To Boldly Flee, Part 3 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Sep 21 2012 | more notation(s) | 

The tale of how I’m in most of the movie, and yet in almost none of the movie!

  • jnywest

    So far I have found your insights a bit spinful. Though I am a complete and loyal fan, I don’t think you have been entirely honest about what happened between you and the other TGWTG team. None the less, I believe you have the ability to do more and be more successful. But my heart and mind tell me that you BETRAYED your own dreams by not truly committing to Doug and Rob’s plans for the future.

    • Vismutti

      Hm. I don’t agree at all. Sure, he would definitely have done great in whatever Doug and Rob are planning but I think diverting himself from his own show would have been far too big a loss. Besides, I’m guessing if he ever changes his mind he could still get involved. But me, I enjoy Noah most as a producer and a writer, his acting comes only third. And to be honest, while I enjoy the Walkers’ stuff, right now I’m kind of grown tired of their style (over-exposure and all). Of course that’ll be fixed with a small break from their videos but still, I feel like it’d just annoy me too much to see Spoony go with that when he could write his own stuff in his own style.

  • Jan Pospíšil

    JO biting her lip, my gawd…

  • jnywest

    No, you got scared and stressed out. They put so much pressure on you to perform and be more than you were willing to offer. You snapped and freaked out and scared everybody with your meltdown, as you eluded to with your tweet and after that it was all down hill, wasn’t it? Your apology when you stated that “you are better now” in the first part of the commentary is a clue.

  • Sarah

    I loved your brief Kermit impression in the commentary. :)

  • sbkMulletMan

    Yeah, this one is haunted by the implied rape jokes. Well, as the Borgs say, “Resistance is futile”…oh god, that was too easy.

    Well, THAT aside, I think this part is my favorite of the bunch just because of all the Terl Vs. Zod scenes. Two wonderful people just hamming it up for all to enjoy. And it seems Spoony just confirmed my previous suspicions of him wearing the speedo around the house. I still wonder if he has Val Venis’ theme in the background while he does it. I don’t think I’m ever going to shake off this mental image, no matter how much alcohol I drink.

  • Kendotuxedo

    Noah, you’re Turl impression is so damn funny.
    You may need to built a mini-show around him just talking about shit for 5 minutes.
    It’s that awesome.

  • BillalH

    Good stuff. When year 1 brawl came out i wasn’t a TGWTG fan and I didn’t even know who spoony was. I just watched it because of the AVGN.Looking back on, I really didn’t like the brawl. I just didn’t find it entertaining. By the time Kickassia came out, I was big fan of NC,Spoony, and Angry Joe. I enjoyed it as a fan tribute but in no way was it a good movie on its own. Then when Suburan Knights came out I think they made major improvements in the technical aspects of making movie but the Story was still lacking.

    With that being said, I really liked to Boldly Flee as a movie on its own. I think if you showed this to people who were not fans of any of the actors that they’d still enjoy it. is it a great film? No but its one of the best super low budget films I’ve.

    I won’t mention which actors I thought were bad but I really would like to praise Doug, Noah, Brad as being really good. Also, I thought Joe and Matthew made major strides as actors.

  • FordXanakov

    The thing to remember about CR, when he stated his series Familiar Faces, he wasn’t even on *CAMERA* for the first 20 or so episodes. He was just a voiceover. When you consider the fact that he probably has the least amount of onscreen experience out of anybody else in To Boldly Flee, his performance is genuinely impressive.

    • doresh

      Right, never thought about that Oo
      Well, I guess this had the advantage of him not having to improve his voice acting and body language skills at the same time XD

      And about the commentary in general: people aren’t wearing enough neckbeards.

  • Lucas Allen

    I never saw Battlefield Earth nor if I ever want to, but your Turl impression is priceless. I don’t know if you have another Turl clone coming in your show, I don’t mind.

  • Alex Martel

    We can just all assume Zod still haven’t regained his powers since Supes 2.

  • thegodemperor

    I LOVE The Dune References. There needs to be MORE :P

  • Josh Lake

    As an aspiring colorist, I am ecstatic to see the the color grading, and that Spoony used the proper term! So few people do that. I had two voices playing in my head the whole time. One was saying, “Jeez, I could grade this better.” And the other was saying, “But don’t you see? that’s the way they wanted it.”
    Seriously though, people keep calling color grading “color correction,” which is a completely different thing.
    Loving these commentaries. Can’t wait for part 4!

    • Vismutti

      Ohh so that’s how the terms go. I’ve always wondered why people call it “correction” even when they aren’t correcting anything.

      • Josh Lake

        Yeah, the best way to put it is that correction includes matching shots, removing color cast, and other technical corrections. Grading is more about creating a certain feel and can be considered the more artistic side. Thus why Spoony said that the scene was “graded green” (love the alliteration) because they wanted to give that sci-fi look and an uneasy feeling, since the performances are a cross between dramatic and comedic, the uneasy feeling from a scene graded that way hints to the audience what they should be feeling and pulls the scene together.

  • qalest

    I run hot too, Spoony.

  • smek2

    Terl and the dutch angles… now that you mentioned it, i can’t unsee it.

  • THE Sami Ryyppö

    How come I never find anything offensive? In this case the Linkara & Nostalgia Chick scene. Sure, it was made pretty clear that the characters thought they had sex but as a viewer I never thought anything else than him drilling her head or something. :D The only kind of comedy I don’t approve is something that is racist directly towards somebody or in other way very disrespectful like that. But this… this was just harmless because we were shown Mechakara, a ROBOT, with a drill before the scene.

    • Lydia Beam

      I felt the same way. i didn’t find it any more offensive than, say, Spooning with Spoony. In fact, part of the humor comes from the fact that something so horrible is happening and all these people are misinterpreting it.

  • Guest

    You got past Dune, but you can’t get behind Thunderdome. WHOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Das_Bass

    You got past Dune, but you can’t get beyond Thunderdome. WHOOOOOOOOOO!

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Spoony, your Terl impression may not be 100% accurate to John Travolta’s, but it still one of the funniest characters you have ever done.

  • Zachary Necaise

    Part of what makes you a good actor is that you’re a charismatic person and that you vocalize well. You don’t mumble or sound unsure, but instead you speak clearly and with purpose.

  • antiquarius

    Hm I dont know Spoony…I have the feeling you try to be overly nice with the rest of the TGWTG guys. EVERYONE is a “perfect actor” and you are constantly “blown away” by their “perfomance” and “range of emotions”

    Maybe you are trying a bit to hard to rebuild burned bridges?

    • Viktor Segerbäck

      What burned bridges? They were never burned to begin with, except for maybe lupa and her loverboys, but who gives a shit about her femenistic ass anyways?

      • Erebus_Locke

        Burned Bridges might be too strong, but I too got the impression Spoony tries to be extremly nice, never saying anything negative about anyone….

        • marabackman

          Is it a bad thing that he’s being nice? To me it doesn’t sound like he’s trying too hard, but rather giving compliments where they might be due. Now if he were shilling the other critics in the style of the Shamwow-guy, then it would be a tad ridiculous. I think the commentary sounds sincere.

          • Gborr

            Not to mention, of course he is slightly biased towards the movie he helped making and the coworkers/friends he worked with on it. Duh.

          • IHeart28

            I found the commentary sincere myself, honestly spoony praising the others really feels like he means what he says. Also, he’s not praising the whole thing entirely, he tells in his commentary what he had issues with or didn’t particularly like(Some of which people can or cannot agree with). So honestly, I don’t think him praising his coactors is bad at all, after all he WORKED with them on To Boldly Flee so it’s bound to be obvious he’s going to like some people.

            Also, I found it really sweet he enjoyed some of the peoples performances, it means that he was proud to work with them

  • Erebus_Locke

    8bit Mickey looks like Spoony with curly hair.

    • marabackman

      yeah, they actually look like they could be cousins.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Strange thing is Ed-chan, Ferdinand Von Turrell, and ZOD are my favorite characters in this. I also can’t get enough of Seven of Eleven-Chick. I don’t care about the inference Mechakara really screwed her hard.

  • Aaron R Foltz

    So… is Spoony going to do anymore reviews?

    • Lina Jones

      No. Never. May as well quit waiting.


      • Aaron R Foltz

        Still waiting for a review for Highlander III: The Final Disappointment.

        • Lina Jones

          Eh, I don’t think it was bad enough. Maybe if he runs out of other material.

    • Gborr

      What are you even talking about?!
      The only time I could see him retiring would be after reviewing the FF-XIII series, with a suitably huge finale, of course. Still, there is more than enough shit floating in the pond to give him enough material for at lest a few more years. :P

  • Toaster Tom

    Sure your Turl impression isn’t 100% accurate and even comes across as over the top and silly. THAT’S THE POINT. It’s satire. And the majority of people (including myself) find it hilarious.

    • theshamster

      I prefer Spoony’s Turl to Travolta’s Turl.
      In fact, if Noah played Turl in “Battlefield Earth” and made him just as campy as he does now, it would be a winner!

  • Chris Lauderdale

    Heh, reverse George Lucas. Specifically changing the story so you DON’T have to use green screen.

  • Weedleplop

    Zod is like Kermit? Nah, Zod is Marvin the Martian! He even talks about the ‘Imodium P Space Modulator’ at one point.

    • Weedleplop

      Heh – that should be ‘Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator’ Not quite sure what a space modulator made of imodium would do… certainly stop any more plots leaking out the hole…

  • Patrick Allen

    Well, you did make a fantastic Turl.

  • Cory Williams

    Spirit Gum does stand up to sweat very well when applied properly. It was designed for stage make-up and it’s impossible not to sweat under stage lights. Sugary liquids are normally the problem when it comes to Spirit Gum. My theater teacher in high school told us a story about when he was playing Munro Murgatroyd, the villain in Dirty Work at the Crossroads, who’s got the very big, goofy mustache. His mustache was spirit gummed on and there’s a scene where Munro is drinking sweet tea with Nellie I think and they actually used sweet tea for the prop. The sugar in the tea started breaking down the spirit gum and half his mustache came loose. So he propped his face on his hand to surreptitiously hold the loose half on with his finger, but then the other half came loose and it was obvious to the audience it was coming off. So he stood up and ripped off the little bit that was still on and threw it on the ground and exclaimed “BAH! THEY DON’T MAKE FAKE MUSTACHES LIKE THEY USED TO!”

  • Kevin Fumero

    What’s “Acting fay”?

    • marabackman

      Giving a performance where one is acting breathy and vaguely effeminate. Look through either the DnD-movies or Spoony’s review of “Highlander: Endgame”, because Bruce Payne’s style of acting is a perfect example of acting fay.

  • Lara Oude Alink

    Hehe, I immediately noticed the neckbeard problems. I sort of guessed you had to be really hot in that outfit, didn’t you say something about that somewhere else? Well anyway, I guessed what a horrible role it had to be for you on a practical level, but it was lovely. I also love it that the voices are nothing like the voices of the characters they were based on. I don’t care! Ma-Ti is that voice to me (‘but critic, you can’t leave!’) and I wouldn’t want it any other way…
    I really didn’t mind the implied rape joke. I thought it was extremely funny because it was done well (Film Brain’s Freudian slips, beautiful).

  • Josh Cohen

    In response to Zod not having Kryptonian powers, it is possible this somehow is set after Superman II, where Superman used the power draining device to steal his powers away. How he managed to survive falling into a giant frozen chasm would be anybody’s guess though.

  • IHeart28

    Heh. I noticed the implimations of Mechakara “raping” NChick. I honestly don’t know but I found the references, although akward, still kinda funny. Rape jokes can be funny if you do it well, and honestly the implimations weren’t that bad. But hey, I probably have no soul.

    Anyway, LOVE this part, it’s one of my favorites because of the Terl vrs. Zod scenes. I die laughing my ass off everytime. You and Doug have brilliant chemestry. The scenes you two shared were gold.

    Great part to the commentary.

  • George Ragen

    holy shit! I just noticed the Cheerios 2 reference lol

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