Counter Monkey – Know Your Role (Part 1 of 2)

The Spoony One | Mar 7 2014 | 

Now you can play the RPG that resurrects the glory years of the WWE. Play wrestlers such as the Bashams! The Un-Americans! The Gymini! The Dicks! Mark Jindrak! And Kenzo Suzuki!

Behold, tales of my brief days on a lame e-fed when I learned that all of my characters were ECW ripoffs (whether I knew it or not) and a look through the WWE “Know Your Role” RPG, made after they got the F out.

But don’t worry. I’ll get to that.

Edit: I must apologize for blatant errors that I made in summarizing this game’s combat system (ie. using the same move over and over). I should have read the rules more thoroughly, as I should be attempting to come across as an authority RPGs in general. I had just lost interest in this game a long time before getting to the mechanics, to be honest. I had already seen a number of ways in which the system could be exploited and had read enough to be bored stiff.