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At some point my Ultimate Warrior should paint his face, shouldn’t he?

  • Alex Sham

    Excellent as usual Spoony! Love your work!

  • John Sohn

    Crazy Hoak Spoogan ftw

  • John Sohn

    Man Iron Sheik is as batty as Warrior unless warrior personally dissed he or his friend I wish I knew the whole story

  • Marcolino Reaño

    the Iron sheik is a walking outtake, isn't he?

  • MrZer0

    ah Spoony man, you just couldn't resist unleashing your inner Hulkster with those classic poses, could you?

  • Thomas Lee Cook

    Got to love that Hollywood Hogan music.

  • DemiPatt

    Fine Work Spoony man. Hope you had a great Xmas and have a Happy New Year!

  • ThomasMink

    You should also do a classic Ultimate Warrior thing and turn your back to the camera, ranting at the wall behind you. It was always a 'wtf' moment when Warrior did it.. also when he'd random turn to the side and yell at seemingly nobody off to the side somewhere. Funny stuff.

  • Benjamin Averill

    awesome Spoony and a great example of how one can laugh at oneself because if i'm not mistaken it's still you and a camera… or is the lovely Scarlett holding the camera now *wink wink nudge nudge*

    anyway please keep it up and a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours my friend.

  • Kaohe Alama-Francis

    Voodoo Child! Man, Spoony is an old school wrestling fan!

    And we need more Sheiky baby in your reviews man!

  • obscuruslupa

    That was different than the usual. I liked it; it was a nice change of pace. :D Looks like it was fun to make.

  • Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    Nice little surprise gift. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  • heartofiron

    That bit with the Iron Sheik is priceless.

  • heartofiron

    I loved that bit at the end with the Iron Sheik. Lol that was priceless

  • areoborg

    Dr Insaneo (and son) with the attacking dinosaurs was the best part of the video.

  • walmor

    Voodoo Child, Hulk Hogan, Iron Sheik, poster from Back to the Future…Damn, Spoony! Old School FTW!

    BTW, Eu ri do Iron Sheik=P

    Peace, Merry Christmas 'n Happy New year!

  • Coldguy

    Miles pulls off a great Hogan impression

  • Dasyati


  • facebook-512635275

    You know.. I didnt get the background song until I remembered it was one of his entrance themes.. geeze.. you are makig me waant to watch Wrestling all over again Spoony… but.. I have to say .. UNDERTAKER ALL THE WAY … BROTHER :)

  • sniktbub

    I lol'd at your SKRONK

  • Azrael87

    With the consistent level of entertainment and decent flow with the song, I'd venture to say you could have just tacked this onto the end of the actual review (perhaps with the credits scrolling past) and it would've worked great. Not that separating it really took anything away from the experience. Just saying its good stuff that's a prime closing credit reel. That type of thing could work for future videos. Then again, your credits aren't usually 3 and a half minutes long, and I wouldn't want this bit shortened…well, whatever. Just an idea to roll around.

  • Vaughn On Movies

    Old Iron looks like Super Mario.

  • Skywalkersc

    somehow the iron sheik looks like those ugly guys out spirited away

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    To answer your question…YES..your Ultimate Warrior should paint his face! You look like Rob Pilatus,not The Ultimate Warrior…

    The best quote of 2009 = ''…I'll Fuck Your Jesus, I'll Fuck Your God…and I'll Fuck Your Sister!!'' HA!!

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Whatcha gonna do brother when Sheiky baby breaks your back, fucks your ass and makes you humble!

  • esceptico

    Yes, The Ultimate Warrior should have his face painted. In fact I enjoyed the The Spoogan quite a lot! Right on the money Spoony!

  • Anonymous

    Unique for a blooper reel. LOVE IT

  • TommyOJustice

    Camel Clutch for the win! Nothing says entertainment than an Iron Sheik shoot interview!

  • TommyOJustice

    Iron Sheik shoot interview for teh winz!

  • Creighton Evans

    You will definitely have to paint your face, Spoony.

  • Roger König

    Yes, the Warrior Warrior should have a painted face :D

  • Ubernerd232

    Oh that Iron Sheik. Someone really should put him, Honky Tonk Man and New Jack in a room and film it. Oh wait, someone did. Love seeing Hulk keep getting his buddies work too. Brutus Beefcake can't get work any other way. Funny stuff as always.

  • Metalreverend

    U definately need to paint Warriors face… but how about instead of painting it the real caveman way (which is kind of ridiculous already) how about going all out and paint a ton of phallic symbols on there ?

  • coyoterys

    Great song choice! Although I prefer the Stevie Ray Vaughan take.

  • Cthulhu07

    Yeah, a face paint would complete your Warrior impression nicely. And tassels. You gotta have tassels wrapped around your arms as well….

  • Tyger Fire

    “Fuck you, and have a nice day.” should be Spoony's new slogan.

  • Kevin_Holsinger

    Good evening, Spoony and fellow Spooners.

    Spoony, if you're going to do face-paint, try beforehand to make sure you're not allergic to it. We don't need you turning into the first Tin Man here.

  • SoldierHawk

    I love outtakes so much lol. What's really fun is to go back and watch the original after watching these…makes you laiugh even more!

  • Justin Toner

    Yeah Spoony, you should add some facepaint next time you do your Ultimate Warrior.

    Great blooper reel, loved Dr Insano's “Where the hell am I?!”

  • michaelrittenberry

    It cheers my heart to know that the Iron Sheik would fuck God and Jesus, but not a man's wife, out of respect for her.

  • Brandon


  • ironbite

    If he doesn't you're not being faithful to the original Ultimate Warrior. And the Iron Sheik doesn't like it when people don't respect the original.

    Ironbite-and we all know what the Iron Sheik does to people who don't respect their original.

  • hitfreezy

    Yeah, I know I'm late, but happy birthday, my lovely spoony!

  • elohim1279

    The woman who runs the orphanage was in Star Trek The Next Generation in the episode where Captain Picard was kidnapped by the artifact smugglers. Galin's second in command. I think T'pol was her name.

  • Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    Robin Curtis. She was also Saavik in Start Trek III and IV.

  • elohim1279

    I didn't remember until know but she was also in Babylon 5 as Ambassador Gakar's assistant.

  • rockmanzeroX06

    Hey that girl is Mila Kunis

  • rockmanzeroX06

    Hey, that girl is Mila Kunis

  • SethTheXenocide

    Jane Austen? Seriously? Jane Austen sucks.

    Oh, and nice choice with Voodoo Child for the music.

  • taranaich

    Dr Insano appears to have found himself One Million Years BC, by the look of the dinosaurs in the background: be on the lookout for Racquel Welch and Martine Beswick in fur bikinis, Doc. Yum!

  • taranaich

    Dr Insano appears to have found himself One Million Years BC, by the look of the dinosaurs in the background: be on the lookout for Racquel Welch and Martine Beswick in fur bikinis, Doc. Yum!

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Painting the face would be fitting.

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