MAGFest 9 Photos in the gallery!

The Spoony One | Jan 30 2011 | 8 notations | 

My lovely, leggy webmistress has just finished putting all the photos I took from MAGFest 9 in the Gallery! There’s also a special set taken by the Critical Marine, who did a great job as our resident professional wartime correspondent and photographer. MAGFest Photos, Critical Marine’s Photos

MAGFest 9 – Spoony’s Stand-Up, Q&A

The Spoony One | Jan 19 2011 | 238 notations | 

Part 1: Stand-Up Act! Okay so I forgot one of the best punchlines in the routine, but not bad for a first try, eh? Part 2: Q&A

Paw’s MagFest 9: Shenanigans and Q&A!

The Spoony One | Jan 17 2011 | 41 notations | 

MagFest 9 was a blast for all of us. Ever wonder what kind of music we all listen to? Want to see Nash get his hair braided? Todd serenade his fans at the piano? Oh, and POWERGLOVE rocks our socks off. Special thanks to the Roadies! There will be a lot of footage from me…file continues…

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