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  • Adrian Peterson


    What are…Tinbits?

    • doggans

      Timbits. They’re Tim Hortons’ donut holes, like Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins.

      • facebook-512635275

        Only better…. :D

  • Stephen

    did he say timbits or tinbits? either way, i don’t know what that is lol

    • Derek B

       They’re “Timbits” from Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts up here in Canada. It’s our version of Starbucks, but with donuts.

  • Jared Fullyfisted

    Good to see I’m not the only one confused by that :P

  • facebook-512635275

    TIMBITS ROCK!!! That is the first way we get Americans to Like Canada! :)

    It is where the Donut holes go to die…. a yummy .. sweet .. sweet death :D

    • Kendotuxedo

       Your knowledge of the Tim Bits shall be Great

    • George Rosenbaum

      What’s a Timbit?

      • facebook-512635275

        Click the link I provided to see what a timbit is :D

      • Michael McCrea

         I’m not entirely sure.

      • William Staples

         Timbits don’t exist. They’re just a fairy tale.

  • Adam Allen

     Tim Bits are mini donuts from Tim Hortons

  • Kellen Kennedy

    Gotta come out to Western Canada one year Spoony, even more Timbits out here. More than you can ever imagine.

  • Jesse Garza

    What the heck are Tim Bits? XD I hope you get allot of them dude! Everybody loves you Spoony! Good luck at the show! 

    • Andy Leung

      basically just little ball shaped doughnuts 

      • Ralf van Goch

        spoony likes ballz lolololol

  • George Rosenbaum


    Okay, Spoony. We’ll give you Timbits. All you have to do is make another Ultima review for next week. MWAHAHAHAHA :D

    Canada, you and I will make an excellent partnership.

  • Nathan D. Crumpler

    Does he eat the Timbits, or does he just chop them up with a razor and snort them?

  • Wonderful_Person

    Was about to say “The fucks a Timbit?” like everyone else will be, thanks for the quick info Canadians!

  • Freddy Duran

    im pretty sure he just mainlines em right in his arse.


  • zarrotsu

    Timbits: The gateway drug.

  • Stephen

    oh, that’s what a timbit is, lol.

    also, is it bad that when i first heard Spoony say timbits, i thought they were boobs? i mean, it does sound kinda dirty. also, he is going to a convention, i’m sure there are cosplayers…

  • David de grandpre

    you have to come to Quebec to try a real poutine … its just awesome !!!!!

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      He should come to Ottawa (it’s Canada’s capitol; and it’s right next to Hull, Quebec) and he’ll get the best of both worlds. ;-)

      Then again… I wouldn’t want him to be addicted to the stuff. LOL

  • godmars

    Doughnut holes?

    More variety than the two types I know of, but still doughnut holes. 

  • Joren Woytowich

    Timbits rule.  Also Spoony they changed the sizes of our coffees.  Be prepared to see how massively large the XL coffee cups are.  Oi vey.  

    • Ryan Genno

      Ohya, the chocalate and coconut ones rock! So Joren you coming to Conbravo this year too?

  • Merost

    Yay and with E3 coming there wont be even less content for months. Say Ultima 9 part 2, not until 2013 right?

    But Im sure well get some HILARIOUS crossovers with the TGWTG guys. 

    • septimar

      If you followed Spoony on Twitter, you’d know that U9P2 will come after E3. Also, although you use “hilarious” ironically, those crossovers are really hilarious. Just because you are a monomaniac who can’t abide seeing someone other than Spoony doesn’t mean the same is true for others. P.S. The rules for the site clearly state that criticism of TGWTG is a reason for a ban, just FYI.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        Like he cares. He’ll just call you a virgin and get his buddies to come over and defend him.

        • Justin Yozzo

          buddies from /b/ most likely. 

    • faeyr

      Really dude? Even in the thread about Timbits?…You’re why we can’t  have nice things.

  • Védís Rúnarsdóttir

    Okay am I the only one imagining Spoony being drowned in the Timbits from his fans just because he made this video-


  • Devon Bays

    Your whispered cries echo far and wide, Spoony One. We of the frozen northlands shall receive you heartily, and your lust for these confections shall be slaked.

  • M_Appel

    that was so awesomely random, i love it^^
    but at least now we know what to use as bait when trying to catch a spoony!

  • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

    You can take all my Timbits man I can even make some for you…if you want them so badly.

  • goodguya

    That’s the first time we ever saw Noah go into a crazy state! It was lovely <3 Please make more vlogs Spoony, it's a great and quick way to keep up with the community.

    • George Rosenbaum

      The first time? What about that huge jar of crazy pills he keeps in his desk?

      • goodguya

         Noah, not Spoony.

        • Justin Yozzo

          I smell Douchy McNitpick…

  • Yang Zhiwen

    Why do I think that a LOT of people are going to be showering Spoony with Timbits just because of this one video?
    Goddammit, Spoony, stop being so adorable.
    Have fun at ConBravo, Mr Antwiler, you’ve certainly earned it. I think you might need a little break before proceeding to devour your own sanity when you return to Ultima IX.

  • Diana Paquin

    Yay! We’re happy to have you back. ^________^ Last year was a blast!! 

  • Derek B

    I have to admit I laughed when you brought up your addiction to our Timbits. I’m just grateful you don’t have a hungering craving for their coffee too. I know of a number of addicts. You shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever with getting your fill while you’re back up here. Enjoy your time with us. We shall with you.

  • Shauna

    If you want a real taste of Canada try the Canadian Maple. It’s like a Boston Creme but with maple on top. :D

    • Justin Yozzo

      Totally.  Anything maple cannot be beaten.  Except by curry.  And yes, there are curry donuts.  But they’re totally different, anyway.

  • faeyr

    Come to Ottawa and we’ll build you a statue out of timbits.

  • capthavic

    tim-whoozits? *feels like an idiot not knowing what that is*

    • James Drover

      It’s a Canadian thing. We have a chain called Tim Horton’s that sells tim bits basicly little fried doughnut balls glazed with chocklet, sugar, or filled with blueberry filling or something. Basicly Little fried balls of sugary goodness.

      • capthavic

        ahh sounds like the donut holes that Dunkin Donuts sells.

      • Justin Yozzo

        A Canadian thing, right. 
        or the donut holes that…. any donut shop sells….

        also, chocklet.  Right.  Protip: education.

  • Kale Parton

    Come to Otafest 2013; show these country bumpkins the greatness of The Spoony One.

  • Michael Cutler

    Spoony One –
    Have you tried Robin’s Eggs?

  • Tom Williams

    I’m going back to Conbravo too.

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    I’d have said “I’d love to see you at PAX Prime someday” but tickets f***ing sold out in 6 hours & scalpers are selling passes for $300.

  • Karl

    Aww man. Kinda wish I had a car to make a road trip with. I’d have brought the Timbits too… except it would probably resort in a duel to the death, because you’re not the only one with a problem.

  • Smashlampjaw

    I need to get me a passport sigh…

  • Diggerjohn111

    TIM BITS ROCK!!!! Welcome back to Canada!!!! 

  • Daniel Kong

    Timbits… donut holes? Nice. Though… I think we need to hold an intervention for Spoony about them. Thats.. not a healthy reaction. XD

  • Jeremy

    Dude if you really what some Timbits just drive to Tim Hortons

    • Jeremy K.

      Except there aren’t any Tim Hortons in Arizona. At least to my knowledge.

  • StanleyH.Tweedle

    Good god.  I never thought of what it would be like to spend one’s entire life in barbarian land where the uncivilized peoples of the world had no access to Timbits.  Good god Spoony!  How do you people live?  What the fuck is brought in to every office every couple of days by the cowrker who stopped in for coffe and wanted to do something nice for a mere $2.25 for 20 or $4.25 for 40?  Why, why have you people resisted our benevolent outreach?

  • Okanehira

    wtf is a timbit? must be some north american delicacy that hasn’t come across the pond yet.

    • malcior

      its a doughnut hole, basically a tiny doughnut-ball. They are delicious :)

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    I just saw this video and had flashbacks of that “CHOCOLAAATE!” episode of Spongebob. I keep picturing Spoony roaming through the entire con and going “TIIIIIMBIIIIITS!” *NOM NOM NOM* every time he hears that word and/or actually sees Timbits. Hell, I’d love to see a sketch or vlog of that, just for my own personal entertainment. LOL

  • Joe Alton

    I’m within an hours drive of Burlington, so I may have no choice but to go. And add to the mountains of Timbits. Delicious, delicious Timbits.

  • Randy Marchese

    I am totally going to get you the biggest box of timbits I can get. Also instead of using the material for the signing that you buy, Spoony I want you to sign my DM screen. Your review of D&D Essentials and counter monkey got me into D&D and now I want to play pathfinder as well. BTW Spoony have are you signed up for the D&D next playtest, if so what do you think?

  • Not Telling

    Nice Time Chasers shirt!

  • Dan Schuett

    Ah Timbits, enslaving souls a box of 20 at a time (if you buy the box of 10 or lord help you a single Timbit you’re doing it wrong).  Word of warning Spoony, Tim’s has started serving Lattes, do not buy or allow anyone else to buy you a Tim Horton’s Latte, they are awful.

  • Harley thompson

    I live in a small city in Ontario, Favourite flavour spoony? and you drink tea or coffee 

  • ChewySmokey

    Addicted Timbits, eh? Well then I guess it’s a good thing you don’t live up here or you’d have diabetes by now!

  • IHeart28

    *Headslam* Damnit, can’t go to conbravo because I live around New Jersey. I will find a way to get you some timbits, like on Email maybe or packaging? I don’t know I’ll find a way!

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