SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Final Fantasy Unlimited

The Spoony One | Jun 27 2013 | 68 notations | 

My showcase panel of SGC begins with a riff of the little-known and little-watched Final Fantasy anime! It features chocobos, giant mushroom monsters, and an apartment building for ants. Take the last train to Wonderland! Sorry the audio isn’t very good. Not much I can do about it.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Q&A

The Spoony One | Jun 25 2013 | 86 notations | 

My SGC adventure kicks off with a Q&A panel in front of a crowd oddly obsessed with Final Fantasy (more so than usual, anyway). Honestly, things get saved from Square-Enix when the panel is crashed by one of the few people from my awesome past who doesn’t want to boldly punch me!

Counter Monkey – ConBravo 2012 – D20 Live

The Spoony One | Aug 26 2012 | 145 notations | 

[springboard type=”playlist” id=”3725″ player=”spnx001″ width=”720″ height=”405″ ] Big Mike from the 404s DMs a group at ConBravo consisting of Spoony, Linkara, Roo, and “Birdman” Mike Dodd. Spoony, naturally, dusts off his iconic bard character and proves once again he is the best swordsman in the world. Footage recorded by IXIstudios.

E3 2011 – XCOM

The Spoony One | Jun 16 2011 | 672 notations | 

The betrayal continues…

E3 2011 – Catherine, War of the Worlds

The Spoony One | Jun 16 2011 | 55 notations | 

This is great and all, Atlus, but when can we see Persona 5?

E3 2011 – Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Spoony One | Jun 16 2011 | 72 notations | 

It just looks like another bug hunt to me.

E3 2011 – Prototype 2, Saints Row the Third

The Spoony One | Jun 16 2011 | 64 notations | 

Two insane, city-wrecking sandbox games.