Counter Monkey – Exploding Head Syndrome

The Spoony One | Nov 7 2016 | null | 

The mother of all migraines. Remember, there is no three-finger touch.

Counter Monkey – Sorbo the Conquerer

The Spoony One | Dec 15 2015 | null | 

It’s a wild & wonderful story of one man’s peculiar magical gift and his bizarre inheritance that helps shape his future as a conquering hero. All of it undone in one berserk round and a toss of the dice.

Counter Monkey – What’s an Anti-Paladin?

The Spoony One | Sep 27 2015 | null | 

The ultimate heel, and he’s on a mission from Evil.

Counter Monkey – The OTHER Dirtiest Book in the Game

The Spoony One | Sep 16 2015 | null | 

Take a hot, steamy look beyond the beaded curtain at the most sensual of blue magic: Nymphology. But beware the Creamy Ooze…

Counter Monkey – 3d6 in Order

The Spoony One | Aug 30 2015 | null | 

Perhaps you think you’re being treated unfairly…?

Counter Monkey – The Apocalypse Stone (Part 2)

The Spoony One | Aug 14 2015 | null | 

Sometimes, the only thing that will hit is a critical miss.

Counter Monkey – The Apocalypse Stone (Part 1)

The Spoony One | Aug 8 2015 | null | 

Someone pulled the toothpick out of the Cosmic Cheeseburger.