E3 2011 – Twisted Metal

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2011 | 30 notations | 

The devil is in all of you!! Twisted Metal is scheduled for release on the PS3, October 4th, 2011.

E3 2011 – Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2011 | 102 notations | 

Forgot to mention this one! Final Fantasy Versus XIII does not yet have a scheduled release date.

E3 2011 – The Rest of E3

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2011 | 90 notations | 

Time is always against me, and so I have to change formats a bit to get all the news from E3 done in time.

E3 2011 – Final Fantasy XIII-2

The Spoony One | Jun 14 2011 | 166 notations | 

Seriously. What. Is With. The Moogle? WHAT IN THE FUCK. A MOOGLE? A moogle. REALLY? Really. Really. You added a moogle into the game. How completely goddamn out of place is a fucking moogle in this fucking game? Why don’t you just ship the game with a dentist’s drill so I can bore into my…file continues…

E3 2011 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Spoony One | Jun 14 2011 | 48 notations | 

NOTE: During the interview, the wireless microphone picked up considerable interference. Because of this, I had to edit the interview heavily to make it watchable. I’m very sorry for the technical difficulties.

E3 2011 – Star Trek

The Spoony One | Jun 13 2011 | 76 notations | 

Paramount’s surprise announcement at E3 boldly goes where no series reboot has gone before!