E3 Vlog – Hotel From Hell

The Spoony One | Jun 18 2010 | more notation(s) | 

Spoony, Angry Joe, and JewWario hole up in the Clarion Downtown Hotel and try to identify its myriad of mysterious smells.

  • TotallyNotBob

    You know Spoony, I got to disagree about Fallout Las Vegas. Fallout 2 was basically just a “mission pack” for Fallout 1.

    My only problem is how the Fallout Las Vegas devs seem so content to bloodily rip off the mod community, without even acknowledging their doing it.
    Every single new “thing” in this game is literally a mod they've stolen without credit. Oh, weapon mods? Not like that's among the most popular mods on FalloutNexus. Repair patches? hey, does the Xrepair mod sound familiar you cockmonglers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1022859146 Jon Castiglia

    Wayyyyy too unsexy, man. Good job at your E3 coverage tho!

  • ogmaster

    Damn I was right across the street from them with perfectly fine internet.

  • murokhan

    Tartarus, really? Heh heh heh, nice…. Well, not nice, being in hotels like that are horrid, just be glad you guys didn't get the room with only one bed. Was there at least AC? I wouldn't mind no internet with AC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Davidson/1226257656 Peter Davidson

    Im looking forward to seeing what you have to say about XCOM :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Helsper/100000547495575 Kevin Helsper

    Coffin, LOL…been there….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Treima Jimi Alexander

    Wow, I've been in seedy hotels like that. That was hilarious.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/LJ5UDPUYWQ7DUMWXRO735DMI7M Masa

    i hope you have more vlogs from hotel from hell xd very funny

  • JeanJacket

    Jeez. Worst hotel ever. I hope ants didn't end up swarming you. Those things freaking HURT.

    Glad you got your pizza, at least. LOL.

    …They're rereleasing Sly Cooper in 3D? O.o Sweet. Or… desperate. Meh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Helsper/100000547495575 Kevin Helsper

    Are you sure you weren't at Holiday Inn in Amarillo TX?

  • knuckles896

    I think part of the reason that there is a limited amount of new features in New Vegas is that they spent so much time developing DLC for Fallout 3 that when it came to make a new game they had a much more limited development window than they probably should have had.

  • Con_Fu

    Holy Shit, its like you guys were in some kind of Cube or Hypercube movie, except they ran out of money. I think you should start a segment exclusively to review messed up hotels, and you should live cast it out so we can watch your suffering.

  • Azraille

    Wow that seems nightmarishly bad for day 1. Still very amusing though. I hope you got some footage or comments about Portal 2 though.

  • tanukiblue

    Wow the hotel conversation had me in stitches man, as much as it sucked for you guys it made my night. I'm with Joe on NV and Brink though, I think your bein a tad harsh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerard-Mckay/1552902991 Gerard Mckay

    Wow that hotel room sucks something serious.
    Bit of a let down about fallout 4 :/
    Keep these vlogs coming Spoony always fun to watch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastian-Manthey/100001192656469 Sebastian Manthey

    Seems like you had a good time ;-)
    Thanks for all the broadcasting! keep it up spoony!

  • http://twitter.com/Deimos1984ad Zak Mahmud

    You deserved much better than this, that hotel treated you like shit!!!. How the hell do you not get WiFi in a hotel!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/prynearson Patrick Rynearson

    Man and I was gonna try and track you guys down at Screw Attack lol, someone's beating me to the punch…

  • http://fourcoffees.livejournal.com/ Gunther

    Awesome t-shirt!

  • http://twitter.com/Maulmoviemoos Maul

    Your guy's attitude for fans is amazing, really appreciative.

    You've also inspired me to start something similar to what you do, but I'm probably not that good.

  • http://twitter.com/LGMWZ LGM

    All I keep visualizing through out the whole video was Joe snoring like a Pitt Bull next to you in bed in a stuffy room in a bad part of LA .

    Hell can be a Bitch sometimes .

  • M_Appel

    oh spoony, the way you were lying on that bed…so seductive ;D

  • Ashenge

    Oh Spoony. Your shower was just about as powerful as mine at the one Motel 6. I made do with A LOT of manual scrubbing. o_o

  • Madpotator

    Wow, that's a horrible hotel experience. It would have been even worse if the pizza hadn't come, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connor-Hamer/100000524020255 Connor Hamer

    Spooning with Spoony episode 3?

  • Logion

    Aw, man. That hotel really sucked, make a picture of it or something with the title “Hotel from hell!” like the old 70's horror shows.

  • Cthulhu07

    Oh man! What a hellhole of a hotel! Wouldn't surprise me if it was ran by Basil Fawlty.

  • mothrog

    where'd you get that infoocom shirt I WANT IT

  • mothrog

    where'd you get that infocom shirt I WANT IT!

  • http://twitter.com/fullmetalbg Zlatan Andreev

    “I guess the water fossit's running” – you said that like it's not something obligatory for a hotel to have :D
    Well i guess that for THAT hotel it's something that you'd not expect xD

  • Ceherz

    i was in a LA downtown hotel too last year… it looked exactly the same and had the same problems :D.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HVRHRWZ6SPLMFIKF5ZM2CPYXO4 Amy

    “I like it!”
    I'm dying from laughter.

  • Anonymous

    yelp “wifi didn’t work. they didn’t care. they didn’t fix it. towels had cigarette burns in it. a/c was central so we couldn’t control it and froze underneath the paper thin “blankets” that didn’t blanket anything.
    the “heated” pool was freezing. the staff was unhelpful and told us that wifi is “not guranteed” as part of the hotel though it is posted on the giant billboard in front of the hotel. this hotel ruined our trip. and though I realize it was cheap, I’ve booked many cheap hotels before and this hotel was disgusting.” Sounds awesome

  • Anonymous

    yelp “wifi didn’t work. they didn’t care. they didn’t fix it. towels had cigarette burns in it. a/c was central so we couldn’t control it and froze underneath the paper thin “blankets” that didn’t blanket anything.
    the “heated” pool was freezing. the staff was unhelpful and told us that wifi is “not guranteed” as part of the hotel though it is posted on the giant billboard in front of the hotel. this hotel ruined our trip. and though I realize it was cheap, I’ve booked many cheap hotels before and this hotel was disgusting.” Sounds awesome

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/AOLG27QR53O3PJTCRJCSJT4LXE Manic

    If you paid for a room with internet and didn't get a room with internet did you happen to complain to the people working the desk at the lobby? Usually they give comps when they fuck up as big as that.

  • http://dragonacesg7.livejournal.com/profile Dragons_Dusk

    wow, looks like you guys barely survived the roach motel… it's like the Hotel California for nerds…

    I think the movie theater I used to work at was that ghetto, though my place had ceiling tiles falling

    thanks for suffering for us, Spoony!

  • SubTonic

    Damn, that's one fucked up hotel experience. I can't wait to hear what you've got to say about Deus Ex 3, as that's easily the single most important game coming out (for me) out of everything else. I'm a huge fan of the first DX and I *did* like the second, but if they royally fuck this up, there will be blood.

    Also, regarding New Vegas…Eh. I'm sure there are a multitude of changes Obsidian's made to what Bethesda created with Fallout 3, but I have to agree that it just…looks too much like Fallout 3. I was expecting something akin to the older games but modernized, but instead I just see Fallout 3 2.0. I'm disappointed, especially considering Obsidian is the father of Fallout. What a waste of potential.

  • http://bluehighwind.blogspot.com/ BlueHighwind

    Spoony, I got you beat, seriously. When me and my Dad went up to Montreal a few years ago (The Day After Tomorrow was in theatres, I recall), we found a hotel that advertised $25 Canadian per night. There was no TV, there was no shower, there was a sink, but no soap, there was only one bed, there was no chair in the room. One lamp with a burn-out bulb. Internet? HA-HA. You have to be dreaming. Good thing when I got there I was so tired from the ride that I just collapsed unconscious on the bed – because I did not want to examine what the heck stains there was on that bed.

    Then on the street, we saw a tiny little dark door with a small hand-written sign that claimed $7 per night. I don't even want to imagine what the Hell was in there.

  • farimere

    These are the memories that you will keep FOREVER. Bad hotels with friends are like the best times

  • http://cynik.co.uk Cynik

    Who became the little spoon?

    (awesome, awesome video Spoony, funniest I've ever seen you :P)

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/SQRXCVMNTVHWTTVAJZGZOZM3VE Elizabeth

    That elevator “laughing” noise you made is making my eyes water from laughing. Geez, Spoony!

  • http://twitter.com/dmyy20 Dana Stemo

    You would be surprised how many people love your show, to the point that they would go to E3 just to see you (not going to lie, if I was in L.A. I may have tried to…except I defiantly do not have the money for a E3 ticket heh)

    This was by far, one of the funniest Vlogs I have seen in awhile :) I personally can't wait to see you rip out on FF14 for hours, but that's just me. 15 min was not enough to voice how bad it was, I can tell. But yeah, now I'm off to watch your Day 2 slash 3, I'm curious about what you think of Fable 3. Personally I like the Fable series, but ehhh, hasn't caught me like I wished it would. Maybe Fable 3 will be that one to catch me and make me play for hours on end heh

    Also want to know who lost the Ro-Sham-Bo. Who was the little spoon? :P

  • MadClawMannn

    Why was the control panel for the AC behind the TV set is beyond my understanding? A normal hotel room have the control panel next to the door. Why wasn't the internet working? A normal hotel have computer cable or/and wifi ready for their guess. Hotel phone not working, c'mon, doesn't anyting work right in that hotel room. Spoony, Anger Joe, and Jew Wario, you guys deserve better.

  • http://twitter.com/warterra Rigal Terra

    That'd be about average for around $100 in LA

  • Drach

    Thanks for covering the Real Guitars Spoony. No other site covered them. I thought they were called Power Gig?

    You are part of the reason I'm studying game design. Well, that and I have the same rants about games at times that you do… There needs to be standards. Some of these people need to be held responsible for asking us to pay full price for shit. I grew up playing some good games ad some shit games…

    Thanks, Dude!

  • graylord

    Aww, you skipped how joe got the phone working. =(

  • http://twitter.com/LucasChad Lucas Allen

    Funny thing that instead of the pizza guy coming through the door, I was expecting Samuel L. Jackson popping in saying, “it's an evil fucking room!”

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZII75UE4APN4Y2JARV3IZHTLXA Andrew

    That must have been hell for you. I feel your pain just next time you find yourself in a hotel such as that, bring protection.

  • TitanCreed

    I've been following E3 for years, more recently as a critic of the game journalism scene than as a viewer of the industry. When E3 caved a few years ago, I was actually happy. Many game journalists were also pretty relieved and I think you can see why. It's an ungodly marathon. Because they let SO MANY people in, it fails to function as a proper press event. Nintendo's fans in particular were notorious for flooding the convention, with lines backing up to other displays.

    The PR competition is nice to motivate the bigger companies, but they know that E3 doesn't make or break the sale of a product. The gaming audience now extends beyond those who watch E3. In the end, when E3 “died” there were some journalists lamenting the ratings boost they got every year but the old hats simply sighed with relief that they didn't have to do this every year.

    E3 isn't as big as it was, with PAX becoming the big convention for fandom. I think this, coupled with their desire to turn a profit on the convention, has led to it becoming more functional. Greater exposure has also played a part. This isn’t a convention with thousands of fans being seduced by booth babes (who are an embarrassment to the industry [correction, articles on gaming websites slobbering over them are]). CNN, FNC, MSNBC have all run stories on the convention and they’ve all been pretty favorable. They cannot distinguish currently from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, so they pretty much just talk about new, easy to report hardware.

    All that said, this E3 was more enjoyable for me than in recent years. Microsoft has been putting information and reveals into other conventions for years. A few years ago we would have seen Gears 3, every other announcement at E3, instead of at the [more effective] late night show. Still, they seemed to care more this time around. I’ve never been a fan of Sony’s tech (too many proprietary formats), but they had a really good show with Killzone. I’m expecting a lot of Wii-Move ports. Nintendo has convinced me to go out and buy a Wii. I finally feel like Nintendo cares about me (a hardcore gamer). I think the vitality sensor will be the “low point” when they really overreached for the casual market.

    I’m also glad to see where motion controls are going. With Kinect in particular, it seems that motion controls in addition to standard controls are the likely outcome. I hate the remote design of the Wii and Move, but it seems like the companies putting them out are “moderating” their tech. You don’t waggle for every goddamn thing. You waggle when waggling is the right choice.

    ….waggle waggle waggle.

    Anyway, great to see you covering this, Spoondawgle. I hope you continue to rise as a star in the gaming scene (Should have stayed at my place though! I’d have BAKED you a pizza!).

  • foodlespane

    I think it was pretty obvious that the front desk was fucking with them, hence why they were laughing earlier on.

  • devilfish

    To be fair about FFXIV (and I played XI and didn't like it) I believe the demo was just there to display the new graphics and races compared to XI, which was also an MMO. Fans of XI really see XIV as the sequel or maybe even the remake of that one, so it makes sense to show the demo as a comparison.

  • c1catwoman

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA TOO FUNNY!!! Sound like the motel I stayed at in Mexico. That TV story is too lol!!!

  • Critical Marine

    Humping like a Marine, huh? You have no idea Spoony… No idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Alden/100000469737019 Christopher Alden

    Damn, Spoony, that's horrible.

    I work for a big hotel company, and if any of our hotels were that bad, we'd shut the place down.

  • Kevin_Holsinger

    You beat me to it. Damn.

  • Kevin_Holsinger

    Spoony reviewing sh*t while eating. Ah, that brings me back a while…

  • SkullCrusher

    Are you sure this isn't another spooning with spoony cause I clearly heard him say “take all of it”

  • thedeviot

    Wow. I reallly hope the hotel I'm crashing in South Carolina this August isn't this bad. I'm going on a pretty low budget vacation with my brother, and a few friends. I've been to a few shitty hotels in my day, but that was fucking terrible. On the one hand I envy you guys for getting to check out E3 seeing how it'll never be a public show. But on the other hand. Just wow. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad hotel.

  • Trixer

    After a long exhausthing day at E3, I can think of nothing better than getting a cold shower in a hot hotel with no WiFi… Wait, no, that's not how it went. Yeah, sounds like you guys really had it rough *no dirty thoughts here*, but speaking from experience, having things go to hell usually make the trip more adventurous and interesting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hamee James Hamilton

    That explains why no one has really posted any E3 updates!!

  • OmenStalker

    Again, PotC: Armada of the Damned is NOT a MMO.

  • QuetzaDrake

    Like I said in the Day 1 video comments, New Vegas is NOT FO4 thankfully, it's just a side-project thing from actually some old Black Isle workers at Bethesda while the people who did FO3 are doing 4. So I think people should look at it less like just a new game that could've been DLC (like say, oh, L4D2?) and more like… I guess FO3 had it been made by Black Isle? That's what I'm hoping. At the worst it's a very expensive expansion pack, which… isn't good, but at least it's not just FO4.

    Also, it does feel really nice when people walk up to you and say they love and were inspired by some little internet project nonsense you do. S'pretty awesome. And humbling!

  • http://twitter.com/redviv Vivi Roth

    That reminded me of a hotel stay in London five years ago. That was one creepy hotel, in a bad way…

  • http://twitter.com/Bluntasaur Omar

    Spoony, I'm disappointed. You passed up a PERFECT opportunity to make a joke about Kanji's Bad Bad Bathhouse!

  • Foxhack

    So did anyone tap you on the shoulder and say “You're in my way, sir.”? :)

  • Foxhack

    Demolition Man. :D

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/Q4WCMXTIOGDDPRMER7AP6USBWY Lacee

    sorry, Spoony not all of LA is bad just Downtown, I know I go to school over there.

  • enesmemic

    top notch reporting, spoony. well done.

  • joluoto

    So it seems we're really getting Spooning with Spoony 3.

  • janetlc69

    Man Spoony, that was the FUNNIEST vid about a hotel i ever saw! i agree the laughing elevator sound you made had me crackin up…i'll never be able to go into an elevator again without hearing that sound…ive stayed at my share of shitty hotels but ones where the AC is YANKED outta the wall…WTF??!! and that shit with the shower!! that was BS right there!! i would have had Joe bitch out the manager of the damn hotel!! and get your money back!! that hotel was crap!! I'm going to LA in sept and i am NOT staying at a piece of shit hotel like that one!! LUV YA SPOONY

  • http://twitter.com/KFJ943 Kristinn Freyr

    Spoony, I know your pain in a big, big way.

    4 years ago, I went to Turkey, this was a very, very spontaneous trip. My friend said “Do you want to go to Turkey? I'll pay your ticket!”, I was like “Eff yeah!”, and the next day, we're on a plane to Turkey, flying with a company that can probably give RyanAir a run for its money. The seats were that kind of fake leather that makes you sweat like you're in an oven, perhaps it was training for Turkey. Anyway, around halfway through the flight, they have no more liquids for drinking, well, except cognac, and I don't drink, and this was an 8 hour flight, and it was bloody hot in there. (I'm Icelandic, I'm used to having a maximum of 20 degrees C during the summer), and then we land in some airport, somewhere. (We weren't really told where.), then a woman with armed bodyguards greets us outside the airport (There were some extra people there, some Icelandic, some not.), and shepherds us onto a bus, the bus ride, I admit, was quite nice, there was AC, and we even stopped for food. Well, it was 3 AM, and the store only sold chicken. (Whole chicken.), but it also had a very interesting DVD rack, that had at least 30 copies of Uwe Boll's BloodRayne. (Didn't buy anything, we only stopped for 5 minutes.)

    3 hours later, we arrive in Marmaris, and then we are told to find a taxi, and go to our hotels. Me & My friend are the only ones going to our hotel, and we hail a cab, turns out that taxis in turkey are mad, very mad. This man stopped at a red light, and looked to his left, there was another cab, and apparently he and the whole Taxi firm had just watched “Fast and the Furious”, and proceeded to storm as fast as he could down the street in a drag race.

    We then arrived at our hotel, mercifully. But strangely enough, everyone was still awake, and they were playing a song I now know as “Hips don't lie” with Shakira, they played that song on loop at least 20 times before they stopped playing at 8 AM. Then people went to sleep.

    Anyway, we go up to our hotel rooms, basically broken, and when I get into mine, it's bloody hot, and I decide to look for my AC, it was nowhere, there was no AC at all. I go into the bathroom, looking for the AC, but it's not there, nor is the roof. The roof plating was missing, leaving only cement & cobwebs there, and all kinds of… interesting lifeforms, spiders, cockroaches, and whatnot. Anyway, there was no shower, either. Well, to be fair, there was one shower next to the pool, but that was shut off from 10-PM to 10 AM, and was constantly being used by at least two people at once.

    I sigh in defeat, and decide to go to sleep, I sit on my bed, and this isn't really a bed, it was rock hard, I take off the bedsheet, and guess what, there is no mattress, it was just the bedsheet on a wood slab.

    Oh, and I guess I should mention that the door wasn't lockable, I had to put a chair under the doorknob to jam it, this was already getting ridiculous enough, but oh, there's more.

    So, after half an hour of bad sleep, I'm awoken by the loud-as-fuck music, again, it's that bloody Shakira. (At that time, there was probably some craze going on.), they play that song and around 2 others 22 hours per day, (With 2 hours of rest), and it's always at that horribly loud volume.

    So, I decide to explore the hotel, and I find a place where you can pay to play a PS2, this cost 10 euros per 30 minutes, and for those US folks out there, this is 12 dollars. I ask if I could see the games selection, and it's pretty standard, a soccer game, GUN, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.

    You read right, GTA San Andreas 2. This is basically the holy grail of gaming, right? No, I decide to check it out, paying the ridiculous price, and I play it. This was really weird, to say the least. It was basically a retexture of the original game, and the streets were green, and CJ started in a green T-shirt and with an afro. When I stand up, I go to my hotel room and start my gameboy, as I had nothing better to do. About half an hour later, I notice these massive sores on my legs, I was rather horrified, and decide to meet a doctor, this guy was nice enough, he told me they were mosquito bites, and told me they'd go away in a few days.

    It went on like this for 7 rather hellish days.
    I can tell you that I've never been so relieved to come back home.

    Anyway, ever since then, I've had a weird lump under my skin, I don't know what this is, but it's purple, and it feels really strange to the touch. (Like there's a strangely shaped pebble under there.)

    I guess that a trip to Turkey can be either great, or horrible, my experience was the latter.

    Oh, and I probably should mention that there was a suicide attack on the neighborhood a week after I left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Doran/100000584164074 Adam Doran

    watch out for ghetto hotels if you try and step on their cockroaches they will step on you back

  • http://twitter.com/MegaCDcollector Tim Stoddard

    Wow, you had a really tough and great day…I would love to go to E3 if I had a chance to go to America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wiegeabo-Kilijabob/100000074745693 Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    Clarion Hotel off the list? Check.

    God, what a horrible place. Some of that bad service could be attributed to being jampacked and overloaded by E3, but the air conditioner. WTF?!

    And it just hit me when you put the camera back on the bed. It happened. It actually happened.

    We all just spooned with Spoony.

  • http://twitter.com/Murder_bunny A Edwards-Daugherty

    When I lived in the dregs of small-town-no-one's-seen-a-foreigner-except-on-TV South Korea, it had showers much like yours. Dribbling cool water. No A/C. And man-sized cockroaches lurking in the shadows.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    wow guys, what happens at E3 stays at at Eh boys?

    still as hotels go, i've seen and slept in worse.

  • byronvisiado09

    are guys blazed? haha

  • byronvisiado09

    are guys high when u did this? haha

  • Carparama

    LOL @ “It feels like 9/11…”

  • http://twitter.com/KebabKastike Mikko Liimatainen

    Fallout New Vegas isn't really made by Bethesda. It's made by Obsidian entertainment. Supposedly it's founding members are from Black Isle, guys who made the original Fallouts.

  • mcninja

    Most of the hotels I've stayed at have been decent enough, but there was one time a water pipe broke right above our room and it started dripping on my sister. My parents were not pleased, to say the least.

    Pizza Hut must be backed up as all hell for it to take over an hour to get pizza to you. Maybe they get lost in the twists and turns of the labyrinth that is your hotel? Or has time slowed down inside of the Hut of Pizza?

  • notyoursavior78

    “Oh wow that's like right next door. We should get it to you fast, about a hour and a half.”

    I laughed soooo loud there. I was wondering why you hadn't done any updates until today. Obviously having no internet was a major detriment to that. I also loved the elevator that did a evil laugh at you :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/DomonKasshu Allen Arroyo

    You really believe that in only two years of development they would have some brand spanking new Fallout game? that is a short time to really make a huge jump especially on Bethesda time. It's also the same case with alot of the sequels you mentioned, using the same resources, and engines. development time is faster but you sacrifice the amount of gameplay changes you can offer. I can see where you are coming from though, you would like to each installment to be radically different but you are gonna have to wait a good awhile to see that happen. I prefer quicker episodic content, I don't like waiting four,five,six+ years at a time but good results come at that end of that cycle, but I also agree pricing should reflect when less time is spent developing and sequel is using the same resources, but it is all about making money in the end so it won't in most cases.

  • Alpha_Ryvius

    Spoony, sorry to hear about your horror hotel experience but trust me there are worse hotels out there. Business trips can show you a side of the hotel industry that you can't even think possible. In regards to the weak ass water pressure. Some hotels put some kind of plate/plug in there showerheads to reduce the watter flow. Thus causing weak water pressure, making guests take quick showers, thus savinig some cash on water expenses. Should you ever run into this situation again try unscrewing the showerhead and see if it has the plate/plug and remove it, if not you can always bring in your own showerhead next time.

  • mrcroftlover

    Spoony could spoon me in dirty places…catch my drift.

  • ShadeFawks

    oh no, he's going to make spooning with spoony 3 :O RUN JOE RUN!

    on another note, I thought I had bad luck with hotels in the past o.o; you pretty much beat out any stories I have for bad places ever.

  • http://twitter.com/LucasChad Lucas Allen

    Even I can't help but reference 1408, and that's a new classic!

  • Vinny1138

    ehhh, Hey Spoony, don't feel too terribly bad, I've had some REALLY horrible hotel experiences myself. At least it looks nice where you were.

    Hope that pizza settled things down. I don't know if your fond of Pizza hut or not, but I certainly like it a lot better than Dominos.

  • http://twitter.com/Nanikure ファウラー ピート

    WTF Spoony, when you were talking about how Joe actually tried to turn on the AC with the TV, I fell off of my chair and hit my head on my desk. Jerk. =(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vincent-Kresse/100000039787473 Vincent Kresse

    this is the most P.O.S hotel i've ever scene.

    20 bucks for internet.
    Cheap E3 bastards

    YOU'VE TO HELL!!! aka Los Angeles

  • Sergeant_Shrapnel

    “Did you try the TV?”
    “…Did you try…the TV…?”

    I would have laughed my ASS off, no matter how pissed I was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colby-Phillips/100000029313058 Colby Phillips

    Okay, I can see where your point of view is coming from spoony, but I can guarantee you this is NOT a cheap knockoff off fallout 3.Yes, I will admit that obviously the dumb-ass at the demo or whatever didn't have a clue what he was talking about and deserved to get punched in the face, but don't take your anger out on the game. This game has harnessed a LOT of the strengths and repaired a lot of fallout 3's original weaknesses. Okay Im going to give you a fairly detailed version of what this guy should have said:
    Okay, with the previous main fallout games we've had some affiliation with the vault dwellers in relation of some variety, but this one starts you of in the middle of the desert shot down and buried in the desert. You start off after one of the TV robotic guardians (I don't know much just what I've researched as I'm 15) finds you and brings you back to the town of goodsprings out in the Mojave wasteland. Now the doctor there helps you set up your stats such as your special and tag skills in a different way than last time, with a Rorschach test, You know the ink blot test? Thats a quite bit different from the capital wastes already.
    Now this game includes a very 2 important old factions that came from the original fallout 1 & 2 which would be: The NCR, and the remnants of the mariposa base super mutants. You remember this two groups, badass mutants who actually had two brain cells to rub together and could get a spark, and the people who actually have remade a smaller scale government based on old ways of government pre-war.
    Now we also have a entirely new place to explore, the Mojave wasteland, which is close to a third large than the capital wasteland, I do believe. But New Vegas also brings back a older thing that we didn't see in the last game which would be the gambling system which can be found in the City of New Vegas.
    Now on to the weapons, okay, yes the number the dude gave you was accurate. There are approximately double the amount of weapons, now I do note that a LOT of these are probably nexus steals to some degree but however they have acknowledged and given thanks to modders who had given them this idea.There are a lot of interesting new features with the weapons systems and how they operate now. Melee weapons now have special attacks in VATS for more AP cost. Weapons that have bullets fed individually can now fire between loading animations. And as far as I have heard, the mods don't just stop at the guns, I've heard of mods affecting explosives, but that I'm not sure about.

    Now, a lot of us have heard about the new game-play effects, Karma has been downsized dramatically, while a new reputation system has been put into order that interchanges between towns so that the entire world doesn't love or hate you all at once. Now, Spoony, I have seen your Vlogs on fallotu 3 in the past and I must say that you had a point, thats why Bethesda challenged you with the new hardcore mode thats been added, Ammo has weight, Healing takes time, and Crippled limbs have to be treated by a doctor, or a specific item in your inventory, no more instant stimpak heal. Oh and there is a better armor system this time around. Certain armors are more vulnerable to certain things while others aren't for example, It s going to be hard as a bitch to take down a guy in power armor with a 10mm.
    Now, you had a big complaint with followers in the past which has now been countered with the Companion wheel which gives much more specific and logical orders to your followers.
    Lastly, the jokes. Okay, as a former fallout 1 & 2 player yourself, your probably likely to get a lot more running jokes from the first two that carry over into this game than I am, because I came in at fallout 3. There are likely to be references in there for the generation who got 1 & 2 and not just 3. You also get the general references in the pre-order packages like the carvan outfit and shotgun and the old vault 13 armor and 10mm
    Well its 12:30 at night, I hope this helps you understand the game a bit better, Spoony, and I hope you'll play it. This was fueled by two and a half cans of mtn dew whiteout. By the way I am not a employee of bethesda just a guy who loves the game.

  • http://www.boredomsedge.com ObieWanCoyote

    If it makes you feel any better, I don't know where I'd be right now without your videos. A lot of crap's gone belly up over the past few years. Your videos hearken unto happier times around the card tables… add in a sound effects from Bill and other table players and we'd have pure refined awesome.

    So I pose a question, does Spoony or anybody on the site think the older Fallout games are worthwhile to play at this point?

  • Masamune

    Colby Phillips is right!! you shouldent judge a book by its cover! that aside i really liked this video. like a home movie, makes me feel like im there with you guys. Well done!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=693521900 Justin Sohn

    Thanks so much for the heads up Spoony! I'm going to AX during the 4rth of July and I now plan to stay far away from the Clarion.

  • http://vimeo.com/12263163 OsidiustheEmphatic

    Haha, that was hilarious. I’ve kept up with a lot of coverage from E3 and yours is already the best. Screwattack have done well, but they missed games like Shogun II, and even Fallout 3: New Vegas, which I was glad to hear your impression of. Looking forward to the rest.

  • http://itsumademo.livejournal.com Tri

    As someone who works in hotels for a living, that is some zombie-apocalypse shit right there. Seriously, what kind of broken-ass hotel has an entertainment center shoved up against their thermostat, making it inaccessible to guests. And THEN they make guests play Where's-My-Ass, trying to find the fucking thing?

    Jesus christ. Please tell me that you demanded SOME kind of money back.

  • Redbob86

    I had some bad hotel experiences myself. The worst one I can remember was coincidentially enough in LA as well, lol. The window in our motel was broken. I don't mean the glass was shattered or anything, I meant that the window was completely and utterly stuck open. The hinges were bad, and it was either sleep tonight with it open or risk breaking the whole window and end up paying for it. Me and my family thought we were going to be eaten alive by mosquitos. See I'm from the midwest, and you DO NOT leave an unscreened window open during the summer if you value a night of itch-free sleep. What we learned though was that LA does not have a big bug problem, atleast not during that current time of the season. Thank God for that.

    And as for the inspiration, you and the guys at TGWTG have done wonders for me. I've had a rough year since I graduated from college, and so far have been unable to find any decent work. I spent 7 months unemployed, doing any odd job I could to make money. Assist neighbors and family members for a little cash, substitute teach, Salvation Army, whatever I could find. Then finally I got a full-time job in the first week of this year as a security guard. The pay was garbage, the work was terrible, and the hours were from 3PM-11PM, pretty much guaranteeing that I would rarely ever get to see friends or family. I quit that job recently after finding a new one, but it only pays a little more and it's the same bad hours.

    Ontop of that, it's a janitor job. I busted my ass off for four years at Purdue University, made the Dean's List, got good grades, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. And what was my reward? I became a fucking janitor. When I was younger, I was told I had to go to college to avoid this EXACT SAME JOB, and I ended up with it anyway. I'm still trying to find better work, but the job market still stinks right now, and the only jobs I have been able to get in the last year are the ones nobody else wants to do.

    You, Joe, Jason, and all the others have done more than you will ever realize. On some days I feel just so shitty, that the only thing that gets me through the day are the memories I have where all of you had made me laugh. After a bad day of work, I go to your shows and they cheer me up. You'd be surprised how a simple Insano line can give me the energy I need to do what I have to do. In my darkest of times, I can still pull from the sea of memories of all the times you've made me laugh.

    You are more than just reviewers, you enrich people's lives and put a smile on their faces. Thank you.

    Oh and Joe, my friend also owes you. He was so close to buying Alpha Protocol until your review warned him not to. So thanks for saving him $60!

  • http://itsumademo.livejournal.com Tri

    Also, that water pressure looks akin to an old man peeing on your head. Balls.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4YSBZUUEHNWES2GQOCBNDVKICQ ryan

    I doubt anyone especially spoony will read this (plus i pretty sure someone else might have already clarified this) but I work at a decent dominoes that's gets steady business and 7:00 to 8:00 is THE peak to peak hour. Now an hour and half delivery time is BS but 7:30 is a really bad time to call.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4YSBZUUEHNWES2GQOCBNDVKICQ ryan

    I doubt anyone especially spoony will read this (plus i pretty sure someone else might have already clarified this) but I work at a decent dominoes that's gets steady business and 7:00 to 8:00 is THE peak to peak hour. Now an hour and half delivery time is BS but 7:30 is a really bad time to call.

  • WilHiteWarrior

    lol spoony and joe are opposite extremes. Spoony is a lil too pessimistic and picky (sorry spoony) and Joe is just… way too optimistic. lol. imo anyway

  • http://twitter.com/libraryguy09 Evan Tarlton

    You guys are fucking awesome. I don't think you hear that enough. The entire TGWTG crew is comprised of people who are funny, talented, and (most importantly) incredibly nice. I'm sorry that you guys had such a hellish experience, but at least you had each other.

    … in all meanings of the term. So was there a little spoon, or did Joe and Justin decide to sleep with other?

    … I seem to keep putting innuendos in everything. I'll stop now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Coldberg Aleksandras Ševčenko

    I will NEVER get tired of watching spoony ramble about everyday life :D
    <3 spoony ramblings

  • http://www.facebook.com/nejcm Nejc Marčun

    The only thing i don't agree is the ps3 move kinect thing. i think sony had a lot more games to show than microsoft (the most had nintendo). And most of their games had move suport, for hardcore and casual gamers, while microsoft showed 6 kinect launch titles, for casual audience.
    But of course the line for kinect is going to be much longer, since it is a new technology and people wanna se if it works, while the move is basicly the same as wii controler.

  • Seitou

    This may be my favourite video of yours Spoony, and while I like the info on E3 I prefer the genral chatting and rambling, you, Joe and JewWario should just fuck around more often, it's gold :3
    Plus Angry Joe juxtaposed with you just calmly chating about stuff is fucking hilarious :D love your work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Elihn Annika Meyer

    Heh, yeah, bad hotel experiences.
    We all know them too well.

    Reminds me of a hotel I visitied in England. It was equal to yours.

    However, it's quite entertaining seeing you guys ramble over such things.

  • terminaldogma667

    Ah, Spoony, I'm sorry you had to go through that Hell. I see the Clarion hasn't upgraded their standards since my visit to E3. I feel your pain, dude…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Dziegelewski/1473586057 Tom Dziegelewski

    Maybe between the three of you, you could have spent more than 50 bucks on a room. You're in a crack motel. What were you expecting, Spoon?

  • linderooni

    E3 media guide? Looks just like a copy of Ad Age, no kidding. And did you say you were going to wear a WINE shirt? Awesome! My husband is involved with them—love 'em!

  • http://twitter.com/Hubbe128 Hubbe King

    That hotel sounds like a hotel I once visited in Turku, Finland… Omena Hotelli.

    Right down to the creaky elevator and the nonexistant internet… And that place was also compleatly unmanned. Staffed by keypads and security cams. I hate that place.

  • willharrison

    Spoony! One thing you should check on BRINK, if you haven't already, is the SMART feature. It basically lets you either vault over obstacles or slide under them, depending on which way you're facing. The opposite of what I hate in most FPSes, which is you get hung up on the smallest of knee-high protrusions from the ground, and sometimes you can't even jump over things you should be able to. Well, basically, from the trailers/demos I've seen, they've fixed that in BRINK, so I'd like to see that working. Also, I like the different approach with the deformed art style. Other than that, I agree, it doesn't look like anything terribly special.

  • MissAshley

    Awww. . .That would have rocked if the Dominoes guy saw you and said “Holy shit, you're Spoony! No charge, man! No charge!”

    Thanks for the video, gang. The presentation makes me feel like I'm in the room with you (for better or worse). :)

  • Rhesus

    No offense, but I can't stand that people leave the water running… Say 10 other people in the hotel were doing the exact same thing, no wonder there is no pressure…

    Also, whenever I've been travelling around (in Europe), Americans always hassle the hotels for their quality. You seem a little pampered. If you don't wanna miss out on the comfort of your own home, you aren't fit for travel….

    It's still a funny story the way you tell it.. And I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos.

  • http://twitter.com/newsblade Helder Silva

    After your Crystal Skull review, this is my favorite video.
    Seriously, you should travel around the world and make more Hotel reviews.

  • http://twitter.com/newsblade Helder Silva

    After your Crystal Skull review, this is my favorite video.
    Seriously, you should travel around the world and make more Hotel reviews.

  • Doomzorus

    Don't worry Sponny got the same experience this past February. I had taken a week of vacation to CUBA and had almost the same experience…Strange don't you think?

  • Strelnikov

    They fell for the “California convention hotel” fallacy, which is that people assume that the hotel nearest the convention hall is the nicest when in fact the place was built years before the convention center was built (the older the chain hotel/motel the worse they get) or the hotel is as old as the convention center but constantly in use so no repairs to the rooms can ever be made. It's all a gigantic scam between the hoteliers, the chamber of commerce, and the convention owners to cut the cabbies out that is so devious it makes “Chinatown” look like “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?”

    And yes I am a Californian.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colby-Phillips/100000029313058 Colby Phillips

    I think yuo should look into them slightly because there are probably a lot of reference to the first two in new vegas

  • http://twitter.com/Brandchan Brandi Swenson

    Look if a hotel considers it's a luxury hotel which the Clarion does, I'd give them a hard time about the quality of the room. It's a freaking “luxury hotel”! It's supposed to be nicer then home! If it were the Days Inn or a Super 8 I wouldn't be bothered so much. It is in the concept of you get what you pay for and if I'm are paying for luxury, I'd better get it.

  • http://zelriku.deviantart.com/ Sangii

    I love you so much right now. xD

  • frederick2

    Spoony, I have a place in LA, so I may need to find you at E3 next year. Or maybe you will be in town for Anime Expo… who knows… go Lakers :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Niklas-Olavi-Geno-Vesala/1582128739 Niklas Olavi Geno Vesala

    Thx for all the Great Videos!, and i loled so hard at this video. It's so Awesome!. Keep Up the Great work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ObieWanCoyote Christopher Lash

    Yea, I picked up FO3 just on Spoony and Scarlet's approval… hadn't actually heard to much of the series. Seeing as I haven't gotten through much of the original campaign I'm not in too big of a hurry. Just wondering, thanks for the response!

  • Destoroyaaaaaaaaah

    Your take on everything is always enjoyable,whether you love or hate something,you always have good reasons,I understand what your saying about Fallout new Vegas,and basically,its suffering the same as Halo ODST in a way,it should be downloadable content for a good price,but its a full retail game,thats not really altered majorly to even call it a new title necessarily,but heck,Im still gonna buy it,because its still gonna be a good game probably,and its more Fallout 3 basically,so why not,but if I ever wanted to hear someone elses opinion,itd be yours,because you always have good reasons to like or hate it,and I can agree with you either way.

  • sassamura

    Spoony you are a SISSY you don't know what kind of places marines have to spleep.

  • http://www.youtube.com/egxtra John K. Spencer

    Now, now…it's not entirely fair to harp on Spoony for THAT.
    I mean, not everyone can experience the Marine Corps experience (and assuming you and I have had our share, we can both vouch for). XD
    I did like Spoony's use of some military jargon, though, so props on that one!
    If you ever find yourself in Utah (doubt it, though), let me know, and I'll be happy to tell you of my personal experiences! :D
    FYI, I found out there's some two-day gaming convention in July.
    Just throwing that one out there… ;)

    In any case, thanks for the coverage. It was informative and entertaining, and I think that's one of the reasons we continue to watch your shows, as well as Joe and Justin's respective shows.
    Keep up the good work, man!

  • Masterblaster9001

    So Fallout New Vegas is Fallout 3 with different quests and some new weapons?

    Ah, it's like Fallout 2!

  • theryno665

    I know a girl who prefers to go by “Bob”, but she's weird. To be nice, she couldn't be a booth babe. She dates drag queens.


  • walmor

    putz grila…vocês foram à E3…para tomarem no cú! 5 paus por uma lata de coca…90 por internet banda-larga…se bem que, quanto a hotéis, já fiquei em piores. e com um chuveiro pior.

  • anonymous

    If you want people (and especially Spoony) to understand you, please use English)! I know, Brazilians are sometimes very ignorant in this regard, but ask yourself: What is the point of your post, if almost noone can understand you.

    And btw. it was not 90$, but 19,95$ for the internet – a big difference.

  • DeadCatsBounce

    Wow, that sucked. A Motel 6 would have been better.

  • melissia

    Also, not everyone is built to handle said experience. I can barely withstand camping out in my own backyard, nevermind the various places soldiers have to sleep; I certainly would be the first to say I'm wholly unsuitable for the job.

    Hotels like this really blow. My condolences to ya, Spoony!

  • Roiser1

    To me, E3 is just a boring session of videos and infos. I admit if I would live in US, I'd be very eager to see it. I live in Czech Republic (i wouldn't be surprised if someone doesn't know where it is) and nothing interesting about gaming happens here. NOTHING. So I decided to watch at least Spoony's materials from E3 and it's great. I finally got inetersted in SW TOR.
    Also, you mentioned that you met people, that recognize you or even started to be interested in journalism. That's actually my case too :-). After watching severl vids I said” Hey, I'm into gaming, I don't have problem with writing, so why not to try it?” And now I write for one of the biggest sites about Xbox360 her in Czech R. :-) So thx for the infos, reviews etc, keep up the good work!

  • tiggerpete

    holy crap, I think I stayed there last summer, its near LAX right? I left my Ambush Bug Showcase there by accident and couldn't get it without missing my flight. that place was horrible.

  • Wilbert Gyllenhal

    Great video ! It will all become great memories for you guy. As for fans recognizing you three, I wouldn't be surprised. Your videos indeed mean a lot to many of us around the world. It's all about sharing experiences !

  • iressivor

    Great stuff Spoony. This just goes to show you how much your fan base has grown. Never take yourself for granted!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caleb-Moshier/1271016728 Caleb Moshier

    Oh come on Joe! Don't eat pizza on the bed! What are you thinking!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Freddy-Duran/100000817426762 Freddy Duran

    wait who ened up spooning with sponny?

  • Harsha018

    You know, they have an overhaul mod out for Fallout 3 called FOOK2. It's basically a mod that doubles (possibly triples) the amount of weapons/armor/clothing in vanilla and is compatible with every expansion pack Bethesda has thrown out so far.

    So from what you've said so far and from what I've heard, Fallout New Vegas is essentially just another expansion pack with a new city, and possibly repackaged into a new game retailing at $60. Oh joy.

    You know what Bethesda really needs to do? Work on the story and writing! Part of what made Fallout 2 and 1 so great was the dialogue and storyline and how it impacted the endings which were completely different from each other depending on what you did. I know Spoony complained about it in his Fallout 3 review, and I'm pretty sure I complained about it long before he even finished the game.

    btw, lol Spoony. Its pretty obvious that you do not travel internationally all that often. I've stayed at hotels in India with lizard infestations all over the place (in their culture, its apparently not that big of a deal for lizards to be everywhere). I also had a lizard fall on my head, have had no wi-fi, air conditioning, or english-speaking television for 3 months because the only thing that played on tv was boring Indian soap operas. Despite all this though, there's probably people out there who've had far worse than me.

    Although I do understand where you're coming from since you, after all, paid for a hotel room which promised wi-fi and didn't deliver. Sorry for your loss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Manofmanycoats Robert Cousineau

    I will admit, many americans are ignorant bastards that are too pampered. I only expect the basics out of a hotel. A working shower and a comfortable bed.

    Spoonys complaints were all actually valid. The Clarion says its a luxury hotel, instead its a smelly, ant infested shithole with no internet (That they promised with the room), showers that apparently don't work that well, and staff that can spare time to visit rooms and wait three minutes to handle a problem but can't remember to turn on a fucking phone line.

    Seriously, these are all problems that can be fixed quickly. Febreeze the shit out of the halls, exchange the staff for higher quality mexicans, fix the water heater or install another one; whichever that case may be.

  • Rhesus

    Agreed, if you pay for luxury, you should expect better. I usually stay in hostels, but I'm still sometimes positively surprised by their quality. I expect a lot less, I suppose… But if there's a bed and a moderately working shower (heat optional) I'm good.

    Don't know at what time the events at E3 stopped, but usually when you're out somewhere, you never really spend any time in the room anyway. Except for changing clothes and sleeping.

    Well, all things aside, complaining is basically their job, and they do it in a fun manner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Claes-Forsman/100000692894869 Claes Forsman

    Fallout: New Vegas is developed by Obsidian not Bethesda and the people he was talking to were from Bethesda, so of course they no clue what's in the game. And it was not 2 years more like 1 year as they started development in the middle of last year.

  • Kharthulu

    Your review on tripadvisor was hilarious. Either that or somebody wrote it for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1186272136 Brendan Morland

    I, too, noticed the tripadvisor review.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    i'd buy New Vegas just to see what the fallout modding community can do with it. If it's anything like Fallout 3 the mods for it will be amazing.

  • bruderseth

    which one of you is Soxfan99? :D

    the whole story in written:


  • http://twitter.com/pavy_phatsana Pavy Phatsana

    OMG the fourth time lol … it gonna be arkward as hell as always lol !

  • http://twitter.com/pavy_phatsana Pavy Phatsana

    Guess will know soon enough lol

  • http://twitter.com/thereals0beit Andrew YouDontKnow


  • Isolder74

    The stupid hotel needs to die it looks like. I hope that you demanded your money back after that disaster. I've never heard of hotel service that bad before.

    How is it even make any sense that it takes an hour and a half to get a pizza? I could make you one from scratch, and better, faster then that.

    It's official LA is the worst place to hold any convention, period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Omnikus-Schlotter/100000373849732 Omnikus Schlotter

    Speaking of YOR posters, what the F is up with this:



  • mrwednesdaynight

    The place he stayed was in downtown. But I know the place you are talking about near LAX. Horrible to say the least.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Justjay7 Jason Brierley

    Faulty Towers much? Have fun you guys!

    Click some Ad's, it only takes a min and you might even find something you like!
    It's worth it to keep Spoony bringing such quality entertainment!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isaiah-Craig/1730230146 Isaiah Craig

    Warhammer Space Marine= Spoony approves= instant buy!!!

  • saint23thomas

    See, this is what happens when nobody in the party devotes points to their Appraise skill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Misha-Zhuykov/1832095024 Misha Zhuykov

    I think you're way off on Fallout New Vegas. That's like saying Fallout 2 is the same game as Fallout 1. Sure, they run on the same engine, but when you consider the Fallout New Vegas offers new game mechanics, a new world (that's pretty much the size of, if not bigger than, Fallout 3), a gigantic main quest, and is pretty much a totally new game.

    Just because it shares an engine with the original means nothing, and if you're going to bitch about it using the same engine, then you may as well not even request sequels, and just request new games, because there's a reason people make sequels; BECAUSE THEY LIKED THE FIRST GAME.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Misha-Zhuykov/1832095024 Misha Zhuykov

    What made Fallout 1 and 2 was so great was the dialogue and storyline? Oh please, Fallout 1 and 2 were mediocre at best. It's a lot like Morrowind, they were good RPG's, but they were not good games, in the sense that, to win the game, all you needed was the power armor and plasma rifle, and you were unstoppable. To cope with this in Fallout 2, they basically added the Enclave, who gangrape you with numbers and plasma rifles, and it turned the game into a repetition of Stimpack, Plasma Rifle, Stimpack, Plasma Rifle, Reload, Stimpack, Plasma Rifle, etc. At least Bethesda has been making fun games. Recently, anyway.

  • Harsha018

    You say that F1 and F2 had mediocre dialogue and story, but then you go on describing how faulty the game mechanics were. It really has nothing at all to do with gameplay. In fact, I'd say I prefer Fallout 3's first person shooter take on it rather than the old turn-based system thats a lot slower.

    What depresses me about Fallout 3 is that they took out all of the elements that made F1 and F2 fun as an experience. Becoming a porn star for example or the fact that there were many endings to the game (which was promised in F3 and didn't deliver.) Unlike in Fallout 2, none of your actions in F3 seemed to have any lasting impact on the world you were in.

    If they somehow fixed that problem in New Vegas, then great. I'll buy it then. But seeing the kinds of games that Beth has been putting out lately, I really doubt they would even bother to be honest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Misha-Zhuykov/1832095024 Misha Zhuykov

    Except for F1 and F2, half the endings were broken, and weren't “endings” as much as slideshows of all the stuff you've done, like in F3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ninna.h.jensen Ninna Herthe Post Jensen

    I was really depresed today and then a friend of mine links this too me
    thanks for helping me cheer up^^
    you have a funny way to bitch about things

    Thanks again and good evening (it is proberly night over in the US now but what ever xP )

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ben-Treece/100001197102092 Ben Treece

    he meet Bob Suicide, that is the Bob he was talking about im sad, she part of Suicide Girls and she is my favorite, but suck about all that shit you guys want though

  • rewind83709

    I am so glad somethimes that i dont do what you guys do. I just love this, just you and your friends bitching about getting screwed, something we can all relate to.

  • http://twitter.com/MajorKerina Sarah Jody

    This is among my favorite vlogs you've ever done.

    I would gleefully watch a series with you and various guests entitled “Hotels from Hell” where you go around and decry the worst hotels anyone has ever seen. But that's probably too much torture for anyone.

  • http://twitter.com/MajorKerina Sarah Jody

    This is among my favorite vlogs you’ve ever done.

    I would gleefully watch a series with you and various guests entitled “Hotels from Hell” where you go around and decry the worst hotels anyone has ever seen. But that’s probably too much torture for anyone.

  • randommomentofdumbchick

    YEAH convention centers will sodomize you for conveniences your used to paying NORMAL prices.

  • http://www.marmarishotelsites.com Marmaris Hotels Turkey

    haha this is funny….thanks for the advice not to go to that hotel. i guess its so disappointing that you guys have to video this and put it in the blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Middleton/999994085 Brett Middleton

    If I was a movie director I would call this clip “The Suffering” instead of “The Quickening” haha spoony, the pain you go through to give us these great clips, you are a god Spoony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Middleton/999994085 Brett Middleton

    If I was a movie director I would call this clip “The Suffering” instead of “The Quickening” haha spoony, the pain you go through to give us these great clips, you are a god Spoony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Middleton/999994085 Brett Middleton

    If I was a movie director I would call this clip “The Suffering” instead of “The Quickening” haha spoony, the pain you go through to give us these great clips, you are a god Spoony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brett-Middleton/999994085 Brett Middleton

    If I was a movie director I would call this clip “The Suffering” instead of “The Quickening” haha spoony, the pain you go through to give us these great clips, you are a god Spoony.

  • http://twitter.com/KennethTanRZ Kenneth Tan

    I see the advent of a new show: Starring Spoony, Angry Joe and JewWario. ‘Hotel Nightmares’ – They stay at the worst hotels so you don’t have to.

  • http://twitter.com/KennethTanRZ Kenneth Tan

    I see the advent of a new show: Starring Spoony, Angry Joe and JewWario. ‘Hotel Nightmares’ – They stay at the worst hotels so you don’t have to.

  • http://twitter.com/NateCarlson47 Nathan

    Certainly it’s better than living with your parents you shithead

  • Anonymous

    dude i was visiting my fam, in LA and i was 5 blocks away at the time…FUCK…oh well

  • Anonymous

    dude i was visiting my fam, in LA and i was 5 blocks away at the time…FUCK…oh well

  • Anonymous

    dude i was visiting my fam, in LA and i was 5 blocks away at the time…FUCK…oh well

  • Anonymous

    I’m kinda curious if you guys ever got your room comp, and who had to spoon with Spoony?

  • Anonymous

    I’m kinda curious if you guys ever got your room comp, and who had to spoon with Spoony?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Tinsley/100001663743876 Joe Tinsley

    This hotel sounds like the american version of fawlty towers :p.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Tinsley/100001663743876 Joe Tinsley

    This hotel sounds like the american version of fawlty towers :p.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Tinsley/100001663743876 Joe Tinsley

    This hotel sounds like the american version of fawlty towers :p.

  • Connor Jordan

    When I first saw Space Marine, I was sooo psyched. But it was really disappointing

  • Anonymous

    Hello America, I am not being ignorant now, rather you are, going to be, at what I write now: Have you heard about this thing called Energy? and Energy (with capital E) is not eternal, I repeat, eternal. A wise thing to do: Use it wisely, I know it is not a part of your culture or upbringing. Here’s another thing: There is a limited supply of oil on planet Earth, and one of the reasons gas prizes raises, is to do about 2 things: Make people use other kind of elaborate transport that uses electricity, or make people want to use electric cars > supply and demand > companies study how to effectively use energy/electricity because of supply and demand > brighter future. Don’t take it litterally: I went to school.

    I might be ignorant to when it comes to the huge distances people have to travel in the US just to buy groceries, it’s weird though… train thought about the American Dream passed…

    Maybe this is just a remarkable case, but when my old man was in the US to study, he was in a room, where the radiators was on maximum, and they could’nt turn them down. So they had to open all windows just to be able to be in the room half naked… this reminds me of a Futurama episode, god I love that show, I can heartly imagine that show is made in the US, it is the direct opposite, already in 1999 they knew America would NOT be futuristic (refering to how the US is present date compared to the rest of the world)

    I know this is beating a dead horse, but pulling up “We won the WW2 for ya” is getting old, and no one fucking cares. Sorry I’m speaking to the US as general, don’t take this personal.

    One last thing, have you ever checked the OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBUS?! Big shocker! America is not the only continent.

    (I’m excited to see all the dimwits who’s going to reply this)

    If you consider yourself a respectful and not categorizing yourself an ignorant, then stop acting that way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003205540595 Rowan J Coleman

    You know Spoony you are a fucking fantastic story teller.

  • IHeart28

    *shiver* I can’t believe hotels like that exists. Well at least we have good old spoony here warning us never to go to places like that

  • Kendotuxedo

    This is one of the funniest videos on the site. One of my favorites I keep coming back to.
    I was even hoping Spoony would upload it to his youtube page when he briefly returned.

  • Mavros St. John

    Spoony: Game Critic
    Story Teller
    Handsom Nerd
    and all around fantastic guy…keep on going, dude!

    • VonSarno

      and he pays for pizza

  • fireball3477

    Meh, anyone still knows a site that has this video? Guess the hotel wasn’t that amused ;D

  • Ian K

    RIP Justin

  • B N

    You’ll be missed, you fantastic Jew.

  • Bren Thoreson

    wow before we knew kinnect SUCKED.

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