention, he found her attractive and tentatively let her know. He didn’t force himself on her or badger her, for fuck sake, the poor bloke didn’t even ask twice and was defensive before he started. Feminists want men cowering in fear, afraid to say anything. Well not me, no. She should take it as a compliment, someone is showing an interest in her, this is a good thing. If she is not interested in returning the sentiment she says “No”, NICELY! manners cost nothing, and they go their separate ways. How hard is that? If the roles where reversed, no-one would ever consider it sexist if a woman asked a man up to her room for coffee. No-one. If you’re honest you’ll agree.

    Now for me, sexual crimes and gender equality are very important. I’m a big guy and often given sexual discrimination. At 6’6″ and over 300lbs, you can imagine what people assume of me. I however have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I don’t care if you’re 5’3″ and only 95lbs, you could probably still overpower me. I’ve had employers use the fact that female employers are struggling less than me as a reason to chastise me, phrases like “if she can lift that, you certainly can”, and “well [blank], has been working just as long as you and she’s not tired, a big man like you should be able to outpace her”. Is that sexism against my female coworkers? No, it’s sexism against us BOTH! Outside of a working environment I’ve been in an abusive relationship, both emotionally and physically, and this was before my disability really took hold. I was much stronger back then, but not as strong as I looked by far. I was regularly beaten, sometimes in public. I had friends trying to tell me I was being abused but I’d been emotionally conditioned and looking back it’s both embarrassing and upsetting, yet on the one time I physically stuck back, after being thrown off the bed and held by my throat (i’m asthmatic), I hit her back bruising her cheek. I was made out to be the monster. I was the evil “woman-beater”. The landlord kicked me out of our joint house, and many people refused to speak to me. My friends, the ones who saw it, saw the mess she made me. They understood, but so few wouldn’t, and it’s only shear dumb luck that this wasn’t made much worse. The police where not involved, at any time, and I’m truly lucky because sexism in the police would mean they’d scoff at my regular bruisings, mock me, yet arrest me for the one time I fought back.

    It doesn’t end there. Oh no. Remember the rape and child molestation statistics. Well, at the age of 10, I was sexually assaulted by a teenage boy of 16. This was never reported and I didn’t tell anyone for over 7 years. I recently found out I’m not the only person who was and to this date two male friends of mine have admitted to being molested as a child, and one more raped in his first week at university, date rape drug. I’d rather not go into any details, but male rape is ignored on almost every level, that is sexism.

    You say you’re for gender equality. Well stop picking on someone who made a stupid bloody joke and actually address the issue. We don’t need “women’s issues”, and rape is not a fucking “women’s issue”. We just need people who care. People who seek to stop the cruel from hurting others, abusing others, regardless of gender.

    So, still a “feminist”, or do you not yet understand that a vagina isn’t a pre-requisite to being a victim?

  • Billy McKenna

    The forums are well known for being extremely strict to the point of fascism. People are banned for the slightest thing, posts and topics are deleted wholesale. As much as I like Spoony, he’s (ironically considering the recent twitter argument), well know for having rather thin skin. Any criticism or disagreement is not tolerated on TSE’s forums where as the Disqus comments are less moderated and they’re better off for it.

    I know Scarlet was largely to blame for the forums going that, but Spoony needs to thicken his skin and allow dissenting opinion, criticisms, etc. or his forum wont be taken seriously and will continue to be mocked. That said, if he admitted that he’s been overzealous with the ban-hammer up until now and publicly said he was going to try to run a more fair and open forum, I’m sure many would respect him greatly for it. Until that happens though, I won’t post there. Here I get to speak my mind, there I’d get banned simply because I WILL speak my mind, and I consider myself a Spoony fan so that’s a rather damning indictment of the forums really.

  • Loner Mcalister

    i didnt see rape either i thought after i heard the “joke” what is he gonna do with her play DnD with her? come on its spoony what else would he do

  • ing

    TLDR version:

    Spoony acted like a creepy asshole and his reaction was so bad that is warranted the consequences he got. Sucking up to him, when frankly IMHO he’s showing signs of emotional or psychological problems that need addressing, isn’t helping him it’s hurting him. Spoony needs to get his shit in order for the sake of himself and those around him.

  • ing

    Spoony’s actions warranted being fired in any business. The fact that Channel Awesome hasn’t completely closed the door to dealing with him is a sign that they are being extremely generous.

  • 13secondspastmidnight

    Bipolar patient here. Everyone’s different, but I thought Spoony was on an SSRI and a mood stabiliser? I mean, I swear by sodium valproate (quietiapine would be my next recommendation) but wasn’t he on something?

    Also, I’ve learned that there are somethings that you just can’t help, but you can’t blame all your behaviour on your condition (manic/depressed plateaux). It’s not fair to yourself or anyone else to deny you the responsibility for your own actions; I know that’s not what you were implying, but Spoony does have behavioural control even when he’s manic (hyper/hypo switch aside), and it sort of depends on who you are to what you will do. For example, once I skipped Uni and stayed up for 72 hours straight studying pathophysiology in a frenzy. Different people, different strokes.

    Yep, just thought I’d add my 2-cents to everyone else’s (wonders of the internet). Now I really feel like a productive member of society.

  • ing

    Thank you for speaking for all women. You can stop now.

    Seriously you people are nuts if you think his hissy fits are reasonable actions for a grown ass 30 year old man. Spoony has better luck than most of us and is self destructing, guy needs to get help.

  • Andrew Boyce

    Understand that JO let it go. So she has no right butting in to a month old event. You don’t see a case where someone sues someone else for harrassing someone other than the plaintiff unless its their guardian. I hold no sympathy for Lupa nor do I ask for Noah’s because he probably could have handled the rants and rude comments better.

  • aroihkin

    This x1000

  • Sevyne

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Atmos_Duality

    As correct as your stance is (and it’s the stance I’ve held for a long time; I don’t put much stock in celebrities), expect it to fall on deaf ears.
    There’s just too much Stupid on the Internet, and you can’t fix Stupid.

  • Robstermd

    But why is it Lupa’s buisiness? Scarlett’s, yes, Spoonys’ yes, you could maybe even argue Doug as his employer, but we all know that Spoony is unwell and while it doesn’t justify what he’s said on Twitter at times I can sympathise, I’ve gone through bad breaks ups and have done similar things. Spoony is obviously a very emotional person and she decided to jump down his throat, there is doing the right thing and there is being an ass about it, she was both and it was unprofessional. Saying that it’s okay because Spoony did it too just means she’s lowering herself the level she is arguing against, which in my view is childish.

    I can’t argue for the actions of Spoon’s fans in attacking Lupa or OJ, especially when Jesu didn’t really seem to care, I also think Spoony, like most of CA wants to just wants to move on.

    And I’m sorry but I can’t agree that Lupa was right in what she did. She has said she found Spoonying With Spoony funny, and I found that very uncomfortable to watch, yet that joke was simply just slightly in bad taste, I’m sure there have been far worse jokes made on that site that what Spoony has said. And anyway it was not joke that got him fired, it was how he reacted afterwards that got him fired, which is fair enough, I can understand why it happened, but at the same time what Lupa did seemed childish and badly handled. If she had a concern then writing an essay of hate on her blog was not the right thing to do.

  • Drew Franzblau

    “Men can’t make casual rape threats to women in their workplace IT MUST BE BECAUSE SOCIETY HATES MEN!”

  • Dan Fox

    Almost everything in that was spelled wrong.

  • Vismutti

    I don’t claim to know anything but I think you’re exaggerating a bit here… I don’t think Channel Awesome is out to get Spoony or anything. Maybe some of them are more pissed off than others but I doubt there is a conspiracy against him or that they chose to fire him at the worst possible time just to be jerks…

  • Ruby Dynamite

    “Lupa doesn’t like him because she’s a feminist,”

    I’m a feminist and I wasn’t the least bit weirded out or offended by Spoony’s tweet. Are rape jokes ever really ever 100% okay to throw at your co-workers? No. I don’t think they’re the least bit appropriate. BUT neither do I think that what Spoony tweeted to JO was a rape joke.

    I’ve seen other people who’ve been accused of making rape jokes and, again, I’ve called bullshit. There are some people who want to be offended or infer or see things that offend them in EVERYTHING that some people say. Does that make that person they’re scrutinizing perpetually offensive? No. It makes the person pointing accusing fingers at them perpetually over sensitive.

    On the one hand, I do think that Lupa was good to bring up the points that she did because there are guys out there that make jokes like that (especially in the gaming community) about ‘raping’ someone or saying ‘I just raped you’. It’s a good conversation to have. HOWEVER — to make a gigantic spectacle of your distaste for a joke and then writing a long blog post about the objectionable nature of rape jokes a month after Spoony has apologized, in person, to JO, and the matter has been dropped is… odd. It would have been much better, I think, to bring the issue up with Spoony personally, rather than tweeting to him in such a public manner, telling him she wasn’t going to be following him anymore. Like I said – spectacle for spectacle’s sake. It’s hurt her and drawn a lot of fire. She could have handled it better.

    As far as LordKat goes. The guy’s a self-serving prick. I remember they were winding up for the night from one of the D&D games that Spoony was DMing. Spoony had said goodbye and hopped off the Skype call and LK was just hanging out and derping around playing a video game on the feed. Somebody commented to LordKat (I can’t remember if it was someone who was still on the call or someone in the chatroom) that it wasn’t cool that Spoony had been kickbanning people from the chat for random stuff. LordKat said something to the effect of, “The guy’s a prick, but he brings in a shitload of viewers to the stream, so he can do whatever the fuck he wants.”

    Ever since then, I’ve always looked askance at LK and his motivations as far as his interactions with other TGWTG producers go. He’ll happily use Spoony to draw his fanbase to his website — and then even more gleefully take his turn at bat to eviscerate Spoony during his Team Fortress match while he and Lupa talked shit about Spoony for damn near an hour. LK said many times during that conversation that he was only doing it for the purposes of bringing more attention to his stream and his site.

    The guy’s a mercernary, self-serving, exploitative fuckhead and I won’t be going to his site ever again.

    As far as the JO thing goes… he apologized. We haven’t seen JO say much about it, but she seems pretty low-key in general about that kind of stuff, so I imagine she wouldn’t want to stick her neck out too much, which is understandable. I can only hope that she wasn’t too upset/offended by it. That’s the problem, though – without her saying anything (which, again, her right not to, if she doesn’t wish to), we’re kind of at loose ends.

    Do I think the joke was appropriate? Again, no. I think it was, frankly, more than a little weird for Spoony to haul off and tweet something like that at a co-worker of his, when she’s having relationship issues. It could be that it was an attempt at levity that fell flatter than a pancake, but shit happens – jokes go bad. Sometimes, they go *really* bad. But that’s another thing that dawned on me that I don’t know a lot of people have really thought much about.

    It’s something that’s been said by many a comedian: humor comes from a place of darkness. It always has done, it always will do. Usually, the funniest people have the darkest, roomiest closets with the gnarliest collection of skeletons imaginable. I’m not speculating about Spoony or his life at all, but we know he’s had health issues as well as some emotional/psychological stuff he’s been dealing with. For those who haven’t dealt with it personally, severe depression ain’t exactly a walk in the park. You don’t just stick your Linkin Park CD on and moan in the corner for a while. It’s a genuine, very serious illness that can only get worse without proper treatment or change of the circumstances/situation that are causing the depression in the first place.

    A lot of Spoony’s humor has been rooted in darker, riskier soil, which is what makes it so fun to watch — but there’ve been plenty of lines that he’s been hesitant to cross. Spooning with Spoony has been one of the more popular features on the site, but he’s said himself that he was hesitant to do that first skit with Lindsey about SuaveSpoony essentially date raping Lindsey. It was Lindsey’s idea! I’m honestly amazed that people haven’t thought of that in all this hullaballoo.

    I think Spoony’s been under a lot of stress and depression can make you behave in ways that you wouldn’t normally – believe me, I’ve been there. I think he’ll do just fine on his own and I think TGWTG are really going to be hurting with his absence after the 4th anniversary movie, because honestly, Spoony’s stuff has always been some of the best, funniest stuff about the anniversary films.

    I’ll keep supporting him, though, and hope he can get that heavy doom monkey off his back – because she can be one hell of a bitch to shake off.

  • Jordy Den Hartog

    @TornadoCreator:disqus “This was calculated. They chose a time when Spoony was going though a breakup and caused trouble knowing he’d lash out, as anyone would when they’re feeling like that. Spoony as well, with his deteriorating health and problems with depression was not feeling himself. I have also struggled with depression and all too frequently it’s ignored. This was the time Lupa chose to have her minions attack Spoony on twitter, and he reacted the way any normal person would. He told them all to fuck off, and again, rightly so.”

    Really? Because if I’m not mistaken this breakup Spoony has been going through occurred roughly a YEAR ago. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: no one outside of Holly Christine and Noah Antwiler (give or take a few people) likely knows the full story here. Having followed Spoony on Twitter for a year and a half now I have personally seen him act like a horrible jackass towards supportive people as well as detractors on far more than just this one occasion, in worse ways than he did this time. It’s far more likely that this last series of incidents was merely the straw that broke what had to have been a pretty damn strong camel’s back. Spoony’s own tweets give the impression that something went down during the filming of the 4th year anniversary special (the fact that this was implied by Doug Walker to be the last anniversary special for Channel Awesome also supports this theory) that event was probably what got this final ball rolling and the downhill spiral that came out of this that resulted in a terrible joke being blown out of proportion and effectively pitting the more vocal and annoying part of two fanbases against each other (whoever was in the right here is irrelevant) may well have been the reason for the severing of the ties between CA and Spoony. There is no conspiracy.

  • Atmos_Duality

    At least those virgin losers who draw dragons aren’t going out of their way to find someone to pick on just to boost their self-esteem.
    Seriously; how pathetic do you have to be to pick on furries just to boost your ego?
    As far as weird cultures go on the internet, at least they largely don’t do shit to anyone else.

  • Vismutti

    Wait wait wait…. I frankly didn’t want to get too much into what happened since I think it’s none of my business what internet entertainers say to one another but… LK told Noah to KILL HIMSELF? Seriously? This isn’t an exaggeration or anything? Because if it isn’t, that’s… that’s seriously the worst possible thing you can say to a depressed person. News flash: THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY DO IT.

    That’s just so not acceptable. I know this all too well from personal experience. You don’t need a lot to drive a seriously depressed person to kill themself, even someone who doesn’t appear suicidal. Believe me. If you actually TELL them to do it you’re practically a murderer in my book.

  • Robert Ragland

    Umm just to enlighten you, socialists are people who believe in socialism which is more of an economic principal than an ideological basis. Granted socialist are usually of the liberal persuasion however that isnt mutually exclusive. Calling someone a socialist is the same as calling them a capitalist since both as Marx would explain deal with the distribution of the means of production. So please if you are going to use a technical term please use it properly.

    Now that i think about it miss using the term socialist is a very republican tactic……..

  • Heather Solomon


  • Billy McKenna

    I wouldn’t want to insinuate that Channel Awesome planned anything, but Lupa and LordKat certainly chose that time with the intent to cause trouble. They probably didn’t intend to get him fired, but they wanted to cause drama at least, and getting him fired is likely going to be seen as a “win” for them.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Spoony only made a rape joke if you’re hyper sensitive to rape and looking for it. He most certainly did not make rape threat in any way shape or form.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Spoony only made a rape joke if you’re hyper sensitive to rape and looking for it. He most certainly did not make rape threat in any way shape or form.

    Women on the other hand, can do just about anything and get away with. That includes ffing murder. In fact, in Australia and the UK there are seriously groups who seriously proposed that women should be legally allowed murder their infant baby sons, because of the baby’s penis being so oppressive.

  • Billy McKenna

    I actually am a socialist. I’m not American, the word isn’t an insult in Europe it’s just a political opinion. I only mention my political position because I found it funny that Raider was calling everyone who disagreed with her a “Republican”, as if it was the word “Voldamort”.

  • Nathan Wallo

    I’ve got to agree with you, RaiderRich. What Spoony did was wrong on ALL levels and he deserves everything he gets for saying what he said. He also could have handled the aftermath ALOT better instead of basically telling anyone that had an opinion about it to fuck off (if he really wanted to handle this event in a private, civil manner, he should not have posted all this on Twitter where everyone could see it plain as day). And other critics that viewed the whole affair from the outside have said horrible things as well (i.e. LordKat), and I think they deserve whatever they get as well.

    For me, this is going to make me think about whether or not I want to watch his videos anymore. I stopped hanging out with people who were giant assholes and joked about things like rape. I just don’t know Spoony well enough to try and defend him. All I do is watch his videos (and they are hilarious), but I hardly know the man. I would never joke about raping anyone and I don’t see how rape is, in any way, funny.

  • Jay Logan

    I actually recently decided, for the sake of nostalgia to do the free trial of that. I don’t know, gameplay wise, it felt improved upon what it was like back in ’97, but it just didn’t feel like it had the soul it had before.

    I damn near became a Grand-Master Paladin (what’s a Paladin?) in just under a day… maybe I was inadvertently grinding, but I remember it taking my dad a month to become a JOURNEYMAN of a skill, two months to become Grand-Master Mage… and magery was the whole basis of his character. Heck, back then I never even managed Journeyman, I was a pre-teen who got to play the game for a couple of hours a week, depending on whether my dad was feeding his addiction or not.

    Only reason I even tried the trial (aside from the nostalgia) was because I heard that Exodus was finally vanquished… and yet Minax is still alive… Oh, and the Shadow Lords were beaten a few years back… I’m left wondering whether the Guardian will make an Ultima Online appearance. But then again, he was never part of Britannia, he was an extra-dimensional invader, so chances are he’ll never make an appearance, since he only invaded Britannia Prime.

    Jeez, reading this, it almost feels like the DC universe, with all it’s mirror universes… I do recommend reading up on the storyline of UO, just because the story of how Britainnia faired without the Avatar making repeated appearances is interesting. Other than that though, yea, UO just isn’t the same as it used to be… I still don’t know how the Asian theme came into it… or the return of the Elves… I need an asprin…

  • Cart Man

    Women should have the vote.YOU certainly don’t deserve the right to access the internet let alone vote.

  • Cart Man

    People will only stop blaming Lupa,Phelous et all ( not including Jesu,as she did nothing wrong) simply for the fact they have yet to apologise for THEIR part in the debacle.Spoony apologised.They did not and only made a bad situation 100% worse.

  • Benjamin Osborn

    RaiderRich2001 is crack.

    And you just read that in the Peewee Herman voice.

  • Riku Himawari

    We should be a little beyond this, but hey, I’ll play.

    There is a professional – a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, who professionally practices their craft, hence, a professional. And he’s keeping a close eye on Noah’s condition – his “mental state”. This professional has diagnosed him with Bipolar II disorder, and Spoony wrote it on Twitter, publicly – he “stated” it.

    Was it the use of the word “accompanying”? I’m sorry. It resembles “acompanhar”, “accompagner”, and I misused it. In simpler words; I speak multiple languages, and verbs tend to get mixed somewhere along the lines. I wasn’t trying to write a formal sentence. Words like that are very informal in the other languages I speak, but also mean slightly different things. The English verb “To accompany” has a much more literal interpretation, whereas in Portuguese, French or Spanish, they can be a little more vague and abstract. Whereas you use the verb to say “You’re accompanying a friend to a bar”, I can say that I’m “accompanying the football scores on TV, while I’m texting my girlfriend”. As you might have guessed, English isn’t my native language, either.

    Hilarious little Internet fallacies aside;

    “If what I wrote is true”? It’s pretty public. It’s on his Twitter. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why are you talking about it at all?

    ” (He) may be bi-polar, but he isn’t insane or stupid.” I’m guessing you hang out with him on a daily basis? Or are you, again, just assuming things for the sake of being contrary?

    “He hasn’t physically hurt anyone that we know of.” – That you know of. Not that it has any relevance to the point. I’m just getting all the fluff in your comment out of the way.

    “HE SAID MEAN THINGS ON TWITTER.” – Yes, and he also said he was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder.

    “So McClarty’s original statement is out of line.”

    Yes, it was. I’m not siding with McClarty, nor am I against Spoony. Someone questioned him having mental issues, when Spoony himself has said that he does. It’s a fact. That’s all I was referring to. You just took it completely out of context, which is also something you lot seem to love to do.

    So, before you White-Knight any further (since that’s pretty obviously what you’re attempting to do), let me come straight out and say that I love Spoony’s work, and I don’t have any negative feelings towards the man. Maybe that’ll save us a few (dozen) useless back-and-forths, because I feel we’re not at all on a different faction in this situation.

  • Ruby Dynamite

    Sorry, but you’re confusing this comment section with the comment section at MenAreAngryNow. Go play trucks and GI Joes with your little MRA buddies and get over yourself, you paranoid maroon.

  • Grin

    Spoony saying sorry to hypocrites makes him look as bad as them.
    Ex nostalgia critic and chick both voted for Obama. Obama goes against attacks on far left nuts since he is once too. But when a far left guy like Bill Maher and publicly endorsed and gave money to Obama and his hosts make rape jokes against others then its does not need apology since rape jokes are funny they say when it goes against another political point of view.
    When someone makes a slight joke that is not near as bad then all hell breaks loose.

    Hypocritical, pure and simple.

    I see certain words are not allowed here since Spooney is trying to get into good standing with TGWTG. He will loose some since he did get a bounce in followers after he left TGWTG

  • Nick Bagnall

    He apologized to JO and Lupa. JO reacted fine. Lupa beat him over the head with it. Not to mention the LordKat instigation that went on there (twistedpuppet and other followers bombarded his twitter).

  • Jesse Cubberley

    dude, you mixed too many things into this post. One anger at a time

  • Robert Miller

    Well, like I said..its just the most common theory and it could be way off base. Im in no way saying this is definitely what happened.

    I found this link in the E3 – Atlus Games commentary (

    Take it with a grain of salt because he obviously dosnt know anymore than we do, but if you start looking at the tweets around that time by people who were involved (Spoony, Lupa, Phelous, Etc.) they seem to support what he was saying in the video. The tumbler post by Lupa was still on there last time I looked, as well as a couple of replies she gave to some angry Anons.

    All-in-all its just a lot of conjecture, but enough of the pieces fit that it seems like it could be possible

  • Malidictus

    While I agree with the general gist of this post, let’s keep some perspective here: Even as a joke, Spoony’s tweet is an asshole thing to do. We cannot and should not try to justify or excuse it. Maybe people overreacted to it, maybe there’s more to it than that, but that tweet should not have happened and Spoony can’t get a free pass on it. There’s a line between offensive comedy and just plain being offensive. Granted, he apologised for it, but that just serves to cement that there’s something to apologise for.

    The rest of this “Watergate” is just people blowing up what should have been a personal matter between supposed friends and colleagues into an Internet flame war because we love to troll and make a news story out of everything. The sad thing is that for as much as internet reviewers like to see themselves as professionals, they seem awful quick to all jump into a flame war and throw down like they’re just any anonymous poster, as opposed to acting like a legitimate business would and keeping these things internal. Seriously, consider how, say, Blizzard or NCsoft our, hell, even EA would handle something like this. Not by having execs toss insults at each other over their own public forums, I can tell you that much.

  • Billy McKenna

    When I say feminist I mean it in the contemporary meaning: An activist for a cause long since dead, masking their hatred of men with a gender based inferiority complex. Feminism in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was worthwhile when sexism was almost entirely against women, nowadays feminism is an excuse for bitter women (and the odd manipulated spineless man *cough* PZ Myers) to be hateful towards men. If you’re still a feminist today, that’s sad, but if you’re just granting yourself the title because you think the genders should be equal, don’t. I support gender equality, modern feminism is exactly that, a feminine supremacy movement. Just like white supremacists do with race, modern feminists see women as intrinsically superior, just google things like “all men are rape supporters” and you’ll see the kind of things they’re spreading. So, still a feminist? Oh and remember, just because feminism was a legitimate movement doesn’t mean it still is. Black empowerment was a legitimate movement too, then the Black Panthers happened… National pride was a legitimate sentiment and then… well, do I need to violate Godwin’s Law?

    As for the rest of your post, honestly I tend to agree with you for the most part, so I think we’d be arguing semantics to go over everything again.

  • Malidictus

    I actually don’t watch either Lupa or Lord Kat, and haven’t for some time.

    Pretty much the only thing I wanted out of Lord Kat was his video series on beating really hard retro games. It was informative and only occasionally entertaining, but it was well done for what it was. Then Lord Cat gave up on it because he just didn’t like doing it, apparently, and I was left with… What, exactly? Can’t tell what else he does but streams, which I’ve no interest in.

    Lupa I started out following, but honestly, her reviews grate on me. Labelling herself as “the most annoying person on the site” in that one Phelous review wasn’t too far off the bat. At least when I last watched her reviews, they relied too much on her “funny voice” and on taking a bad movie and praising how good it was for being bad. I can’t say her reviews are bad, they’re just not the style of review I like, and I was really concerned when Phelous started doing the “funny voice” a little too much in his Killdozer review.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t go to TGWTG, though. Linkara, the Nostalgia Critic, Phelous, the Blockbuster Buster and others still post damn good videos, and JO has done nothing wrong, in addition to making a pretty good Miyazaki retrospective. Personally, I’d prefer to let the people involved handle this in-house and stick to the content I enjoy. If the Spoony One needs time to recover before releasing more videos, that’s just fine. I still feel his are the best by far, so waiting for them is worth it.

  • MechaVelma

    No they didn’t. Spoony’s original post did nothing but joke about JesuOtaku and never implied rape, no matter how many Oompa Lups wanted it to be there.

  • MechaVelma

    No they didn’t. Spoony’s original post did nothing but joke about JesuOtaku and never implied rape, no matter how many Oompa Lupas wanted it to be there.

  • Brandon Roaix

    spoony left on his own to do his own thing and in doing so hes taking ALOT of the viewers with him seeing as he is or was rather one of the big players on the site along with linkara, NC, and the CS

  • MechaVelma

    except that Spoony wasn’t in his place of business at the time. The only way you can make this pathetic argument is if you want to pretend that since Lupa is an online business that the ENTIRETY of the internet somehow becomes a hostile working environment through Spoony’s actions.

  • Juha Torvinen

    Seeing Finnish when she talks :D
    Yah, he did say tasteless things, but if neither side got harmed outrageously and agreed to let it go, then Lupa just threw gasoline to the bonfire and ended up blowing the canister in her hands aswell.

    Ps. And dont look us down that harshly dear Lady, I for example know how to do my housechores and cook :D

  • Benjamin Osborn

    You realize this guy is basically trying to equate Spoony with major politicians and is actually trying to say that Spoony is actively trying to go out and harm women right? Additionally, this guy is claiming that ANYONE who does not 100% agree with him is completely complicit if not actively participating in said crimes as well, up to and including rape.

    In fact, these accusations are bordering on legally actionable and I’m really surprised Spoony hasn’t banned this troll already for his blatantly abusive posts. It’s very telling that almost all of his posts, including his reply to ME, have been hidden on grounds of abuse reports.

    Here’s a clue Nathan. The guy’s from Texas and routinely posts pictures of lolcats on facebook. He’s a huge troll trying to get attention by offending as many people as possible. Don’t give him an audience and don’t fall for his bullshit. Read the hidden posts and see just how far he’s willing to go. He actually insults actual harassment victims and women, belittling them in an attempt to victimize them and shift the blame entirely to us and Spoony.

    This guy is the worst kind of troll. Someone who nearly does legally actionable but still extremely offensive posts. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • N.LaVelle

    Why are you here then? The thing is, there was no rape joke, just a joke. Jokes about BDSM are not jokes about rape. And Why are you here? If you don’t agree with what was said or done and spoony’s part, why come here. If you don’t like or disagree with something or someone is it that hard to just leave or not seek it out?

  • N.LaVelle

    Why are you here then? The thing is, there was no rape joke, just a joke. Jokes about BDSM are not jokes about rape. And Why are you here? If you don’t agree with what was said or done and spoony’s part, why come here. If you don’t like or disagree with something or someone is it that hard to just leave or not seek it out? Anyway, The trailer looks great, can’t wait to see the movie.

  • David Martínez

    People will say “you can’t joke about rape. Rape’s not funny.” I say “fuck you, I think it’s hilarious! How do you like that? I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd.”
    George Carlin, Doin’ It Again (1991)

  • Billy McKenna

    I’m a maroon?! I am the colour brown apparently. That’s nice to know, thank you for that Ruby. We’re all enriched by your profound contributions to this discussion.

  • Brian Frang

    Other than LordKat, as well as Lupa’s followers on twitter, telling Spoony to kill himself, and Lupa saying she’d be perfectly ok with Spoony killing himself, nope. Honestly, if not for NC, I’d be boycotting TGWTG, but hopefully the higher-ups will pull their heads out of their asses and take some action against LordKat and Lupa, because those kinds of insinuations are NOT ok, especially when the person involved has clinical depression.

  • Brian Frang

    Actually, strike that, I’ll be joining the boycott as long as either Lupa or LordKat are still involved with Channel Awesome

  • Jesse Vaillancourt

    well said

  • Petey0707

    you might as well get a divorce. I’ll have to explain to my ex girlfriend that she hates women, too. then again, I’m the catalyst for introducing her to spoony, guess that makes me even more sexist.

  • Andrew Boyce

    Thank you.

  • Petey0707

    you’re clearly a time traveler.

  • Ulla Siltanen

    Not looking at you harshly at all – dear+lady -combo and knowledge of cooking instantly gain my respect. And being Finnish gets bonus points, because I’m patriotic and sentimental enough for that. Thanks for existing, you made me feel better about … Spoony? His fans? Being Finnish? I don’t know, but I’m still happier than before reading your post. :)

  • Kostantine Paradias

    Guys! Guys! What do you say we all stop feeding the troll? Because you know, he is one…

    Now to present my opinion about the Spoony Debacle: NOBODY DOES OR SHOULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE JO AND TWITTER ACOUNT CONSPIRACY. Also, Spoony should get his head straight (when he can) and keep making his stuff and whoever wants to watch himm will support him.

    Also, this thread (and others) should be based on creative critisism, instead of a gossip-based flame war.

    Speaking of creative critisism, I think Spoony should stop making hour-long vlogs, but then again that’s just me.

  • Andrew Boyce

    Understand that JO let it go. So she has no right butting in to a month old event. You don’t see a case where someone sues someone else for harrassing someone other than the plaintiff unless its their guardian. I hold no sympathy for Lupa nor do I ask for Noah’s because he probably could have handled the rants and rude comments better.

  • Andrew Boyce


  • Garrett Kenney

    I want in as well!!!!

  • Garrett Kenney

    I want in as well!!!! We will show the world that our voice must be heard!!

  • saintash86

    Hey a real feminist speaking here, i and don’t jump to a conclusions, and hop on the bandwagon just because there is a girl calling something out ‘as harassment’

    there a major differences between the right way to go about having a problem with the way a co worker is talking/acting, talk to the coworker in private, speak to the hr department. and then only then if nothing is done, take your fight to the street

    taking to the streets slamming a spoon against a pot, screaming injustices, belittles every real fight a feminist has to fight. if she really had a problem she should have contacted her HR, its been made very clear the HR department would have done something about to her complaint.

    women worked really hard to have hr departments, to be able to handle problems with employes, with needing to call on her fellow sisters to fight battles.

  • Billy McKenna

    I actually really like the vlogs. I’m often at home with little to do, too tired or high as a bloody kite on opiates to actually concentrate on a film or video game though, so I find myself watching vlogs such as the ones Spoony and TheAmazingAtheist put out. I’m on a lot of heavy duty medication at the moment and I find that the vlogs feel like having a conversation without needing to think of a response, which is nice. It keeps my mind off the pain and stops me from giving in to the chronic fatigue and oversleeping. That’s what I get from them anyway. I can certainly understand why other people dislike them, and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t replace his main videos, but I enjoy them.

    As for the rest of your comment, couldn’t agree more, but I do enjoy responding to trolls. What can I say, trolling trolls is my guilty pleasure.

  • Pkmn Trainer Black

    Thank you for saying this, because seriously, this guy.

  • Pkmn Trainer Black

    Spoony =/= the forum mods, jsyk

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Boy, am I glad, that you are not in charge.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    So, Sebastian, if I would say, that I’d do a horrible thing to someone, and later have dozens of people claiming, that I was making a joke, everything is okay?

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Yep, he did – funnyly, he does not get it. ^^

  • Sebastian Allegretti

    well, it depends on the context. if it was a joke, then yes. why not? you never made a horrible joke then realized that you were out of line?
    if it wasn’t a joke, then no.
    why do you assume that spoony wasn’t joking? i assumed that he was. it has to do with interpretation. it’s hard to transmit the intended message over a text conversation. body language and spoken inflections doesn’t translate over text. the same way lupa, you and many others interpreted spoony’s message as harassment, other people, like me and many others, interpreted as a joke. i’m not saying it was a good or appropriate joke. just saying that’s what it looks like to me. i don’t think anyone can accurately tell if he was joking or not, so it falls to interpretation.
    you want to think that he was telling her that he was gonna do some stuff to JO, well, all i can say is that i don’t think people who would actually do that kind of stuff would tell it via twitter, where lots and lots of followers can see it.
    i think it was a joke. offensive, stupid, out of line joke. and i don’t want to crucify him just for that. people make mistakes, it’s nothing new, specially when they are out of their minds, like spoony clearly was. i’m not justifying all that happened. i’m just saying it’s easy for other people to judge and point accusing fingers. while most of them wouldn’t want to be judged themselves. that’s BS.

  • Jordy Den Hartog

    @facebook-507894169:disqus if he really does hear that all the time, it’d sure as hell explain a LOT about this whole thread.

  • Billy McKenna

    Perhaps you’re right. I see signs of malice in what was done and said, but as you say, it’s impossible for us to know really. As for Holly, yeah, that was a year ago, I was under the impression that there was another more recent girlfriend and thus a more recent breakup. I’m beginning to think I’ve less information that I originally thought.

  • Deanna Jackson

    @Demi86 Exactly.

  • Sean Hodges

    Now, let’s be fair here, using tiny-arse groups in a country you (presumably, feel free to correct me) don’t live in isn’t really all that representative of general legal feeling when it comes to the respective rights of both men and women. Yes, there are many legal issues when it comes to gender stereotyping, but at the end of the day both sexes suffer from these issues, and to deny that one gender has absolutely no issues with this sort of thing to deal with is manifestly untrue.

  • Terry Mullins

    I cannot believe that you would make such a fundamentally wrong statement. I live in Australia and I have never heard of such a group. If anyone spouted that its a good thing to legally kill children because of their sex, They would be universally condemned, and could be charged with a crime (sexual discrimination act). It is obvious you know little or nothing about Australia.
    Also although I have never been to the UK I am fairly certain the same thing would never happen there.
    Get Better Information

  • 13secondspastmidnight

    Okay, don’t bring up something ridiculous in a serious conversation. It just nearly invalidated your very sensible and warranted comment (i.e. I agree with you on the first bit). That’s like me pointing out that in some states in America completely closed off communities allow incest and rape of young women under the age of 14 and the authorities do nothing about it. Just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s not a minority niche that does nothing to justify the minority.

    By the way, if you want to know the societal legacy here (you don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway….because I’m mean), it’s because women only recently – like many oppressed racial groups and minorities – gained their independence and equality in the last 100 years. There’s still a lot of institutionalised prejudice around against women, and so people – being aware of such a thing – try to overcompensate with tiptoeing around women a bit sometimes. That’s in what you and I would call “normal” society. The unfortunate truth is that there is a huge contingency in every first-world country of women being abused and oppressed that does validate being cautious. And I’m speaking from first hand experience here, if that gives my lecture any added weight – and I live in Australia. Third world countries don’t even get a mention!

    Look, you seem like a sensible person so I think most of this will have been for nothing, but I’d just really hoped that your comment “Women on the other hand, can do just about anything and get away with it”, wasn’t representative of your actual views on women, and that you were just being blase for the sake of argument.

  • Sean Hodges

    Well, actually, I’m going to have to disagree there, buddy. The vast majority of ‘Feminist’ movements today work on the same things as they always have done; that is to say, the equality between genders. Now, are things the same as they were in the 60’s? Course not. However, labelling all modern feminists as Supremacists is as inaccurate as labelling all modern Nationalists as Fascists. Ain’t the same thing by a long shot, and I think by attempting to define ALL members of that movement as A) a minority, but a vocal minority and therefore B) as a pointless movement isn’t really all that accurate.
    Oh, and I remain a feminist by MY definition, by the way: someone who simply wants judgements and decisions to be based on merit, not gender. And yes, there is still a need for this, and for both sides, not merely women.

  • Billy McKenna

    I’m not redefining ‘feminist’, I’m explaining the shift in the contemporary meaning of the word. When you say ‘feminist’ today, people don’t think “Aaahh, you’re for gender equality, that’s nice”, they think, “Oh fuck, another bitter man-hating bitch looking for an excuse to be offended at everything. I wonder how long it’ll take before she accuses me of being a sexist”. This is the norm now, whether it’s fair or not, this is what most people think nowadays when they hear the term ‘feminist’.

    To be entirely blunt here, even the term “feminism” is sickeningly pro woman. Why “feminism” why not “masculinism” (which isn’t in the dictionary according to my spell checker, further proving my point. The term itself is by it’s very form, bias towards women. People discuss things like rape, domestic violence, childcare, maternity/paternity leave, abortion, etc. under the umbrella term “women’s issues”, does this not strike you as odd. Do men never get raped or abused? Do men not raise children or get an opinion on abortion? The fact is if you’re for gender equality yet label yourself a “feminist” you’ve already given yourself a sexist label.

    By any modern definition you’re not a feminist, you’re just a reasonable person who supports equal civil rights for everyone. There are some movements that still need their own identity such as, gay rights movements, and atheist rights movement, both two of the most discriminated groups in USA today. Women however don’t need this, not any more. Women have won, they have the same rights as men, they have the same social standing as men, they can vote, stand for political office etc. you’ve won. Sure there’s the occasional business which underpays it’s female employees and things like that, but there are already laws in place to stop that, it doesn’t need a movement. Rape and domestic violence is now more of an issue for men than women. Women have support groups and are given sympathy as the victim. Men are ridiculed and mocked. This is why (based on estimations) more than 40% of domestic abuse is UK is against men yet on 6% of reported abuse cases are made by men. Rape against men in USA is more common than rape against women, largely because of prison rape. Oh and before people start saying “well, they deserve it”, no-one deserves rape and remember USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world and regularly puts people in prison for smoking weed, do they deserve rape?

    My point is, men are also victims and deserve the same help women get. Why be a ‘feminist’ when you can just be for true sexual equality, why be involved in ‘women’s issues’ when you could be involved in sex/relationship issues and helping both genders. Why do you feel the need to be a ‘feminist’? Is ‘equal rights activist’ not good enough? Or are you humble enough to consider that maybe I’ve got a point, that focusing your gender equality movement on only one gender is hypocritical and archaic. You’re a reasonable person, I’m sure you can understand my point.

  • Juha Torvinen

    Fair enough :D
    Nakkaa invitet tai minä nakkaan joku kerta kun on enemmän aikaa. kesäduunissa eri kaupungissa ku missä tietokone niin en ole online ku viikon kahden välein kesän aikana.

  • Seano Ollerton

    except that she worked for the same business as him. if you see your co worker at the super market and make a joke about raping her friend, it’s still probably gonna get you fired.

  • Seano Ollerton

    only a sociopath presumes to tell someone how upset they are allowed to feel. spoony made a rape joke and got fired for it, which is pretty common.

  • Seano Ollerton

    are they hypersensitive, or are you just insensitive?

  • MechaVelma

    Nope. Supreme Court says you can’t do that.

  • Guest

    Seriously guys, it happened a month ago. He patched things up with Lupa, JesuOtaku isn’t interested in talking about it, and everyone wants to move on. Yes, he did something stupid. Yes, he acted like a child afterwards. I don’t justify unprofessional behavior, but come on. Is it still worth arguing about when everyone involved is trying to move forward?

  • Mitchell Ste[hens

    As per mental health, I’m not an expert, but sometimes we’re very stubborn and don’t want help, after being in therapy for 6 months I’m sure as hell not going back in any time soon and as for meds, it’s not a case of “here are meds, take them off you go, you’ll get better” some of us either don’t mind our weird moods, or just feel like some of our creativity or personalities are being taken from us, for the sake of “normality” I know people who are/were on medication but it’s such a varied story for different people

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