Party Mania Commentary

The Spoony One | Feb 22 2010 | 227 notations | 

I keep hearing the question “what were you thinking” a lot lately…

Making of the Madness of Roland

The Spoony One | Feb 14 2010 | 138 notations | 

I guess you deserve an explanation!

Santa With Muscles Outtakes & Bloopers

The Spoony One | Dec 25 2009 | 52 notations | 

At some point my Ultimate Warrior should paint his face, shouldn’t he?

Space Thunder Kids Review (Commentary)

The Spoony One | Dec 14 2009 | 130 notations | 

In which I talk about the movie, making the review, and the dramatic foot injury I sustained fighting ninjas who were trying to stop the charity drive!

Blackest Night Review (Commentary)

The Spoony One | Sep 22 2009 | 251 notations | 

The inside scoop on what it’s like to be a Black Lantern.

The Making Of “Predaborg” and Robowar Commentary

The Spoony One | Sep 12 2009 | 90 notations | 

Ed Glaser of Dark Maze Studios has made a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of the Robowar spoof video, Predaborg! Also, I’ve posted a creator’s commentary of my Robowar video here. Enjoy!