Counter Monkey – Pathfinder Live! (Session 1)

The Spoony One | Apr 24 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Part 1

Part 2

This is a recording of the livestreamed Skype call of our new weekly Pathfinder game.

Starring Marzgurl as “Maleuseu the Paladin”, PushingUpRoses as “Jinx the Druid”, Sean Fausz as “Magnus the Magus”, Skitch as “Gustave the Pistolero”, Coldguy as “Rrerrh the Ranger”, and Spoony as the Dungeon Master!

Feeling brave tonight?

  • wiegeabo kilijabob

    So glad you put this up, Spoony.  Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow.

  • François Frappier

    Well, looks like movie and video game reviews are gone for good on this site….

    • trololololololol

      Stop being such a troll, bro. We all come on this website to hear spoony talk about table top games. Those lame ass videos suck anyway

      • MediaGold

        I come here more for the lame ass reviews, not so much for the role playing stuff.  So not “all” of us.  It’s kinda silly for one person for speak for all, no?

        • PeaTearGryfin

           Clearly the man’s user name escaped you. That was a clear troll comment meant to draw you out.

          • MediaGold

            Clearly, you don’t realize everyone here is a troll.  Clearly, anyone who claims to enjoy role playing games in Spoony’s forum is a troll.  Clearly, you don’t know what trolololo is.  Clearly, you’re dumb.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Clearly you are new to this site because if you would have been here any amount of time you would know that calling out RPGs here is like like going to New York and calling out the Yankees.

    • trololololololol

      Stop being such a troll, bro. We all come on this website to hear spoony talk about table top games. Those lame ass videos suck anyway

    • pantalonesconqueso

      He did Tekken just over a month ago and he just got back from the 4th TGWTG anniversary.

    • Kendotuxedo

       He may never finish Deadly Premonition, but I’m sure the last Ultima review is around the corner.

      • PeaTearGryfin

         Actually I think Spoony said that he will NOT finish Deadly Premonition because it was done so much already.

    • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

      Your trolling is pointless. 

    • Luke_Duke

       So why do you keep coming back then?

  • Alex Stritar

    I remember watching that. It was very entertaining. Gotta love how Marzgurl almost died in the first battle. Guess that’s how the dice roll.

    • William Staples

       True, but at least she gave as good as she got. That monster was 2 levels above their party, they’re lucky they got out alive. But the XP reward was worth it.

  • Tralfdamadre

    I have never played D&D games but I love counter monkey series, Very interesting stuff and kinda hypnotic to listen :P

  • Jason Ausink

    Nice, I love seeing how other groups play! Thanks for putting up something you didn’t even have to record for us. ^_^

  • Pinup Ghoul

     I think Roses did an awesome job for it being her first time playing Pathfinder. It can be a hard game to get into, but I think the whole group did an awesome job and utilized the platform well, spaghetti roads and all. It makes me miss my gaming group so much, though! I’ll have to tune in for the next one, too. Good stuff, indeed.

    • pushinguproses

      Thanks, it seems pretty fun so far.  High learning curve, but I’m reading up and picking it up as I go.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        I was slow to get into it, too. It didn’t help that for the first few sessions I played were with very seasoned players, and they were all trying to explain the system to me. Loudly. At the same time. I love my group, but it just became confusing!

        Btw, I don’t think it was silly of you to give your character a high Charisma at all. It’s useful in real life, why wouldn’t it be useful in gaming? It’s the Halo Effect at work! I rely on it to book jobs!

    • William Staples

       Yeah, she took to it waaay faster than any newbie I ever worked with.

  • Alex Stritar

    So, think this one will get a TVTropes page?

    • William Staples

       Prolly, if it lasts a few sessions.

  • Alex Stritar

    So, think this one will get a TVTropes page?

  • Marc Williams

    What map software is this??

    • septimar


  • Samuel Richardson

    I have tried to find it I am probably overlooking this obviously but where do I go to watch these live?

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Twitch.Tv. PushingUpRoses occasionally does live LPs of various adventure games, too.

    • septimar is Spoony’s stream.

  • Rotafury

    i love this and would love to see more Pathfinder/D&D videos spoony.

  • anxietysquid

    I saw a bit of this the other night. I can’t wait to see it in its entirety. :D

  • Jordan Selby

    Hell yes! Keep them coming Spoony, AND KEEP THEM LONG!

    • Pinup Ghoul

       My mind just went to an incredibly dirty place. I can’t be the only one.

      • Riku Himawari

        You’re clearly the only one.

        This isn’t the Internet, or anything. No. We all have very clear, clean minds here.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           I am the loneliest pervert ;_;

          • Riku Himawari

            That you are, my friend. That you are.

  • Sam Lewis

    Write final paper, watch Spoony and others roleplay. Decisions, decisions

    • GreenGear

      You really can do both. I listen to Spoony while I draw all the time.

  • ShinAkumA21

    it just keeps on getting worst and worst this site is done

    • pantalonesconqueso

       And you’ll keep coming back…

      • George Rosenbaum

        “You can check out any time, but you can never leave”

    • GozarisaGod

      You also forgot to add Longer and Longer! 2 Hours of this bullsh*t? LOL.

      • Michael Baker

         Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see of you.

        • Atmos_Duality

          Flagrant hypocrisy is his style. He claims he hates the direction of the site, yet he keeps enabling it by giving it traffic and ad-hits.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I know how he feels. I’m doing that right now.

            I’m just hoping that after three long years of the same complaint, maybe Spoony will listen to it THIS time.

            definition: insanity – doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

      • owenrock

        and yet it still compels you to reply with something negative….spoony’s site is still awesome so go kick rocks

      • GreenGear

        Leave the site. Leave the site.


      • PeaTearGryfin

         Really? You’re still here mister I only check every couple of months even though I reply every day.

    • JOSHItheDrako

      not really

      it just gets geekier and less casual/cashin

    • septimar

      1. The phrase is “worse and worse”.
      2. The first letter in a sentence is capitalized.
      3. After “worst” and before “this” should be a comma or a semicolon.
      4. At the end of a sentence belongs a period.
      5. Your opinion is wrong.

  • Omnikus Schlotter

    Wow, I start this video and the first thing I see is the tank from Lufia II, one of my favorite games ever. I don’t understand anything that goes on afterwards, but that alone made my day.

  • Darsis

    I love this idea and I hope Spoony keeps it up, its like a natural level up from telling old stories.

    • JOSHItheDrako

      I see what you did there!

      I still like the way he tells these stories though… so I hope he still has something to tell and will do so… if not… well, this IS a very GOOD replacement ^^

    • ubdu

      No, it’s kind of a level drain, because stories need editing to get rid of the boring parts…

    • Darsis

       I do get that this will not be for every one, I was cracking up watching it and flashing back to some of my games. It is so much fun to see, and its interesting (for me anyhow) to see how people solve problems in a game like that.

  • JOSHItheDrako

    wait… that’s a final fantasy sprite on the preview… 6.6′

    but anyway, really enjoy this. litteraly just waited for something like this.

    I really enjoy countermonkey myself. But I agree that you should try to balance it out with content like game revievs.

    no hurry though… I wanna see this campaig XD

  • Erebus_Locke

    Ah finally Spoony realized that some of his archived livestreams are really watch-worthy and good enough for this site. I posted it in the other video as well, but again: His Kingdom Hearts Lets Play is also worth a look! 9 hours long (in 2 parts), and he is really active during it. Lots of commenting etc.

    Btw. Spoony: Please continue Kingdom Hearts! You can play it on Twitch as a Livestream, no need to make it “professional”. Maybe even Kingdom Hearts II later on? Bruxe Boxleitner together with Tidus and Donald, I just have to see that!

    • Vismutti

      Wait wait wait…. what?! O_O Spoony has done a let’s play of Kingdom Hearts? And I haven’t seen it! Omg, thanks for the link!

      • PeaTearGryfin

         He’s not too terribly far in, but it is really fun!!!

        • Vismutti

          It is! I especially loved Spoony kicking Tidus’s ass and supplying Squall’s inner monologue of emo. Besides, I’ve been forced to suffer through KH way too much by the rabid KH/FF fangirls that are my friends… It’s just nice to have someone doing a snarkier let’s play without stopping to drool at certain male characters’s asses whenever they appear.
          (I wish he’d talk more but well, I get it that he isn’t doing it as a proper let’s play so it’s just for the fun of it. ‘S okay, I can just let it play in the background while I draw or whatnot.)

          • Pinup Ghoul

             Kingdom Hearts, and the very idea behind the series, is one of the craziest games I’ve ever played. Goofy should NOT be involved in melodrama! Ever! He’s GOOFY.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Ya know my biggest problem with the Kingdom Hearts series is the inclusion of Donald not Goofy. Goofy gets some legitimately dramatic scenes. Donald’s voice ruins every dramatic moment he is given. Donald’s other problem is that he dies to quickly when combat gets heavy.

  • Svetoslav Savov

    that is one of the moust boring games i have ever seen

    • septimar

      1. It is “most”, not “moust”.
      2. The first letter in a sentence is capitalized.
      3. “I” is always capitalized in English.
      4. At the end of a sentence belongs a period.
      5. Your opinion is wrong.

      • MediaGold

        1.  I doubt English is his first language.
        2.  Does anyone really care about proper grammar on a forum?
        3.  You’re kinda a jerk.
        4.  I know “kinda” should be spelled “kind of”.  Refer to number 2.
        5.  His opinion is as valid as yours.

        • septimar

          1. My first language isn’t English either, it’s German. Trotzdem versuche ich, wenn ich schon Englisch schreibe, korrekt zu sein.
          2. He had all the time of the world to write his comment, but he chose something which even lacked punctuation. Combined with the fact that it was a negative comment this just just shows that he lacks respect.
          Also, I didn’t correct his grammar, but his spelling, which, as Linguistics teaches us, is a totally different thing.
          3. I *responded* to a jerk.
          4. “kinda” is a valid non-standard form of “kind of”, you committed no error.
          5. And because of that, my meta-opinion of his opinion is a valid opinion too. 

    • ORCACommander

       its the first session of a campaign what do you expect?

  • Jacob Peterson

    At first I was a little put off by the pacing but as the video went on I got more and more into what was happening which I think is one of the better outcomes that you could hope for when introducing someone to roleplaying, good video, can’t wait to see part 2.

  • ChibiGingi

    Poor Marzgurl.  She seems to have the same amount of luck that I have when playing tabletop RPs.  And now I think I have a galcrush on PushingUpRoses… nah, always had a galcrush on her. 

  • George Rosenbaum

    If Roses shaves her head, she’s gonna end up looking like Dren from Splice.

    • GreenGear


    • Atmos_Duality

      I’m trying to get work done here, but then I read this.
      If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk….resting. Yes. Resting.

  • Chris Bradshaw

    9 is not “stupid” stupid, it’s a little below average.

  • Matt Flohre

    What is the picture of Master Belch from EarthBound supposed to be?

    • William Staples

      It was just a sample icon they were using to test out the map.

      Though personally, I like to believe it represents a Manure Golem.

      • Matt Flohre

         “Everything’s gone to shit!” lol

  • Jacob Albright

    Anyone know what program they were using for the combat stuff is called?

    • Vismutti

      I think it’s OpenRPG. Another similar program is MapTool. Both are free, IIRC.

      • ORCACommander

         no this is definitely map tools

        • Vismutti

          Oh, you’re right. I derped there.

  • bob bob

    Sees new spoony vid, sits down with a bag of chips in comfy computer chair.
    Sees 4 hours worth of spoony in one go, throws chips away, orders extra large take out, moves from comfy computer chair to even comfier bed with headphone extension cord.
    Aaaaa bliss

  • zayebal

    Are you serious? REVIEW SOMETHING ALREADY. Gawd.

    • Matsern

       Please leave.

      • Patrick Thorpe

        Agreed. If you dont like it then get lost

    • Grzegorz Wojtczyk

      Stop complaining and just leave. 

    • MediaGold

      Yes, please leave for daring to state your critical, snarky remark on a site devoted to and built on snarky criticism.   We will only stand for blind allegiance here!

  • Timothy Andrew Edgren

    you guys play live? oh man I so wanna get in on that x.x

  • Andre Reichenbacher

    Goddamn Marzgurl is fugly, no wonder people think shes a guy! (dont get me started on Iron Liz…)

    • Vismutti

      … “Oh no, normal looking women, they burn my sensitive eyes!” Do you live around supermodels or what? Or maybe only women you ever see are in your porn. Who the fuck cares, it’s not their job to look pretty and feminine for your sake, they have better things to do. God… I’m just so FED UP with this bullshit. Looks aren’t everything, you asshole. And besides, your standards are way too high anyway. They’re both cute. Your loss if you can’t deal with that.

    • Tony

      So where’s the picture of your girlfriend?

  • Andre Reichenbacher

    If you keep bitching about it he probably won’t, just to spite you. I think hes pretty much burned out on reviews at this point anyway. He has chronic depression and his relationship ended badly. He’ll really need some major incentive to continue on.

  • Andre Reichenbacher

    If you keep bitching about it he probably won’t, just to spite you. I think hes pretty much burned out on reviews at this point anyway. He has chronic depression and his relationship ended badly. He’ll really need some major incentive to continue on.

  • Martin H. Løntjern

    I’m loving this so far!

  • Ed Stacey

    After watching CM, I felt that I could really get into D&D or some variant. Now, however, after watching these vids I can safely say that D&D hold ZERO appeal for me. Talk about boring shit! But hey if you enjoy it that’s cool, i’m Just glad I never got started.

    • Μεταλλεργάτερ

      That’s the thing about Counter Monkey.
      You see a 40-50-60 minute video and it’s very funny when you hear the story.
      Then you see this and understand that the CM story took place in an 8 month span of 2, maybe 3 four-plus-hour sessions a week.
      It is fun if you can keep it together, but if you have a short attention span it’s better to listen to someone narrate it afterwards…

    • Vismutti

      The games tend to start slow, especially if there are noobs involved. They do get better after a couple of sessions, once it all starts to get rolling and the characters start to become more fleshed out and the players get used to playing them. And obviously it’s not as much fun when you’re not playing yourself. Especially these types of games that are pretty rule heavy.

    • William Staples

      Every group is different. If Spoony’s style of running a game doesn’t appeal to you, that’s cool, it’s your taste; you could still find a GM whose style you find more interesting.

  • Cj Champion

    Damn 4 hours…. I was going to do somthing productive to day but…fuck it…

  • JadedSamurai

    As always with the Counter Monkey videos, I’m loving it.

    Any chance we could do without music in the future though? People’s taste in music varies greatly (or in my case, an extreme distaste for any music) and having something they don’t particularly like running the whole time can be a bit grating.

    If people can’t handle just speaking, they can always put on their own favorite music. I can understand if it’s the case that the players themselves prefer to have music on. Up to you guys, obviously! Don’t want to sound like a jerk.

    • DarkBee

       You don’t like music, like, at all? Sorry for your loss, bro.

    • Vismutti

      Actually I kinda agree… I don’t mind the music so I’m fine either way but it’s pretty easy for everybody to put on their own if they want it (and the sound quality would be better). But yeah, it’s up to the players, obviously.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       The music was one of my favorite parts as a spectator! Mozart’s Symphony 40 came on and I died. It’s one of my favorite pieces ever, and the history behind the piece itself fit really well into the campaign. I am, of course, biased toward classical music, but I really liked it. I can see your point, however, but I’ve always been of the opinion that the DM chooses the music, just like the driver of a car does.

    • Riku Himawari

      “Or in my case, an extreme distaste for any music.”

      I apologise… But: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Logion

    Thanks for uploading these Spoony. I hope more people watch and join this campaign. It would be great if Linkara or Angry Joe would join the party as well.  

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      Careful what you wish for. Having too many people was pretty much the reason the Dethklok campaign imploded.

      • Lewis Lovhaug

        As fun as it honestly does look (I was watching the campaign at the start), I don’t have any time to add a new RPG to things (another person I know is having me join her WoD campaign, but we’ll see if I actually have time for it, so if I do, I probably wouldn’t have time for ANOTHER RPG on top of that), so no risk of me joining, unfortunately.

        • Alex Stritar

          Will that World of Darkness game be streamed?

        • Pinup Ghoul

           I look forward to hearing more about that! Are you doing old or new? OWoD was what got me into gaming in the first place, all those years ago, and also what made me stop LARPing! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • viq_niq

    Who was taking the bong rip?

  • AoC

    Blizzard totally should’ve hired Spoony as the voice of D3 Monk. He nails the accent way better.

  • Thor Watson


  • David ************

    we SO need more of these spoony!  I loved it!  I have never played Pathfinder, but it looks like a ton of fun.  thanks

  • Lewis Lovhaug

    Eh, some people can’t multitask like that.  Back in the day, I used to watch MST3K while doing math homework.

    • Bolt Vanderhuge

      MST3k I couldn’t do… I’d end up just watching the show. Unless it was one I knew inside and out. Space Mutiny, for one.

      I was multitasking while watching this, though. Was making up character backstories using that Central Casting book Spoony mentioned a few videos back. Quite fun. Especially when we all thought he was stealing the horse.

    • Sean Samonas

       Coincidentally, that is exactly what I was doing while watching these videos…lol

      • Bolt Vanderhuge

        Nice. It just seemed the appropriate thing to do. Pull out the dice and start rolling up backstory.

  • RomanTsjupa

    Can I get a link to where this is being played live? I’d really love to be a part of the chatroom =)
    Also, my forum account hasn’t been approved still =( i registered with draconyster[no@spam]

    • Erebus_Locke

      Sorry for the following spam, but the people keep forgetteing Spoonys Twitch page. Please Spoony, make an announcement on your homepage. In the meantime:

    • Pinup Ghoul

      There you go!

  • OgdruJahad

    Doing something constructive, or 4 hours of watching people play an RPG… this is a no-brainer, bring on the Pathfinder!

  • Paindar Draingag

    so lame

  • Brian Frang

    I miss playing these games so much!!!

  • TitanCreed

    This was tons of fun. It makes me miss my old GURPS group.


    Personally, I wrote scripts before I ever touched a dungeon
    guide. That colored my campaigns as a GM. I always tried to start them off like
    a script, with a big action piece. I’d work with each player’s backstory, tying
    them into the world, then end with each player arriving at the same point. Day
    one of a campaign would be the cast meeting and everything going to hell.


    The best openings I ever had were the following:


    1. I had every character’s origin end with them dying (or
    blowing up). The first day started with them all breaking out of a FF-VI
    inspired Ghost Train.


    2. I had everyone arrive on a dying planet. Each player had
    to race to the only available space ship after dealing with their own personal responsibilities.


    3. Each player had to head to a bank. It sounds boring, I
    know. But then there was a Dark Knight style bank robbery they had to avert,
    which ended with a giant gunship crashing into the bank. The ship picked up the
    robbers (who had all of their starting gear) and flew into a subway tunnel.
    What followed involved mass property damage. Like you said, taking players’
    stuff is a great way to get them engaged.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Some of you guys slay me. You get TWO HOURS worth of material here uploaded shortly after his last video and you think you still have room to complain. What was Spoony supposed to do read your commands(yes most of you did command a new review from him) and put out something akin to the finale of FF X-2 in a few days. Some of you seriously need to straighten out your priorities.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      p.s Spoony any chance that you could find a way to upload the current parts of the Kingdom Hearts playthrough? Don’t feel obligated I’m just wondering if it were possible to get them up here.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Agreed. I figure if someone doesn’t like something that they paid no money for, then why complain? You’ve lost nothing! It’s free entertainment… and it IS relevant to many of the viewers who, like me, are tabletop gamers. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • William Staples

      There’s always going to be someone complaining no matter what. Best to just ignore them.

    • George Rosenbaum

      This was already on his Twitch account, this content is pretty old. Then again, I only ever heard of a few days ago.

  • TardyClock

    Holy shit, you’re running Kingmaker! I’m running that for a group of friends online and IRL. Man this is going to be so much fun to watch, both to see how you DM and how the players handle this. I have suddenly gone from slightly interested to HOLY SHIT WATCHING LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.

  • Travis Alexander Carlson

    This is what i missed about dnd, the fact that the risk of dieing at such a low level can come from literally anything.  I need to start up a group again, keep these coming spoony!

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Crazy, I JUST got done watching the Deathklok campaign and suddenly BAM, I check the site and get this.  Amazing!  Looking forward to the rest of this.

  • Tobias Greene

    Jinx should get 1d20+1 to her attack roll with the firebolt, since she is small.

  • Victor Chacon Sabadia


  • Aleksander Adamkiewicz

    To be honest I didn’t really like this session. I don’t know if it was Spoony or the players but it felt very artificial.

    Essentially this session had everything i dont like in an RP. Way too much debating about if X does Y or if character A has skill B. Also way too much metagaming. 
    I understand that this happens if you have a new player, but I prefer to keep my rolls secret and to hide the ruleset underlying the game as much as possible from the players.

    I especially abhor the practice of “It’s a hit” and “you do XYZ damage, it has XXX damage left”. I prefer to clothe it in words more, like “the goblin masterfully dodges out of the way of your swing” and “you bring your sword down on the centipede, it has a large oozing cut”

    This session felt more like a hack and slash campaign with the amount of combat, stat min-maxing and ooc-discusion.

    Nevertheless I enjoyed watching it, its just not my style of running a campaign at all.

  • Evan Hardin

    What is that application they’re using?

  • jesternario

    Rrrrreeeerrrrh the ranger. 

    I’m calling him a more common Dwarven name. From this day forth, I hereby dub him “Urist McKenzie the slayer of trees.”

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      My brother once made a ranger by the name of Sir Awesomepants while his best friend also made a ranger by the name of Jeff the Scorpion lord. (If you wanna know how he got that little title well…….. it involved raping a scorpion.)

      • Pinup Ghoul

        I had a Barbarian named Whiff McTuggin. Greatest name ever.

      • jesternario

        My cousin once named a dwarf Digdug Axefacer. He later turned that into a most feared clan of dwarves in someone else’s game.

    • Coldguy

      Rrerh does not approve of this, he slays game not trees.  However he thanks you for the suggestion and wishes you to buy him an ale if you meet him in a tavern.

  • Raivis Latvens

    in pathfinder monkeygrip is a jotungrip, & is a class feature of archetype barbarian – titan mauler in ultimate combat book.

  • James Drover

    I did a kingmaker game (much like you I used the premise but changed the books allot) I had them start meeting at the trade-post for the first time myself. But I must say this is a good series and is very easy to modify good choice in game.

  • jesternario

    What Program is this? It doesn’t quite look like OpenRPG

    • Alexander Hutcheson

      I think its maptools. You can get it at (I think but don’t quote me on that.)

  • Jimmy TheFish

    Well how much do we have to donate so Roses wont cut her hair.

  • Victor Chacon Sabadia

    I like how the alternative to calling PUR’s game name is using her internet name.

  • Frank Rauen

    This is actually pretty cool. Spoony is actually having fun on a project which makes it at least watchable. I would like more reviews but I do understand his prior commitments. If there were a way to ballpark when another review would be up, say end of May or beginning of June it would be nice to know. Oh well four hours of new stuff it pretty decent.

  • TheSmaco

    Spoony, if I get into roleplaying someday… Im blaming you. 

    Seems a lot of fun actually.

    Anyone know if he is planning to upload the other sessions?

  • FinalFantasy13

    it seems like way to much work to me.. doesn’t look like the pay off is worth it..

  • Das_Bass

    Well, I guess I’m not writing my paper tonight.

  • Jason Dyson

    Thanks for adding the extra content Spoony. This is especially nice right now as due to a new job I may have to opt out of a campaign I’m playing in and suspend the D&D 3.5/Pathfinder hybrid I’ve been running. Keep it rolling and keep having fun doing what you do, I can wait between reviews especially given your usual quality.

  • Malcomb Bell

    It’s good to see you’re not a dick like my first DM was spoony! He started me and the party I was with in a cave full of monsters that could 1hk us EASILY. Anyway thanks for the video it gave me some good ideas for my custom d20 system, and hopefully I’ll have the core manual ready for testing soon. Just to give you commenters a nice little hint its going to have a multiverse theme with optional expansions based around a universal law system (yes I’ve already figured out how to incorporate it, and it will be a necessity if you use the expansions ;p)! ^.^

  • LordofTibera

     “Tax Sehson’s Over!”
    -I approve.

  • James Drover

    Those poor kobolds, they were their just snaking on some radishes and they murdered them all. Be like me whacking you on the side of the road while you were eating a twix bar.

  • sniktbub

    More entertaining than the usual Counter Monkey videos…but would it be too much to ask if you just make a simple text post letting us know when the next actual game or movie review is gonna be? Just a general time frame would be nice. 

    Actually I’d love to see the conclusion to the Ultima Retrospective. You’ve only got one game left. 

  • Aaron Beal

    Hey, I heard at least one of you guys are using HeroLab to look up stuff. I work for them programming the pathfinder stuff, so I am glad you’re using our product. It almost makes me feel like I am part of the group, or something!

  • William Staples

    That was fun to watch. Looking forward to more.

  • Luke_Duke

    So, there I was.  I saw that the Nostalgia Critic had his Transformers G1 review up and I decided to see if Spoony had graced us why anything new as well.  I opened by Bookmarks Tab, clicked on “The Spoony Experiment,” and….


    OVER FOUR HOURS?!?!?!?!

    I just came.

  • Brian Elle

    1. Attacks of Opportunity. The Centipede was huge and had 15 and 20 foot (tail) reach, after the gunslinger moved away (which did not provoke because it had not acted yet and was considered flat footed) it should have made one attack per round on anyone moving around it or making a ranged attack, not just the spellcasting. It could have bitten the gunslinger when he fired or tripped the spellcaster with it’s tail before he even got to it.

    2.  Immune mind-affecting effects. It was vermin and mindless, that Color Spray would have washed over it with no effect.

    3. Don’t cheat, not even to favor the players. Giving the player with the hit bonuses against animals his benefit against a vermin may have seemed like a good idea at the time but, later on if you don’t feel like doing that again, say against an abberation, the player may feel cheated. You wouldn’t deny him the bonus when he deserves it, don’t coddle him when he doesn’t.

    4. Don’t move characters around for flanking without them thinking about it. Having the players learn the tricks of the game on their own makes it much more rewarding for them.

    I understand you maybe missed a few things, getting back into a complex game after a year, and everyone has their own style of DMing, but I hope you take this as constructive criticism.

    I enjoyed the session and look forward to the next.

    • Malcomb Bell

      I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but how loosely the rules are followed is usually up to what the players and the DM decide together. If the players have no objections and the DM has no objections I really don’t see a point in downing on it. Everyone has their own style of play, and it all comes down to whether the game is enjoyable or not. If its not then it may be beneficial to play more loosely or more along the rules depending on what is causing the problem. ^.^

  • Allaiyah Weyn

    “His will folds like a cheap card table.”

  • DungeonKeeper

    anyone else having problems with watching this vid?

    • Edward


      I normally download this stuff and I got both videos completed with no sound.  What the hell?

      • Urban Sniper

         It’s because the audio is encoded in the Speex codec, and most players don’t support it yet; Flash player is one of them that does.  I’ve found the codec on the net, but as for installing it or making it work with other media players, I don’t have a clue.

    • MediaGold

      Yes, I keep falling asleep.

  • Tom Helge Hennum

    This was pretty good, you went easy on them but it is allright since they did not get much xp either. Good game.

  • fiddlewheel

    whats the name of the program?
    or is it written somewhere very obvious and am I just being blind?

  • Chris Bennett

    awesome.  cant wait to see more in the future. :) ever since ultimate magic came out i have been drooling over the magus class and cant wait to go hands on one some time.

  • exploda

    someone should design some sort of Orchestra Hero game with strings and horns etc, and most of the songs would be public domain anyway.  I’d play it, but I’m pretty sure the masses would hate it so no heartless game company would greenlight it anyway.  Music and videogames are really starting to suck.

  • Dalepatrick Frost

    Been a long time fan and a huge fan of RPing.  I would love to get in on some RP with you guys and gals some time!

  • Neil Shaw

    Could you do a short “How-To” video for how you get the game to run and the programs you use please.

  • Bryan Ray Bonar

    Hah! Monkey Grip. I was never a fan of big weapons, but there have been times where I went overboard. 

    There was some sort of magical bastard sword made of light so it could be wielded as a short sword, so I had a ranger that duel-wielded two swords of that kind, large ones of those, with Strongarm Bracers or something like that. It was like, the equivalent of fighting with a large bastard sword in both hands, but as easy to wield as 2 short swords. I think he had an animated shield at the time as well. It was quite awesome.

    That character taught me how truly useless a ranger’s companion is, at the level we were at, every other encounter some big ugly monster ate my horse.

  • Robert Koller

    Did anyone else notice the frame of the wing commander cast during the first quarter of the video? I was like, what was that? Awesomeness, that is what. 

  • Scott Penner

    i am really glad you put this up i have been trying to learn how to play pathfinder but neither me or my friends having even opened a book before it was really the blind leading the blind. thanks to this though i have a point of reference 

  • RobinAdams78

    I’m hoping they encounter a manure golem in future weeks.

    • Atmos_Duality

      And a barbarian wielding the Double Club.

  • Crippen

    It’s good to see people get to play these games over the internet, but man did this ever make me appreciate the group I’ve got here so I can play in person.

    Also, potions of cure light wounds are, by default, 1d8+1, not 1d8+3.  The level required to take the feat does not dictate the minimum caster level for items.  The caster level of an item crafted by a member of a specific class, at its default price, is the minimum caster level required to cast the spell as it appears on that class’s spell list, not acquire the feat.

    So, for example, a potion of Lesser Restoration as crafted by a Cleric would have a caster level of 3, because it’s a 2nd level cleric spell and clerics get level 2 spells at class level 3.  As crafted by an Oracle, it would have caster level 4, because they get 2nd level spells at 4th level.  However, on the Paladin spell list, it’s a 1st level spell.  This means that the caster level of a paladin potion of Lesser Restoration is a 1st level potion, crafted at caster level 1.  You can have potions of Cure Light Wounds at caster level 3, but they are more expensive.

    Here’s the formula for the price of a potion:

    50 * (Spell Level) * (Caster Level)

    So, referencing the above formula, a Potion of Cure Light Wounds at CL 3 would cost 50*1*3, or 150 gp.

  • Crippen

    I thought I was replying to somebody, but this got posted at the top. Joke’s on me.

  • RightousMan

    1: Are you still looking for players for future games or sessions? I’m intereted although i’ve never used skype. I’ve used Ventrilo Before though.
    2: This video was pretty good. I’ve been thinking about doing a online game for a while now and I’m kinda shying away from the post by post on forums because I’ve done it before and it almost always doesnt work. My local group is non existent besides two of us and only playing every other Monday in the living pathfinder game is kinda grating. As living games in pathfinder dont really allow a lot of character development.

  • Caleb Moshier

    Oh man.  Thanks Spoony!  I love listening to these games on my lunch break.

    I am building my first campaign in Warhammer second edition and I taking your GM advice to heart.

    Thanks so much for providing free entertainment!

  • Avotas X

    Hey Spoony. Check out my post at I did an entire planet for my Pathfinder game an used Google Earth to serve up the overland data. The game is still played on MapTool =)

  • Dan Mendez

    am I the only one who want to know the name od the program they are using?

    • charl


    • Erich Williams

      Google MapTool, and you should come across it. I have it, but I’ve had tterrible luck getting a party together.

    • Dan Mendez

       thank you people

  • JadedSamurai

    Oh, another slight gripe about audio:

    The volume levels for the different players is different, so it’s hard to adjust the volume such that I can hear everyone but don’t hurt my ears with the one noisy guy.

  • Soviet_Missile

    I’m incredibly envious of you guys. I just recently started watching
    your Counter Monkey Vblogs, and it really got me interested in the realm
    of D&Dish style roleplay. I can’t really find anyone willing to let
    me break the ice and come in as a noob though. I really like the visual
    tool you guys are using as well. I look forward to more of these as I
    hold out for being able to find a game of my own in the future.

    Something to consider (coming from a noob mind you.) You guys should
    really look into getting better intel in the future. Letting that bandit
    go before having questioned him on the number of bandits at the camp,
    type of armaments they had, possibilities of traps, etc, seemed like a
    wasted opportunity. Likewise the radish encounter, you could have maybe
    used them against the bandits rather then just murdering them wanton.

    • Erich Williams

      Yeah, players should in general put a lot more thought in. I can’t fault them for not thinking about it, and we’re kind of armchair generals here, but I personally would have put them through the ringer til I knew the maiden names of all the bandits’ mothers. Then again, hindsight is always 20/20.

  • CaptainDingaling

    What’s the purpose of this video? I don’t get it. If it’s supposed to give an idea on how RPG games are played can’t it just be cut down and edited and at least have some type of narration added so people can figure out what is going on or what you’re trying to do? Or at least edit it to show the highlights of what you want people to focus on? 4 hours is long as hell and it’s not like this is live still. This is what people call an aquarium video. It’s something you leave on or have running as background noise that you don’t even really notice till you see something interesting and actually take the time out to stop and look at it. I seriously can’t imagine someone sitting down for 4 hours straight watching this thing. That’s beyond having no life, that just be freaking pathetic.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Actually this is what we call the footage from a live stream. All Spoony did was take this footage from his account and put it here. For your information, some of us enjoy seeing stuff like this ( if you think this is long, you should see his 9 hours of Kingdom Hearts or full live playthrough of SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate). We are also fully aware that this is up as filler content until he finishes the next review. My question is; Why is that a bad thing? Brad Jones does this all the time. If you don’t have the time to watch it, I have a simple answer to that. Don’t watch it.

      • CaptainDingaling

        I don’t mean to be rude but really dude, what is your purpose? To tell people that are giving incite on a video that’s posted publicly and open for feedback “Not to watch it if they Don’t like it”?  How about you try this, if you don’t like what someone says how about you “Don’t Read It, and Don’t Reply” If you don’t like it? Apply your own logic to yourself, Noah is a grown man I’m sure he can handle someone giving feedback about making his overly long videos more interesting so even those not into the subjects he’s trying to open people up to can understand. All that jibber jabber and white knighting isn’t necessary…Seriously.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           You think this is overly long? You should see the rest of his material on his twitch page. His Kingdom Hearts LP is 9 hours long. Also excuse Noah for not making everything he says live interesting. I’m also not white knighting. That would be where I try and tell everybody what they can and can’t say. I am simply debating people. The only time I have ever told somebody that they can’t do something it was because they were in clear violation of the rules.

          • Edward

            “Also excuse Noah for not making everything he says live interesting.”
            Yeah, its almost like he shouldn’t have made a video about it in the first place.

            And you are totally white knighting.  You’ve always got come up to someone who doesn’t like the video fire out the whole “you don’t have to watch it” argument.

            I don’t know dude.  I’m probably just bitter cus I tried to download this video and I did but I didn’t get any sound.  I tried it again and the same thing happened.  I normally like these DND games but I like to have it in the background when I’m working.  So like this its worthless too me.  I gave him twice the add revenue for nothing.

            Guaranteed it’s that crappy account.  I no trouble downloading anything else but this crap won’t give me the sound.  And since when did he get a account?  What the hell is  How come did a whole 9 hour let’s play of a popular video game on and didn’t even bother to post it on his own damn website?  A let’s play that was probably awesome and would have shut people like me up.

            I don’t know man.  It just feels like they all suck.  All of them.  Spoony.  Angry Video Game Nerd.  TGWTG.  They all suck now.  They used to be so good and so awesome.  And the worst part is they’ve gotten where they are by making fun of other people’s hard work, people that are more talented than they are and we let them get away with it because they were funny.  Or they bashed a game that we really thought deserved it like Final Fantasy 8.  And so for that we let them trample over so many fan boy favorites and our beloved shows and games because they’re funny and it breeds this negative overly critical shitty atmosphere that I’m frankly sick of.  I can’t watch my favorite shows anymore or play my favorite games with out hearing a little voice in the back my head that picks it apart when it doesn’t need to be picked apart.  Raising standards my ass.  I remember when I could watch movie or play a game and just enjoy it.  But oh, no.  We can’t like anything anymore unless we call it a “guilty pleasure.”  Thanks a lot for that Doug.  Kiss my ass.

            I can’t deal with this anymore.  I’m out of here.  Seeya bro.

          • Soviet_Missile

            Different strokes for different folks. The trick is to not read too much into what other people say or do, especially if it compromises your happiness.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            Exactly! I really cannot see the logic behind “not being able to like something unless you call it a guilty pleasure.” I personally couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what someone else may infer from my personal taste in entertainment, it’s my taste, my opinion and if I can enjoy a viewing of Troll 2, the Wraith or Ticks, then I’ll be damned if I’m going to let ANYONE tell me I can’t do that.

            A movie does not have to be good to be entertaining to me, and even though a lot of people seem to be unable to grasp that concept, it’s the truth. In fact, this thing that all these online critics have been doing for the past few years isn’t new, it’s something I’ve been doing with my friends for nearly two decades now because sometimes you just get more fun out of a bad movie by picking apart the illogical things that happen or by making jokes about the bad acting.

            I will say, though, that if you find you’re not enjoying these videos and you feel like all you’re doing with these videos is provide ad revenue to people who you think ‘all suck,’ then yeah, you’re better off just not bothering to watch them. THAT is the essence of the ‘if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it’ argument – why would you knowingly subject yourself to anything that you know upfront is going to piss you off? Why would you waste four hours of your time on this when you could easily spend those four hours doing things you will enjoy?

        • Eidmantas Ivanauskas

          All over the comments are your posts. I won’t call them whiny, but you expressed your opinion, that’s enough. I also liked these videos, and I know that some people won’t or won’t understand why the hell you should watch somethin’ like this. It’s allright. Peace. 

          • CaptainDingaling

            No dude, they’re not called “comments” they’re called “replies”. I actually only made 2 comments. However, when people like yourself feel the need to be “whiny” and say things like “you expressed your opinion, that’s enough.” Like your some damn online cop (actually more like hallway monitor or a girl scout den mother) trying to chaperone other peoples well expressed opinions that’s really when you need to mind your business and keep it moving. I’m not about to have a bunch of lifeless nerds try to crap all over peoples “comments” every time they see something they don’t like ESPECIALLY mine.

            I have attacked absolutely NONE! of your “praise” comments or anyone’s on here telling them they were “wrong” about what they personally enjoyed. Yet I only shared like opinions with others whose opinions matched mine as not to cause arguments. I seriously suggest you learn to do the same.

            A lot of you act just like women, I feel like I’m arguing with my girlfriend or something you just don’t know when to shut up, you just keep nagging and nagging and nagging. Like you all have too much testosterone in your system. Just shut up already and get the idea not everyone is going to like what you like or agree with your opinion just like every other normal humanbeing on earth has.

            So calm down with that e-hallway monitor nonsense and that just isn’t aimed at you but everyone else on here because it’s mainly the same people I.E, “PeaTearGryfin” basically out here trolling the comments section by starting up nonsense with anyone that finds the slightest thing wrong with a video or has the slightest insight to give about it. You’re not spoony so don’t speak for him, your not his giflriend so stop trying to white knight and defend him. HE IS A GROWN MAN! I’m quite sure he can accept receiving feedback about his video.

            THE END!

          • cappadocian

             are you like, 12? You can’t spell, you hold a high opinion of yourself, and you play the victim card like a pro.

          • CaptainDingaling

            Wow, A spelling/grammar pro that can’t capitalize the first letter of a sentence? Thank you Mr. Microsoft word checker. Remember kids, if all else fails and you have nothing else to say after getting butt hurt talk about spelling.

          • cappadocian

             I rarely capitalize anything. I do, however, know that incite means to begin something. word you were after is insight. point of the post i made was that you can’t keep a constant stance in your own arguments. You were rude, you obviously have no idea what tact means, and likely would argue it’s validity as a word. You use big words in hopes of coming across as an intellectual. It fails. You’re doing a decent job of trolling, though. So, I reiterate- are you 12? You can’t spell, you hold an unreasonably high opinion of yourself, and you play the victim card like a pro. These are hallmarks of two major groups of people- people 12 and under, and worthless human beings that one should ignore and step around. Which ARE you?

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            Perhaps you’re being attacked not for your opinion, but for how you insist on presenting it? Has that crossed your mind?

            Look, I’ll respect anyone’s opinion as long as they back it up in a way that makes that opinion genuine and believable. The world would be a very boring place if we all thought and liked the exact same thing after all. That respect gets thrown out the window as soon as you start tossing out the sexist comments and contradicting yourself (doubly so if you manage to contradict yourself in the same sentence).

            You see, being self-contradictory tends to make you look less believable so remember this when you accuse someone of acting like ‘some damn online cop (or hall monitor, or den mother)’ only to immediately go on about how you’re ‘not about to have a bunch of lifeless nerds try to crap all over peoples “comments” every time they see something they don’t like.’ Because ‘not having that’ actually would make you some undefined authority figure on who does and doesn’t get to reply to your comm…oh I’m sorry, replies.

            Also, nice story about how you’re not attacking when your reply calls the people who don’t share your opinions ‘some damn online cop’, ‘lifeless nerds’, ‘girl scout den mother’, ‘hallway monitor’, ‘women with too much estrogen in their system who don’t know when to shut up’ and ‘white knights’. Look, I’m sure you’ve got a very good explanation as to how none of those terms are derogatory in the context of your reply, but trust me when I say that they are perceived as an attack and as such will only serve to incite people to actually counterattack.

            Which brings me to my next point: if you want us to shut up, maybe you should try to not insult us when you talk to us. Especially if you’re going to be all sexist and calling us ‘women who need to shut up already’ because for one, I hope you realize that we’re a couple decades past the time that a man could dictate when a woman was allowed to speak and when she wasn’t and two, I find it extremely funny that you tell us that we don’t know when to shut up when you yourself seem to have an incessant need to have the last word in an online argument.

            Bottom line: work on your presentation, if you don’t want to be attacked or replied to, then don’t lash out or word your comments as demands.

          • Riku Himawari

            “A lot of you act just like women, I feel like I’m arguing with my girlfriend or something you just don’t know when to shut up, you just keep nagging and nagging and nagging. Like you all have too much estrogen in your system. Just shut up already and get the idea not everyone is going to like what you like or agree with your opinion just like every other normal humanbeing on earth has.”

            Welcome to the Internet.

            It’s not that you don’t make sense. In fact, that little tidbit of your comment made me smirk on how factually right it is. You get a thumbs up from me, for what that’s worth. Simply because I do share a lot of the opinions you expressed.

            It is still quite apparent that you’re behaving like a cornered animal, though.

        • Erich Williams

          Ah yes, responding to a reasonable statement by being rude. When has that ever worked, again?

      • Edward

        No one likes you ;)

        • PeaTearGryfin

          Correction. You don’t like me. Here you go again speaking for the entire fanbase again. When will guys like you learn that your opinion does not reflect the entirety of this site’s fanbase. Besides if nobody liked me than why does that comment you responded to have 9 likes huh. Why do I have 102 likes for 75 comments posted on this site. btw. It’s sad when you have gone into Gozarisagod territory by throwing out childish insults and hoping they stick.

          • Erich Williams

            I, for one, found your remarks educational and on-topic. You also make an excellent point: he posts these because it’s become a lot harder to meet deadlines because of life circumstances. Heck, I’d do it, and I enjoyed thhe session. Some of the long lapses of nothing were kind of boring, but that happens. And don’t people know they don’t have to click the link if they don’t want to? They can verify before even clicking that the episode is a long 2-parter of a Pathfinder session.

    • noredpaint

       i was thinking the same thing. Watching someone else play a game online for four hours feels kinda sad. If its for entertainment then edit it down to just the good parts, cuz as it stands its boring as hell. I couldn’t make it 10 minutes in. If the point is to showcase this game and demonstrate play, surely it would be more beneficial to be concise. I feel like lately these guys think that everything they do is funny, and then the lonely nerds take to the comments to congratulate them on another awesome, hilarious video; when in actuality they’re mostly pretty mediocre. Spoony used to be one of the funniest, but he might have fallen victim to the same internet fame disease that makes all of these guys seem to think that they’re never not funny, as opposed to only sometimes funny.

    • LordofTibera

       -Coming from one of your “pathetic” peers here on TSE who sat and watched the whole thing, this video was never meant to be overtly funny, just an insight into how Spoony DMs and to just see a DnD he’s running. There’s nothing to really “get.”

      -I mean, watching two parts of the Phantasmagoria Let’s Play back to back is over 3 hours so idk why you’re being so judgmental, dude.

      • CaptainDingaling

         I never said this video had to be funny, so please don’t put words in my mouth. I honestly can’t stand when people need to do that to try and make their already invalid opinion more valid. It’s cool if there’s an informative video up but try to at least edit and provide some incite as to what is going on and what you want people to get out of it. 4hours is a lot of footage, and it be much better and easier to swallow and not such a turn off if he condensed it to show highlights and maybe did a voice over to explain what his strategies were. I’m trying to give what he’s doing a chance but if you’re not into this sort of thing 4 hours of footage is just background noise while your doing work on your pc.

        • LordofTibera

           -I actually realize that when I said the video didn’t have to be funny that I was commenting on the guy below you, so cool it.

          -Also, calling someone’s opinion “invalid” is kinda harsh don’t you think? Sounds like you’re saying that what I say doesn’t matter because you told me it doesn’t.

          -I just feel that for people who don’t know a lot about DnD, like me, it’s great to see the whole uncut experience so I can get an idea of what’s normitive. I also understand that a lot of people may not like that which, I guess, can’t be helped.

        • sams88

          1- Stop being a pretentious jerk, the it makes YOU pathetic.

          2- The video is intended has an illustration of a DnD game only, contrarily to the Thieves world which was a resume of a a campaign. While you might ”have a life”, you need to be intellectually obtuse to not be able to make this elementary distinction.

          • CaptainDingaling

            What is the problem with some of you people really? Its 4am and I just got back home from having a kick ass time with my friends and I have about 6 Disqus emails telling me I have replies from the Spoony experiment.

            You people needs lives for real if you have that much time in the day to go around e-attacking complete strangers on forums because you feel butt hurt over what they said. I haven’t even been vulgar or rude. I only gave some decent feedback that would help make these videos more enjoyable to watch.

            “you need to be intellectually obtuse to not be able to make this elementary distinction.” With an overly dramatic statement like that you’re trying to call me a “pretentious jerk”? Self evaluate there much weirdo?

          • Erich Williams

            You call your peers pathetic, and yet you didn’t expect this. Being a jerk has repercussions, life has consequences. Learn it, and your awesome life of partying won’t be interrupted as often.

          • James Walker

             You, my good sir are a troll face, and a bitch.

          • CaptainDingaling

             Another morning, another dumbass comment in my inbox.

             Is this forum full of lifeless nerds/social rejects these days or what?

            How about you go practice losing your virginity and stop your online QQing.

          • James Walker

            Would you like a hug? I think you need a hug.

          • CaptainDingaling

            Ah, another day and another dumbass comment in my inbox from a “Spoony Experiment” Nerd/social reject to delete.


  • weckar

    How come all your big bads are women Spoony?

    • Alex Stritar

      Because evil is an equal oppertunity employer.

      • KyleS

        Then why are they ALL women as he stated?

        • Edward

          Spoony thinks vaginas are evil.

          It’s the sarlac pit all over again…

    • William Staples

       To be fair, in this case the female villain came from the published module he’s using.

  • Jesus Angel Garza

    I was glad Spoony put on some music during that wait, I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was Dvorak No. 8. Some of my orchestra mates and I love your work, Spoony! 

    • vivaverdi

      There was a lot of good music in the background.  Mozart, Tchaikovsky to name a few others.

  • Robby Dussault

    Can you do a counter monkey on the Campaign where Joe and the demon varaketh were fighting like men.

  • bizz

    that is so a great Upload Thanks spoony 
    Make more!

  • MisterCrim

    Poor Sean. Those rolls sucked. but dayyum Color Spray is OP.

    I sincerely thank you for this Spoony. I’ve never seen a game played before so I’ve never had the feel for how one would flow. This’ll help me get over my fear of being a total nooblet when I finally find a group to start playing with.

  • Urban Sniper

    Not the most action packed game I’ve seen, but then again, I think everyone’s still trying to get into their characters, so that’s to be expected.  Overall, I liked this a lot.  Makes me really envious that I’ve only had a single player for so long; almost forgotten what its like to have a real party.  I’ll definitely be tuning in for more.

  • David_Dennings

    This isn’t content.

    • CaptainDingaling

      Tell me about it. What sucks the most is that Noah has really been stuck on these review subjects no one is interested in right now. If he was smart and wanted to bring in more hits and views he would know he should have saved his 4 hour footage to do a live stream of the GW2 Beta. That is the hottest topic right now and live streams have been flooding with people trying to get a glimpse of the game. It kind of makes you think really that most of the vids don’t have much to do with anything although a lot has been happening in the gaming world,movie world, and just life in general that you think he might want to make a video or vlog about but…. egh… 

      • Erich Williams

        Oh yes, and all the people who enjoy Counter Monkey and asked for this aren’t people.  This site is Spoony’s personal blog, and DnD is his personal life. If he wants to occasionally post footage of what he does in his spare time, that does not mean he’s replacing content: it simply means there’s more content. A lot of you fair weather fans haven’t been following Spoony as closely as you pretend; the biggest reason he does more vlogs than full reviews now is mostly due to health and, well, other things going on like the TGWTG anniversary special. Writing a script takes time, and editing takes time. That and energy. It’s not our place as fans to impose quotas on Noah, especially when they’re so derogatory.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           I couldn’t have said it better myself. The only thing I would like to add is that Noah does not do this kind of stuff just for the ad venue. If he did don’t you think he would have picked something much more mainstream. Noah picked Pathfinder because he legitimately enjoys this game. Not everything about this site deals with making more money.

        • George Rosenbaum

          “…writing a script takes time…”

          Then explain how Angry Joe can play a video game of similar length, write a script about it, and shoot it in FAR less time than Noah.

          It does not take two months to make a review of a video game. Angry Joe alone is proof of that.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Angry Joe also doesn’t have half the production values that Spoony does. Joe can play a game, script it, get in front of his green screen and shoot it in a matter of days. Spoony: a) doesn’t have the time on his hands that Joe does b) puts so much more into each of his reviews whether it be the characters or what have you and c) Joe doesn’t have several debilitating health concerns that can sometimes stop him for days at at time from getting new material out. 

          • CaptainDingaling

             ” Angry Joe also doesn’t have half the production values that Spoony does” Yeah, you mean like setting up his green screen, loading in game play footage, touching up all that graphical work, then editing, then launching, and then promoting the video? Or like Spoony just turning his camera on and sitting on his bed talking about whatever is on his mind. Explain? George made a very good point.

          • PeaTearGryfin

             Ok Ok. Maybe production values wasn’t the best way to go about this, but the whole Noah needs to step it up because X reviewer is putting out more content doesn’t work for 2 reasons. 1. Work ethic. Most of the other guys haven’t had to deal with overwhelming sickness lately that can hold them back for several days at a time. and 2. Most of the others didn’t just spend the past month appearing in two different movies (the Cinema Snob’s movie and the TGWTG 4th Year Anniversary). That kind of workload would take a lot of energy to pull of and so honestly the best thing that we as fans can do is patiently wait until Noah is back in full swing and able to make videos again.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            Actually I don’t think George made a very good point because his point is all about comparing two reviewers with a different review style. One of which plays a game and writes a review about it, pointing out its good and bad points and giving a final verdict, the other plays a game and makes jokes about all the silly, nonsensical bullshit that’s happening onscreen and off. There is a HUGE difference between writing a script that highlights pros and cons and backing these up with images on a green screen and writing funny jokes and then either having to get the delivery right, find/record/capture a clip from a movie, TV show or song before editing all of the footage you have (which will be a LOT of clips to manage) into a coherent whole. As for Joe’s green screen, I would imagine that someone who uses a green screen for the bulk of his productions would have one set up permanently.

            Noah and Joe are two different people and any two different people will never produce the same amount of work in the same amount of time so this comparison wouldn’t work even if both did the exact same type of review. Furthermore, do any of you actually know Noah or Joe outside of what they do online? Because I think it’s pretty strange that apparently everything they do throughout the day is common knowledge (some of these comments would certainly suggest that, anyway).

            If you’re that eager to compare Spoony’s recent videos (the ones where he’s just sitting in front of a camera and talking) AT LEAST compare them to another reviewer doing the same thing, like Brad Jones’s current movie stuff.

          • George Rosenbaum

            I actually though very carefully about who to compare Noah to, and it would make no sense to compare Noah and Brad.

            Brad does doesn’t do video game reviews, which take much longer than movie reviews because of the sheer amount of content in a video game compared to a movie. Most of the review process involves capturing the actual footage, so it made more sense to compare him to someone who reviews games, like Joe.

            And I really don’t believe that it takes Noah so much longer than Joe to write a review. Not only do both of their reviews last the same amount of time (about 30 minutes), the games they play are about the same length. Are you really going to argue that Spoony’s write/shoot/edit process is several WEEKS longer than Joe’s? I can understand a few days, but WEEKS?!

            It takes Joe about two-three weeks to make a review, but it takes Noah two months. Where is this time gap coming from? I can understand a slight variation in time (they are two different people, after all), but this is pretty extreme.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Okay. WHY doesn’t Spoony have the time on his hands?

            In fact, Angry Joe has LESS time on his hands because he does all those interviews. It’s not easy to fly all over the country to schedule this kind of stuff.

            It sounds like you’ve never edited a video before. It may look easy, but you have to get the timing of your cuts down to the MILLISECOND, otherwise a joke will feel awkward. I remember a school project where I spent a solid week outside of school doing nothing but editing touches.

            I can understand you not liking Angry Joe’s STYLE, but that has nothing to do with EFFORT. He works just as hard editing his video’s as everyone else.

            In fact, that’s why his Vlogs and Counter Monkeys are so lazy. Oh, their ENTERTAINING, don’t get me wrong. But I bet the only editing he did, if anything, is a little audio adjustment.

        • CaptainDingaling

          —-feedback about website current status and latest video—–

          Thank you for sharing your personal views but too many of you make excuses for Noah’s lack of work ethics. He started to do current events and talk about current games/movies/subjects but he’s too laid back(lazy) to keep up with the output other reviewers do on those same subjects so he gave it up. Then he started doing his niche videos which was fine but it was always about the same stuff and it went on for months till it lost its flavor and became bland.

          — Marketing Point Example 1——

          It cool to share what you like personally as you’ll find a lot of reviewers do that every now and then but the key to success with a website especially one about reviewing games and movies is to mix things up. Like take the Cinema snob for example. He does his old obscure movie reviews, he does his Vlogs talking about new movies,he does his brad tries,he has his kung fu movies, and various other things but he mixes all these things up so if you don’t like one subject he presents you can click on another. Variety really does wonders when it comes to attracting a larger fan base.

          —–Marketing Point Example 2——
          Angry Joe does this and it really improved his success phenomenally. He reviews a broad range of games and even if they are popular and everyone else is reviewing them he finds things to talk about that no one else has pointed out about the games or tries to get in touch with the developers to talk about the games and that’s really cool. He’ll do an MMO,Fighting game, console RPG etc. etc. but there’s always something interesting to check out. He even did a Tera review and look, barely any website even the dedicated MMO’s websites have gone into the same depth as he did about that game. He doesn’t try to please people (as in a direct audience interested in a specific style of games) he just puts his spin on the games and give his point of view while addressing the point of views from other larger review websites and that’s a cool idea.

          —-Marketing point 3—–
          What’s really sad is that I’m not attacking Noah (although for whatever reason some white knights can’t seem to grasp what feedback is),this is really is just website marketing advice. On 4/28/2012 in gaming history no one is searching for 4 hour videos on “Pathfinder Live!”, they want to see “GW2 Live!”. Some websites are doing 24 hour footage and getting major clicks. It would have been great to see Noah trying GW2 beta.

          Sometimes it’s cool to do what you want but also there’s nothing wrong in doing what’s going to make bigger earnings for you either and who knows maybe attract more people into following your work.

          That’s all I really wanted to say.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            The thing is, though, that the Spoony Experiment has never been about being on the cutting edge of modern video game entertainment. Just take a look at the games Spoony has talked about on this site it’d be difficult to find many that have been made in the last decade, let alone full reviews that aren’t Vlogs.

            I can certainly see your point about it being a good thing to get more people this way and generate more clicks/ad revenue, but the fact is that the Spoony Experiment is a one-man show that deals with games, movies and other stuff that interest that one man. That is what brought the fans here in the first place.

            True, there’s nothing inherently wrong with doing something to make a bit of extra money, but I don’t see how Spoony talking about GW2 (incidentally, a game that doesn’t interest me in the least) is going to bring in a truckload of new viewers when other sites are capable of doing much more with regards to reviewing, releasing content about it and generally doing it justice.

            The people who are searching for reviews of the newest games aren’t going to be interested in what the Spoony Experiment has to offer in that regard, they’re better off going to one of the many, many websites that are dedicated to that kind of content. 

            What you’re proposing isn’t a good marketing strategy for this website. It would require a complete retooling of the website’s content strategy that, even if it can be done by the man behind it, would only serve to alienate a large part of the current fanbase while simultaneously putting Spoony in direct competition with some of his affiliates. So at the same time he’d be losing a chunk of his current income to enter what is already an over-saturated market segment while not being able to keep a schedule that allows him to keep up with the big guns. 

  • Wonderful_Person

    If Tolkien wrote in detail every single step and miniscule event everyone took to get to the volcano in LotR I imagine it would be something like this. Like many games they’re only fun when you’re the one playing them.

  • KyleS

    Some of you guys need to work on your character banter.

    • theinconsequential

      Repost due to not having my account verified.

    • theinconsequential

       This comment goes well for both the video and the comment section.

  • cappadocian

    I just wanted to say, yeah, it was a little hard to get through but, I saw it, all 4 hours. Here are my suggestions that Spoony won’t read, and fans will have problems with me having said.
    1- I think some of the issue is that your players don’t roleplay. Try to enforce it a bit more. I’m on the frame of mind that saying ‘my character says’ doesn’t count as roleplay. Marsgirl seemed totally uninterested in everything.
    2- editing a little could help. I mean, the audience doesn’t really need to know your feelings on the word nigger, nigga, or any other words that are ok for some people to say and not others.
    3- and this is the last of my suggestions, but maybe you, personally, should talk to Roses and familarize her to the game. Gunslinger dude seemed to be more or less just doing it all for her. Perhaps she needs a slightly better understanding of what she can do, at least, on her own, and an idea of where to go, with that. I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine to see people playing FOR other people.

    To restate-
    1- roleplay more (“my character says”  doesn’t count. Just Say it. Maybe in a voice you’ve prepared, so people get used to it.)
    2- Edit out things No One cares about.
    3- Talk to Roses and Marsgirl yourself, instead of letting the others do it for you, otherwise they will indeed lose interest and there won’t be boobs at the next game.

    • Terri

      1- Sure it would make our viewing more fun, but it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to roleplay.  It’s like expecting everyone to be the best combo-stringer at one Fighting Game, and that’s not possible.
      2- I like the extra stuff; opportunity to know the players as people and contributes to a realistic playthrough.  The long pauses, however, I can do without.  Edit those.
      3- I think Roses and Marzgirl are throwing themselves into the game and clearly having fun.  And sometimes talking to the newbie personally could make them stick out as the ‘less than player’ to all the group unintentionally.  But accodring to this comment that, in the end, its all about ‘the boobs’, then all this girl DnD player has to say about that is “:P Screw you guys, I’m going to play with Spoony”

      • cappadocian

         1- It’s not that unrealistic to expect people to roleplay in a roleplaying game. It’s in the title, and everything. If you think it’s unrealistic, then I feel sorry for you.
        2- Spoony beat an uncomfortable subject- a racial slur, out long past what is considered okay by those he was talking with. Pauses should be cut, too, imo, but no one needs to hear spoony rant about the n word.
        3- Roses seemed to be trying, but Marsgirl, every single word she said dripped with ‘I’m bored’ undertone. She is one of the tgwtg crew I watch regularly, so I feel I can hear when she’s not into something.
        You’re free to play with spoony if he’ll have you, go for it.

    • Michael Sporzynski

      I thought the recording of the session was kinda meh. A standard RPG fare, not even particularly interesting. And I chuckled a little at the necessity to draw an upturned cart for a fight where the cart (or the map) played no part. Yeah, that drawing contributed a LOT to the imagination of the players.

      Anyhow, all this being said:

       1) I don’t think enforcing roleplaying is ever a good thing. People play RPGs to have fun. Some go strongly into their character, some treat the character as an avatar for doing cool stuff. Why force people to do stuff they don’t necessarily have fun doing?
      2) I appreciate the unedited thing more than I would any edit, actually. It was interesting to see how Spoony runs his games. Heck, given the chance I’d probably play with him as the GM, although what I saw here wasn’t exactly how I tend to play (and I assume it’s not the very best Spoony has to offer, based on his stories from Counter Monkey).

  • M Hollingsworth

    So many unhappy comments on Spoony’s site lately.

    First of all, regarding Counter Monkey in general, there are a couple things fans of Spoony’s reviews who dislike these videos need to understand. One, there are people like me who quite like these videos, and so there is a point in posting them. And two, these videos are not the reason Spoony hasn’t made more reviews lately.

    I’m sure most of us here know that Spoony is having various issues which have interfered with his reviews. I’m not saying this to make excuses for him. But the thing about Counter Monkey is it is easy to do. He basically talks to the camera for a bit, and doesn’t even edit the video before he posts it. (Even if that means he sometimes slips and reveals the actual name of a person he didn’t want to.) This is something he can do in his spare time, it doesn’t take the level of energy that normal reviews do. I’m not saying this to insult Counter Monkey, as I said I enjoy it, but I want to point out that it’s not like it’s stealing much time and effort away from him working on his reviews. I mean, do people really think that spending an average of a couple of hours talking to the camera in an ENTIRE MONTH is what has prevented Spoony from posting his next Ultima review? No, that is silly. Posting these Counter Monkeys allows him to at least put something out there that some fans can appreciate while he sorts out the issues that have interfered with his reviews. It’s not the reason we have not seen more reviews.

    And finally, regarding this video specifically… this is an unedited livestream of a roleplaying session. Some people enjoy watching others play games, especially RPGs. Some people don’t. If you’re in the second group, you’re not going to like this video even if you normally enjoy Counter Monkey. And yah, the video is unedited, and so there are some parts where it may drag, but that is the way it should be. I mean, people are already complaining about him posting Counter Monkey, do we really want him taking the additional time and energy needed to edit over 4 hours of video?

    • George Rosenbaum

      I agree with everything you have said. Unfortunately, your comment is long. Therefore, people will automatically think you are trying to be a kissass.

      Here’s my other point: this decrease in output has lasted for about three years. I think Spoony has heard every manner and style of complaint about this very issue conceivable by the human imagination. And in response, he has done almost nothing to rectify the situation.

      This leads me to believe that complaining about his work, while a noble pursuit, is entirely pointless. Leaving comments does nothing but add to his traffic, and give him a monetary incentive to screw us into creating a money generating flame war.

      The only other option available is to leave The Spoony Experiment. Unless you have an alternative, which I would like to hear if so.

      • Jordy Den Hartog

        The fact that this decline in the amount of posts has lasted for three years now would suggest that the Experiment started when Noah had more time on his hands than he does ‘normally.’ Besides that I can probably think of quite a few reasons for the decline but it’s both meaningless to speculate on the why and it’ll probably turn out to be a combination of factors.

        Whatever the case, I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not Spoony SHOULD be putting out the same amount of stuff he did three years ago but rather whether or not he CAN.

        Because if this were my only source of income I’d be striving to put out as much content as I could. 

  • Elizabeth Pollock

    I enjoyed this a lot, thank you for sharing this session and I hope to see plenty more. Compared to game reviews with gag characters and the like, I prefer Counter Monkey a great deal. Please keep it up!

  • Aaron Bandele

    What program do you use for this?

    • Aron Marczylo

       not sure about the program for recording, but they mentioned skype they’re talking on but I assume you want to know the program they use for gaming on, right? It’s called Maptools, a free software that many people use online either to take pictures and post on forums (like me and others) or to play online with others.

      Here’s where to dl it:

  • jo bo


    This unedited shit is pathetic. Just boring as hell! 4 hours… Seriously?! (I think his sick or working on a big project…)
    You really like this shit? Just get up and go to any game/card store and watch people play IRL damn it!

    Or better… DO it yourself with friends and… FACEPALM!

    (I know, troll, hater, whatever… I don’t give a fuck about your dumb excuses)
    I just need to see how fanboys react to a normal negative comment to understand how fucking low are your social skills

    • Baldicus Maximus

      How is ”
      normal negative comment”? It does say “live” in the title so why would you have expected it to be edited? Why watch it? Maybe some of us are interested in what D and D is all about, given that Counter Monkey has shown us a glimpse. I watched it because a) I wanted to see if it was enlightening b) I’m a fan of Spoony, Marzgurl, Roses, and Shaun and c) if I didn’t like it while watching, hey there’s always the stop button. 

      Your comment has nothing constructive about it, simply the rantings of someone who seems to have an anger problem. Grow up

      Fine you don’t like it. Don’t watch next weeks.

  • LucyHeller

    Hey Spoony, what about this:

    Sorry but thats the kind of stuff I enjoyed the most around here…Counter Monkey and RPG-sessions may be great too, but just like the WrestleWrestle-stories they are for a very specific group of fans.

    Please dont forget your other fans!

  • Aron Marczylo

    Why’s spoony allow a gunslinger? He does know they’re the most horrible, rulebreaking class…

  • George

    “Okay, who just said nigger?”

    Lol that was me.

  • Berkay Markkula

    The players here (except for Skitch) aren’t as good as those that were in the Dethklok campaign or the Wyrmwick/Prewick campaigns. Hope they get better, but for now it’s kinda boring.

  • josh young

    i enjoyed the video. as for you who don’t like counter monkey… don’t watch it.

  • Baldicus Maximus

    Spoony don’t listen to the naysayers. Thanks for the FREE quality entertainment all these years. You’ve opened my eyes to D and D and I’m hoping to find a game in my area soon. 

    People Spoony is simply talking about what he loves. Criticism is fine but it has to be constructive. Simply saying “This Fucking sucks!” means you’re just being a troll and an asshole. Why don’t you like it? Is it because it’s simply 6 friends getting together and playing a game and not some edited review? Guess what in the title it does says “Counter Monkey-Pathfinder LIVE” which means that there wouldn’t be any sort of editing. Don’t like Counter Monkey then don’t watch it. Pissed because Spoony hasn’t released his videos by a regular timetable? Go to another site. Spoony has been giving us these videos for years for free and you have the audacity to bitch and moan to him about that. Grow the fuck up, thank Spoony or going somewhere else, we don’t want you.

    • Erebus_Locke

      People should go away? Because “we” dont want them?


      Stupid fanboys like you are making me more angry than the haters. “Oh we love everything you do dont listen to all the critizism its all ok…..Wait no one is watching anymore?”

      • jo bo
      • Baldicus Maximus

        Wow what’s with the anger? I think you’re getting a little too passionate about this. 

        Sure trending shows people aren’t going to his website, oh no that doesn’t really influence my enjoyment of this free entertainment. 

        See I have no problem with criticism as long as it’s constructive. Why did you not like it? Cappadocian has a great post outlineing just that. Pretty easy to do, and for God’s sake let’s be a little bit more adult about it then name calling I mean all that shows is your a whiny child who when he doesn’t get what he wants, stomps and screams. 

        Am I a fan? Hell yeah. I enjoy Spoony’s videos, but I also know that he’s got other stuff going on and because I’m not paying for it, well frankly I’m willing to give him all the time he needs. Now if I was paying for a service then I would be upset about the uneven nature of his releases but since I’m not…well why worry about it? You’ll live longer.

        • Erebus_Locke

           Whats with the anger? Well check my first comments here. I was polite, even defending Spoony against the “ololol it sucks!!!111″-posts.

          But all I got was “How dare you critizise him RAGERAGERAGE”

          You now Spoonys new videos dont suck, but they are different. So different that he alienates many old fans. And I think he should, once in a while, do some of his classic stuff. The sidebar above still states “Move Reviews” and “Game Reviews”, but instead it could say “Counter Monkey” and “Vlogs”.

          • Baldicus Maximus

            Erebus thanks for that. I hear you about the change in…for lack of a better term, tone in the videos. I know there is a fear  here of the Star Wars effect (alienating fans because of changes to the originals) and I get the statistics the web traffic. My concern is two fold here, if we don’t try new things there there is a fear of stagnation and if Spoony is “forced” to do reviews that he doesn’t want to placate the trolls well then he could just stop all together. Honestly I have no idea what the solution is here. I hope that he can release more videos but I also know that he’s a workaholic so he’s always working on something. Captaindinagling makes a great point about majority rules but that’s in a democracy and this isn’t a form of government. This is some guy, a self proclaimed nerd, doing what he is passionate about. Maybe he’s not as passionate about doing reviews as much, maybe he’s got too much on his plate and should pull back a little.  All I know is that this website has provided me, and obviously you because I can see that you want the same thing I want, for this website to go on for many years to come. 

            See all your trolls out there, we can have adult conversations with out the hate. 

          • Erebus_Locke

            You said “more videos”, but the thing is, thats not needed. Even in his “prime” he only put out like 2 videos a month, one “big one” and a smaller one.

            But there was diversity, one month a game review, the next two vlogs, and then a movie review.

            Today it seems he has “phases” in which he concentrates on one and only one topic. There was the “Wrestle” phase were he only did Wrestling stuff for half a year. And now we have the “RPG” phase.

        • CaptainDingaling

          Maximus here’s something you need to learn. There’s a difference between Logical factual Statistical Analysis, and a personal opinion. Personal opinions never matter at the end of the day only facts do. That’s a large percent of viewers dropping off which also means a great loss in revenue.

          Statistics mean everything.They are meant to end arguments not start them. It doesn’t matter how much “you” personally enjoy something it’s what the masses enjoy that decide the trends of products,shows,games, etc. That is why a show you may love might get cancelled, A game you like may never have a sequel, or a product you enjoyed may be discontinued.

          The “majority” is what always rules, and right now the majority is saying they are dissatisfied with the previous state of this website.

          • Baldicus Maximus

            Cap I hear what you are saying, I really do. That being said we can look at this website two different ways, as a business or as a hobby for the author. If it’s a business then yes statistics rule. Looking at those “returns”there is a deficient result and (to continue with your analogy about shows, games etc) they rightfully should be cancelled, but if we look at it from the prospective of a hobby or a passion project for Spoony, well the statisics don’t matter because it’s all about what he wants. This is his baby, and as much as I want there to be more reviews it all comes down to when he wants to release them. Now on Spoony’s twitter page it does sound like he’s editing something, not sure what but hopefully it’s a review. 

            My personal feelings are that since I’m not paying for it I can’t get mad at the delay in reviews. Once again, simply my personal opinion. 

            Thanks for the clear concise thoughts by the way :-)

          • cappadocian

             The thing you don’t seem to realize is this isn’t free. All these reviewers toss the ‘free’ into our faces anytime they decide to argue against fans that are upset with content. The fact is they generate revenue from ads. Ads most of us have to watch to see the videos. That is an exchange- in return for the entertainment, you need to watch a commercial. Don’t argue that its’ trivial. Spoonys sole source of income, his own words, is this site. So, yes, we are consumers. We do indeed have a vested interest in the product. What we say may not matter to him, but it indeed should, or he’ll eventually have to get a real job. I don’t know about you, but I like 90% of spoony’s videos, and if his depression (something I don’t even believe in) can keep him from doing ANYTHING for months in a go, flipping burgers at McD’s will grind them to a halt. So, pray he listens and starts giving consistant content.

      • CaptainDingaling

        Lulz, Erebus maybe I should just do like you
        instead of trying to talk logic and sense to these people because all I
        get is an inbox full of nerdrage replies. No matter how polite you try
        to be about the problems with the content on this website.

        Facts don’t lie and that trend chart is dead on with this diminishing
        quality/relevancy of this website over the past few years. Truth be
        told these fanboys are accountable for a lot of the diminishing views this
        place gets.

        I’m willing to bet those peak spikes are when Noah did his “Hey guys I’m back” Routine posted up a few vids regularly and then went back to old habits of rarely updating.

        • jo bo

          100% All True

  • CaptainDingaling

    • jo bo

      100% All True

    • Jordy Den Hartog

      Are you still going to give me an explanation on how changing the entire premise of this website so as to resemble an already oversaturated market segment would fix this? Because I still don’t see how Spoony doing the exact same thing as Angry Joe would help Spoony’s situation at all (seeing as how, y’know, the people who want current game reviews can already get those from Joe and it would be redundant to provide them here as well).

      I also really like how that last report shows that this website’s latest rise in value came during the time right after most of the Counter Monkey videos were posted and the other content consisted of the campaign to stop SOPA (which took a LOT of time behind the screens), a bunch of vlogs, two cameos and a single ‘normal’ review (plus one elaborate explanation for the significant drop in the amount of new content that has been released). The last paragraph covers an 11k increase in value, which dropped to its current level despite releasing three ‘normal’ reviews.

      Look, I’m not saying you aren’t correct about the fact that this website used to generate a lot more hits, but between Noah being sick, tired and whatever else is getting in the way of content production, exactly how much do you think demanding this website’s focus to change to your specifications would help get the site back at its peak in value?

      By the way, you’re still comparing apples and oranges. People come to Spoony’s site for far different reasons than they do to Joe’s website. If anything, compare this site to Brad’s site, at least there you can see some similarities in the content that is released.

      • CaptainDingaling

        I think you need to learn how to read charts and graphs and understand statistics and how online revenue works. Graphs values don’t like and neither does money. I’m not going to to go into detail explaining get into a college and take a course on statistics it’s not my job to teach you for free.

        Sept 2010 est value 80K

        April 2012 est value 53K

        You can’t argue with facts.

        • Jordy Den Hartog

          I was referring to the earlier “marketing points” you made that state, and I quote: 

          “Thank you for sharing your personal views but too many of you make excuses for Noah’s lack of work ethics. He started to do current events and talk about current games/movies/subjects but he’s too laid back(lazy) to keep up with the output other reviewers do on those same subjects so he gave it up. Then he started doing his niche videos which was fine but it was always about the same stuff and it went on for months till it lost its flavor and became bland.”
          and “this is really is just website marketing advice. On 4/28/2012 in gaming history no one is searching for 4 hour videos on “Pathfinder Live!”, they want to see “GW2 Live!”. Some websites are doing 24 hour footage and getting major clicks. It would have been great to see Noah trying GW2 beta.”
          That’s a straight example you made in an earlier post that specifically states that the Spoony Experiment should be getting on the GW2 train at a point in time where its sole content creator has already posted that he’s severely tired (he mentioned sleeping for up to 14 hours a day) simply because you say that “the people want to see that” which you don’t back up with any facts that support your theory.And yes, I’m still waiting for your reasoning behind changing the USPs of this website simply because you say it makes more money. Because in my experience, alienating your fanbase is never a good marketing strategy.”Start at point “A” on the graph not point “L”.”It doesn’t really matter at which point you start because without an in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the decline in net worth, your points come from nothing more than pure speculation. And while I probably could analyze the numbers alongside content trends for a three-year period I quite frankly have better things to do in my spare time. The point I’m trying to make here is that you assume that the ONLY reason for the overall decline in traffic to this website lies in the type of content that is provided, when it could just as likely be a general decline in the amount of content that is posted or having other things that take up your time (like for instance new video game releases). I’m not making excuses for Noah here, I’m offering alternate possibilities on the reasons behind the decline you squarely blame on the fact that you find the current content to be “stale.””No I’m making points that are going over your head. It’s not about the subject it’s about being in the genre of online reviews. Your making excuses and it’s really time to hang it up. Joes Data shows a rise in viewers after key points where he made major changes to his website and review quality. His hits have been on a steady increase as he’s been steadily improving. That is called progress.”Apparently I am likewise making points that go over your head because the crux of my point was that it would be far easier for someone like Joe (whose domain is “current video games”) to diversify (because new video games come out across all genres and platforms) than it is for Noah (whose domain is “Nonsensical and weird crap from Noah’s own experiences”). And like my last post I would like to point out that the last time something new was done that still fell within the site’s wheelhouse, it visibly increased the site’s revenue stream as opposed to the content lull beforehand.Furthermore, I’ve been trying to make the point that it’s incredibly difficult to take marketing advice seriously when it comes from someone who cannot get through a single comment without insulting someone or at the very least trowing a very thin veil over the underlying condescension that drips from his posts. See, there are many different ways to provide feedback on something and only rarely will you find that insulting your audience is going to make them listen to what you’re trying to tell them.

          • CaptainDingaling

            Buddy, I don’t mean to be rude but but reading financial business analysis is part of what I do to make a living. You can make a paragraph as long as the equator or try to quote every word and sentence I type but it still all your “opinion”.

            These analysis of this website are facts. A 30 thousand dollar loss within 2 years is a lot. Those values are tied in directly with the websites traffic. It has been losing value because it has been losing viewers.

            If this website was a company it would be heading towards bankruptcy. It if was a product it would be discontinued. If it were a television show it would be cancelled. A steady loss of value over a period of 2 years with only marginal gains then extreme declines is not progress, it is not growth it is the exact opposite, it is a loss in consumer interest,investor interest,and company revenue.

            You don’t understand business,you don’t understand web marketing, and you don’t understand how to read a graph. If you knew about any of those things you would not be arguing with me you would be arguing with this websites owner.

            The trends for this website show that the public has lost interest in it and if the current trend continues “which they more than likely will” the website will eventually continue to fall in value. Untill it A. hit steady low point to cover the average amount of traffic it carries or B. It will continue to lose viewers until it is no longer relevant.

            You cannot argue with facts,you cannot change facts,you cannot deny facts, you can only learn to accept them.

            You’re making the excuse that it’s the market changing and not spoony’s fault for the interest in loss of the “product” he’s offering. Sure, this may be true when speaking about a product that is technology based like VHS loosing profits because of the introduction of DVD’s but th
            is is not that kind of “product” the product he is offering is “entertainment”. When “entertainment” losses profits it’s because the entertainer is A. No longer interesting or B. not providing consistent material to hold and attract a larger audience. To understand how “entertainment” markets work I suggest you study “ticket master” and match average show sellings to an artists career. What you will learn is that there is an increase in sales when an artist A.has recently released new material, B. has been consistently active in the public view. When an artists has poor tickets sales, it is because A. They have not released new material in a long time B. Have been inconsistent in the quality of their performances. C. have taken a long break away from the public eye and are no longer relevant.

            Now C. is tricky because for artists that have reached a Peak standpoint and have been able to maintain a high audience with or without releasing new material are able to still be profitable. Not because they don’t experience market trends but because their average market trend is set high. So they can be considered to have an Average standing of high viewers. These are your top stars, your top celebrities, Your Michael Jackson’s, Your Madonna’s, Your Silvester Stalones, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s etc. etc.

          • Jordy Den Hartog

            Actually, I’ve been arguing with you because I think your opinion one the reason behind the decline of this website is unfounded and, frankly, incorrect.

            Also, if you don’t mean to be rude I would suggest that you drop the condescension and insults. A marketer would know this.Yes, a steady decline in value over two years is a big deal (I feel I should add for clarity’s sake that I have never said anything to the contrary), but my point is that those numbers will still only tell you that something is wrong and not what it is that’s wrong. The point I’ve been trying to make is that you’ve been focusing on only one single possible reason for this decline when it’s far more likely that there are more factors at work. Furthermore I’ve been arguing that even if I’m incorrect and thousands of people simply stopped coming here for the exact same reason, it wouldn’t be the kind of content that brought them here in the first place. In fact, I’ve pointed out that the facts you yourself have presented actually support this (you know, the rise in traffic following the introduction of Counter Monkey late October).

            Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no business analist but I do understand marketing, which leads me to my next point that it still makes no sense from a marketing standpoint to branch out into another market segment that is already crowded as it stands (this, by the way, is not an excuse, there is nothing the Spoony Experiment could add to the field of current game reviews that other websites cannot do better). Likewise, it makes no sense to lure in new viewers with the promise of content that (as you stated, I might add) this website cannot provide for them in terms of both frequency and diversity.

  • LucyHeller

    I think no one here wants more videos, or truly thinks “Counter Monkey” sucks. But we all miss your old style videos, the reason we originally came to your site. Lets Plays, Reviews. So instead of:




    That would be perfect!

    • jo bo

      Because CounterMonkey are esay to do. Sit down and talk. I can do that… But I have a REAL work…

      • Erebus_Locke

         Well back in 2010 it was one Lets Play a month.. That would be enough actually.

        The problem is he isnt doing them anymore at all so it seems…Even his great Ultima Retrospective was abandoned.

        • Baldicus Maximus

          Erebus, I don’t think it was abandoned. Thing it’s just taking him some  time to complete it. With Final Fantasy VIII there was a massive gap between a few parts as well. 

          I wish he would do more let’s play…His SWAT still makes me crack up.  I think Lucy has hit on a really good schedule but CounterMonkey is the easiest thing to do from a technical perspective. It is him sitting down and just, basically, telling us a story. That’s it. Now I think he hasn’t done many vlogs because he hasn’t had the time to go see movies. I also know he’s been sick recently as well. Here’s hoping something comes out soon.

  • Chris Lauderdale

    The comments on this video suck.

    Anyway, I’m sure this was a lot more fun to watch live. I do like how this gave a very nice realistic view of what a Pathfinder game is actually like. Limited roleplay obviously, but not being there in person is problematic, and I can tell some of the players were new to the game. The more comfortable players, like the dwarf, gave a bit of roleplaying, and the new ones were sort of testing the waters.

    I hope the players get more in tune with their characters so they don’t have to keep looking to Skitch for advice and instead hop on it themselves. Skitch was playing Rules lawyer, which is fine at first, but you don’t want him to have to hop in all the time. Give a man a fish/teach a man to fish, that sort of thing.

    Also I don’t think Roses was adding modifiers to some of her rolls (especially d20 rolls), she will have to watch out for that since it affected a few areas that were hit or miss. I think I saw her rolling a flat d20 when she should have been rolling d20 +2 or so.

  • St Joseph

    I know you dont need to hear this from me…but screw everyone giving you shit. I would love to see more of your older style videos too but this was something interesting that i am totally looking forward to seeing more of.

  • Kant Jones

    So what lots of people are arguing and getting mad about, is that this video is boring and it distracted him from making good ones. But think about it D&D is his hobby he plays it, and has a lot of fun with it. So he got some friends together and played. And because he thought at least a few people would enjoy it, he decided to record it using a screen capture or whatever. The reason he did this was not the video, but the game, the video was just extra and adding it took no longer time then playing the game it self.

  • Dan K

    Well I look forward to more of this. 

  • Raleigh

    I think you should start a cult, Spoony. Your fans seem like they’d be eager to drink your Kool-Aid, no questions asked.

    Also, I didn’t watch this video. I do enjoy some of your Counter Monkey stuff as it gives me insight on how to better my DMing, but live streams? 4 hour live streams? I’ll pass.

    Even looking at the still-frames on my screen now, it’s hard. The map is just so sloppy, and this is coming from a guy who can’t draw for shit. The amount of effort you put into your maps and tokens almost mirrors the amount of effort you’ve put into your “work” (you do get paid, right, so it is a job?) the past few months. 

    I run a 4 hour maptool campaign every Friday, and while I really enjoy doing it, I don’t think I could record a session, go into work the next morning hungover as shit and hand the unedited recording to my boss. “Here you go, boss, here’s my contribution to our customers.”

    Get money get paid, Spoony. 

    • John Derivan

      The video was labeled “Live”, you knew full well what you were getting into before you even started the video. And the difference between his viewers and customers are that customers actually pay for the shit they get. You come on, watch a free video, and bitch about it not being what you wanted. Constructive criticism is well and good, but no need to be an ass.

      • cappadocian

         The thing you don’t seem to realize is this isn’t
        free. All these reviewers toss the ‘free’ into our faces anytime they
        decide to argue against fans that are upset with content. The fact is
        they generate revenue from ads. Ads most of us have to watch to see the
        videos. That is an exchange- in return for the entertainment, you need
        to watch a commercial. Don’t argue that its’ trivial. Spoonys sole
        source of income, his own words, is this site. So, yes, we are
        consumers. We do indeed have a vested interest in the product. What we
        say may not matter to him, but it indeed should, or he’ll eventually
        have to get a real job. I don’t know about you, but I like 90% of
        spoony’s videos, and if his depression (something I don’t even believe
        in) can keep him from doing ANYTHING for months in a go, flipping
        burgers at McD’s will grind them to a halt. So, pray he listens and
        starts giving consistant content, and that the quailty improves

        • James Miller

           Don’t like it, go watch something else. It’s that simple. It is literally impossible to make everyone happy even some of the time.

          Think of it this way, if you had it your way do you think everyone would be happy? No, more people would probably hate it.

          And depression is a real thing douchebag.

          • cappadocian

             I wasn’t asking for my way. I was suggesting that more content, and spending a few minutes editing, would be better then not doing those things. I extrapolated that it’s in his best interest to do so, being as this is the way he makes a living, and that if he stopped making the money, the site would stop.

        • Ben Smooker

           Seriously? You think a 30 second ad is suitable payment for hours and hours worth of work putting together a show, the writing the editing and everything else?
          I would wager that the ad revenue he gets isn’t even akin to minimum wage. Hense why most of TGWTG still have jobs to support themselves.

  • Christopher Shanahan

    Where is this program? I’d love to use this in place of full meet ups because it’s easier to just get on skype over actually meeting up

    • Raleigh
      Download the b87 one, not the newest b88. Unfortunately b88 has a ton of problems and glitches and I’m not sure if they have fixed it yet.

      It’s an easy as hell program to learn. I figured out how to run a campaign on it in less than 10 minutes, and a player I had that showed up last week had never even used it before, and all he had to get explained to him was macros.

      Literally jumped in with no knowledge of the program and was able to play instantly.

      It’s pretty awesome.

  • John Derivan

    This was a blast to watch, and as a person getting interested in playing D&D I hope you continue to post these sessions on your site. The haters can bitch all they want, keep it up Spoony! 

  • Rob Frechette

    Ignore the haters. I for one, enjoyed these vids, and hope that you post more. I want to find out what happens next.

  • Alex Panayotopoulos

    So, in the interest of there being a fair representation of what the fanbase thinks, I thought I should throw in my two cents; I enjoyed watching this game being played. Granted, it’d be nice if he had more maps, and if the players would get a little more into character, but I’m not here to look at pretty pictures and I understand that it takes time to get invested in a character. I thought the effort he put into playing the NPCs was stellar. I look forward to what comes next. Also, for the record, I like the Counter Monkey videos.

  • James Miller

    i don’t really understand how people think that stuff like this kept you from making other videos. It’s just a recording of a live stream.

    Anyway, I’ve never played D&D and probably never will. I love counter monkey and I enjoyed these videos as well.

    Keep posting them and I will keep watching them. And I won’t sit here and fucking bitch about it either.

  • ilya sul

    I like the idea, but I would love to see a session with better role players or people who take this thing more seriously.

  • Riku Himawari

    I’ve been a fan of Spoony for a very long time — more than I’m proud of, personally — but I feel I need to post this here, for whatever it is possibly worth, in hopes that anyone with half a brain might shed a little light on a few possible misunderstandings on my behalf, or just to otherwise vent out this frustrating cycle.

    I’m growing rather tired of all this, and I want to let it be quite clear that I’m not leaving because of videos as of late. I’m leaving strictly because of the hilariously polarized, predictable and trope-filled community that has been grown on this website. I cannot stand another hateful comment, I cannot stand another ass-kissing comment. Mostly because they’re the same. Nobody seems to have a decent mind of their own here. It’s gotten to a point of utter madness and I do not wish to be a part of this. If THIS is the general audience Spoony is serving to, then that just tells me that whatever product being “sold” here just isn’t for me anymore. I know it might seem as “overreacting” on my behalf, but this website is just the first to go among the many that seem to be growing in the exact same manner.

    I’m not one to judge a few mishaps along the way, but I want to tackle a few of these issues with my personal opinion.

    The Depression Argument:

    First of all, let me get this out of the way: I work in the business, and I know what the hell I’m talking about. 
    It’s easy to attribute a significant decrease in motivation to depression. In fact, a lot of my colleagues have written down “Textbook Depression” as a means to achieve a placebo effect with the patient. Myself, I’ve prescribed Ben-U-Ron as an antidepressant, and the moron took it and actually “got better”.

    Everybody and their uncle suffers from “depression” nowadays. I don’t know what his true condition is, and I don’t know how good (or stupid) his doctor is (I’ve met a few American psychiatrists and psychologists during meetings and… goddamn you guys need books), but please keep in mind that in 80% of the cases, it isn’t really depression as it is chronic laziness (and I mean that in the most comedic way possible), procrastination, lack of moral incentive, lack of social incentive, borderline loss of interest for the subject at hand… you name it. Just… Not depression.

    For all YOU people know, all that happened is: Spoony MOVED ON. He is well old enough to have rearranged his priorities by now. Maybe his interests got kicked up a few notches, maybe “The Experiment” isn’t his “LIFELONG DREAM!” anymore. Maybe, he just grew the fuck up. Stop assuming this is his limit. Stop assuming this is all he is ever going to want to do with his life. Stop assuming he’ll be updating this shit until his late 50s for your viewing pleasure. And start getting ready to realize that sometimes, even over night, “shit changes”, just like that.

    And maybe this is Spoony’s unconscious way of telling himself that “shit has changed”.

    The White Knighting

    I have never witnessed a more obsessive fanbase in my life. I love my RPGs to death, but I have the common fucking courtesy to either politely discuss, or just to shrug off opinions don’t match my own. Were you people raised by fucking gorillas? Is this “fun” to you I can even point out an example that might be happening in response to this very comment. And if this gets ignored, so be it. Just scroll down. See how much hatred is being spread. See how much hatred is being shared between people that completely oppose one another. See how they act in the exact same way towards eachother? So different, yet so alike, in so many ways. How ironic.

    For the last time: Where your “allegiance” lies does not matter. Hate Spoony or love Spoony, you are acting IN THE EXACT SAME WAY. Who the hell are you to judge eachother? Or anybody else for that matter?

    Anthagonizing Constructive Criticism

    I get it. This is the Internet. We never know someone’s true intention. They may be trying to act like an ass, but just justifying it as “constructive criticism”. BUT THAT WORKS BOTH WAYS.

    Have you ever stopped to think that you people might have pushed away someone who genuinely loves Spoony for who he is, but is just trying to get his point across about a few things? I thought you people CARED about Spoony. And now you’re depriving him of people who care to love him by trying to be helpful instead of licking his balls all the time?
    I would have given Spoony a World if I had a spare one, just for the genuine honesty in his words, and his potential to have followed this dream of his after so many things we wrong, but your moronic ideologies make me not even want to be here anymore.

    And yes, I know some of you will vomit out some “good riddance” bullshit. The problem is, you can bet it’s not just me. Some of us have real-life problems to deal with. Some of us are here to relax, to feel integrated with a social emulation of sorts with more-or-less like-minded people. Some of us are too old for this constant Internet struggle you people seem to be so fond of.
    I’m willing to bet that most of those same people could have been few of the most loyal Spoony fans. But everytime we remember that Spoony exists, all we can attribute him to is an endless, pointless fight in the comment section over something trivial and downright stupid. So, we just lose interest altogether.

    How’s that weigh in on your conscience? Does it matter to you? Of course it doesn’t matter to you. On the Web, the slightest, most remote form of having a goddamn conscience doesn’t exist. And that is PRECISELY why you’re stagnant. All this is anymore is literally a gladiators’ arena for people with nothing to do in their spare time.

    Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a psychologist. And in my line of work, people who pick pointless (and most of the time, physically harmless) fights in their spare time as their idea of fun are usually people who have it WAY too easy. It’s not because their childhood was “rough”, because they are “dark and brooding” or because they’re argumentative geniuses. They just downright have nothing better to do with their life.

    This goes to the trolls to. Not just the White Knight Guild going on here.

    “Don’t like it, don’t watch it” Argument

    This argument is part true, part mentally challenged. If we’re here in the first place, that probably means we like it. Likewise, if we had absolutely no interest in this, why would we be here to begin with?

    In lieu of burping out the (most likely) most overused catchphrase on anything video-oriented just about everywhere on the Internet, how about asking why the person has a problem at all? How about trying to find a general concensus? Is that too much to ask of you people? Are your duties so overwhelming and are your egocentric aspirations so ridiculously irrelevant to society that you ACTUALLY feel better about insulting or disregarding someone outright instead of taking some of your time to actually CARE?

    Wow. There went 30 minutes of my life straight out the window for, probably, no reason at all. But, I’ll leave it at that.

    Oh well. By this point, I would much rather give 30 minutes into a post nobody’s going to value than to read more of your repetitive and predictable Internet brawling.

    I leave the community with a fond farewell, I tip my hat over to Spoony for putting up with these monkeys up until today — no wonder he rarely even bothers to comment or read these anymore — and I thank you for the time, if you’ve bothered to read this far.

    • Vargtass

      I rarely even look over the comments anymore for this exact reason. This time your mega-post got into the view of my mega screen when I was starting up the Part 2 and I just had to pause the video and read it.

      I fully agree. I love Spoony, I hate this incessant fucking commenting. It’s the same wherever I go. I have dropped several shows on TGWTG just because their “fans” are such a pile of rancid dumbasses they spend more times in the comment section spreading their equally rancid shit rather than the video itself.

      Yeah it’s your “opinions”, you are trying to “critique” and “defend”. Here’s a big list of what is wrong with you “fans” out there:

      Your “opinions” suck. Why do they suck? Because they fail in their very nature. Opinions are meant to be exchanged, not shoved down someone’s throat. They are meant to be discussed, not slammed with hatred just because “my opinion’s dick is bigger than your opinion’s dick”. You know who had “opinions”? Hitler had fucking “opinions”, Stalin had freakin “opinions”, Ivan the Terrible had them and so did Pol Pot. You know who had actual opinions? Gandhi had opinions, Voltaire had opinions and Martin Luther King Jr had them. Because they could discuss them without spewing bile and two of those were killed by “fans”. If you can’t go five minutes without spewing gall on someone who just spent hours upon hours for your entertainment or without in turn throwing shit on someone who has some well worded and thought out criticism, you are not a fan and you don’t have opinions.

      Speaking of which, whiners who scream out in pain every time Spoony makes one of these, or have a crossover, or wear his shirt backwards, you are not critics. You don’t formulate a valid point and neither are you capable of because you are “fans”. Same thing goes if you word your criticism for two hours to sound smart and then fly of the handle because someone doesn’t agree. Real fucking classy show from the “fans”. A real fan doesn’t cry over an entertainer to get his videos up or the “worthless” extras he throws up here for our sake. So many times I have seen a video which span some 15 minutes come up and just a minute later some “fan” post that they are sick of Spoony not posting any “real” content. Dude, sit the fuck down, watch the video, comment on the video. That’s what this section is for. Commenting on the fucking video that was posted! The real fan throws a party and says “Yes, awesome, can’t wait to get some snacks and see this new video”. If he didn’t like it, he writes something like: “This wasn’t so fun for me because *valid argument from his point of view* but all in all these things were really good *lists some good points to the video*”. But I can see why he wouldn’t do that with all fucking Spoony-crusaders around throwing a shitfit over anything that suggests to be negative. Once again guys, real classy shit!

      And to all you “defenders” out there. Just stop. You don’t need to defend Spoony. He is equipped to do that himself. He has done it before. Want an example? Like the time he told all of you fuckers to stop being assholes. You went ballistic that time, I tell you. How dare he go against you after all you had done for him. I hate to make this example, because it names Spoony as Hitler, but you are the SA to his Hitler. You supported him in the early days and were all good chums. Sure you were a blunt instrument, but he liked you all the same. Then he got big and you got bigger with him. Suddenly you started being the largest douchebags in the comment sections. I am waiting for the Night of Long Knives to happen. The night when Spoony decides to cut you fuckers down so that I can look at the comment section again without becoming physically ill. That will be awesome. You thought his “Banhammer” was rough last time. Just you wait for that day when he snaps on you. Again, sorry Spoony, for making even a remote comparison between you and Hitler, but these SA-punks have to go.

      Final thought from me before I go back to watching Part 2? Perhaps it is time that we throw this comment section away completely. I don’t see any reason for it to stay, it’s just a pile of shit with a few tiny gold nuggets in it. I don’t feel like pawing through shit, not even for gold. I say we shut down comments on the videos and move the whole shebang to the forums where it can be regulated better. Because you fuckers in the comments just made Riku leave the site completely. And I am not far behind. I am tired of your shit and I am sure Spoony is as well. Get your fucking act together, you don’t pay shit for this and you should be goddamn happy whenever he posts several hours of fun entertainment like this. Grow the fuck up, sit the fuck down and shut your fucking face unless you got something constructive to say. THAT is what a comment section is for.

      Go Riku, thanks for giving me the irk to fucking care!

      I can’t stop typing fuck now I am so angry so a good fucking day!


      • Jordy Den Hartog

        Thank you both for these well-articulated posts (that I feel should be required reading before being allowed to even set foot in the comments section.

        I’d add more on how much I agree with pretty much everything you guys said but frankly, there’s nothing I could add that you haven’t already said.

        However, I do disagree on completely closing the comment section for one reason: it is easy to ignore. See, I think that these comments kind of act as a giant sponge that absorbs meaningless comments of the overly negative and ridiculously positive variety. Comments that otherwise would be flooding Spoony’s inbox and subsequently drowning out the mails he may actually want to read.

        And speaking of ignoring comment sections, don’t take this the wrong way but have either of you tried simply not looking at any comments on an online video? I ask this because I rarely venture into the dark depressing swamp that is the comment section and frankly, every time I do I come out feeling that it was a mistake. At best, I’ll leave a comment few people will read and at worst I let myself get dragged into a discussion with either side and soon find myself fighting the urge to stoop to their level of articulation. Neither of those are things I would want in my spare time.

        Simply put, I think it’s strange that you both admit to want to stop (or already having stopped) watching something you have thus far enjoyed simply because of the fanbase (which, as I said, is fairly easy to ignore). I can see Riku’s point about feeling (borderline) ashamed to be associated with this fanbase but frankly, you’ve enjoyed the videos up until this point (presumably, since you both still come to this website) so why would you start to be ashamed now? Still, it’s your free time and your decision what to do to fill that timeI’m just offering an alternative :)

        Also, kudos to Vargtass for that perfect Hitler analogy. This may well be the first time I’ve seen Hitler mentioned in a comment section without him being used as Godwin’s Law intended. And it’s probably also the first time that he’s the ‘positive’ part of the equation while I’m still agreeing with what was said. (which is tough to pull off).

        All in all, good stuff and I hope you reconsider your stance about leaving. 

        • Vargtass

          I haven’t stopped watching Spoony, I would probably have a really boring couple of hours a day if I did. I do ignore the comments, but as I said, Riku’s post kinda caught my eye and he brought up something that I wanted to show support to.
          Now that you say it, I guess it is all good that these comments are here. I’ll just go back to completely ignoring this section and enjoying the videos, but I do hope that some people start considering what they are actually typing up. I took some time reading through comments yesterday after I posted and I must say it was rather mild in comparison to what has been written in the past. I am rather proud of how some people actually discuss things in a calm manner.

          However, some are still assholes. I found a whole new category of these sleazebags who were quite sneaky. The kind that dress up in facts and nice words but are no better than the other “fans”. Stating a fact and then replying to a retort with “you don’t seem to understand what I am saying” is just fucking weak and arrogant. What the fuck do you people know about their knowledge in certain areas and what the fuck gives you the right to judge them? I don’t care what kind of degrees you have to back it up with, you are still an asshole and as such lose any credibility in the argument. Some would argue Riku made himself guilty of this, but he at least made it a valid point and didn’t turn it into a better than thou.

          All in all I have come to agree with your thoughts Jordy. Keep the comment section up and try to keep it civil, perhaps I’ll be returning to actually reading the comments after watching the video some day. And the Hitler analogy I have actually used once before in real life to a very similar situation, it’s kinda ironic to me to have used it twice already in less than a year.

          Have a fine day everyone!


          • Jordy Den Hartog

            Just to clear things up, I was referring to what you said about dropping several shows on TGWTG because of the way their fanbases act in comment sections ;)

        • Ben Smooker

          That was put far better than I ever would have managed. I see this a lot on the internet where something is hated because the fans are annoying. I’ve got a few friends who refuse to play certain games or watch certain movies because “The fans just won’t shut up” and while I understand the notion of apathy derived from over saturation I don’t understand why someone can be turned off something they enjoy simply because of *other people*

          The only way I can see the unsavoury fans being a bar towards enjoying the free entertainment provided is when said fas begin to sway the content of the show, either delibertely or without knowing it. What I mean is when someone like Spoony (Using a name as an example, I’m not suggesting this has happened) ends up pandering to his fans either to keep them happy and boost his ego or just to avoid their wrath. When fans begin to dictate the content and direction of a show, that’s where stagnation begins to set in. The host becomes less about himself and more of a puppet, brought out and made to dance for the ignorant masses with no original thoughts, just doing a show-by-numbers. I’m not sure if Spoony dipped into this before, perhaps on some of his more inflamatory videos that felt more about screaming rage than objective critisism about the subject at hand, I am sure I noticed a change of quality for a time for about a year which he seemed to have moved on from.

          I never read the comments directly under a video unless I do a search for a word and want to see if someone made a connection to something in the video like I did (a moment of the review that reminded me of a scene from a movie, for example, and I want to see if anyone esle thought the same). I like to watch Spoony’s video, make my own mind up and move on. I see Spoony as “favourite snack” of my preferred internet reviewers. I like to indulge infrequently. To have your favourite snack every day quickly burns you out on it and makes it *not* your favourite snack. Best to have it every now and then to remind you of why it’s so good. Spoony posts videos slowly, he’s under no obligation to continue doing anything and sooner or later TGWTG is all going to come to an end. It’ll be a sad day, but nothing lasts forever and we’ll all move on.

          I guess the bottom line is to watch Spoony’s videos as the entertainment they’re meant to be. If you’re not enjoying it, then you can simply click “back” and watch something else. Critisism can be used if you watched it all the way, thought it had merit but lacked in certain areas. People seem to prefer leaving out the “constructive” part of the constructive critisism, since that’s much harder to do. Easy as hell to tell someone “You suck”. What’s difficult is saying “You suck *because*” and following it up with “Here’s how to improve” and make it actually helpful, rather than simply a list of demands on how you want your puppet to dance for you this time.

    • Kyle Rybski

      I don’t disagree, but I have to be honest with you: a lot of what you say makes it discouraging that you claim to be a practicing psychologist.

    • Atmos_Duality

      Oh, there are those of us who attempted to approach this even-handedly.

      But we’re drowned out by the cacophony of Trolls, White Knights and entitled whiny imbeciles who think they’re “owed” something from someone whom they don’t actually fund or support.

      (Ad-revenue doesn’t actually cost you anything. Oh boo hoo! You lost 30 seconds of your life checking to see if he had a new video, and then spent collective minutes whining about how he didn’t. Does nobody else see the idiocy at work here?)

      What Spoony does with his life from this point onward is his business and not ours.
      I don’t get what it is with modern culture and society assuming that people have stake in celebrities (public figures like politicians, who actually make decisions that could impact your life, I can see the rationale in).

      Hanging around and generating ad-hits for him just so you can complain won’t give him much incentive to make new videos.

    • Andrew Turner

      This is why I rarely ever read comments or make comments. The less I read/add to this section the less I have to be annoyed about in the long run. For me it’s the entertainment that Spoony and the rest of the TGWTG team produce, not the myriad fucktards that frequent boards and comments sections (Youtube is rife) one upping each other into infinity. Perhaps this is unsociable in a way but it saves many a headache and wasted typing of points that are gonna just get shot down because someone wants to shoot them down. Not that they have a constructive comment to make in the first place. If a comment contributes to a discussion even in some small way fine, if it’s just for the ‘lulz’ as I have come to know them then it is wasted keystrokes.

      I’m not saying I’m completely innocent in not complaining about Spoony’s lack of productivity lately. I understand that loosing someone is fucking hard, I’ve gone through it myself only recently. But to have dropped the productivity so much for so long is crap because I look forward to each and every video and wish there was some sort of weekly schedule forthcoming. As it stands I’ll keep coming back every few weeks to check up on new videos And ignore these comments sections as much as humanly possible

    • SagaciousDave

       I can agree with several of things you’re saying but I feel that there’s a big flaw.  The main one being that you aren’t complaining or commenting on Spoony’s lack of productivity.  Personally, I’m in the camp that thinks he SHOULD be more productive for the simple reason that he makes his living doing this.  He doesn’t have a job and all of his revenue comes from the site and donations.  As such I feel he DOES have an obligation to produce reviews on a consistent basis.  I can understand depression being a valid excuse for being delayed but as I’d commented before there was a good six month period where he didn’t do ANYTHING except post old stuff or other people’s work.  Not cool.
           However I’ve gotten off track.  The issue that I have with your comment is that you’re saying that you’re going to stop watching because of his douchebag fans.  I freely admit that many of his commentor’s ARE douchebags and trolls.  Quite a few of his loyal and intelligent fans were driven away by that porkbeast he was dating and I think her negative influences are still lingering.  Spoony seems quite a bit more arrogant and full of himself these days.  He is still funny though.  You say you’re going to stop watching because of the fans though not because of Spoony.  Why bother reading the comments?  You semi address this under the “Don’t like it don’t comment” section but you casually dismiss it with a dig at people’s mental competency.   I guess I’ll even allow you that.  Perhaps it’s important to you to read every single comment by every idiot.  The thing that really irks me though is that actually of two parts:  Firstly, you are completely and utterly dismissive of any dissenting argument or statement, casually referring to any disagreement as being stupid or internet whining.  For a person claiming to be a psychologist I find that particularly distressing.  Secondly you make the claim that Spoony isn’t worth watching anymore because of the fans.  Here’s a quote “whatever product being “sold” here just isn’t for me anymore.”  If you’ve been on the internet for more than five minutes and if you’ve dealt with human beings for more than thirty seconds you realize that the first person to speak and the loudest is usually an idiot.  The majority of a fanbase are seldom as dumb and annoying as the vocal part.  However you’re using a very flawed form of reasoning one that is primarily used by Hipsters.  If something is popular with a large group of people or a certain demographic you equate it with crap.  By your rationale, you should stop eating food or breathing air because the VAST majority of those who do so are idiots or insects.  I have no problem with you attacking Spoony or his fans when you have a reasonable reason to do so.  I believe in calling people out on their mistakes or when they get full of themselves.  You, however, aren’t making any comment on the quality of his work or even saying it’s bad.  You’re saying you are quitting because people you don’t like comment.  That’s just silly.  Furthermore it almost seems to me that you are making things up or trolling.  A reasonable person just doesn’t make the irrational claims you do and your statements on Depression are rather suspect to say the least.  I have a lot of experience wit depression myself and my depression is a chemical issue.  I can’t control it without the aid of medication and it’s been this way my whole life.  It seems to me that you are casually dismissive of the issue and don’t seem to take it seriously at all.  Also what kind of Psychologist says a person needs a “Moral incentive”?  What the hell is a “Moral incentive”?  That sounds less like something a psychologist would say than something a priest would say.

    • CheshireBat

       Wow. You sound like the worst psychologist ever. Very, very little respect for your patients too.
      Here’s hoping that you’re just a random douche making up titles to make your opinions seem more important.

    • Simoneer


    • cappadocian

      you’re a fucking liar, dude. You’re not a psychologist.

  • Alex Stritar

    Say, how come session 2 isn’t up yet? I’m sure the angry comenters will like the end resault of that one. XD

    • Guest

      I’ve been looking forward to part 2 for over a week!

    • PeaTearGryfin

       Why? What happened?

      • Alex Stritar

        Everyone died!!!
        Well, ok, only half of them died. The other half were saved by their horse.

  • Segatron

    I am a horrible person for laughing at Spoony doing the Jynx voice.  Please forgive me Rose.

  • Andrew Turner

    I’ve never played one of these traditional RPGs before, does it really take 2hrs just to get through a single encounter? Is this a general rule or an exception??? If this is a typical game then I think I may stick to Skyrim lol.

    • SagaciousDave

       Well, no, they can go a lot quicker than that but things tend to be a bit slower than a computer game and slower still via Skype.  It’s the precursor and grandfather of all computer games though and it’s more about group dynamic.  If you don’t have the patience though it’s a shame.

      • Andrew Turner

         Well I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I gave it a try, I guess it’s more of a testament to Spoony’s story telling. I’ve watched his vids recounting some campaigns and he painted a really vivid picture that I enjoyed hearing about. It always seemed like these events happened over a couple of weeks or so, what with them being retold in such detail. Then I watched the first 2 parts of this Pathfinder game and was kinda amazed at how slow it was. I’m sure it’d be this slow on my first try too. So I should not go throwing small bricks at large glass houses lol.

        • SagaciousDave

          Yeah, generally games go a lot quicker when the group has been together for a while. One of the things that’s slowing this don is that this isn’t a group that has been together for awhile. Also a couple of players are novices. If they keep together for a while the game will speed up as everyone gets more familiar with each other AND the rules.

        • CheshireBat

          I would think that most of his campaigns took a few months with weekly sessions. As an estimate, the city of thieves campaign probably took 4-6 months, and his Wonderland scenario probably took 1-2 months (although possibly as little as one mega-session; it wasn’t entirely clear how much stuff happened).

          There seems to have been several factors that slowed down this game.
          First of all, it took place online. Moving a figure, drawing a map, etc. is all much faster in person. Additionally, most of them appeared to be relatively unfamiliar with the program.
          Second, some of the players were entirely new to roleplaying.
          Third, some of the experienced roleplayers were new to Pathfinder. Think of it as playing a new edition of Warhammer. You know how it basically works, but those little differences will get you.

          One RPG that does teach fast combat and RP in general is Paranoia. It takes place in a dystopian future. A domed city controlled by an AI named The Computer. The Computer is your friend, and living in Alpha Complex is wonderful. Everyone is happy there. If you’re not smiling, you must be unhappy and thus a traitor. You get the idea. The Computer is basically GladOS’ paranoid brother, whom sees enemies everywhere. Life is cheap. So cheap, in fact, that everyone is a clone with 5 identical clone siblings. Once your character dies, his or her clone sibling is sent as a replacement. Once you’re all out, you have to roll a new character.

          The game is usually relatively silly, but without constant wackiness (depending on version), or can be played straight (which is pretty disturbing).
          The good things about it is that it’s very easy for a new roleplayer to get into, that it encourages creativity and fast thinking, and that it makes combat move fast. One optional (but frequently used) rule is that each player has 5 seconds to declare their actions. If they fail to do that, their character just stands there.

          At any rate, the rule book is on sale right now. Half off.

    • Christian

      Generally it does not take 2 hours in a single encounter, no. When people know the rules, an encounter like that should be less than 10 minutes, and getting where they got in part1 in 30, tops.

      • Andrew Turner

         I’m sure I’d enjoy this kind of game if I gave it a go, I used to play Warhammer 40k in my youth and in terms of rules and dice rolls I guess it’s not universes apart in difference. An entire game would last around the 2-3 hour mark if everyone involved knew the rules.

        BTW what pc program is the mighty Spoon-dawg using for this game? I’m sure I’ve seen it before but have no idea what it’s called.

        • CheshireBat

          If you’re still into the Warhammer games, you might want to have a look at
          Everything except Anima and Grimm is Warhammer 40K or Fantasy RPGs. Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Only War and Rogue Trader are 40K related. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is, well, Warhammer Fantasy related.

  • irishmonarchist

    Hey guys, maybe we should, all of us, just treat the comments on spoony’s videos the same way we treat comments on youtube videos and ignore them.

    Spoony has gotten more productive. Is he shit or is he good? there is no accounting for taste, what is objectifiable is that the community is a rancid den of thieves unworthy of attention, the sycophants, the trolls and the genuinely angry people, all bring down the quality of the spoony experiment.

    Hate a video? discuss it with your friends, love it? discuss it with your friends. Just do not add fuel to the shit fest that is the comments section. When I go to the I go there to read the articles or watch yahtzee, I do not hang out in its forums or read the comments because I know it is filled with the vilest, most immoral sub-human filth on the planet.

    The problem isnt Spoony, its the community which is trying its damnedest to suck the life and quality out of his work.

    • Matrim

      Or, you know, you could get off your fucking soap box and let people do what they want.

  • SunOvaGun

    Loving how this game is going so far poor Jinx made fun of so much. Also has anyone got a throat lozenge for that dwarf.

  • Jarosław Lamich

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    • Travis Alexander Carlson

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    • Soul_Saint

      Skype. Read the description.

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    • Jáchym Kuikka


  • Tommy Søvik

    bwahahaha… i had a dwarf with a urgosh, he always dealt killing blows :P  the DM got tired of the weapon eventually XD  every time i hit, and chopped stuff apart… he just went “and Urgosh strikes again… the creature is dead.” :P

    • Matrim

      Why? The urgosh isn’t exactly spectacular, it’s a bit more versatile than other weapons, but not a heavy damage dealer.

  • Xanos Knightshade

    *Sad face*

    Oneday I’ll get to join a group with some internet celebrities…

    One day…

  • Scott Muir

    What virtual game table program are they using ?

  • Devon Reed

    I am completely sure someone else has posted this or found out but the virtual board he used was from It’s actually cool, and no i am not some idiot bot trying to advertise, just inform.

    • Jim Thorpe

      this guy’s cool. he knows what’s up. Roll20 is the best resource yet/ever for playing tabletop games online.

      • Jim Thorpe

        although isn’t spoony using maptools?

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