To Boldly Flee, Part 7 (Spoony Commentary)

The Spoony One | Oct 11 2012 | more notation(s) | 
  • marabackman

    Bright green is not manly?

    • Chris Horobin

      Not as manly as HOT PINK

      • marabackman

        Is that the same colour as flamingoes?

        • Chris Horobin

          Could say that, Hot pink is more burn your eyeballs than Flamingo Pink though.

  • Nash Knight

    This commentary is longer than the actual show. And what’s with the endless rant in the last Counter Monkey and that ridiculous Hallmark Safety video riff? Where’s the Final Fantasy video, the one that people are actually wanting and waiting to see? I’m starting to think that these new meds aren’t so good for you. Maybe you don’t have the downs so much, but without downs there aren’t any ups either, and without ups, there’s no creativity.

    •ö/1444333656 Sami Ryyppö

      I can’t believe I just read this bullshit. Why is it that every time some reviewer does something, everyone bitches about them not doing something else. For example, AVGN fans bitch about there not being new AVGN videos even though they have all kinds of other videos all the time and they don’t realize that James is actually working his ass off to give us a god damn movie.

    • Cart Man

      Quit whining and find a hobby,a job or jerk off more.God…pointless whinging is very fucking pointless.

    • Guido Palombi

      I’m pretty sure that even if an uncut FFXIII review of 4 hours and a half, complete with commentaries, backstage and bonus scenes, comes out TOMORROW, there will be someone on this site complaining and bitching about it…
      Also, ”without ups, there’s no creativity” REALLY ? Really.

    • Vismutti

      Really? I’ve gotten the feeling that he’s been doing way better since the new meds. Sure a lot of it is “filler” but he’s still seeming more active. (Though I guess I’m biased since I actually really enjoy the commentaries and the riffs and the Counter Monkeys.) Maybe he works on the reviews a bit too long, I guess. I think it’s mostly that he’s being a huge perfectionist. You get the feeling when you listen to the commentaries, the way he pays sooo much attention to little details that I would never have even noticed. I think he probably ends up burning himself out with that too. But then again, the videos are good so I’m not complaining. Also, I have this thing adults are supposed to have. I dunno if you’ve heard of it. It’s called PATIENCE. It’s when you’re not acting like a little baby who throws a fit if he doesn’t get everything right away. You should look into it.

      • Nash Knight

        It’s not about patience, I don’t actually care so much about the FF review, I care about quality. It’s called “criticism”. Think of it as an viewers input. I’m not a fanboy, I’m not supporting everything Spoony does, but I do support the good stuff. Actually I was giving a piece of mind about the potential harmful effect of switching the meds and you all threw a sissy fit. What you are doing is NOT helpful to Spoony.

        • Vismutti

          What criticism? I didn’t see any criticism in your comments. All I saw was “Where is the Final Fantasy video” and “I can’t help but notice that he’s doing bunch of other stuff, as if he’s procrastinating.” You say you’re not rushing it but sure as hell sound like you are. Remember that these riffs, commentaries and vlogs take much less time and effort to make and he can easily do them while working on FF. And he does need to take breaks from FF sometimes, you know….

          Not… helpful….? *dies laughing* This coming from the guy who’s recommending getting off his medication? Look, the whole “suffer for your art” idea is poetic and all but it’s bullshit. The illness made him a wreck, remember? He barely got any videos posted for long periods of time. That’s not really increasing productivity. Not to mention that it IS a potentially lethal disease. Even a non-suicidal patient can turn suicidal very suddenly if the condition gets worse. Or full-on psychotic. (Believe me, I know this all too well from personal experience.) That’d be the end of The Spoony Experiment for good.

          • Nash Knight

            ” riffs, commentaries and vlogs take much less time and effort to make ” – effort, yes, time, nnoo, just the same, when he’s making a video he’s making a video, he can’t make two at once. And I’m not saying he should go back to the old meds, just maybe think about it. I don’t know the exact nature of his medical condition, and neither does anyone who doesn’t know him in person, so to say that he might kill himself is a bit rash. I’m a writer and I know that I written some of my best stuff when I was in a bit of chaos, when my life picked up it got lame. I certainly don’t want Spoony to suffer, just, think about it.

          • Holly Smith

            On the whole medication front, he was taking pills for depression. After the events in June, he switched therapists and discovered that he was misdiagnosed and instead had Bipolar 2 and had to stop taking the depression pills. If you watch his TBF commentary for Part 1 he explains this. Although seeing as you’re complaining about anything OTHER than a “proper” video, you probably didn’t.

            As for the pills thing, pills for depression and pills for bipolar are two completely different kinds of medication. If you have Bipolar and take the pills for depression or vis versa, sometimes the OPPOSITE thing your trying to treat can happen. And in some cases, antidepressants given to Bipolar people don’t have any effect at all.

            I see a vast improvement in Spoony’s mood as of late. He looks happier and less stressed out. And again, going back to commentaries which you probably didn’t listen to, Spoony, like some of the other internet reviewers as of late, are trying new things with their shows. They can’t JUST review games, movies, and the like forever or they’ll get burnt out. He’s trying to branch off into other opportunities and I applaud his efforts. Seriously, I never even considered giving D&D like games a try until I started watching Counter Monkey.

            FFXIII will come one day. Spoony is a perfectionist. You can see it in his videos that he wants the best review he can give us. So quit complaining.

    • Das_Bass

      you do know he used to riff a bunch right? GO watch Game Crazy.

  • Louis Gonzales

    I love these commentaries! They are probably the best in terms of information about the filming.

  • Brett Neufeld

    At 14:30 when you were saying that there IS a lot of potential artistry in cursing and profanity, it made me think of this, and I couldn’t help but agree:

  • Eyþór Ingi

    The ship looks like something from Warhammer 40k of the Eldar

    • Das_Bass

      I think it is.

    • silbmaerto

      That’s definitely it. Somebody confirmed it (I forget who) in Linkara’s group commentary. Although I believe they also mentioned that the resemblance was accidental.

  • Justin Schmelzel the werewolf looking thing in the back ground around 0:00 (so start of the video) is a bothan

  • Sriseru

    I agree, we need more science.
    As a matter of fact, I believe a wise man once said “Food or science? I’ll have science.”

  • ShipoftheLine

    What about Final Fantasy? Wasnt the Spoonyexperiment about Game- and Movie Reviews once?

    • marabackman

      He’s got to play it through first, plus get all the footage and so on. It takes quite a while to edit together videos.

    • Erebus_Locke

      Patience. To Boldly Flee is the last remnant of TGWTG shit we have to plough trough.

      After that Spoony should be able to concentrate on the good stuff.

      • ShipoftheLine

        Guess youre right. Still missing the times of “The Thing”, “Final Fantasy” and “Phantasmagoria” though.

        Im cool with the Vlogs and the Counter Monkeys, but I feel the Games & Movies part of the Spoonyexperiment could use some boost.

        • Das_Bass

          He said on twitter he lost ‘somehow’ 20 hours of game play. but still has the first 20 hours of the game, so he can’t write some stuff then ether replay it or a fan will let him use a let’s play of their game so he can crank it out sooner. I think he and Sage might not be as close anymore so he can’t ask him, but fuck if I know.

  • Kendotuxedo

    I didn’t hear it very well, but I thought they said “Bobbits”, as a reference to Ultima 1 because Bobbits vanished after the first game where space travel was possible. A little far fetched for a joke, but that’s all I got

  • Nash Knight

    “Ignorance” is the favourite word of the internet idiots and white knights. And I happen to know a bit about depression meds, that’s the reason why I commented. I’m speaking from my own experience.

    • Finch Fletchley

      As do I, my friend. Hence the word “ignorance.” Depression meds, and depression, and Bipolar Disorder, and Bipolar meds, are two very different things with two very different outcomes. Especially for Bipolar II disorder– it’s a case where there are more frequent and more intense lows than highs. While I understand your point, it still seems ignorant to me. After knowing people with Bipolar disorder and going through depression myself, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody else. Especially not for the sake of creativity. I’d rather their quality of life be at least semi-stable on the good end.

      • Nash Knight

        I just don’t want to see him turn into a happy, self-content zombie, that’s all. In my point of view, you need some strife in life in order to create. I’m not rushing the FF review, but I can’t help but notice that he’s doing bunch of other stuff, as if he’s procrastinating.

        • Finch Fletchley

          That makes sense. I agree with needing strife in order to create. I’ve never met a person on medication who doesn’t feel bad sometimes, though. I think we’re safe. As for procrastinating, I can’t say anything about that, as I don’t know. For all I know, you could be right. Hopefully he’s just churning out things he’s been wanting to get done for a while now. The FF review will come when it comes.

        • Das_Bass

          Read his twtter. FOr a good 5 hours last week all he kept talking about was how much he hates playing FF13 atm

    • Das_Bass

      Manic Depression has kill people….just saying

  • Richard White

    Great commentary spoony

    As a huge Red Dwarf fan what you said made me smile alot
    Looking forward to the last part

  • dicnar dicnarowski

    When I first saw the Teaser for the “Boldly flee” i immediately thought – ouch those guys are gonna be in trouble, because in the 3D model of your strafighter was a vyper jetbike from warhammer 40.000 universe. The version in the actual movie is different but it still holds much resemblance

    • Matic Kačič

      it is based on that design, they had to change the look of the ship, becoue Games Worskop apparently contatced about it, becoue of the design from the teasers – it was said in Linkara’s commentary.

  • Mark Redding

    Yes. It makes sense :)

  • Mateusz K.

    Spoony… I can never have enough of your vids… whether it’s the commentary, vlogs, games, movies or just some funny light stuff… I could watch for days and not get bored. You’ve made my life full on fun and joy and I thank you…. I could never be tired of your stuff!

  • Freddy Duran

    You know im pretty sure most people dont like bronies is…
    1.They apply it to everything(IE Ponyfing)
    2.Some are genuine artists who are good at drawing and what not and they waste all their time and talents into drawing ponies.

    And on a side note the soda brad found is Not See Cola, should try it

    • Kitsula Tsulakala

      Not See Cola is awesome – Spoony should definitely try it.

      And as for the brony stuff – as a founding member of a rather successful meetup group (Ohio Bronies) and rather large part of the con developed from that group (Trotcon) I’m going to say that number one is definitely a problem – but I do understand. A lot of the more hyper people tend to view it as finding something really really cool and wanting to share it. I’m probably guilty of this a bit since I do focus a bit on run stuff pull deeply from the old G1 stuff from Mavel (which turns really damn dark at bits) but I find it all kinda fun to just be goofy with it from time to time.

      As for #2 – What gives you the right to tell artists what they should or shouldn’t have as their subjects? There are some really talented people in the brony fandom who are doing drawing, sculpting, writing, and music a lot of these folks were inspired to do so by the fandom and there are artist, writer, and musician training grounds where a lot of people have learned and started to harness their talents for the first time. One of the artists in my group is really damn good but thought their art was horrible, but it’s been taking the push and exposure to let them see how damn good they really are.

      Not to mention all musicians getting some exposure through the brony fandom and finding that they can actually sing/play really well and get a fanbase. They will probably do other things down the road – to call back to some of the stuff Spoony said about reviewing: it’s a launching point. You might as well as say – you reviewer people are great at acting and stuff so you shouldn’t have wasted your time with this reviewing crappy movies & games stuff.

      • doresh

        Wanting to share something is fine and all, but there’s a certain Brony minority that goes WAY overboard with it, more than I’ve ever seen in other fandoms. It’s like some of those guys never saw a cartoon before Oo

        • ThomasMink

          Those people exist in all fandoms, yo.
          It’s probably the main reason I hate anime as much as I do…
          and honestly, the brony crap that I’ve seen is NOTHING compared to the rabid anime geeks I’ve seen.

          AGH! Now I feel like hitting something. Thanks!

          • doresh

            Well, I for once never saw fanart of Naruto characters in Terminator and inquisitor gear, or weird One Piece / Bleach variations on the terms “brofist” and “facepalm”. Seems like we stumbled through very different, dark corners of the internet XD

            But the closest I’ve seen to Bronies are Touhou fans, which is basically the only case I’ve ever seen of the fans making more professional art than the developers (since Touhou’s one-man-team can’t really draw). Some might be pretty fanatic, but at least they produce something awesome every now and then:

      • GrouchoVsTheVolcano

        I can see your point, but its more of the fact that if someone is doing mlp art all of the time without trying to recreate their own original ideas, its hurting their creativity a bit. I dont think he meant that comment as offensive and saying “Stop drawing ponies! It’s stupid!” if they arent planning on expanding their artistic career, then it isnt a problem, but at some point in an artist’s life they have to be original and create something that may potentially be as big of a success as my little pony. with critics id think its harder to get out of that job since for most its their sole source of income, and it doesnt create much (im assuming) so it isnt like they can just stop without having plans beforehand. Being obssessive only benefits if you try to do something for yourself. you cant just be fixated on something like anime or some show if all it is going to do is eat up time and not help you with a career. Please dont take this comment as any attack, just my two cents, and i dont mean to offend or be right about anything.

        • Ed Novak

          But it’s worth considering that any excuse to practice your art is a good excuse. I’m a wannabe writer, myself, but I hadn’t really tried to sit down and write anything for years. Getting back into it, it’s kind of like starting to work out again after a long lapse; it sucks, it’s painful, things don’t work like you think they should. All you can do is push through it and keep at it until you find your stride. If drawing/writing/composing songs about cartoon ponies is the inspiration you need to get back into shape, then hey, chase that pastel muse.

          I mean, again, it ties into what Spoony was saying. You work on your craft, you gradually get better at it, and eventually you can try to parlay it into something uniquely yours. And when you consider how generally supportive and encouraging the brony community is towards aspiring artists, creating kind of a safe atmosphere for fostering artistic growth, it makes sense that it’s inspiring such an overwhelming outpouring of creativity.

          That said, as with any fandom, it’s totally possible for people to get too hung up on creating fanworks and never moving on to their own ideas. Some might eventually get jobs working on the show, or future versions of it. Others will probably just piss away their potential and never really become their own artists. It sucks, but them’s the breaks. Still, the sheer quantity of creative folks making pony art virtually guarantees there will be plenty of success stories, and that’s gonna give everyone else hope.

          Which really, really sounds a lot like the whole “video reviewer on the internet” thing, don’t it?

  • Vismutti

    I was honestly pretty fascinated about the thing about you guys actually wanting to make your own movies. I mean, I hadn’t thought about it before, but it makes a lot of sense, actually. Aaand now I kinda appreciate the movie even more. I really do like it when comedians dare to get serious every once in a while and speak from the heart. Plus the way you talked about it just sold it to me.

    Btw, I completely agree about slapstick. It’s fun for a while but sometimes Doug does get wa-hay too carried away with it. And I guess I’m mostly just gotten fed up with slapstick in general, personally.

    You’ve read the Thrawn Trilogy?! Awesome! Oh, that’s so nostalgic, I read that when I was like 13 or so… It really was good. At least I remember it that way. Of course it might be that I was a kid and a SW nerd who couldn’t see anything wrong with it… Well, I guess it did start a few trends in the novels that’d later end up annoying the hell out of me… But anyway. I wish more people read those books.

    Ugh… now you went and mentioned the brony issue… God, those fights are annoying. I enjoyed the series okay, btw, and I think it’s nice to see guys daring to admit they like it too. For once. This culture is waaay too obsessed about manliness. But I’m not a huge fan or anything and I’m staying the hell away from those flame wars.

    That Spoony-Film Brain scene was brilliant. I LIKE how it comes out of nowhere. I guess I enjoy mood whiplash. Anyway it is damn good. Veeery creepy in the good way.
    Idk, I got a giggle out of Phelous dodging a car. Somehow I just didn’t expect it, even with all the stuff.

    What else was there… Whatever. My comments always end up weird like this. Anyway, thanks for the commentary, seriously. I love listening to these, and the more the better.

  • Sean Hennessy

    Thanks again Spoony……….am i the only one that Googled ‘stupid looking leather jackets’

  • Jack Spezz

    My problem isn’t with your constant references, my problem with this movie is all of your dramatic scenes came out really sappy and fairy tale like.

  • Lucas Allen

    Who wants to see a Counter Monkey: Spoony Vs. Brad: GoldenEye 64?

  • sbkMulletMan

    Now I’m really curious to see just how Brad cheats at Goldeneye.

    • jnywest

      me too, how do you “cheat” at Goldeneye?

      • Steven Black

        My friend JP used to camp and snipe people. One day he tried to use circular pieces of paper taped to the TV to the radar, that way to prevent us from finding him. And we were like really Josh? That’s one way to cheat at every game, remove their radar. He couldn’t handle my don’t stay in one place, run around, and shout everything that I see technique (I am bad at FPS, but the lack of skill sometimes counters those with skill through sheer techniques the opponent’s aren’t used to, like hyperness characters).

        • Zer0FiveSeven

          Not sure what the hell you mean.. I think pasting paper over maps counts as being a dickhead, rather than cheating.

          To me… “cheating” in that game would be slapping proximity mines to the vent entrance of the bathroom in the complex level. Actually, sticking proximity mines to any spawn point was a “cheat”… But that’s just the way it goes, IMO.

  • solidsamurai

    Noah is fucking terrible at sarcasm. :P

  • Lennetambi Shuyin

    get off spoons back all you complainers, he knows what he is doing with ff XIII. give him some time for his entertainment. Ill wait for ya my dear spoons…….:)

  • Jared Fullyfisted

    “I don’t get the brony thing… well, I do get it but people thought I was being curmudgeonly..”

    Right the first time, Spoony :P

  • Stephanie

    Spoony, Noah if I may, they had to keep in Phelous’s gag because the only way you can stand to see him on screen is if he’s constantly dying. Just saying.

  • doresh

    Lesson of the day: Some people take My Little Pony and/or GoldenEye way to serious XD !

  • ThomasMink

    If Cinema Snob has horribly flawed taste buds for liking Crystal Pepsi.. then damnit, so do I. I used to love that stuff when I was a kid. I can’t remember what it tasted like, but I do remember liking it enough to buy it from the soda machine at the store every time I was given enough change.
    …and I also like flat soda. Well, I mean.. I don’t dislike flat soda. It’s certainly drinkable. Kinda like how people can eat pizza that was left sitting out for four days, I can drink a soda I left sitting around for just as long. *shrug*

    (Maybe I should give in and actually give Not See Cola a try.. despite it being kinda expensive)

  • Dmitry Didenko

    Oh, c’mon every fanboy knows about SW wiki called Wookiepedia, where you can find an arcticle on bothans with pictures. Here ya go:
    Didnt you hear about motherfucking Borsk Fey’lea who was the leader of the New Republic for quite a long time and died when vongs counqered Coruscant? Seriously, dude…

  • Nathan

    Good to hear your voice again…

    Living down a bad episode can suck. Sounds like you’re voicing some feelings of penance… I can’t speak to whether that’s appropriate or not, but don’t go overboard. Once you’ve made your point both to yourself and others, it becomes a waste of energy and of self.

    Although sometimes it can just be fun to push people into the pool with a bit of awkwardness :)

    Looking forward to s’mo Counter Monkey (preferably the less-rambly variety) and reviews after the commentary’s done.

    Oh, and uh, hello from a long time fan who hates registering for websites :)

  • Mustakhrakhish
  • Okanehira

    The commentaries were the best part of this, I couldn’t even force myself to sit through TBF after part 3 it was just awful.

  • WolfyD

    Yo spoony,
    Love your videos dude.

  • fardmuhammad

    Your After Effects render completed. ;-) I recognize that sound effect everywhere.

  • CheezeFox

    You know you’ve been on Youtube too long when you’re surprised to see a passing mention of Bronies NOT lead to a flamewar…

    • Ed Novak

      I was half tempted to post a timestamp and “DERPY!” when Mickey turned around.

  • Shauna

    We wouldn’t love your videos if they weren’t you :P

  • Shaun Knutsen

    Ok, first off, I hope I wasn’t too harsh on my comments last video. I guess maybe a button was pushed and I needed to vent. I do enjoy a lot of what you say.

    First off, I do think Doug has an overreliance on slapstick and in a 3+ hour movie, that can get tiring. “Who doesn’t love Daffy Duck?” I was more a Bugs person myself but whatever. And I commented on this to Linkara but it bears repeating. I get why there are so many references. Referential humor can be ok if you are not directly quoting TOO MUCH. It’s just in part 1, there was TOO FUCKING MUCH of it to the point where I was wondering was this script written on Mad-libs. I know these movies mean a lot to you, they mean a lot to me too but there is a balance. There is a point where you go “If I wanted to watch X, I would watch X.” I think Doug achieved it later in the movies.

    Speaking of Linkara, I am just so used to him not swearing that it doesn’t really matter. I applaud him for defying cliche. Plus, he has been not swearing so long now. If he started, it would just be weird. And I would say he gets angry enough at comics.

    You also didn’t need to explain the joke in the beginning, FYI.

  • Randall Taylor

    Reminds me of an eldar vehicle from 40k.

  • Shaun Knutsen

    P.S. I don’t get the Brony thing either

    • Salen Stormwing

      You don’t have to get it to enjoy the utter cuteness of Dr. Insano as a pony (of SCIENCE!):

      • Amanda Belaire

        Hah! That’s mine. And yes. You don’t have to get it to enjoy it. Though
        the ones that go overboard in order to argue with people.. yeah. I don’t
        deal with them.

  • yamina-chan

    The commentary continues to be very good =)
    I don’t mind if it’s not always 100% on the subject, since it is interesting all the time and a great way to learn a lot about behind the scenes and your oppinion as someone who is directly involved in it.
    Thank you for that =D
    Especially since you were not absolutely well when you recorded this. That extra bit of effort has not gone past unnoticed.
    I do have to dissagree with you on one point tough: to much Insano? Not possible.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know he is difficult to do because of the voice and I assume that some people don’t like him. And that’s okay, everyone is allowed to like and dislike diffrent things after all, right?
    Usually I can’t stand “the mad scietist character” at all, but…I don’t know how you did it, but I personally thing that Dr. Insano is awesome and a great character. I’m always excited when he shows up. I guess you could say he’s just someone full of energy and ambition, even in the parts where he is toned down to a degree. So…thank you for bringing that character into existance as well =)

  • thegodemperor

    Grand Admiral Thrawn is THE only good Star Wars book series to date imo.

  • Amber

    This review made me a fan of Pat the New Punk

  • Krendall

    Not to be pushy or indignant, but are you ever going to comment on part 8? It’s been over two months.

    Also, as a brony (obvious given my avatar), if you don’t like it, you don’t. I don’t understand or like every geek craze, either. And, yeah, some people go WAY too far with it. But, so long as you don’t flat out insult fans of something you don’t personally like, we’re cool.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Part 8?

  • James Royce-Dawson

    love these commentaries, but where is part 8? it’s been like 3 months. Is there some problem with channel awesome or something?

  • Garmrspor

    So… part 8 will never happen?

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