E3 2011 – Final Fantasy XIII-2

The Spoony One | Jun 14 2011 | 

Seriously. What. Is With. The Moogle? WHAT IN THE FUCK.

A MOOGLE? A moogle. REALLY? Really. Really.

You added a moogle into the game. How completely goddamn out of place is a fucking moogle in this fucking game? Why don’t you just ship the game with a dentist’s drill so I can bore into my fucking molars while playing the game, and my agony can be complete. Where the fuck do they get off putting a moogle in this game? I did NOT suffer through that piece of shit Final Fantasy XIII, sit back and think “Hm, that wasn’t very good, but you know what would have really won me over? A MOOGLE.”

Fuck moogles. Fuck their cutesy plush asses. I ever see a moogle, I’m beating it to death with a fucking pipe wrench. Talk about sabotaging your own dramatic storyline, the only thing that could distract and annoy you more would be if someone were shining a laser pointer into your retina while someone carefully plucks your scrote-hairs out with rusty pliers.