E3 2011 – Bethesda (Skyrim, Prey 2)

The Spoony One | Jun 12 2011 | 124 notations | 

At last, I get to see the games I want to see! None of this motion control crap! Hardcore shootin’ and RPGs on the PC!

E3 2011 – Introduction & Nintendo’s Lineup! And the Wii U!

The Spoony One | Jun 12 2011 | 617 notations | 

In which Spoony comes unleashed on Nintendo. Again. Be merciful to the poor man. He never really recovered from Mario’s Time Machine. And for those of you seeking a more positive spin on the Wii U, look no farther than JewWario and the Psychotaku!

PAX East 2011 – Guild Wars 2

The Spoony One | Mar 19 2011 | 113 notations | 

Killer new footage of the Norn race and the guns-akimbo Thief! And with this, my PAX East coverage comes to an end. Special thanks to LordKaT for being an able cameraman and beast of burden.

PAX East 2011 – Mindless Shooters

The Spoony One | Mar 19 2011 | 33 notations | 

Bugs? Robots? Rogue flying geometric objects? ALL DESERVE DEATH.

PAX East 2011 – Vindictus

The Spoony One | Mar 19 2011 | 48 notations | 

I’d buy any game sold to me by a cute girl with a furry hat, but Vindictus is free-to-play! Sorry I couldn’t show you more of the gameplay of Vindictus. I couldn’t get much b-roll footage and the handheld stuff didn’t show much.

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