Making of the Madness of Roland

The Spoony One | Feb 14 2010 | more notation(s) | 

I guess you deserve an explanation!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing was creeper than Spoony’s face at the end.

    Maybe that was just me.

  • Anonymous

    haha that was awsome man hope you can get it to work

  • Anonymous

    I hope you do more game reviews like you did for Phantasmagoria. Me and my friend love that and we quote from it all time. xD

  • ThatWeirdGuy

    Glad you had fun. :)

  • SignNinja

    OOOOHHH!!!! Well that explains it.

  • tarvok

    Hey it was creative and well done and if it helps you learn some new tricks and tools rock on!

  • kallikanzarid

    You could use Virtual PC.

  • tarvok

    hey it was creative and worked, so if it helps you learn some new tricks and tools rock on! keep up the great work

  • Isobel Allegra

    Nope, nope, it definitely wasn't just you.

  • neeerd

    You should be able to run Windows 3.1 in Dosbox.

  • Malaloba

    So the whole answer to “What the heck is that?” is “I don't know…”

    It was still worth watching just for the sheer bizarre factor and it's great that you've learned some new tricks

    Actually, we've all learned something. Don't do drugs and don't let Spoony near a strange game that he'll never get to work.

  • anonns

    that video was an acid trip gone horribly wrong

  • iloveads47

    Hey Spoony, you know there is a way to install Windows 3.1 on DosBox?

    Here's a link I found:

  • Isobel Allegra

    Yeah, no shit it's Nightmare Fuel, Spoony!
    Um… thank you for the Valentine's Day gift? You do know there's only one way to atone for scaring us shitless…

    Spooning with Spoony 3.

  • Foxhack

    I was just about to come in and mention this. If a moron like me could install Windows 3.1 with that tutorial then so can you.

    Or I can just send you my hard drive image, if you want it. :p

  • Foxhack

    Depending on the program, Virtual PC kinda… craps out or it's just too slow. It works with early Windows 95 games but anything requiring hardware acceleration of any sort will often just bomb out.

  • tombert

    I know it's possible to fry your MBR doing this, but you could try something like VMWare or VirtualBox with windows 3.1…..Dunno though, you've probably already tried it.

  • tombert

    I generally use VirtualBox, but I've never really had that problem with Virtual PC. I used it to play MDK because I was having graphical glitches and it seemed to work alright.

  • Foxhack

    Then perhaps I'm just unlucky. :)

  • Foxhack

    How would it be possible to fry his hard drive's MBR? I mean, he'd be installing to a virtual hard drive image. There's no danger to his computer.

    His sanity, maybe, but not his computer.

  • Athrix255

    You have windows 7 right? try out windows xp mode. its gotten alot of my old games working.

  • Gunwild

    Well, that was an interesting…

    … wait a minute, are you wearing Jheri Curl?

    • Sean Dence

      put on some black slacks, white socks and black dress shoes and you’d be rockin’ the Michael Jackson “Black or White” look. ; )

  • tombert

    You're right. Mostly (I think). I've found some of those old OSs to be rather pervasive. I think in a virtual drive, he'd probably be safe, but with something like DosBox, there is a risk of damaging the MBR.

    • Foxhack

      Again… how? Unless he’s actually mounting the root of his C: drive in DOSBox, I don’t see how it would happen. I think the program even warns you if you try to do such a thing.

      I once used one of my storage drives as a drive root and uh, it wasn’t pretty. But I was dumb and didn’t notice the lines in the autoexec. :p

      • Anonymous

        You got it. If you type mount c c:, then you can do some serious damage. Sadly, I still do it from time to time (I’m an idiot), but every time I do I’m taking a risk.

  • hoshizuku

    You're damn right we deserve an explanation! “Happy V-day, here's some fuckin messed up video I made.”
    But it's all right, because you had fun and we had fun, and that's all that matters. :D

  • Jacob Liebenow

    Ah… Well, as good of an explanation as this is, it still won't wipe that damn face of yours at the end from my mind…

  • goodtimesfreegrog

    To be honest, I kind of felt that the video remix segment dragged on for a bit long, so by the four-minute mark it was getting kind of boring – but that being said, I still really enjoyed the Madness of Roland, if only as a huge break from the norm, and it WAS pretty scary, the Scream face at the end was fucking horrifying, so if your intention was to make me shit myself at the clip, mission accomplished. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if this winds up becoming your own personal Melvin, Brother of the Joker…

  • Heather Solomon

    I showed this to a friend and she said she thought that she should be expecting a phone call telling her she's going to die in 7 days. LoL That being said, you achieved your Ringu madness.

  • mrwednesdaynight

    I'd say just build a Windows 3.1 machine and be done with it. This is obviously going to be an issue if you keep on coming across these Windows 3.1 games. I'm sure it wouldn't be terribly expensive. The hardest part would probably be tracking down that operating system and figuring out how to record on a machine that is nearly 20 years old. If you do build a Windows 3.1 computer, press that turbo button for me. It makes the computer go faster!

  • warxepb

    The Madness of Roland was an excellent experiment, and I wouldn't mind seeing another video in that style – just editing together some f*cked up footage into a crazy acid trip video. But I do love snarkiness, so I'm also looking forward to some more traditional Spoony videos.

  • Reika

    I think you're face at the end disturbed me the most….O_o

  • zeekthegeek

    Pretty easy to get Windows 3.1 stuff running actually. Either VMWare or Virtual PC can run virtual instances of 3.1, and you can also get it running in DOSBOX

  • They Call Me The Fizz

    You did handles the lemons quite nicely, Spoony… I'm surprised you didn't squeeze in a reference to the “Blagol”

    I'll be looking forward to the sequel sequel…

  • Jillers

    Have you considered building your own pc to play those old games? A friend of mine did that,.

  • Aersmith

    A good but strange video

  • jabbakahut

    I can't believe anybody else out there played Critical Path. That game made me quit playing games for years.

  • Aersmith

    damn…I was about to go bed before I saw your face.

  • GooberScotsman

    I have the exact same Dell monitor that Spoony has. Weird.

  • sniktbub

    I hope you do the expansion levels for SWAT 4, I really enjoy your lets plays of that game.

  • Maul

    Spoony your awesome, I love how you can make a 20 min making of video for a 3 min video and be super engaging and entertaining to listen to.

  • facebook-500760981

    Isn't it possible to run those sorts of games on a Windows 3.1 emulator?

  • Jimi Alexander

    I thought the mature audiences warning was because it was terrifying. I didn't notice any nudity.

  • Diggerjohn111

    It was a cool departure, even if it was just an experiment (and fitting for “The Spoony Experiment”). I always loved your comedy, Spoony. But it was cool to see you dabble a little into horror.

  • Joe Ottoson

    There was some implied nudity/sex when that guy's pulled off that girl in the forest.

  • gordallott

    I have had some pretty good successes with running windows 3.1 in dosbox before, of course just getting things to run in windows 3.1 (no matter how well windows 3.1 is running on its own) can be a giant pita.

  • Jenny

    Same here, in fact I woke up through the night thinking about it.

  • MartianMan

    I was actually think of the ring as I watched that…

  • Oskuro

    Interesting video, and nice to listen to all your comments, as they give quite an interesting insight into the whole process. I'm just wondering one thing…..

    Why do you keep apologizing? Jeez, it's your site, do your thing! It's not like we're paying you or anything ;)

    Oh well, guess I'd act like you do were I in your place. Keep it up!

  • Zak Mahmud

    I Liked the effects you did especially at the end with the face distortion, congratulations…I now cannot sleep, seriously that actually startled me, that was awesome.

  • maluku

    For some games installing Windows 3.1 in Dosbox worked for me.
    Google for it, it is quite easy…

  • jahith

    good to see you Spoony man I think I'm addicted to your mug and voice

  • Ben Littlejohn

    You HAVE to do Quantum Gate! I freaking LOVED that game as a kid!! I never got to pay the sequel, though… You can find a full playthrough here:

  • DerKork

    There seems to be a video tape version (according to… ) which is completely non-interactive. Doesn't seem to make any more sense they decided to turn it into a CD “interactive” product, right?

  • BlueHighwind

    Don't worry, Spoony. What you managed to make out of this product is certainly far funnier and more creative than any full playthrough. Keep up the good work, you brilliant, brilliant man, you. =)

  • Tommy Terrific

    I have to recommend what some of the others have already said. VMWare Fusion is god tier, but it's pricey.

    Great video though. I love the vlog stuff.

  • Critical Marine

    There was another sequel for that poor excuse for a Marine, Captain America?

  • Christopher Alden

    You could try running Win 3.1 on Virtual PC

  • Matthew Raizoku

    Oh god where do I start one yes that video was yes very nicely done and disturbing but the end of that mind rape fest was creepy yes but I was giggling so much because it looked so stupid X3

    Great work Spoony, you're very talented editer and my hat is off to you.

  • funnyb

    While googling, I found a link to something…. *GASP*
    It's “The Madness of Roland”….. ONLINE!!!! Complete with movies and everything!


    I think most time editing was spent on fiddling with the twitch plugin's RGB split , amirite

  • Reina_Vash

    Well I absolutely loved that video you created. Talk about a creepy Valentine's Day. ((Better than that freaking movie “My Bloody Valentine” I hated that movie.)) The editing was pure excitement. It really freaked me out. That picture that you made of yourself freaked me out more. I can't watch it again >_< it's just so freaky!

    The Madness of Roland huh? I've never heard of it, but when you described it I would say that it has an aspect of Valentine's Day. It counts! No worries.^_^ Definitely a job well done Spoonster. Keep up the good work!

    Oh!!! Before I forget (Even though I know it's a day late) Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you had a good one!

  • cynic667

    To get Win 3.1 running (and be able to capture footage) you could think about running a Virtual Box on your regular PC, installing Win 3.1 into this Virtual PC. VirtualBox is said to be able to run ol' 3.1 with some tweaks, just look it up ;P

    Oh: and the Short was great, had a really nice Ringu/Kaiiro/Altered States feeling.

  • mat99008

    Seriously, that face was scarier than all the horror movies I've ever seen put together.

  • pvtcaboose

    amazing, lol, I have been so bored, originally when I got bored I would go and look at thespoonyexperiment, i had watched every video except phantasmagoria (which freaked me out from the opening) and Final Fantasy (which i thought would be dull) well i was wrong, and I got a few more days enjoyment out of it, but now the only thing left is i think i missed some of the terror trax, so More Lets plays pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease they ish amazing!!!

  • ReviewKid

    It was pretty funny but I do think that the madness of roland video went on a bit long. It was meant to be a quick joke but you want your fans to get their moneys worth right?… well metaphorically speaking anyway. It was really good but I think it would have been even funnier if you had taken a few of the clips out of it.

  • Animite

    Good job, Spoony One. I think this video made for a good tribute to the holiday of love with the random images and their ode to unrequited love. In an odd sort of way the video and the holiday share at least some vague connection as they both celebrate the nihilistic and oftentimes transitory pains the power of love places on the human soul. The video show was a incongruous, incoherent, meaningless montage of images, and what is Valentines day but a holiday made popular by the spending power of the greeting card, candy, and flower industries?

    Need we forget that the name of this site is the Spoony Experiment, and what is an experiment without a little bit of avant guard digital witchery? If the Spoony One were a film major in school, this collage would have been his Master's thesis.

  • CornBRED-X

    Im surprised about your video quality complaint. It's not because I didnt know that, I have alot of these old “interactive” games your talking about and ya bsically it seems all you can do these days is just go through the files to see how it played out you cant really run it as intended anymore it seems.

    Anyway, I'm surprised, though, because I watch all this stuff on my HD screen in full screen and it looked fine. I dont know if it was your editing, or just my being used to the very low quality of old FMV games (you know like how it used to have all these black lines in the video, as resolution got better those black lines get more obvious, you see this alot in the older games that used bink especially) but ya I thought it loked fine and I could see what the video was showing, allbeit as you say the footage doesnt really make sense. It just being random wtf craziness.

    Ya, anyway, I didnt mind it. It reminded me of one of the really old “adventure” games I played once where you had to solve some puzzle and you could actually win money in real life if you were the first to crack it. I cant remember what it was called but for some reason the video reminded me of that and the old days of FMV gaming (more so then anything else youve shown, just because the games I played were vastly different then alot of the ones you show here).

    That being said now, after heavy rain comes out I hope you get to play it. It seems like the evolution of FMV games and their intent and I would love to hear your thoughts on that in a V-Log or whatever. I'm excited about it personally, not like alot of the kids these days who didnt grow up with the FMV gaming, but more so because I know where gaming has come from (and experienced a large part of its origins) and seeing this stuff evolve is always amazing to see (whether it be good or bad).

    Anyway, those are my thoughts, ill stop rambling now =)

  • david86

    i really enjoyed the video (big horror/exploitation cinema fan, so i like being freaked out) and think it's a shame that the game won't work properly. it piqued my interest to the point where i really want to see other footage but yours seems to be the only video on the web.

    hope you keep going with “FMV hell” for awhile yet. there's just something about these weird/obscure games and your sense of humour that just makes for great viewing

    it's funny that you say you added the orchestra stings as they did strike me as out of place and maybe a little ott.

  • invisiblecrane

    You user Adobe Premire?…I do too (well Adobe Premire Elements) but I thought you used Sony Vegas because isn't Sony Vegas supposed to be the best of the best when it comes to video editing (I mean isn't that why you and Nostalgia Critic along with pretty much every other popular reviewer out there use it?)

  • William Thompson

    have you got dawn of war II. I was watching the making of the madness of roland and the shelf behind you had a game on it that looked like the cover and i have a copy so i compared it. if you could, do review( it good but long you may need to do a seires on it)

  • dragon_hunter21

    Holy shit, Spoony is a troper!

  • Lassi Ojainväli

    I'm really glad to hear that you had fun and learned how to use those Adobe-products. I enjoyed what you put together with it and I'm eager to see what's in store. Your commentaries are always interesting to listen to as well.. Long time fan and will continue to march on in your army of fans! Have a good one.

  • dustyjo

    Can't you use Virtual PC or something for Win3.11?

  • Yushatak

    Ok I can't stand idly by as you continue to act like Windows 3.x software is some taboo to modern PCs. I am a big fan of Windows 3.x and a vintage computing enthusiast. You are familiar with DOSBox I'm sure – you can install Windows 3.x *in* DOSBox, or in a virtual machine, and run these games easily. The error that comes up in the video below is due to you using a 64-bit OS – run a 32-bit one or use one of the other solutions to bypass this. It's a headache to get most 16-bit software to run on modern Windows, but only if you're trying to get it to run without any tools to assist you! Use DOSBox, VMware Player, VirtualBox, Virtual PC, or any number of similar tools to aid you. Failing all of that, if you can pay to have it shipped from the east coast, I'll set up and send you a Windows 3.x-running era-appropriate widely-compatible PC to do more reviews on – I like your game reviews.

  • palladinthug

    As did I. all 162 compressed megs of the 600 meg beast.

    Be warned. The files are very nonsensical without the story behind them. I recommend going into the menu directory and reading the little cards on the characters. It gives their comeplete biographies, as it gets confusing once the oriental sorceress is introduced.

  • tantricnferno

    Come on Spoony, you aren't too great at being scary.


  • tantricnferno

    Come on Spoony, that game wasn't THAT bad.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t need to build a computer to run windows 3.1 you just need VMware

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    That's what I was thinking. Where there really enough multi-part stories to make a third movie, or is just going to be a random batch of stories?

    Or maybe he's going after the old cartoon? (What we would call “motion comic” today, which is a flawed name.)

  • TheFeydakin

    I totally agree. Running a 64 bit is like having a beta max in the 80s, yea its nice but most software(video cassettes) isn't written for it. It was gonna become the standard, but it hasn't taken off yet.

  • eaglefalcon

    im glad you learned how to create mind fucks. …it still baffles me

  • DJGamer

    Weird. I had (and I think I still have) Star Trek: The Game Show and I got it to work quite easily back with my first (Windows-based) computer which ran Windows 98. I also remember getting Star Trek: Borg and that definitely DID NOT work on that computer and fortunately GameStop let me return it-or maybe they warned me about that before I even bought it-I don't remember. lol

  • Matthew Hill

    a The Arrival video game? wasn't the movie damage enough?

  • All_Glory_To_Paul

    I played Quantum Gate, sort of reminded me of Ender's game. Just the main story arc nothing about Ender. I can send you the original if you want. email me

  • anonns

    noah why dont i just mail u a 3.1 box…im not buying anything i have a ton laying around…fuck trying to get it to wrk

  • llimar263

    Well i'm glad we could help with this experiment of yours. Now if you excuse me i need to make an appointment with my therapist.

  • NoWone

    Dos/Windows 3.1 runs fine in VirtualBox which is free. Just saying.

    Keep it up Spoony! You and your generation are the real talents. Wishing you luck and success!

    Greetings from Italy. :D

  • NoWone

    Dos/Windows 3.1 runs fine in VirtualBox which is free. Just saying.

    Keep it up Spoony! You and your generation are the real talents. Wishing you luck and success!

    Greetings from Italy. :D

  • Tony Utter

    Yeah, I would definitely give VirtualBox a try.

  • myst32

    Just adding to the virtualbox comments, but I would try microsofts virtual machine.

  • yetiboy

    I dunno if you want to keep it, but I think I'm not the only one here who is no longer able not to suggest visiting a barber, Spoony. No offense and all, but I more and more can't stand looking at you for more than five minutes.

  • Swingontehspiral

    thanks for the valentines day video spoony!!!
    i look forward to obscure and mainstream reviews alike.

  • necrosmash

    Spoony, IF you could get some of those Windows 3.1 games to work, they'd be a goldmine for your videos. Well, “gold” is overly-genorous, but you know what I mean.

    PS. Yeah, it was a sledgehammer.

  • Emran Qadir Ismail

    thanks for clearing that up

  • Yushatak

    It's because Microsoft didn't see fit to re-write the NTVDM (NT Virtual Dos Machine) which has been present since NT 3.x through 6.1 in 32-bit OSes, into an emulating version of itself for the 64-bit machines. A processor is incapable of processing 16-bit code (without shutting down other functionality in the meantime) while running a 64-bit OS. 16-bit software requires nearly no resources, however, and can be easily emulated. Basically Microsoft was too lazy to recode and support the 16-bit sublayer, so they just pretended it was impossible. Bunch of assholes, 'cuz they killed 15 years of perfectly-working software in the meantime. With tools like VDMSound and Mo'Slo you could run old DOS/3.x games right in Windows without an emulator or anything. Bah. I have several of them running on my 32-bit netbook with 32-bit Windows 7.

    I have a blog by the way, which I've just started,, maybe I'll write up some tutorials for all this junk I've been rambling about on here on my own blog – comment on there if you're interested.

  • Surlan

    After hearing your explaination of the “interactive” story. I suggest you actually try a myst like game with a ton of FMV footage and wacky puzzles. The game is called beyond time the omega 3 project. It actually has some decent voice work, (the AI in the game does tons of quirps) but the FMV is laughable. I highly suggest checking it out for your next game review.

  • Luke Pallesen

    I thought it was really well made. Went on maybe a minute or two too long would be my only criticism.

  • Disthron

    I remember Critical Path, I pulled it out again after watching your review of it. That's why I ended up making a virtual machine with windows 3.11 on it.

    I have to say, I liked the commentary a lot better than the actual video. Though I did like the opening and ending I think it just ran a little long.

  • balrogkernel

    Spoony! First time poster, long time viewer. I remember playing The Madness of Roland in the 90s with windows 95! Out of context, the FMV videos are bizarre, but when you play the actual game they are good compliments to the story. I remember downloading this from Home of the Underdogs and being impressed with this account of Roland. If you're interested, there is a similar game that is equally if not more bizarre and is much more interactive. It's called The Cosmology of Kyoto. Now that you've brought back that nostalgia of Madness of Roland, I would be the happiest nerd on the planet if you did a parody of the Cosmology of Kyoto. I actually have a copy of the game and would gladly send it to you if you wanted it.

  • Ineedballs

    Sorry Spoony.
    But that vid is still a mindfuck and is completly fucked up.
    This commentary didnt change shit all for me.

  • Kaylakaze

    As a fan of surrealist movies, I loved it. Vastly superior in mindfuck power to The Begotten.

  • AsukaSoryu

    Uh, seriously? I think you need to grow up. If you don't like how Spoony looks, then go away, we won't miss you.

  • Dragons_Dusk

    lol, had some how missed this one, though I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing, this was creepy at night XD

    cool to the explanation, we got to see Spoony's homework to learn the software

  • Adam Cuerden

    Oh, it's Orlando Furioso, with Nightmare fuel. It's mediaeval epic, so god knows where the shotgun comes in. Basically, Orlando [Roland] loves Angelica, she doesn't love him, and when she falls in love with someone else, he goes crazy and rampages.

    There's more to it, mind, but since there's not people flying hippogriffs named Ruggiero, they probably cut all the fun parts.

  • wingzero850

    man your hair was really greasy in this video just saying wow

  • Kat

    i don't know, looks more like he got out of the shower. : it just looks wet, not grimy.

  • DarkMistress

    Thank you for cleaning that up now if you don't mind I need to lay down for a while

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for cleaning that up now if you don’t mind I need to lay down for a while

  • Kaitlyn

    Dude….I dont care WHAT you say to explain it that fukin face will haunt me till the day I die!! *shudder* the videos didnt bother me that much cuz ive seen some wierd shit before but…..Daaamn that face >< I also wanted to know where we send games we would like to donate to you.

    Also.....dude....You HAVE to review beyonetta! I know you played it! >////3 Mmmmm God i love that game xD

  • Harriet Ellington-Lewis

    So yes, it was quite upsetting.

  • Harriet Ellington-Lewis

    So yes, it was quite upsetting.

  • Johnny Tong

    I did get the star trek game show game to work. I used daemon tools and i downloaded it.

  • Johnny Tong

    I did get the star trek game show game to work. I used daemon tools and i downloaded it.

  • Jeremy Wong

    Absolutely disquieting. We like to think that our modern programs are built with a more universal structure in mind, but one day, will we all be frustrated as we desperately try to get games like Battlefield 2 to run? Especially with a lot of the DRM and server-side registration information…

  • Jeremy Wong

    Absolutely disquieting. We like to think that our modern programs are built with a more universal structure in mind, but one day, will we all be frustrated as we desperately try to get games like Battlefield 2 to run? Especially with a lot of the DRM and server-side registration information…

  • Reza Stephen Lustig

    Yo Spoony, you gonna finish the FFX review some time?

  • Scott ‘Edd’ Gray

    Still waitin’ for that Deadly Premonitions LP man.

    • Michael Moss

      Spoony said he won’t be continuing that.

      But if we show a lot of demand, hopefully he’ll decide to revisit it. Spoony makes some excellent LPs; the SWAT 4 stuff was very entertaining.

  • Ernie Bondy

    The scariest thing was your face at the end… ughhh.. so creepy

  • Chris Night

    Thanks, feel better now. Gonna look up the sherlock games you mentioned. I’ll keep you posted…

    • Chris Night

      I’ve been trying with no success, will try another route and if it works, i’ll post them to you.

  • Ruby Dynamite

    I know this will sound insulting, Spoony, but please don’t take it that way – I seriously think this is one of my most favorite videos you’ve done and, I think, one of the best ones you’ve done (second only to the FF8 finale, which was just insanely epic). It was weird and twisted and unnerving and really, really well done. MOAR like this (ie. experimental/creepy stuff), pretty please!

  • Anonymous

    hey spoony how do you manage to stay skinny of your allways on your pc???

  • Drain

    Get Dr. Insano to get it working like he did with the Highlander game. :)
    Whats on the “to do” list though? I hope it has FF10 on it somewhere.

  • Drain

    Get Dr. Insano to get it working like he did with the Highlander game. :)
    Whats on the “to do” list though? I hope it has FF10 on it somewhere.

  • Boyce Deaton

    The first time I tried to watch this video, it didn’t work. Now that’s pretty ironic.

  • Anonymous

    Well I liked it. -:)

  • Michael Hulk Pibworth

    would LOVE to see more videos in the same vain of Phantasmagoria! thats def my fav series of vis here and have watch the whole 5 hours about 6 times =p such brilliance!

    this vid was a bit weird :P

  • Björn Karlsson

    am i having like a huuuge deja vu or is this a repost?I swear i’ve seen this clip before

    never mind, saw the 14th feb post date

    now i’m even more confused, since i got this from the front page at the site. Guess there was a glitch. Thought it was new

  • Björn Karlsson

    am i having like a huuuge deja vu or is this a repost?I swear i’ve seen this clip before

    never mind, saw the 14th feb post date

    now i’m even more confused, since i got this from the front page at the site. Guess there was a glitch. Thought it was new

  • George Rosenbaum

    Nightmare fuel? I was laughing the whole time!

    Until I say your face run through a Photoshop liquefy filter. That was kinda freaky.

  • Matt Summers

     Just curious, have you tried using Virtual Machine or Virtual PC to run an instance of windows 3.1? It might help when trying out those older games. Like the video though, good job!

  • Colin Roche

    Don’t know if you’ll ever see this Spoony, but you would be able to run it in dosbox, you just have too use windows 3.11 for dosbox. Here is a link I found: . Don’t know how well you can capture it though.

  • Ryan Carbone

    you could use “Microsoft Virtual PC” and make a virtual drive and virtual PC. Then possibly Torrent a windows 3.1 boot disk or something.

  • yepi

    I’ll be looking forward to the sequel sequel…


    I bought this game shortly after Spoony made the video. Already had Quantum Gate and Vortex prior to that. Hyperbole Studios was a weird game company.

    In DOSBox it’s quite temperamental but at least playable.

    And they do work better in Virtual PC 2007 running DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 following some tricks with the QuickTime files.

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