Counter Monkey – ConBravo 2012 – D20 Live

The Spoony One | Aug 26 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Big Mike from the 404s DMs a group at ConBravo consisting of Spoony, Linkara, Roo, and “Birdman” Mike Dodd. Spoony, naturally, dusts off his iconic bard character and proves once again he is the best swordsman in the world.

Footage recorded by IXIstudios.

  • Tobbii Karlsson

    This was a really fun watch, saw it at Linkaras blog before it was posted here. Hope to see more DnD with you Spoony.

  • Gavin Yee

    Totally new what he was going to use that glass bag for

  • sbkMulletMan

    I thought watching the Toxic Avenger 3 was the last thing I’d do tonight, but Spoony and D&D? Who needs sleep!

    Let’s roll!

  • Ryan Beckmann

    Would have checked the corpse for magic weapons.

  • Totem of Low Bap

    That dragon got pwn’d!

  • sbkMulletMan

    And the moral of the story: listen to Linkara!

    Lesson 2: Spoony’s got it handled! (this even overrides lesson one, thanks to the mist)

    This was seriously an outstanding treat for me. The humor, the luck, the smugness (good call on taunting that dragon, Spoony!), and just the overall reaming of the GM at the end, it was such an exciting game to watch! Listening to basic Counter Monkey is fun enough, but actually watching a game like this really makes me wish I had the fortune to be able to play D&D personally again.

    This was worth every hour of sleep lost. Thank you, Spoony, Linkara and everyone else for that!

    • Nolan Byrrd

      I didn’t know you were a spoony fan ~ninjaslug

    • NeroAngelo

      although his interrogation techniques could use some work

  • Lazar Gruev

    At the end Mongo shoud have returned to the city, open the bag and bonk the cultist one more time for good measure…

  • _____

    You bastards, you killed his dragon.. :O

  • Jack Donald

    Did they say what system they were using here? 3.5? Pathfinder? 4th edition?

    • Patrick T Brown

      I think it was D20 Modern set in Medivile times.

      • Nicholas Dawe

        I was chatting with them after and IIRC Spoony mentioned it was D20 Simple

  • Randy Marchese

    I was there and this was hilarious and awesome. Got all of this on my camera. I’ll see if I can get my vid of this on youtube.

  • Jonathan Wooten

    Oh man that was great. Honestly Im not one for serious roleplaying but if I could get D&D games like this Id definitely think about starting. Thumbs up Spoony.

  • McMarcus

    Live Countermonkey? Count me in!

  • Andreas Törnqvist

    Gotta say, I found the DM annoying. He was a bit attention demanding and impolite. I can imagine this is because he’s speaking in front of a large audience though.

  • McMarcus

    Also, the chick setting up the mics during the “World’s greatest swordsman” story was a great pre-show show, if you know what I mean.

  • Silens

    As much as I really enjoyed watching that little adventure, your DM really did not play that dragon properly. Between Frightful Presence, the dozens of spells and spell-like abilities colossal black dragons should have, the tail sweep attack he should have done damn near immediately, and all of the other potential options beasts of that size have, your party should have been dead three times over, even though the dragon had sustained severe injuries.

    Not to disparage your accomplishments or anything – taking down a dragon of any sort in D&D is awesome beyond measure, and your party had the practised skill of professional PCs that are a ton of fun to play with – but I’m just saying you still got lucky as all hell. If I was DMing and using the dragon, I would have sprayed acid fog spells like no tomorrow, giving the dragon concealment and a good caution against melee attacks. Then I would have continued to throw spells until the party was either incapacitated, immobilized, or dead, and then waded into melee.

    • Adell

      I think, for the sake of the fact that it was a live game in front of an audience, playing to win was not the priority

      • Silens

        Well, granted, it’s not a priority, but it somewhat damages the verisimilitude of the setting when you have a colossal black dragon (which means it’s a great wyrm, and has been alive for over a thousand years) making such stupid mistakes. A dragon that age should know to use Frightful Presence and magic, particularly given his injuries. And also, a dragon of that size would have spell resistance (which no one seemed to check for) and damage reduction (there was no indication that any of the troupe was using magic weapons), and I didn’t see either factor acknowledged. But then again, I’m not entirely sure what edition they were playing – I think it was 3.5, but I’m not entirely sure.

        If so, from the description the DM gave, the dragon should have had stats like this: . But even if he was off about the size, such a dragon would still be a fucking monster to take down.

        As I said, it was enjoyable to watch, but the DM really could have made that black dragon a significant and terrifying challenge, and it’s disappointing that he didn’t. I’d like to see those PCs face off against a DM who brings in a dragon and knows exactly what he’s doing.

        • Adell

          From what I’ve read in the comments, it was some sort of modernd20 rules I believe, which explains the different skill sets (like diplomacy being something different) So I have no idea how dragons work in that kind of rule set. Either way though, they were low on time, and honestly the group wasn’t really looking for or prepared for that kind of challenge. It might have been funny to see them get slaughtered though.

  • David Edgren

    “I used to be a hulking psychopathic monster-man, until I took an arrow in the knee.”

  • IHeart28

    Spoony and Linkara kicked that DM’s ASS! Whoo! Long live Linkara and the Spoony one! This was awesome!

  • aaronbourque

    And this is why if anyone ever makes fun of me for playing tabletop games, I just laugh and shake my head.

    Have they ever conquered a faraway kingdom with the aid and support of a group of boon companions?

    Did they ever war in the Parrsoon Rift and watch good friends die?

    Did they ever captain a spaceship to the far reaches of the cosmos and discover the truth behind all of creation?

    Did they ever find love and begin a dynasty that lasted through the ages?

    Did they ever see an angel fall . . . only to rise up again?

    they ever find themselves forced to kill their father, who had been
    enslaved and mind-controlled by an evil lich for near two decades?

    Did they ever SLAY A DRAGON with the power of but their imaginations?

    Nay, they did not. And so their mockery means naught but wind.

    • Turkey OnAStick

      I think I see why people make fun of you – regardless of your hobby.

  • Travis Bauer

    I kept getting distracted by the one idiot in the crowd who kept shouting out skyrim crap. I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume its someone who showed up just because spoony and linkara were there, didn’t know shit about tabletop games and was trying to be funny.

    • sbkMulletMan

      Yeah, that guy was annoying. “Okay, we get it, you’ve played Skyrim, keep it down already!” was all I could think of when he spoke out.

      At least Spoony busted out a Puff the Magic Dragon remark, giving some range to the dragon jokes and references. A good bard must be comprehensive in his lore and know many dragon tales!

    • Nick Godbout

      Most likely the same guy who kept shouting “WHAT’S A PALADIN!?”

      Con audiences piss me right off sometimes. There’s a time to shout at the panel, and show everyone how clever and well-versed in popular culture references you are, and while somebody is trying to tell a story is NOT. THAT. FUCKING. TIME.

  • Stephen Martin

    It’s his charisma. It’s over 9000

  • Jack Donald


    Also they didn’t need an army, they brought the GUNS!!!!!

  • MichaelT

    That was EPIC!

  • Okanehira

    this new blip player is bullshit, the video cut out at about the hour mark, then I reload the video and it won;t let me skip ahead…

    So now i have to leave it running for an hour to catch up to where I was? WHO DESIGNED IT LIKE THIS!? Guess its easier to just rip the video with jdownloader and watch it offline.

    • Andreas Törnqvist

      Agreed, plus the crappy player has to be started three times before working properly. And I agree about the DM, he’s a jerk.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        The DM wan’t really bothering me. I was more pissed off at the guy in the crowd making Skyrim references. I do agree that this new video player sucks though.

        • Andreas Törnqvist

          Yeah the DM was actually all right after the first half hour. Quite agree on the loud moron close to the camera laughing and yelling every five minutes. Yeah and the frigging player KEEPS CRASHING.

          • Nicholas Dawe

            I don’t mean to rain on your parade but the whole crowd was shouting random things, which was a huge part of the fun (I do feel sorry for that random guy in the red robe though) whilst I didn’t really find the Skyrim references brilliant by any stretch of the word they did make sense within the context…if a bit repetitious

          • Andreas Törnqvist

            Once again, I agree. It’s not that the guy would have been a moron just because he shouted some Skyrim reference – but he was shouting in a shrill, loud voice pretty god damn often.

    • valou999

      Ya same thing happenned to me… Can’t skip ahead in the video… What BS is that!

    • Nicholas Dawe

      - Yeah the player is kind of annoying and cut out quite a few times, mind you I did find out to fast forward you have to click and drag the pointer instead of just clicking where you want to be

      – What do you mean “other guys”….I’m assuming you mean Roo and Birdman since judging from the crowd response during introductions their not as well known as Spoony or Linkara (whom I didn’t actually know much about until after ConBravo…I was there because of Roo and Spoony) both of them played their roles quite well…the only real complaints I could have is that the DM got a little too upset but I have a feeling it was just for show so I’ll let it slide, oh and I was mistaken for staff a few times due to my blue shirt but Roo and Spoony signed my Con Badge so I’ll forgive em :)

  • THE Sami Ryyppö

    Oh my god, that one guy in the crowd started to piss me off very quickly. Why can’t he just shut up and watch the damn game?

    Anyway, this was a great game and Spoony truly showed us why he is the best swordsman in the world. And his little wrestling references were an awesome touch too.

  • Randall Taylor

    Greatest swordsmen in the world!

  • mondomolesto

    Wow, it’s like the staff at my high school cafeteria held a press conference.

  • disqus_ypYjIuGLqX

    Oh man, I can’t believe I missed this, and I was only an hour away from the con. Anyway, is Spoony wearing an N7 cap? Man I didn’t think he was that big of a fan. I thought he just liked trolling people who hated the ending :P.

    • Okanehira

      There were 2 good mass effect games before the trainwreck version

      • TheCrimsonSpire

        ME3 was a fantastic game! Spoony still was trolling the sh*t out of the fanbase. What I’m surprised about, is the fact that Spoony really does appreciate the games as much as he does.

        • Andreas Törnqvist

          Agreed, it was just the ending of ME3 that sucked horribly.

          • Nicholas Dawe

            Yeah it’s like having an awesome triple scoop ice cream than despite explicitly asking for the clerk to refrain from it he sticks a cherry on the top. YEMV if you like cherries :P

      • Sam Pagano

        How was it a trainwreck? It was more like an olympic gymnastics event where everything goes perfectly until they sprained their leg on the landing.

      • John Leonard

        no ultima 9 was a train wreck

  • Adell

    woman behind the camera was kind of a bitch

  • Guus van Voorst

    Spoony the Rape Master… I mean, Rapier Master…
    My Hexblade once fought a dragon alone (not too big though), but she had to retreat… still, the creature had quite a hard time beating her down… >:)

  • Okanehira

    What is the “Yes yes yes yes yes yes” thing a reference too?

    • Jim Thorpe

      daniel bryan/brian danielson.

  • yamina-chan

    What a great adventure! This Bard really is something special *laughs*
    Congratulation on the ending of this too =)

    I really enjoyed the entire thing. ^^ And it looks like you all did as well =D

  • Sam Pagano

    I love it when a campaign goes off the rails gloriously. That asshole making thousands of skyrim jokes could have shut up though.

  • Jim Thorpe

    spoony’s cool. i wanna give that guy a hug.

  • Wrim Rimbaug

    So much hassle to hook up 5 mics? It takes 1 minute tops! What the hell are they doing?
    *taps the mic*
    *mic makes a sound*
    *taps the mic again 5 times more*
    “is this on?”

    • Nicholas Dawe

      I think it’s more the Hotel wasn’t really prepared for the Con and had to scramble to actually find that many mics and get them working correctly the “Gaming Critics” panel earlier in the day was fraught with mic issues as well. On the other hand the expression and reactions of people just there to use the hotel normally was priceless…namely the line for the Gaming Critics and D20 Live went past the hotels hot tub so no complaints there either.

      • Arne

        Or the problem wasn’t getting another mic but the soundboard, maybe it only had 4 mic inputs

  • Faust

    Only 48 comments? I think Spoony finally found the “way too geeky” area. And those that do comment…we’re in it for the long haul. ;)

  • Dune Blythe

    Well that was pretty awesome.

  • Stephen Martin

    Fifth time watching this. I just can’t seem to get sick of Tandem the Spoony.

    • Christopher Smith

      No offence but you need to get out more :D

  • Chee Moon Yeo

    What I especially loved about this game was the sociopathic and at times downright stupid choices made by the four players.
    Roo’s best moment was castrating the giant human in terrible fashion, Mike Dodd’s “bashing over the head and stuffing ‘em in a sack” was hilarious.
    Linkara really was the leader of the team, more or less, and I honestly think that the group would’ve either been wiped out or gone completely off track in the game without him.
    But the majority of the highlights of the game go to Spoony. Not only did he have the funniest lines and “scenes”, he also had the best moments in each scenario (blinding the mutant with broken glass, playing the lute to let the daughter know that she’s going to pay for robbing them, and severing the dragon’s spinal cord)
    This game was more fun to watch and listen to than I thought. Great to see Noah and Lewis enjoying themselves at ConBravo.

  • Urban Sniper

    I really enjoyed this vid. I was working on notes for my local game while watching it, so it certainly helped keep me on track, well, when I wasn’t laughing too hard, of course. Overall, an awesome adventure, though I can’t decide if I liked the story of the ‘greatest swordsman in the world’ more than the game itself or not; both were excellent. Were something like this to happen in the future and be recorded, I’d most certainly watch it. Same with more Counter Monkey if you get the urge to share another story.

  • wallzone

    Never played a Table top game, probably never will, but loved almost ever minute of these videos. That was a great game. Never would have guessed so much time put into a campaign be finished so brazenly and haphazardly. Bravo.

  • MechaVelma

    Spoony is the trifecta that all DM’s fear: Crafty, ballsy and damn lucky.

    And to you Spoony, the reason your Counter Monkey tales of rpg misfortune resonate so highly is because tails of epic failure can be just as glorious as tales of epic victory.

  • Troy Bennett

    Little off-topic side note, Tandem/Spoony’s strategy during the ‘greatest swordsman in the world’ story was on par with many Filipino Martial Arts. They LOVE striking the weapon arm of the opponent first before attacking the torso or head. They call the philosophy ‘defang the snake’. When a snake has his fangs removed, he suddenly becomes a harmless lizard with no legs. Likewise, when you either break, slice, or sever an opponents weapon arm, they’re disabled (at least long enough for the follow up to kill him).

    In my day job, I’m a personal trainer at a gym, but sometimes I teach Filipino Martial Arts to people who want to learn self defense. I always start with 3 rules: 1- try to escape, 2- find an equalizer (weapon of your own) 3- defang the snake. We then practice how to properly swing the rattan stick or a training knife, how to employ the footwork (mainly boxing footwork), and they eventually have simple fighting system that’s easy to remember and works a high percentage of the time.

    Anyway, It’s great to see Spoony still friends with many of his CA buddies, like Linkara. I actually liked this game better than the pathfinder series, mainly because i think Spoony makes an even better player than a GM/DM.

  • Kenny Carriere

    GM: I have a Dragon.

    Linkara: We have a Bard.

    Seriously, wow, that was some epic D&Ding

  • Denderfurger

    haha awesome! i wish i was there live!

  • Princess Stabbity

    Oh. My. God. That was absolutely fabulous. This just.. wow. Epic seems to fall short. Well done you brave, yet full of questionable judgement, adventurers. I’m going to go and see if I’ll ever stop laughing from it all… Just brilliant.

  • Owen Kuhn

    But… how much XP -DID- you get? :)

  • Hippiethecat124

    Oh, the fucking hecklers…. >=/
    After your’e able to ignore him, though, this was really a great video. I fucking miss my D&D group, but it’s so hard to find anyone to play with nowadays. At least we can live vicariously through the Spoony One. Thanks for the upload.

  • Saryon

    After I watched the video I got to thinking…did the mage guy(Roo, I believe) actually cause the dragon to fall prone(when the DM rolled a one)?

    Now bear with me for a moment. You recall that they followed and spied on some DnD nerds who were apparently the players themselves, right? And then they watched for an indeterminate amount of time confirming that they were, in fact, just that? Then, as they were leaving, the mage decides to use his magic to fudge one of the die rolls so it was a one. Coincidence? Perhaps…

    *ahem* >.>
    On a more serious note, this was hilarious. The DM’s reactions to the players’ choices were priceless.

    • Jacob Worrell


  • Jim Thorpe

    Really feel tempted to try and invite Spoony to play Dungeon World or something with my group on Roll20, but I dunno if they’d be able to handle the greatest swordsman in the world. Also he’d probably say no.

    • Jim Thorpe

      I guarantee at least two people will get every wrestling ref, though.

  • Wout Oostendorp

    What’s with the Betrayal icon in the corner if this is an official ConBravo vid?

  • Gareth Bushell

    That was completely hilarious, spoony proved that he really was the best (or at least the luckiest) swordsman in the world. I have a bunch of PnP RPG stuff (Hero System if you really wanted to know) and this makes me really want to get of my ass and get a game together. I understand some people can be annoyed by the guy in the crowd, but you always get them at events like this, just learn to ignore them.

  • Andrew Falkenhan

    Now I’m only seeing the first part, what happened to part 2?

    • Segatron

      the same instance happened to me, it will shift at the end of part one, then automatically begin part II, but I haven’t found a way to individually select the latter half.

  • The_Okk

    Dude… Epic game.. DO MORE!!

    • Segatron

      Heh, what’s left of the campaign? But I agree more should be made up if an option. Just to see all that dragon xp split four ways.

  • Benjamin Osborn

    As much as it might piss off some people here, I think Tandem deserves the title Dovakiin now. He punked a dragon into getting it’s ass handed to it royally.

  • Das_Bass

    I am by no means a mean or nasty person, but at the 15 minuet mark I would have told that heckler “shut the fuck up already, you’re not funny, you’re pissing the DM/GM off and I’m sure you’re pissing the party off, shut up!” Other than that this was great. Spoony really shows how to play right man

  • Cory Silver

    Seeing this video gives me hope for the future.

  • Segatron

    Let us not neglect the sweet, sweet metagame of DM humiliation. The magnitude of the craziness of Spoony’s choices, coupled with the payoff made the “spinal tap” the cruelest cut of all. With witnesses to boot.

    I almost wish this thing had subtitles. Just so I could hear all the jokes people were cheering over. This stuff is gold.

  • Cody Meyer

    LOL … I keep my dice in a Crown Royale bag, too. xD

  • Daniel Powers

    My god….that was just glorious! Not only was that just purely entertaining from a fan standpoint. But as a player and DM that was just amazingly done all around. Kudos to you all and hope we get to see more vids like this in the future. LONG LIVE TANDEM THE SPOONY!!!!

  • Colton Rowe

    Did something happen to part 2?

    • Ased Zazx

      There was one?

    • magnusk_98

      Just wait when the first part has finished, the second part loads up automatically after a commercial.

  • Colton Rowe

    Oh, it loaded after the first one finished. Okay, just getting used to the new server I guess. This is some good stuff XD I love listening to these. Reminds me of my days trying to wrangle a group of competent players together. We had some fun, though we never got to the point where we were this good. Keep’em coming!

  • Rpground

    that was a glorious game to see,i loved it SO much. makes me wish i could play DnD again…miss it alot still :(

  • kfizz

    dude my best moment was when I stomped a dudes head in after kicking him off a 10 ft drop. I rolled a natural 20 and landed on the dudes head after jumping off the same 10 ft drop. It was in a river bed so there a cliff on each side. The next turn i used my acrobatic skill to climb up the other side then grab a spear that was on the ground and throw it the next turn at the leader of that group. We also got drunk then I puked it up over a burning log and set a bridge on fire the dm only let me do it since I rolled a 20 again. Our group is full of planners we once teamed up with a group of people that were ment to attack us. Since we wanted to kill the dragon that hired us so we teamed up with the planned encounter. We rolled a diplomacy check. These were two different campaigns thou.

    • Mary Sulkowski

      A wild Counter Monkey appears!!

      *checks pockets*
      Dammit, I’m out of pokeballs.

  • Edward Jay Harington

    Great game. I especially loved the Scion story for as far as it got. I got into a game at one point where I played a child of Quetzacotal. Somehow, I found a legal combination, for my starting level character mind you, that allowed me to generate a limitless amount of Legend. The GM informed me that I was allowed to have the combination of abilities needed to do this. I could even use them in conjunction. However, if I used them in the way that would let me keep boosting up my Legend score, a meteor would fall out of the sky and insta-kill me. It was great.

  • Liezl Bohnen

    I loved watching this so hard. Man, if I’m ever at a con you guys are at I’m totally gonna attend one of these (if you do them again).

    and you REALLY make me want to get into DnD more and more every time you upload one of these! Although my guess is (from what my friends have told me) intelligent players who think ahead are sadly not as common as they should be.

    You and your friends make my day every time you upload Spoony <3

  • angela

    Sorry Spoony, I got to say it.
    You actually look pretty Damn Hot with long hair. Just sayin’ XD.
    Otherwise, I haven’t laughed so hard in so long. Congrats on all of you really getting into character :D

  • MechaVelma

    After seeing Spoony’s dynamite Doc Brown impersonation, is it wrong for me to bring up that Christopher Lloyd was actually the star of an FMV video game called Toonstruck?

  • Matt Flohre

    Seeing Spoony with the long hair and the hat on, he looked like Wayne from Wayne’s World. Great game, really fun to watch. Just remember: Spoony’s got this.

  • Wayne Davis

    Only downside to this awesome is the one douchebag near the camera who would NOT. SHUT. UP.

  • Estoppel

    It was good to see the infamous Spoony Bard in action. WORLD’S GREATEST SWORDSMEN.

  • Chris Night

    Er, I’ve been away and I’m trying to catch up but it appears that part 2 is missing…

  • kfizz

    It reminds me of this part of willow. Its funny my DnD group is like 5 years younger then me so they have never seen it. It was my first fantasy movie I watched it like when I was 4 or 5.

  • Wing Dairu

    I have never before seen so epic a session. And I once played a game that spanned three generations of characters. Tandem, Lawrence and the rest have shown me just how amazing it can be to play D&D if you put some thought into it.
    I also love how Spoony plays to the crowd. He’s like a friggin’ rock star up there.

  • Lydia Beam

    Spoony’s so great~ He’s just so chill, I love how he just runs circles around the DM.

  • Chris Night

    Er….Where’s part 2? Is it played after part one?

  • Arstra

    Oh my god. This was so awesome. I have done things like this in D&D a lot. just being that mvp or that character that makes everything fall into place and the gm’s plan is thrown to shit. I love more of this please…. I’m begging you… more.

  • Dan Schuett

    I totally want to roll a Bard now, but I’d never get that lucky.

  • Matt Jones

    Gotta say, this video player is awful. Sends my CPU use up to 100% when it’s the only thing I have open.

  • Forte

    By the way, this video is like an hour and fifteen minutes incomplete. Go to this link to see the full thing.

    • Thomas Atchley

      Actually if you wait for a bit, it’ll automatically switch and play the second part.

      • Forte

        Really? All of Spoony’s other multi part videos don’t do that, as far as I can tell.

        • Thomas Atchley

          Yeah it was weird I actually went to the youtube link you gave after it was over, but I left the tab open, and like a few seconds later I hear a second video playing- and there it is. Springboard is just weird I guess.

  • John Dorian

    Is it just me or does the skyrim douche sound like Jesse Cox a whole fucking lot? Either way awesome game guys, Tandem’s got the magic touch. Of awesome.

  • Matt Flohre

    So, are they playing under the d20 ruleset? I’m just curious, because that “called shot” thing is very intriguing and I want to maybe play a game under that same ruleset.

  • Will Law

    This might soud dumb, but where is part 2?

  • Zipper Dragon

    Cant you use backstab with a ranged weapon?

    • groggarioth

      No, although you can use sneak attack from within 30ft, as long as the person you’re using the sneak attack is unaware of you, so it probably wouldn’t have helped in that situation with the Giant guy.

  • Wout Oostendorp

    Was this THE Big Mike? From the counter monkey stories?

  • Jannick Hegelund Hverkeltoft

    oh didn’t know about the dice thing. We used to joke around in our group because one of my friends had a set of sparkly pink dice that rolled one 20 after another

  • Dylan Hines-Walker

    Um, I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but the second half is no longer up. Not sure what the issue is, but just thought you’d like to know.

  • Matt Flohre

    Dodd mentioned scumble, the mead, and it was apparently a reference to something. What was he referencing?

    • dm3588

      It’s from Discworld.

      “A lot of stories are told about scumble, and how it is made out on the damp marshes, according to ancient recipes passed down rather unsteadily from father to son. It’s not true about the rats, or the snakes’ heads, or the lead shot. The one about the dead sheep is a complete fabrication. We can lay to rest all the variants of the one about the trouser button. But the one about not letting it come into contact with metal is absolutely true…”

  • Christopher Stratton Smith

    I know I’m beating a dead horse here but seriously, to the guys near the camera: Don’t narrate/comment on _everything_! I really hope they’ve read at least some of the comments here because they really need to learn that these types of games aren’t interactive/participatory events. No one, absolutely _no one_ wants to hear your awesome advice and Skyrim jokes. Sorry to rant but there were so many bits & pieces that I missed due to someone talking crap over the players’ dialogue. Aaaaaanyhoo, all in all this was a fun game to watch! :)

  • Felipe Sarabia

    What game is this?

  • Zipper Dragon

    umm….Is there more? If so, where’s the rest?

  • Zipper Dragon

    “Don’t run off on your own, dont talk to strangers.”

  • Sajeh

    A classic clever move for a bard (the body distraction), well played!

  • Sajeh

    “That was what I was gonna do” Oh bitch got owned. YES!

  • TrueAmericanReject

    I would of threatened the ghost with eternal dmnation to Ultima 9, if that didn’t work then to Ultima 9 as the Avatar. If that didn’t work then send him to be a big bad in the nerds in the village playing DnD, which is based in Britannia with the 9th story of the Avatar. If that does not work then offer him congrats for his bravery and send him through all of the topics above slowly.

    • Daniel Tilson

      Too complicated. Planar shift him into the middle of Twilight.

  • Daniel Tilson

    Can you even crit on a lightning bolt? I don’t know which system they’re using here… but in 3.5, lightning bolt and fireball, and other AOE type spells didn’t require an attack roll… So no crit possible…

    • Dr C. Macleod

      It’s probably AD&D

      • Daniel Tilson

        Did you roll attack on fireballs and lightning bolts in AD&D?

        • Dr C. Macleod

          I honestly never played haha. Shows how much I know. I think you do roll in 4th edition though.

          • Daniel Tilson

            You do, but judging by everything else they did… I don’t think they were playing 4th. I could very easily be wrong though.

          • Claire Lopez

            You can crit with Lightning Bolt and FB in AD&D, not because the spell impact crits, but it’s execution.

  • Dan Schuett

    What’s the name of the tune at the end? I know I should know it but I can’t think of it and I want it as a ring tone.

    • Dom

      That’s the Final Fantasy VI victory fanfare. Couldn’t place the name either until I read a Cracked article that featured it.

      • Dan Schuett

        Awesome, thanks.

  • Floris / Dutchtica

    God, just the … just the glass had me in stitches, you guys ran no.. Bulldozed over Big Mike’s campaign. Doing what he expected but leaving nothing in your wake.

    I needed a smoke after this.

  • Claire Lopez

    I’ve seen some epic comebacks from players…. But holy shit. Spoony, you are a unbelievably lucky bastard. XD

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