Top 10 SGC 2010 Moments

The Spoony One | Jul 17 2010 | more notation(s) | 

  • Alex Spiteri

    mind = blown

  • imagoth2004

    I wanted to go :(

  • Michael Levesque

    Aw man! I didn't realize Spoony did sorta a stand-up. Is the entire thing available anywhere?

    I'd also love to see the AVGN Q&A. His reaction to that weird request was priceless. What do you say after something like that!? :P

  • Gunwild

    Two new videos? Indeed? O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    Really, though, they did a whole entry about how people hate you? That's… odd. Did you, like, have dung flung at you on stage for no reason?

  • Tim Dugan

    Is the panel going to be posted in its entirety? That would be awesome :)

  • razielstar

    It's really cool to see how your popularity has grown. So has your opinion shifted on Sonic 4 at all or were your still disgusted?

  • Sidney H Le

    I love how everyone knew that it was Sonic 4 the moment they heard Sonic's speed-up sound.

  • Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    Someone posted Spoony's panel (minues the Ultima vids) on youtube I think. I watched it on another site, but i think they were just embedded youtube vids.

  • WingatePeasley

    Haha – Marzgurl spotted! (No. 2 Moment at the door)

    You cannot hide your sneaky cameo before me!

  • Jon Wind

    That thing about the MGS ending was brilliant (in the Q&A).

  • Michele Castellani

    I can't believe I missed spoony :

  • Ceherz

    a little hate from me: these guys on #7… do we really need more jackass-fist-of–zen-i-bet-you-will-MTV-bullcrap?

  • Ashenge



    Spoony. You said Sonic 4 was pathetic. But you're webhosting a top 10 where that was placed number 1.

    D: What am I s'posed to be feeling right now?

  • Ashenge

    Yeah that was just disgusting. I wish I hadn't even heard about it.

  • Jason Bonce

    I know this a question that will be uttered a few times, but will the SGC videos be debuted in the coming weeks or days?

  • Phrederic

    Well, he is kinda controversial, of course that's why we love him! Right?

  • Desiree X

    I would love to see Spoony's performance.

  • Jeremy

    Spoony at number 9 and Sonic at number 1!? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

  • James Drover

    Will that panel be put on the site? Or is screw attack going to be showing all these videos from sgc on their site anytime soon?

  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Not to self: Never watch Live and Levels.

  • John K. Spencer

    Man, I REALLY need to go to SGC someday! :D

  • mrstillman

    Spoony, I think someone's dick was visible in that video. Come on, man.

  • Jason Bonce

    StrewAttack are a little weird with their top 10's always have been.

  • goodguya

    I need to find a taping of your panel. Such a stand up guy!

  • TimADugan

    They put it #1 more because Craig got to pretend he was the dude from The Wizard :P

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Getting to meet the Nerd is no surprise, but getting to also meet Spoony AND the Game Overthinker in addition? Then play Sonic 4? And a chance to date that hot girl? So jealous of a lot of people right now.

  • They Call Me The Fizz

    Congrats on making the list!


    that looks awesome! i hope spoony posts some other stuff from it

  • CornBRED-X

    I watched spoony's whole Q&A on youtube first. Ya, I dont know about these other guys but Spoony blew it out of the water. That was hilarious.
    Wish I could've gone but oh well.

  • Matthew S

    Awesome! I wish i could have gone to SGC. The Screwattack guys are great. ScrewAttack + Spoony = So much win.

  • Destoroyaaaaaaaaah

    That looked pretty cool,It was no surprise that you got a place in the top 5,you and the nerd are the funniest people Ive seen.

  • Janet LaCava

    NO WAY!! Life and Level is AWESOME FUN ^_^

  • Janet LaCava

    come on guys!! Life and Level is really FUNNY if you give it a chance!

  • Stephen Harris

    I think it had more to do with the situation around Sonic 4 than just the game itself. Craig got to be the dude from The Wizard with a real reveal and game tournament. The crowd pretty much had the same reaction as Stone Cold helping Mankind win the WWF Championship.

    I do agree with Spoony's panel being higher on the list, though.

  • Dan Supernault

    Yeah! Sonic 4 does THAT to people! Remember this moment well. I actually saw that video a couple of weeks ago, actually. Number 1 seems fair.

  • DrForrester

    People must have been rolling during the Ultima I video

  • Meto

    Keith Apicary wins.

  • Meto

    Keith Apicary wins.

  • Vincent Kresse

    Only 9?

    SA is a site for fanboys

  • rattrap007

    the most important thing learned is

    Spoony > AVGN

  • Vanlan

    I hope he's going to PAX

  • Alex Wilson

    wow – just looked like 50 something nerds sat in a room? *shudder

  • Alex Wilson

    no – they both have very likable elements in their own rights. AVGN is highly intelligent, funny and picks nice things to review. Spoony is personable, funny and picks interesting things to review. What we need to do is gang up against the Irate Gamer who is unfunny and steals content.

  • Thejackel

    yet another reason to go to SGC
    before the countdown started and Craig was talking about it i paused the video and said “WTF is that Spoony” and it was
    god i wish i could go to gaming conventions

  • PandaBrawler

    Or do what AVGN does about the Irate Gamer. Just don't pay attention to him.

    No really, he has said, and I quote, “He pretends that I don't exist so I don't need to say anything about him.”

  • SpazOutLoud

    That's awesome that you got onto the countdown. ^_^

    Did anyone else notice a quick shot of MarzGurl in the background?

  • Sean Thomas Gill

    Coming in higher than James, that's a plus. Spoony, you seem comfortable in front of an audience, you should try stand-up open mics. could net some extra dough!!

  • Brennan

    So,this post is a joke right? Like sarcasm?

  • Casey Mason

    The AVGN whole gimmick is just swearing… which isn't funny when you just do it for the heck of it. Spoony swears but he doesn it for a reason, he's pissed off. When AVGN swears it looks like he's just holding on to his gimmick, there is no emotion behind it

  • waterguyroks

    This is worse than when I found out he has FFVIII figurines! How can I trust anything he says anymore?

  • Jason Bonce

    AVGN has toned down ever since Mario 3, there alot of smiling to the camera and stares like 'Do you get it, I'm taking the piss, aren't we having fun'

  • waterguyroks

    Actually, remember that it wasn't the Nerd's panel, it was just a Q&A session. Spoony's was a full-blown standup.

  • Kevin_Holsinger

    While I respect AVGN, and find him immensely informative, Spoony's routine is funnier and has far more variety (in my opinion).

  • Ceherz

    yea i was really surprised too by his “stand up”-performance. considering the fact that most of his answers were spontanous and still very funny.

  • Zebulun Peter Stovold

    I NEED to see Spoony's panel. Does anyone have a link?

  • Zebulun Peter Stovold

    Actually nevermind, found it (:

  • Casey Mason

    yeah I get that feeling alot when I watch his vis

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Mind posting it here, because I can't find it.

  • Jumpooleez

    Nice ponch, Spoony!

  • Trigger_X

    She was a servbot there:

    It was really awesome, but I wish Angry Joe had been there

  • Supersloth3

    I'm so glad I went to SGC! I was one of the ten or twelve people that listened to you, manny camacho, and the others for six or seven hours straight the night before your panel. The GPX panel and yours alone is what's driving me to go back next year. I hope to see you again next year.

  • Matthieu Rego

    Drinking piss> Spoony and AVGN… God i can't wait for 2012…

  • Matthieu Rego

    Drinking piss> Spoony and AVGN… God i can’t wait for 2012…

  • Glen Graves

    Where do you find that Life and Levels show ? ?

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