To Boldly Flee, Part 2 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Sep 16 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Finally! We can get down to the real business of seeing more Prick in this movie.

  • RandomNumber

    Ohhh…those were mini-plotholes flying around the city in the Ghostbusters scene? You’re right, it isn’t really clear in the film that that’s what they were supposed to be. At least, it wasn’t to me.

    • Rosemary CG

      I got it, but then again I watched it at 2 in the morning and my brain may not have been in its usual state.

  • Kendotuxedo

    Funny that even Oreo is in the commentary

  • Fan_the_Flames

    It was really interesting to hear your take on the SOPA bill. I will agree with you that there really is no security anymore. If they wanted to shut his site down, honestly there’s nothing anyone could do to stop it. It’s nice to know that you have a backup plan just in case, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. But that may just be a pipedream.

    SadPanda really was one of the standout characters for me, I’ve never seen any of his work, but just the way that he talked was hilarious, he was the perfect nonchalant character with his line delivery. And of course “KNEEL!” was just as funny as ever, probably one of my fave parts of the movie.

    • Chee Moon Yeo

      Ze Sad Panda’s two video series (Sad Panda Q&A and Forget About It) are probably the most insane and bizarre videos I have ever seen from anybody in Channel Awesome. Julien Diaz is one wierd guy.
      Now I can’t ever watch Lord of the Rings again without those sound effects playing during the duel between Gandalf and Saruman.

    • Vismutti

      I can fully recommend Sad Panda’s stuff. Okay, maybe it’s not for everybody (a big problem he has is that people keep completely misunderstanding his humour) but he’s seriously one of my top ten favourite internet content creators right now. And probably the one whose humour I enjoy the most because it’s just so unpredictable. And his delivery just makes everything better.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Oreo ate Chuckles!? AND Terl??

    Well, at least she has good taste in character.

    • Carteeg_Struve

      Oh God. The pun…. How does one simultaneously vote a comment both up and down?

      • sbkMulletMan

        Easy: you do nothing while I punch myself in the face for it.

    • Emil Petrunov


  • Katrin

    I really am impressed at how this turned out. The films seem to have gotten exponentially better each year. Its a shame there won’t be more, but as a freelance artist I completely understand you leaving.

    Also they did have a posting for 3D animators to do the houses and effects. I was really sad I didn’t see the post until the last day and I was quite busy. I would have loved to have worked on this.

  • Rosemary CG

    I think the “Hello Neil” line is so popular mostly because of your delivery. I laughed for about five minutes straight when I first heard it.

  • Patrick Bondurant

    The Mass Effect 3 line is genius.

    • magnusk_98

      Would be nice if Spoony at any time would talk at length about the game. He left on a bad note with people who hated the endings since the beginning and while he came around to our view over time ( after the indoctrination theory was proven to be not BioWares intent at all, is my guess ), a lot of people have as their last impression of him how he ranted at them for “not getting” the endings. Kinda left a sour taste in our collective mouths.

      • nyerere

        I think that for me was the pre cursor to the whole lupa thing. He was probably in a bad place and just looking for a fight

        • magnusk_98

          Yet he left at least some people who were fans of his on BSN really pissed off at him ( not me, I got over it pretty quickly ). Since he obviously has flipped in his opinion on the endings, it’d be cool if he could do a short vlog on the game. Not to apologize ( I wouldn’t expect that from him, anyway ), but to clarify and, well, pound the crap out of those stupid endings. I’d love to see him give a proper Spoony bashing to the nonsense Walters and Hudson shoveled out and dared to call “art”.

          • Tim Benson

            Who are you to say what can be considered art?

          • magnusk_98

            The Artmaster, obviously.

          • Hi, Doggy.

            Pretty easy one, this. When BioWare has already sold its soul to EA to sell more copies, has agreed to let the narrative take a backseat to Gears of War-esque gameplay and superficial storytelling elements at the expense of the overarching plot in ME2, has then allowed the multiplayer element of ME3 take precedent over ending a story-driven trilogy, and has then literally gone against absolutely every promise made regarding the nature of the ending’s content and its core mechanics due either to lack of time or to wanting to keep the ending as ambiguous as possible so that they could make another sequel – that piece of work has no intuitive basis by which to be considered art. It simply isn’t art and it never was. You can’t deliberately and corporately compromise what you’re doing and then fall back on the ‘creative integrity’ line when the fans, quite rightly, point out that the writing is absolutely inept. You’ve already made the decision to prioritise profits over whatever vision you might have had. I can’t tell you definitively what art is and nobody can, but I can tell when something isn’t art, and the ending to Mass Effect 3 is literally about as far removed from any credible definition of art that you can come up with.

            Still, ignorance is bliss. Enjoy holding onto your childish ‘interpretation’ beliefs with all your gusto while the rest of the industry is held back by your inability to determine the difference between consistent writing and incomprehensible fiat drama and non-sequitor concepts. Hopefully you’ll grow out of it.

          • nyerere

            I would too, if he generally likes the ending then id rather he explained why etc but his reasoning on twitter made sense for a sci fi film or show to end not a choice based adventure game. DA:origins got the edning right in that regard.

  • Lara Oude Alink

    I really enjoy hearing your take on things. It makes me understand everything that has happened lately so much more clearly! Your reasoning, as usual, makes a lot of sense, and I get it that you wanted to do something on your own.
    I also completely agree. There should have been more Prick in this. I don’t even know the guy who portrayed him, but he was perfect. I enjoyed every second of him on screen.
    But hey, the same goes for you. You were absolutely amazing in this. In all of your parts.

    • Steven Black

      Exactly how I feel. Prick is a minor villain in this. But his symbolism, his representation, he stands for PIPA, SOPA, and everything the critics are against. Which really makes him a major villain in my eyes. He deserved a better death than an off camera tearing apart and a bigger role in this story.

      • William Staples

        I agree. I did kind of hope that he’d come back as a cyborg a la Robocop, but oh well.

  • Milan Popovic

    The only jokes I know that Mickey is sick of are the constant “Mickey is a goat fucker” jokes that came after Suburban Knights, though I can easily imagine him being sick of hight jokes, since he’s always been seen with Tom in the anniversary movies.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      It was pretty much meant as an apology to Mickey for all the forced memes on him, mostly “Goat Fucker,” hence why it turned into him using it as an insult towards others and then finally having the revenge to show not to mess with 8-Bit Mickey.

      • Chris Lang

        I’d like to think that Doug told Mickey that he’d have gladly taken out the whole ‘goat’ thing if Mickey was uncomfortable with it. When I saw that scene in Suburban Knights for the first time, I was thinking that Mickey must be a really good sport to let Doug do that bit with him.
        As far as height jokes, I think the closest the Anniversary specials came to height jokes was the Brawl, where Mickey was popping up from below to chime in with “And 8 Bit Mickey”. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Handsome Tom got more height jokes than Mickey — to the point where all Handsome Tom WAS in Kickassia and Suburban Knights was a height joke. He was the flagpole in Kickassia, and his main joke in Suburban Knights was the ‘Willow’ joke. With that in mind, I’m not surprised Handsome Tom is only in ‘To Boldly Flee’ as a cameo, since it seemed they weren’t giving him much to do.
        Back to 8 Bit Mickey: I LOVED his big scene with Prick and the aftermath. Giving him an awesome scene like that was a great way of making up for those earlier jokes.

  • Andrew Smith

    Maybe I’m being stupidly optimistic here, but I’m under the impression that any Copyright Bill will ultimately be buried in so much bureaucratic fluff that it will be ultimately rendered impotent. There’ll be a few videos shaved off here and there, but it’ll end up strangling itself to death relatively quickly. But that’s me.

    • Bovakleen Dragon Born

      it also might be to impractical and expensive to implement, remember there are over 300 million people in the united states so you can’t lockup or penalize everyone who makes a harmless video online bashing some movie it would just cost more and be more hassle than it’s worth.

      • Daniel Kong

        Oh but the Prison industry is certainly trying.

    • Jegsimmons

      that and especially in the republican party, newer and younger congressmen are coming out in support of internet sovereignty to where unless you have something horrendously illegal or just such obvious copyright infringement, they basically cant touch you.
      this may be due to the internet becoming a huge part of the economy and everyone uses it and would be pissed at any laws made, especially since google was against sopa/pipa.

      • lightice

        Well, the Republicans are all about business, and they just might be starting to realize that all the cash they get from the major corporations still wouldn’t compensate for all the small business destroyed in the process of appeasing them. Here’s for hoping, anyway.

        It really pisses me off that the United States can make decisions like this anyway without consulting anyone else, even though the Internet is global and these bills affect every Internet user in the world. I really feel that no entity, no organization should have absolute control of the system. The control should be widely divided, and put exclusively in the hands of non-political organizations.

  • Wonderful_Person

    You should take a break from this schlock and do more CM

    • Daniel Kong

      I think he already did. Its a matter of editing/rendering/uploading.

  • peteman

    So, is it Turrel, or does Terl simply not know how to spell his name?

    • Lawrence Vincent

      Well, he was learning how to conquer galaxies when he should have been learning how to spell his name.

      • theshamster

        Wow! I never thought of that. I assumed it was to prevent ‘copyright’ issues from “Battlefield Earth” from appearing, but you’re obviously right, Turl can’t spell his own name, let alone conquer galaxies (by farting nuclear bombs out of his butt)

        • Lewis Lovhaug

          It’s pretty much because of the copyright reasons, but that’s even better.

          • Chris Lang

            I AM kind of disappointed that the ‘spell your name’ line didn’t turn up anywhere in the movie, but I loved Turl (however his name is spelled) anyway. He and Zod are a wonderfully hammy pair.

          • Guest

            But it kind of did in the credits

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I agree, needed more Prick. To Boldly Flee, totally a chick flick. Still loved it. I think I laughed for about 10 minutes after that bit with Terl and Zod at the end.

  • Perpetr8r

    I do not know what it was but Nella popping open the Umbrella when they where turning it off was just funny and cute I had a good chuckle from it.

    and of course the Hello Niel Line was perfect delivery.

  • Alleria -

    Just curious since you didn’t mention it with the SOPA stuff and very few people have at all, but are you and the other producers aware of CISPA? It’s Congress’ second wind that you were talking about, except that it still seems to be as unspecific and dangerous as SOPA was. It was passed through the House in April, and last I heard was waiting to see if Obama would veto it or not. So it’s good you guys are coming up with fallback plans.

  • Chris

    Interesting comments. Btw – I understand how the wrong medication can be completely useless. I have Type II that was brought on by PTSD from my infantry ‘work’ in Iraq. Originally they diagnosed it as only depression, which brought on Prozac prescriptions and other useless meds. After it was finally diagnosed correctly, they were able to finally treat it properly.

    Even though I don’t know you personally Noah, your site has consistently improved a lot of my days through humor. I appreciate what you do for all of us grunts!

    • theshamster

      Dont forget that the wrong medicine can be dangerous.
      I was misdiagonsed and prescribed ‘anti-psychotic’ medicine back in 2001. it stopped me from breathing, and if it wasn’t for my nana, who was staying the night, who heard me from the other room, I would be dead.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    i wasn’t aware this movie had such a heavy undertone with you guys. I’d be depressed all though filming.

  • Bovakleen Dragon Born

    I think they will regret it if they get rid of critics. allot of the games I play and movies/shows I watch I learned about from critics. I just got persona arena and persona 4 and 3 and have been playing them for the past weeks because of spoony’s videos, and I am absolutely addicted. if it wasn’t for spoony I would have never known about these incredible games that have touched my heart in ways few games have, and consequently I would not have bought them thus they would not have gotten my money. so as usual rich stupid white people are jumping at shadows and are going to shoot themselves in the foot due to there own shortsightedness, this is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Steven Black

      Persona is simply amazing. I’ve beaten 1 and EP 2, playing Innocent Sin on PSP now. I’ve played a bit of 3 (about half way through) and I have 4. The thing about Persona is a that it is a lot like Suikoden, the first two games are connected and have continuity. Even the people in town slowly evolve over the course of the game, making you invested in actually talking to them all after every game event. And it really is a grindfest. Grinding out cards from the demons contracts (in Persona 3 this is replaced by grinding up the Social Links to unlock some Personas), grinding up Personas and characters to level them. But its a fun grind, it can be repetitive, but the rewards of moving the story along always make up for it. The demon negotiation is a lot of fun though, I kind of miss in it Persona 3 (The randomized dungeon is also a bit of a turnoff, in Persona 1 and 2, each map can be mapped out as you walk on the map, which helped with the grind personally, since it gave you something to do while grinding contacts and fighting demons to rank up Personas and character levels). In a way I have been waiting for Innocent Sin for 10 years (It actually is in between Persona 1 and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment). Why wasn’t it released in the USA 12 years ago? Well I could tell you, but its sort of a major spoiler, and it was a huge shock to me. Lets just say Atlus decided not to port it over because of its extreme themes at the time.

  • sekiwat

    Why dos Dr. Insano’s hair always the same length as Spooni’s?

    • Herman Cillo

      There is no continuity, there is only Insano.

  • Estin Harriman

    I saw the slot machine

  • Jacob Garvey

    Great commentary, I really would love to hear Doug, Lewis and Brad’s comments on it too

  • Emil Petrunov

    I always loved the part where 8-Bit Mickey just… snaps. Everyone’s expressions at seeing him covered in blood? Priceless!

    • Christine Dean

      I loved that part too. Still, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that they killed Lame R Prick off so soon. He did make for a very awesome and suave villian, and I wish they would have done more with him.. :)

  • MechaVelma

    I also recommend the part 1 commentary (which appears as one of the choices after the video is over) in which Spoony details his departure from Channel Awesome and balances all sides and perspectives about as evenly as possible.

    But unfortunately never mentions Elisa’s legs sticking out of that hot little green dress of hers.

  • doresh

    Chuckles is dead? Nooooooooooooooooooo!

  • UnShame

    this video was already uploaded yesterday
    now i don’t have anything to watch(

  • Lucas Allen

    Your emphasis on SOPA and the future of your site as “what happens when the bottom drops out” pretty much reminds me of the classic Citizen King song “Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out).”

  • Stephen Martin

    Actually if there is anything left of the Chuckles Costume it might improve his look. I always pictured the Yellow Lantern Chuckles with a horribly mutliated mouth, like the left half of Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight only glowing yellow because of the power ring. I think including a chewed up costume might go with the “I’ve been mutilated by shrapnel” look.

  • Mateusz K.

    I was hoping for the scene when the small plot holes hit Nostalgia Critic and Chick and they switch clothes… you know, everything is switched when they hit… and they finally hit the Nostalgia Critic house aaand…. nothing happens… a bit of a let down :)

    • Christine Dean

      lol, I agree, that would have been funny XD

  • marabackman

    When you started describing Sad Panda as the ultimate deadpan Grey Lantern, I knew I had to draw this ^^

  • Shauna

    Spoony’s right–there are WAAAY too many people in this scene..

  • Jegsimmons

    what was that joke where they pull up the screen and they become disgusted? i originally thought i missed a joke where some one shat their pants or something.
    but it was the dudes bloody corpse?
    it kind of did fall flat, but the reaction was pretty good.

  • IHeart28

    The effects in the movie are indeed much better than in suburban knights. I’m glad that you and the others stayed indoors most of the time to shoot things with proper lighting. I also really loved the “Hello Neil” dialouge in the end of part 2. Made me laugh for 4 minutes. Also, about SOPA, me and my friends made a tiny club on facebook to protest againest it and even thought SOPA won, you have a point, the bottom dropping out can and is enevitable so I’m glad most of the producers including yourself have a backup plan. Whatever you or doug or brad or any of the producers I watch do, I’ll support it as a fan. Great part to the commentary, can’t wait for the next part

  • Rev. Cameron Burge

    The flashing screens is a reference to Flight of the Navigator

  • Chris Lang

    In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about crazy laws like SUCKA and the real-life bills that I won’t mention by name here. Politicians wouldn’t be making policy that only benefits their donors, and corporations wouldn’t be able to just censor anything they don’t like or understand using copyright as an excuse. But the sad fact is, we don’t live in a perfect world.
    With some of the establishing stuff out of the way, Part 2 is where the comedy really shines in the first hour of the movie. The Ghostbusters homage, the summoning of the critics, Dr. Insano’s reaction to his stuff being stolen, the house being turned into the USS Exit Strategy, 8-Bit Mickey’s confrontation with Prick, and the introduction of Zod are all wonderful moments.

  • Christine Dean

    I know I never mentioned this, but I do love how Snob tried to use his hypnotic voice ( you could see how he purposely switched the tone to make it more suggestive) to get Orlando’s character to not unplug the machine. Sadly though not even Snob’s voice had any effect. But it was interesting to see him try to help his friend Spoony that way.

  • HEYitsnotbraindead

    AH good old fair use…out of experience i know its useless on sites like Youtube. i have an account there likely like most of us here. i use it mostly to watch video’s and talk to some friends there. oh and get to fight off the angry trolls who seek attention (yikes there are weirdos on that site! like this one guy who uses the Star wars prequels to fuel his own real life conspiracy theories and gave me endless not to follow rants about it…i’m not not even kidding!)
    i also thought about what else i would like the use the account for, reviews? animation (if i can)? toy clips? talk for hours about nothing? i decided to make some movie ‘alternate endings-spoofs’ and go from there. i made a few, just messing around not that great or special but i had fun. and yes over the years i got three copyright claims, one i won under fair use and no problem. the second one i won but a month later a third claim was made (second on the same video!) youtube’s reaction was way more hostile. warning email ”you have TWO copyright claims against this video!!”youtube page blocked unless i watched a very insulting video and went to ”copyright school” witch is a form of 5 questions. video’s was useless, annoying and really talking down to me. i knew the answers already because i made sure i understood copyright and fair use a bit before posting anything. i also got a ‘strike’ against my page, three strikes and the account will be deleted. yeah, how fair (use) is that? the company agrees with me its fair use the first time but then files a second claim? canceling the first agreement, witch is now void!? i could file a second counter claim but i knew how that would go, ‘its fair use’ they would say, a month goes by. they file a third copyright claim, equals a second strike against my page…counter claim, they agree. fourth claim three strikes bye bye youtube account….
    i then just saw how i the little guy can’t win this, fair use maybe on my side…but youtube isn’t.
    their rules and lack of communication with the users can easily be used against us.

    my point is THIS is what ‘THEY’ want to silence you with a click of a button. now ‘THEY’ misuse the rules of a site, but ‘THEY’ really want to be able to do this by law.
    …ironically a law like this would crash youtube itself with all the reviews, spoofs and downright illegal stuff on there. heck i often get a full movie suggestion in my suggestion box!
    yeah block the 2 min spoof and keep the 120 min movie, makes allot of sense (and yes i mean movies wich not posted by the copyright holders)

    but i’m not bitter…not at all…i’ll show ‘em one day….i’ll show ‘em (looks dramatically into the distance…)

    great movie you guys made here, to quote my girlfriend ‘its amazing how these buch of geeks can get together and make something goofy yet at the same time exciting and even a bit emotional’ could not agree more ;)

    good luck with what else you are planning Spoony and all other things in life…but ehm don’t stop the crossover every now and then, they are fun ;)

  • Marcus Butson

    i was tempted to use a whole Tweet just on “Kneeeeeeeeeeel!” because it was the most hilarious line thus far into the film, though admittedly i might have blanked out the entire first part after Sage’s weiner and Mickey’s homicidal tendancies.

  • Sai

    Well there was that one short joke at Mickey’s expense in Suburban Knights where he tosses down his sword and acts like he wants to kick Doug’s ass. It cracks me up every time.

    Also isn’t it good that Oreo tore up Chuckles? For many reasons…

  • BrendanConcannon

    Spoony, I really like what you’re saying here, but I have to harshly disagree with you on what you consider to be a dream job. Here’s why:
    According to Mark Rosewater, one of the leading designers of Magic the Gathering, he wrote an enormous article, which explained in his professional opinion, what a dream job actually is.
    A dream job consists of the following:
    1) Stuff you Love to do
    2) Stuff You’re good at
    3) Stuff someone will pay you to do
    I’ll be fair and say you “may” satisfy condition 1. You are the only person who can say if you are happy with what you do. I’ll say without hesitation you fulfill condition 2. You ARE very good at making videos and reviews. No question. Hell, I think you do it better than Doug. However, let’s be honest here: the so-called dream job that you have claimed for yourself does not see people paying you to do it. After “To Boldly Flee” was done and shown, you made barely enough money for the free plane trip there and back. Most of that money was from donation drives. Increased net traffic as the ideal reward? Please….
    Sure, you get chump change from adverts and traffic, donations here and there, but nobody is formally paying you for what you do. You do NOT have a dream job.
    I remember that one time someone gave you thousands of dollars worth of software for your movie editing. That was a donation. That person was anonymous. You were not directly paid for doing what you do.
    Hell, if James Rolfe finds someone to flat-out pay him for his movie, then he will finally be able to say he found his own dream job.
    I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone here, but Spoony, even you said yourself that if you asked Doug for money… he would say no. You cannot say people are paying you for this job. You do NOT have a dream job.
    Now before anybody says anything, I want to make one more point.
    We all want you, Spoony, to get paid for what you do. We want you to get paid LOTS of money for what you do. We want to see contracts lined and checks signed. We want Spoony to get paid. Until then, this effort does not count as a dream job.

  • Guest

    I’m saying this here because I wanted to watch both videos before commenting but as great as it is that Spoony has made some personal growth after the twitter meltdown he still doesn’t get why a rape joke is fine as a concept but isn’t when it’s directed at anothetr person.
    Anyone can make a joke about rape but you do not go to a woman and say you’d be happy to rape her, especially a woman you only casually know. And it’s just unfortunate that Spoony can’t tell the difference and is still acting like he’s being singled out for something other people do.

    • level_control

      When I used to check Spoony’s twitter for news about videos he was creeping on girls all the time. It was like watching the advances of a sex offender. I don’t know if it’s changed but there were never jokes, just awkward sexual harassment

  • hatfield83

    I’m saying this here because I wanted to watch both videos before commenting but as great as it is that Spoony has made some personal growth after the twitter meltdown he still doesn’t get why a rape joke is fine as a concept but isn’t when it’s directed at another person.

    Anyone can make a joke about rape but you do not go to a woman and say you’d be happy to rape her, especially a woman you only casually know. And it’s just unfortunate that Spoony can’t tell the difference and is still acting like he’s being singled out and unfairly persecuted for something other people do.

    • zakedodead

      But it wasn’t a rape joke? He says he’d be happy to tie her to the wall, That’s bondage, not rape.

      • William Staples

        Can we just stop talking about this? All the parties involved are over it, it’s time the fans got over it too.

        • marabackman

          ^What he said. It’s reached the point where every comment about it is like Douchey McNitpick made an appearance.

    • IHeart28

      Dude. It’s been dealt with. The first part of Spoony’s commentary explains what happened. The joke wasn’t why he got fired. It’s over now. We all wanna get on with our lives. Please move on

  • DrForrester

    Ahaha! I never noticed that it says “Help me” in blood on 8-bit Mickey’s back

  • Viktor Ã…kesson

    Part 1 of the commentary was up the 15th, part 2 the 16th… now it’s the 20th, and still no part 3? I do not mean this as you should have to rush it out or anything by all means, Noah… but, did something happen to you now? Like, some sort of breakdown? Just curious – I thought at first you would have a new part up here each day.

  • Ben Rush

    Still not working on mobile

  • Strelnikov

    I just wanted to comment on what Spoony said in part 1 about relationships within TGWTG. other people on the Internet have called Channel Awesome critics dating other Channel Awesome critics “incestuous”; I think it’s a weird form of conflict of interest, “emotional conflict of interest.” Instead of one person disliking another, now you have two people hating the one they dislike. And that negative emotion conflicts with the job they are doing, in this case making a crossover movie.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when some of these relationships end, and what sort of ridiculous drama will emerge from that….if the company just came clean about certain incidents and what happened to certain people, they could avoid all the convoluted conspiracy theories.

    • marabackman

      Yup. It’s going to look mighty awkward to see old crossovers between ex-couples if they have ugly break-ups.

      • Lina Jones

        Been at least three notable break-ups so far, and those went just fine, as far as anyone call tell. People want drama so they can latch onto and live vicariously through these internet personalities, but really, there’s no reason to assume the break-ups are going to be ugly.

        • marabackman

          True, although in my experience there is often that one love-hate couple in any extended group of friends who turn their break-up into the most monumental storm of hatred. But like you said, they’ve handled it quite well so far.

  • Ryan Dodd

    SOPA was crushed. Spoony will be around for at least another couple years and so will other reviewers that’s my prediction/2c. I Wonder what Spoony would do if it wasn’t this?

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Spoony speaking of SOPA, PIPA, and Net Neutrality in General Barack Obama is working on drafts of effectively all of the worst aspects of all 3 on steroids because he couldn’t get it through Congress. To give the illegal attempt at Net Neutrality imposed december before last teeth. You might not like Mitt Romney but at this point it looks like voting for him might be the best way to help preserve freedom a bit longer. Obama isn’t a fan of freedom of speech.

  • Nikloas Svenson

    I rarely post, but here i got to.

    I couldnt disagree more with Noah on this topic against fighting the law/corporations.
    Yes, they are sleek. And they have the resources and worm toungs that ables them to keep a constant pace with their work to pass new laws.
    They won’t take no for an answer, they never have. They try to adapt, and work their way around it, until they get it.

    The good guys have too keep fighting, until some with the brains and talkative abilities manages to rise up and organise the people to focus their attention stratigically.

    Its a warning sign, that they managed to talk TGWTG crew into submission. As Noah sais “Its time to realize, we had a good run, was fun while it lasted, cannot last forever, got to keep moving” etc.

    You so willingly give your freedom away!

    And others too, as they are youth, and cannot defend their rights as well as we can.

  • Erin Weems

    something to also keep in mind is that the internet is a fast medium. Piss the internet off as far as U.S. copyright goes and congress would have a HUGE problem on their hands. which of course they got a small taste of on the SOPA and PIPA thing. yes some bullshit still happened, but it seemed that with the internet being what it is, millions of people got pissed about the bills fast because of the websites taking a stand. If anything like those bills comes around again, it seems like we’ll be ready. I sure as hell will be.

  • Joseph Raymond Ortiz

    I’m scared. I don’t know what i would do if this site got shut down. :(

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