Counter Monkey – Laundry Day in the Tower of High Sorcery

The Spoony One | Dec 2 2012 | 

I’m evil, and I don’t care who knows it!


* I stopped reading the series at the beginning of the Fifth Age. Apparently after the defeat of Chaos, the gods had once again decided to abandon Krynn because of mortal hubris. However, later on, Weis and Hickman pulled a fairly blatant retcon and changed it to where Takhisis has somehow stolen the entire planet and put it out of the gods’ reach. Whatever.

* Someone else has said you don’t actually choose your robe color. First off, that is not said in my sourcebook, and second, that is BULLSHIT. Someone else picks for you? That’s not exactly the same thing as being chosen for Gryffindor or Slytherin. That’s your teacher calling you an asshole.

* The god of neutrality’s symbol is a book, not a set of scales. My bad.