The Human Spider II (Full Sequence)

The Spoony One | Oct 15 2011 | more notation(s) | 

A man obsessed with “The Human Spider” hatches a plan to make his very own creation in the eagerly awaited sequel to the most vile fake trailer of all time!!

  • Sanjay Dharawat

    JESUS WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  • Sanjay Dharawat

    Funny though!!

  • Nathan Ellis

    I’m going to ace brad’s IMDB trivia page.

  • Anonymous

    A fake-sequel so unnecessary, that even the Cameos are meaningless!

    But seriously, very entertaining!  And probably better than the actual movie (at least parodies have the decency to take only a few minutes and get right to the point!).

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    Ass, to ASSSSS!!

    • Anonymous

      Whatever happened to the human starfish!?

      • Mike Wallace

        Two of them died and the remaining one crawled onto the set of Murray Pulvich and won a free trip to the Mall of America.

  • Anonymous

    1) That was hilarious.
    2) Brad’s neighbors must think his entire social circle is insane.
    3) Rob Corddry?  See #1.

  • ORCACommander


  • JoeCB91

    “Really? That makes this really pointless”

  • Anonymous

    Nice. :-D

    Mental note, if anyone from Channel Awesome shows up at my door and wants me to be in one of their videos, say no.  It will not end well… ;-)

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, it looked like things worked through in the end to me.

      …oh god, I REALLY need to hurt myself for that bad pun. 

  • Mike Kinnane

    Should I feel bad that I’m kinda turned on right now?

    • Anonymous

      It’s okay, I think Mr. Bill is sexy too. 

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Bill NOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Wow, Jerrid is really great as a psycho in this! I’m serious ya’ll need to do a whole movie or 30 minet short with him as some sort of villain! 
    Also, how did they get Jake to agree to this!?  And how come Jerrid’s character didn’t do the barbwire trick to Jake for being an ass to him all the time!(sarcasm)

  • Anonymous


  • Jessica Marie

    Oh god. Jerrid. Shirtless Jerrid. Can’t unsee!!!! I loved his ripoff Insano glasses though! Poor Jillian…and Jake…I guess. Even then he doesn’t stop complaining! Loved your part at the end Spoony! This had me laughing so much it made my cheeks hurt. Face cheeks. …So inappropriate. >.>

  • Mike Wallace

    Okay, now you’re just shitting with us.

    • Anonymous

      I laughed much harder than I should’ve at this.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely more disturbing than the second plus Spoony’s cameo FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Jerrid Foiles in “Manboob: the Movie” (now with 50 percent more body hair!)

  • Anonymous

     From minds more decrepit than you could imagine….

  • Alejandro Barberis

    I TOLD you this was gonna happen!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!

  • Colin Snow

    It was funny yeah, but yet ANOTHER reminder of THAT OTHER FILM….

    I tried scrubbing my brain, taking cold showers, and even hitting myself in the head with a mallet like Nash from WTFIWWY but nothing will remove The Human Centipede from my brain.

  • George Rosenbaum

    Was that a clay turd baby? Oh God, I’ll never get Jerrid’s hairy man-tits out of my brain.

    Wait… where does the poop eventually go?


  • zomshot ttynn

    note to self do not use 2 bottles of Elmer’s glue to attach people together use 3

  • doresh

    It’s much worse when it’s real!!

  • Battle Brush Studios

    Very, very entertaining and well done. Loved it. :D Jerrid is always fun to watch.

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    I can’t wait to see the The Human Spider (Final Sequence) trailer !

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious stuff.  I can’t stop laughing at how crap Human Centipede was “ass 2 ass!!”

  • dennett316

    As soon as Jerrid popped up on screen, I laughed my ass off…perfect choice for the nutjob, no offence Jerrid.

  • Anonymous

    Just hilarious.

  • Joseph

    I get it now! This is what happens when Brad and the gang go through Crystal Pepsi withdrawal! Quick! Everyone donate all your stuff to the Cinema Snob RIGHT NOW!

  • Paul East

    Something has pushed the Michael Caine Cristian Bale “tangerine” video out of my head.


  • Jean Dickinson

    That was some funny and nasty shit. Do more!. XD

  • Diana McCleery

    OK. Before I even watch, I want to say how afraid I am. Last one got me totally by surprise. It was so disgustingly hilarious, I can’t not watch this one.

    Nonetheless…I fear…and wonder if I should wait and shower *after*.

    • Necro

      If you thought the last one is fucked up, then may be you should be afraid of watching this one.  This is possibly the most insane and gayest thing they have ever done.

      But I bet you’ll end up watching it.  Go on, and let it haunt your dream.

      • Diana McCleery

        I watched the first coupla minutes, and chickened out around when the white glue came out. :D I do plan to watch it, just maybe in small doses. I’m really hoping it’s not as bad as the flick being parodied…

  • Borgþór Jónsson

    What was that music? I must know.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel so good

  • Anonymous

    FEED HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I fucking love Brad’s friends.

  • James Enri

    Oh god, my eyes, they bleed from the man-boobage.

  • Saul Santos

    Hi ya’ll, I’m interested in knowing where is that theme music from? I really liked it

  • lightningrabbit010k

    wow i thought the first one was hilariously gruesome this had me laughing for a good 10 minutes   

  • Diana McCleery
  • the_horror_freak

    Wow that was funny, no it was hillarius, no no, it was EPIC !

    Btw why didnt the guy run off when the girl ran away?

  • Anonymous

    ASS to ASS!

  • a a

    oh god wtf did I just watch lol

  • George Rosenbaum

    I hope they were wearing plastic pants when Jerrid poured glue into their ass cracks. If their buttocks seal shut, they’ll have a very dark, morbid, fudgey time freeing up their anus’s next time they take a shit.

  • Joe

    my favourite part was 0:54 to 0:57

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    OW! MY ASS!!!

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