To Boldly Flee, Part 1 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Sep 15 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Well, might as well get the awkward stuff out of the way, first. I never can dig a deep enough hole for myself.

  • Janou

    I can’t hear anything, Spoony :-(

  • Ian Haas

    Very nice to get your honest input on the issue. I was curious about the financials of Channel Awesome and of course your departure. Thank you for quenching my curiosity! Keep making reviews man, you’re funny as hell.

  • Solstafir

    I personally think it’s understandable from both sides that you didn’t really get anything out of this from a business standpoint and they had to watch out what their producers said because it would be associated with the site. So that seems like a pretty normal departure.
    Also really good to hear that the change of meds helped you out quite a bit, it seemed kinda bad there for a while. So it’s great to see it’s getting better.
    Now back to Final Fantasy XIII, SLAVE!

  • XedAlpha

    It’s good to hear the logical and non-emotionally charged standpoint. Good, it’s good how things parted on decent terms and it wasnt on too sour grounds. Going to enjoy work on both sites. I think it works better this way anyway. I always came to this site for spoony stuff too anyways.

  • Joe England

    Cool, man. Cool. This actually reminds me a lot of what went down with us cartoonists back when Keenspot restructured.

  • Nicholas J. Michalak

    I’ve had a few emotional meltdowns in my life, and have not handled some situations under those circumstances the best I could have. It’s just bad judgment fueled by ill feelings, and I think everyone’s entitled to some forgiveness in those situations. I’ve posted rantings online that I was later not proud of, and even had to mend one of my best friendships because of it. In the least, everyone deserves to move on from that Twitter situation, and just get on with their lives. I’m glad to hear you’re doing a lot better now.

    Also, I am an independent filmmaker who’s worked with some exceptional, highly talented actors here in Chicago, and I do want to say that you are one solid actor, Spoony. Same as Brad Jones, who I met at Wizard World Chicago, and was the absolute nicest person I’ve ever met. Brad’s an amazing actor. I pre-ordered the DVD of “The Cinema Snob Movie.” I look forward to seeing you in it soon.

  • Dallas Sheffield

    Now that I’ve heard your side, I’m gonna offer my (positive) opinion on it:
    1) I think it was cool that Doug thought so much of you to allow you the option of going to Chicago to film his new series, if that was what you were referring to.
    2) I knew from the start (the instant the departure hit the web) that you wouldn’t lose a dime from the split. You, Snob, and Linkara are so popular, and you have gotten such a following, that your constant viewers follow your own sites religiously. You three get so much traffic on your official sites that your CA affiliation doesn’t affect anything outside of crossovers.
    3) Yes, their site is terribly designed. I hate their site. It is awful to the point of frustration. In fact, I’m fairly sure that someone was talking a few months back about a clean relaunch of the site, redesigning it from scratch.
    4) Thank you for pointing out the overpopulation of the Channel. Too much. Too many critics for too small a subject matter.
    5) People are still bitching about the content lineup? Did the Amazing Atheist fiasco not teach anybody a lesson?

    • Jumpooleez

      9) No, Brad is the best actor to ever be affiliated with the site. Hands fucking down. Spoony’s ham is legendary though.

  • Daniel Durham

    ok i’m gonna go somewhere i probably shouldn’t. but i have been hearing so much about this it’s gotten a bit strenuous. so please excuse me if this may sound a bit cold or brash – it isn’t meant in a bad way. first of all i think everyone who comes here to see your vids really enjoys them and i know i get a lot out of it. and it is really nice to hear something that honest and heartfelt. but this shouldn’t really be any of our business and it’s not good that people discuss why you “got fired” as if it were. seriously what happens behind the scenes belongs just there and it’s not right if anyone else sticks their nose in. what i am trying to say is realistically thanks for caring about us fans but you don’t owe us an explanation because your career choices are yours to make. and when i go to work i don’t discuss my problems with my colleagues in front of my clients and i am sure the others here don’t either. and people who think it is any of their business should seriously reconsider their personal definiton of what being professional is. i mean we are nerds not tabloid gossip folk. we like you just the way you are man (if i may say so). keep em coming. it genuinly is an exciting tme we live in in every way. nuff said

  • Billyjo316

    the movie reference for the ending for the computer Spoony is The FLight of the Navigator

  • David Smithson

    the scene with the images flashing across the screen were from flight of the navigator. where the lead character was flashing stqarcharts across the screen that was information put there by aliens

    • FigmentImage

      THANK YOU! I had been wondering the same thing, and when Spoony brought it up, I was hoping there’d be an answer in the comments. That was bugging the crap out of me, because I KNEW I had seen that scene before.

  • Drew Harding

    I’m glad to finally get at least one side of the story now. I do hope you keep in touch with the rest of TGWTG, because they are the reason I now jump to your site as often as theirs. As weird as this sounds, the whole ordeal has felt like watching two groups of friends split up for reasons you don’t know. I know I don’t really know any of you guys outside your videos, but I hate to see a great team up end. What I guess I’m saying is try not to burn any bridges. We all still love you, Spoony One, flaws and all.

    • Richard Cadman

      This doesn’t sound weird at all. I felt the same.

      • William Kripas

        Pretty much feel the same way.

    • William Staples

      I agree. I completely understand the business reasons behind the split, but I hope Spoony and TGWTG continue to collaborate in the future, at least on occasion.

    • Fanihelvetet

      I completely agree. Everyone goes through hard times. It’s natural, I don’t want Noah to stop making reviews!

  • incy247

    I have been a little worried about you spoon in the last few months, its amazing to hear your feeling better :) cant wait for the rest of the commentary!

  • thegodemperor

    Spoony, I wouldn’t worry about them trying to clamp on the internet. If they try, they will have violent riots. I assure you. Fuck with people’s entertainment in the US, and the rage will grow to insane levels. And they depend on the military to defend them? HAH the military are made up of the people they dare try and squish. They will be killing themselves by trying to pass that shit.

    • Inverse

      I utterly fail to understand a single word you’ve just said, or how it relates to ANYTHING coherent.

      • Cart Man

        He/she is referring to the SOPA bill and it’s other iterations.I guess anyway…

  • Fan_the_Flames

    I completely agree with you about Doug hanging up the coat as the NC. When I realized that’s what he was doing, I just thought immediately this was a bad idea. You are literally taking away the main pillar of the site, which was held up (imo at least), by Doug, yourself, and Lewis as Linkara. Those were the three that had the big followings, with Brad and Joe also coming together with a nice following. But now that Nostalgia Critic is gone…well I’m not sure anymore.

    Let’s face it, his new “show” is a gamble of the highest variety. If it doesn’t work out, they are going to lose a lot of fans, the ones that loved the NC and didn’t want to see him go, and any new people that just realize this isn’t any good. Personally, you separating may benefit you in the long run, you won’t be chained down by their issues, you can be your own boss, and essentially make what you want to make.

    Though I have to ask…why would you need to change the character for the new show? Unless they are going to be cracking down on the amount of reviewers and adjusting them.

    • ElderVIII

      It’s probably as Noah said – Doug felt like he had run out of stuff to write for the NC as a character. Better to leave at the top than to run it into the ground.

      • Fan_the_Flames

        I agree with the thought process, but I personally would have had a few of these shows out to just see if they would be received positively.

    • Lina Jones

      You know, I never really got people’s need to just take something so far it buries in the dirt and keeps on digging. There are so many shows and comics and game series that have gone on so long they just drag the dead horse until it grinds down to the bones, and then try to grind the bones down so they can snort the powder and lament about how its not as good as the glory days. Honestly, I’m happy Doug is hanging up the NC to do something new, not because I don’t like the NC (although I haven’t regularly followed him in a while), but because I genuinely want to see Doug and Rob, and the rest of the talent, move onto to bigger and better things, really show us what they can do.

      It’s one of the reasons I don’t much get the people who bitch that Spoony should go back to just add-libbing comments to old NES game footage like back in his “glory days.” I’ve enjoyed Spoony’s vids for the past five years, and one of the things I appreciate is how his work has grown and evolved over the years. Seeing him play multiple roles in this movie as various characters was a nice display of his talent, and shows how far he’s come. Same for many of the other talents.

      Now, I agree it is a tremendous risk to just halt the NC show and move onto something else. But you know, there is also a big risk in the Walkers just burning themselves out complete doing the same old bit until they’re in their forties, and even most of their hardcore fans have moved on, while the stragglers shake their heads. Very, VERY few people can do a show for years and years and years and years and make it work all that time. Sure, sticking with the NC would be less risky in the short term, but in the long term, better to move on now, than later when it’ll be a lot harder.

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    All things considered, the manner in which Spoony departed from CA could’ve gone much, much worse. I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.
    Regarding romantic relationships among the site producers, while I don’t disapprove of it, I honestly hope that Phelous and Lupa’s relationship won’t end badly, considering the long-distance aspect with Phelous living in Canada and Lupa in Arizona.
    Who would’ve thought that a minor, one-shot character in one of the Nostalgia Critic videos would become one of the main antagonists of a Channel Awesome anniversary special?
    Looking forward to hearing what Spoony would have to say about the scenes containing the best actor in Channel Awesome, Brad Jones. Brad’s performance in To Boldly Flee was way better than in Kickassia and Suburban Knights, and that’s saying a lot considering that he already was the best actor in all three anniversary specials.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Thanks for the honest opinion on the issue Spoony. It drives me nuts to see everybody else involved acting like it didn’t happen. I’m glad that I’m not alone in thinking that TGWTG is horribly set up. I went to go find Todd in the Shadow’s videos the other day and had to go through so many little sub menus just to find him. As for that computer at the end, I thought that was a War Games reference too.

  • Darke Mayer Goulart

    Was Spoony talking about Lindsay and Todd, Phelous and Lupa, or JesuOtaku and Nash?

    • Fan_the_Flames

      Honestly? I don’t know if I’d put anything on Lindsay and Todd since they don’t even make a big deal of their relationship on the site. Hell, it’s a joke that they couldn’t possibly get together. The only two that really make sense are Phelupa and JesuNash. But of those two, who knows.

      • Zakky Zak

        I couldn’t disagree more – Lindsay and Todd make a huge deal out of their relationship. Every time that joke is made is a nod to the their actual relationship – and it’s getting damn old. It’s to the point where the shoe-horned guest spots have had an effect on the quality of their respective reviews.That has nothing to do with the topic at large, just a minor disagreement. As Adell said, it’s not my business and I don’t care – unless you make it a consistent part of your work, then it’s disturbing the quality. I didn’t even know the other couples you mentioned were a thing for sure – and I still don’t care, because it’s not part of the work. Lindsay and Todd have made it part of their work.

        • William Staples

          Lindsay said recently that’s why they decided to end the “love triangle” plot in this movie, because mixing work and personal stuff was getting really uncomfortable (and because the plot had long since run its course).

    • ElderVIII

      I don’t think it really matters. Maybe it wasn’t to any of them (behind the scenes romance, perhaps?) But he is correct in saying office place relationships can create a whole mess of problems that no one really anticipates until they come out.

      • Adell

        This. And honestly it’s none of our business either way.

    • William Staples

      He was talking in general. It’s an oft-repeated maxim that it’s unwise to date co-workers.

  • Justin Atkinson

    The scene at the end reminded me of Flight of the Navigator.

  • ElderVIII

    Elephant addressed successfully. The Twitter fiasco made lots of people look bad, but I believe most everyone is over it.

    I think most of us figured that there were business reasons for you leaving TGWTG. Hell, Linkara intimated as much without details. Doug’s announcement of the NC retirement pretty much confirmed it. I don’t necessarily believe your opinion on some business decisions CA has made was unwarranted. Many fans have been complaining about many of the points you brought up. Hopefully the changes they are making will help alleviate those concerns.

    And honestly, you’re right. More so than the other producers I always saw your association with CA as more a confederacy than employer/employee. Neither party will be hurt by the other’s loss.

    Good to hear the new treatment is working well. I’ve noticed the attitude change in your tweets, for the better. Keep strong and carry on.

    Whatever you may do after the Experiment ends, know that you’ve made at least one fan for life.

    • Mooneshadow

      I couldn’t agree more with Elder.

      A very good friend introduced me to the Experiment some time earlier this year. Needless to say, I found myself checking the site on a minimum of a weekly basis for updates. I’m a pretty big fan.

      That being said, no one’s perfect. Everyone deserves some snuff space. We’re human and especially when some one isn’t feeling their best, we make mistakes. I know I have. While I might not agree with their business decisions, I am glad you drew your line in the sand and decided to keep the Experiment going. Experiment aside, it is completely without fault to make the financially- minded decision, we have to have a means to support ourselves, when we don’t or don’t know if we will, it’s pretty scary.

      Without too much fanboying, you’re my favorite critic. That goes beyond the fact that I appreciate your comedy and what you do on this site. You’re very personable, at least from your videos, it’s difficult to not like you. Also, you incorporate a lot of what other reviewers seem to lack, sincere analysis of the material at hand. What’s even better about that, you present it in a way that is easy to follow and makes the review all that more interesting.

      Also, I have enjoyed your cameos, I regret that they were at cost to you, that is sincerely unfortunate. That being said, your roles in To Boldly Flee sincerely mark your ability, you’re a fantastic actor, RP with you must be quite the experience. Fantastic job on the characters, you did more than bring them to life, you made them your own. That’s how acting should be.

      Make that two.

  • Reid

    Aw shit, Spoony’s shooting. *grabs popcorn and Mountain Dew* This is gonna be fun.

    • Inverse

      Yeah, He’s so shooting. ….about amicable splits, calmly debunking all the incorrect raging angry fan-theories, and stating his calm opinions about keeping in touch with Doug on friendly terms. What an intense, angry shoot.

  • rudy023

    Glad to hear you were able to find psychological help, Noah. Finding the right doctor and the right meds isn’t always the easiest thing. I look forward to continuing to view your work. Even if you don’t post as frequently as you once did, your videos are some of the best stuff on the web.

    • Specimen

      Ditto to this. Having spent years trying to find a half decent doctor/right medications is half the battle when it comes to keeping well.

  • Lina Jones

    While it may not be our business, and that is fine, it is appreciated that you would give us a clearer picture of what wen ton behind the scenes, if only to keep the internet drama from staining the whole situation. It is also wonderful to hear that you are doing better.

    While I did like To Boldly Flee, I do agree with you on the oversized cast. And this is coming from someone who loves Legion of Superheroes because of its oversized cast. But that’s a long running monthly comic book, whilst this is just a movie.

    For me, actually, the first 50 minutes (Part One and half of Part Two), actually work the strongest narratively mainly because the characters were all scattered about into smaller groups, and could have more focused scenes. I think, really, if another movie like this would have been made, it would be best if you had a core cast of no more than eight, (including the main villains), with the rest of channel awesome playing the smaller parts. Not just for pointless cameos, but as smaller bit players. The best example here is Elisa and Nella playing the scientists. They stick around for the narrative for just the right amount of time. They have a legit character reason to be there (scientific assistance), they play familiar characters so its a reference to their own work (as the scientist duo), they perform the role they were needed for (examining Spoony), and then when their bit was done, they left the narrative.

    Obviously in this particular plot, it made sense bringing everyone together, but I have to admit I kinda cringed a little once every suddenly mass-teleported onto the scene. I was hoping everyone would come together more slowly, kind of amassing as the narrative went on, and they could all be given proper introduction instead of just “BOOM! we’re all here!”

    That said, the movie was still really great, you, Brad, Doug, Rob, Lindsey, and Linkara were the most notable, but everyone did a great job on this. Having actually followed the site since near its inception and generally keeping up with who is who on the site (even though I don’t regularly follow anyone in particular), I think I might have a bit more appreciation for everyone’s parts and significance than fans who specifically only follow one or two people.

    As for the TGWTG sites format, well, yeah, it’s getting to be more just a hub for various producers to get “promoted” from YouTube to get more notice/”prestige”, and the real successes branch off into their own sites where their fans follow them. Or so that’s how it seems. Although their site is now shut down, and I didn’t follow them regularly either, there’s kind of more “charm,” I guess, to a site like the DesuDes Brigade, who had only five steady contributors at any given time. Likewise, I felt the site was strongest back when you had a smaller cast. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked plenty of the newer talent that’s come along (some a lot better than the first group, I’ll admit), but TGWTG does indeed feel bloated, even despite having a whole separate site for Blistered Thumbs. Still, I look forward to the Walkers’ upcoming projects.

    Side note, I wondered about the Ma-Ti voice, it definitely sounded like the Critic in most of the voice overs. I hadn’t even realized Bhargav had left the company a year ago. Kind of a shame he could come back to just do the voice over, but hey, you and Doug both did a decent Ma-Ti voice anyway.

  • Adell

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, you can seriously act bro. And honestly the thing I wanted to hear the most from this commentary was that you were considering doing things outside reviews, like actual film productions or something. I honestly think you have incredible potential there, and a loyal enough fanbase to make it successful.

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    I’m pretty much 100% certain that any anti-piracy bill that passes won’t have any effect on archival sampling for review or parody purposes, and that you guys foolishly believed a lot of people who were crying wolf for attention because, frankly, you wanted to believe it. You were looking for an excuse to move on to something different, and it felt good to fit in to a narrative where you were being forced out of your profession by a greedy and corrupt government. But hey, no way to know for sure, I ‘spose only time will tell.

    • Cory Williams

      The main idea behind SOPA and PIPA wouldn’t have hurt internet critics and comics. The idea was to prevent anything like MegaVideo from happening again. It was the wording in the bills and the riders that kept getting put onto them that would have hurt the critics and comics. By the end the wording and riders were so bad that it would have put a lot of major internet businesses out of business including Google and it would have censored the internet (for Americans at least) in a way very similar to the Soviet censorship of media during the cold war.

  • Sean Lucas

    well now that things are better for you, ya mind un-blocking me on twitter?

  • Alexander Wood

    This is a very interesting perspective on TGWTG…

  • ryan phillips

    this was better than any wrestling shoot i’ve ever seen.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    LordKat and the amazing atheist said the same thing about the favoritism at TGWTG, so i guess they all can’t be wrong.

    Im glad you cleared the air Spoony, there were some nasty and crazy theories going around when it happened.

  • Richard Cadman

    So SO glad you cleared this up man, the idea that you were fired because of one person and because of one joke was fucking ridiculous. Too many (stupid) fans seem to think that they know everything that’s going on, forgetting that you guys communicated via email, skype etc behind the scenes, so there was know way we could know everything that’s going on unless we are told. So for you to clear this up for us is very good of you.

    Also, while im sure our problems are different, i have been in exactly the same situation as you with mental illness and the meds we are on, i used to be on medication that didn’t work and it was a huge HUGE effort to even go to a doctor, but when i finally got my meds changed, it was like you said, night and day, and i am now feeling normal, nay i feel great. I was genuinely upset about your twitter breakdown because i could relate, so to hear that you have these new meds and they make you feel balanced makes me genuinely happy.

    Good luck in the future Noah, I am a fan of you and a fan of CA and i think you are right, you don’t need them and they don’t need you. This situation seems to be for the best and i am excited to see what will happen in the future.


  • Patrick Bondurant

    The departure from CA doesn’t change anything, in my opinion. I will continue to be a fan (a rather new one at that as I only got into this site a few months ago while waiting to be discharged from the Army at RHU), as I will continue to be a fan of CA. Your stuff is and will be awesome.

  • JoeCB91

    Good to finally hear what happened with CA. It is unfortunate how everything went down but it is understandable why you did what you did. At least it seems like everything is still cool with the people that you were friends with over there.

  • Estin Harriman

    well spoony i gotta say love hearing your side.Also gotta say with you and the critic character gone Linkara is the final hope…

  • Toaster Tom

    I’m glad that your departure was “mostly” business related. I hated thinking it was just a personal tiff that got out of hand. Although as you said, it didn’t help.

  • rowdycmoore

    I’m really glad that everything has been cleared up. Over these past few months my own imagination started getting crazy ideas about what was going on, but I think this exact scenario was ultimately what my logical side was guessing: that a departure had already been building from a business standpoint and the Twitter incident just came at the WORST possible time to exacerbate everything.
    I wish you the best of luck, and this is coming from not just a fan but someone who idolizes you. I can only hope to find out how to make my own website and business come close to the level of yours, and the success of yours and TGWTG’s is what spurs me on. Stay Spoony, my friend.

  • Das_Bass

    I have a lot more respect for you for a lot of what you said, Noah. Keep on at it. Your fans have your back. =]

  • Kaleb Korger

    I stop going on TGWTG. I been going on Blip. Since it’s more easy to watch the videos.

    • Ian

      That’s how I have done it.

  • Rosemary CG

    I’m glad you shared this with us, especially since you didn’t have to, but it confirmed some things I’d been wondering about. And it sounds like it was the best that you went your own way from the site.

  • Cory Williams

    It’s great to hear that there’s no hard feelings between you and the producers at CA. When I heard that you were leaving I was wondering if it meant that you wouldn’t be able to do any videos with any of them again.

    I never really thought of your relationship with CA as an employee/employer relationship. I thought it was two separate friendly sites that promoted each other by linking to each other. And, on the one sided relationship bit, they probably received a lot more traffic from your site than you received from theirs. I had never even heard of TGWTG before you posted the Epic Brawl.

    As for having too many producers and being poorly designed, I totally agree. There’s only three or four producers I watch regularly. The rest are mostly just doing the same thing as each other, which is mostly producing unfunny videos incorporating boring characters and cheap, predictable gags about movies that few people have heard of and nobody needs to be told is bad. Considering the number of producers on the site, the likelihood of there being some very funny and original critics or genuine critics doing videos and opinions on stuff we have heard of is very high, but you have to dig through the boring critics to find the ones worth watching. I never noticed you were buried on the site though. I normally just check on your site for new videos, but the last time I paid attention to where you were on the tabs on TGWTG you were either right under or over Brad Jones under the Videos tab, but that was over a year and a half ago, maybe even over two years ago.

    I am glad to hear that the departure from was mostly from a business stand point and not due to personal problems, and won’t be affecting your videos too much. I’ve been enjoying your videos for three and a half years (maybe four) now, and they’ve allowed me to laugh and relieve stress during some very hard times over the last two years. Your being as candid as you have been with us about some of the personal hardships that you’ve overcome is inspirational to me personally and, I’m sure, many of your fans. Here’s hoping for some even spoonier videos and projects and an ever expanding fan base for you.

  • Sverre Røs

    This is great thanks, imo the movie sucked……. your acting was the only reason i watched it all, so when you gonna fuck up LordKat???

    • Inverse

      Congratulations. Yours is the first truly ignorant, and incredibly stupid comment on this matter. You should be proud. Your failure is complete AND unique, so far.

      • Sverre Røs

        Hmmm, i wonder what part was truly ignorant and incredibly stupid…..

    • Cart Man

      You better turn the oven off and throw the Popcorn away..NO show for you.

  • fatalrob0t

    The shit flashing across the screen while you were in the chair reminded me of Flight of the Navigator, where the kid is hooked up to the machine and they get all sorts of star maps and schematics for the space ship from his head.

    • Herman Cillo

      I remember that scene. It really does match up with the scene in To Boldly Flee!

      Spoony really wasn’t kidding when he said it referenced EVERY sci fi movie.

  • UnShame

    The fact that it’s all about money makes me sad :(

    • Inverse

      “That all would be much easier if everybody have suddenly started to use Youtube again”

      Please tell me that’s your attempt at trying to make a joke. A horrendously grammar-destroying joke. Youtube is the absolute WORST place to try and produce original, monetized content on.

  • Skelemelon

    I still don’t understand how the joke Spoony made was a rape joke. He just alluded to liking rough sex and bondage. Basically, BDSM.

    • Dasby

      Even Spoony acknowledges in the commentary that the joke was in poor taste. You really don’t need to try and apologize for him by, essentially, arguing semantics.

      • Skelemelon

        I’m not. I said I don’t understand how it’s a rape joke. I fully understand everything else, I read over every comment, followed what was going on. The only thing I don’t get is how it was a rape joke. It really wasn’t. It was just saying, basically, “if your relationship doesn’t work out, come to my house for sexy BDSM time.”

        • Dasby

          Yeah, it was saying that to a person that was obviously uncomfortable with the joke and had never invited such a comment even in a joking manner. Essentially it was saying to a person that had no interest in such jokes or advances: “I’ll have sex with you while you’re chained up and unable to get away.” So, yes, it’s entirely within reason to read that as a rape comment. Regardless, it doesn’t matter anymore. As it clearly had no direct connection to Spoony’s leaving TGWTG.

          • Skelemelon

            I see, timing. Again though, I’m talking about the comment, not him leaving. I really don’t care much either way because I only watch him, NC, and the Nerd and NC is going away.

    • William Staples

      Well, I think Spoony makes a lot of good points in the commentary that it shouldn’t have been as big a deal, but at the same time, I think Lupa made some good points in her blog post back then about why it wasn’t okay. Basically I think it was a crappy thing to say but it got blown out of proportion. All the parties involved are over it and I think it’s time we as fans let it drop.

  • Sverre Røs

    Also..stay on the new meds! I’m loving all these new counter monkey videos :D

  • Kendotuxedo

    Spoony, I honestly believe you have Acting Chops. From the way you’ve mentioned being in drama club, playing different characters in D&D, telling great stories on Counter Monkey, and performing in these movies, I see a gift that thousands of bad SyFy actors would KILL for.

  • Jaycian

    You do good work Noah.

    I’ve been following you for a few years now, I’m not active in the forums and don’t really have a fan identity other then this one, but I’ve been watching you since the days of Bayou Billy. I’ve loved all of your videos dude.

    If I ever met you in real life man, I’d probably spring for a beer or something. Keep doing what you’re doing, you do damn good work, and you’ve motivated me to do my own stuff like what you’re doing.

    Just, thank you man. Thank you.

  • Lennie Leuridan

    good points spoony won, they really diluted the site with the new critics. Great idea on getting out before the storm hits.

  • Justin Lindsay

    When you first left Channel Awesome, I was honestly upset. You have always been one of my favorite reviewers on the site. It was because of your crossovers that I started watching Linkara’s videos. Personally, I would love to see you continue to do video crossovers with some of the other talent from the site.

    Seeing the great Counter Monkey videos you’ve posted, and the other great videos you’ve made since your departure, I can say that it has been the best thing for you. You’re making great content, and I hope to see more from you. Good to have you back good sir.

  • David Herbert

    Wait… you guys don’t get paid for this? Not even a slice of the profits after expenses? You have to take a week or two out of your lives to work on a short deadline, just for a free trip, and maybe the chance someone will see your performance and check you out, which you said is rare? And when you brought this up, Channel Awesome refused to compensate you for your hard work, which Doug obviously wants more of if he’s inviting you to come back for his other show?

    That is just abhorrent. I know it costs a lot to get so many people together, but these specials must be making enough money to warrant more or else CA wouldn’t do them.

    I love the work you did with CA but it sounds like you did the right thing, Noah. You were getting screwed.

    • Guest

      Agreed. I was shocked to hear that it was essentially a traffic exchange deal. I guess it makes sense for channel awesome because they can get only so much money from and advertisements, but popular reviewers with their own sites don’t have much of a reason to be there.

  • Amoren

    I do have to disagree somewhat with the site failing to share traffic. I’ve managed to come across a lot of great reviewers that I enjoy watching from that site; Linkara, you (Spoony), Todd, Lindsey, Oan, Joe… Sure, I don’t think you can watch ALL of them, but at least for me its certainly allowed me to find quite a few producers who I like. Although, I think that’s less due to the hosting of the site (which does need a new layout, that’s frustrated me several times since you don’t know which tab the reviewer you’re trying to find is), as such as crossovers that frequently happened as a by product of it. But then again, that’s my personal anecdote, and is nothing to base a consensus and accurate opinion of. Still, it does happen.

    Also its finally nice to know just what the heck went down, given that I don’t use Twitter (well I do. I have a grand total of five tweets and haven’t looked at it in months) or other such social media sites. So the whole decision to left sort of came out of nowhere for me. My current epileptic tree was that it was the turn you wanted to take with the Ultima IX ending with the fan base turning against you (in the context of the story of the show), which might have been an unpopular move.

  • Cole Christie

    thank you spoony for finally giving us context on what happened

  • sekiwat

    I never believed all the crap about Lupa getting Spoon fired, but then again, I never liked her anyways. She reminds me of those old bureaucrats that like treating people like crap.

    And why wasn’t Benzaie in TBF? Does he not get enough traffic for his videos? I think he’s one of the most talented people on TGWTG. He’s certainly better than Sage.

    Actually, I think I know why Sage is popular. He has some of the best material to review, like those 90s schlock animes with terrible dubbing, but he never makes the most of it. His jokes are always weaker than they could be.

    • Arstra

      Benzaie was sort of he shows up when they try to learn french but he couldn’t be there most likely due to living in France. Maybe he couldn’t really do more than the cameo he did do.

      • Herman Cillo

        It seems like a number of characters were featured in “at their own home or in a random cameo” scenes to save money and time on shipping them out to the shoot location. Which, given that Benzaie is in France, probably made this MUCH easier all around.

        • sekiwat

          Oh right. I forgot about his cameo, but as for him not actually having a role in this movie, Spoony mentioned that Channel Awesome could not afford to have every critic in this movie and that who would or wouldnt be in it was decided by popularity or video traffic. This makes sense, but then why was he in the first two anniversary movies and not this? Was he surpassed by another critic and left out? Or did he just decide not to be in it?

          • Cart Man

            Ask him,maybe…

        • Arstra

          Yeah but that bit in the how to video of him dancing made me choke on my soda. I almost died laughing. It was great.

  • Herman Cillo

    Spoony, you were amazing in To Boldly Flee and you are really damn good in your own videos. I knew who you were already, but my roommate did not recognize you as you during your performances as Turl and Dr. Insano. You were the standout actor of this movie above all the others.

    I liked your Ma-Ti impression. It’s not spectacular, but it’s good and entertaining. Plus, McCoy didn’t sound exactly like Spock/Leonard Nimoy in The Search for Spock.

    I agree that the That Guy With The Glasses site is horrible. I stopped using it as much as possible years ago. In fact, even though the Alone In The Dark review and the first anniversary special are the main reasons I found your show, I’ve been using your site and Blip for a LOT of videos to bypass TGWTG dot com.

    I also overloaded and actually stopped watching some of the producers on TGWTG, as there really are too damn many of them. I don’t even know who half of them are anymore! You, Linkara, The Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe, Bennett and JesuOtaku are the main ones that I know right now. The rest I’ve barely seen and don’t have time to watch backlogs of reviews to catch up.

    As for your departure from TGWTG, it’s cool. It always seemed to me that you were an outsider with high marks on the site from the way some of the producers reacted to you.

    I’m glad to hear you’re still working with the other producers, especially Linkara. (Though I already figured that from Linkara’s tweets.) I do look forward to more of your work, including Counter Monkey.

    As a side note: I also go by Nevix Astari and Hariman, depending on the site/forum that I’m on. I just thought you ought to know my other screen names.

    Thanks for posting this commentary. I found it very informative and enjoyable to listen to for various reasons.

    And I’ll be honest, though I might call you a troll or an ass from time to time, you’re still a pretty damn cool guy. I might disagree with you at times, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve enjoyed just about every one of your videos.

  • The Town Eccentric

    Thank you for discussing this. I was pretty annoyed at you and Lupa at the time because I felt that you brought your drama online and forced your fans to pick sides, but we all fuck up, and unfortunately, you did it in a bad place. Okay. It happens. I have a mental illness too, so I do understand what it’s like to have that kind of meltdown and do stupid things because of it. I do respect the fact that you made it clear that you didn’t justify your behavior on Twitter because you shouldn’t have been on it at the time. I’m glad you and Lupa have sorted things out. You may not be “buddies,” but not everyone has to be.

    I’m also glad you sorted things out with your medication. God, I’ve been there. The medication game is NOT FUN. You spend money on these prescriptions (and I don’t even know if you have health insurance), sit around waiting for something to work, occasionally go through side effects. Keep on truckin’.

  • Randall Taylor

    True, you have the favorite producers and you seldom deviate. 15-30 minute videos you wont go off the beaten path again if the first time failed to deliver. As for the site? I usually just archive binge through blip for things not spoony related. Anything beyond the headline is just too much effort. If i were to dedicate some time to getting used to blip i might end up skipping TGWTG all together.

    • Herman Cillo

      For Blip, just find your favorite producers and bookmark the main page for each of them. I us it for Linkara, SFDebris, JesuOtaku, Confused Matthew and sometimes for the Nostalgia Critic, though that last one is moot now.

      I hope Doug reconsiders and does more Nostalgia Critic reviews. It’s kind of depressing that he’s not willing to do anymore.

      • Amoren

        Actually, he stated that if he ever comes up with a good use for the character, he will bring him back for that case (The “No More Nostalgia Critic?” answer video under specials/sketches). So the character might still make cameo appearances, appear in other people’s reviews, or might even get more NC reviews if he comes up with a good for it down the line, its just not going to be his flag ship act anymore.

  • Freddy Duran

    i thought they got bargov to do the voice overs and just matched your mouth movements =/ awesome impression i suppose.

    happy things are kinda patched up but uh spoony you mind unblocking people on twitter? my main account is @DIPliskin :D

    I shall miss the weekly NC shows a lot though =(

  • Dune Blythe

    It’s great to hear that you now have a good doctor! I am glad you are getting the treatment you need. (I am sorry if my attempts at pony related humor during the twitter thing annoyed you)

  • Adam Stackenland

    You were great in the first episode. You stole the whole show every time you were on the screen. When you were hooked up to the computer arguing with yourself was brilliant.

  • Ryan Letendre

    I started watching the Nostalgia Critic Three years ago. Then I watched an episode of AT4W, and became a Linkara fan. And thanks to your crossovers with him, I became a fan of yours. And now through Channel Awesome I now know about Cinema Snob. It was a great site and I’m glad you were apart of it. And its given me years of entertainment. I was sad to see you leave it, but I will still be looking forward to your videos as long as you choose to make them. You are an awesome dude and in case you happen to read this Spoony I would just like to thank you for all the laughs.

  • Sara Hera

    I totally understand everything you’re going through/went through, Noah. I have Bipolar II and a severe anxiety disorder. Sometimes meds do make a huge differance. For year my doctor just had me on a anti-depressant, which in turn caused me to have manic episodes. Then I got a correct diagnosis and the right meds and everything is SO much better. But, I still have my highs and lows everyone does, they just are scary ones, lol. Also, I loved you in the film and I found your commentary to be very insightful.
    I wish you well and please continue doing what you do.

    • theshamster

      I myself suffer from Neurofibromatosis type 1.
      It’s mostly a mental disorder, but most cases have physical deformities as well. I am one of the lucky few, as the only phsyical signs are overgrown nerve endings and a few blemishes.
      Other people are not lucky, look on the search engine “neurofibromatosis pictures” but be warned, they are quite upsetting.
      What I suffer from is depression, anxiety, immaturity, obsessive thought patterns, concentration problems and stress. It has prevented me from haveing any real friends, since nobody knows about/or believes that I have a disorder…so I am pretty much a loner.
      The meds I take are “Zoloft”
      Still, It’s very brave of you to tell us you suffer bi-polar, Spoony. I used to refuse to admit that I had a disorder, as when I was at high-school, many people treated me as if I was diseased or ‘retarded’ and some spread horrible rumors about me being a drug addict, just because I was on medicine which contained a pure form of ‘speed’ to help with my concentration.

  • theshamster

    It’s amazing how you said “Suburban knights” wasn’t that good in production due to the time constraints and weather problems (all the raining), yet to me, the final product was fantastic!
    I am in my final semester at university, where I’m studying to be an author and script writer, and I’ve directed everyone in all my classes to this site as well as thatguywiththeglasses, and I even showed one of my tutors the Suburban knights dvd. He really liked it. He said that for all the obstacles you faced while making it, you pulled it off professionally…and this is from a expert film maker who now teaches classes.
    I see great things in the future for all of you.

  • lockark

    I don’t know if this is a dirty subject to bring up or not…. But it’s funny how many issues you had with CA leading up to your departure, were the same reasons Distressed Watcher/Amazing Atheist left the site. What with the background politics created by a few poor choices by management, that could of been corrected by now.

    In a way, It’s understandable why you wear hesitant of packing up and moving out to Chicago for the new CA studio. They’ve shown they don’t always make choices in the best interests of their producers, So why throw away what you have now for that risk?

    Now. I love Doug’s work as much as I love yours, and will still watch both. I guess I’m just saying I understand were your coming from.

    Hell. If your allowed to put your foot in your mouth, I like to think I’m entitled to the same. lol

  • Gregory Bogosian

    You are absolutely right about the anniversary specials having too many characters, and how you should be compensated for your work. But, your website is, and always has been, at least as poorly designed as When I first came here, the only way that I could figure out which videos that I had not seen yet, and discern their chronological relationships to one another, excepting the ones with numbered parts, was to watch all of them. I have lost days of my life because TheSpoonyExperiment is so hard to navigate.

    • The Spoony One

      The site will be redesigned in a few weeks, basically from the ground up. I’m aware the videos have grown difficult to search, so that’s going to be a major priority in the new design. Videos will be easier to find.

      • Zer0FiveSeven

        They were never hard to find in the first place, IMO.

        • Immorttalis

          I agree, but oh well.

      • JoeCB91

        It wasn’t really that hard to find the older videos on the “Video List” section. For me anyway.

        But of course an easier to navigate site is always a good thing! Looking forward to it.

      • Arstra

        Looking forward to it. I like how the site looks now. I wonder though, are you planning on doing any more Pathfinder live sessions? I want more oops kills with that effing knife. It’s almost like he planned it sometimes. Any ways I love pathfinder live if you guys do one before Christmas I’ll be happy. I was gonna say something else but I can’t seem to write it the way I hear it in my head. Any how thank you for doing these commentaries. I love them. Cant wait for part 3!

      • Lauri Markkula

        On the note of Pathfinder, I’d love to see some kind of weekly D&D with you, either as a DM or player. I loved watching the Deathklok and Wyrmwick campaign and was pretty much heartbroken when you and LordKat had a falling out.

      • Chris Lang

        Sounds like a good idea. Though I agree that TGWTG needs a good re-organization as well. The only trouble is, I honestly don’t know how they can organize their video sections better so I don’t know what advice I can give them.
        And I agree completely that TGWTG suffers from having too many producers. There’s not enough hours in the day to see all of their material, so like probably everyone else, I just only regularly view my favorites. I’d say that I view Doug’s videos, Lindsay’s, Spoony’s, Linkara’s on a regular basis, and Cinema Snob’s, Sage’s, Film Brain’s, Lupa’s, Phelous’, and JesuOtaku’s on a semi-regular basis. Others I see only occasionally, such as Paw and MarzGurl. Oancitizen I’ve only seen in crossovers, but I really need to check out his show sometime as I’m curious about it.
        As for To Boldly Flee, I’m very impressed that Doug was able to work with a large cast and give everyone their moments to shine.

    • Zer0FiveSeven

      Have you tried something crazy like… Scrolling down, or perhaps looking to the right? I’m not trying to sound like some type of asshole, but it’s ALL Spoony content. When something new is posted, it’s always on the front page, staring you right in the face.

      • Gregory Bogosian

        The new content is easy to find, but the old videos get buried in the video section, and the text posts just sort of disappear. Also, when something goes wrong, and a video doesn’t get posted to the videos section after it leaves the front page, or it gets posted in the wrong subset of the video section, it becomes almost impossible to find. That happened with the Skullduggery review, and the Counter Monkey about Vegan Steve and the deck of many things.

        • Zer0FiveSeven

          That’s not a layout problem, that’s a mistake made by the person archiving the videos. Comparing this site to TGWTG is like comparing apples to oranges.

          • Gregory Bogosian

            First of all, the videos section where the bulk of the content resides is still hard and unpleasant to navigate because it is nothing but text-links. Second, I have never seen an archiving mistake like that on TGWTG or so it is still a legitimate complaint to make. Third, The Spoony Experiment and TGWTG are both centered on showing comedic review videos, so comparing them to one another is perfectly appropriate.

    • Alex Martel

      Indeed. The site doesn’t look half bad actually, but naviguation is a pain in the butt. It’s a good thing that it gets redesigned; they can keep the visual elements somewhat familliar, and overhaul the menus completely.

  • Ian Price

    I think the star charts thing is referencing the Disney Movie Flight of the Navigator…….maybe….

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    I knew from the very beginning that you left CA from far more important reasons than “twitter drama”. As I always say: “if you don’t know what the situation is about, it’s about money”. There is nothing wrong with that of course. You live from this after all. If ACTA or SOPA were signed today..a lot of people would be jobless right now. The site has to change to prepare for the upcoming legal changes of the internet, as you said nothing lasts forever, you have to constantly adjust yourself or you will disappear.

  • Casey Bryan Morgan

    I come here and ThatGuy only for Spoony and Doug, I’ll check both sites
    daily but I really only go to ThatGuy for the critic, I’ll watch other
    videos that peak my interest but I watch everything here. I love D&D
    so to just hear Spoony talk Counter Monkey is cool when I’m just
    surfing around.

  • Etienne Aubin

    Any chance to just upload the audio commentary? I really want to listen to you but with my crappy bandwith limit I can’t really afford to load a video for that.

    Please? :)

  • jerbearxi

    Cool story bro. No one gives a shit. Now leave.

  • alex minor

    Going to write a bit of a book, i apologize ahead of time.
    I’m only 7 minutes into this i’m sorry if you addressed it, but you seemed to dance around something. A lot of people on your site, as i’m sure you noticed from comments, don’t really like the crossovers. It’s not that i hate the people from the site (though i am a bit bored with them), it’s just that i don’t watch what you do to see them, i avoid a lot of that site because i don’t enjoy a lot of them.
    But also, a lot of these people aren’t actors, or they think they are and just simply don’t have the talent at doing it.
    I do like some people on the site, many of which are the less popular. The guy in a hood who does the music stuff, or last angry geek,or the mmo grinder dude, i really enjoy because they have a great deal of knowledge on the subjects they deal with and don’t just do the angry rant thing. Linkara, for example, i’m sure knows a bit about comics, but he doesn’t come across very knowledgable about them, and falls back on the angry yelling( added to the fact that i think he likes some truly horrible comics and thinks they are good, like Titans..or liking Devin Grayson as a writer in general), same with the critic. But i don’t dislike those guys so much i never watch their videos But if i see nostalgia chick in a video, i won’t even watch it, or film brain.
    You do this as well, but you mix it with a real understanding of what you are talking about, you are capable of saying when something bad has a good moment (FF x-2 review springs to mind, or the ultima series).
    The entire form of internet reviews has gotten kind of stale in general if the people are just doing angry yell thing, friggen armake was doing that what must have been a decade ago.

    The fact that you weren’t being paid, which shocked me honestly, is as much as you could have said and anyone in the real world would understand it as a reason.

  • Joe Foster

    The charts going across the screen is from flight of the navigator

  • Steven Black

    A commentary and a crossover in one day? Man we are getting spoiled around here.

    You are right about the too many reviewers over there. I bothered to give some a chance. They just aren’t any good. Time is a finite resource. And you have to be good enough to justify its use. Generally, mostly misses. But some hits. Ninja The Mission Force is simply amazing. MST3K + Ninjas. And Brad Jones really steals the show in it. Bennett the Sage has been really good in Anime Abandon of late. But then again, he has been reviewing a lot of stuff I have watched. Vampire Hunter D, Wicked City, Akira, Devil Hunter, Fatal Fury, etc. I’ve seen how gloriously bad it is, so I can appreciate it. Could Sage do more with the material? Probably and sometimes. The Hagan and NC crossover with Heavy Metal was amazing, but then again I love that movie. Despite how bad its plot is, the style, the graphics, the music, the creativity. Simply mindblowing at times. But on the bad side, you have people like E-rod who I tried to watch, but the Blockbuster Buster just isn’t entertaining. SciFi guy is certainly analytical, but not very funny, Iron Liz was entertaining when she was there reviewing something different (RPG game products), but I guess her and linkara splitting made her out of the site. The Atheist was actually pretty funny with Trailer Trash. Sorry to hear the politics is what made him leave the site. And then speaking of oversaturation, you have Blistered Thumbs with some crossposting. Video Games Awesome can be fun depending on the source material. Watching a game like Catherine or Lollipop Chainsaw, which I won’t play but I am interested in the story, it was a lot of fun watching their let’s plays. I watched Shinkara’s review of Valkyria Chronicles. actually an interesting review style. But generally I haven’t given as many people as much chances as I would like. And Linkara’s AT4W is definitely top billing without Spoony and NC on CA.
    Glad you finally got medication that is making you feel better man.

    And in a way this movie just felt like it suffered from the same problem as the website, oversaturation of producers/reviewers and a diluted product. And you are absolutely right, not much Battlefield Earth or Superman 2 despite Turl and Zod being in this. And yet, not really necessary, Turl and Zod as characters sort of stand on their own and don’t need their background/backdrop as much. It might be different if I hadn’t watched the NC reviews with them in it though. But we don’t get much character introduction/exposition even for the supposed main characters though either.

  • Malcomb Bell

    Unlike many people I’m the type of person that can go “That persons really talented” and also say that their personal life is none of my business. With that said I know what the reverse of what Spoony was going through with his meds due to bad parenting and horrible psychiatrists and I use the term psychiatrists VERY loosely. Which for those of you that don’t know medicating someone with psych drugs they don’t need can lead to them displaying symptoms of what the drugs are used to treat.

    As for his opinions on the movie I completely agree. I loved everyones performance, but the production just felt like it was going in 9 different directions half way through, and they all just decided to get all the subplots finished before it all fell apart. With that said this was really well done, but I still stand by the joke I made on part 8.

  • draxo

    You are so completely right with this Spoony. I gave up on the site: there was TOO MANY people. I didn’t have that much time. I don’t know who 95% of the people on that site are. I went OFF the site because there was too many people I didn’t know. I know you, I know Joe, I know Linkara, I know Doug, I know Snob, I know Phelous, I know Bennet.. aaand I know Y Ruler of time and Iron Liz. That’s it. There was way too many people.

    that site was so much better before they just threw every person with a video camera in.

    • Zer0FiveSeven

      The one thing I don’t understand about your “too many people” comment… When did variety become a problem? Spoony (IMO) was talking about having all of them in one film, and having to interact with them while filming. Just because you don’t “know” a reviewer doesn’t mean you couldn’t check out his/her vids and get to know them better.

      Having them on one site wasn’t really the issue, so much as the layout/design of the site buries a lot of people.

      “Giving up” on a site because it has too much content just doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like you should look at that as a positive thing, because it gives you more options as a viewer. Basically, you could have said that you “gave up” on watching cable TV because they offered you too many free channels.

      • draxo

        Simply put, i couldn’t find what I wanted. I visited and the sidebar of recent updates was full of people I didn’t know nor cared about. The delays between my favourite reviewers getting their video’s in just got longer and longer. I couldn’t find them half the time when I started trying to browse the dropdown menu’s. The site just started to feel like it was no longer for me.

        This could be alleviated by a site redesign I guess. let us subscribe to the people we want to and have a secondary feed bar that just shows the people I subscribed to’s updates, while keeping the current full update list below it.

        Your analogy would fit if cable TV put every show on one channel and made you wait longer and longer to see those shows because they kept putting more new shows on that channel. That’s how it was. More shows is not always a good thing because you can’t find what you want and have to wait for the updates longer and longer.

        A better analogy would be you finding a variety of cereal you like. its got these three marshmallows you like along with the main cereal. However every week the makers have put in a new type of marshmallow you don’t like. Fair enoguh, you push ir to one side and carry on eating. However every week you find more marshmallow you need to sift throguh you don’t like. You just wanted those three kinda. Eventually you spend so much time looking for those three pieces having to sift through all the kinds you don’t like to get to what you do like. Eventually you give up o the cereal and just go to the sites of the makers of those three pieces to get their pure cereal blends.

        tl;dr too many cooks spoil the broth

  • oh_behave72

    I am very glad to hear that you are better, and that you have kept the friendships you made. It’s sad that there’s some bad blood between you and others, but I suppose that’s an inevitable result of having a lot of people in a relatively small place. Your A-movie/B-movie idea is a very good one, and I agree that they need to do something to give everybody their moment. My very first TGWTG experience (except for Linkara’s stuff, which is how I found you guys in the first place) was the Brawl, and with very few exceptions I have gotten into new reviewers via the anniversary specials or crossovers.
    It was very brave of you to step forward the way you did, and I respect you immensely for it.

  • Jori Jokinen

    I started watching Dougs videos around the time when his Moonwalker video came out.
    When I first noticed your videos I looked at you and your work with little interest. I think that changed when my friend “force feeded” me some of your older reviews and now I don’t think there is one video on your site I haven’t watched at least once. (I’d say I’m a bigger fan of your videos now than all the people I watch on tgwtg)
    Also I have no idea what’s going on with your sites and hearing all this all at once is kinda overwhelming. I know it shouldn’t affect me enjoying the content on both sites but it’s gonna feel weird thinking you won’t be working together as much anymore :(
    I think everyone here loves your crossover reviews.

  • Filip A. Verniers

    HAHA! I AM THE 1%

  • Turcano

    It’s nice to know that your departure from CA was more amiable than it appeared to be, and I guess that improves my opinion of the other people involved in the incident. Except for LordKat. Fuck him in his stupid Brooklyn ear.

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    I just want to throw in a quick two cents about my viewing habits. I am sure I don’t speak for everyone, so don’t assume I’m trying to do that. As I began learning about “internet reviewers” years ago (starting with AVGN), I kept a folder with each persons site on it just so I had a quick link. Cinemassacre, Cinema Snob, Spoony Experiment, Angry Joe, That Guy, etc… I never once even knew that was an “employer/employee” type of situation. I have always visited everyone’s personal pages, and as a matter of fact, the only time I visited thatguy was specifically to watch NC videos.


    Now here’s a part that I believe might be on the minds of many people who love you, Doug, and anybody else involved…

    I’m sad to hear about NC “ending” in it’s current form, and I’ve been a bit upset at the lack of new “review” videos coming from just about everyone of my fav’s. I rarely watch tv, as you guys have taken over what I consider “entertainment” for years now. I would much rather watch you guys than anything on television, and in between days when nobody has updated I have a decent amount of podcasts I listen to in order to kill my time.

    It’s a shame that all of this shit is changing so suddenly, especially when the whole point of watching everyone’s videos was due to “nostalgia”, be it old games, movies, TV shows, whatever. Now it seems we all have to sit back and be nostalgic about the great times we had listening to you guys… We all hope the best for all of you, of course, but it’s sad when you have to see something you’ve loved for so long change in such a drastic way so quickly.

    Maybe one day someone will make a NC or Spoony type show where they riff on NC and Spoony videos… LoL. Anyway, you can trust that we’re all still coming to the site to see what’s up, and looking forward to any new content you’ve got coming our way. I hope that in the end, no matter what kind of “SOPA2″ they have coming up will hinder what you’ve got going on, as we all appreciate what you guys have given us (for free) for all these years.

    Be good! Oh, and bring back Wrestle Wrestle!

  • mik_robertson

    Here’s how I watch. I only go to TGWTG for Doug, Linkara and occasionally Kyle or Lindsay. I go to Brad’s site to see his stuff or I come here to see your’s. That’s it for me, so for people with similar viewing habits to mine 90% of the stuff on TGWTG is ignored. I think that’s why there isn’t a view counter on TGWTG, because people would be able to see just how few viewers certain producers draw.

    I think you made a good decision going solo.

    • mik_robertson

      I like Angry Joe too but his site is so poorly designed it’s difficult to keep track of his stuff.

  • Merost

    Just like the Angry Video Game Nerd Spoony is “a strong enough brand” to stand on his own.

    Even more so, he is better on his own. Any cooperation or crossovers would just “dilute” his performance: I want with Spoony on it, not some TGWTG 2 page with him having cameo appearances in every video or something like that.

    • antiquarius

      “dilute”. Thats exactly the right word.

      TGWTG is too many reviewers doing too many bad videos, if Spoony has to participate in them it wouldn’t help at all, even worse it would drag him down.

  • Emil Petrunov

    Listening to you for the 40+ minutes of the first episode in this commentary was so… Good. Not “Drug attick taking drugs from the dealer” good. But “Oh wow! The revelation of what’s happened and what has been going on and such” good, where you finally get calmed down after a horrible situation, which turns out isn’t as horrible, where no one is really the villain in the situation and it’s just people’s opinions.

    Thank you for giving the clarification and thank you for being this wonderful Spoony bard, man. ;____; You brought a tear to my eye.

  • Baschy

    He is actually right about the amount of reviewers. The only ones I watch all the time are Doug, Angry Joe, Spoony, Chick, Linkara, Snob and Film Brain. The others like Lupa, Hagan, Paw, Todd, Phelous and all those other new ones … I watch them very rarely.

  • magnusk_98

    Hey, we got your back, Spoony.

    • Inverse

      Got his back from what?

      You seem to suggest there is some enemy to fight here. Did you not hear Spoony’s calm, and reserved commentary about responsibility and leaving the site on semi-friendly, amicable terms.

      • James Miller

        You assume that getting someones back means fighting. Ever hear of moral support, or at least being there for someone?

  • Logion

    Noah, you definitely can act. I think you can safely say that you are a good actor.

  • Kevin Cummings

    This is more than Lupa would give I can tell you that. Seriously, fuck her. She’s an infantile ass hat that isn’t funny and rarely has been. And to be honest, I think Channel Awesome was becoming dead weight on you man. Its good to see that at least Doug and Rob are evolving, seeing as they had planned for the Critic to hang up the hat eventually. But there really wasn’t anything for you there. And as far as some of the other people go, you don’t need them either. Look how quickly they turned on you after Lupa opened her gob and started complaining. I swear it was a lamer version of the Rick Perez/Felicia Day bullshit. With Phealous playing Wil Wheaton as the dubious and annoying white knight. Its like you said, Hope was the only one out of all of this that acted like a fucking adult. I wish you all the best Spoony, had it not been for you, I wouldn’t even know about channel awesome. And as cool as it was in it’s hayday (I guess if you want to call it that) it isn’t what it used to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Linkara, Brad and Joe go their separate ways from CA in the near future. All the best and LONG LIVE THE SPOONY ONE HULK HOGAN!!!

    • Inverse

      You are an incredibly stupid fool.

      It’s like you didn’t listen to, or understand ONE SINGLE THING said in the commentary. You are an ignorant, miserable, uninformed, moron and the perfect example of everything that is wrong with stupid commenting.

    • Inverse

      Also…. you mention an “annoying white knight”?

      Oh ho ho ho ho. The irony of YOU using that term. Hilarious.

    • William Staples

      Did you listen to the commentary at all? You’re saying the exact same things that Spoony said AREN’T true.

  • Kevin Cummings

    Also whats the with the Mahti voice over? Did Barghov split too?

    • Ian


  • Andrew Matthews

    I asumed the downloading scene came from SG1, when o’niel got the repository of ancients

    • L1nk1


  • Inverse

    I’m so glad that Spoony set the record straight. You don’t even know.

    Now everyone can finally shut the hell up and stop bashing Lupa and like ignorant, know-it-all imbeciles who seemed to actually believe, with all the deductive reasoning of an enraged 5-year old, that it was somehow one joke that led Lupa getting Spoony betrayed and fired like some kind of godly martyr of peace and eternal love.

    Actually, I sincerely hope that everyone who EVER believed that for one second or ever commented as such, feels incredibly ashamed and stupid about the way they carried on, and it haunts them for years to come about how they acted online and how truly ignorant they were.

    Now, for the record, once and for all we know…

    * The split was amicable and mostly about a friendly and calmly discussed difference of opinion regarding the financial future of what both parties hoped to attain from mutual changes that were to be enacted on both professional fronts.

    * That Spoony takes full, mature, responsibility for the things he said, and did, and realizes and understands his own personal problems for what they were and personally wishes that he had not said and done some of the things he did, and what they caused.

    * That Doug, Rob, and many producers continue to respect and maintain a professional working relationship with Spoony in the future, as being only a phone call away.

    * That Lupa and Spoony bear absolutely no bad blood between one another, and have moved on to be happy in their own lives.

    Honestly, I think that TGWTG and CA acted professionally and reasonably since day one and still deserve the utmost respect of everyone. And that Spoony likewise deserves the same. Even though he might not have entirely been professional, he is a good enough person to admit and take responsibility for things, and also move on and go his own direction, which he had been planning to do even before there ever was an eruption.

    Next time, all of the fanboys with their ridiculous pre-concieved notions, white-knighting, fanboyish fractured warring and immature, speculative, unnecessary hatred, flag-waving entitlement, severely ignorant, terribly miscalculated and self-humiliating pretension will take to heart the truth of how this situation, which before they only could guess on, and think twice about being utter idiots over a situation that they clearly know nothing about, and have no factual evidence about before going on half-cocked internet trolling internet hate machine crusades.

    But I doubt it. At least THIS mystery was solved. Everyone who speculated, and arrogantly joined in on all the hatred and Lupa and Spoony flag waving sessions and stupid war camp immaturity…. I hope you all feel low and stupid about how a lot of you… and you know who you are…. acted, and have to live with it.

    And to TGWTG, Channel Awesome, Spoony One and everyone else… I say…. Thank you for all the entertainment. All of you. Thank you, I continue to appreciate it and appreciate what each and everyone of you do.. even when you have to deal with the dearth of snapping, snarling, faceless crowds of hatred driven people that claim to be your fans, in spite of it all.

    • Jamie Sheil

      jesus christ man calm down. It’s a great thing that you were right and all, but jesus, so much venom in your comment. Just because some people misread the situation (and with how mysterious the general situation was, it’s understandable). Most people just had the twitter debacle to go off of. And before you start accusing me I didn’t think that Lupa got Spoony fired, but she undoubtedly spurred on the twitter meltdown. Not defending his meltdown or anything, but that’s just how things went.

      This comment is so over the top it puts anything that anybody posted about the incident to shame. “have to live with it”? “haunts them for years to come”? Grow up, I doubt anyones feeling guilty for whats most likely 1 or 2 comments, or perhaps just a general thought about the whole situation. You sound like Sean Penn attacking the people who voted against gay marriage in the state of California, and at least that was over something that effects a lot of peoples lives.

      • Malidictus

        The lesson to take away from this is stop assuming and stop trying to read too much into third-party rumours that may or may not have anything to do with reality. I said it before we knew anything, and it holds true – that’s a personal matter for Spoony and Channel Awesome. If they want to make it public, they will. But until they do, we don’t know. Acting like we do is a mistake.

        • Jamie Sheil

          yeah I get that, but the way Inverse spelled it out he acted as if anyone who had a passing thought on the situation should be deeply ashamed of themselves and reflect on it for many years. Yeah people shouldn’t have gone on speculative tirades, but it’s the internet, it’s what people on the internet do, especially when given very little background information. The fans are a pretty curious bunch.

    • Cart Man

      You are the one raging…NO-ONE has gone on a butthurt rant in months,but that is largely the context of your post.

  • Richard White

    As someone who suffers the same shit as you do i hear you
    you dont need to explain yourself we understand your reasoning
    just keep doing what you love and dont let the bastards get you down
    you was awesome in that special and seriously you need to branch out and try to get a break in televison and earn the big bucks
    im not trying to suck your cock just saying as someone who has been down that dark path and hope that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • yamina-chan

    I don’t mind the fact that you took the time to talk about some current events. It had to be done and I’d rather hear what you have to say about it then read all the crazy theories people come up with who don’t know the real story. At this point, knowing things I could not possibly know a while back, many choices make sense. It also proves once again that just because you’re a fan of something it doesn’t automatically mean you knwo about everything. I for example had no idea that Bhargav had left. There are so many things going on in so many peoples lifes that it is simply impossible to stay aware of everything.
    All fans can really do is to enjoy what they enjoy and support it and the people who make it in the best way they can.
    So thank you once again for doing what you are doing. “Alone” (as some might say) or not, you are still you. Also, thank you for being honest. It is one of the main reasons why you have my respect. No one is a saint, everyone acts like a jerk sometimes, yet it is still possible to be a nice person despite that.
    Best of Luck to you, good sir.
    I will stick arround as long as you’ll let us =)

  • Guest

    The scene where the computer is answering for you, I believe that’s a reference to Flight of the Navigator.

  • somerussianguy

    Well I for one found out about this site through TGWTG, the day you posted the Make My Video video actually. Been a fan ever since.

    • doresh

      I found out about him through the Adamantium Rage crossover with Linkara. I was like: “Who is THAT guy?!” XD

      • Ian

        Ironically, that’s how I found Linkara.

        • doresh

          And Ian is an often used character name of mine. *Dun* *Dun* *DUUUUN* Oo !

    • Mark Horemans

      I ‘discovered’ Spoony on the TGWTG site as well (though i don’t remember with which particular vid, probably something with Dr Insano. i love that character :)

    • Tasshen12

      I found Spoony from the crossover review of Warrior #2-3, although I believe I first saw him in the Battlefield Earth review as Terl (but I didn’t know it was him). After that I searched for his videos and came here.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      I found Spoony looking for Sewer Shark footage because im ashamed to admit… i liked that game back in the day…

    • goodguya

      Alone in the Dark… That was a good crossover.

      • Atmos_Duality

        Brilliant crossover.
        Some of the very best work I saw on TGWTG.

      • Lazar Gruev

        The Thing video game review was my first.

      • Daniel Kong

        Swat 4 lets play was my first exposure to spoony.

      • Godot123

        Final Fantasy X was mine. I was glad to see someone that found Tidus as annoying as I did.

      • BillalH

        My first spoony video was his Dragon Strike Riff on Youtube. The AVGN put out his first “board james” video which happened to be Dragon Strike and in his favorites he liked spoony’s riffs of that video. But even though I loved those videos, I wasn’t hooked to spoony until his Alone in the Dark crossover with Doug and Louis.

    • William Staples

      I first saw Spoony in a cameo in one of Benzaie’s videos. “Hello, my crazy French space lumberjack…” I wouldn’t know who Spoony is without TGWTG.

    • FordXanakov

      I found TGWTG through the first year anniversary brawl (I was a huge AVGN fan at the time). The first video I watched on the site that wasn’t a Doug Walker video was Spoony and Linkara’s Warrior #1. That still holds a special place in my heart as my favorite video of Spoony’s from a purely scripting/joke writing perspective. Can’t believe that video was 3 years ago, Been following Spoony and Linkara religiously for 3 years, and I don’t think that’s gonna change anytime soon.

    • Gborr

      I found Spoony on YouTube back when I was in high-school. My first Sppon-review was Samurai Zombie Nation.
      For me, I actually found TGWTG because of Spoony, as I searched for him once I got stable net-connection at college and found him on the site.

    • Tom Badguy

      First Spoony vids I watched were the FFVIII vids. Have been hooked ever since.

      • Jason Stevens

        I actually would have continued through the rest of my life without seeing the critical flaws of that game if it weren’t for those reviews. Oh how nostalgia is blinding

    • Hollesea

      My first Spoony video was with…PHANTASMAGORIA!!

      • Hollesea

        And you should have seen the look on my wife’s face back then when I told her that I wanted an “I heard that Curtis” T-shirt for Christmas.

    • CornBRED-X

      I found Spoony on Gamespot. He posted his review for Alone in the Dark (2008) there (in case your curious, no I don’t think it’s still there but its the same one he has on this site).

      It was the worst game I’ve played with an interesting idea and Spoony’s review for it, while low key, was very articulate. It’s actually one of his few very standard reviews/opinion pieces. No jokes really, no skits, just his thoughts on it.

      Anyway, I found it really compelling and I ended up watching all his other stuff shortly after that.

    • Minna

      I came here from TGWTG too. I got hooked on Counter Monkey and discovered that they were posted here earlier. I don’t remember my first Spoony video, sadly.

  • doresh

    Well, that departure from TGWTG turned out alot more reasonable than it originally appeared. Glad to hear that.

    It is true that TGWTG has a shitload of reviewers (1 or 2 of which make me question what kind of quality standard the use for hiring, but maybe that’s just me). There are in fact way more guys I WANT to follow than I actually CAN Oo

    And that “Nothing!” was actually you? I’d swear that was Bargov Oo !

    • Zarik Earthfire

      I have to ask, though: if it really went as Spoony is describing, why did Channel Awesome take down his videos? As far as I know, they haven’t done that to anyone else who left more or less amicably.

      • doresh

        Dunno. Might be that Spoony wanted this so that all his videos are on his own site.

      • KL

        Maybe just to make space. Spoony’s going his own way, so why not make room for whoever else will come along.

  • Stephen Sherry

    That scene near the end of this part where the info is streaming on the screen reminds me of Flight of the Navigator when that kid had something like that happen a couple times. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but when I was little it was my favorite movie ;P

  • Michael Sporzynski

    Thank you for explaining the whole Channel Awesome situation, Noah. Even though even without it I would certainly keep watching both your videos and the videos of the CA reviewers I like, it’s nice to have a complete picture.

    Your stance on what happened seems reasonable and balanced as well. You stand by your decisions while also acknowledging that you handled some things badly, and that’s big of you.

    On a related note, I’m happy for you that you’re in a much better place mentally, now.

    And lastly – I think I first stumbled upon your site from one of your crossovers with Channel Awesome producers or something. Or perhaps it was the other way ’round, I discovered CA and your site in a pretty short period of time. Either way, I would not have found one without the other.

  • Matthew Finnegan

    I found Spoony from the alone in the dark review, Linkara too.

  • Gborr

    You can already watch the second commentary if you click on “Recommended Videos” (on the right of the volume-bar, if you wonder).
    It’s quite… somber… x_x

  • Philip Santosuosso

    Flight of the Navigator is where the last sence is from

    A deffinate must see

  • BJakkal

    Firs of all, Spoony i love you work and all.

    With that sad, let me say this: Your “I work every day” and “I work always” feels almost like a lie. Yes, it does. Linkara makes videos every week, so does the Snob and Doug. You can convince me that it takes you 4 weeks to make one video. Even if it does, like later Ultima reviews, you can divide it into 4 parts, make more money in process, and make videos every week for fans. Videos that are like Vlogs and Conter Monkey don’t count, they are
    a) done in one take
    b) with very little or no script
    c) just made and posted, no editing required

    Also, as far as TGWTG “thing” goes, I dont buy it. First Lupa and this:

    New management, as Amassing Atheist would say, made everyone job harder and people got fired or leaving the site. Lot of critics making some subject didn’t help ether. Its a time bomb ready to explode, because of to many people, doing to many same stuff and trying to backstab each other in the process. Its not a friendly family as people thought, its just a mess of people, most of them not worth your time.

    And the movie, it a waist of time. Its great on the technical level, but boring. Too many characters, some more annoying than normal, too many references, ending makes no seance and AVGN cameo as the brightest moment in the movie.

  • Randolph Sparks

    Thank you so much for clearing the air. You didn’t have to do this but the fact that you did really shows both courage and concern for the fans and I have a lot of respect for that. Also I agree with everyone on your acting. Can’t wait to see your performance in the upcoming snob movie. You and Brad were always my two faves.

  • Mateusz K.

    My journey to Spoonyland was a bit bumpy. First of alll… I started my adventure with reviewers through … Irate Gamer. I was watching his stuff and never knew about AVGN…. I learned about him and Nostalgia Critic and blistered thumbs with the help of youtube commetators… switched to AVGN, but found some Nostalgia Critic on his site and finally wound up on the TWTG… I watched all the Nostalgia Critic and through him – all the Nostalgia Chick… but after that there wasn’t much to do. I rememberhow I learned about Linkara and Spoony – with the little help of Alone in the Dark… at first I watched some Linkara but I was picky about it… I only watched the comics from the universe or geanra which I liked and soon there was not enough stuff for me to watch. While I was waiting for more Nostalgia Critic… I decided to look for some stuff on the website… and what I saw was Spoony’s Privateer 2 review. His rant on the original Privateer made me realize that he was almost exactly like me and I am his loyal follower ever since.
    Privateer was and still is my most beloved game of all time. I am into rpg’s since my early teen years and I’ve played most of the same games. I even disliked FF8 to the point that I own it and never finished it… altough I am very fond of some FMV games and actually like anime or cats, but I find that our taste of games, movies and other nerdy stuff is very close. Hell, we even have similar silly nicknames… I got mine also through rpg and it’s also a silly one which I use to this day (about 15 years later).
    I|His take on the TWTG firing is mostly what I would’ve suspected. I also stay mostly on his website and go to TWTG just whenever there is no more Spoony for me.
    I hope that he will continue to do this for as long as he can and finally move to even greatr things in his future. I wish him well… but I will never stop watching his stuff…

  • Jimmy TheFish

    We saw what happend when the nintendo nerd tried to do another show called the “over analyzers” it bombed to the point where they didnt even bother ever putting out the second season of it. I think if you have got a “hit” its better to really capitalize on it and make enough money so you can retire because the chances of striking lighting twice are low, really low.

  • Atmos_Duality

    Well, given the details I now know, this confirms a few theories I had about why Spoony departed from TGWTG, and killed a few other theories I had.

    Though it was good to see my gut instinct was correct, and I should listen to it more often than I do. (namely, the Nostalgia Critic ending his series)

    The worst of it was the shitstorm that followed in its wake, and there’s definitely a lesson about the importance of not losing your head when your job relies in part on your public image.

    In the end, it wasn’t Spoony who lost out on my (insignificant/paltry) traffic, but Obscurus Lupa, Phelous, and LordKat, since a fair amount of what they said didn’t match up with the reality of the situation.

    • ilya sul

      I think it’s safe to say that LordKat, although not being directly involved, handled the situation the absolute worst. Even if someone’s being an asshole, you don’t advise him to kill himself with his brother’s gun.

  • Kenneth Dunlop

    Too right, Spoony. TGWTG has too many reviewers, and it really dilutes these movies. I don’t envy the writers who have to cram all these characters into the same script and make it work. It also means that no matter which reviewers you like, they’re not going to get much screen time. The whole thing often comes across as a glorified advert for all the reviewers on the site.

    I actually think that ‘To Boldly Flee’ did a really good job including everyone, but it’s still a problem.

  • Zach Bonner

    It’s funny, Brad stole the show in “Kickassia”, Noah stole the show in “Surburban Knights” and then they both stole the show in “To Boldly Flee”. Did someone say “important assets”?

  • James Miller

    How can they not pay you, and yet tell you that you represent the “company”?

    Keep being an asshole, that’s why we love you.

  • Lazar Gruev

    I hate that the whole scandal with Lupa subconsciously made me avoid her videos. Oh well, I choose you Spoony!

  • John Sweeney

    I had no idea you were on their website until it was announced you had been removed -_-

    Also i agree, alot of the critics have too much crossover and there are too many of them who are frankly small-fry. I knew about 50% of the people in TBF and i know a LOT more than most. I think a large part of them are simply too obscure.

  • John Sweeney

    Their site is a nightmare. I see their videos usually through your site or Snob’s site. Snob also has a similar kind of relationship you did with the site, he’s got his own community.

  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    I think we are about the same age (give or take a few months), that being said I stumbled upon your site when retro gaming was starting to become the mainstream again about 4-5 years ago. Before the bubble burst (as you bravely pointed out) there were only about a half dozen reviewers doing this kind of work, but the recent over saturation has really killed the enthusiasm for seeking out this niche of entertainment. While disappointing, it’s not entirely unexpected. It’s amazing how fast 5 years goes by when you get a bit older, but alot of people who are taking up the review/sketch model literally consider you part of their formative years. Other than the old guard of Spoony/AVGN/Snob, I think this whole genre has run it’s course and some of the newer critics might want to consider evolving the format to make it fresh again.

    Otherwise, glad to hear your site and life are back on track. Hope this settles the dust and gets you back to making videos again. The let’s play, retrospectives, & FMVH are an amazing companion (although productivity kryptonite) in my 2nd monitor while working on the Interwebs, Cheers!

  • Antti Iisakki Bräysy

    I actually “found” you through because of review of Alone in the Dark.

  • buzzNact

    Can someone please help me get Springboard working? My thought maybe is maybe it’s not working because I have some kind of ad blocker on, as I never get any ad’s for anything. I would turn it off but I have no idea how… I have tried complacently disabling Kaspersky (my program which handle’s all that stuff) but the player still doesn’t work. Someone please help me, I miss watching Spoony videos :(

  • Rebecca Amos

    To answer your question Spoony about the scene where you’re being asked by Luke, Brad and Bennett is from “Flight of the Navigator”. Good movie, you should watch it sometime.

  • detis

    The whole Ma-ti talking through the screen with green text is from Sphere with Sam Jackson, where the entity from that movie is inside Jackson and it communicates with the rest of the cast through a computer. The remember spam is also from that. As far as the screen flashing images I think I’m with Spoony on that reference.

  • Carteeg_Struve

    Alone in the Dark is how I discovered TGWTG. I went from hearing about Spoony on TV Tropes, to watching the reviews, to seeing the Alone in the Dark, to going over to ‘That Guy’.

    I still find it funny that my first NC video is the one where he is doing a Stephen Hawking impression.

    I’m still finding some new people I like on TGWTG, but they come in drips and drabs. Also many times I’ll like the reviewer, but the material they cover isn’t for me (the Snob is a good example; though I tend to stick to his Midnight Showing vlogs). However then there are just the reviewers I plainly don’t care for due to the fact I just don’t care for them, or it’s because their shtick got old (Phelous, LAG, Lupa, E-rod, etc). Still, there are a batch I do regularly watch when they come up on the site (nChick, Todd, FB, Bennet, etc), and then there are those I just go straight to blip for (Linkara, Welshy, etc.). I try to give new people a shot, but if they don’t impress me, then they don’t impress me. And then there are the ones I’m still trying to figure out (Hagan).

    Regardless, the Counter Monkey videos here and the general video game and movie reviews are some of the best I’ve come across. So I’m checking this site just about as often as TGWTG. But I do agree that their site needs MAJOR reworking. The side slider is horrible. They should probably randomize the order for everything released on the same day. Also If anybody has a long title for their video, the “watch video” link disappears and you can’t click on the icon to get to the video. You have to go to the main rotating banner or find the link. And the sublists of recent videos that make up most of the page is useless. I don’t want to have to hunt to see if something new is put up. And MOST importantly, why am I bitching about this here on a now mostly completely unrelated site….?

    I’m going to shut up now.

  • Tom Badguy

    Spoony, I don’t really think you needed to explain everything. Meaning, I hope you went over everything because you just wanted to, not that you felt like you needed too based on any pressure or anything. Your life, do what you want with it, it’s really none of our business in the first place. But I do appreciate the somewhat inside look at CA and I respect the fact that you can still be cool with them regardless of what happens. I also give you mad respect for the fact that you want to do what you want, say what you want, and you didn’t really let anyone intimidate you or pressure you into changing who you are. That’s a quality that seems to be dead nowadays. Everyone wants to change themselves to be liked or accepted instead of just being who they are. Good stuff, bro.

  • sbkMulletMan

    It’s good to see Noah getting better. I’m also Bi-Polar and just getting a half-decent doctor who doesn’t have their head up their ass is a challenge. I even mentioned last year that during the worst of my “down” episodes, Spoony was the ONLY thing that managed to make me laugh (“The day the ass-counter exploded was the day I started getting better” were my words). Now, a year later, I don’t think I even need the doctors and medication anymore. And when I think about my own improvement, it makes me hopeful and optimistic for Spoony. That’s why I was always patient with Spoony and never bitched when his work was slow, because I know first hand how it goes, and it completely interferes with one’s life. That’s why I’m happy to see Spoony doing better.

    Finding those balancing middle-grounds in life is a bitch. Stabilization can be tough to maintain. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and you just gotta do what you gotta do. And it’s good to admit when something is a reason, but not an excuse. That’s exactly how I described my own dickish behaviors during my manic episodes, and I cheered Spoony on when he used the same description.

    Sometimes, you have to do what’s best for you. It’s good to give yourself time and space to build up to be a better person. Yeah, shit happens along the way, that’s how life goes, but it doesn’t have to just linger there. It’s always good to clean things up and move on to better things. Sometimes, a fresh change in direction is just what people need, and this applies to many things mentioned in the commentary. People have to move on.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Neil Gaiman, it’s that nobody has to stay anywhere forever.

  • Velvet Fog

    The flashing info on the monitor is actually a reference to the Disney Movie Flight of the Navigator when NASA takes Fred Savage and hooks his brain to a computer and it begins answering all these questions.

  • Randall Bohannan

    I discovered Spoony back a few years ago when he did reviews in the back of a comic book, Knights of the Dinner Table. That company eventually let Spoony go due to negative fan feedback; I was in the minority defending him but to no avail. It turned out for the best though, as he got into TGWTG not long after & started his video reviews. Now, years later, he has moved on beyond TGWTG, but that’s ok. TGWTG has good people there still, & I will still watch them (Lupa too) but Spoony will always remain my favorite. His style & humorous approach to reviews always bring a laugh & smile after a hard day. My 2 cents.

  • Faust

    Seems utterly ridiculous and such small potatoes. This type of behavior (and i mean on all sides) is usually what you find on the back stories of Saturday Night Live. And at least on SNL it’s for millions of dollars…

    Spoony, glad to see you’re doing better. But you really gotta learn to pick your battles.

  • Michael Shallenberger

    I’m so happy to have even just a small info on the you leaving thing, but to be honest I don’t care anymore though. As long as you’re gonna keep going then I’m gonna keep watching.

  • Kaitos Drakath


  • Nico Havia

    I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I think Noah should never have joined TGWTG, it only dragged him down and surrounded him with mediocrity. The cross-overs were really boring and whenever Noah was involved in something, it seemed like he was the only one who had anything to offer. Like Noah said, there was so many people that he didn’t even know who most of them were. It was a clusterfuck and most of them sucked anyway.

    Anyway, I respect your reasons for joining and so forth, but leaving was definitely the right thing to do.

    • theshamster

      But if Noah didn’t join TGWTG, we’d never see his Turl, Dr Insano and himself interacting with the others and providing us with delightfully wholesome belly-laughs.

      • KL

        Yeah, I’m not one for keeping something I love all to myself, to a smaller group. If he didn’t come to That Guy, I’d probably never have tried Spoony’s show out.

        I don’t detest crossovers and new elements being brought in. If all of it’s not gold, that’s alright with me. Why can’t experiments be made?

    • Atmos_Duality

      I dunno about the crossovers. The only major dud that sticks out in my mind is when LordKat helped him finish Pumpkinhead’s Revenge (his tag-up with Film Brain wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly excellent either).

      And Alone in the Dark was absolutely brilliant; a shame we didn’t see them do that sort of three-man riffing again.

  • Browned79

    I found Spoony first, I played the FMV games (back in the day) and loved watching the Spoony replay/MST3000 type vids on these games, especially Phantasmagoria 2. Enjoyed everything that has done since. I went to TGWTG/etc later on. I like many of the producers that I have seen but its hard to watch many beyond a core group. Only so many hours in a day and lots of other stuff to do (work, family, faith, volunteering etc). To be fair, I try to seek out/watch a new producer’s video as time allows, hopefully like once a week. So, I do try and get to know other producers. It has paid off. I was not one of the first people to find out about Film Brain, but one week I decided to try something new and liked it. Their are many examples like that for me. That was one reason I liked the cameos, because I could put an image to the name and be like “Yeah, that is so-and-so and I should try and watch something she or he did later on this week”. The TGWTG web page always seemed to be a bit…off. I do not know much about what goes on behind the scenes in terms of office politics, bickering, biting, romances, seedy sex scandals and unmarked graves etc. So, I have no clue when someone asks (other fans) me who I think is ‘really’ a pain to work with or who is dating who or in the closet or whatever.I probably end up being the last to find out, among all of the fans/viewers. But hearing about
    that stuff can put things in perspective, when you are just a lowly civilian viewer, and remind you just how difficult producing the content can be. Also, glad to hear that Spoony is doing better, health wise I only caught the tail end of the twitter stuff (I was almost always the last to know in high school and college as well,hehe). I dealt with mental health issues in my family (and personally), so I can relate. Mental health care is much better then it was (less burning at the stakes and less “touching yourself will make you go blind”,) but access is still a problem, that may be partly helped with the health care reforms, and well, yes, we got some nice 21st century meds…..

  • Browned79

    I found Spoony first, I played the FMV games (back in the day) and loved watching the Spoony replay/MST3000 type vids on these games, especially Phantasmagoria 2. Enjoyed everything that has done since. I went to TGWTG/etc later on. I like many of the producers that I have seen but its hard to watch many beyond a core group. Only so many hours in a day and lots of other stuff to do (work, family, faith, volunteering etc). To be fair, I try to seek out/watch a new producer’s video as time allows, hopefully like once a week. So, I do try and get to know other producers. It has paid off. I was not one of the first people to find out about Film Brain, but one week I decided to try something new and liked it. Their are many examples like that for me. That was one reason I liked the cameos, because I could put an image to the name and be like “Yeah, that is so-and-so and I should try and watch something she or he did later on this week”. The TGWTG web page always seemed to be a bit…off. I do not know much about what goes on behind the scenes in terms of office politics, bickering, biting, romances, seedy sex scandals and unmarked graves etc. So, I have no clue when someone asks (other fans) me who I think is ‘really’ a pain to work with or who is dating who or in the closet or whatever.I probably end up being the last to find out, among all of the fans/viewers. But hearing about
    that stuff can put things in perspective, when you are just a lowly civilian viewer, and remind you just how difficult producing the content can be. Also, glad to hear that Spoony is doing better, health wise I only caught the tail end of the twitter stuff (I was almost always the last to know in high school and college as well,hehe). I dealt with mental health issues in my family (and personally), so I can relate. Mental health care is much better then it was (less burning at the stakes and less “touching yourself will make you go blind”,) but access is still a problem, that may be partly helped with the health care reforms, and well, yes, we got some nice 21st century meds…..

  • The_kth77

    I’m really glad to finally get the story from the horse’s mouth. While I love THWTG and the C.A. fellows I really feel that the announcement of your departure was very poorly handled. they did not address any of the rumors flying around, gave very little information leaving the said rumors to bubble and germinate. But now I have the facts, and I feel infinitely more at ease, especially glad to hear that you still are on good terms with the walkers and other producers (Hopefully Lewis as well). As for acting, for as long as I’ve followed your work I’ve always felt your strength was acting, especially comedic acting. You have a fantastic energy that often keeps me in stitches even if I have a polar opposite opinion on what you are saying (No easy feat, I have a bad tendency to get hostilely defensive of my opinions and tastes, a bad habit I freely admit). I now excitedly await to see where you go from here, as I do with the walker’s venture’s.

  • Dallas Sheffield

    5) Google The Amazing Atheist
    6) You don’t watch the site much, do you?

    • Louis Lovechild Haggard

      Actually id quite like to know what the Welshy/Sad Panda thing is as well, is it meant to be common knowledge?

      • nyerere

        id second that (or third). Maybe hes referring to when welshy (openly) said he had a haitus due to depression and CA said that was ok,

    • Vismutti

      Are you talking about how Panda and Welshy make fun of the site or what? Because if so, I think you’re missing the point. There is such a thing as poking fun at the thing you like. I think both of them really love the site despite their very different style and critical approach.
      But I realize that there may be something I’ve missed. I’d be surprised if so but it could happen.

      • Dallas Sheffield

        Even Panda admitted that he is hard to work with.

  • Dallas Sheffield

    Where’s Part 3/4/5/6/7/8?

  • Fhqwhgads Morloch

    on 5. The Amazing Atheist was on the site for a short time and did some great videos there. It was under another name though and he isn’t even in the menue any more. He is still in the Wiki. Look for “The distressed Watcher”.
    In a FAQ video he put up on his youtube channel he mentioned that he left the site because he always got the bottom spot in the days queue and thought he didn’t deserve that if I remember correctly.

    • Billy Floyd

      And the Welshy/Panda thing?

  • sakusakusakura nyo

    Spoony, you are an AMAZING actor and you could definitely be a lead role in Hollywood movies and not just internet ones. To Boldly Flee turned out really well. I think you did a great job explaining what was going on with the whole CA situation for us fans who were still kind of wondering what’s up.

    Yeah, the TGWTG website is crowded now with all theses reviewers so I didn’t know who everybody in the movie was. I found out about genius of the Nostalgia Critic from the AVGN’s website after they did their first crossover thing where they had a fake feud, and I was just blown away by how funny his movie reviews were. Then I got into watching all the Spoony and Linkara videos too shortly after that because they were without a doubt the next biggest attraction to the Channel Awesome after the NC. As for the other characters who really stand out, Cinema Snob is always very funny in these specials so I’d like to check out his videos next. I’ll try to watch the anime reviews the women do sometime too because I like that kind of stuff. The 8 Bit Mickey dude wore a cool Derpy Hooves shirt but I couldn’t find him anywhere on the TGWTG site. I had to google him to find out what he was all about. I’m sure all the other reviewers and producers are great, but like Spoony said, most people won’t have time to check out everybody.
    Having an internet meltdown on everybody for whatever reason is just something that happens to people sometimes. I’m glad everyone’s moved on and cool with each other again and I’m looking forward to seeing what Spoony does in the future because I know it’s going to be great.

  • Jason Stevens

    The only reason I ever found TGWTG is because of Spoony, in fact it took about a year of following spoony religiously before I even found the energy to check it out. I’m curious to see where both respective parties go. I hope this video will but at least a partial cease to the constant internet gossip.

  • Talon Roberson

    I’ve been a fan of yours since ’07, and I will always be a fan. I really appreciate your honesty in owning up to what happened on Channel Awesome, and I understand why you left. I visit your site more anyways cause there is just too much on theirs. Anyway great job on this movie and the others as well as your own work. And good luck with the bipolar disorder, I have a friend whose father also has it and I know from a personal standing how challenging and difficult it is to deal with.

  • KL

    I just had to read the comments, because i’m so behind on listening to this commentary. I have no freaking clue about the drama and happenings at TGWTG. Maybe I’m better for it, but I don’t invest into online communities that much anymore.

    It’s funny, because i started reading up on The Distressed Watcher issue (it had to do with some guy spamming comment threads on TGWTG) and that led me to some site that just spelled out all the behind-the-scenes stuff of the site. I guess if you’re big enough, you get the TMZ treatment.

  • Derek Gruner

    I first saw Spoony in the Alone in the Dark review. After that I searched for more of his work, and the first ever SpoonyExperiment vidoe that I watched was… The Dungeonmaster. Yes, my first ever taste of the SpoonyExperiment didn’t actually have the Spoony One in it. Still loved it though.

  • Andrew Smith

    The first Spoony video I remember seeing was either the finale of his SWAT Let’s Play, Pumpkinhead, or The Thing, since it’s my favorite movie. I went back and systematically watched all of his videos and have stuck with it for not a small number of years.

    • Christine Dean

      Mine would have to be his “Nightmare video board game review” there were some parts I agreed with and some parts I didn’t agree with. But all in all, what made it stand out for me was because I too used to have that game and play it with my friends&family when I was younger so I just laughed relating to all the jokes Spoony made with “The Gate Keeper” and of course who could forget Lee’s epic staredown. That was the review that got me into watching his other reviews.

  • Jacob Garvey

    To be fair, I think you’ve gained a lot of fans through the crossovers. I was originally just an AVGN fan, I know I discovered some of my favorite reviewers from the crossovers (Joe, Lewis, Doug, Ben, Brad etc.)

  • Bryan Clark

    Glad to know you on still on good terms with Linkara and Snob. You guys all work well together and I always love the crossovers. I agree with you 100% on the massive overflow of critics on the site and you can’t keep track anymore. I check the site out almost everyday and I’m always asking myself if I know this person.

    I also believe that SK was a big mess and I hated it, so I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but considering what was going on and how well it was done, I was completely taken by surprise. I enjoyed every moment of it.

    It’s still sad to see you no longer a part of TGWTG, but things do change and I always kept that in the back of my mind. Guys like you, Doug, James, Brad and Lewis have some amazing potential for bigger and better things. Keep climbing Spoony.

  • Matthew Dean Collin

    Spoony, Im glad you stood up for himself and did what you wanted to do. You always post really funny videos, and I know you will just continue to expand your business. And tgwtg were probably really happy to have you at the site for the time, but times are changing, and it’s cool to see they didn’t completely freak up about it (except for the suspension). Anyway, Im supporting you on your decision, and I hope to see what the future brings

  • Ben T. Simon

    I don’t know if anyone posted this answer, but as I recall the entire brain scan scene, flashing pictures included, came from Flight of the Navigator.

  • Strelnikov

    I just wanted to point out that the computer screen’s green on black lettering is a reference to “Wargames”. Also that the people who made “Flight of the Navigator” stole some of their computer animations from “Alien”, mainly the wireframe planet with the “magnifying” frames. Watch the landing sequence in “Alien”, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  • Frank Rice

    Even though this is pretty pointless…My opinions on some of your points some positive, some negative.

    Their website sucks yes. So does yours…I don’t see the problem with that. Pretty much ALL of your websites suck.

    The political discussion and the too many reviewers and concerns about their new direction I totally buy. It’s extremely idiotic of Doug to kill off the character that the site is pretty much branded around…Basically you’ve destroyed your brand. Also, I’m sorry while a few of you have some rather ok acting chops…for the most part trying to do some sort of drama show simply isn’t going to work. You’re simply NOT professional actors. That really isn’t going to work. Trying to do something where you actually review tech products and games like TechTV was could work rather well…but yeah doing some drama like they seem to have planned? It’s not going to work or be ‘good’.

    As to your own acting chops, personally I think you’ve got good timing. But no you’re not an actor. You could be one. But you REALLY need to take some acting classes. Lots of acting classes. You’ve got some natural talent yes, but you’re not a professional by any means. That doesn’t mean it’d be pointless in my opinion to go after being an actor if you’re interested in really acting, but you need to learn a lot more before you can do that.

    As to this movie…Sorry thought it sucked. As you said way too many characters and way too many scenes for them to be in. Made it pretty damn awful in my opinion. Sorry, but I really didn’t want a prolonged drama and story as well as pretty much a complete Star Trek and Star Wars spoof. Overall your Brawl and then Kickassia were far superior to this production and Suburban Knights basically because you all got that you were supposed to be being funny. That didn’t happen in this movie and but for a few scenes, didn’t enjoy any of To Boldly Flee.

    As to your psychological issues glad you got help and are more level now. Hopefully it allows you to move forward well with your life. Hope to see more from you in the future.

    • KL

      I don’t care that you have a less than positive opinion. In fact, I prefer it to rah rah cheerleader type feedback, but you’re kind of a downer. Saying that no one should have any ambition to go any further than being an internet critic. I say go for whatever, because I wouldn’t have thought that some guys on the internet could make a well known brand out of just talking in front of a camera.

      • Frank Rice

        I didn’t say that Spoony shouldn’t aspire to be more. Just said he needs classes and isn’t just an immediate natural actor. He CAN’T just jump in to some professional movie. He isn’t on that level. Some B movie as a bit part probably could. But is that what he wants? I do think Spoony could be the host of some sort of show with his charisma and natural talent…But does he have the ego to not be the star? Don’t really think so and that isn’t what he seemed to indicate he wanted to do.

        In regards to this movie in specific also don’t think Doug is too bad an actor either…but again could use actual acting classes. Snob? Probably the best of the bunch. Other then that though…no. Their acting isn’t on the level of direct to DVD/SyFy movie fare. So if the plan is to put more of those producers in a original drama, sorry can’t see that as being anything but MST3K levels of bad.
        Also, yes this site is better designed then TGWTG…but that isn’t saying much. This site loads slowly…the amount of Flash/HTML5 video tags on the front page makes the site load slowly as well as being univewable on most mobile devices. There isn’t an RSS feed…There are no ‘articles’. Blogs and video updates? Maybe some sort of live stream to show us a window into the content creation…Video sorting and navigation is pretty bad too. Again so many places for improvement.

        Just to clarify none of that is to say I don’t enjoy Spoony. I quite do. But I’m not a blind fanboy whose going to say Spoony and other TGWTG producers have no defects in their shtick.

        • KL

          OK, fair enough.

          • nyerere

            Got to agree with some of it and i like a considered view of spoony. I honestly think TWGTG producers saw redlettermedias “Half in a Bag ” and feel like they need to do a similar thing.

  • Strelnikov

    You are an angry person.

    • KL

      He also didn’t listen to the commentary. Spoony said that he doesn’t use his mental issues as any excuse for what he’s said or done.

      • Andromeda

        That is exactly what I was getting at. He uses them as an excuse, but then writes it all off by saying “I’m not trying to use them as an excuse”. Simply saying so doesn’t make it so and he seriously lacks any ability to truly own up to what he does.

        • nyerere

          You made some valid points until the “smack sense into you ” bit

        • KL

          He said that he did what he did and he’s not going back on it. I missed the whole twitter issue between he and lupa (despite following both of them) but in this commentary he says that he said what he said and he’s not shying away from it.

  • Kirk Davis

    I’ll simply say this. I’ve worked with special needs kids and teens for years. I have a lot of experience with multiple diagnosis and many combinations. I don’t fully understand where you were coming from with dealing with things like bipolar or maybe depression, but I do understand from the perspective of someone who works with that professionally.

  • KL

    Even if Spoony was lying through his teeth (why would he?), between him and you, I’m listening to what Spoony has to say, because you’re just a viewer and Spoony actually was part of this whole thing.

    Don’t take it so seriously, dude.

  • Bob Quattrocchi

    I feel most of your complaints with Channel Awesome are valid. I’ve followed CA since its origin and for what its worth I found your videos through CA (which I subsequently found through AVGN). But honestly it has gotten far far too bloated and there are waaaay too many “critics” on there and I honestly feel most of them are very poor. Interesting to get a glimpse of everything that goes on behind the scenes there. Your exit may not have been that graceful but I still look forward to your future vids.

  • Felipe Aguena

    No matter what happens, how bad shit goes down we’ll always be here with you bro! you fucking rock Spoony

  • Tristan Pendergrass

    Agree that the layout of TGWTG is terrible. Nearly anything would be better than the way it is now! I spent like ten minutes trying to find the link to Jesu Otaku’s video list, it’s ridiculous.

    I guess I’m in the minority in really liking the sloppy and over crowded nature of the anniversary movies. The more the merrier in my opinion, but I’m baffled by the fact that they won’t pay you for it. Since they’re selling all the copies of the dvd in pre order I would think there would be at least some money to go around to everyone involved.

    My only hope is that you will continue to do crossovers with people from TGWTG on occasion, they are hands down my favorite videos.

    • KL

      They have the drop down menu arranged under all these names, when it would be better grouped in genre categories: music, video games, film, animation, etc.

  • Jonathan Mahlberg

    Thank you for explaining the situation. I learned of TGWTG through you, and you are still my favorite reviewer.

  • Eric Starr

    Really agree on the overpopulation of the site. I mean there were lots before but it’s gone Insano lately. There were some people in the movie I only knew by name but have never gotten around to their videos so I had no idea who they really were. I was watching the opening and thought – “damn, that’s way too many title characters.” Regarding the site design, totally agree. It took me a while just to track down the 8 parts of To Boldly flee the other day.

    I will say that I came to this site originally from tgwtg after watching one of your FFVIII vids and from there made spoonyexperiment part of my regular site visits. Of course, if it’s staying with Springboard I may have to jump ship like I did with Joe’s site as my computer just can’t handle it (even with the settings, etc you noted in another post) – sorry.

    Still, can’t wait to see what comes next from you :)

  • SeanMcTiernan

    Yeah, I’ve had issues with trying to find stuff on TGWTG, it’s a pain in the butt trying to find something you want that isn’t the top names on the site, and they don’t really showcase their newcomers in any way. Each producers seems to have their own divvy on how they’ve decided to arrange things, and it just makes for a huge glut.

  • Ollie

    I am surprised that Spoony would say that he didn’t get any more traffic after being affiliated with TGWTG. I discovered him through the first year anniversary. I have been a fan ever since.

  • Cart Man

    You wern’t there.You don’t know the people involved.You have a OPINION,that is all.
    Give it up.

  • RobinAdams78

    The shit flashing on the screen is referencing K-PAX, I think.

    For what it’s worth, I think you made the right choice. Look back at the first anniversary, especially the behind the scenes videos: there was a party atmosphere, which led to some great creativity and comedy. If now people are squabbling over traffic and exposure, then they’re never going to get that back.

    I like the huge size of TGWTG now myself; I like that I can just pick a name at random from the list and watch somebody I’ve never seen before. But expanding too fast is a recipe for internal politics if you’re not careful, and it sounds like Channel Awesome weren’t. It’s a real shame.

    I don’t think internet reviewing’s going to die; there will always be people who want to rant, and people who want to listen to rants. But it is going to change, and I don’t think anyone can predict how.

    Five years ago, everyone was an amateur, sitting down with a mic and venting their spleen as a hobby; and if it brought in a few pennies from ad revenue, that was a nice little bonus. It’s great that you can now make a living from it, but I think it would be a mistake to lose that amateur feel. Good luck to you all!

  • zanmaru

    After all the vitriol spewed a few months back, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear reasonable, level-headed, and dare I say it, mature commentary. Good that they got your meds situated. It can sometimes take years to find just the right one (or combination even).

    So welcome back to normality. Sounds like it’s been a hell of a trip.

  • Andrew Leubecker

    No doubt you’ve heard this a bunch already. But That entire scene with the computer going crazy as your sub-concious answers questions is lifted right out of “The Flight of the Navigator.” A Disney Sci-Fi Cult classic from the 80s I’d highly recommend it.

  • random-shane

    life goes on, people move, take on different jobs, meet new people, etc etc and in the end it’s all ok. Don’t really need to make up so much drama BS.

  • FireFighter214

    Flight of the Navigator

  • Keon Marek

    Good to see you are still friends or aquatinces with reveiwers, and you are doing better ya i knew there had to be more than just one person at fault which i was getting from comments either it was you or Lupa

  • Benjamin Nate Zalneraitis

    I know that I was brought here four years ago by a bookmark on my friend’s old computer, and now I watch at least twenty critics on that guy with the glasses, most of whom did crossovers with you, or were featured on your website. I don’t know if the traffic mixing would have worked as well in the other direction, but it certainly worked in their favor, in my case.

  • peterblue11

    I found ur site first through …really odd link with ur old SWAT videos. then i found tgwtg via ur site. so business wise i guess maybe u made the right decision. hope u can keep friendship up with linkara and snob and filmbrain. crossovers with them are so awesome.

    RE: the problem of number of critics in a video: just have a viewer voting!! so easy. the best people wud defo get chosen….

  • IHeart28

    To add my own appeal to the “elephant in the room”, I am really happy you and TGWTG moved on from the drama and huge twitter fiasco. I’m also really glad you have moved on with your life and are planning to continue on your business even if you’re no longer with channel awesome. As a fan of you, I’ll personally be there to check on your videos and enjoy them as I can. Also, you being allowed to make crossovers with people such as Cinema Snob and Linkara made me smile, I’m glad things turned out so well. Anyways, really honest, sincere and enjoyable part to the commentary. I too really love the scenes of you on the computer screen and finding out ma-ti is in the plot-hole

  • Tony Leitner

    Hey spoony I know how it is i have told you quite a few times that i am also dealing with bi-poler
    you did the right thing by seeking help and no I was not offended by
    your statement in fact i have been waiting to hear your side of it and
    just proved my point LK is a dick and should never of put his nose in
    your businesses if it was between you and lupa why did Kat say something
    because he is bitter that you where more popular then he was on TGWG
    and him saying that you and Joe balcked balled him from interviews is
    stupid he could of gotten those if he just fucking had a back bone keep
    up the great work and dont let the hatters get you down

    Your friend and fan
    Tony Leitner

  • Pete Naggi

    Somebody’s probably already mentioned this, but I’m pretty sure the spasm in the chair scene comes from Flight of the Navigator. I know the part where your brain is answering questions for you definitely does.

    EDIT: Ah. Many people already mentioned it. I should read comments first, I guess.

  • MichaelKz

    You make some really good points Spoony. The site is kind of crappy. While I did learn about other reviewers through, and then only because others on a forum I go to were posting Nostalgia Critic videos, it was a bit of a paint to find videos from the other reviewers. Once I did, I either stuck to watching their reviews on either their own websites or following them on One thing I don’t like about the videos on are the comments section. You can tell the place gets high traffic, which is good, I guess, but man are there a lot of idiots who post comments about the videos.

    I’m glad to learn that your split with was amicable. When all of that ugliness was going on Twitter, it seemed to have been spurred on by self-righteous outsiders (ie: fans) more than anyone else.

    I think you’re right about some reviewers needing to move onto other things and how a lot of them have grown after years of experience making their videos. A couple of months ago, even MarzGurl expressed a desire to not be doing the same thing for the rest of her life.

    You seem like an okay guy and quite a good actor too. Your Dr. Insano character is terrific.

  • Lockgar

    Spoony, I love almost everything you have done, and have been a fan of you ever since your ff8 review part 3, 4, or 5, I don’t remember, it was so long ago. So I have been a long time fan.

    You are probably saying way more personal stuff about your personal life then you should ever say on these videos. You should probably stop that. Although I’m glad to hear you are getting better.

  • Kevin Cummings

    Yeah…yeah he pretty much addressed everything I said while was watching it…and you’re right I didn’t watch it before hand. I just heard Lupa’s name and then raged

  • Kevin Cummings

    No sense in trying to deny it. I was being a silly bitch and Ran my mouth before actually listening. Better to just own up to it and apologize for my idiocy…that said, I seriously do not like Lupa. Funniest thing she ever did was get punched in the face by the snob

    • MichaelKz

      How can you hate a woman who appreciates the American Ninja movies?

      • KL

        Yeah, I don’t hate her either, and even if I did, I wouldn’t take sides on it just because I like Spoony’s work.

  • Jesse Bissell

    One of my favorite things to do is sit down with a nice Chipotle burrito and a Mexican coke and see what new videos you and the snob have up. I thank you for doing them.

  • Davits Mike

    I remember you in maplestory we met quite some time ago im not too sure if it was you for real but i do remember saying that i enjoyed your stuff and you made me laugh my ass off i enjoy your sense of humor please keep up the good work.

  • Edward Graham Peeler Jr.

    I really appreciate you making this commentary and getting this all out in the open. As a fan of yours, what’s been really scary is watching a lot of this go for months and not knowing why. I really appreciate you telling us more or less what happened and your side of events. You also sound a million times better. I think the new meds are just the thing for you. I agree with what you said; it’s like night and day. You’ve also apologized for your behavior as well which is the right thing to do, so thank you.

    You sound like your doing a lot better and making this statement was the mature and right thing to do.

    I think it’s been a rough couple years for you and it’s been a rough year for them. But like you said, this movie was about change and it was reflective of the changes in both and them as businessmen and artists. I’m glad your friendship with them has endure. Part of the reason I have watch and supported you and Channel Awesome for so long is you all seem like very kind, talented people that like working with each other. It was upsetting to see that tested but I’m glad you all made it through. I will continue to support you and Channel Awesome in both of your future endeavors as well as cherishing your classics.

    And yes, dude. You are a talented actor. None of us would be here if you were not.

    Take care man. Much love. I look forward to what you’ve got in store next.

    Oh, and by the way. Go hang out with Asalieri and Razorfist. They are awesome reviewers and they are in your area.

  • Eric Hall

    Good to actually hear more of the story. When something happens on CA, everyone tries to keep things as quiet as possible and pretend like it never happened where they barely if at all give explanations as to why someone left and or got fired, like with ThatAussieGuy. The joke wasn’t in great taste but I still to this day can’t figure out why Lupa was offended as not only it wasn’t directed towards her but it’s not like she was defending JO because JO wasn’t even offended by it. It almost felt like she was rubbing your nose in it. And while I’d probably be angry if I was in your position, it was clear you didn’t handle your anger very well which I’m glad to hear you admit

    The ONLY one who actually acted flat out childish was Lord Kat, who ironically, didn’t really have anything to do with this drama, since Lord Kat isn’t even on TGWTG. He was basically just kicking while you were down which is pretty low as he not only went after you, but Angry Joe and The Distressed Watcher. It was one of the most childish hate-filled rants I’ve heard in a long time and I still can’t figure out why Lord Kat’s stuff is STILL on TGWTG since he left and released that rant, and yet YOUR stuff gets taken down. I don’t get it.

    • Strelnikov

      And what of Apollo Z. Hack?

      I was going to mention the long, should have been done privately, Livestream conversation on YouTube*, but I didn’t want to start things. Or the long LordKaT “Spoony should kill himself rant”, which is also on YouTube. Jason Pullara has issues.

      I agree that the Channel Awesome stock behavior when faced with an accident or any other crisis has been to “delete everything” then deny the episode was that big. They should just own up to their past fiascoes and move on, it would save them a lot of online grief.


      * It’s in twelve pieces on the “James Russell” channel; turn up the volume.
      “Kitchensink3″ has the rant, titled “LordKat Live (6/21/12): Lordkat is sick of Spoony.”

      Everything winds up on YouTube.

      • KL

        I actually found this site where some assholes (it’s some 4chan style site, trust me, my assessment of them is right) and they documented basically all of the Spoony twitter issue. Man, I wish everyone could just be friends, but after reading all that, I just hate the evil power the internet puts in our hands. Just venom spewed everywhere.

    • Christine Dean

      I agree partially, I still believe the only person who came out worse after this was both LordKat and Spoony’s more rabid insane fanboys making the rest of the sane ones look bad. The latter is pretty self-explanitory,.but in my opinion LordKat obviously had some baggage issues with Spoony and Angry Joe. Which really did leave a bitter taste in my mouth after hearing it.

      Lupa and Spoony I can forgive over this. But Lordkat….nope, no way.

      But I do agree its odd that he is still considered a partner with them and not Spoony anymore.. Though, after what happened on his live stream, I don’t think Spoony would have liked the idea anyway of having his site next to LordKat’s site. So I can see him not having too much qualms about it being taken down and not anywhere near LordKat’s stuff in my honest opinion. But as long as Noah himself still is amicable to the site and those on it, I am happy. :)

      Also yeah, I hope they do something about fixing a search engine in there one of these days. Its easy to overlook a reviewers’ videos on the sidebars.

    • William Staples

      I can only assume that Lupa, like Spoony, has her own demons, and maybe “the joke” touched a nerve with her. She’s admitted that she didn’t handle it that well, too. Everyone has bad days; hers and Spoony’s just happened to coincide, I guess.

      • KL

        I don’t read Lupa’s twitter that often, but I don’t think she’s ever gone off making rape jokes and whatnot. No, she’s not some perfect angel, but whatever “demons” she might have doesn’t excuse Spoony from how people reacted to his tweets.

        • William Staples


  • Marisa Mockery

    You’re really brave to say that, Spoony. And I understand the med thing completely. Antidepressants actually make bipolar symptoms WORSE. I’m glad you’re on the right meds now. *hug*

  • Aileen Mason

    welcome to the bipolar club. I’m glad you’re on meds. It can be very tough living with the disorder without meds.

  • Vernon Swain-Nisbet

    It’s amazing how no matter a person is, if they sound generally apologetic or actually feeling horrible about it, it’s still not good enough. I’m not outright defending him, but how many times does he have to apologize, yes he screwed up, yes he made mess of things — he didn’t need to make this whole first part about this. He didn’t need to do this, but he did.

    Also gotta love how you speak for every mentally ill people, how they must all act into your box.

    If anything I found you more insulting since, you don’t even come across as anything but angry fanboy.

  • Tim Ford

    Hey Spoony, too lazy to look through other comments to see if someone said, but the flashing messages – starmaps, etc. – is a throwback to “Flight of the Navigator” when they hook a child’s brain into a computer and it shows them alien languages and a path to a planet. It’s pretty good 80’s fun.

    • Strelnikov

      68 people have mentioned “The Flight of the Navigator.”

      • MichaelKz

        Heh, heh, so I guess Tim Ford there is, heh, heh, 69. Woo-hoo!

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    I agree that the their website was a mess. It’s the reason why I use the website and Favorited all of the people I liked from tgwtg

  • Yomommmmma

    EVERYBODY hated the AmazingAtheist,the insane amount of polls from the community,and even the own directers,lordkat being one of many.He was “trash”.He was fired.Not to mention,he lied about why he was fired and exposed.

    • KL

      We get to take polls? I really don’t pay attention to the TGWTG community that much. What do polls matter anyway when views are the real indicator. That’s like saying that Wolverine shouldn’t be in comics anymore because people on messageboards say he sucks.

      I don’t even like Amazing Athiest/Distressed Watcher; I thought he was smug. However, was his viewership good for the site or not? I watched his vid, and that’s the only side of the conversation I got to hear, so I don’t know whether he’s lying or not. Between he and Spoony, they say their splits were “no hard feelings” so that’s consistent.

      • Yomommmmma

        The directors were the ones saying he didn’t get enough views,coupled with the hate.Theres not way for us to know.I still don’t know what moron brung the TDW into this thing.It was two completly different things.Everyone hated AmazingAtheist,even Atheist,and even directors,when it came to the site,and he didn’t get enough views,Spoony got plenty of views,and was loved by plenty of people.NOTHING.

        • KL

          Any links to this, or is all this backlash wiped from TGWTG. Watcher/Atheists’ account of why he wasn’t promoted does contradict what Spoony said here, and I trust Spoony much more than I do him. He said that he wasn’t getting promoted enough, even though he had many views.

    • midnight tea

      He lied? Well then, why then his reasoning basically aligns with what Spoony mentions in his commentary?

  • JohnHerson

    I love all the fans rushing to dump on Obscurus Lupa for bringing up a bad joke that had nothing to do with her, like Spoonys crazy reaction to being chastised was all her fault.
    No one forced him to meltdown on friends and co-workers for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT like a madman, which is apparently what happens when he can’t just make people who disagree with him go away by banning them.
    It’s all well and good that he has trolls remorse now that it all blew up in his face and he wants to finally act like an adult.

  • JohnHerson

    I love all the fans rushing to dump on Obscurus Lupa for bringing up a bad joke that had nothing to do with her, like Spoonys crazy reaction to being chastised was all her fault.

    No one forced him to meltdown on friends and co-workers for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT like a madman, which is apparently what happens when he can’t just make people who disagree with him go away by banning them.

    And it’s all well and good that he has trolls remorse now that it all blew up in his face and he wants to finally act like an adult.

  • Bryan Barcello

    I learned about you from your crossovers done with Channel Awesome and I thought you were hilarious, so now I follow your site as well. I guess I am a part of the 1%.

    I also think it is important to get some of the lesser known producers screen time as this is how I find out about new talent. I was impressed by Jesuotaku’s performance in To Boldly Flee , so now I have started checking out her content.

    On Doug and Rob’s business acumen, there comes a point where you need to recruit great people and get out of their way. You have to have faith in your producers, otherwise why did you bring them on board in the first place. Doug and Rob should be there to enable producers to do things they couldn’t have done by themselves, such as making the B cast movie (or just split up the A cast and incorporate more B cast)..

  • Kevin Cummings

    Hey, I appreciate ninjas, movies and ninja movies just as much as the next person. She just annoys the shit out of me. She was alright when she first came out, but She got worse after she shacked up with Phaelous

  • CronoT

    While I don’t have the same conditions medically that you do, Spoony, I go through advil/motrin like tic-tacs. Every time I go see a doc about my pain load and how much ibuprofen I take, they tell me to get Aleve instead. Then, I have to tell them that Aleve doesn’t do SHIT for me. I can take two Aleve, and feel nothing. I once dared to take THREE at the same time, and my pain decreased, for about 2 hours.

  • Sai

    I’m glad you were a big enough man to admit you handled that situation poorly, I felt like Lupa was getting alot of shit from some of your diehard fans because she called you out on some bullshit while daring to be less popular and female.

    Honestly, man, I got into Channel Awesome through you, even before crossovers, and quite a few people there have become favorites of mine because of that (Linkara, Chick, Phelous, Angry Joe, Film Brain, JesuOtaku, Marzgurl, etc. Oancitizen and Diamanda I saw on Reviewtopia before they were cool ;p and Lupa I think I saw on her own blog when people started talking about her The Room review and Snob of course I first saw on your site) I mostly follow them all through blip now that it has subscriptions, it’s really more convenient. Luckily for me I tend to watch these things while working on my comics and freelance illustrations so they’re great to have running up in the corner of my screen.

    As for the movie, it really was enjoyable, and much more structured and dryly funny than any of the others. Though some of the moview references and cosplaying could have been done without, but meh.

    I agree their new show is a big risk, I’m a little concerned about it (I’ve seen stuff like that flop before, like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s failshow), but I respect Doug for retiring the character when he felt he needed to. Around episode 6 or 7 of To Boldly Flee I realized what he was doing, because I recalled him at some point in a commentary or something saying that if he was ever going to end it it’d be something really big.

  • CornBRED-X

    I really appreciate you sharing what happened. That’s very candid of you, Spoony.

    I really hope you can put that nonsense behind you now and get back to your website.

    You wont ever read this, but just for my own piece of mind: most of your points I fully agree with. You don’t look like an ass to me because you get nothing from doing the big yearly shows even though they take up so much of your time- and you find that a little unfair. That’s business. You are very open about the fact that this is your soul source of income so them taking you away from it for however long does seem unfair. I understand that all of these sites (even yours) cant afford to do stuff on salary though, but you’d think by now they would have figured out how to work with that. Makes their business plan seem shaky. I guess they assumed crossovers you guys did with each other were enough but by this year it sounds like there was no time for that (or at least not much) as this was the most grand of all the yearly crossover films.

    Anyway, glad you got the help you needed as well. That’s good to hear. Can’t wait to see more videos, and whatnot.

  • C-Sick

    spoony, this is awesomely honest and self aware.
    i check this site literally everyday and i’ve only been to twtg maybe twice. it just seems like a frustratingly bad site that somebody made on geocities or something. not to mention that when i did explore the other content on there, i didn’t really like anything that i saw. so, i’m one of the 99% that will be unaffected by you leaving. if anything, i’m actually for it, because i think you won’t feel obliged to do cross-overs with people i frankly dont give a fuck about, or even worse, don’t like.
    so, even though i might write the occasional dick-ish comment in this little box here, i just want to voice my full support of whatever you do. out of the seemingly millions of “reviewers”/web critics out there, you’re one of the 3 or 4 that i actually think does something creative and funny with it. keep doing what you’re doing.

    p.s. if you’re looking for different kinds of content, you should try to do another podcast with brad jones. i thought the one you guys did about rocky was awesome, and would really enjoy hearing another one.

  • Patrick Wells

    Spoony, you are far better than the other people at Channel Awesome, and I’m glad you finally realized that too. You don’t need them at all. And the truth is, even Doug isn’t all that talented. Your stuff always has much higher production values. Better sound, better effects, better filming. And even these specials, you could make something so much better than these and you damn well know it. It’s a good thing you didn’t join their new series, and are instead going your own way. Don’t let them drag you down with them.

    • KL

      Why is it that some people think that being positive about someone also has to also include bringing other people down. Really? Dude basically worked with Nostalgia Critic and you think that talking crap about him and his site is a great pat on the back? I don’t get that, especially since Spoony said “no hard feelings”

      I get you don’t like the other reviewers, but jeez. Consider who you’re talking to.

  • nyerere

    Ok i feel this split may happen and it may be messy on twitter. I think you wear your heart on your sleeve and it which is good because you are not false but will rub some people the wrong way. You’ll be fine on your own interesting theme of “wth do we do if this ends?”. I think TGWTG producers felt “copy redlettermedias studio style was the answer”.

    NC had run its course ages ago for me and as a guy who watched doug on YouTube i felt Moulin Rouge was great and the rest were pretty much well phelous reviews. Phelous does seem to be a parody of the site and the layout and number of reviwers (some need to be cut in my opinion) does need to be changed. Ill rpb check dougs new show out but i barely go on TGWTG anymore and i can’t blame you for not seeing every part of everyones work i’m not sure a majority of fans can keep up either. how i discovered you on TGWTG i’m not really sure.

    Also sorry i really didn’t like this just due to how it was written really and went waaay too long. The brawl was short a sweet , Kickassia had its moments, Suburban knights was based on a one joke premise. Glad everything seems to be getting better and good luck for the future.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Wild guess, the computer freak out scene could be a reference to the scene in Scanners when the guy is trying to scan a computer?

  • James

    “Now that I’ve made you all thoroughly uncomfortable by bitching for a half hour on all my problems with other people and problems with the company. . . .”

    Spoony, listening to you bitch about all your problems with things (e.g. games, movies, etc) is why we come to the site. The actual topic is largely irrelevant. Its good to hear what happened from your side of the story rather than some third-hand rumormongering.

    You do have acting chops, but I think the characters you play are
    limiting your range. Most of the villains you play are total nutbars
    meant for comedy so the “modified Insano” style works, but it would be
    good to see what else you can do outside of that comfort zone. The
    mentally-unhinged Spoony sections in TBF were great and I think if you
    had the right script/tried to expand what you play then you could pull
    off a serious villain with those traits. What I’m trying to say is that I
    like what you’ve done, but I’d like to see a greater variation in your
    performances rather than progressively more refined versions of the
    things you already do well.

    I agree that CA is a total clusterfuck of reviewers that makes it very difficult to find anyone you don’t already know about. IMO it should be subdivided in some way to group the different “sub-genres” of reviewers together, either by the media they review or the general tone of their reviews (like, The Nostalgia Critic is primarily snark with a dash of critique while those like Sci-Fi Guy seem primarily analytical with a dose of sarcasm, so they might occupy different sections). Even a simple recommendation system would work; let users register and select their favorite reviewers, then use that data to give even non-users recommendations of who else they might like.

    Anyway that’s my review of life, the universe, and everything. Keep it up Spoony, I hope you remain an entertainer regardless of the medium.

  • DrForrester

    I can actually thank my littler brother for introducing me to the Spoony One. He showed me a YouTube version of your Kingdom of the Crystal Skull rant and we were both in stitches. Shortly thereafter I went to your website and only after reading and watching all the stuff you had I finally ventured onto TGWTG. Needless to say the past however many years of watching reviews and crossovers and the like has been awesome, and I can only hope it continues to be.

    Thanks for some insight as well into what happened with you leaving CA. I personally never really thought it was all about the Twitter crossfire between you and Allison so it’s nice to get the full story. At least from your side

  • John Slegers

    I like your nuanced and balanced elaboration on your conflict with Channel Awesome and agree pretty much with your analysis. I used to be a fan of both TGWTG, The Cinema Snob and you, but gradually got bored of most reviewers. Most lost their magic when they did too much of an effort to be funny.

    You try to stay true to yourself. I appreciate that a lot !

  • wiliamsn

    I have to say well done on the commentary here…
    I think you’ve laid out the situation in a way that seems very objective to the point where I can see all sides and none of these sides are necessarily wrong…

    Not just in this situation, but in the general political situation over at TGWTG…
    It seems like you’ve thought about this from multiple perspectives…

  • TrenchAce

    spoony you forgot that this movie heavily references – and follows – “2010: The Year We Made Contact” (the sequel to 2001), which is about visiting the Jovian moon of Europa to investigate a disturbance, and a giant monolith is basically like “the plothole”.

    Oh, and the images flashing on the screen, along with the computer giving subconscious answers, is directly from “Flight of the Navigator”

  • payback1017

    I could explain how Walker was able to write so many. This is gonna sound funny, but he played Subspace Emissary or similar fighting game story modes. It’s a story structure in which n matter how small or how big the popularity of the character is, their part in the story is equal to each other. NC trying to make up for his mistakes is just as important as say, Sage trying to prove his psychic abilities are real. Much like how Sonic while not showing up till near the end of Brawl was able to zoom in and save the day.


    Lupa and Phelous both made multiple rape jokes the very week she got offended by that post is more the:

    “Oh come on you fucking…”

    reaction from a lot of people, and also why 50+ people got banned for pointing it out on tgwtg.

    • KL

      Were you one of the 50+ people?

      What, EXACTLY, were they saying? I’m guessing they didn’t call her a “fucking individual we have an argument with without resorting to disgusting sex-based epithets”

      I don’t think simply pointing out something, even if it’s hypocrisy is all it takes for you to get banned. I bet that it wasn’t some proper discourse going on in those threads.

      You’re basically calling it a cover-up, but I’m guessing that it got very heated, and TGWTG has no problem siding with people they’ve actually met over people who, at most, have met Lupa, Phelous, etc, at a con once.

  • Andrew Henderson

    I have to refute the fact that you say that you didn’t get referral traffic/give referral traffic. I came to your site from them, and when you posted up Brad’s videos, I started watching his stuff, so maybe you didn’t get much referral, directly, but your name got out there from them, and you helped other guys get their name out too.

  • Vismutti

    Damn this was an interesting commentary. I’m pretty sure everybody’s spent the last few months guessing what happened. And not just the whole your leaving the site thing, the behind the scenes view of the site was an interesting extra. I know it’s just one person’s account but still.

    You did get me through, if it helps at all.

    Oh believe me, I know the meds thing. I myself was lucky enough to get decent meds right away but I know and I’ve met soooo many people who went years before finding the right product. Some never found it.

    Oh and treating bipolar with normal antidepressants… I’ve heard that’s actually a REALLY bad idea. I met a guy in therapy who’s life had been pretty much been flipped a full 180 when he got the bipolar diagnosis. It was apparently a massive relief. Even though I know many people fear the diagnosis since bipolar is incurable. I know a girl who actually really might have some form of bipolar depression and everybody who knows her is thinking it and even SHE knows it’s a very real possibility, and yet she’s so afraid of facing the truth that she won’t do anything about it. But if you do have it, it’s just so much better to know that and be able to treat it properly.

    BTW, I’ve actually heard it called the “asshole disease” because… well, it’s pretty commonly known that bipolar people tend to be reaaally difficult to live with. I actually wouldn’t agree with that description because there are plenty of assholes who aren’t bipolar and plenty of bipolar people who aren’t assholes. It’s more like being really moody and unpredictable. The rest depends on your personality. Obiously the disease doesn’t define you.

    Your Ma-Ti was awesome, btw.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    I’m really glad you did the Leaving the company explanation. Even after looking at twitter it just didn’t make sense. This does. And as long as TGWTG doesn’t start pulling exclusivity clause BS I don’t think there is any problem even implied in continuing to do videos with everyone else.

    BTW the computer saying things that the person hooked up to it doesn’t know themselves and the looking through Star Charts is all directly from Flight of the Navigator. So is the bringing in a lithography print graphic from the mind of the person connected to the machine. While it has the WHOPR feel going into the blow out of the screen most of what lead to it was pure Disney.

    The reason for the star charts is MAX’s people tried filling up the rest of David’s mind that he didn’t normally use with star charts. Its a fun movie.

    I really wish Insano and Linksano would encounter each other sooner than later. Its just something that has always felt like it needs to happen.

    Almost out of time before NRAnews starts. Some people have less time for trying to catch videos of dozens of producers than others. My day already has 9 hours eaten up by live streaming programing. 6:00AM-9:00 then 2:00-5:00 and 6:00-9:00 for NRAnews. I miss anything I have to try to work it into the 6 hours where I am awake between those programing blocks.

  • Steve Martinez

    “Dudes … even though you’re doing this … we … we love you.”

  • Jimmy TheFish

    Why did the critic get the 3 top spots on the main page seems retarteded that anyone would accept that, especially with the other 2 being his even shitter series.

    • William Staples

      Well, the site IS named after him, and he is Channel Awesome’s only actual paid employee.

      They’re finally going through with redesigning the site, though, so maybe they’ll make the system more fair to other contributors.

  • Ilya Zhironkin

    F*ck them, it was a good joke.

  • Asher711

    I don’t know if anyone has posted it but the movie the “star chart” scene is referencing is from a disney movie called flight of the navigator…and I’m ashamed I know that. LOL

  • That_guy_from_Faxanadu

    It´s great to finally get a lengthy explaination about the departure from TGWTG. It makes it easier to follow the videos now that I don´t have to worry about who´s really an asshole.

  • Charles Ethier

    I liked it just for the insight into how CA works and how the pecking order is determined

  • Glenn Allen

    Totally agree with what spoony said about you pick your favs and stick with them, spoony and cinema snob are the 2 I check out every day to see if they have any new vids, and watch old vids. I do dabble in some Angry Joe too depending on the game he reviews. Channel awesome is horribly designed, I liked the sci fi guy in a cross over and couldn’t find him anywhere on the site so ended up googling to try and find his site. It seems the best way to get traffic is to go on youtube get an audience and then do your own site, that is how I found both spoony and snob and the guys I have stuck with.

  • DanielR

    Probably way late, but to let you know, I came here from the TGWTG site, and it was no accidental click. You’re definitely one of the best reviewers out there.

  • Professor_Q

    Well, if it means anything, you worked the opposite on me for Nostalgia Critic. I started watching Nostalgia Critic because of the crossovers he did with you. I actually started watching you because my friend linked the first part of your Final Fantasy 8 review from That Guy with the Glasses like 3 or 4 years ago, and when I tried to find the other videos in the series the site (TGWTG) was so bad that I just ended up just googling “Spoony” and I found your site.I didn’t go back to TGWTG until like two years later because I was bored and I had already watched all of your videos like twice.

  • samirerre

    thenk god,i thought you stopped making videos.but it makes me wonder
    will you make a cross overs or bring guests from tgwtg?

    • samirerre

      nevermind,i got the answer from the video

  • Kay Baker

    The part where you’re hooked up to the computer and the images are flashing on the screen is from Flight of the Navigator. Talking Ship that sounds like Pee Wee Herman abducts a kid in the 70s, returns him to the 80s without aging a day, and they have to try to get things back to normal. Very young Sarah Jessica Parker is in it. Loved that movie growing up, a must watch.

  • Gregory Bogosian

    Sorry, but I really don’t see the difference between ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and TheSpoonyExperiment that renders any comparison between the two invalid. I know that TheSpoonyExperiment does not have the problem of too many video producers that ThatGuyWithTheGlasses has. But their underlying purpose for their users, i.e. entertainment, is the same and a poorly designed website is still a poorly designed website no matter what. So I still think that the comparison I made is as valid as any other comparison between two different websites. In case this is not clear, I think that both websites are poorly designed, just for different reasons.

    • KL

      I don’t see how this website is regarded as poorly designed. First, I can actually follow a conversation here and get email notification, so hurray for plugins!

      Secondly, I don’t have to dig deep into menus to get to what I want, but that’s a benefit of being a site about one personality.

      I don’t think this show is poorly designed, but it’s easier to navigate than TGWTG.

  • David Gillespie

    absolutely right about there being “too many producers”. Of all the channel awesome reviewers, I only had enough time to keep up with two in high school: now I have a hard time keeping up with just one.


    I’m sure at one point or another Spoony and TGWTG will be together again. Thank you for the behind the scenes stuff Spoony.

  • Xander Patten

    The screen flashing is from the TV show Chuck. He gains his computer-like memory from watching a screen that flashes all the top secret information from some intelligence agency.

  • Jason Ladouceur

    The stuff flashing across the screen and the interaction with the truth telling head monitor is a direct spoof of Flight of the Navigator.

  • Silvio Piumarta

    Interestingly enough, the Nostalgia Critic is coming back. Maybe the change didn’t go exactly as they expected.

  • Sajeh

    Dig a deep enough hole… *nods in agreement* I have given up too. Why not show an example: Girls! I have been told that I “don’t know how to talk to girls.”. I could now rant on how this is insulting to girls in general, and how fucked up this world really is for having unwritten rules like that… hmm well, I might as well just read an instruction guide to the thingies called girls and experience a warm body and a vagina instead of a hand.

  • Andrew Nichols

    Spoony actually has acting ability. See Turl. Doug isnt funny to me I dont get it, yell yell yell thats not funny. First time I saw Spoony as Turl I thought it was Gladstone from Cracked and Hate by Numbers

  • Solarboy Djangon

    Just to let you know, I found you through Channel Awesome, got a BA minor in gamestudies inspired by your work on Final Fantasy and Phantasmagoria (specialing in ‘gamedramaturgy’) and now, 2 years after I stopped seeing all ranting online critics and became a theatredramaturg myself, I’m back to see what brought it all on for me. I saw you split up, and it made me sad, but I understand. Just so you know Noah, my non-accidental click got me a academic BA Minor in game analyses (magna cum laude), an intership at a cybertheatre company, and the inspriration to become a dramaturg and do my own thinking. So thanks :)

  • wizzbang

    Last year a friend linked me to Linkara’s “One More Day” rant, and I wound up devouring everything Linkara produced. I kept wondering who that “Doctor Insano” character was, but couldn’t find anything about him on Linkara’s blog. Then i heard about the TGWTG site and couldn’t find anything from him there either. Turns out my searching was riiiiiiiight around the time Spoony split from TGWTG. Ultimately I tried all the producers, but MikeJ, Spoony, Linkara & Rap Critic are the only ones to whom i cleave and I’ll follow them wherever they go.

  • Joseph Raymond Ortiz

    Nice commentary. You leaving CA significantly changed my visits to tgwtg

  • TJSynkral

    It’s funny to go back and listen to this now…

    * He thought Doug killing the Nostalgia Critic/new concept (Demo Reel) was a bad idea,

    * Spoony doesn’t see himself moving to Chicago. HA!


    * Things are changing legally for reviewers (and now there’s the YouTube content ID thing).

    * Spoony finally got his redesign done, TGWTG still looks the same!

  • Groverfield

    I just realized. This is the plot to Lucy.

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