PAX East 2011 – Fire Fall

The Spoony One | Mar 17 2011 | 69 notations | 

Tribes is back, with a new look and new title!

PAX East 2011 – Kinect, Lord of the Rings

The Spoony One | Mar 16 2011 | 81 notations | 

Since the Kinect didn’t really bring anything new to the show, why should I change my tune? CORRECTION: Hm, I appear to have made another gaffe. I believe the Michael Jackson game is also coming out for the Sony Move. But like the Wii version, I think it’s best if we just pretend those don’t…file continues…

PAX East 2011 – Magic & Pokemon

The Spoony One | Mar 16 2011 | 51 notations | 

Wizards & Trainers, get ready to kiss your free time goodbye.

PAX East 2011 – Dungeons & Dragons

The Spoony One | Mar 16 2011 | 52 notations | 

Feeling brave tonight? Wizards of the Coast built a dungeon square in the middle of the expo floor.

PAX East 2011 – Portal 2

The Spoony One | Mar 16 2011 | 67 notations | 

I don’t have a portal gun, but my magic media pass allowed me to scientifically bypass a four-hour line to see Portal 2!

PAX East 2011 – Intro, Section 8: Prejudice

The Spoony One | Mar 16 2011 | 79 notations | 

Spoony goes to Boston and tries to Section 8 his way out of working. CORRECTION: Oops! 2K was there on the floor to announce The Darkness 2, but I was unable to get an interview. My bad! (This is why I’m not cut out for that whole journalism…thingy…) Anyway, I apologize for my absent-mindedness.

I have returned from PAX…

The Spoony One | Mar 13 2011 | 215 notations | 

Everyone was very nice and there were many people who did their best to cheer me up. But it was a very stressful event, almost more than I could bear. I’ll have videos from the floor of PAX East soon as I’ve gotten some rest and edited the videos together. Until then, bear with me.

Highlander Endgame Bloopers/Outtakes with Spoony

The Spoony One | Feb 24 2011 | 25 notations | 

Here’s some of the footage from the Endgame review shoot where either Spoony or Pat botched a line, had too much fun during a take, or was just left on the cutting room floor for whatever reason.

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