Interlocking With Insano

The Spoony One | Aug 20 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Something very, very wrong happened at ConBravo between Doctor Insano and one his his many archnemeses, Doctor Holocaust & Captain Awesome.

Be sure to check out Dr. Holocaust’s YouTube channel and his website!

  • Loveshack

    First! of all… Great video, Spoony! Dr. Insano videos are always money, and they don’t even know it. So far, you’ve done a good job of riding the fine line between Death from “Sandman” levels of exposure, wherein the audience is always left wanting more, and Wolverine levels of exposure, where people are tired of the character no matter how cool he was initially just because of sheer overexposure. Keep up the good work!

  • Artur Radomyski

    Next one should be called “Arking with Noah”.

  • Jesse Vaillancourt

    I’ve created roofies… WITH SCIENCE!!!

  • Hitokiri Akins

    Oh gosh, a new “Spooning with Spoony” video. These are extremely disturbing, but in a hilarious manner.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    hahah awesome

    • Adam Stackenland

      Boom baby!

  • Bogdan Serban

    Good for him! It just shows that even evil shut-ins deserve a little love sometimes, even if that love is disturbing and probably illegal in many parts of the world.

  • Tycho Shiel

    Hahahaaaa hilarious! I want a “SCIENCED!” shirt now. Still need my “Spooned” shirt. Keep it up!

  • Dat Dude

    Come on Doctor molesting the heros isn’t cool :P

  • sbkMulletMan

    I’ve got such a raging Science right now!

    • Salen Stormwing

      Well, that’s going to happen after studying the Big Bang theory with a Large Hadron between your legs.

  • Aileen Mason

    when I saw this in the good Doctor’s YouTube channel, I trumpeted out a hurrah! People had been clamoring for a crossover with Insano in his comments, but who would have guessed it would happen?

    • OWSR

      Strange when ‘I’ was reading the comments on his video, a lot of the responses were along the lines of ‘who’s this guy? I refuse to watch his videos!!! Why you crossover with people I don’t know!?’

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Wow. Never thought I would see a revival of THIS series. Still great work. I always love watching these vids. I laughed so hard at the post-it notes with scienced written on them.

    • neeners85

      I want a t-shirt that says “Scienced” like the shirts that say “Spooned” :-D

  • Maria White

    What is that I hear? It is the squealing of a thousand fangirls….
    And I think I like it.

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      Oh my God. How did you HEAR me? XD

  • Graham Sadler

    is it just me or is the sound a little out of sync while insano is talking?

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    Count on Spoony to know what kind of humor pleases his fangirls the most; the same kind that works for LittleKuriboh.

  • Evan T. Stanley

    That was fucking awesome!

  • Lucas Allen

    Heroes Beware!!! Insano will interlock you…with SCIENCE!!!

  • MechaVelma

    Awesome. Insano could polish my diffuser plates anyday. Just not the green one.

  • Jonathan Belina

    That is epic & disgusting

  • Jonathan Belina

    Love the Dr. Insano’s jacket! That new?

    • OWSR

      Actually I’m pretty sure that’s Dr. Holocaust’s jacket~

  • zeromaster

    Now I need to see one with Dr. R from WizWar100’s show

  • SeiferTV

    No Hadron Collider jokes?

  • Daemian_Lucifer

    My science enjoys this so much that I think I may have a nerdgasm!And afterwards,an orgasm.

  • Tim Edgren

    OMG IT’S THE RETURN OF SPOONING WITH SPOONY. I thought these were over but here it comes once more only with Insano….which makes it even creepier…

  • godmars

    No one is safe from the deep throbbing probe of science!

  • Discordius Erisianus

    Too bad we don’t see Capn’OAwesome in the video.

  • Daniel de Groot

    by god, honestly, i know you wont read this anyway but realy? resident evil series is a bad games? has bad controls? true granted that camera angles back then in ’94 where kinda sucky. but let me spill something up for you “noah antwiler”

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    .4 the merchandise branch is so fucking big around resident evil that there even is a umbrella-con hosted in eastern europe every year attracting more then 15 and i repeat 15.000 people globaly.
    .5 fan art alone on deviant art is hardly even trackable around resident evil. the characters, the scene, good guys vs bad guys.everything. kos play is huuuuge around it.
    .6 the story of resident evil is more exciting then any early pussy game like tomb raider (and i am willing to bet you like that) or any other sucky game back then like adventure island or something. fucking battle arena thosiden.
    7 capcom them self said that resident evil is so good it passed their succes of their street feigther branch.

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    never in my fucking live did i ever see one of you pussy’s (with exception of angry joe) review even 1 resident evil series. for a critic that has the punch line “because bad games and movies deserve it” titling resident evil as “bad” i would say you pretty much fucked up there bro.

    so next time you make a remark like that be sure you show some fucking intrest in both the game and the branch and the fucking story instead of playing it with control in one hand, cocktail in the other trying to get this over with wile thinking of if you would score pussy if you would have been going out rather then staying at home playing games.

    if not then you can suck my ****.


    • Rhesus

      Eh… Why are you making this comment on a video with dr. insano?

      And what exactly did spoony say to piss you off like that?

      I mean… seriously. You just made a page-long rant about how much you love resident evil.

      So what if Spoony said something bad about the 1 game you apparently devoted your life to worship, maybe get over it?

      • calamity_m

        Maybe Insano forgot to use the vegetable oil with him: sooooo much butt-hurt!

    • Aaron B.

      You wrote all that text and expect someone to read it?
      LOLOLOLOLOL get a girlfriend (or boyfriend)

  • PrismaLin

    Someone needs to buy spoony a new pair of goggles. Things are getting old. But still! awesome video. I fan girled just a tad :3

    • Riku Himawari

      Probably a dude.

      • PrismaLin

        or not :P Girls do live on the internet too.

        • Andreas Törnqvist

          Only as hermit sasquatches living in the dark, cold caves of the Himalayas. They are rarely seen and very valued for their skin. So I don’t believe you.

          • calamity_m

            Orly? Clearly you’ve never been on the forums of TSE; female geeks are quite prevailent around here. :p

          • Andreas Törnqvist

            Calm downsies, it was of course a joke.

          • Andreas Törnqvist


  • Troy Austin

    did anybody else notice the vegetable oil on the bedside table?

    • theshamster

      Yup! Insano obviously likes to find new ways to ‘lube up’

  • Rebecca Little

    Of course the whole video gave me a chuckle (twice), but I want to specifically point out that I really liked the music.

  • TheTechno Wolf

    Aaah ! I wanted to see this since I first saw the rejected SwS ideas. Great job !

  • Norrikan

    Awesome, this brings back many fond memories. It’s curious that the good doctor has the same animal magnetism as his counterpart/alter ego/whatever.

  • Okanehira

    Doctor Holocaust – who?
    Captain Awesome – who?

    • theshamster

      Doctor Holocaust met Insano and Chester A Bum at a comic con in Canada, last year (I think)

  • theshamster

    I wish I could meet Spoony (when he’s dressed as Dr Insano) at a con; I’d go dressed in similar ‘mad scientist’ garb, and I’d introduce myself as “Dr nutto” and tell Insano if he remembers me from “super science university” where we both played a prank on the now superhero “Dr Strange” who was also studying there, and turned his penis into a duck; I’d then add the punchline ‘everyone kept calling him a “Quack” for the rest of the year! hahaha!’

    You get it? Quack, as in fraud, and also because his (Dr Strange’s ) willy is now a duck…that quacks!!

    Shame I live in Perth, Australia, so perhaps someone else can do this instead?

  • Clay Blanchard

    That was better then spooning with spoony haha. We need more of these haha

  • Paticus Pat

    Holocaust already had a note on him, and when Insano went to put one on him, it was gone. SCIENCE!

    • Jerry Forbe

      There is no continuity, only Insano.

  • yamina-chan

    A parody of your own content, that is in a way equally hillarious and creepy (cue music)… I don’t think I’ve ever seen something of similar nature *laughs*
    Who would have thought that this one little random idea would get a sequell which in turn get’s it’s own…spin-off XD (Not to forget the rest of the “series” and the “tributes” XD)
    But I suppose this particular one was still missing *laughs*

    • Christopher Smith

      “gets its” jeez

  • IHeart28

    This fangirl is most pleased! WHOO!

    Hey who says Spoony can have all the action?! Why not Insano too? After all he does have powers of seduction…. And SCIENCE! This was so epic, I love Insano so much!

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      I do too!! :D

  • Jenny Creed

    I’d have called it Docking Intimately with Doctor Insano. . .

  • Guus van Voorst

    Insano doesn’t do things half-way, does he?… XD
    Now his arch-nemeses wouldn’t even want to be near him again…

  • Michael G

    So, Spooning with Spoony 2, re scripted for Dr. Insano?

  • meltdown2insanity

    So, that’s why Insano always has an O-face when he shouts “SCIENCE!”

  • rudy023

    I was wondering what Insano had been up to. & the answer is cleaning out the test tubes.

  • goodguya

    I think the one thing I really didn’t like about this was the fact that it wasn’t one continuous shot (interlaced with reaction shots). That’s a staple of the Spooning with Spoony series, man! Now it just feels like a realyl disjointed skit instead of something… Interlocked ;) It was fun to see nonetheless.

  • Henry Walsh


  • L1nk1

    Why the fuck did blip start to play next video? What is this backwards progress again?

  • Matt Browning

    A little… underwhelming compared to the first two. I expected a bit more out of Insano, and the sketch in general. Perhaps it was just too short? Perhaps it’s that it’s scripted? I don’t know. Maybe it’s getting old. I sure hope not, I loved the Spooning with Spoony episodes. Ah well, enjoyable nonetheless, just somehow less so. I can’t put my finger on it.

  • dennett316

    Intercourse with Insano? Is that not a better name for this? Perhaps Interlocking sounds more sciency.

    • Michael Ens

      Surely it should be “Insertion with Insano”.

      • dennett316

        Yep, that’s even better.

  • Dylan

    Why not “Intercourse with Insano”? Come on, that’s a perfect pun!

    • Gregory Bogosian

      That is a little bit too on the nose.

  • saint23thomas

    This new video player is really annoying.

  • NotThatKindOfThief

    No, dear god, no.
    *watches again*

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      oh but YESSSSSSS

  • theshamster

    Check out this cool picture of Dr Insano I found on deviantart
    And as Insano would say “Now, every child in the world will know they can never escape the clutches of SCIENCE!” (and he starts laughing madly, with Dr Smith joining in)

  • valou999

    I would’ve called this “Inserting with Insano”…

    • Jonathan Belina

      Why? Interlocking is closer in meaning to spooning

      • valou999

        I know, but inserting sounds closer to Insano so it rolls of the tongue better. And inserting because, um, well I don’t think I need to draw you a picture… Anyway, that’s just something I said in good fun, wasn’t dissing or anything.

  • That_guy_from_Faxanadu

    Gasp! And when I thought this spin off couldn´t go any further after the one Oancitizen wrote… it brought me joy.

  • Nika Kalantar

    Scienced! :D

  • Heather Solomon

    So wrong… is THIS what has become of Spooning with Spoony? :O

  • WilHiteWarrior

    Ew lol
    What did Captain Awesome say at the end though? I couldnt understand him

  • Joe Hall

    Well I havent laughed that hard in quite some time, well done and holy jesus that was hilarious!

  • cajaquarius

    I am guessing Doctor Holocaust won’t be going to any conventions in Germany.

  • Sam Lewis

    Talk about “experimenting”

  • Kenny Carriere

    I should not be finding these as funny as I do, but damn if I can’t stop laughing right now.

  • Radosław Hołdys

    It felt like a really bizzared re-run of Spooning with Spoony part 2

  • Rpground

    i cannot wait for the commentary track to come out for this one :D

  • Jeff Pitts

    good lord.

    this is the hottest thing I’ve seen in months.

    • gallowsCalibrator413

      Same here! <3

  • George McMullen

    I suddenly feel the need to do Science… and get scienced ;D

  • Christopher M. Clay

    I would have thought this would be called “Playing Doctor with Dr. Insano”.

    • Daniel Tilson

      But then it wouldn’t have been like “Spooning with Spoony”

  • Christopher Shanahan

    Don’t ever stop Spoony.

  • Carrie-ann Hudghton

    funny as hell. I loved the Reactions off both those guys.

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    I see you are having the same trouble with the Goggles that I am. I’ve sent a request to Elope asking them to sell replacement lens sets. Maybe even in pairs for 3D and similar situations along with simply replacing ones that have lost their holograms.

    The Spooning continues even if the competition does end up Silenced!

  • Naomi S

    ooooo so creepy

  • Das_Bass

    Sometimes you make me wonder, Spoony. ;p

  • Phillip Vaughn

    that was the best video ever! So Evil and sexy!

  • optimismprime

    The Spoony fan in me went *squee Insano content*
    Then i watched it and the nitpicky Nerd in me went “whaaat Is The MEANING OF THIS?! CONTINUITY ERROR ON THE DR. HOLOCAUST POST-ITs!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! ALL OF MY WHYS?!?!?!”

    Seriously though, great seeing the “alliteration aftermath” series come back, and you having fun with some non-TGWTG People doing a Crossover special thing. Also keep the countermonkeys comming. I realy like the stories and it makes me feel like you’re just a good friend sharing stories from the past *forever alone face*

  • Jerry Forbe

    SpoonyOne, why can’t I find this in your video list?

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