To Boldly Flee, Part 6 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Oct 9 2012 | more notation(s) | 
  • Tiago Ferreira


  • Anthony Black

    In my opinion, JewWario without his shirt on was the best part of the entire movie.

    • William Staples

      His chest hair is shaped like an umbrella. I never wanted to know that.

  • Chuster M. Merino

    I´m starting to like this “Spoony-mentary” of “To Boldly Flee”.

  • sekiwat

    I like Spoony a lot, but I can disagree with this movie being brilliant or great. For what it was, it was not terrible, but what made me mad about it was that if the script were given more time, it could have been a lot better. I grew up with the Star Wars movies and I too was disappointed as hell with the prequels, but what bothered me most about this parody is that it didn’t seem consistent with whatever theme they were going for. For instance, I viewed Prick and the other bad guys as prototypical corporate sellouts that wanted to only create movies that were marketable, rather than good. But then we get that scene with Rob going on about how Manos, a public domain film that originally sold horribly, became something interesting and a cult favourite. That scene was probably one of my favourites, but at the same time, I don’t get how it tied in with the badguy’s objectives of wanting to make money by rooting out internet piracy. In fact, I didn’t get at all what the badguys objectives or goals were or why they were even working together. Did they even want money to begin with? Did they want to eliminate internet critics? What did they want? It’s too vague and not well explained or written.

    As for you liking this movie, Spoony, I totally get it. You worked on it, you know the people in it, you’re proud of it. I’ve worked on creative things as well and I know that feeling. But the rest of the world can’t be expected to have the same perspective as you. If everyone shared the same joy as the creator of a work of art, there wouldn’t be critics like you.

    Even the creators of Highlander 2 were proud of what they created. After listening to the commentary on it, Russel Mulcahy didn’t sound any more ashamed of his work than you did with TBF.

    Why can’t you be as critical of yourself as you are of other people? I’ve heard you once call Uwe Boll a ‘retard’ in one of your vlogs. Nobody that makes films can be considered a ‘retard’ no matter how much you don’t like their work. In fact, the guy must be pretty business smart to be able to keep funding his garbage. This brings me to another point and that’s that a creator isn’t the work they create. You may see someone else’s work as retarded, but that doesn’t mean they’re retarded. To use the cliched expression, if a firework maker’s firework ends up not producing an explosion, it’s the firework that’s defective, not the firework maker.

    Yes, you and Doug are doing these movies as part of some learning process. Yet, you can’t assume that people will take that into consideration. Once a work of art, is out there in the world, it’s out there. People are allowed to and will criticize it just as you criticize everything on your site.

    • John Sco

      Man some people gotta learn to relax and not take themselves so seriously. The movie was fuckin hilarious and a blast to watch. Case closed.

      • Merost

        Case closed? Yeah lets open that again shall we?

        It was boring, had too many characters and too many reference-jokes.

        • Immorttalis

          And let’s not forget that the character that Jesu Otaku played was annoying as all hell.

          • LotusPrince

            To be fair, she actually did a good job portraying Ed, who really does act weird like that all the time. The thing is, JO’s acting was a reference, and had no inherent context, so it was hard for her to be appreciated for her role itself, except for “hey, she does a good Ed,” while Ed is appreciated for her actual character.

        • Amber Biliouris

          Has it ever occurred to you both that.. OMG, this is an opinion? Cause it is and this person has the right to feel something is hilarious. Just like you have the right to disagree.

          • Fred Strong

            Of course. This wouldn’t be much of a discussion if we all agreed with each other. Realizing that should not stop people from posting their opinions.

        • jnywest

          None of the movies, Brawl, Kickassia, etc, were that good, but hey were fun, they were really fun for the fans.

          • LotusPrince

            To be honest, I probably liked the Brawl the best, because it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Kickassia had a brilliant premise, but it wasn’t really fun to watch after the first couple of chapters. Suburban Knights had the corniest premise ever (LARP…and that’s it), but I thought that it was handled better in terms of plot and development. To Boldly Flee was definitely better than Kickassia and Suburban Knights, and in a sense, the Brawl, but the Brawl was beautiful in its simplicity. References weren’t needed in that one. Hey, guys, we got all of the reviewers together. All you want to see is fighting, and that’s all you’re getting.

          • John Sco

            There ya go, that’s a perfect word for them. Fun. If you didn’t have fun watching all these fools get together and goof off, then you must be a very unhappy, tightly wound person.

        • Lydia Beam

          I enjoyed it. Maybe some people went in there expecting too much. I never expected a real movie, so for what I thought it was – a big gigantic crossover with some cool effects and sci-fi references – I like it a lot. Loved it, in fact. Am I too easily impressed? Maybe. But I enjoyed it, so that’s all that really matters to me. ^^

      • ShipoftheLine

        “Fuckin hilarious”?? Are you kidding me?

        It was a convoluted mess. Only good part about it was Spoonys Commentary.

      • Fred Strong

        The level of comedy in this movie is on par with Epic Movie. There was no originality in the jokes. Dressing up characters and changing well known movie lines ever so slightly does not make for good comedy. At several points in this movie they were literally doing Star Wars. Watching the Cinema Snob dressed up as Darth Vader is just as unfunny as watching an actor from Epic Movie dress like Jack Sparrow and saying “Hello, I’m Jack Sparrow.”

        • Ingelerp

          At least here the references had some context to them, and its drawing parallels between the Star Wars bits and the SOPA guys, which while it may not be Swift-level clever satire it’s at least SOMETHING. Epic/Disaster/Shit Movie is just “random reference that makes no sense with anything whatsoever *fart*”

          • Fred Strong

            Well, I was only talking about the level of comedy. I think they handled other aspects of To Boldly Flee quite well.

    • smek2

      I have no idea why this movie got an 8.0 rating on IMDB. It’s not terrible, for what it is. But as a movie it doesn’t deserve the 10/10 rating most users gave it. Matter of fact, it’s a joke to rate this movie a 10/10 and elevate it to the masterful works of directors such as Kurosawa or Kubrick.

    • Erebus_Locke

      I agree with the part were Spoony calls Uwe Boll a “retard”, but then uses “amazing!!” “brilliant!!!” and other words like that every 10 seconds when describing “Boldly Flee”.

      Come. Fucking. On. Spoony. -__-

      • Das_Bass

        part of me thinks he wants to keep from a back lash of CA fans

      • jnywest

        part of me thinks he wants his job and friends back too…

    • Guido Palombi

      I’m personally getting your point, but I also have to say that Spoony gave more than some criticism on the series so far in his vlogs. Take for example the Dredd scene, he really didn’t like how it turned out to be…

      • Ingelerp

        Exactly. He may be pretty attached to the project but he’s been quite candid considering. I swear some people here just want to say shit purely for the sake of it…

    • L1nk1

      >>Nobody that makes films can be considered a ‘retard’
      If a retard starts making films he/she will not be retarded after his/her first film.

    • Sebastian Juul Gomes

      Okay here is the difference between any Uwe Boll film and The Boldly Flee:
      Uwe Boll makes film to earn money, he doesn’t have any passion and drive to make an master piece. He takes the very concept of reason to make film and turns it into a money grinding machine. And then we have a Channel Awesome movie: How much did you pay to watch that movie? Didn’t you enjoy it? Haven’t you just seen a commentary for that Film? I mean that takes some dedication to do that.

      I think we all can agree with that the channel awesome didn’t make a master piece or have written them self into history next to Kubrick or other such. But they made a decent production, compared with how much money and time they got. The Boldly Flee ain’t perfect, but darn I think they have worked their asses off (and delivered a result) to reclaim it “Amazing” and “brilliant”.
      For what it is -a silly cameo get-together sci-fi slap-stick flick- I think it delivers it well.
      It might get a little too silly for my taste at some times, by it adds up with the plot that drives this very movie and not to say, the ending.

      I really can’t see the reason for negative attitude, when we are talking about something, that didn’t cost us anything AND proved that film have more to go for other than abusing “smart business”. That last statement is what generally is wrong behind many newer producers philosophy.

      Movies needs love, not money to be produced.
      Movies is created out of passion, not funding.
      Movies are an art form, not a business.

  • L1nk1

    The serious part of Ultima 9 was great.

  • Octavio Padilla

    Now Spoony understands gearbox defending duke nukem forever.

  • Amber Biliouris

    I enjoyed the movie and the commentary. It was a cute send off for the Critic as a character. It also gave some importance to the other characters. Look, we all don’t need to think this is a Great movie or a terrible movie. Just don’t jump on each other, unless someone is being a troll. When I say troll, I mean someone spreading hate to upset as many people as possible. Not someone who just has a different opinion.

  • Topher Glenn

    I liked TBF, and I really liked SK too. They have their problems but it’s just good fun. It’s a lot better then a lot of stuff that’s on youtube and such.

    I would have to say thought that I just don’t see anyone from TGWTG becoming filmmakers. I bought the Snob Movie, and enjoyed it for what it was, but I can’t see Brad, or anyone from TGWTG, making something like Smith did with Clerks, or Rodriguez with El Mariachi.

  • Doleth

    Spoony: George Lucas makes dialogue sounds unnatural, like the character are aliens.
    Me: Yeah, that’s pretty much…wait they are aliens. GENIUS!(Nop)

  • James Enri

    I have to agree with others, To Boldly Flee is very overrated.

    It’s not awful, but it certainly is subpar. 4/10 is what I would have given it, I love Spoony’s work in general, but this film had a bad story and a lot of the comedy was really forced. Only a couple of people involved in this project were putting forth an entertaining performance, Spoony was one of them.

    Basically, TBF overrated. I believe Kickassia was their best effort so far.

    • Gborr

      You speak my mind. I too think that Kickassia was the best they put together this far.
      I slightly disagree on your rating though, I think TBF was more like 6/10, but it is an average. The first four vids were pretty good (I even enjoyed the Dredd-sequence to a degree), but then it all went downhill pretty hard.

      If I would want to count them, the biggest problems with TBH were these:
      -The biggest was the “parodied” scenes, those really were on the level of the [….] Movie franchise.
      -The mood-whiplash of the serious scenes.
      -The love-triange subplot and most of the Dredd-sequence were useless
      -Like it or not, the most of the CA guys can’t really act beyond their own character, so making them act seriously (Doug, Matthew, Luke, etc) or just plain out of character (Todd, JO, etc) really highlighted these issues.

      In short, TBF is seriously overrated and there is more than a hint of fanboyism surrounding it, and that is never a good thing.

  • Jimmy TheFish

    Have you ever worked really hard and long on a project, you get tunnel vision and think its really good (you remain in your little echo chamber). Then you release it to the public and realize that it sucks, this usually takes a few months to accept

    • Gborr

      I did… Oh my god, I did… -.-
      It’s too embarrassing to even talk about the first game I made. What the hell was I thinking?! x_x

  • Agrippa911

    Definitely your Ultima 9 stuff was great, it felt so painfully real without feeling forced. I look forward to more slapstick and more serious stuff.

    Also, I do feel that at times this commentary is drifting off topic from TBF.

  • MichaelT

    This comment may get a bit long-winded, but as
    A) a longtime fan of Spoony
    B) someone who grew up with the Star Wars prequels and loves them to this day, and
    C) a person seeking to spread intelligent discourse, even in the wastelands of the Internet,
    I am going to address a couple of things.

    Firstly, a response to Spoony’s specific criticism from this video: I fully admit that alot of the dialogue from the prequels doesn’t sound like real conversational dialogue (nor does alot of speak from the original trilogy, but we’ll ignore that). The thing is, I don’t really care. I don’t care about realism in a movie, especially in something so fantastical as Star Wars. For a comparison, I recently saw David Lynch’s Blue Velvet for the first time – a movie I absolutely loved – and alot of the dialogue, particularly from Laura Dern, did remind me of the bizarre prose from Attack of the Clones. However, it didn’t bother me because it fit the tone of the film; surrealist and off-putting. Likewise, it’s true that Anakin’s romantic dialogue is silly, but from my perspective it fit his character. After all, does ANYONE really have smooth moves at 19?

    I could go on about other issues people take with the prequels, but then this comment would be novel-length (and off-topic anyway). But with all of that said, it doesn’t bother me in the least that Spoony hates these movies that I love. Hell, the list of movies that we disagree on is about a mile long, but why should I let that keep me from liking his videos? We’re all free-thinking human beings, and we’re allowed to have different opinions on things. Just as I have every right to post my defense of the prequels here, Spoony has equal right to bash the shit out of them constantly. And if he makes me laugh out loud while doing it, all the better.

    And I would apply that same principle to criticism of To Boldly Flee. In fact, I did. I posted a very long comment (longer than this one) explaining why I personally thought To Boldly Flee was inferior to Kickassia and Suburban Knights, but I did it without resorting to trolling. If we can all just calm down and think before we post, the Internet will be a much nicer place.

    Bottom line: Disagree with each other, and disagree vehemently, just don’t make it personal. If To Boldly Flee taught me anything, it’s that becoming a drone and forcing your own will upon other people IS the path to the Dark Side.

    • Dan Schuett

      I approve of this sentiment. Of the movies they produced I actually like Suburban Knights the most thought I honestly couldn’t pin down why. As for the Star Wars prequels I know full well why I didn’t like them as much as the original or as much as other people.

      When I was about 6 I wound up in the hospital for 10 weeks, stuck in a bed, unable to move because I was in traction. I had a TV, a VCR, and 3 movies on one cassette, the Star Wars trilogy. You watch all 3 of those movies in a pretty much continuous loop, 12 hours a day, for 10 weeks and every minor detail is forever burned into your mind. So when the Phantom Menace came out, and the other two prequels in turn, I could only think of every instance in the movies that didn’t sync with the original, and it just stood out to me.

      Having said that I didn’t find them to be terrible but I can understand why other people would just as I can understand people really enjoying them. Though I did nearly kill somebody when I mentioned James Earl Jones as the guy who voiced Darth Vader and he said, “Was that the red one?” Took every ounce of self control I had to just say, “No, that was Darth Maul.” He then said, “Oh the old guy with the beard?” At which point I just left.

    • IHeart28

      *Stands up and applauds* People like you sir should be put for a fucking nobel prize. Seriously, this is what I repeat to myself when people bash on things I love or like. This comment made me feel a bit better inside that the internet does in fact have nice people here :)
      As for your opinion on To Boldly flee being inferior to kickassia and suburban knights…. To each their own XD

      • MichaelT

        How sad it is that simple courtesy is applause-worthy online.

        • IHeart28

          It’s not because the simple courtesy I typed in applause, it’s because he spoke his opinion in a polite mannner which, let’s be honest, we don’t see often. I just felt glad that some people like to think before they type.

          Then again, I do act rather fangirlish sometimes so I could be just trying to defend myself somewhat :P But I digress

  • Mike Fenton

    Wanna just do a five hour podcast where you talk about the future of the TGWTG group’s careers then try this commentary again?
    Sorry, that probably sounds harsh, but I know I’d personally like to hear more about the production and whatnot.

  • Herman Cillo

    The horrors of the Star Wars Prequels and the reason they can never be forgiven, or at least not forgotten for how bad they are, is easily summed up in one sentence:

    The Star Wars Prequels are so bad that they make Spaceballs less funny, because the Prequels are that much worse and that horrible that the spoof of the original has suffered because of it.

    They’re actually far better spoof material as the original 3 have redeeming qualities while the prequels don’t.

  • sbkMulletMan

    Someone told you to just “get over” the Star Wars prequels?

    The raping of one’s childhood is not something you just “get over”. And the *continuous* raping at that. The real damage didn’t even stop at the prequels; it continued into “re-invisioned” versions of the original movies that were altered so that the prequels would fit in more. The only way to find some joy in it all is to poke fun at it. You have to salvage whatever you can find from the wreck.

    Moving away from Star Wars, I really do get what Spoony means by moving passed the goofy “regular” stuff and trying new things. The Ultima videos were immediately what I thought about and that’s why I always liked them, because they were more informative than just silly, and this of course led to Chuckles, one of my favorites, heh.

    And this deviation from the silly stuff and into the “real” stuff actually payed off. Before the Ultima 9 finale, people around here were still, well, let’s not sugar-coat it: jerks. Telling Spoony to just “get over” things and make new videos, all that usual stuff, but as soon as that touching, personal moment was shown (along with the bad-ass Paladin closing line!), attitudes on this site really lightened up and took a positive turn. It was good to take a risk and show a more human side of things. Branching out and offering more variety is always nice to do.

    • Calbeck

      This is the Mona Lisa. We’ve brought the artist back from the grave, and he decides she needs buckteeth. You know… for the kids.

      That’s what happened to Star Wars.

      • sbkMulletMan

        And they redid the whole thing in crayon. Terrible, ugly-looking crayon. With dinosaurs in the background for the hell of it.

    • smek2

      I don’t know, nobody ever “raped my childhood” because making shitty sequels (prequels, reborquels, whatever). I never got the outrage about those Star Wars sequels (or Indy 4). But that’s because my childhood isn’t entirely defned by movies.

  • Nicholas J. Michalak

    Spoony, you and Orlando are the best things in “The Cinema Snob Movie.” You both had me reeling in laughter. Between wat you did in TBF and the Snob Movie, I genuinely feel you could have a lot of offer as an actor. This comes from an independent filmmaker who has worked with some incredible talent over the last seven years.

    And indeed, not enough people realize just how horribly BAD the Star Wars prequels are. I did three VERY LONG written reviews of those three films, and I think I found a few plot holes that Red Letter Media DIDN’T catch. They are failures through and through, and too many people just blindly accept them as GOOD movies, even GREAT ones. This is a nail that cannot hammered in deep enough as far as I’m concerned.

    • Strelnikov

      You forget that some people like watching trainwrecks.

  • Adam Welsh

    The prequels never bothered me THAT much. It probably helps that I never saw the original trilogy until the 1997 Special Edition release. Such is my sheltered existence. :/

    • Benjamin Hodges

      I first started watching Star Wars with my brother in 1991 when I was 4. At that point I watched the trilogy at least once a week. When the special editions came out in 1997, I watched them all in theaters, and I noticed every tiny little change. And I loved them. I over-watched those VHS-es so much when I got them that the Return of the Jedi one broke. When, The Phantom Menace came out, I was barely hitting teen years, but basically worshiped the original trilogy. TPH was such a radical switch in style that I left the theater confused. I went to see it again the next day and realized what was wrong: I had expected a 70’s sci-fi/fantasy and what I got was a modern mentality prepackaged blockbuster. I still found things to enjoy: I latched on to Qui-Gon Jinn as a character and the podraces as a neat look into the sports and gambling of the universe, and I loved the action, particularly the lightsaber battles, but in the end I didn’t know how to accept it as part of the universe, especially with Jake Lloyd and Jar-Jar Binks crapping up the place. This same feeling was there with AotC, and slightly less so with RotS. I had to stay away from them for a year just to get my bearings again. After time passed I came to accept them as highly flawed films that I can still enjoy, and I don’t mind them. I’ll still watch them in a Star Wars marathon. However, I was young when TPH hit, so I still had enough youth in me to adjust to the style and tonal changes in the films. I can completely understand how those who had more time with the series were blindsided with the prequel trilogy.

      I hope that gives you just a little insight. And everyone can look on the bright side, at least they weren’t the Holiday Special.

    • LotusPrince

      I actually like Episode 1, but everything that everyone says about it is true. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Episode 2, however, can die in a fucking fire.

  • Dmitry Didenko

    Objectively Original Trilogy was as bad as Prequels, but I like it anyway. Maybe I really shouldve grown up with a movie to truly inderstand what Episode 1 did to you guys, but hey, cmon. It’s not THAT bad.

  • Viktor Åkesson

    … your hatred over the Star Wars prequels is irrational and very childish. You think they haven’t been bashed enough? Cry me a fucking river, will you? Grow a pair and get real. You’re completely apathetic to how the hatred affects us who actually loves the movies. All 6 Star Wars movies are just dumb fun popcorn entertainment.
    I’ve realised you’re just a pathetic excuse for a man, Noah. I will not check the responses this message will get, and I will not give a fuck about your videos anymore. This was the final straw, and you are nothing more than a pure loser to me. Good bye, crybaby.

    • MichaelT

      Ahh, see, now here^ we have what I was referring to in my long-ass comment down there. Personally insulting someone because they disagree with you on a movie. I’m pretty sure you’re also the same person who was doing this on the last video too, but then again you’re not going to read the response, as you said.

      And, seeing as how my last comment disappeared because Disqus was acting screwy, I will repeat it here:
      “Mesa thinking yousa needs to Calm the Fuck Down.”

      The reason I wrote that whole long comment was mostly because, as a fan of the prequels, I don’t want to be associated with immature bitching like this.^

    • Jwalker

      This guy also posted in the Hallmark Training vid spoony posted a few days ago with a comment sounding alot like this one. It’s sad to see that there are some people who just can’t respect other people’s opinions and get offended so easily, throwing a fit just because some guy on the internet said something bad about something you like. Actually..if I remember right, I responded to this guy in the Hallmark vid, and I will say what I said in my last comment. I to loved the prequel movies, but you don’t see me getting so butthurt over another’s opinion. Welcome to the internet Viktor.

    • Discordius Erisianus

      It is funny to read you call for pity because of how someone’s opinons affect you, and then tell your interlocutor to grow a pair in the same comment. Why don’t you grow a pair?

  • Shaun Knutsen

    Ok, Spoony, I understand what you are saying about the prequels. You grew up on the originals and the jarring shift in tone, writing, and effects blindsided you. You didn’t get the movie you wanted. That is more than fair. I myself see them as flawed movies that I can still enjoy. Why do i enjoy them? I’d tell you but I don’t want to make you angry. And yes, Lucas cant write natural dialogue but at least he tried something different. It wasn’t a complete success but that’s life. WITH THAT SAID……..PLEASE don’t tell us we don’t GET why you hate the prequels. It is the same with you saying people who liked Tron: Legacy have low standards. HOW DO YOU KNOW? My taste in movies is all over the friggin’ map. Doug himself said there is no book for what movies you should and shouldn’t like. I just find that attitude a tad entitled and condescending. I am sorry; I just had to get that off my chest

    • Driscol

      It’s his opinion, why HE hates the prequels, so he is within his right to say you don’t get why HE hates it. It’s not like he said you don’t understand why they are bad.
      You mad sis?

      • Merost

        Go suck some cock fanboy. Even your lord and master Spoony can be wrong sometimes.

        • Jwalker

          I know this is the internet and all, but why personally attack someone? He didn’t say anything that constituted that response. But I digress, Driscol is right, its his opinion and if you don’t like it, then you can simply stop watching, no one is going to stop you. Unless his opinion somehow conflicts with an actual fact, opinion’s can’t be wrong nor right in the general scheme of things.

        • Driscol

          So he is wrong when he says that he dislikes the Star wars movies? Are you trying to say he actually likes them?

          Not sure what you mean. I’m assuming by your “fanboy” comment that I may have made you feel a bit insecure. Don’t worry buddy, I bet your dick is the biggest in the world. It’s a fine penis, don’t let some “fanboy” like me make you question your masculinity you big tough man you.

          Have fun on the internet bro.

      • George Rosenbaum

        I feel that you are splitting hairs with the difference between saying “you don’t get why HE hates it” and “you don’t understand why they are bad”.

        Either way, Spoony is putting words into the mouths of people he doesn’t even know. I’m sure there is someone in the world who liked the prequels, yet totally understands why other people find them horrible or offensive to the rest of the series. But Spoony has failed to account for those people with his comment.

        Then again, such people are few and far between, so it really doesn’t matter. Which means my comment about this subject matters even less…shit D:

        • Driscol

          funny you accuse me of splitting hairs here before coming up with some contrived reason for a person to be offended by another person’s opinion.
          He doesn’t like the movies. He never said “Anyone that likes them doesn’t get it” or “anyone watching this video doesn’t get it” he just made a sweeping generalization.

          People will look for anything to be offended over.

    • Erebus_Locke

      +++++ Thanks.

      Spoony is often waaaaay to arrogant and insulting towards his fans when he thinks they like something he doesnt like. Or the other way around, see his Mass Effect 3 Vlog on

    • jnywest

      The prequels will be purged from our memory, the prequels are an abomination against all that is good and decent in American Modern Cinema. Those that stand in the way will be cut down like juvenile padiwans. You like the prequels, the clone wars, all that shit, great. Just keep your mouth shut about it. They are offensive to any decent, intelligent, true Star Wars fan who knows what they are talking about. It’s not so much their existence, but how they are infecting and ruining the classic trilogy for current and future generations to come. Get it through your heads, the prequels suck, and they should be destroyed and redone if necessary. This is not an opinion, this is A DEMAND of Star Wars fans all over this earth, and in galaxies far, far away.

      • John Leonard

        and this is why i hate the star wars fandom yes the prequels aren’t anywhere near as good as the classic trilogy but their still good movies its people like you who are ruining the franchise for the rest of us

  • Ryan Walsh

    Of all my times viewing videos of my fave critics, I have never seen comments so polarizing than in Spoony’s videos left by others here. Some agree on some while others disagree, but why does it always lead to such crazed debates and arguments that doesn’t go anywhere?

    • Strelnikov

      Fan craziness?

      • Ryan Walsh

        I’d honestly like to believe that, even how Spoony acknowledged the craziness of his fandom in his DOA review. But I think its just how certain people react to his vids and others. There are those who are really nice, some who are blunt but mean well, and there are those who are aggressive and/or like to consider themselves higher than others as much as they consider Spoony higher than other internet celebrities. Which is very ironic if you ask me since Spoony HATES suck ups, I met him in person and he’s relatively nice indeed. So I just can’t get how a normal guy like Noah who does what he enjoys and likes to share his own opinion can have such a vocal fanbase that can’t help but always fight amongst themselves.

    • Discordius Erisianus

      Just like Noah Antwiler himself, Spoony’s fans are always right, and the world needs to know about it. Since we don’t have our own site…

      • Ryan Walsh

        Seriously? I mean I’m a fan of him too, I gave him 2 PSP games when he was at Con Bravo this year but I don’t feel he’s always right as much as us fans of his are never always right. We can still get facts wrong and people always have different tastes and opinions.

        • Lydia Beam

          I sense (or is it hope) that he was being ironic. ^^”

  • Richard White

    Im about the same age as spoony and prolly watch the original star wars prolly around the same age he did
    Star wars was the first movie i ever saw my dad brought home a vhs back in the early 80s (very rare back then especially for a poor kid growing up in england) and being completely enchanted by the movie i remember when it finished i was whooshing around the house like i was a x-wing pilot
    These movies meant so much to us growing up and is the reason why we are so protective of them to the point of insanity and to see lucas butcher them to make a few bucks then completly blow them out of the water with the prequels basically its like taking your favourite teddy and pissing all over it i swear i cannot watch star wars now i just cant its forever ruined

    Anyway regarding TBF i enjoyed it for what it was a fanmade movie that paid homage to the stuff us children of the 80s enjoyed and a good sendoff i wasnt expecting a masterpiece but it was good entertainment and spoony really did steal the show

  • Calbeck

    If you had gone “slapstick” with your Ultima 9 run… if you had NOT let it be the cross-up of humor, bat-shit crazy, and catharsis that it gloriously WAS…

    …insert any of your favorite Marvin the Martian segments right here, buddy.

  • LotusPrince

    While I understand that you all really really really hated the prequels, you have to admit that the second half of To Boldly Flee just…WAS Star Wars Episode 3, with slightly modified dialogue. We get it. The scenes with Sidious and Anakin were incredibly stupid. Can we PLEASE move on? We never got to see the Cinema Snob make an abominable movie and realize the folly of his ways, and that looked like it was going to be a major plot point. All we got instead was him wearing a Vader mask and reciting Anakin’s lines.

  • Strelnikov

    The great downfall of “To Boldly Flee” is that it shoehorns too much “plot” while having a really simple story….it’s really about a character (the Nostalgia Critic) growing from a cartoon into a person, and how he sacrifices himself for his friends, becoming Muppet Space Jesus in the process. That story could have been done in 60 minutes, tops. The trick is, Doug Walker likes to pile it on and give EVERYONE their shot, so this movie became the 2 and something hour monster it is. I don’t want to sound like a sycophant, but Spoony was right; there are too many people in these movies.

  • Roger Gonzalez

    Have to say Spoons, your experimentation with Ultima 9…..I actually thought that was a great thing you did taking it in the direction that you did. Sure you could have gone the slap stick route for easy laughs, but we got to see an emotional evolution through out the videos that was very justified and came from some where. I thought it was really intense and very well done.

  • Salen Stormwing

    Finding the right balance between the slap-stick comedy and realism is probably one of those things that can really make a movie, and help define the type of writer/director/actor someone is. Take the movie Ash vs. The Army of Darkness; the movie has lots of action, has people acting mostly realistically at times, and still knows when to lighten the mode with a cheesy 80s movie line or random silliness.

    It’s all about finding that balance point. But yes, the Ultima 9 review, that real sincerity really shined through on that scene, and it helped to hammer in the complete betrayal of the Ultima series that had happened.

  • sasa asasa

    Part 7 is in the related videos segment that appears after the video is through. You can thank me later.

  • Sriseru

    You should do a commentary of your Ultima 9 review. :)

  • Guest

    It must suck when somebody takes a dump on your precious, briliant work of art that you worked to hard at it, doesn’t it?

  • Lydia Beam

    See, I’m always so surprised when I read other fans’ responses to the Anniversaries For me, Kickassia was the most boring of all of them. I got fed up with the one location, and most of the reviewers weren’t being very interesting to me. When Suburban Knights came along, maybe it was the fact that fantasy movies are my thing, but I appreciated a lot of the references and jokes in that one and could get behind it a lot more. That one I really, really enjoyed, and was a bit surprised at how Doug and a few other people say it isn’t as good as it could be.

    When TBF came out, I loved almost all of it. I wasn’t rolling in my seat laughing at many parts, although all of Zod and Terl’s exchanges had me cracking up, but I was really invested in the story. I felt like everybody was at the top of their game, acting-wise, the stakes seemed really legit, and the effects were as good as some stuff I’ve seen on tv. I really, REALLY liked it; I even shed a tear at the end, I’ll admit it.

    Maybe I’m just too easily impressed, or maybe I’ve got my fandom blinders on and I’ll love anything Doug and Noah are in~ I admit, I’m a lot less critical about their reviews than a lot of their fans. But maybe part of it is that I always think of this as just a bunch of friends hanging out and making something for fun, like me and my friends used to do. We’re always cracking off references and stuff; most of what we say to eachother is a movie reference or an MST3K quote, or, hell, even a joke from a NC or Spoony vid.

    So, for me, that stuff /was/ funny. I’m with Doug and Rob on this: I LOVE extended Family Guy-style references, where they replicate entire scenes with characters I know. Maybe I’m immature, or too easily amused, but for me, that stuff IS hilarious.

    So, all in all, I’d rate TBF an 8/10. I thought it was funny, well-written, and acted, directed, etc really great. I didn’t like the Judge Dredd scene, and a few of the reviewers (won’t name names) didn’t seem to be on their acting best, but other than that, I’ve got no complaints. ^w^

  • Ebalosus

    You say that the prequels haven’t been called out enough; I say the same regarding Mass Effect 3…

  • Sean Mullen

    Been looking forward to the rest of these, nice one!

  • Garry Plunkett

    I enjoyed To Boldly Flee. I didn’t even know about your departure from Channel Awesome until the first Spoony Commentary, tis a bit of a shame but understandable mate. Love the new Betrayal thing at the top corner of the videos.

    ** Incoming Fan Thingy **
    I’ve been watching your stuff since before Kickassia was announced and honestly, I enjoy your work. Makes for a fun afternoon, especially with Counter Monkey (I love the Thieve’s World tale).
    ** End Fan Thingy **

    Wow, really? The comments for this video instantly dissolved into a Star Wars + Spoony bashing argument?

    You do make your points well Spoony. It’s a shame people can’t just take words as they come and move on.

  • Neko Bladen

    I know how Linkara says he reads all his comments so I’m leaving this hear in hopes you’ll read this Spoony. I’m really proud of your stance to make the Ultima 9 ending so real and emotional, we can’t live in a world of happy ending were death doesn’t exist and such. Taking us seriously enough to give us that side of you is why we take what you say so seriously, Its a mutual respect .
    You keep us feed on a healthy diet of slapstick and realism, and you can count on my continued traffic for ever more. Wuv Nekobladen

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