To Boldly Flee, Part 4 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Sep 21 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Oh god, this part. Not this part.

  • Lydia Beam

    I don’t like action movies in general, so during the Dredd bit I was sort of thinking “This is kinda annoying, but no more annoying than, say, the long opening storm on Molassia in Kickassia.” I kinda assumed some people might find it funnier than I did. However, I wouldn’t want it to go away, cuz, like you said, it lent itself to that really funny Angry Joe part and the great Benzai cameo~

  • Josh Lake

    Yeah, I was a bit turned off by the overly long fight scene, but I think the jokes that came out of it were well worth it.

  • MichaelKz

    I thought the Dredd scenes lasted way too long as well, but mostly the part in the basement with all of the absurd shooting.

    • MechaVelma

      I wanted the scene from UHF (and I think Hot Shots Part Deux did it too) where the two groups are firing at each other and then it pans out and shows that everyone’s only a few feet away from each other.

      • Garmrspor

        Didn’t The Naked Gun do it first? Or was that scene in its sequel? Either way, fucking marvelous scene.

    • Christina Masterson

      Yeah, the basement scene drove me nuts…

    • Minna

      Yes! It seems to be a running gag between the Walker brothers to include this kind of scene in every year-special. It’s not as funny as they think it is.

  • Richard Fernandez

    It annoys me greatly that JO is playing Ed. I have no idea why

    • MechaVelma

      It just wasn’t a convincing portrayal. The wig was bad and JO’s Ed lacked the calm parts of the Ed character. It was all hyper, all the time. And that’s only half of the Ed character.

      • Das_Bass

        and a 20somthing is trying to play the roll of a 13 year old girl

  • Joe Hammons

    Who just went around and downvoted all the comments on this part?

  • Drew Taylor

    I also thought it went a tad overboard with just how BAD the stormtroopers where. On the length of the scene I think it did go on a bit to long, but not nearly as much as you, and since the scene lends itself to a lot of other great bits, it kinda works. Not to mention there are bits in the scene that I do like, so I wouldn’t take it out if it where up to me.

  • goodguya

    Yeah, as you can plainly see, no one is at all disagreeing with you on the whole Dredd thing, Spoony. The whole bit was plainly done for two reasons: Outdoor shooting and Doug wanting to get a cartoony action scene. It completely undermined the whole movie’s purpose and would have been far more appropriate at the beginning, if they wanted to fit it in. This part really begins the rapid decline of the pieces, slowly dissolving into nothing but very badly integrating rip-offs of movies, and I do mean rip-offs. Line for line, scene for scene pilfering because they seemed unable to find any interesting spin to it. However, you still keep on top, and at least we can agree to never speak of this Dredded scene again ;)

  • zakedodead

    Why do you upload your videos so long before you list them on your site? I watched part 5 commentary right after part 3 got listed.

    • Vismutti

      I don’t know but I’m guessing it takes some time for the videos to upload so it’s handy to upload them a bit ahead of time? Maybe.

  • Luke Pallesen

    Totally off topic but I thought I’d just ask if you’re going to do any game reviews any time soon? I know they must take a heap of effort and you’re clearly busy with other projects. It’s just that for me personally, I really enjoyed to FF reviews, the Let’s Play and Riff Theatre. Obviously it’s your thing and up to you what you do, was just curious.

    • Daniel Kong

      I think the next game is FFXIII? Or was that 12? I’ve lost track of em. Either way at the end of Ultima 9 a FF game is revealed to be the spell of Armageddon. So we cant expect that one next? I think? It will be a while though. He has to play through the game(or get someone else to do it.) record, edit. Not to mention work out a script for it.

      • doresh

        I think the next is FFXIII. Doesn’t surprise me honestly, because the “I AM BASCH FON RONSENBERG!” scene is pretty much the ONLY entertaining scene in FFXII…

    • Das_Bass

      2 days ago on Twitter we was ranting about how bad FFXIII-2 is to play. If I had to guess he has the video for 13 and is now getting it for 13-2 so he just has to write and shoot…just my guess though.

  • Ryan Letendre

    I’ve seen Benzaie dancing half naked far too much for my taste…. Still funny though.

  • Jan Pospíšil

    “The Fellowship runs down some stairs.”

  • Jesse Bissell

    The Critic is under house arrest, yet he teleports outside of his house… That darn plot-hole.

    • MechaVelma

      yeah, but by this point, they had already teleported the restraint device off of NC (and up Film Brain’s ass).

      • Jesse Bissell

        Well, you got me there. I must have found a way to be distracted when Film Brain’s ass came into play.

  • Viktor Åkesson

    I am not trying to be a jerk or anything by all means, this is just me expressing my opinion now: I think SpoonyOne is basically the only good thing with To Boldly Flee to me. His performance as Terl along with the lines he says in that role, that is. He’s the only funny thing here, with the exception of like 3 or 4 other jokes in all 8 parts. But most other jokes feels either just decent or bad to me. And the story? I am sorry, but… I just think it’s shit. Again – my opinion.

    I mean, it’s kinda ironic how these critics like Doug tends to bash spoof movies like Scary Movie 1-4. But you know what? Those movies are honestly actually more well made to me. No, not because of their budget and production value. The thing is – those movies are more consistent than To Boldly Flee is, in more than one way. The mood is more consistent, the humor is more consistent… hell, even the story is more consistent. I am not trying to say Scary Movie 1-4 are great movies or anything – they aren’t at all the best spoof movies to me. But I am comparing them to To Boldly Flee now.
    About the mood being inconsistent in To Boldy Flee – sometimes, the tone is so unbelievably silly as you mentioned here yourself, Noah. And at other times, the tone is SO forcefully serious – especially in part 8 where Nostalgia Critic “sacrifices” himself. It doesn’t work to me at all – it just feels like Doug and Rob have no sense of balance in their storytelling here.

    I could almost watch To Boldly Flee again just to watch the Terl parts as I as said think they are hilarious – but since so many other things are atrocious to me here, I am hesitating on doing that. Especially because of Phelous and JesuOtaku. Sorry if I am upsetting a fan of those two, as that is not my intention – I am just saying I personally can not stand them. They are painfully annoying to me.
    If you guys love To Boldly Flee – more power to ya. Maybe I am the only one who dislike it, maybe not. I just felt like sharing my opinion, and I am not trying to piss anyone off. But Noah – thanks for being awesomely hilarious as Terl in To Boldly Flee. Especially your “Oh dear, he’s foreign – Hello Neil! Nice to meet you!” joke in the end of part 2 was just pure gold. And yes, I do enjoy listening to your commentaries on these parts very much.

    • Gborr

      Sadly I have to agree, at least mostly. I would say there were more funny moments in the movie, and the fourth part, being over the top as it might be, was still really enjoyable ride with the rapid-fire gags.
      I was also annoyed by Phelous to a degree (he just cant stop chewing the scenery in the worst way possible) while Jo was… well, let’s just say her cosplay-personality should be regulated by the Hague convention… x_x

      Otherwise I completely agree with you, especially about the consistency of the mood, or rather the lack of thereof…

      • Viktor Åkesson

        Well, nice to know someone shares my point of view – makes me feel less crazy. XD LOL As said, I respect people for loving it, but… yeah. I feel like the more story they try to bring in to these anniversary movies, the more it backfires. I mean, I still think the first one – the team brawl that is, is the best one. Just everyone fighting each other like crazy, not trying to involve a story or anything.
        But okay, maybe I was a tad bit harsh considering the jokes – there are plenty of good jokes occassionally. I just felt like Terl worked out the best for me personally.

    • Vismutti

      Funny… I liked this way more than Suburban Knights at least. And I actually kinda liked JO’s cosplay acting too, even though I didn’t like them doing that cosplay thing again… And for once I didn’t find Phelous too annoying which was a first (sorry, I just can’t stand his style of acting).
      But well, I can’t blame you for not liking it. It’s interesting, though, that I wasn’t annoyed by those parts that I usually am. I don’t know why. Maybe I just had lower expectations this time. But I have to say that I didn’t mind the plot or the mood inconsistencies. I’m fine with stuff like that and I think the seriousness was called for since this is basically NC’s send off.

      • Viktor Åkesson

        Well, I respect your opinion. :) I can understand your point of view even though I might disagree. Maybe the seriousness with Nostalgia Critic’s send off occurring – but in that case, I wish it was handled a little different. That entire scene felt like it was full of itself, and like it was trying to force us to get emotions from it.
        Buuuuut that’s just me. XD

        • Vismutti

          Yeah, I can actually see what you mean.

        • Sol Rok Entertainment

          You mean it WASN’T trying to force emotions (ones I did not have to give, by the way) from the audience? I feel lied to.

          • Viktor Åkesson

            I felt like the scene tried to force me to feel something for it. I hated that – I almost wanted to turn it off because of how annoyingly overdramatic it was, and how dragged out it was.
            I am not lying – I am being completely honest about how I personally see it. -_-

          • Sol Rok Entertainment

            I’m sorry on my part, I forgot you can’t type sarcasm. I was agreeing with you.

          • Viktor Åkesson

            I apologize too. I tend to be good at understanding sarcasm – but I didn’t this time. Sorry – have a hard time understanding the written word sometimes if it’s something you need to read between the lines of. >.<

    • Das_Bass

      I liked Spoony and Brad the most in this.

    • IHeart28

      I completely understand your opinion and you are entitled to it entirely. That being said, I have to disagree and share a teeny bit more of my own. There are parts that indeed needed more editing and tweaking in To Boldly Flee(It’s definitely not a perfect movie) but I still really loved everything and everyone in it. Don’t get me wrong, Spoony being himself, Terl or Insano was gold but I felt some other people(If you want specific examples: Mechakara/Linkara, Zod, Nostalgia Critic, Luke Mochrie, Cinema Snob) had golden moments themselves. If you don’t want to watch it, power to you, just felt like stating I disagree. Feel free to ignore me

  • Das_Bass

    I think you guys would have been better off without that whole part.

  • smek2

    I noticed that Terl has kind of a red nose. Looks like an allergic reaction to make-up. Or too much wine.

    • Vismutti

      Well it does cost a lot for the company to fly all these guys over to the location and pay for their stay(?) and all. I guess they just can’t afford to pay them? But well, I wouldn’t know.

      • Dasby

        Sorry, but I don’t buy that. There’s no reason that they couldn’t, at the very least, get a tiny percentage of the dvd sales, and ad generated revenue from the videos. From the sounds of it these people are being asked to work for free so that Doug and company can profit. That’s absurd.

  • Gborr

    The best parts of this episode were the ones with Terl and Zod. I forgive the dragged out Dredd parts just because they helped to pace the hilarious scenes between those two. :P

  • Lara Oude Alink

    People who can do voices = hot.
    You’re definitely right, fight scenes does are ALWAYS so damn long. XD Joe’s deliveries are indeed fantastic. Oh Joe.

  • sbkMulletMan

    I always called this part “The Quest for more Joe”, because this is where we finally got to see Joe really do something with the gunshot and the “LOTS of ‘em!” line, and it just made me really wish Joe had more scenes in the series. Just cut the filler and give more Joe!

    But I did get a kick out of the Mars Attacks reference with the “Do not run, I’m your friend!” part.

  • Edgars Sondors

    Am i the only one who watched only Spoony’s commentary and not the actual film? Blasphemy, right?

  • Dan Schuett

    Just noticed in this that the instruction video is in French but the diagrams are all clearly labeled in English.

  • marabackman

    Yeah, this scene is way too long. It would work much better if it was trimmed to half its current length.

  • Fan_the_Flames

    The Dredd scene did go on for a bit too long; however, you’re right, there were some good lines. Personally, I loved Zod’s “FIND SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS FRENCH!” line, and of course we have the beauty of “That just blew up Venus” which always makes me crack up for some reason

    But yes, I will say the shooting scene at the beginning when I first saw it was just… “Wha?” It really made no sense, plus, he was shooting right at Spoony, Sage, and Panda.

  • ShipoftheLine

    8bit Mickey could be Spoonys brother. Just different hair.

  • doresh

    The Dredd scene was a bit too long, but I think Joe, Benzaie and your teleport hijinks make it worth it. They could cut out 1 or 2 minutes, though…

    But it’s not the length that irks me, but two things I find weird:

    – I found it a bit strange that the moon featured fauna. They later explain that it’s the plot hole’s doing, but I can’t remember anyone mentioning it before, and the Critic doesn’t seem to be surprised in any way

    – When the Critic slapped CR, there seems to be a piece of his visor flying off, yet the visor still looks complete afterwards. What was that Oo ?

  • Dasby

    I really hope this doesn’t come across as prickish but it’s incredibly refreshing to hear somebody acknowledge that something in these movies just doesn’t work. That Dredd scene doesn’t work. Not just because it goes on too long, but because it’s just not funny, or exciting, or in any way engrossing. Too often it feels like the TGWTG folks, or those involved with them, seem almost incapable of acknowledging when something fails.

    • Guest

      There are enough funny parts to at least justify it. Sure, cutting a third of it would have made it much better, but its not quite a failure.

    • David Herbert

      I think they’re worried about offending Doug, who is their friend, and who might kick them off the site. You listen to Spoony’s commentaries for the last two movies, he’s not nearly so critical. And with the first year anniversary brawl, he was critical in his commentary but in the notes for it, he took back almost everything. He even says, and I’m pasting it directly “Doug and Bargo are fine, honorable men and talented editors who should never be questioned.”

  • Beatman

    I can safely say the only reason the Critic had a Dredd cosplay was because Dredd 3D was coming out, so he made a “lol old crappy Dredd movie joke” timely.

    And yeah, JO as Edward is just wrong, due to the acting, the portrayal, all of it.

  • MikeBester

    I never liked Jesu Otaku due to her homophobic comments in the past. This video didnt help…

    • Erebus_Locke

      Homophobic comments? O_o

      • MikeBester

        I saw her original comments by the way on Twitter, before she deleted them. She said she had these “views” in the past, and now has “changed her oppionion”, but I dont believe it.

        • Erebus_Locke

          So the “Jesu” in her name actually stands for Jesus? Shes one of those radical christians? O_o

        • Vismutti

          I read through that post (thanks for the link btw!) and I do believe it. I don’t think she’s such a rotten person as to pretend to have changed while still holding such views even when she clearly knows what’s wrong with them. Since she came from a very religious family, I can easily buy that she’s go with her parents’ views at first but people do grow up and change. And her description of that was very believable. Idk, could be that she still has ways to go but I believe she’s on the road there. (And I don’t even like her reviews and sometimes her opinions flat out infuriate me. So… I don’t have a bias for her. I’d be happy to hate her if I thought I had a good reason.)

          Hell, I was against gay adoption back when I was 15 and an ignorant little shit who had no idea about the lives of real existing families who get hurt by those laws. And who was in denial about her own sexuality. I’ve changed a lot since then. It does happen. Even like two or three years ago I used to have some really embarrassing beliefs, too…

          • antiquarius

            The Twitter and all those forum posts were from 2012…

          • Vismutti

            Whoah, really? Okay…. that’s a bit more suspicious then…

          • Lewis Lovhaug

            What ones are you referring to from 2012, exactly?

      • marabackman

        Ancient history. People change, in her case for the better.

        • Viktor Åkesson

          Uhm… yeah, I call bullshit on that. I hate people “changing for the better” without apologizing for being bad persons once. Like Motherfucker Mike – he has acted really dumb and unfair in his past reviews, which he has improved. But of course, he pretends like the past never happened.
          Unless I see JesuOtaku herself in person in a video of her’s apologize for being a homophobe in her past, I don’t believe it.

          • marabackman

            Alright, fair enough.

          • Viktor Åkesson

            Maybe my comment was a bit harsh – I don’t know… I probably am a bit sensetive to it because I am gay myself. >.<;

          • marabackman

            No worries, perfectly understandable. I’m not willing to pass judgement about the issue, because I don’t know JO in person and I don’t feel like digging through anyone’s dirty laundry. Although I do know other people who have been raised in fundie households, but have later on changed their views after their bubbles have been burst and they’ve had to deal with other viewpoints.

          • Viktor Åkesson

            Okay, that’s cool. :) Glad to know we can both have the “no worries” attitude to it now then. ^^

          • Alexander McEachern

            To be honest I was also rather “homophobic” god I hate that term. To be honest after some contemplation I too think that its silly to hate people just because there different, Black, White, Oriental, Native, Man, Woman, Strait or Gay. In fact I hate people who also use the justification that the bible says we must hate gay people because being gays a sin. No it does not show me exactly where, all it says is that the act of sex between two men or women is sinful not the love part. Two men are allowed to love each other there is nothing wrong with that.

          • J.G. te Molder

            Actually, it doesn’t even say that.

            In fact, the closest thing to it, would be a human male’s interpretation of a bisexual orgy stating the sex was a punishment from god, but tell me, how is sexual pleasure (unless it’s not pleasurable and/or not consensual) a punishment?

            Of course, even if the guy was right, it still wouldn’t make it a sin. If god forces you to do something as punishment it would be against your will thus it can never be your sin… in fact, it’s god raping you.

            Why do we keep getting to this topic?

        • antiquarius

          You cant be an “Nerd Internet Personality” with homophobic comments. I think JO realized that and was quick to cover her tracks.

    • Ingelerp
    • Garmrspor

      …and here I thought JO was one of those MTF folks (as someone who has only seen her in this commentary series). This has been a revelation of ironic nature.

  • Darby Bryan-Dye

    I think the Judge Dredd scene could work if it were edited down. The issue is that it just keeps on going and repeating. As for The whole Edward issue, its just an issue of a bad impersonation, which to be fair I don’t blame Jess Otaku for. Edward is a damn hard impersonation to do, especially give the unnatural way the character moves and the incredibly complicated vocal patterns the original voice actor uses.

    • marabackman

      True, Edward is a very difficult character to impersonate. I remember watching the interviews on the DVD for the movie, and the actress who portrayed Edward said that she had just improvised the hell out of her impersonation. Much later when she got the part she said that she had forgotten what she had done at the audition and had to work long with the director to get the portrayal right.

  • Patrik

    I didn’t like the movie. The story needed more focus, the tone should have been more consistent and there were way to many characters to care about. It reminded me of the phantom menace in it’s execution. There were some good laughs though and i enjoyed bits of it, but as a movie i think it failed. That is also my problem whit the other two movies, keep it simple and keep the tone, you don’t need to overwhelm us whit gags to keep us interested.

    • Viktor Åkesson

      Just like I feel about everyone bashing Star Wars Episode 1 – I think you’re being too harsh at it. It wasn’t more so with these things there than in Episode 6 for instance. At least not to me.
      Yes, I am a fan of Episode 1. Yes, it’s my favorite Star Wars movie. Yes I know I will get a million thumbs down for saying that. But I stand by my opinion. I have already defended my point of view in very constructive manners billions of times, and I feel no need to do it again. It doesn’t matter what I’ll say – people will hate me for loving it either way. People will think I deserve to die for it. Oh, is that overdoing the hatred, you think? One of CinemaSnob’s real life friends said this in his video vlog after seeing Episode 1’s rerelease in theaters, in 3D. He literally said that everyone who loves The Phantom Menace deserves to die. Oh, it was a joke? Because if that’s the case, I don’t find that very funny. It still is offensive.

      But hey – it’s not like anyone here will agree with me anyway.

      • Patrik

        Very well, people will watch the same thing and come to different conclusions. I am not the biggest fan of episode 6 to be honest, it is in my opinion the weakest of the originals.
        Hating people for liking a certain movie is retarded though, and i sure ass hell wont bully or flame you for it.

        • Viktor Åkesson

          Oh? Well, that’s cool. :) Yeah, I mean – it’s all about respecting each others’ opinions after all. I might for instance hate Kill Bill – but I respect others for loving those movies.

      • Steven Black

        I hate the Phantom Menace. But that said I won’t hate you for liking it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        Execution is a problem in this movie. And Part 4 is where it really starts falling apart. The first three episodes are very strong. But the Judge Dredd thing comes out of nowhere. It doesn’t even have a place in the spoof scifi space movies shtick either. And the scene goes on forever with a lot of hijinks instead of actual action.

  • Sai

    It’s not that the movie references bothered me, it’s that I felt it was alot stronger when the movie references were subtle. Like spoofing camera angles from Sith with Snob’s scenes, the whole plot being loosely Search for Spock etc. When it was overt with costumes or direct lines it just felt weaker.

    And yeah the whole Judge Dredd part I felt like it just sort of interrupted the flow of the story.

  • Steven Williams

    Must say, I enjoy your commentaries far more than I’ve enjoyed any of the movies made, honestly, I just can never get into the movies despite how hard you guys work at making them, and now to find out you aren’t even PAYED? That’s just beyond absurd, everyone who takes two weeks out of their schedule to fly over and shoot this should be entitled to a small part of the profits, covering flight and living expenses is one thing, but as Noah said, it’s still a profit loss since he can’t shoot any new stuff or work on other things while doing this movie.

    And just watching that Dredd scene it was getting really tiring after about 5 minutes, as you said just duck behind the table, beam out, end the bloody sequence, not keep going and going and going and GOING it was an overly long gag that really didn’t work too well, particularly if things had been really serious earlier, to break it up with all that kind of slapstick makes it kinda Michal Bayish, want to be serious, but still want humorous too and it clearly didn’t work that well.

    Ah well, these are enjoyable to listen to, keep up the good work Noah.

  • Heather Solomon

    The Dredd part had some good moments in it, but yeah it did go on a bit long. I do think you’re right – he had the costume and just REALLY wanted to do it.

  • Chris Hughes

    Respectfully Spoony, I disagree. I loved the Dredd scene, and it didn’t feel too long at all. Honestly, it sounds like you’re being a bit too critical. But hey, it’s just my opinion.

  • Baló Timár

    Wait…special edition? There will be a special edition where the soldiers shoot first instead of Doug? So that they can sell “Doug shot first” T-shirts? Brilliant!

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Just wait about 20 years until they re-release this in 3-D with CGI fish.

  • David Idiart

    Why don’t people like the Dredd sequence? Honestly, this is my first or second favorite part of the Movie, partly just because of that scene. Why all the hate?

  • BrendanConcannon

    When I watched this movie, I was into the majority of the whole thing. When the Dredd part came up, I went into this unconscious haze, forgetting everything that happened in it, except for the part where the silver spaceman shot a guard to save Critic’s life.

  • Antti Saavalainen

    I definitely agree that the combat scenes were really awful. It really irks me when the fans are so blind that can’t criticise anything that Doug and folks do.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    Doug did say himself he was going to do something Dreddful. And ever since the daffy duck-esque “Tell me what it means” gag got reused I’ve felt he always wanted this kind of Bugs Bunny sequence where he can do no wrong and even if he does it doesn’t hurt him long. But yeah it could be cut down allot and use more editing on the fill characters but I think it could be done with some planning on the edits without losing any of the bits you like.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Spoony! I love that part, it should definitely stay. It’s hilarious as shit, and laughed all the way through.

    Also because it’s a magnificent long part that is original and not copies of scenes from other movies. I feel like the number of copied movies as well as dialogue is a bit too much. So a nice long thing that is original is good.

  •örn-Apel/100002414853539 Björn Apel

    The Judge Dredd Scene was not only much too long. It also has a big miss opportunity by Doug not screaming Falcon Punch, while punching the Minions with the cyperarm. Captain Falcon is a clear reference to Judge Dredd and i thought the cyperarm was very pointless without building up to something like an Falcon Punch Gag.

  • IHeart28

    I can understand why people wouldn’t like the dredd battle scenes as well as Part 4 in general, hell I can understand why spoony himself doesn’t entirely like it. That being said, the dredd action scenes are the main reason why this part was one of the best parts in To Boldly Flee, in my personal opinion. Why? There’s so much exciting/hilarious stuff going on that it’s worth seeing over and over again. From the beaming problems, to doug putting on the outfit to Joe’s badass and hilarious spotlight, this part just really brights up my day. Other than that, great insight to this part, Spoony. Always enjoy hearing what you wanna say

  • wiegeabo kilijabob

    I don’t mind that the scene is in there. But it definitely went on way too long. It’s one of only a couple of times I thought that while watching this.

    I think Doug could cut it down so the jokes that cam out of it wouldn’t be lost, but it still wouldn’t run on for so long.

  • Minna

    This part was unforgivably bad due to the long action scene. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it. The shooting blindly in a silly way many times and missing is not a funny running joke. I never was. It was in both first year and third year specials, then performed by Ma-Ti and Rob respectively. This time it’s performed in the basement by Doug. I think it is only funny for the ones who are in on it. To me it’s just a forced meme.

    I get that some parts are going to be more boring since they inlcude these kinds of long scenes, and since this entire thing is supposed to be a movie, but I think they could have kept a better, even quality if they had thought of it as a mini series instead of a movie. I almost ragequit watching the special after this episode.

  • Toure Muhammad

    I actually really enjoyed this part. It was one of my favorites. You don’t really get a good mesh of action and comedy like this so it really worked for me. I loved laughing in a moment that’s meant to be really tense. Also the entire episode is about 20 minutes, which felt long enough to me. Especially with others pushing about 40.

  • Chris Behellmorph Beckett

    This is my fave part along with 7 personally. Its just great fun and I laughed so many times and I didn’t stop at all during this whole part. But hey everyone has their preferences.

  • D.k. Murphy

    I love clue!

  • Christine Dean

    lol, I liked the scene where Turl and Zod pretend to be Rachel Ray and Oprah, have to disagree with Spoony sadly, that was just hilarious. XD

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